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Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 1: Killer Cuteness
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of the April 30, 2007 edition of Monday Night RAW,
Randy Orton is roaming the backstage hallways, still highly pissed off over
the outcome of the Fatal Four Way WWE Championship match at Backlash, in
which he was the one pinned by John Cena. Randy is dressed in his wrestling
trunks and is wearing his newest black t-shirt. "This… is just a small set
back… I just got to focus on something else… and then I'll get another shot
at the WWE Title..." Randy says to himself, although his tone sounds more
dark than optimistic.

Randy then gets a smirk on his face as he thinks about what happened
after Backlash, when he put his former tag team partner Edge down with a
devastating RKO. Randy laughs slightly, "He deserved it..." Rand says as he
goes around a corner. The Legend Killer then stops when he sees RAW's ditzy,
adorable backstage interviewer and occasional wrestling Diva Maria as she
bends down to adjust her high-heel shoes that she's wearing. Randy grits his
teeth as he looks at Maria, and he remembers what happened the previous night
when Maria stood by when John Cena questioned his 'sexual orientation'. "Oh
it's pay back time..." Randy says before he walks towards Maria. When she
stands up after adjusting her heels, Randy shoves her against the hallway

The adorable and ditzy, Maria, dressed in a short navy blue skirt and a navy
blue top stumbles forward after being shoved by Randy Orton and she crashes
against the wall in the hallway "Hey!" Maria protests before she scrunches
her nose up cutely and glances back at Randy after her regaining her balance.
Maria lowers her head "That wasn't too nice..."

Randy Orton smirks slightly as he looks at Maria, "Oh I'm sorry Maria... I
bumped you by mistake..." Randy says, with a completely insincere tone of
voice as the cute RAW Diva turns around slightly.

Maria cutely pushes her adorable, smoothly rounded shoulders up and shrugs
them "Oh...its ok...since you just said it was a mistake..." Maria says with
a cute laugh as she stands in front of the vindictive and dangerous Randy

Randy Orton licks his lips slightly, "Yeah... it was a big mistake..." Randy
says, "And you know... I would very much like to make it up to you..." Randy
says as he narrows his eyes slightly while smirking.

Maria suspiciously raises an eyebrow as she cutely looks at Randy "You
would?" Maria asks as she presses her soft, luscious lips together while
looking at Randy with a slightly confused look on her adorable, beautiful

"Oh yea...." Randy nods his head slightly as he puts his hands on the waist
line of his wrestling trunks "You know I'm called the Legend Killer right?"
Randy asks with a grin.

Maria's adorable eyes widen slightly as she nods her head "Mmhmmm..." Maria
replies with her adorable lips pressed tightly together.

Randy Orton smirks, "Well... I'm also... a Diva... Thriller...." Randy says
before he starts to lower his wrestling trunks in front of Maria to let out
his semi-hard twelve inch cock, "And I can't think of a better way... to make
it up to you... than thrilling you..." Randy says as he again narrows his

Maria cutely scrunches her nose up as she glances down at Randy's
impressively thick, semi-hard twelve inch cock "Oh wow!" Maria says with a
cute laugh "You must really want to make it up to me, huh?"

Randy licks his lips, "Oh yeah... I really... truly... want to make it up to
you..." Randy says as he reaches forward with his right hand to take Maria's
left hand to have her put it on his hardening cock. Maria adorably blushes as
Randy takes her left hand and gently forces her to take his cock into her
soft, delicate hand. Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she looks her
sweet, ditzy eyes with Randy and adorably licks her lips while she starts to
gently move her left hand, up and down, against his hard twelve inch shaft as
she begins to stroke him.

"Mmmmmm..." Randy moans as he looks into Maria's eyes with his cold,
calculating eyes, "That feels great Maria..." Randy says with a smirk as he
brings his left hand up and strokes Maria's soft brown hair.

