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Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 7: Delicious Candice
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the mid-afternoon, hours before the start of the May 14, 2007 edition of
Monday Night RAW, Randy Orton is in his locker room, thinking about the
upcoming WWE Pay-per- view spectacular, Judgment Day. "Hmmm... what to do...
what to do..." Randy says as he sits on the leather couch of his locker room,
and he's dressed in white warm up pants and a black t-shirt. As Randy starts
to think about how to get himself on the card, there's a knock on his locker
room door. Randy gets an annoyed look on his face as he stands up just as
door enters, and in walks one of RAW's road agents, the legendary Arn
Anderson enters, and Randy's mood instantly turns sour.

"Randy... the line up for tonight's show is set... you got the night off..."
Anderson says with a serious tone.

Randy glares at the man who was the corner stone of the Four Horsemen,
"Really? And who they made that call? I'm the Legend Killer... I do what I
want... when I want..."

Arn Anderson keeps his cool, even though he's tempted to put the cocky
Superstar in his place, "You have the night off... that's the final

Randy narrows his eyes, "Well I think otherwise..." Randy says be he rushes
forward slam himself against the man known world wide as 'The Enforcer'.
Anderson stumbles backward and as he's getting his bearings, Randy Orton
drops Arn Anderson with a vicious RKO right in the middle of his locker
room. Randy gets to his feet and looks down at the latest Legend that he
'killed' with his RKO. "I say when I have a night off..."

The dangerous Legend Killer then leaves his locker room and heads down the
hallway, which leads to other areas in the arena, but Randy is heading for
the catering area. When he arrives he sees the one Diva that is too hot for
any man to handle, Candice Michelle as she's sitting down at a table with a
fruit salad. Candice, who is dressing in a white top and a matching white
short skirt, doesn't notice Randy as he enters the catering area, and the
Legend Killer heads over to the table where there's an elaborate selection
of food to pick from. Randy smirks as he looks at a bowl of chocolate pudding
and then he glances over his shoulder at Candice, "Hmmm... pudding match
against that bitch Melina.... She could use the practice..." Randy says as
he picks up the entire bowl of pudding and starts to walk over towards

As he gets close enough to her he heaves the bowl towards her, splashing
pudding all over the Candice's skirt and legs. "Oh shit..." Randy says as
he acts like he tripped by shaking his leg a bit, as Candice reacts to the
pudding landing on her.

The sexy, sultry Candilicious Diva and former Playboy Covergirl, Candice
Michelle, opens her mouth with shock as she stands up and glances down at
her ruined white skirt and matching white top as it drips with pudding "Oh
my god..." Candice says as she then looks at Randy Orton with an upset look
on her beautiful face "What did you do that for?"

Randy raises an eyebrow as he puts the bowl down, "What makes you think I did
that on purpose?" Randy says, "Are you accusing me of something?"

"No...I..." Candice pauses an sighs as she steps away from the table she was
sitting at and approaches the catering table to grab some napkins "Shit...
this is going to be ruined..." Candice says as she tries to wipe up the
dripping pudding.

Randy smirks, ""Don't worry about it... I'll clean it up..." Randy says as he
starts to follow Candice over to the catering table.

Candice raises an eyebrow and lightly presses her soft, luscious lips
together "You'll clean it up?"

Randy smirks, "Yeah... I apparently made the mess...." Randy says as he looks
down at Candice's legs as some pudding drops from her white skirt down to her
smooth, tanned legs. "Look... some is getting on your legs..."

Candice places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips and turns to stands,
directly facing the dangerous Legend Killer. "Are you clean it
up?" Candice asks in a soft, seductive toned as she presses her luscious
lips together and locks her eyes with Randy's intense, dangerous and
threatening eyes.

"Of course... when I see a mess... I clean it up..." Randy says with a smirk
as he looks into Candice's soft, seductive eyes "Here get yourself up on this
table..." Randy Orton says as he puts his hand on Candice's waist to lift her
up and sit her on the catering table. Candice seductively grits her teeth
together as she tosses her soft, sultry dark brown hair back as she places
her hands onto the smooth surface of the table and leans back a bit as Randy
Orton slides his strong hands up against her smooth, tanned legs.

Randy tanks off his t-shirt before he bends down a bit as he slides his hands
up and down her smooth, tanned legs, "Mmmmm... boy you're a mess..." Randy
says with a smirk as he flicks his tongue against Candice's right leg to lap
up some pudding.

Candice slowly licks her soft, luscious lips as Randy Orton flicks his tongue
against her smooth, tanned, and pudding covered leg "Mmm...ohhh yeah..."

"Mmmmm..." Randy smirks as he continues to lap up pudding from Candice's
right leg before switching over to her left leg. The dangerously charming
Legend Killer moves his hands up higher on Candice's legs so that he's
rubbing the upper most part of her thighs through the material of her
pudding stained skirt.

Candice closes her eyes as she tilts her head back "Ohhhh...awwww yeah!"
Candice moans with a sexy shriek as she gently places her smooth, tanned
legs on Randy's strong shoulders as he moves his tongue against her pudding
covered tanned, gorgeous legs.

