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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 10: Vicious Intentions
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the One Night Stand pay-per-view on June 3, 2007, Randy Orton is
returning to the backstage area after ending the career of Rob Van Dam. Randy
is dressed in black wrestling trunks and he has a cocky smirk on his face as
he walks past the WWE's vicious Diva Victoria who is watching a monitor that
is showing a replay of Randy's actions in the ring. When Victoria turns her
head, she sees Randy passing her and she instantly stops what she's doing to
approach him. Randy can hear the footsteps behind him, so he stops and turns
around to see Victoria, "What do you want?" Randy asks with a dangerous look
in his eyes.

The vicious, psychotic Victoria sinisterly raises an eyebrow and smirks as
she tilts her head a bit to the left side with her menacing, cold eyes locked
with the dangerous Legend Killer "You think you're tough by what you did out
there?" Victoria asks as she wickedly presses her lips together and shrugs
her shoulder "Not so bad....I love being vicious...and I see you do too"
Victoria says as she slowly, but seductively licks her teeth. The vicious,
powerful and hot WWE Diva is dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a
tight black top, that conceals her large tits.

Randy smirks, "Yeah... but I'm vicious for a reason... I'm a Legend Killer...
and RVD... is just another victim..." Randy says with a smirk. As the cocky
Legend Killer begins to check out Victoria, the reigning World Heavyweight
Champion Edge comes up behind him, dressed in gray Camo-styled wrestling

"Randy... that was so pathetic...." Edge says with a smirk.

"What are you talking about?" Randy says with an annoyed tone as he turns to
look at Edge.

"You lost... again..." Edge smirks.

"Doesn't matter..." Randy says as he then looks at Victoria, "I won what
mattered... right Victoria?" Randy asks to see if the psychotic Diva will
agree with him.

Victoria nods her head and slyly smirks before turning her cold, dark eyes on
Edge before locking them into a glare on the Rated R Superstar "Oh
was very vicious!" Victoria says as she sinisterly stares at the reigning
World Heavyweight Champion as she recalls some not so fond memories of the
sex-craving Rated R Superstar, known as Edge.

Edge glares at Victoria and grits his teeth, "Shut the fuck up bitch.... You
say you're vicious but I had you moaning a while back..." Edge says as he
smirks at Victoria.

"Talk... talk... talk..." Randy rolls his eyes, "That's all you do Edge...."
Randy says just before Victoria pushes past him to get in Edge's face.

Victoria viciously grits her teeth together as she stands face to face with
Edge "You listen here! That was fluke...A FLUKE! You hear me?!" Victoria says
as she starts to wickedly twitch a bit with anger.

Edge smirks, "A fluke? I don't think so... making you squirm as I made you
cum is a repeatable feat..." Edge says as he taunts Victoria.

Randy Orton folds his arms, "Oh is that so? Hey Victoria... you want some
payback on Edge?" Randy asks with a sly grin on his face.

Victoria balls her hands into fists and nods her head slowly as she keeps
her darkly glaring eyes on the cocky Rated R Superstar "Oh you bet I do!"
Victoria says in reply to Randy Orton as she lightly cracks her neck from
side to side.

"Good... cause you're going to help determine which of us is better..." Randy
says with an arrogant tone. "First one of us that cums is the loser.... and
you look like you can take on the both of us with no problem..." Randy Orton

Edge laughs, "Randy, you're an idiot I have a match in a little while..."
Edge says as it appears that he's making an excuse to back out of the
proposed challenge that has Victoria's full attention.

Victoria wickedly smirks as she raises an eyebrow before glancing back at
Randy for a brief moment as she shares a smirk with the dangerous, violent
Legend Killer before turning back to lock her eyes on Edge "What are you...
afraid of a little fun!?" Victoria asks the Rated R Superstar as she places
her hands firmly on her smoothly rounded, toned hips.

Edge gets an offended look on his face, "I'm not afraid... I'm just saving
myself for kicking Batista's ass in a steel cage match later tonight..."

Randy smirks, "Oh so you're saying you can't beat Batista then..."

Edge glares at both the Vicious Diva and the Legend Killer, "You know what...
fine... I'll win this stupid little contest and then go out there to beat
Batista.... this way I get two wins in one night..." Edge says as he turns
around to head back to the locker room area.

Randy smirks before he starts to follow Edge, and then he glances at
Victoria, "You coming?" Randy asks with a grin.

