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Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 5: Bad Boys
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the May 15, 2007 Smackdown and ECW television
tapings, the dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton has snuck into the arena
through a service entrance. Dressed in black slacks and a dark blue collared
shirt, Randy sneaks through the backstage area, looking to surprise his
former Rated RKO partner Edge. Randy enters the indoor parking lot where he
sees the sweet, blond haired, roller-skating Diva Cherry who is rolling on
her pink skates towards the doors that Randy came through and Randy smirks,
"Well what do we have here...." Randy says as he gets in Cherry's path, "A
little girl that loves bad boys..." Randy smirks.

The cutely sweet and slyly devious roller-skating Diva, Cherry, pauses her
movements on her pink roller skates as she comes to a stop in front of the
dangerous, violent Randy Orton. Cherry cutely smiles as she smacks some
chewing gum around in her mouth "Oh yeah! You bet I love them bad boys..."
Cherry says with a cute laugh while the adorable SmackDown Diva is dressed
in a short black retro-styled skirt and a tight fitting cherry red top.

Randy smirks a bit as he looks at Cherry, "Well you know I'm the baddest boy
around here.... I do whatever I want..." Randy says as the doors behind him
open and the Rated R Superstar and reigning World Heavyweight Champion Edge
comes into the indoor parking lot, wearing jeans and his newest Rated R
Superstar t-shirt.

Cherry's sweet and adorable eyes widen with excitement "Oh really!? You're a
bad boy?" Cherry asks as she claps her hands together while pressing her soft
lips together as the sex-craving Rated R Superstar approaches his former
Rated RKO partner, Randy Orton, from behind.

"Yeah I'm a real bad boy..." Randy Orton says before Edge smacks his back
from behind.

"She's not talking about you chumpstaine.... she's talking about me..." Edge
says with a cocky smirk as he then looks at Cherry, "Ain't that right?"

Cherry cutely bites down on her bottom lip "Well...I don't know..." Cherry
says with an adorable laugh "I think you both are some pretty bad boys...and
I, for sure, love my boys bad..."

"What?" Randy makes a face, "I'm the baddest boy here in the entire WWE...."
Randy says, sounding a bit angry.

Edge smirks, "And you don't have a World Title... and Cherry likes bad boys
with gold... like me... and her little greasy boyfriend..." Edge says as he
licks his teeth.

Cherry eagerly nods her head "Oh yeah! I do...I love bad boys with some
gold..." Cherry says with a cutely laugh as she adorably sways her smoothly
rounded hips from side to side.

Edge licks his teeth, "See Randy... you don't belong here.... go back to
RAW..." Edge says to his former partner.

"Hey... I'm the Legend Killer... I've taken out the biggest and baddest guys
ever..." Randy snaps before he looks at Cherry, "And that makes me badder
than any loser who has a little gold belt...."

Edge laughs, "Oh yea sure... that'll impress her..." Edge says sarcastically.

Cherry cutely raises an eyebrow "Umm...maybe I find out if you
two are really bad the way I like them" Cherry cutely, but slyly

Edge smirks, "Cherry... I like the way you think... cause I have a truly...
Rated R way for you to see how bad I am..." Edge says before he unbuttons
and unzips his jeans to pull out his thirteen inch Rated R cock.

Randy Orton rolls his eyes, "That must be a record for jumping the gun...."

Cherry smiles and excitedly nods her head "Oh I think I like it too!" Cherry
says eagerly as she smacks her chewing gum around inside of her mouth, before
she skates forward to the Rated R Superstar. The sweet sister of Domino
kneels down on the parking lot floor in front of the sex-crazed World
Heavyweight Champion and instantly wraps her soft, adorable hands around his
hardening thirteen inch cock.

Edge smirks as he takes off his t-shirt, revealing his toned and tanned body
as Cherry strokes his cock, "Mmm that's right only a bad boy like me will
pull it out when it's right..." Edge says as he glances at Randy with a cocky
look on his face.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that!" Randy says as he takes off his shirt before
undoing his pants to bring out his twelve inch cock, which gets Cherry's

Cherry's sweet eyes widen at the sight of Randy's rock hard cock as well
"Mmmm...I think you guys are just like the bad boys I like..." Cherry says
as she removes her left hand from Edge's cock and wraps her left hand around
Randy Orton's shaft as she begins to smoothly stroke both of the former Rated
RKO rock hard cocks with soft hands. Cherry licks her lips before she lowers
her head towards Edge's Rated R cock to brush her wet tongue against the head
of his cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmm yea.... but I got the biggest and baddest cock
here..." Edge says as he puts his hands on his hips as Cherry brushes her
soft wet tongue against the large head of his shaft.