Maria smiles sweetly "Aww...thanks..." Maria says as she cutely blushes
before she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Randy Orton on the
floor of the hallway backstage. Maria presses her lips together as she locks
her adorable eyes on the head of Randy's cock while she smoothly strokes his
shaft. Maria leans her head forward and gently places her soft, wet tongue on
the head of his cock before she starts to circle her together around the tip,
allowing her saliva to drip against his cock.

"Oh yea... mmmm..." Randy licks his lips as he looks down at Maria as she
circles her soft, wet tongue around the large tip of his twelve inch cock.
"Mmmm.... beautiful... just beautiful..." Randy says as he takes off his
t-shirt, revealing his muscular, toned and tanned chest and rock solid abs.

Maria closes her eyes as she gently brushes her soft, wet tongue around the
head of his cock before she opens her adorable mouth and she lowers her head,
taking Randy's cock into her mouth. Maria presses her soft lips around his
thick shaft and the adorable, ditzy RAW Diva starts to smoothly bob her head
while sucking Randy's twelve inch rock hard cock.

"Awww.... mmmmm...." Randy Orton licks his lips as Maria bobs her head gently
on his stiff, thick foot long cock. The Legend Killer puts his right hand on
Maria's head and pushes her soft brown hair back as she takes his cock into
her mouth inch by inch.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Maria softly moans as she gently and soothingly bobs her
head on Randy's cock, gradually starting to bob her head at a quicker pace
while gently slapping her soft tongue against his shaft. The adorable and
ditzy Diva's warm, wet saliva drips against his thick shaft, while taking
him deeper into her adorably hot mouth.

Randy smirks as Maria sucks on his cock at a quicker pace and he can feel her
lips sliding back and forth along the length of his impressive dick, "Ahhh
yeah Maria... that's it..." Randy moans as he tilts his head back slightly
and smirks.

Maria opens her eyes and cutely glances up at Randy while tapping her soft,
wet tongue against the underbelly of his rock hard, thick shaft while her
soft lips easily rub against his cock. "Mmmm...ohhh..." Maria sweetly moans
as she continues to bob her head at a smooth, quick pace.

"Awww yea... mmmm fuck..." Randy Orton moans as he looks down at Maria once
again, "Mmmm hey... I'm supposed to be making this up to you... get up..."
Randy says Maria lifts her head off of his saliva covered cock.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely and laughs after lifting her head off of
Randy's cock "Ok..." Maria says as she lightly tosses her soft, smooth hair
back before she scoots away from Randy on her knees and stands up from the
hallway floor as she accidentally bumps into one of the equipment trunks
that was behind her "Oh oops...." Maria cutely says as she glances over her
shoulder, looking at the equipment trunk behind her.

Randy looks behind Maria and he sees the equipment trunk, "Perfect...." Randy
says, "Here... turn around... and take off your skirt Maria..." Randy's tone
of voice is very smooth and extremely persuasive.

Maria shyly lowers her head and slowly nods her head "Ok...ok..." Maria says
as she gently presses her lips together before placing her hands onto her
smoothly rounded, adorable waist and pushes her short navy blue skirt down
from her waist and down her smooth, adorably tanned legs. The ditzy RAW Diva
steps out of her skirt, exposing her cutely shaven pussy. Maria blushes and
lowers her head as she sees Randy slyly licks his lips once her notices
Maria's adorable pussy. Maria cutely laughs and lifts her navy blue top off
of her upper body, exposing her nicely rounded tits before she turns around
to face the equipment trunk.

Randy Orton looks at Maria's perfectly round and tanned ass as Maria bends
over the equipment trunk, "Mmmm perfect..." Randy says as he steps closer to
Maria. He then wraps his right hand around his cock and guides it towards and
into Maria's tight pussy. "Ahhh... yea..." Randy moans as he puts his hands
on Maria's gorgeous hips as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of her

"Ohhhh...mmmm Randy!" Maria cutely moans and presses her lips together as
she feels Randy's cock enter her warm, tight pussy. Maria bites down on her
bottom lip and tilts her head back slightly as she starts to gently push back
against Randy's cock.

