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Leather Fantasy
by Bud316

Stephanie Mcmahon is a vision of beauty, especially when shes dressed up in
her leather fetish gear. Imagine this: Her long slender legs encased in skin
tight leather pants, The leather folding and crunching up where the joins
meet the crotch area. The leather is shining around her tight cute ass. Her
luscious 36DD breasts are covered by a leather bra which is so tight that it
shows off her nipples. Over which is a tight black leather/PVC jacket, which
is so tight that when she bends over, the material is so smooth that you can
make out every curve and ridge of her perfectly proportioned body. Of course,
her feet have to be covered and for that, she chooses knee high black leather
boots, the metal zip going all the way up from the ankle to the to the top of
her boot, up her long slender leather covered legs.

Stephanie parades in front of you, which makes you 8 inch cock hard and wet.
You begin to imagin what it would be like to watch her strip out of her all
of her tight leather gear in front of you, and what it would be like to fuck
her right there and then. As if she could hear what you were thinking, Steph
walks over to you and whispers into your ear that she wants you, that she
wants your big juicy cock in her mouth and inside her pussy.

You can't believe this is happening to you, but can't help yourself. You
begin to kiss the million dollar princess and play with her long dark hair.
Her tounge slips into your mouth and starts to twirl it around yours. Your
dick gets harder just by kissing her and she can feel it too.

"I hope your not going to hurt me with that are you?" Stephanie asks.

"Do you want me too?" You ask back.

"Yeah." Steph shouts back with an evil grin on her face.

You unzip the tight leather jacket shes wearing unveiling her bra covered
breasts. You start to caress the covering, lovingly rubbing her breasts which
turns her on and het nipples stand to attention through the bra and with one
quick motion, you whip it off and reveal her puppys in all their huge glory.

"Leave them," she says, "My feet are getting hot and bothered, take my boots
of please, slowly though!"

You get down on your knees and take her left leg, you slide your hand up and
down her leg, feeling every inch of the smooth leather on her leg and then
the roughness of her boot, you can't help yourself coz you've wanted to do
this for ages and you begin to lick up and down her boot. Then slowly you
start to pull down the zip and you sense a sigh of relief as you loosen the
tight fitting boot, but as you glance up to look at her beautiful face, you
see her playing with her breasts and licking her nipples. The boot fetish is
turning her on as much as you. You finally get to the bottom and pull off her
boot, unleashing the bottom of her leather trousers which have been folded
and crushed up, leaving that sexy crinkly look that makes leather so sexy.
You do the same with her other boot, licking her long black boot as you pull
down the zip, pulling it off and uncovering her tiny foot.

You stand back up and kiss steph again, this time you slip your tounge into
hers and you intwine tounges. Your hand slips down to unzip her leather pants
and your hand accidently (on purpose) brushes against her pussy and you hear
Stephanie let out a little sigh of contentment. You pull down the zip on her
pants and in doing so, you brush your hand against her pussy again, and this
time she starts to groan and holds on to you tightly in anticipation of
what's to come.

You lick your fingers and start to gently play with her pussy, although she's
already soaking wet from all the foreplay. You slip a couple of fingers into
her open lips and she can taste her self as she licks off her juices from
them. As she does so, you can feel her hand caressing your man meat. She cups
your balls and gently squeezes them and then slides her hand up and down your
big stiff dick, Your pre-cum making so easy and painless, you hardly knows
she's doing it, until it starts to go dry and then you start to slowly feel
the friction.

Stephanie get down on her knees and slips your dick into her mouth, her
tounge slowly wraps it way around it, and up and down it's huge length, she
takes the first 2 inches down her throat, and then slides it in and out, and
then when she has finally resisted the urge to gag, she slips the rest down
in one motion, her eyes look like they are going to bulge out as she looks so
suprised at her achievment (despite being a slut on tv, she really is quite a
nice, clean living girl!). You gently grab her head and start thrusting your
dick in and out of her mouth, you can hear her trying to mumble something,
but you ignore her, this is the best blow job you have ever had in your life,
from the most gorgeous person in the world and your not going to stop now, so
you wind your fingers around her long black hair and really start to push and
pull her head up and down, her lips pursed around your cock, sucking for all
she is worth. Your dick starts to twitch, and you can feel the pressure as
you want to cum more and more and so you release the grip on her and she
pulls away, but then begins to wank you off with her hand.

