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Laying The Smackdown On The Ex-General Manager Part 1
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It was WWE's No Mercy Pay Per View, Smackdown only. Nidia could only sit in
the back and frown. The story was that she was out for a good month after
getting hit with Tajiri's infamous black mist. However, it really wasn't as
bad as most believed. Sure, it irritated her for the first week or so, but
now it was nothing she couldn't deal with, especially just being a valet.
But Vince, being the genius he is, didn't have the foresight to book Tajiri
vs. Jamie Noble in a revenge match, instead opting to give Mysterio another
title shot. So she could only watch helplessly as Tajiri defended, and
hopefully would move on to a feud with Noble. The only other woman working
that night was the boss, GM Stepahnie McMahon. Tonight she made history by
participating in the first Father-Daughter I Quit Match.

She put her all into making the encounter passable, especially considering
both participants weren't really trained wrestlers. But most would agree
the match was awful. In the end, Vince had overthrown his daughter. Though
it was just a storyline, Stephanie loved being in control and on TV. She
sulked back to her locker room. Unbeknownst to her she was being followed
by a woman. She waited outside of Stephanie's room before hestiantly

The woman following Stephanie was Dawn Marie a woman who's career in the
past had gone from busy onscreen battling Shaniqua and defending the WWE
Smackdown Divas honour to nothing the only reason Dawn Marie was even at the
PPV was because Vince hated loosing a match due to somebody being ill on the
day of a PPV and not having the ability or the back up (superstar wise) to
put on another match in it's place. Dawn had watched the match and she felt
that despite neither Vince or Stephanie being trained wrestlers they had put
on and told a good story Vince acting the sycho and Stephanie acting the
"definate doesn't want to fight but will if necissary" Smackdown GM or as
she would be known now former Smackdown GM. Dawn had decided to pay Stephanie
a visit to make sure she was ok with her gimmick and character being taken
off screen and all that was set to happen to her in the next few weeks after
waiting a few minutes Dawn took a deep breath and then knocked on the door
and waited for an answer.

She could hear hasty unzipping and buttoning, as it was obvious to her
Stephanie was changing from her wrestling gear to normal clothes. She opened
the door to see Dawn Marie. Steph stood before her in a casual T-Shirt and
sweat pants, while Dawn still wore her in-character clothes. A blouse
unbuttoned suspiciously low and a teeny black miniskirt.

"Dawn?! What are you doing here?"

She didn't mean to sound rude, but the two, aside from their brief on-screen
squablle, hardly talked.

"Hi Stepahnie, can I come in?"

Stephanie shrugged and let Dawn into her dressing room. Dawn sat herself on
the couch in the large room, much larger then most of the roster's dressing
rooms, anyway.

"Listen Stephanie, I know we haven't talked much...well hardly ever. But I
had a good time with you being in charge. I got lots of screen time the
first half, but since Vince came in, I've noticed I haven't. And I realized
that's his fault, not yours. So what I'm trying to say is, I really want to
thank you for all you did. I'm going to miss you."

Stephanie although being shocked at how nice Dawn was being to her and upset
due to having to sacrifce her onscreen role just while she was away on her
honeymoon with Paul smiled and tried to lighten the mood

"Hey don't worry about it I'm a McMahon remember and you know what they say
about a McMahon you can hurt us but you can't kill us and Vince hasn't killed
my character so you expect me to be back very very soon." Stephanie said with
a ear to ear smile and a wink at Dawn

Now that the sentimental part was out of the way, they both yearned to move
on to a lighter subject.

"So, what're you going to be doing while you're gone, Steph?"

Stephanie packed her things into her gym bag while answering.

"Well, of course I need to get married, we'll go on our honeymoon, and after
that, Paul will be working on his movies, and I'll be enjoying some R & R."

Dawn smiled. "Yeah, I'd love to be getting some of that. For some reason
though, the writers love to keep me here every week but not put me on TV."

