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Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 9: Silence Is Golden
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the 2007 WWE Judgment Day Pay-Per-View, the dangerous Legend Killer Randy
Orton makes his way through the Gorilla Position, dressed in black wrestling
trunks and has a cocky, satisfied smirk on his face. Just moments ago, the
third generation Superstar laid down a vicious assault on Shawn Michaels, in
an attempt to kill the legend that is the Heartbreak Kid. Most of the
backstage personal and Superstars he passes gives Randy a disgusted look, but
he simply ignores them, knowing what he did is going to be remembered as one
of the turning points in his career. As Randy passes a television monitor he
stops to watch Shawn Michaels being helped from the ring by EMTs

"I'm telling you JR.... Randy Orton is a sick, twisted person.... to try and
end the career of HBK on purpose... it's in excusable..." Jerry 'The King'
Lawler says with a disgusted tone in his voice.

"I whole heartedly agree King... we can just only hope that Shawn Michaels'
legendary career did not just become another footnote for Orton..." Jim Ross

"Footnote? It's a milestone..." Randy says with a dark grin on his face as
he heads to his locker room. As he approaches his dressing room, the Legend
Killer narrows his eyes as he sees RAW's resident Pop Princess Jillian Hall
waiting outside his door. "What do you want?" Randy asks as he steps right
up to Jillian who's blocking his door.

The horribly singing RAW Diva, Jillian Hall, smiles proudly as she tosses
her blond hair back. Jillian claps her hands together below her waist and
continues to smile, while dressed in a pair of black pants and light purple
tube-top. "Well...I am here to sing praise for know taking that
action out there was amazing! Way to make an impact." Jillian pauses and
takes a deep breath " I like...made a song just for you..."

"A song... for me?" Randy says as he looks at Jillian with a very sarcastic
look on his face. Randy's eyes then focus on Jillian's large purple tube-top
covered chest and smirks, "All right.... come inside... and I'll...
listen..." Randy says with a sly grin as he pushes past Jillian to enter his
own locker room.

Jillian smiles and excitedly claps her hands together before she follows
Randy Orton into his private locker room "Oh! I'm so excited! I have like,
been working on this like all night!"

Randy tries not to laugh as he hears the door closing behind Jillian once
she's entered his locker room, "Really? Well... let's hear it..." Randy asks
as he steps towards the middle of the locker room, turns around and folds his

"Ok!" Jillian says before she raises her hands up in front of her and lifts
her head up proudly "AAAAAHHHEMMMM!" Jillian says as she horribly clears her

Randy grits his teeth, "Whoa... whoa... WHOA!" Randy says as he stops Jillian
before she can get started, "What the hell was that?!"

Jillian pauses for a moment and looks at Randy Orton with an adorable,
confused look "You interrupted my beautiful singing..." Jillian says as she
begins to protest Randy's interruption.

"Hey I didn't interrupt anything..." Randy says, "But if you're going to sing
for me... you're going to sing the way a Legend Killer like me deserves...."
Randy says as grabs Jillian's right arm to pull her towards him so that he
can reach behind her and grab her ass through her black pants.

Jillian's eyes widen a bit as she is taken by surprise when Randy Orton feels
up her smoothly rounded, tanned ass through the material of her tight black
pants "Ohhh...I can sing any way you want..." Jillian says with sly, playful
smirk on her face as she places her hands against Randy's muscular, tanned
and sweaty chest.

Randy smirks as he narrows his eyes, "Good... now fucking take your pants
off... and bend over.... I'm going to make you sing the way I want you
too..." Randy says as he forcefully removes Jillian's hands from his sweaty
muscular chest.

Jillian raises an eyebrow and tosses her soft blond hair back "Only if I can
sing..." Jillian says as she steps over to the large leather couch and bend
over the left arm rest before she reaches behind and lowers her tight black
pants down from her smoothly rounded hips, exposing her toned, nicely juicy

Randy licks his lips, "If you can sing through this.... you got more talent
than some other pop wanna-bes...." Randy says sarcastically as he walks over
behind Jillian. He lowers and takes off his wrestling trunks, freeing his
hardening twelve inch cock. The dangerous Legend Killer grabs Jillian's
waist with one hand and uses his other to spread her ass cheeks, "Now start
singing... bitch..." Randy says before he slams every inch of his cock into
Jillian Hall's juicy tight ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmm...ohhhhh yeah!" Jillian Hall moans and horribly sings as the
dangerous Legend Killer begins to roughly and quickly thrust his cock into
Jillian's tight asshole. Jillian closes her eyes and grits her teeth as
Randy roughly pulls her back against his rock hard cock, smacking her hot ass
against his muscular waist.

Randy pushes and pulls Jillian against him as he pumps his large, stiff cock
in and out of ass, "Come on bitch... you want to sing... SING!" Randy says
as he drives his shaft roughly and deeply into Jillian's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm yeahhhh! Whoaaaaa!" Jillian moans and sings as she rocks
back and forth over the left arm rest as Randy Orton roughly and aggressively
slams his cock into her ass, pushing himself deeper and deeper inside of the
horribly singing Diva.