"Ahhh... yea... mmm..." Randy Orton licks his teeth as he keeps his hands
firmly placed on Maria's waist as he pushes his cock deeply in and out of
Maria's tight pussy. The studdly Legend Killer pulls Maria towards him so
that her tanned round ass presses against his muscular waist.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely as she glances over her shoulder and
presses her lips together adorably while locking her eyes with the dangerous
Legend Killer. " Randy" Maria cutely moans as her adorable,
tanned ass gently smacks against his toned, tanned and muscular waist as she
takes his cock deeper into her warm, tight pussy.

Randy smirks, "Ohhh yea.... you like that Maria..." Randy moans as he starts
to increase the pace of his thrusts. The hot, muscular RAW Superstar deeply
and quickly moves his cock in and out of Maria's pussy as his balls slap
against Maria's smooth skin.

" good!" Maria cutely moans as she gently
rocks back and forth against Randy Orton's cock as she starts to gently grind
her warm, tight pussy against his quick thrusting shaft "Ohhhhh Randy!" Maria

Randy Orton smirks after hearing Maria's getting moans get louder thanks to
his perfect thrusts, "Mmmmm yea.... mmmm..." The extremely dangerous Legend
Killer pulls his rock hard cock out of Maria's pussy and takes a step back,
"Mmmm.... yeah..." Randy smirks as he turns Maria around to lift her up onto
the equipment trunk. He then steps between her legs when Maria leans back and
rams his foot long shaft back into her sweet, warm pussy.

"Ohhhh geeze Randy!" Maria cutely moans as she scrunches her adorable nose
up as she feels Randy firmly ram his twelve inch cock into her warm, tight
pussy "Ohhh yeah Randy...mmm" Maria moans and laughs as she gently wraps her
smooth, adorably tanned legs around Randy's muscular waist while placing her
hands onto his strong, muscular waist as she starts to move on top of the
equipment trunk with Randy quickly thrusting her tight pussy.

Randy licks his teeth as he puts his strong hands on the sides of Maria's
legs as he pumps his cock sharply into her pussy, "Ohhh yea.... I'm the
best... aren't I?" Randy asks as he lowers his head slightly to flick his
tongue against Maria's lips, to tease her with the thought that he's going
to kiss her.

Maria cutely blushes as she locks her adorable eyes with Randy Orton "Oh're really great!" Maria moans and laughs as she presses her soft
lips together to lightly kiss Randy's tongue when he flicks it against her
soft lips.

Randy Orton pushes his tongue between Maria's lips and flicks his tongue
against her soft tongue as he slams his cock in and out of her pussy.
"Mmmmm.... mmm..." Randy moans before he finally and deeply kisses Maria,
and the Legend Killer smirks when he feels Maria almost melt from the
powerful lip lock.

Maria gently slides her soft hands against Randy's strong muscular arms
before she moves her hands and places them onto his muscular, tanned chest
as she gently rocks forward to grind her pussy against his cock "MMMMMMM!"
Maria moans loudly into his mouth.

Randy moves his hands from Maria's tanned thighs and wraps his arms around
her waist, "Ahhhh mmmm..." Randy moans as he lifts Maria off of the equipment
trunk. The Legend Killer bounces the cute, ditzy RAW Interviewer up and down
on his twelve inch cock as he circles his tongue around Maria's tongue.

Maria gently taps her soft, wet tongue against Randy's tongue as she deeply
kisses the violent, dangerous Legend Killer while she starts to roughly slam
down on his shaft whenever Randy deeply rams his cock up into her tight pussy
"Mmmmmm!" Maria moans into Randy's mouth as her saliva splashes into his warm
mouth while she begins to sweat.