Randy grits his teeth as he pushes his cock against Cherry's left hand as she
strokes it, "She's just saving the best for last..." Cherry gently taps her
soft, wet tongue against the thick head of Edge's rock hard cock while she
smoothly pumps her left hand against Randy's solid shaft, while he pushes his
cock against her hand. Cherry slowly opens her sweet, warm mouth and lowers
her head, taking Edge's cock into her mouth.

Edge smirks, "Ohhh yea... mmmm..." Edge moans as Cherry starts to smoothly
bob her head along the length of his rock hard thirteen inch cock. The Rated
R Superstar puts left hand on Cherry's head to grab her blond ponytail as she
sucks his cock.

Randy licks his lips, "Mmmm..." Randy moans as he thrust s his cock against
Cherry's left hand as she continues to jerk him off. Cherry presses her soft
cherry red lips around Edge's thick shaft as she smoothly bobs her head,
sucking his Rated R cock at a brisk pace, while coating his cock with her wet
saliva. Cherry shifts her eyes and glances up at the dangerous Legend Killer
while she continues to stroke her left hand against his twelve inch cock.

Randy smirks down at Cherry as she looks up at him while she sucks on Edge's
cock, "How about stepping up and sucking the dick of a real bad boy who's
also a Legend Killer...." Randy says as she continues to stroke his twelve
inch RKOing cock with her left hand.

Edge smirks, "Getting impatient Randy...." Edge says sarcastically as Cherry
takes his cock deep into her sweet, warm and wet mouth.

Cherry smiles around Edge's cock before she slowly lifts her head off of his
Rated R cock and presses her soft lips together while she turns on her knees
to face the dangerous Randy Orton "Mmm...are you really a bad boy?" Cherry
asks as she leans her head towards his twelve inch cock to flick her wet
tongue against the part of his rock hard cock just below the head of his

"Damn straight I am..." Randy says as he suddenly grabs Cherry's head and
pushes his entire twelve inch cock into her sweet mouth.

Edge smirks, "That was impressive.... not..." Edge laughs as he starts to
move around behind the sweet, devious girlfriend of Deuce and kneels down.
He then hikes up her short black skirt up over her hips and pulls down the
pink panties that she's wearing.

"MMMMMMM!" Cherry roughly moans around Randy Orton's twelve inch cock as
she begins to instantly bob her head, while her wet saliva drips down on
his shaft. The adorable roller-skating Diva presses her lips tightly around
Randy's cock as she lifts and lowers her head, sucking at a quick and gentle

Randy licks his lips, "Yeah that's how you suck a bad boy's cock..." Randy
says as starts to move his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and
out of Cherry's mouth.

Edge has finished lowering Cherry's pink panties and he adjusts his own
position behind her, "You like to hear yourself talk don't you..." Edge says
to Randy just before he spears Cherry's sweet, tight pussy with his thirteen
inch shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Cherry moans against Randy's cock as she rocks forward on her
knees after the Rated R Superstar thrusts his cock deeply into her warm,
tight pussy from behind. Cherry closes her adorable eyes as she slaps her
tongue against the underside of Randy's rock hard shaft, while her chewing
gum slaps against Randy's cock as she takes him deeper into her hot mouth.

"Uhhh yea..." Edge licks his teeth as he grabs two handfuls of Cherry's skirt
that is raised over her hips while he thrusts his cock in and out of her hot,
sweet pussy.

"Mmmm fuck..." Randy moans as he grabs Cherry's blond ponytail as she deep
throats his cock with ease while he thrusts his dick in and out of her
soothing mouth.

Cherry opens her eyes and lifts her adorable eyes up to lock them with the
dangerous, cocky Legend Killer while she soothingly and quickly sucks on his
cock, taking him deeper into her sweet and wet mouth. "Mmmm...hmmm..." Cherry
moans as she twirls her tongue against Randy's cock while gently pushing
herself back against Edge's Rated R cock, smacking her adorable ass against
his toned waist.

Randy pulls his cock out of Cherry's mouth and slaps the tip of his dick
against Cherry's lips, "Who's the baddest boy here?" Randy asks as Edge
continues to fuck Cherry's hot pussy from behind with hard, sharp thrusts.

Cherry raises an eyebrow as she smoothly rocks back on her knees, pressing
her adorably rounded ass back against Edge's toned waist, forcing his cock
deeper into her tight pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh a bad boy..." Cherry
moans as she starts to rock back against his cock at a quicker pace.

Edge smirks as he drives his cock in and out of Cherry's pussy, "Ha! You
heard her I'm the bad boy..." Edge says as he slams his entire thirteen inch
cock deeply into Cherry's pussy. "Bullshit!" Randy says as he leans down to
grab Cherry's arms to pull her away from Edge. As Randy pulls Cherry forward,
Edge who his holding onto Cherry's skirt ends up pulling it down and off of
her body, leaving her in just her tight fitting cherry red top.