"Well with the heel's soon to be running Smackdown and apart from your
defending the divas honour a few weeks ago against Shaniqua i have a feeling
you'll be on tv pretty soon besides me and Vince worked out a few off screen
agreements one of them being while i'm away a few worthy superstars and one
worthy diva get more tv time tha they have been." Stephanie said.

"Ironically the diva in question is going to be teaming up with the woman
she was trying to defend the divas honour against." Stephanie added with a

"So me and Shaniqua will be teaming? Against who?"

Stepahnie laughed. She knew what Dawn was getting at. The women's roster
was definitely growing thin on Smackdown.

"Well, naturally you'll be going against Nidia, since she used to be with
you on the storyline. The other would be...well, me."

Dawn cocked her head to the side, puzzled by the logic.

"I figured since my father keeps sending all these big men, he'd feel guilty
and send a woman to do it, seeing as it wouldn't be as tasteless. So he has
her become a hired gun to attack me. You and Nidia come out, but you take
out Nidia, seeing as you'd rather not get your ass kicked as always."

Both girls laughed hard about this and Dawn nodded, figuring the angle made

"So erm...What are your plans for the night?" Dawn asked noticing that
Stephanie was ready to go but since they had started chatting finally she
didn't really want to leave it here.

"Well." Stephanie said running a hand through her hair with a scratch.

"Since Paul's away in another city getting ready for RAW tomorrow i guess
i'll go to my hotel room maybe phone him see if he caught the show then get
some food and go to bed."

Stephanie said sounding like that wasn't what she really wanted to do.

"That doesn't exactly sound fun. Worn out from the bachelorette party or

Stepahnie smiled a bit but avoided Dawn's gaze.

"What party? I haven't had time to have one."

Dawn's eyes bugged out.

"What? Oh no, that's just not gonna fly. Sorry, but we're going out tonight!"

Stephanie was uneasy. "I dunno Dawn...I ju..." but she was cut off as Dawn
took her by the hand and pulled her out the door.

"End of discussion, we're going out for drinks!"

Dawn who had been to the city countlesss time when with ECW knew all the
best places for all kinds of nights out "quiet ones" "quick drink ones" and
"Batchelorette ones" and even if it was just herself and Stephanie she was
gonna give Stephanie the Batchelorette party of a life time starting with
her favourite girls only club with male strippers.

The two opened the door and stood wide-eyed. Dawn's jaw could have hit the
floor. Inside, she saw the same bartneder, the same manager, evertyhing.
Only this club was filled with female strippers. She walked right up to the
bar and asked her favorite bartender, Mac, what was going on.

"Where's all the guys?"

"Sorry Dawn, it wasn't pulling in the cash anymore, we had to change to keep
this place in business."

Dawn was out of breath with suprise.

"Well, are there any places around here with guy strippers?"

Mac shook his head.

"Not that I know of, sorry hon. Here, these'll be on the house for you and
your friend. Just stay here, the girls don't wander by the bar most of the

Dawn looked at Stephanie helplessly. Both sighed and sat down.

"Liquor's liquor I guess," shrugged Stepahnie.

"Not like I haven't seen a naked woman before."

Dawn smiled.

"Too true."

"Not a good start though is it." Dawn said taking this change as a rather
nasty slip up not really the best way to impress the bosses daughter and keep
the budding friendship going Dawn could just imagine the kind of things that
went through Stephanie's head when she saw the female strippers. Dawn looked
over at Stephanie who was looking around in either amazment or disgust Dawn
couldn't tell her facial expression wasn't very easy to read.

"If." Dawn said as she coughed to clear her throat.

"If being in this enviroment makes you nervous we can leave I know tons of
other places not strip clubs bars pubs clubs discos all sorts i just figured
since you hadn't had a Bachelorette party this might be a good place to start
our own mini batchelorette party." Dawn said sounding like an idiot her
excuses where feeble it was true but she didn't know what else to say.