Randy moves his hands to the sides of Candice's skirt and starts to slowly
lower her pudding stained skirt while lifting his head up from her legs.
"Gotta see if any seeped through your skirt..." Randy says as he brings down
Candice's skirt, revealing a sexy pair of white panties. The Legend Killer
leans his head forward to Candice's panties and starts lapping his tongue
against them so that Candice can feel his tongue against her pussy through
the material of her panties as he 'searches' for pudding on them.

Candice closes her eyes as she slowly lifts her tight fitting white top off
of her body, revealing her large and smoothly rounded tits "Ohhhhhh..."
Candice moans as she lightly grinds her pussy against Randy's handsome face
as her laps his tongue against her panties. Randy glances up at Candice's
tits after she's lift off her top and he smirks as if everything is going
according to his plan. The dangerous Legend Killer keeps lapping his tongue
against Candice's panty covered pussy, making her feel the pressure of his
tongue and material of her panties grind against her soft, hot pussy. Randy
also starts to push down his white workout pants, freeing his already rock
hard twelve inch cock.

Candice slowly opens her eyes and looks down at Randy Orton as he frees his
rock hard, thick twelve in RKOing cock "Mmmm....ohhhh...are you going to bang
me too?!" Candice asks in a soft, seductive voice while she moans.

Randy smirks as he lifts his head up from Candice's panties, "That seems
like good judgment to me..." Randy replies as he slides down Candice's white
panties, revealing her hot, wet, smoothly shaven Candilicious pussy. Candice
locks her sultry, desirable eyes with Randy Orton as she spreads her smooth,
tanned legs apart while sitting on the table, giving Randy a perfect view of
her hot Candilicious pussy. Randy steps between Candice's legs and pushes
his rock hard, twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock into her hot, wet pussy.
"Mmmmm...." Randy licks his lips as he puts his hands on Candice's legs to
keep her from wrapping them around his waist as he starts thrusting his shaft
in and out of her Candilicious pussy.

Candice closes her eyes again as her gently moves on top of the table, while
Randy thrusts his cock into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhhhh....ohhhh this is
way too hot to handle!" Candice moans as she moves herself forward while on
the table to push against his rock hard Diva Thrilling cock.

"Uhhhh yea.... mmmm you like that...." Randy moans as he starts to increase
the pace of his thrusts as he fucks the gorgeous dark haired Diva on top of
the catering table. Randy's large balls start to slap against Candice's
smooth skin with every one of his deep thrusts as he holds Candice's legs
wide apart with his hands.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah I like it!" Candice Michelle seductively moans as she leans
forward and places her soft hands onto Randy's muscular, tanned chest as she
rocks forward on top of the table to grind her hot Candilicious pussy against
his steady thrusting cock.

Randy Orton's starts to make his thrusts harder and sharper as he bangs
Candice's pussy with his Legend Killer prick, "Mmmmm yea.... told you I know
how to clean up a mess...." Randy says with a smirk while narrowing his eyes
as he looks down at Candice's hands moving over his tanned, muscular chest.

Candice grits her teeth and nods her head as she keeps her eyes closed with
stroking her soft hands against his muscular, tanned chest "Mmmm...ohhhh
yeah you do!" Candice moans as she starts to push her desirable, sultry body
forward against Randy's cock, making him slam deeply into her tight pussy.

The dangerous Legend Killer pulls his cock out of Candice's pussy just as she
starts to really get hot and heavy with him. "Turn over..." Randy says with a
smirk as he picks up a second bowl of pudding which gives Candice and idea of
what's coming.

Candice slyly raises an eyebrow "Oh I will...mmmm...I love being dirty..."
Candice says with a moan before she turns over onto the table and slides off
slightly to rest her feet on the floor of the catering room. The hot Playboy
Covergirl is now bent over the table with her gorgeous, seductive ass right
in Randy's view.

Randy Orton licks his lips as pours the cool vanilla pudding from the bowl
all over Candice's perfectly shaped Candilicious ass, "I bet you do..." Randy
says with a smirk as he makes sure every inch of Candice's ass is dripping
with pudding. Randy then spreads Candice's pudding covered ass cheeks apart
so that he can roughly slam his entire twelve inch cock into her tight

"Ohhhhh mmmm yeah fuck!" Candice moans as she tilts her head back and grits
her teeth before she is roughly jerked back by the dangerous Legend Killer.

"Mmmmm..." Randy grabs Candice Michelle's gorgeous hips as he slams his cock
in and out of her asshole. Randy's muscular waist slaps against Candice's
pudding covered ass every time he drives his shaft deeply into her asshole.

Candice lifts her head up and tosses her sultry dark brown hair back as she
glances back at Randy Orton "Mmmm...ohhhh yeah fuck that asss! AHHHHHHH!"
Candice moans, releasing a sexy shriek as her gorgeous, pudding covered ass
slams back against Randy's muscular waist.

