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Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 3: What's My Name
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Son of a bitch..." Randy Orton grits his teeth as storms through the
backstage area after the May 7, 2007 edition of Monday Night RAW goes off
the air. A short time ago, Randy, who's wearing his black wrestling trunks,
was in a hard fought match with WWE Champion John Cena, but the match was
thrown out when The Great Khali came out to distract Cena. "They should've
counted that idiot out!" Randy yells as he heads towards the locker room
and office area of the arena. As he does he sees one of the WWE's referees,
Jack Doan. "Hey... Jack!" Randy shouts as he approaches the referee.

"Yes?" Jack Doan asks as he turns to look at the highly pissed off Legend

"Let me ask you a simple question... who won the match between myself and
Cena?" Randy asks.

Doan looks at Randy, "The match was thrown out, between the time constraints
and Khali interfering..."

Randy Orton doesn't let the referee finish before he viciously clotheslines
him. Jack Doan goes down in a shot. "That's not what I wanted to hear!" Randy
says as he glares down at the unconscious referee. The Legend Killer resumes
walking towards his destination, and as he goes around a corner, he sees
RAW's normal ring announcer Lilian Garcia talking to her temporary
replacement Justin Roberts, who is filling in as Lilian recovers from her
recent knee surgery. Orton smirks as he steps between them. "Beat it..."
Randy says as she shoves Justin away. Justin, not wanting to risk anything,
reluctantly walks away from Randy and Lilian as Randy turns his attention to
the beautiful Diva. "What's my name?" Randy asks.

The beautiful, sweet RAW Ring Announcer, Lilian Garcia, raises an eyebrow of
confusion "Umm...Randy?" Lilian softly replies as she looks at the dangerous,
violent Legend Killer as she dressed in a short white skirt and a light blue
tank top.

Randy smirks, "What's my name?" Randy says as he narrows his eyes slightly as
he starts to back Lilian backward towards an open doorway.

Lilian Garcia, intimidated by Randy Orton, slowly backs up as she tries to
turn away from the dangerous, cocky Legend Killer "You're name?" Lilian
lightly and nervously laughs "It's Randy Orton...what's going on?"

Randy licks his lips, "What's going on? I'm making sure... everyone knows my
name... and how to say it right..." Randy says before he aggressively grabs
Lilian's right wrist to keep her facing him. "And since you're the ring
bitch... I want you to say my name right... especially when I win..."

Lilian grits her teeth a bit as she narrows her eyes while locking at Randy.
"Randy! Stop it!" Lilian pleads as she tries to struggle her right wrist free
from the Legend Killer's aggressive, rough grip.

Randy gets Lilian to enter the open doorway, which leads to a unlit room.
Randy flicks on the light switch with his free hand, "I'm not going to
stop... until you say my name right..." Randy says as he closes the door
and locks it. The dangerous Legend Killer firmly holds onto Lilian's right
wrist before he reaches underneath her skirt and begins to rub her pussy
through the material of her white panties. "Now... what's my name?"

Lilian closes her innocent eyes and turns her head to look away from the
dangerous Randy Orton "Randy...Randy...stop it..." Lilian innocently pleads
with the Legend Killer, as he continues to rub her pussy through the material
of her panties.

Randy smirks, "Say it... say my name..." Randy says as presses the palm of
his hand against Lilian's panties and moves it back and forth, rubbing her
pussy firmly through the material of her panties.

Lilian lightly bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...mmm Randy...stop it..."
Lilian softly groans as she feels Randy's hand rubbing rougher against her
panties that cover her hot pussy.

Randy licks his lips, "Say it bitch.... I know you want to... what's my
name?" Randy says as lowers Lilian's panties enough in order to rub Lilian's
hot, shaved pussy with his hand. The dangerous Legend Killer also pulls
Lilian's right hand to the bulging crotch of his wrestling trunks and
proceeds to make her feel his cock through the black material of his trunks.

Lilian slowly shakes her head in protest. " please stop..."
Lilian says as she is forced to quickly rub her hands against the bulging,
hard crotch of Randy's black wrestling trunks.

Randy smirks as he brings his hand away from her hot, moist pussy, "Yeah
bitch... I know you want to say it..." Randy says as he uses his free hand
to lower his wrestling trunks to bring out his hard, stiff twelve inch cock.
He instantly forces Lilian to wrap her right hand around his cock before
shoving her down to her knees, "And you're going to learn to say it

Lilian lifts her head up and locks her narrowed eyes at Randy Orton as he
forces her to quickly move her right hand against his rock hard, thick shaft
"Randy...this isn't funny..." Lilian begins to say as Randy places his left
hand onto Lilian's shoulder to keep her kneeling on the floor.

