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Leading The RAW FanNation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the set of a RAW FanNation commercial, Deal or No Deal's 'Lucky number 13'
case girl Leyla Milani stands in a small version of a WWE Ring as she gets
the signal to start talking about the WWE from the cameraman. Leyla is
wearing a dark blue short skirt with a matching top and she looks into the
camera as she leans against the ring ropes. "What do I like about the WWE? I
love the WWE Divas.... They are sexy but tough and not to be messed with....
And also the WWE Superstars... especially that hunky WWE Champion John
Cena..." Leyla presses her lips together as she smiles at the camera, "I'm
Leyla Milani... and I'm a member of the RAW FanNation."

The Cameraman turns off the camera and smiles, "Great job Leyla... thanks for
coming in for another commercial...."

The seductive and sexy Deal or No Deal Case Girl, Leyla Milani, presses her
seductive, soft lips together as she raises an eyebrow "All done?" Leyla asks
with a soft smirk as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips "That
was pretty easy..." Leyla says with a soft laugh as she tosses her dark brown
hair back and steps off of the set for the RAW FanNation segment.

The Cameraman smiles, "Yeah I know... the people up top said make sure it was
something that was good... and that was perfect..." The Cameraman says as he
holds the camera with one hand, "Now I got to go get this to editing.... but
do you want to know something cool?"

Leyla raises an eyebrow and shrugs her shoulders "Sure..." Leyla presses her
soft lips together, while locking her gorgeous eyes on the Cameraman "What is

"John Cena... the WWE Champion... is gonna be coming in a bit to do a
photoshoot.... he always shows up early...." The Cameraman says with a smile,
"So.. if you want to meet him... you can hang around..."

Leyla smiles before she seductively bites down on her bottom lip "Oh...I
would love to meet him...he is like a total stud..." Leyla says as she folds
her arms against her smooth, flat stomach.

The Cameraman laughs a little, "I had a feeling you'd say that after filming
your commercial... he should be coming soon..." The Cameraman starts to head
to the exit of the set, "Thanks again for coming in... we appreciate it."

"Oh no problem..." Leyla shakes her head and then sweetly smiles "I loved
doing it!" Leyla says before the Cameraman exits. Leyla sighs as she raises
an eyebrow and slightly licks her lips "Hmmm...John Cena? He's a major
hunk..." Leyla says to herself with a laugh before she turns to step back to
the small ring set up for the RAW FanNation segment and she sits down,
deciding to wait for the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Leyla folds her hands onto her lap as she waits for the studdly WWE Champion
John Cena to arrive. She doesn't have long to wait, as John Cena enters the
set of the RAW FanNation commercial. John is wearing his black 'All American
Muscle' t-shirt, black jean shorts and camouflage baseball cap and he's
carrying his WWE Championship. John doesn't see Leyla right away as he looks
at the set up for the RAW FanNation segment, "Whew... this must've cost a
lot..." John says as he walks towards the small ring.

Leyla looks up and raises an eyebrow as she smirks and licks her lips setting
her sights on the studdly, muscular John Cena. Leyla Milani stands up and
presses her seductive lips together as she gently folds her hands against her
largely round, perfectly smooth chest "Hey there..." Leyla says in a soft,
inviting voice.

John looks a bit to his right and sees the hot Deal Or No Deal Case Girl
and smiles as he recognizes her from the hit NBC game show, "Hey Leyla ....
what's up?" John asks as he starts to walk over to Leyla.

Leyla smiles as she slowly licks her lips "Not much...surprised you
remembered me.." Leyla says with a soft laugh as she lowers her eyes on
John's body, sizing up the WWE Champion.

John puts his WWE Championship belt on the edge of the small ring and takes
off his cap to lay it on top of his Championship. "Why wouldn't I remember
you.... I saw you when some of the guys and I crashed Deal or No Deal a short
while back..." John replies with an extremely charming smile.

Leyla raises an eyebrow and nods her head with a sweet, seductive smile
"Yeah, I remember." Leyla slowly licks her lips, getting the attention of
John Cena "You happen to be my favorite Superstar..." Leyla says
with a playful wink.

John Cena smirks a bit, "I am? Really?" John asks.

Leyla nods her head and smirks "Oh yeah...oh yeah, you're are like the
hottest Superstar..." Leyla says as she glances at the crotch of John's black
jean shorts "You know..." Leyla begins to says with a cute laugh "I don't
know how bold I'm being...but I would love...absolutely love to be fucked by
the WWE Champion...The" Leyla says in a soft, seductive voice
while she locks her irresistible eyes on John Cena.

