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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 11: Extreme Circumstances
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late in the night at the One Night Stand Pay-Per-View on June 3, 2007, The
Legend Killer Randy Orton is in the hotel's bar, having himself a drink. As
he sips his drink, Randy looks around the nearly empty bar and he's dressed
in black slacks and a white button shirt. Randy finishes his drink, pays his
bill and prepares to leave the bar when he sees one of ECW's Extreme Expose
Dancers, the lovely Kelly Kelly coming into the bar. Randy approaches her
with a smirk on his face, "Aren't you a bit young to come into here?" Randy
asks with a smug attitude on his face.

The innocently cute Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and bites down on her
bottom lip as she shyly lowers her head "Well...ummm..." Kelly pauses and
laughs "I kind of...have a fake ID..." Kelly cutely admits as the young ECW
Diva is dressed in a short black skirt and a long-sleeve light pink top.

Randy gets a serious look on his face, "A fake ID? You know... if someone
finds out your could get in a lot of trouble..." The Legend Killer says with
a smirk.

Kelly slowly nods her head as she cutely glances up at Randy Orton "Yeah...I
know...." Kelly cutely presses her lips together as she locks her adorable,
exposing eyes with the dangerous Legend Killer " won't tell

Randy smirks, "Well... I think I should tell..." Randy says, "But I could be
persuaded not to tell..."

Kelly raises her eyebrow a bit as she looks innocently at Randy, standing
with her hands clasped together below her smoothly rounded, petite waist "I
could persuade" Kelly asks.

Randy smirks, "Come on up to my hotel room.... I'll order some drinks... and
you could... simply persuade me not to tell on you..." Randy says as he steps
around Kelly to leave the hotel bar in order to walk to the elevators.

Kelly scrunches her nose up as she slowly turns around to watch the sly,
cocky and equally dangerous Randy Orton walking away from her towards the
elevators "Ummm...Randy...wait..." Kelly sweetly calls out before she starts
to follow Randy towards the elevators after considering his offer.

* * *

A short time later up in Randy Orton's luxury hotel room, the dangerous
Legend Killer is sipping on a glass of wine as he watches Kelly quickly
drinks her third glass of wine. "How's your drink?" Randy asks the already
tipsy Extreme Expose dancer.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to laugh "'s really
good!" Kelly says nodding her head cutely as her adorable eyes are slightly
glazed over due to her consumption of alcohol. Kelly Kelly lowers her glances
to set it down on the table, before she accidentally knocks the wine glass
over "Ohh Opps!" Kelly says with an adorable, drunk-effected laugh.

Randy fakes a laugh, "Boy Kelly.... you can really handle your liquor..."
Randy says with a smirk. "Oh look... some got on your top..." Randy says,
despite the fact none of the spilt wine ended up on Kelly's long-sleeved
light pink top.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and glances down "It did? Awww man..."
Kelly says with a soft sigh as she absent-mindedly falls for the skilled
tricks of the dangerous Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

"Yeah.... maybe you should take it off... and hang it up so it can dry...."
Randy says casually as he sips on his glass of wine.

Kelly nods her head as she looks up, adorably, at Randy and smiles "Yeah!
That's a really great idea Randy..." The drunken Kelly Kelly replies as she
lightly tosses her soft blond hair back and sits up a bit as she lifts her
long-sleeved light pink top off of her petite, gorgeously tanned body,
revealing her flat and tanned stomach as well as her cutely rounded petite
tits that are covered by a white laced bra. Kelly sets her top off to the
side before she stands up, giving Randy a perfect view of her gorgeous waist
and stomach.

Randy licks his lips slyly as he looks at Kelly's waist and stomach, "Oh
shit... look Kelly... some got on your skirt..." Randy says as he finish
drinking his glass of wine.

Kelly naively lowers her head to look down at her short black skirt "I did?"
Kelly innocently asks as she releases an adorable sigh.

"Yeah.... you should let it your top..." Randy Orton says with a

Kelly nods her head "Yeah...yeah you're right Randy..." Kelly replies as
she places her soft hands onto her gorgeously tanned waist as she lowers
her skirt down from her smooth waist and then down her smooth, tanned and
stunning legs before she steps out of the skirt and stands in front of
Randy with her bare, smoothly shaven and hot pussy.

Randy licks his lips as he sees how easily he's manipulating Kelly, "Damn
Kelly... you're really hot..." Randy says as he starts to unbutton his shirt,
"And it's getting really hot in here... ain't it?" Randy says as with each
button he undoes, his smooth, tanned muscular chest becomes exposed to the
drunken Extreme Expose dancer.

Kelly cutely and easily shrugs her shoulders "Yeah...I guess so..." Kelly
says as she bites down on her bottom lip while her adorable, drunk-glazed
eyes lock on Randy's smooth, toned, muscular and nicely tanned stomach and
chest become exposed.