Victoria tosses her smooth raven black hair back and wickedly laughs "Oh...I
am...I am!" Victoria says as she starts to follow behind Edge and Randy

Randy laughs silently, "Yes you will..." Randy says to himself as he and
Victoria follow the Rated R Superstar Edge all the way back to his locker

Edge lets his locker room door close on its own so that Randy and Victoria
have to open it to enter. Edge licks his teeth as he looks at Victoria, "This
is going to be quick..." Edge says as he lowers his wrestling pants to bring
out his already hardening thirteen inch cock.

"Thanks for keeping the door openů" Randy says as he starts to take off his
wrestling trunks to let out his twelve inch cock.

Victoria slyly smirks as she raises an eyebrow "You boys ready for a little
fun!?" Victoria psychotically asks Randy and Edge as she walks towards the
former Rated RKO teammates and lowers herself down onto her knees to
instantly roughly grip her hands around their exposed shafts, Randy in her
left and Edge in her right. Victoria narrows her eyes as she looks up at Edge and Randy while she begins to roughly stroke her hands
against their hardening shafts.

"Mmmm yeah...." Randy smirks, "Shit Victoria you're going to really find out
which one of us is better..." Randy says as he thrusts his pelvis forward to
push his cock against Victoria's left hand as she roughly jerks it.

Edge licks his teeth, "Better not play any favorites Victoria... or I'll
spear your ass like I did the last time..." Edge says with a sex crazed look
in his eyes.

Victoria turns her head to look directly at the Rated R Superstar with her
deadly glaring eyes "You better watch it!" Victoria snaps as she starts to
lightly graze her fingernails against his Rated R shaft, while smoothly but
roughly stroking Randy's twelve inch cock. Victoria grits her teeth together,
viciously, before she lowers her head and wickedly slaps her wet tongue
against the head of Randy's cock, leaving a few drops of her saliva on the
tip of his cock.

"Mmmmm ohh yea.." Randy licks his lips as Victoria attacks the head of his
cock with her wickedly wet tongue.

Edge smirks, "Always going for the little one aren't you Victoria..." Edge
says as he mocks the psychotic Diva before she turns her attention back to

"Is that so?" Victoria asks as she roughly jerks Edge's cock towards her
sinister mouth, before releasing her powerful grip on Randy's shaft. "You're
in for a treat then!" Victoria snaps before she opens her wickedly hot,
sinisterly wet mouth and takes Edge's thick, hard cock into her psychotic
mouth. Victoria presses her lips around his shaft and instantly begins to
roughly and easily bob her head, sucking the Rated R cock of the World
Heavyweight Champion.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Edge licks his teeth as he grabs Victoria's head as she bobs
her head roughly with ease on thirteen inch Rated R cock. Edge smirks as he
glances at Randy, "See... she knows who's the best... look at her go.." Edge

Randy Orton smirks, "Kept talking.... we'll see who's better..." Randy says
as he looks over at a clock on the wall to see what the current time is.

Victoria presses her lips tightly around Edge's shaft as she roughly twists
her head on his cock, grinding her lips against his shaft before she lowers
her head and the Vicious Vixen takes his cock deeply into her warm, wet
mouth. "MMMMMMMM!" Victoria aggressively moans as she roughly deep throats
Edge's Rated R cock, while shifting her glaring eyes to look at Randy Orton
as he strokes his Legend Killer cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he sees Victoria looking at him while she sucks on Edge's
cock, "Mmmm how about sucking my cock Victoria... you know it's better than
Edge's...." Randy says with a smirk.

"That's a lie and you know it... it's not as big as mine!" Edge says as he
glares at his former partner in Rated RKO as the head of his cock hits the
back of Victoria's vicious mouth.

Victoria slowly lifts her sinister raven black haired head off of Edge's
saliva dripping Rated R cock before she turns on her knees and grits her
teeth, seductively and wickedly looking at Randy's thick twelve inch cock
"Get the fuck over here then!" Victoria snaps at the dangerous Legend

Randy Orton lets go of his cock to step over towards Victoria and he thrusts
his pelvis forward to bang his cock against Victoria's face, "Here you got!"
Randy says.

Edge rolls his eyes, "Hey this is a contest!" Edge snaps as he moves behind
Victoria and kneels down in order to rip down her tight black pants. Victoria
hungrily licks her teeth as she locks her deadly eyes on Randy Orton's rock
hard cock before she opens her warm, wet mouth and takes his cock into her
sinister mouth. The Vicious Vixen begins to bob her head easily on Randy's
cock, not sucking at as near of a rough pace as she did with Edge.

Randy licks his lips as he puts his hands on his waist, "Mmmm yeah
Victoria... that's how you do it..." Randy moans as Victoria smoothly bobs
her head on his cock.