"I want you to cum all over me you bastard!" Stephanie said with eagerness,
she had never been with a man like this before and she was beginning to get
a liking for this rough and hard sex.

She lays flat on the floor, a light that was over her shone on her tight
leather jacket which she had zipped up again, and also her leather pants,
Stephanie liked the really tight feeling and the closeness of the leather
against her skin, she felt claustrophobic and hard to breath, which turned
her on when she was home alone, and masturbating by herself, but to have
this man jerking off over her, ready to shoot his load over her leather
covered body was such a turn on that she felt herself cumming all on her
own imagination, she felt a jet of her love juice explode from her pussy
which went all down leg and as she lay there, she felt a pool of her juice
collect under her.

You shoot your load all over the Billion dollar princess's leather covered
body, stream after stream of warm white cum flys over Stephanie landing over
alot of her body, her pants, the jacket gets covered and her face and neck.
Stephanie isn't the only one with a leather fetish, Seeing this mess turns
you on even more and you pull Stephanie up and force your dick into her
mouth, where she quite willingly sucks on it some more until you cum into
her mouth, She starts to gag at the amount you have pumped in, but she
manages to swallow it down, apart from a small amount which drips down her
chin and falls into her lap.

You drop down, drained from the experience of being sucked on by Stephanie
McMahon. Stephanie stands up, the cum starts to run down the black leather,
leaving a sexy slimy clear trail where it runs, she walks over and stands
over you and watches as the cum drips down onto your prone body. She then
proceeds to get down on all fours and slowly licks her way up your body,
licking the cum off you in the process.

Watching this leather clad bitch, degrading herself by doing this, make you
even the more horny and despite the fact you have just let shoot a gallonful
of spunk, your dick starts to harden again, to your suprise, but to
Stephanie's delight!

"Now You've cum, I can have you inside me for even longer now!" Steph said,
with another little grin. With that she stands up and starts to unzip those
tight leather pants and peels them off her long slender legs.

She once again stands over you and then croutches over your long stiff dick
and as you hold it to attention, she slides her way on and down your love

You grab her by both hands at her waist and as you grip the leather jacket,
you start to bounce her up and down on your dick. She once again unzips her
jacket which unleashes her 36DD breasts which are now swinging up and down
in motion with the rest of her, she grabs them and starts to caress and lick
the rock hard nipples. Stephanie groans get louder and louder as she starts
to cum and then with one almightly scream, her 2nd orgasm thunders through
her body.

She slides off and then seductivly withers her way up your bosy and whispers
in your ear...she gets up and goes out of the room, she comes back holding a
tube of lube!

"I want you to rub that into my ass and then stick your giant cock right into

You couldn't possibly turn down this opportunity of a lifetime and so you
grab the tube of Steph who gets down oton all fours and offers you her ass.
You squirt a big glob onto your hand and start to rub it into Stephs crack,
You then apply some to your dick and start to rub it on, watching as it goes
hard for the 4th time today.

"Are you sure you wanna do this sexy?" You ask, You couldn't help but ask
her as this is going to be very painful for a person who has never has anal

"Course I'm sure, just do it." Stephanie yelled, The excitment in her voice
clearly stated the truth!

So with that, you introduce the head of you knob to her ass and after a
little time, you slowly work its way in as you hear a little yelp from Steph.

"You alright honey?" You ask worringly

"Just get on with it you bastard!" she shouts back.

You begin to work it in a little at a time, as Steph starts to sream a little
louder with each inch that was in her ass until finally all 8 inches were in
her tight little ass. You start to pound in and out of her ass, and now that
the lube is working well, its getting easier for him and less painful for
Steph, even more so now as she is groaning now from pleasure and not pain.

You feel your balls tightning again and the urge to cum in unbelievable.

"If you wanna cum, can you please do it over my back on my jacket!" Stephanie

You pull your cock out of her ass and you feel the muscles tightning around
it as it works it's way out, You look at the tight shiny leather jacket and
she lays flat on her front, You give yourself a quick hand job and you watch
it spray over the back of her legs and back.

Stephanie isn't looking, but she feels the spray of warm cum against her legs
and she hears the spray of cum fall against the leather jacket.

You collapse.

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