Randy grits his teeth as he pounds Candice's ass with hard, quick thrusts.
"Mmmm yea... fucking take that cock up your dirty ass..." Randy says as he
again picks up the bowl of vanilla pudding and holds it with his right hand.
Randy then pulls on Candice's hair with his left hand to tilt her head back
so that he can reach around her with his right hand and pour pudding right
onto her mouth and also her large, hot Candilicious tits.

Candice licks her soft, luscious lips as some of the vanilla pudding drips
onto her lips. Candice grabs the edge of the table to hold herself steady as
she quickly and roughly moves forward against the table while Randy Orton
roughly pounds her tight asshole with his cock "Ohhhhhhh awwwww yeah!"
Candice moans as the pudding drips off of her hot tits as well.

Randy licks his lips as he drops the now empty bowl of vanilla pudding on the
floor, "You're a hot dirty cock hungry slut aren't you..." Randy says as he
reaches around Candice with both hands to squeezes her pudding dripping tits
as he deeply slams his cock into Candice's ass relentlessly. The Legend
Killer smirks as he feels Candice's pudding covered ass slamming against his
waist, telling him she wants more.

"Ohhhhh mmmm Randy, am I too hot for you to handle?" Candice asks with a
seductive smirk as she firmly pushes herself back against his cock, slamming
her pudding covered ass against his muscular waist as she leaves some vanilla
pudding on his waist.

"Hell no... I'm the Legend Killer..." Randy snaps as he pulls his thick,
rock hard twelve inch cock out of Candice's pudding covered ass. Randy turns
Candice around and starts to push her down her to her knees while admiring
her pudding covered tits.

Candice locks her seductively, desirable eyes with Randy Orton as she licks
her lightly vanilla pudding coated lips "Mmmm....I think I may be too hot for

"Prove it then..." Randy says as he reaches forward to grab a bottle of
syrup, which he then uses to coat his twelve inch cock. "Time for you to
clean me..." Randy says with a smirk before he narrows his eyes to glare a
bit at Candice.

Candice raises an eyebrow and smirks "If you think you handle me..." Candice
says before she tosses her sultry dark hair back and opens her mouth, and
wraps her soft lips around the head of Randy's syrup coated cock and she
begins to gently bob her head sucking his shaft.

"Mmmmm yea..." Randy licks his teeth slightly as he drops the bottle of syrup
on the floor so that he can put his hands on Candice's head as she sucks on
his twelve inch shaft.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Candice seductively moans against Randy Orton's syrup coated
cock as she starts to take his cock deeper into her hot Candilicious mouth.
Candice locks her sultry eyes with Randy as she slides her wet tongue around
his thick shaft.

Randy smirks as looks down into Candice's seductive eyes as she works her wet
tongue around his cock as she deep throat it. "Mmmmm.... that's not to hot to
handle..." Randy says as Candice adjusts her position to sit higher on her
knees as she bobs her head on his hard twelve inch shaft.

Candice presses her lips firmly around his shaft as she takes his cock deeply
into her wet mouth as the syrup starts to drip off of his cock with her warm
saliva. "Mmmmm...mmmmm" Candice moans with tight as the sweet taste of syrup
and Randy's cock fills her soothing mouth.

"Ohhh yea.... take it all down your throat..." Randy Orton says with a moan
as he feels the head of his cock smacking against the back of Candice's
mouth. "Keep that up... and I'll give you some real hot pudding..." Randy

Candice smiles around Randy's throbbing rock hard cock as she slaps her wet
tongue against the underside of his shaft while quickly bobbing her head
along his cock. "Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Candice moans as her soft, luscious lips
rub against his shaft while the head of his cock lightly smacks against the
back of her Candilicious mouth.

"Mmmm.... yeah... that's it... mmmm..." Randy Orton smirks and licks his
teeth. He tilts his head back a bit as Candice eagerly bobs her head on his
cock. "Ohhh fuck yea... mmmm...' Randy moans as he starts to spray his Legend
Killer cum inside of Candice's mouth, causing her to cough a bit as she
continues to suck his dick. Candice closes her eyes as Randy's warm cum
viciously sprays into her wet, hot mouth while she smoothly bobs her head,
allowing his cum to shoot to the back of her mouth so that she is able to
swallows his tasty cum.

The dangerous Legend Killer waits until he's done cumming inside of Candice's
hot, saliva dripping mouth before he pulls his shaft out of her mouth. "Mmmm
was that delicious?" Randy asks with a narrowed eyed look on his face.

Candice smiles and nods her head "Ohhhh very Candilicious..." Candice replies
with a seductive laugh.

Randy takes a step up, "Glad you liked it... if you get up... I'll give you
something better..." Randy says.

Candice slyly raises an eyebrow "Oh really?" Candice says as she seductively
licks her lips before the pudding covered Playboy Covergirl stands up from
the floor of the catering room.

"Yeah... and here it is..." Randy says as he suddenly grabs Candice's head
in order to drive her back down to the ground with his patented RKO. Randy
quickly sits on his knees next to the knocked out Candice Michelle. He scoops
some pudding off of Candice's ass with his fingers and tastes it, "Hmmm...
now that's... killer...."


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