Edge grits his teeth, "This is a fucking conspiracy against me... but I'm not
going to let this go on to long..." Edge says as he looks down at Victoria's
firm, toned ass before licking his teeth. The Rated R Superstar grabs his
cock with his right hand and guides it towards Victoria's pussy so that he
can then ram it all the way into her, causing Victoria's body to jolt forward
towards Randy's legs.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Victoria roughly moans against Randy's cock, inside of her
wicked mouth, as Edge roughly and quickly slams his thirteen inch Rated R
cock deeply into Victoria's viciously hot pussy. With Edge's rough and quick
thrusts, Victoria starts to deeply suck on Randy's cock as she rocks forward
with Edge's thrusts towards Randy.

"Mmmmm.... fuck yea Victoria..." Randy Orton moans as he puts his hands on
Victoria's head while she repeatedly deep throats his twelve inch cock. Randy
tilts his head back and licks his lips as he feels Victoria's tongue slapping
against the bottom of his dick.

Edge grits his teeth as he sharply thrusts his cock in and out of Victoria's
hot pussy, "Mmmm yea... fucking like that bitch!" Edge grunts as he grabs
Victoria's hips to jerk her back towards him so that his rough thrusts get
some more force behind them.

"MMMMMMM! AHHHHHH!" Victoria moans as she completely swallows Randy's Diva
Thrilling cock as the head smacks against the back of her wickedly hot mouth.
Victoria's toned, rounded ask slams back against Edge's muscular waist as his
Rated R cock deeply fucks her viciously hot pussy.

"Mmmm uhhh yea... mmmm yea..." Edge grunts as he deeply impales Victoria's
hot pussy with his sharp thirteen inch cock. Edge licks his teeth as sweat
starts to drip off of his body as he jerks the Vicious Diva back against him.

Randy smirks as he then pulls Victoria's raven black haired head off of his
saliva dripping RKO cock, "Mmmm yea... which cock was better in your mouth
Victoria?" Randy asks as he slaps the head of his dick against Victoria's

Victoria grits her teeth and raises an eyebrow as she locks her deadly
glaring, vicious eyes with Randy Orton as she continues to firmly push
herself back against Edge's spearing Rated R cock "Ohhhh you boys can't
handle me!" Victoria moans as she roughly rocks back on her hands and

Randy smirks, "I know I can handle you..." The dangerous Legend Killer says
as he lays down on the floor of Edge's locker room.

Edge smirks, "You couldn't handle her... you're already lying down!" Edge
says as he pulls his cock out of Victoria's hot pussy before shoving her
forward onto Randy's body.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and smirks as she tosses her raven black hair back
before she mounts herself firmly on top of Randy's twelve inch rock hard cock
"Mmmmm fuck!" Victoria moans with her teeth gritted as she lowers herself
down on his shaft, taking him into her viciously tight pussy. Victoria tilts
her head back and lightly pulls on her raven black hair while she rocks back
and forth on the Legend Killer's cock.

"Mmmm yea... mmm yea..." Randy moans and licks his lips as Victoria rocks
back and forth on his cock. He tilts his head to the left to look at Edge,
"I don't have to work hard to handle Victoria..." Randy says with a smirk.

Edge licks his teeth, "Let's see about that..." Edge says as he stays behind
Victoria so that he can spear his cock into Victoria's tight asshole,
catching her off guard with his sudden anal invasion.

Victoria closes her eyes as Edge spears his Rated R cock deeply into her
tight asshole "Ohhhh, fuck you, asshole!" Victoria moans as she roughly slams
herself back against Edge's cock while jerking her body violently back and
forth on Randy's cock while she bounces and slams her wickedly hot body
between the former Rated RKO teammates.

Edge grits his teeth, "You mean fuck your asshole right?" Edge grunts as he
slams his thirteen inch cock in and out of Victoria's tight sexy ass with
hard, fast thrusts.

Randy licks his lips, "Mmmmm fuck yea... mmm..." Randy moans as he puts his
hands on Victoria's tight black top covered tits. The gropes and fondles them
through the material of her top as he rams his cock upward into her pussy.

Victoria glances over her shoulder and gives the Rated R Superstar a deadly
glare as he roughly fucks her tight asshole with firm and quick thrusts "Ohhh
you're gonna pay!" Victoria shouts as she viciously slams herself back
against his rock hard Rated R cock while grinding viciously hot pussy against
Randy's cock as she begins to sweat.

"What's wrong bitch... enjoying my cock like you did before!" Edge grunts as
he continues to slam his cock deeply into Victoria's asshole. Edge licks his
teeth as sweat drips down his body before he starts to cum within Victoria's
asshole just when there's a knock on the door.

"Edge you got five minutes...." A WWE Official says from out in the hall.