"No, it's really okay, Dawn. I'm just not really used to places like this.
Being a sociallite, my father really doesn't let his baby girl go to places
like this. I'm actually more excited than anything."

Dawn perked up. She realized something about Stephanie, with what she said.
She was a rich girl. Of course she'd never been to a place like this. Dawn
figured this could lead to a wild time, and should just go with it.

"Hey Dawn, what does this remind you of?"

Dawn looked confused. Stephanie laughed and asked

"Go kiss that girl, and see if you can get with her dad."

Stephanie got a good laugh from that, taking a shot at the Al Wilson
storyline. The two of them shared their first drinks.

"To you, Stephanie, and your wonderful relatinoship!"

The clanged lightly and drank the alchohol. Stephanie handled it suprisingly
well, for being a wealthy girl.

Dawn after a short time just taking it all in felt she owed Stephanie a pop
after the "Al Wilson Storyline" pop she'd given her she then saw this couple
not to far away very romantic like.

"Hey Stephanie." Dawn said getting Stephanie's full attention.

"I dare you to go up to that couple and tell the boyfriend your pregnant
with his kid and then after a short time tell him that it's false" it wasn't
exacterly the same as the pop Stephanie had done but it was similar to the
"Stephanie being pregnant (she had told Hunter but she hadn't told him she
wasn't really pregant he'd found out due to Linda sending a tape where the
"doctor" Paul and Stephanie had seen a week before turned out to be an actor
and in true WWE style Paul got his own back in fine style).

"Oh har dee har har, very funny Dawn," Stephanie said, shaking off the
insult. Stephanie was actually delighted to see someone who leaved to deal
out dishes like she could. Even more, it was a rarity in their business to
find someone who wouldn't get offended over it. The two continued to share
drinks over the night, discussing a wide variety of topics. Dawn and
Stephanie really hadn't been that familiar with one another, and so it was
a good chance to learn alot about each other. Both were suprised to find
they had similar tastes in music, movies, and the overall direction of the
company. Dawn thought to herself that while this was all very cool, it
wasn't very much like a bachelorette party. She schemed quickly before
excusing herself. She went in the direction of the bathroom, but moved as
soon as she saw Stephanie take her eyes away from her. Quickly she ran
toward the strippers, and slipped one of them a $50.

"Tomorrow, that girl over there is getting married. I wanna embarass her,
make her feel like a bachelorette. Would you mind giving her a lap dance?"

"Sure want me to make it public that she's getting married?"

Dawn shrugged "Why not." she said figiring it would add to the embaressment
the stripper she'd asked walked over to another who then walked to the small
stage they had at the front or one side of the club climbed up on stage and
took the mic.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please a momment of your time."

After a few momments all eyes turned to the woman on the mic including

"It has just been brought to my attention that we have a batchalorette in
our mitts and a friend of her's has asked our star stripper to give her a
strip tease so Candy get your sexy ass over to the lady in question and and
can we have a light on her please."

With that having been said "Candy" got into position I white was put on
Stephanie and Candy

"An if you don't mind music man your best strip tease music" an with that
having been said the best strip tease music started.

"Alright Candy begin your strip tease!"

Candy was a tall leggy redhead that eyed Stephanie hungrily. She pulled her
off the barstool and put her on a special chair set up directly under a
spotlight. Candy waltzed around her before sitting down on her lap.
Stephanie's face was beat red as she looked around the room. All the men
inside were clapping and laughing as she found Dawn Marie standing near
her. Dawn was laughing so hard. Stephanie shook her head and mouthed "I'm
gonna get you" at her. She was helpless now as she had a stripper on top of
her that had just removed her top. Candy now stood before her in a lacy red
bra and thong, gyrating her hips before her before moving on her lap and
gyrating on her.

Candy continued the strip tease removing her bra and placing it like towel
around the shoulders of Steph she then removed her thoung and dropped it on
Stephanie's lap.