John Cena licks his lips slightly as he lets Leyla's bold, seductive words
sink in, "Whoa... now.... yea that's a bold statement...." John says as he
clears his throat, "And.. you do have like a million dollar body..." John
says as he starts to noticeably check Leyla out.

Leyla raises an eyebrow as she looks at John Cena "Oh...this?" Leyla laughs
"This is nothing..." Leyla says before she places her hands on her dark blue
top and lifts the top off of her gorgeously tanned, seductively smooth body
as she exposes her large and rounded perfectly firm tits.

"Whoa..." John Cena says with an amazed look on his face as he looks at
Leyla's large, round and firm tits, "Now... that's a nice deal..." John says
as he licks his lips.

Leyla smirks as she lays back on the mat of the RAW FanNation set and she
runs her fingers smoothly through her soft dark brown hair. Leyla glances up
at John and seductively smirks "So John...are going to fuck me? Deal...or No
Deal?" Leyla asks with a soft, cute laugh as she places her hands against her
dark blue skirt and starts to teasingly push it down from her smooth waist.

John licks his lips, "Oh... yeah... that's a big hell yea to that deal..."
John laughs a bit before he starts to lift up his black 'All American Muscle'
t-shirt to reveal his extremely muscular and tanned upper body. Leyla press
her seductive lips together as she looks at John's muscular and tanned chest
as she lowers her skirt down her smooth, tanned legs as she reveal her black
panties which she then lowers as well to reveal her hot, smoothly shaven
pussy. John drops his t-shirt on the ground and starts to unbutton his jean
shorts so that he can take them off as quickly as humanly possible. "Damn...
I knew this was going to be a good day..." John says as he grips his fourteen
inch cock to stroke it briefly to make sure it's rock hard and ready for

Leyla Milani licks her lips as she locks her seductive, inviting eyes on
John Cena's hardening, thick fourteen inch cock "Mmm...damn...what a stud..."
Leyla says with a cute, sly smirk as she spreads her smooth, tanned legs
apart as she gives John a great view of her shaven pussy.

John Cena licks his lips as he looks at Leyla's hot, shaved pussy, "What a
hottie..." John says as he picks up Leyla and takes her up into the small
ring so that he can lay her down. The studdly WWE Champion spreads Leyla's
smooth sexy legs and he smoothly pushes his huge cock into Leyla's hot,
waiting pussy.

"Ohhhhh..." Leyla softly moans as she feels John's rock hard, thick fourteen
inch cock enters her warm and tight pussy. Leyla bites down on her bottom lip
as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around his muscular waist as he starts
to thrust his cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy "Ohhh...mmm yeah
John!" Leyla seductively moans.

"Mmmm.... uhhhh...." John groans as he puts his hands on Leyla's round, large
and firm tits as he thrusts his cock smoothly in and out of her tight warm
pussy, "Mmmmm... ohhh fuck..." John moans as Leyla squeezes her pussy on his
pumping cock.

Leyla locks her seductive eyes with John Cena as she places her hands onto
his strong arms as she moves back and forth underneath his muscular body as
the WWE Champion thrusts his cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh a bit oh fucking great deal..."

"Mmmmmm.... ohhh yea... I agree with that..." The WWE Champion John Cena
moans as he starts to quicken the pace of his thrusts and his large balls
smack against Leyla's smooth tanned skin. John fondles Leyla's large tits
and lowers his head to them to flick his tongue against her nipples. Leyla
gently grits her teeth together as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs tighter
around his waist and starts to grind her hot pussy against his thrusting
shaft. Leyla tilts her head back slightly, sticking her hot tits up as she
rocks forward against his cock, matching his intense thrusts.

"Ohhhhh... mmmm...." John Cena moans as he flicks his tongue against Leyla's
tits while he fucks her hot pussy. The hot, muscular WWE Champion lifts his
head up and smirks, "Mmmmm.... let's do a little... change...." John groans
as Leyla squeezes his waist with her legs once more before unwrapping them to
allow John to pull out.

Leyla laughs as she sits up and seductively smirks at John Cena "Mmmm...John
what do you have in mind?" Leyla asks as she licks her lips and glances down
at the hard, thick cock of the WWE Champion. Leyla tilts her head back,
lightly tossing her soft dark brown hair as she sits up onto her knees on the
set of the RAW FanNation segment.