Cherry looks over her shoulder and scrunches her nose up as the dangerous
Randy Orton drags her away, roughly, from the Rated R Superstar "Hey! What
are you doing?" Cherry asks as Randy roughly manhandles the adorable, sweet
roller-skating Diva.

"Showing you what a bad boy really does..." Randy says with a smirk as he
jerks Cherry up to her feet. He turns her around so she's facing away from
him, then he bends her forward so that he can ram his thick Legend Killer
cock into Cherry's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhh! Owwww!" Cherry cutely cries out with both pain and pleasure as
Randy Orton roughly drives his RKOing cock deeply into her tight, adorable
asshole "Ohhhh...mmmm...." Cherry moans as she closes her eyes and presses
her cherry red lips together while Randy roughly thrusts his cock in and out
of her asshole.

Randy Orton holds onto Cherry's smooth hips as he pumps his cock in and out
of Cherry's ass with rough, forceful thrusts. Cherry rolls a bit forward on
her roller skates, but Randy jerks her body back towards him so that her ass
cheeks smack against his muscular waist.

The Rated R Superstar Edge stands up from the floor of the indoor parking
lot, "And you said I jump the gun...." Edge says as he takes off Cherry's
cherry red top, revealing her cute, round and firm tits. The cocky World
Heavyweight Champion then grabs Cherry's pony tail and pulls her head down
towards his cock, which presses right against her cherry red lips. Cherry
instantly opens her sweet, warm and wet mouth as she takes Edge's Rated R
cock into her mouth, while bent over. Cherry presses her soft lips tightly
around his thick shaft as she starts to smoothly bob her head, slapping her
wet tongue against his shaft. The adorable SmackDown Diva rolls back on her
roller skates when Randy Orton roughly jerks her body back against his cock
as he forcefully fucks her ass, causing Cherry's head to pop off of Edge's
Rated R cock.

"Mmmm.... fuck yea.... suck that Rated R Bad Boy's cock..." Edge moans and
smirks at Randy Orton, teasing him with the fact that Cherry is sucking his
cock with no problem despite the fact that the Legend Killer is fucking her
ass from behind.

"Uhhh.. mmmm son of a bitch..." Randy says with gritted teeth while slamming
his cock balls deep into Cherry's tight ass. The dangerous Legend Killer
reaches under Cherry with his right hand and forces three fingers into her
pussy with the intent to make it harder for her to blow Edge.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh..." Cherry moans as she deeply sucks on Edge's Rated R
thirteen inch cock, with her wet saliva dripping down on his cock. Cherry
presses her soft lips tighter around his thick shaft, while the head of his
cock starts to smack against the back of her adorable mouth. The adorable
roller-skating Diva roughly rolls back on her skates against Randy Orton's
muscular waist as her roughly pulls her back, slamming his cock into her
asshole while roughly rubbing her pussy with his fingers.

"Uhhh... mmm fuck thanks Randy... that's really motivating her to suck my
dick..." Edge laughs as he keeps holding onto Cherry's blond pony tail as
she bobs her head up and down on his cock.

Randy glares at Edge as he rams his cock as hard as he can into Cherry's
asshole while rubbing her pussy with his fingers, "You're not even doing
anything!" Randy snaps as he forcefully drives his shaft in and out of
Cherry's asshole.

"I don't have too..." Edge replies.

Cherry slowly lifts her head off of Edge's saliva dripping cock and begins
to gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock, gently tapping the
tip of her tongue against his piss-slit. " like that, bad
boy?" Cherry cutely asks as her adorable ass roughly pounds back against
Randy Orton's muscular waist as she rolls back on her skates against his
RKOing cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Oh yea... you know what to do with a real bad boy's
cock..." Edge says with a smirk as he steps back to lay down on the floor of
the indoor parking lot. "Hey Randy... let her see what a real bad boy's cock
feels like in her ass!" Edge says.

Randy grits his teeth before he shoves Cherry forward off of his cock and
down towards Edge. "Get your ass on his cock!" Randy snaps, much to amusement
of his former Rated RKO partner. Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she
stumbles forward and ends up on the floor of the parking lot after Randy
Orton had roughly pushes her away. Cherry cutely smiles at Edge before she
turns and lifts herself onto Edge's cock, taking him into her tight asshole
while she faces away from the sex-crazed Rated R Superstar.

"Mmm fuck..." Edge moans and licks his teeth as he puts his hands on Cherry's
smooth round hips as she settles herself on his thirteen inch cock. The Rated
R World Champion starts to thrust his cock upward into Cherry's ass as she
starts to rock a bit on his dick.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah...I love my boys bad...just like you!" Cherry moans with
a cute laugh as she leans back and places her soft hands onto Edge's toned,
tanned chest as she begins to smoothly bounce on his rock hard shaft, riding
him with her adorable ass.