"An as a special batchallorett present from us to you my dear you get to
keep the thong and the bra give her and candy around of applause ladies and

The audiance did as did Dawn as she slowly walked over to Stephanie but not
before she saw Candy and Stephanie whispering to one and other and then Candy
gave Stephanie as kiss on the cheek.

Dawn approached her, arms crossed.

"And what was that about?"

Stephanie was still blushing and held her hand open. In it was a small white
card with some writing on it. Dawn inspected it, realizing it was Candy's
cell phone number.

"She wanted me to call her when she gets off duty."

Dawn's eyes widened.

"Wow, I'm impressed."

Stephanie giggled lightly.


She couldn't believe it. Maybe it was the alchohol running through her, but
Stephanie genuinely felt horny after that. Another woman riding her suddenly
made her really hot. She'd never felt it before, but now, as she stood
looking at Dawn's petite body, she felt extremely attracted to her physique.
She was about to step forward, but she stumbled slowly. Dawn luckily caught

"Whoa, looks like you've had a bit much to drink. Let's get you to the

With that, Dawn called for a cab and the two of them left to the hotel where
all the WWE divas were staying.

Dawn helped Stephanie from the cab to her hotel room she got her inside and
closed the door she got her to the bed and sat her down.

"I know it wasn't much of a party but did you enjoy yourself?" Dawn asked
seriously asking Stephanie.

"More than you know." Stephanie said with a smirk.

"Good." Dawn said.

"Now all that's left is the Bachlorette wish." Stephanie then said Dawn
looked at Stephanie.

"The what?"

"The Bachlorette wish...Don't tell you don't know of it?" Stephanie said with
a shocked smile.

"No I don't what is it?" Dawn enquired.

"At every bachlorette party the Bachlorette get's to ask one of her guest
to do something for her either buy her something or do something or say
something and because it is the batchallorett wish the guest chosen can not
get out of doing or saying or whatever it she can't get out of it." Stephanie

"Oh, guess that's what I get for never going to a bachelorette party. So
what is it I can do for you?"

Stephanie sat on the bed thinking. "Hmm...well, you managed to embarass me
tonight, so I want you to be embarassed. So, I want YOU to strip for me."

Dawn could hardly believe her ears.


"That's right. I want to down to your bra and panties just for me. Then maybe
that'll teach you not to pull pranks like that."

Dawn had stripped countless times sometimes on national tv sometimes for
herself infront of the mirror and sometimes for other reasons but this was
an exeeding diffrent matter this was the bosse's daughter she couldn't get
out of for two reasons.

1: She was the only guest at this mini batchalorett party and

2:This was still technically her boss.

Dawn had normanlly gotten turned on when she stripped weather it was on
national tv or for her own personal pleasure or whatever but she knew she
couldn't get turned during this strip tease so while trying to think
un-sexy thoughts Dawn stood up and began to strip for Stephanie.

Stephanie didn't watch the beginning (because, honestly, you aren't watching
for the first half anyway), and put in some bouncy techno music on her
stereo. Dawn whirled around as an experienced stripper would, flaunting every
inch of her body that was visible. She turned around and bent down slowly,
showing of almost the entire length of her legs with her short miniskirt.
While her back was to Stephanie, Dawn began unbuttoning her own blouse. As
much as she resisted, she couldn't help but think of her boss' fancy for her
own body. It was a highly arousing thought, but she tried to focus as much as
she could, if anything, for her job.

Unknown to Dawn because her back was turned and she was focusing on the music
and keeping her job Stephanie had taken off her t-shirt and unbutton her bra
and was now sat in nothing but her white panties which slowly becoming wetter
the more the strip show went on. Dawn finally turned and despite she was
stunned beyond belife her body somehow kept moving to the music Dawn
seductivly took her top and her bottoms off untill she was left wearing only
her bra and panties as Stephanie had wanted.