John licks his lips as he sits on his knees, "Oh I don't know... maybe
something like this..." John says as he turns the hot Deal or No Deal case
girl over onto her stomach. John Cena grabs Leyla by her smooth, round hips
and pulls her up to her hands and knees so that he can quickly thrust his
huge fourteen inch cock back into her warm, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh shit..." Leyla moans as she rocks forward on her hands and knees
after John Cena thrusts his rock hard cock deeply into her warm, tight pussy
from behind and he begins to fuck the hot, seductive Deal Or No Deal case
girl in the classic, favorite doggystyle position. Leyla presses her lips
together as she starts to smoothly rock back against John's cock, tapping her
hot ass against his waist.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh fuck..." John Cena moans as he pulls Leyla Milani back
towards him as he thrusts his cock in and out of Leyla's tight pussy.
"Mmmm.... ohhh damn... mmm.... shit..." John groans as his balls smack
against her.

Leyla smirks and glances over her shoulder as she looks back at the muscular
WWE Champion "Mmm...ohhh yeah John, you like that baby?" Leyla seductively
moans as sweat begins to lightly drop off of her gorgeously tanned body while
rocking back on her knees, firmly pushing back on his cock.

Drops of sweat start to drip off of John's muscular and tanned body as he
fucks Leyla with quick, firm thrusts, "Ahhh... ohhh yea... mmmm.... how about
you...." John moans as Leyla rocks back and forth in front of him to match
the pace of his strong thrusts.

"Ohhhh I fucking love this deal!" Leyla cutely moans as she roughly rocks
back on hands and knees at a quick pace as John firmly and quickly slams his
cock into her tight pussy from behind. "Ohhhh shit..."

"Ahhh... mmmm.... awww fuck...." John Cena groans as he slows down his
thrusts and uses slow, sharp thrusts before he pulls his huge, throbbing
fourteen inch cock out of Leyla's tight, warm and wet pussy.

Leyla bites down on her bottom lip as she glances back at John Cena "Mmm...
baby...can I suck it?" Leyla seductively asks as she pushes her hot body back
against his rock hard, throbbing cock.

"Sure.... like I would say no to a fan..." John Cena smiles as he stands up
behind Leyla Milani as she starts to turn around to face him.

Leyla licks her lips as she turns around and sits up on her knees. Leyla
seductively looks up at the WWE Champion, John Cena, as she wraps her smooth
hands around his throbbing shaft "Mmm...god damn you're so hot..." Leyla says
as she jerks her hands against his shaft a few times before opening her hot,
wet mouth and taking his fourteen inch cock into her soothing mouth. Leyla
Milani presses her lips around his shaft and starts to eagerly bob her head
on his throbbing cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh mmmm...." John Cena moans as he puts both of his hands on
Leyla's head as she bobs her head smoothly and eagerly on his huge, throbbing
fourteen inch cock.

Leyla gently circles her tongue around his shaft as she smoothly bobs her
head sucking his large, thick cock. "Mmmm..." Leyla moans as she head bobs
swiftly on his cock, her wet saliva dripping on his cock.

"Ohhhhh.... mmm fuck.... ohhh shit...." John moans as he tilts his head back
as Leyla takes his cock further into her hot, wet mouth as she sucks on his
large, hard cock.

Leyla lifts her seductive eyes and locks them with John as she sensually
sucks on his throbbing, rock hard cock "Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Leyla moans as she
slaps her wet tongue against his thick shaft. Her soft lips rub against his
shaft as she deeply sucks on his cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh yea... mmmm fuck..." The WWE Champion John Cena lets out a
loud moan as he starts to cum within Leyla's hot mouth. John grits his teeth
as he feels Leyla's tongue slapping against the bottom of his cock as he
gives her a mouthful of his warm, thick cum.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh" Leyla moans as she slaps her wet tongue against the underside
of his throbbing shaft while her hot mouth fills with cum "Mmm...ohhh
yeah..." Leyla moans before she lifts her head off of his cum and saliva
dripping shaft in order to swallow the warm load of cum.

John licks his lips as he looks down at Leyla, "Shit... fuck... I think
you're one of the best fans I have..." John says with a grin.

Leyla raises an eyebrow and smirks after swallowing John's cum "Mmm...fuck I
love a good quickie..."

John Cena smiles before he asks, "You want to come to RAW on Monday?"

Leyla licks her lips "Why not...I do love being part of the RAW FanNation..."


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