Randy grits his teeth, "Fucking little bitch..." Randy says as he kneels down
in front of Cherry, "You want a bad boy... then here you go!" Randy yells
before he guides his cock into Cherry's cock filled asshole. The dangerous
Legend Killer forces his cock into Cherry's asshole, and his dick instantly
grinds and presses against Edge's cock which is already inside of Cherry's

"Ohhh... fuck... give it up Randy...." Edge says as he grits his teeth while
feeling Randy's cock moving against his inside of Cherry's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhh shoot!" Cherry loudly moans and grits her teeth while closing
her eyes tightly. Cherry scrunches her nose up as she slowly rocks forward
against Randy Orton's cock as he deeply fucks her cock-stuffed pussy.
"Ohhhh...mmmm...this is really bad!" Cherry moans as Edge and Randy's cocks
grind against each other.

Randy smirks, "Oh yea... and you fucking love it! This bad boy is the one
that's giving it too you!" Randy says as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Cherry's asshole at a rapid pace.

Randy's thick twelve inch cock grinds roughly against Edge's dick, and Edge
has to adjust his own thrusts so that he's able to pound Cherry's ass as
well, "You're just taking advantage of how bad I am chump..." Edge grunts as
Cherry starts to bounce again on his cock.

Cherry licks her soft, cherry red lips as she starts to bounce at a quicker
pace on Edge's rock hard Rated R cock while Randy Orton roughly thrusts his
cock into her asshole, causing the adorable SmackDown Diva to sweat.
"Ohhhhh...ohhh yeah...I love those bad boys!"

Randy grinds his teeth together as he tries to keep his pace of his thrusts
as hard and quick as possible. "Ahhh... mmmm fuck..." Randy groans as sweat
drips down off of his face as he and Edge double tem Cherry's tight asshole
with their large, thick and hard cocks.

Edge, who is underneath Cherry, catches onto what Randy's trying to do,
"What's wrong Legend Killer... too hard for you?" Edge says as he starts to
increase the pace of his thrusts as his dick grinds against Randy's when he
thrusts it up into Cherry's ass.

"Mmmmm....ohhhh...ohhh boys are too bad!" Cherry cutely moans as
she roughly slams down on Edge's cock while Randy jerks her adorable body
against his Legend Killer cock as he forces himself deeper into her tight,
cock-filled asshole "Ohhhh...yeah....that's awesome banging!"

"Ahhh... mmmm fuck... mmm..." Randy grunts as he gets his cock as deep as
possible into Cherry's double-stuffed asshole before he begins to start

Edge smirks, "Ahhh... mmmm coming up short Randy?" Edge says mockingly as he
feels Randy's cum on his cock as the two hot, muscular studs continue to fuck
Cherry's asshole while Randy slows down.

Cherry licks her lips as sweat drips off of her adorably tanned body, before
she glances over her shoulder and cutely smiles down at Edge as she bounces
on his rock hard Rated R cock "Ohhhhh...yeah mmmm....bad boy!"

Randy pulls his cum-spent cock out of Cherry's asshole and stands up as Edge
smirks at the cute SmackDown Diva, "SmackDown has the baddest boys right
Cherry?" Edge asks with a smirk as he thrusts his Rated R cock up into her
ass as Randy glares at Cherry from a short distance away.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she eagerly bounces on his throbbing
Rated R cock "Mmmm...ohhh yeah...the baddest!" Cherry moans as the adorable
sweat dripping Diva is unaware of the deadly glare directed at her by Randy

"Ahhh yea... mmm fuck..." Edge moans as his cock begins to erupt with cum
inside of Cherry's cum filled asshole as she bounces on his cock. Edge licks
his teeth, "I'm the baddest boy ever..." Edge says as he fills Cherry's ass
with his cum while Randy Orton starts to move towards Cherry.

Cherry cutely presses her cherry red lips together and nods her head "Ohhh
yeah...I love them bad boys!" Cherry raises as she tosses her
blond, sweat dampened ponytail before she slowly lifts herself off of Edge's
throbbing cock and steadies herself on her roller skates.

"Then love this..." Randy says as he suddenly grabs Cherry's head and drives
her down to the hard floor of the indoor parking lot, knocking her out cold.

Edge looks at Randy with a look of surprise, "What the fuck was that!"

Randy glares down at Cherry after getting to his feet and then at Edge, "I'm
the Legend Killer.... I'm the baddest star in the WWE... she knows it now..."

Edge smirks, "You're just mad that she knows I'm better than you..." Edge
says as he stands up, not showing much concern for the knocked out Cherry.

Randy smirks, "Just wait... I'll show you... just how bad a boy... I can


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