And so the two of them were in the hotel room. Dawn stood in a miniature
black bra and matching g-string. Stephanie had a lacy white bra, and what
looked like traditional panties in the front were actually thong cut in the
back. Stephanie stood up and walked close to Dawn. The two were face-to-face
now. Dawn, still fearful of her position in the company, stood motionless,
unsure of what to do. Stephanie honestly didnt' care at this point. She had
nothing to lose, and not only did she know that, but she knew Dawn was aware
of that fact. Slowly she leaned in, and quietly kissed Dawn's neck. Suprised,
but excited, Dawn still stood unmoving.

"Loosen up Dawn, I want this."

Stephanie looked down at Dawn's quivering knees and noticed a small wet spot
on Dawn's thong.

"Apparently, so do you."

Stephanie then slowly started to make a path of small kisses up to Dawn's
lips and that is when Stephanie showed how serious she was that she wanted
this as she locked in one hell of a lip lock that was when Stephanie showed
her serious and that was when Dawn lossened up and kissed back Stephanie
then reached behind her and began to unclasp her bra while at the same time
Dawn played with and massaged Stephanie's nipples and breasts with her
fingers and finger nails

Dawn was so excited, she had all ready got Stephanie breathing heavy. Now
she felt her own bra become limp. She pulled her body back and let the small
piece of cloth fall helplessly to the floor. The two kissed again, this time
pressing not only their tongues together, but their breasts. Each girl had
hard nipples by this point, and they rubbed against each other happily.
However, what happened next neither girl was aware of. Nidia had also gone
out that night, enjoyed the sights and the alchohol of the city. She now
stumbled back to her room. However, before she could get there, she heard
muffled moans coming from a room 2 doors down. Normally she'd just pass it
by, but she was curious, as it was the sound of two women.

Nidia had first inspected the hall she then got down to the keyhole and
looked through sure enough as large as life if not larger was Dawn Marie
and Stephanie McMahon locked together via they're lips Dawn was massaging
Stephanie#'s breasts and Stephanie was working on Dawn's bra Nidia got her
camera out made sure the flash was off (so it wouldn't flash and disturbe
them) she quietly opened the door just enough to get her head and camera
around the door took aim and clicked a few times she then quickly closed the
door and went to her room Nidia then kissed her camera she had figured her
time off would be boring but now she had something that would make Thursday
a very interesting day for her and the ex-GM.

Completely oblivious to what was happening, Stephanie and Dawn continued to
use their nipples on each other, pushing their breasts together and moaning
into each other's mouths. Dawn, the smaller woman of the two, was growing
weak standing up. Sensing this, Stephanie grabbed her at the waist and spun
her around to the bed before pushing her on it. She then crawled up to her
and resumed kissing the sexy brunette. However, it wasn't long until her
mouth began to travel. First to her neck, then down her arm. She then
crossed over to her flat stomach, licking it sensually. Dawn could tell
Stephanie was teasing her breasts, as she'd made a complete circle around

Stephanie then attacked one visiously but tenderly at the same time she
attacked it fast and with purpose but her licks and kisses and caressing of
the breast was tender and soft unlike anything Dawn had ever experienced
before Stephanie then took the breast into her mouth and began to happily
and playfully suckle on it while one hand worked on the other breast and the
hand that would of been workiing on the right breast had it not been in
Steph's mouth played with Dawn's flat stomach tickling her as her finger
nails swept up and down and cross her midsection waiting for the right time
to move lower.

Dawn happily arched her back, as if she was attempting to push her chest
even further into Stephanie's face, who wasn't complaining at all. Judging
by Dawn's reactions, she could tell she wasn't really aware of the hand that
was just below her belly button. Stephanie decided to change that, and began
to vigorously rub her crotch through her tiny black underwear. The friction
was incredible, and immediately Dawn's body ached for deeper penetration.
However, there was currently nothing she could do, and Stephanie was free to
tease her as much as she liked.