"Fucking hell..." Edge says as he pulls out of Victoria's asshole and covers
his cumming cock with his hands, "This isn't over!" Edge says as he grabs his
pants to put them on before getting his World Heavyweight Championship belt
to run out of the room to get to the ring.

Randy smirks, "What a fucking loser..." Randy says as Victoria continues rock
and bounce on his cock.

Victoria firmly places her hands on Randy's muscular, slightly sweat covered
chest and she grits her teeth tightly "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck! He's such a prick!"
Victoria moans as she viciously slams down on Randy's cock, forcing all of
her weight down on his stiff, thick cock while manages to thrust up into her
tight, viciously hot pussy.

"Mmmmm.... fuck..." Randy groans as Victoria slams herself down roughly on
his rock hard twelve inch cock, "Mmmm see I'm so much better than Edge is..."
Randy smirks as he rolls himself and Victoria over so that he's on top of her
while he rams his cock in and out of her vicious pussy. Victoria grits her
teeth and lays her head back against the locker room floor of the World
Heavyweight Champion, The Rated R Superstar Edge, while she wraps her smooth,
strong legs around Randy's muscular waist as she grinds her pussy against his
shaft while roughly slamming his cock in and out of her vicious cunt.

Randy looks down at Victoria's black top and can see that it's becoming
soaked with Victoria's sweat, "Mmmm yea... mmmm fuck yea.... you fuckin'
like that?" Randy asks with a moan as he slams his cock roughly into her
hot vicious pussy. Randy grabs hold of Victoria's waist to pull her against
him so that her ass cheeks leave the floor while his balls smack against
her skin.

Victoria slides her hands down against Randy's muscular, sweaty chest as she
lightly rakes her fingernails against his toned chest while she wildly moves
underneath the dangerous Legend Killer "Ohhhhhh! AHHHHH FUCK!" Victoria
shouts as Randy quickly and roughly thrusts into her pussy, his balls
slapping against her skin.

Randy smirks with amusement as sweat drips down his face, "Mmmm ahhh yea...
mmm yea..." Randy says as he manages to quicken the pace of his thrusts as he
fucks the Vicious Diva on the floor of Edge's locker room. The Legend Killer
narrows his eyes as Victoria scratches his chest with her sharp fingernails.

Victoria's deadly, dark eyes roll back as her vicious pussy tightens around
his shaft and she begins to roughly cum against Randy's Diva Thrilling cock.
"AHHHHHH FUCK!" Victoria loudly and psychotically screams as she pulls on her
raven black hair.

Randy Orton smirks as he feels Victoria's hot juices flowing from her pussy
and all over his pistoning cock, "Mmmmm fuck... what do we got here? You
fuckin' got wet bitch?" Randy laughs as he psychotic Diva's body jerks wildly
underneath him on the floor.

Victoria grits her teeth as she breathes heavily "No one makes me do that!"
Victoria screams as she roughly pushes her body against Randy Orton's to
sharply grind her pussy against his shaft.

"I did..." Randy smirks as he pulls his cock out of Victoria's wet pussy and
straddles her body to keep her pinned down on the floor. Randy then starts to
stroke his cock with his right hand as he grabs Victoria's head with his left
to make her look at his cock, "And I'm going to do something else too..."
Randy laughs

Victoria narrows her eyes deadly "Get off me!" Victoria shouts as she grits
her teeth while Randy Orton keeps her head in the direction of his throbbing,
rock hard cock.

Randy licks his lips as he keeps pumping his cock with his right hand, "Mmmm
fuck.... don't worry... I'll get off on you..." Randy Orton laughs as he then
starts to cum, spraying his warm, thick load all over Victoria's sweat
covered face.

Victoria's face flares red with anger as Randy's warm, thick cum sprays onto
her face, before it starts to drip down "AHHHHH!" Victoria screams as she
tightly grits her teeth and balls her hands into tight fists.

Randy laughs as he finishes unloading his cum all over Victoria's pissed off
face, "Ohh yea... that's a good look for you..." Randy smirks as he gets off
of the psychotic Diva.

The psychotic Vicious Vixen slowly stands up from the floor of the locker
room as she gives the dangerous Legend Killer a deadly glare as she wickedly
twitches and shakes with anger, while cum drips down her face "'ll
pay!" Victoria shouts.

"Bill me..." Randy says as he reaches forward to grab Victoria's head as she
thinks about how to attack him. The Legend Killer then jumps up and goes down
to the ground, pulling Victoria down as he gives her a violent RKO. Randy
then gets up to his feet and smirks at the now unconscious Victoria. "Looks
like I have more vicious intentions than you do..." Randy smirks, "Thanks for
the one night stand..."


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