"Yeah... that's it bitch... fucking sing!" Randy says as he gets a crazed
look in his eyes as he pounds Jillian's juicy ass with hard, fast thrusts
that are joined by his balls slapping loudly against her ass cheeks. The
dangerous Legend Killer grits his teeth as jerks Jillian back against him.
"And take that fucking tube top off!" Randy yells.

Jillian nods her head as she quickly and roughly slams back against Randy's
Legend Killer cock "Ohhhhh...ohhhhh yeah!" Jillian moans and sings as she
lifts her light purple tube-top off of her large chest, to expose her bare
and incredibly large, rounded tits "Ohhhhh mmmm...yeahhhhh baaaabbbaaayyy!"
Jillian horribly sings her moans.

"Mmmm yea... now that's fucking music to my ears..." Randy laughs as he pumps
his cock roughly into Jillian's ass. The dangerous, hot, aggressive Legend
Killer pulls his rock hard RKOing cock out of Jillian's ass, grabs her by her
hips and forces her down to the floor next to the couch of his locker room,
"Keep singing bitch!" Randy yells as he lays behind her, raising her left leg
and forces his thick cock into her hot, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh....I know you....want MEEEEEEE!" Jillian moans and sings "Ohhhh....I
know you...want to...fuck MEEEEEE!" Jillian continues as she leans forward
onto her hands, while sitting on her knees. The Pop Princess of the WWE
arches her smooth, tanned back slightly as she starts to rock back and forth
on her hands and knees guiding her rounded ass back against Randy's muscular
waist, forcing his cock deeper into her tight, warm pussy.

Randy reaches around Jillian with his right hand to grab her incredibly
large, round and hot tits as he pumps his cock deeply into her cunt, "Ohhh
yea... fuck yea.... keep singing!" Randy grunts and smirks as he buries his
shaft completely into Jillian's pussy as she grinds her juicy ass against
his waist.

Jillian tilts her head back, tossing her blond hair, as she starts to rock
back on her knees at a quicker pace to smack her juicy ass against this
muscular, waist sweaty "Ohhhhh...awwwww yeahhhhh!" Jillian moans and sings
as sweat starts to drip off of her nicely toned, tanned body as she starts
to grind her hips against his waist.

Randy Orton smirks, "Awww yea.... keep it up bitch.... mmm fuck..." Randy
licks his teeth as relentlessly fucks Jillian's hot pussy with quick, sharp
thrusts that makes Jillian's singing moans vary in volume. The dangerous
Legend Killer pulls his shaft out of Jillian's pussy and get up from the
floor to sit on the couch, "Get the fuck up here bitch...." Randy says as
he spreads his legs a bit so that Jillian can use them to pull herself up.

Jillian grits her teeth together and locks her eyes with Randy Orton before
she eagerly licks her lips "Ohhh I know you can't....take your eyes away from
Meeeeeeee!" Jillian horribly sings in a soft voice as she places her hands
onto his strong, muscular legs to lift herself up and she straddles his
muscular waist, lowering herself onto his rock hard cock "Ohhhhhh

Randy smirks as Jillian lowers herself down slowly onto his cock, "How can I
when you got tits like that..." Randy says as he grabs Jillian's huge tits
with both hands. The Legend Killer leans his head forward and closes his
mouth around Jillian's right tit and starts to suck on it, while also raking
his teeth a bit against her smooth skin as she starts rock on his cock.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh yeaahhhhh!" Jillian moans and sings as she starts to easily
rock back and forth on his rock hard twelve inch cock. Jillian closes her
eyes and tilts her head back as she slides her hands through her soft blond
hair. The sweaty, singing Pop Princess of RAW begins to bounce swiftly on
his shaft, while rocking at a quick pace.

"Mmmmmm... mmmm..." Randy moans against Jillian's right tit as he sucks on
it while also mauling both of Jillian's huge tits with his hands. The cocky,
third generation Superstar rocks on the couch to push his cock up into
Jillian's cunt as she bounces up and down on him.

Jillian roughly rocks forward on Randy Orton's rock hard shaft as she grinds
her wet, warm pussy sharply against his shaft while she jerks her body back
on his twelve inch cock. " want meeeeee!" Jillian moans and sings
as she firmly slams herself down on his cock, taking him deeply into her
tight and warm pussy.

Randy lifts his head away from Jillian's right tit that is dripping with his
saliva, "Yeah I want my cock deep inside of you..." Randy says sarcastically
as he puts his arms around Jillian's gorgeous waist. The sounds of Jillian's
ass slapping down against Randy's thighs echoes in the locker room as the
WWE's Pop Princess rides him wildly. The Legend Killer pushes himself off of
the couch and down the floor, causing Jillian to be on her back as Randy
resumes to roughly thrust his shaft in and out of her pussy.