Stephanie went to work on the other breast having stopped her crotch teasing
while she worked over the other breast Dawn deseperate for some penetration
began to rub herself against Stephanie's hand. Stephanie clicked straight
away and moved her hand away from Dawn's crotch.

"You want it so bad?" Stephanie asked Dawn nodded deserpate. "Then I will
give it to you." Stephanie said with raised eye brows and smiling she then
licked and kissed her way down to Dawn's belly button she licked the belly
button and then procceded down to the top of Dawn's clothing she then to it
into her mouth and slowly pulled it down to Dawn's ankles she then went up
and began working on first around the outer lips then the outer lips and
then finally she moved onto the inner lips but she didn't lick them properly
she just teased them as much as she could with both her tounge and her

Dawn's pussy was throbbing, just begging for Stephanie's full attention.
Stephanie tried her best to resist the temptation, opting to tease Dawn one
last time.

"Are you ready Dawn?"

Dawn happily nodded.

"Beg me, tell me you want it."

"Oh God Stephanie, I NEED you inside of me! Please give it to...OOOH!"

Stephanie was content to hear that, and cut her off by not only beginning to
lick deep within her body, but insert one finger just beneath her tongue and
fuck her with it.

Despite this being Stephanie's first pussy for some weird reason eating Dawn
came quiet naturally maybe it was because she was doing what she would of
wanted a woman to do or maybe it was the crazy belife that only a woman
really know how to pleasure another woman whatever it was Stephanie didn't
care she just loved the teaste of Dawn's pre-cum juices and if she loved
the pre-cum she was gonna adore the actual cum that she could tell Dawn was
trying to hold back because she was also trying to breath normally and
with-hold the moans but it was becoming tougher the further Stephanie's
tounge and finger went

Stephanie, knowing she was in complete control, decided to bob her head
toward and away Dawn's pussy, literally fucking her with her tongue. No more
could Dawn hold out, and she revealed so with a joyous

"Aww, yeah!"

Dawn's moaning just progressed louder and louder the more free Stephanie
felt. It was so nice to hear all this positive response. It made her feel
sexy, having complete control over another person like this.

An with the posative responses the more Stephanie went to work on Dawn's
pussy going faster and deeper and no longer intent on teasing now intent on
making Dawn come like never before.

"OH FUCK ME STEPHANIE!" cried Dawn as with one final deep breath Dawn
released an unbeliveable wave right into Stephanie wellcoming mouth but that
didn't stop Stephanie who worked her toungue in and out trying to get as much
if not all of Dawn's cum into her mouth and then once Dawn and started to
settle down Stephanie began to clean Dawn's pussy unintentionally bringing
about a second more powerful orgasam.

"Oh...GOD!" shouted an unprepared Dawn. Stephanie also was unaware of this,
and had a hard time catching most of the fluid as Dawn's body uncontrollably
spasmed, shaking the bed. Finally Stephanie managed to get Dawn's juices off
of her and the petite brunette collapsed, her boss, crawling on top of her,
trying to bring her down from her huge high.

"Stephanie." Dawn said exhaling as if she'd just gone 10 rounds with Brock

"Yeah Dawn?" Stephanie asked playing with Dawn's breasts in a "none arousing"
kind of way.

"Is there really a batchallorett wish?" Dawn asked looking down at her new
lover with a knowing smile.

"Well if there wasn't there is now at least in the WWE there is." Stephanie
said as the two kissed Dawn then asked what Stephanie planned to do about
Paul Stephanie said she'd still marry him which disapointed Dawn but
Stephanie cheered her up by saying. "Be ready for me to call you whenever
I'm in the mood for love making with a diffrence or whever Paul doesn't cut

Stephanie said and with that the two fell asleep completely unaware that they
wern't the only ones planning to take advantage of the evenings activites and

The end of Part 1

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