"You don't see me laughing, do you?" Randy asks sarcastically as he guides
Lilian's right hand back and forth on his stiff Diva thrilling cock, "I
want my name said right..." Randy says as he then moves his left hand from
Lilian's shoulder to place it on her head where he pulls her forward so that
her mouth gets stuff with his cock.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh!" Lilian moans in protest as her hot, wet mouth is forcefully
and roughly stuffed with Randy Orton's twelve inch rock hard cock. Lilian
closes her eyes as the head of Randy's cock instantly smacks against the back
of her mouth while Randy pushes his hips forward, thrusting his cock into her
soothingly wet mouth.

"Ohhh yea..." Randy moans and licks his teeth as he holds Lilian's head with
both of his hands as he pumps his cock in and out of Lilian's hot, wet mouth.
"You better start saying my name..." Randy says as he make sure to thrust his
cock deeply into Lilian's mouth, which results in his balls smacking against
her chin.

"Mmmmmm! MMMM!" Lilian's muffled moans vibrate against Randy's rock hard
shaft as her wet saliva drips out of her mouth as well onto Randy's cock
while he deeply and roughly thrusts his cock into her mouth, causing
Lilian's head to quickly move against his shaft.

"What was that? Did you say my name?" Randy asks mockingly as he continues to
roughly fuck Lilian's mouth. Randy smirks as he looks down at the helpless
RAW ring announcer as her saliva drips from her mouth down to her light blue

Lilian opens her sweet, helpless eyes and looks up at Randy Orton, pleading
for him to stopping as he roughly thrusts his cock into her wet, saliva
dripping mouth while his ball sack slaps against her chin "Mmmmmm! Hmmmm!"
Lilian groans against his shaft.

Randy suddenly jerks his saliva covered cock out of Lilian's roughly fucked
mouth, "What's my name bitch..." Randy says as smacks Lilian's cheeks with
his stiff cock, making it clear to her that he's not close to being done with

Lilian coughs a bit as she breaths for air after having Randy's cock deeply
packed inside of her hot, wet mouth "Randy...." Lilian coughs again "Stop
this..." Lilian says as she innocently pleads with the dangerous, cocky
Legend Killer.

Randy smirks, "Not until you say my name..." Randy says as he pushes his
wrestling trunks all the way off of his muscular legs. The Legend Killer gets
down in front of Lilian so that he can push her onto her back. "And you're
gonna love saying my name..." Randy smirks as he rips off her skirt, exposing
her hot pussy and her panties that he lowered slightly earlier. Randy rips
off of Lilian's panties and gets on top of her so that he can slam his entire
cock into her hot innocent pussy.

Lilian grits her teeth tightly together and closes her eyes after feeling
Randy's twelve inch rock hard cock, roughly slammed into her tight and warm
pussy "Ohhhhh shit Randy!" Lilian moans as she lays on the cold floor, unable
to move as Randy violently has his way with the helpless Ring Announcer.

"Uhhh yeah.... say my name!" Randy moans and smirks as he rams his cock in
and out of Lilian's hot tight pussy. The Legend Killer grabs the neckline of
Lilian's light blue top, exposing her nice sized tits.

Lilian tilts her head back as she arches her back slightly when Randy roughly
and quickly slams his rock hard cock into Lilian's tight pussy "Ohhhh shit!"
Lilian moans as she reaches up with both of her soft hands, placing them into
Randy's strong, muscular arms and slightly digs her fingernails into his
strong arms while she quickly moves against the floor beneath Randy.

"Mmmm fuck yea...." Randy licks his lips as he increases the pace of his
thrusts, and his balls slam right against Lilian's smooth skin with each
of his deep thrusts. "You like it... now say my name!" Randy grunts as he
repeatedly impales Lilian's pussy with his cock.

Lilian gently wraps her smooth, gorgeous tanned legs around Randy's muscular,
toned waist as she moves forward against Randy's roughly, dangerously
thrusting cock. "Ohhhhh ohhhh shit..." Lilian moans as she starts to sweat.

Randy Orton smirks as Lilian Garcia loses herself and enjoys the hard,
forceful thrusts he's using to fuck her hot pussy, "Yeah bitch... I'm the
fucking Legend Killer... you're going to say my name proudly... aren't you?"
Randy asks as sharply slams his cock into Lilian's hot, tight pussy which
makes her arch her back further than Lilian thought possible.

"Mmmm...ohhh yess..." Lilian softly moans as she presses her lips together
and closes her eyes as she moves her soft hands down from his strong,
muscular arms and gently takes his hands with her own hands as she firmly
holds hands with Randy Orton while bracing herself from Randy's intense,
dangerously rough thrusts "Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!"