Jillian places her hands on Randy's strong, muscular arms and tightly grips
them as she moves underneath Randy as the dangerous Legend Killer slams his
cock into her pussy. "Ohhhhhhh whoaaaaaa...mmmmmm!" Jillian moans and sings
as she closes her eyes to keep the sweat out, that is dripping down her
beautiful face.

Sweat drips off of Randy's face and muscular body as he pumps his cock
rapidly in and out of her pussy, "Mmmm yeah... keep singing bitch..." Randy
grunts as his balls slap right against Jillian's skin when his cock is
sharply rammed into her pussy.

Jillian licks her soft, sweat covered lips and wraps her smooth, tanned legs
around Randy's muscular, tanned waist and sharply grinds her tight pussy
against his cock " can't stay away from MEEEEEEE!"
Jillian loudly moans and sings as she feels Randy Orton's Diva Thrilling cock
roughly thrusting into her tight pussy.

The Legend Killer licks his lips, amused with how Jillian is singing as
well as she is as she fucks her on the floor of his locker room. "Mmmmm fuck
yea..." Randy moans as he grits his teeth as his and Jillian's sweaty bodies
slam against each other.

Jillian opens her eyes as she lustfully looks at the dangerous, sweaty Legend
Killer " want to suck it!!!!!" Jillian horribly sings
and moans as her sweaty, perfectly toned and tanned body grinds against the
muscular body of the Legend Killer, who slams his cock into her pussy.

Randy Orton gets a wide grin on his face after hearing the latest line in
Jillian's song for him, "That's what I want to hear!" Randy says as he pulls
his RKOing cock out of Jillian's hot wet cunt, "Time for you to shut the
fuck up... and suck my Legend Killer cock..." Randy says as gets up, and
his sweaty muscular body shines a bit under the lights of his locker room.
Jillian licks her lips as she turns around on her knees and remains sitting
on the locker room floor. Jillian tosses her blond hair back as she reaches
forward for Randy Orton's rock hard cock and begins to gently pump her left
hand along his large shaft before she opens her mouth and takes his cock into
her hot and wet mouth.

Randy puts his left hand on Jillian's head as she takes his cock deeply
into her hot, wet and 'talented' mouth. When he feels the head of his shaft
tapping against the back of her mouth, Randy watches with a smirk as the
WWE's Pop Princess closes her lips around his foot long cock. "Mmmmmm...."
Jillian Hall moans around his thick, rock hard shaft as she starts to
smoothly and easily bob her head on his Legend Killer cock. Jillian looks
up, locking her eyes with Randy as she quickly lifts and lowers her head.

"Mmmm fuck yea... take it deep bitch..." Randy moans and smirks as he
narrows his eyes. Randy strokes Jillian's sweat soaked hair as she repeatedly
deep throats his cock as fast as she can. Jillian taps her soft, wet tongue
against the underside of his rock hard, long shaft while she deeply and
smoothly sucks on his cock. Jillian's soft lips lightly rub back and forth
against his shaft as she sucks intently.

"Mmmm shit... keep it up... yea... suck it..." Randy says as he licks his
teeth in anticipation. The Legend Killer breathes a bit heavily as he
encourages the WWE's Pop Princess to continue sucking him off as she puts
her right hand around the base of his shaft so stroke it as she sucks it.

"Mmmm...hmmmm!" Jillian moans around Randy's cock as her wet saliva showers
and drips onto his shaft. Jillian presses her lips tightly around his shaft
as she deeply bobs her head on his cock, causing the head to smack against
the back of her mouth continually.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm yea..." Randy groans as he cock begins to unload a huge
amount of his warm, thick, and salty cum right into Jillian's mouth. With his
cock so deep inside of Jillian's mouth, Randy smirks when Jillian gags to try
and deal with the first load of cum that shoots from his cock.

"Mmmmm...." Jillian moans as the warm cum sprays into her mouth. Jillian
slowly jerks her head away from Randy throbbing cock, as cum continues to
escape from his piss-slit. Jillian presses her lips together and smiles up
at Randy as she swallows the cum that filled her mouth.

Randy licks his teeth, "You fucking like that cum bitch..." Randy says as
some spurts of cum erupts from his cock and lands on Jillian's tits.

Jillian licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhhh yess...mmmm..."

"Why don't you stand up... and sing me another song..." Randy says with a
smirk as his cock starts to soften after cumming.

Jillian excitedly smiles "Oh I would love to!" Jillian says as the Pop
Princess stands up from the floor of the locker room "What would you like me
to sing?"

"How about a classic..." Randy says as he waits for Jillian to stand up and
once she does, the Legend Killer grabs her head in order to drop her down
with a chart-busting RKO. Randy then pops up to his feet as he finishes what
he was saying, "Silence is golden...."


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