Sweat starts to lightly drip down his muscular body as he breaks the kiss
with the RAW Diva as he bounces her on his thick, rock hard cock, "Ohhh
yea... say it again... who's the best...." Randy says as he grits his teeth
together as Maria keeps her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

Maria cutely scrunches her nose up as she slams down harder on Randy's shaft
" are!" Maria cutely moans as her sweaty, adorably tanned
body starts to rock back and forth to grind her pussy against his shaft while
Randy holds her while he fucks her standing up.

Randy smirks as he then lifts Maria off of his thick hard cock and stands her
up. Randy licks his lips as he looks at Maria, "If you think I'm the best...
turn around... again..." Randy says as he wraps his right hand around his
cock and strokes it to keep it fully hard.

Maria raises an eyebrow and bites down on her bottom lip "Ummm...ok...but
what are you going to do?" Maria cutely asks.

Randy smirks, "I'm going to continue to make it up to you.... and show you
how great I am..." Rand says slyly.

Maria lowers her head a bit and presses her adorable shoulders up "Oh...ummm
ok..." Maria cutely laughs before the ditzy RAW Diva turns around to face
away from Randy and bends over the equipment trunk with her adorable, tanned
ass facing the violent Legend Killer.

Randy Orton spits on his left hand and smears his saliva over his cock as he
uses his right hand to spread apart Maria's ass cheek, "Get ready..." Randy
says before he roughly rams his entire rock hard cock into Maria's asshole.
The saliva he just smeared on his cock makes it easy for him to penetrate
Maria's ass, but Randy's thrusts was way to hard for Maria's liking.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Maria cries out as she grits her teeth "Mmmm...Randy...that's
too hard...." Maria softly moans as she Randy starts to roughly and
relentlessly slams his cock violently and deeply into her Maria's tight
asshole, causing her to bang forward against the equipment trunk.

"Ahhh... what was that?" Randy asks with a smirk as he slams his cock balls
deep into Maria's asshole. The dangerous Legend Killer grabs Maria's waist
and jerks her back towards him so that her ass hits loudly against his waist.

"Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhh Randy please!" Maria cutely pleads as sweat drips off of her
adorably tanned body as Randy Orton roughly slams his cock into her tight
asshole, jerking her body back against his muscular body as her adorable ass
smacks against his muscular, tanned waist.

Randy licks his lips as he drives his cock in and out of Maria's tight
asshole, "Mmmmm please what?" Randy asks, acting like he doesn't know what
Maria is pleading for as he pounds Maria's cute, round ass with his rock hard
'Diva Thriller' cock.

"Please...stop....ohhhh its too hard!" Maria moans and pleads with the
vicious Randy Orton.

Randy smirks, "Ohhh Maria... that's not even hard...." Randy groans as he
slams his cock completely into Maria's asshole as he begins to cum, spraying
his warm load deep into her asshole. "Ahhhh yea...." Randy moans as he tilts
his head back with a satisfied look on his face.

Maria scrunches her nose up as she glances over her shoulder and looks back
at Randy Orton with a slightly disgusted and hurt look on her adorable face.

Randy ignores Maria until he's done cumming inside of Maria's pussy. He then
pulls out and smirks at her, "What?"

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her back turned away from
Randy Orton "I didn't like that..." Maria says as she lowers her head a bit
and looks down.

Randy gets a serious look on his face, "Oh I'm sorry Maria... but you said
I was the best...." Randy says as he puts his right hand on Maria's right
shoulder her to start turning her around, "Here... look.... let me give you
something special...." Randy says.

Maria scrunches her nose up "Huh? Something special?" Maria asks a bit
confused as she slowly turns around to face the dangerous, studdly Legend

"Yeah...." Randy narrows his eyes and when Maria turns completely around, the
dangerous Legend Killer grabs her head, and then drops her down to the cold,
unforgiving floor with a hard RKO.

Randy rolls onto his stomach and props himself up with his hands as he looks
at the now knocked out RAW Diva and he smirks evilly. "I hoped you liked
it... you cute little ditz...."


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