Randy smirks as he sees how effective his plan of attack is with Lilian. The
dangerous, extremely skilled Legend Killer jerks his body towards the right,
rolling onto his back with Lilian now mounted on his cock. Randy keeps his
hands firmly locked with Lilian's as he rams his rock hard cock upward into
Lilian's pussy, causing her body to just rock wildly on instinct to his
movements. Lilian looks down and locks her lustfilled, helpless eyes with
Randy Orton as she swiftly rocks back and forth on Randy's rock hard cock
while the sweet RAW Ring Announcer starts to bounce on the Legend Killer's
cock. "Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh" Lilian moans as sweat drips down her tanned body
while she slams herself down on his cock before grinding her pussy forward
against his shaft, while also feeling Randy's hands gripping tighter against
her own hands.

Randy licks his teeth as he looks up at Lilian as she rocks back and forth
while bouncing up and down on his Diva thrilling cock, "Say my name bitch....
say it!" Randy orders as he pops his hips repeatedly to ram his cock into
Lilian's hot wet pussy while squeezing Lilian's hands with his own strong

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she roughly slams down on his rock
hard, twelve inch cock before Randy violently thrusts his cock deeply into
her pussy "Ohhhh Randy...mmmm..." Lilian moans as Randy squeezes Lilian's
soft hands tighter, while rocking her back and forth on his cock.

Randy lets go of Lilian's hands and grabs her waist, "That's not... my WHOLE
name..." The Legend Killer says before he lifts her off of his twelve inch
cock. Randy gets Lilian on her hands and knees as he smoothly moves himself
from laying on the floor to kneeling behind her. "You're gonna say... my
whole name!" Randy says as he grabs Lilian's sweat dampened hair with his
left hand just as he shoves his cock back into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Lilian shouts as the beautiful, sweaty RAW Ring Announcer
violently rocks forward on her knees after Randy Orton slams his rock hard
cock into her warm, tight pussy from behind "Ohhhh ahhhh!" Lilian moans as
Randy keeps her head roughly jerked back by holding onto her sweat damped

Randy moves his hips back and forth to thrust his cock in and out of Lilian's
hot soaking wet pussy, "Say my name bitch... say my name..." Randy grunts as
he using Lilian's hair like a set of reigns to keep head tilted back as he
pounds her pussy with fast, vicious thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhh shit Randy...ohhhh fuck! Orton!" Lilian moans as she closes her
eyes with sweat dripping off of her tanned body before the dangerous Legend
Killer roughly pulls her back against his rock hard, violently thrusting

Randy smirks, "What was that?! Say it again!" Randy grunts as he pulls on
Lilian's hair every time he rams his cock deeply into her pussy. Sweat rolls
off of Randy's muscular body as he fucks Lilian with the same relentless
aggression he uses in his matches.

"Ohhhh Randy....Orton! Ohhhh shit....fuck Randy Orton!" Lilian moans loudly
as her tanned, smoothly rounded ass slams back against his muscular waist as
her roughly pulls her back against his cock.

"Fuck that's hot..." Randy says as let's go of Lilian's hair in order to
firmly grab her waist with both hands, "Keep saying it bitch.... I want to
hear you scream it!" Randy says as he manages to increase the intensity of
his thrusts that overwhelms the beautiful RAW ring announcer.

Lilian closes her eyes as she roughly slams back against Randy's cock as he
roughly fucks her warm, tight pussy with dangerously fast and firm thrusts
"Ohhhh...ohhh Randy! Fuck! Orton! Randy...Orton!" Lilian moans as the
helpless Ring Announcer screams the name of Randy Orton.

"Ahhh yea.... fuck..." Randy Orton moans as Lilian screams his name. The
Legend Killer viciously slams his cock deeply into Lilian's pussy one more
time before he pulls out to shoot his hot thick white cum all over Lilian's
sweat dripping ass.

Lilian presses her soft lips together and hangs her head down as she feels
the warm cum of Randy's cock drip onto her sweat covered, tanned ass "Mmmm...
ohhhh..." Lilian softly moans.

Randy Orton smacks Lilian's ass with his cum shooting cock until he's spent,
"Mmmm fuck... that's how you say my name..." Randy says as he reaches forward
to grab Lilian's sweat dampened blond hair to jerk her head back, "Now... say
it again..." Randy says as he starts to stand up while pulling her up with

Lilian gently grits her teeth together with slight pain as Randy roughly
holds onto her sweat damped blond hair "'s Randy Orton..."

Randy narrows his eyes, "You said it wrong..." Randy says as he makes Lilian
face him. He makes sure that Lilian can stand on her own, and then he drops
her back down to the cold hard floor a sharp RKO. Randy pops up to his feet
and smirks as he looks down at the knocked out Lilian Garcia, "I bet you'll
remember how to say it right from now on..." Randy laughs before smirking,
"Cause I'm Randy Orton... Legend Killer..."


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