Randy stands up from his seat so that he can easily slip his shirt off.
"Maybe you should take off your bra..." Randy says as unbuttons and unzips
his slacks. Randy spreads his slacks open so that drunken Kelly can see his
exposed crotch and as he lowers his slacks, she also sees his twelve inch
RKOing cock become visible.

Kelly slowly nods her head "Oh...ok..." Kelly says with a soft smile as she
reaches over her shoulder and unclips her white laced bra, before casually
peeling the bra off of her petite, smoothly rounded hot tanned tits. Kelly
Kelly's adorable eyes gaze down instantly at Randy's hardening cock.

Randy casually steps over to the large hotel bed and sits down on the edge.
He sees Kelly looking at his rock hard cock, "Like what you see? Maybe you
should come here and feel it...." Randy suggests as leans back on the bed,
placing his hands behind him to support himself.

Kelly scrunches her adorable nose up as she slowly steps towards the large
luxury hotel bed and the drunken Extreme Expose Diva lowers herself down onto
her knees as she gently places her soft hands around Randy's rock hard twelve
inch cock "Wow's so big!" Kelly says with a soft laugh as she
starts to casually stroke his stiff shaft.

Randy smirks, "You're right it is..." Randy says while licking his lips as he
watches Kelly as she strokes his hard dick with both of her soft hands. "I
bet you couldn't get it in your mouth..." Randy says, acting like he's daring
the drunken Kelly to do exactly what he wants her too.

Kelly shrugs her shoulders "I think I could...." Kelly says with a cute laugh
before she gives Randy a chance to reply and she leans her head down to brush
her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock before she opens her
adorably sweet mouth, taking Randy's cock halfway in. The sweet ECW Diva
begins to gently bob her head on Randy's twelve inch cock, while her soft
lips rub against his shaft.

"Mmmmmm yea... mmmm..." Randy licks his lips as Kelly slowly bobs her head on
his stiff dick. The dangerous Legend Killer sits up normally and puts his
right hand on the back of the Extreme Expose Dancer's head, where he starts
to push her head down a bit, "Take it deeper..." Randy says as he narrows his
eyes slightly.

"Mmmmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as Randy pusher head blond haired head
down on his own shaft, forcing the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist to take his
shaft deeper into her soothing, sweet mouth. Kelly sensual saliva drips
against his shaft as she starts to lift and lower her head at a quicker pace,
easily sucking the dangerous Legend Killer's cock.

"Ohhh yea suck that cock..." Randy moans as he keeps pushing down on Kelly's
blond haired head in an attempt to get her take even more of his big hard
dick into her small mouth. The Legend Killer smirks as he feels Kelly opening
her mouth a bit wider every time her head goes down further on his shaft.

"Mmmmm...uhhhhh!" Kelly Kelly slightly gags on Randy's thick cock as the head
of his cock presses against the back of her sweet mouth. The dangerous Legend
Killer begins to thrust his cock between her soft lips, forcing himself
deeper into her soothing mouth and causing the adorable ECW Diva to slightly
choke on his twelve inch cock "Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Kelly moans around his

Randy smirks as he keeps himself from laughing from hearing Kelly gagging on
his rock solid cock, "Ohhh yea Kelly... you're such a good cock sucker..."
Randy says in a low voice as he fucks the drunken Extreme Diva's innocent
mouth. Eventually, Randy jerks Kelly's head off of his cock and gets an
amused look on his face as Kelly tries to get her breath.

Kelly turns her beautiful face away from Randy's rock hard, saliva dripping
cock as she coughs, trying to caught her breath. Kelly takes a deep breath
before she raises her left hand up to wipe her saliva from the side of her
sweet mouth.

Randy licks his teeth as he pulls on Kelly's hair to get her to look up at
him, "You want to get fucked Kelly? Fucked by my big hard cock that made you
gagged..." Randy asks to see if Kelly's judgment is still impaired by the

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and slowly nods her head "Yeah...sure...
that would be fun!" Kelly says with cute laugh as she stands up from the
floor before the dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton grabs onto her left
wrist before roughly jerking her onto the bed.

Randy tosses Kelly onto her back and spreads her smooth, tanned legs, "Fuck
yea it'll be fun..." Randy says before adding silently, "For me..." Randy
laughs as he grabs Kelly's gorgeous waist to raise her lower body slightly
so that he can pull he towards him in order to impale her hot, tight pussy
on his very thick twelve inch saliva covered cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh!" Kelly moans as Randy roughly and deeply impales her warm,
tight pussy. Kelly grits her teeth together as Randy starts to swiftly thrust
his cock in and out of Kelly pussy, pulling her petite, tanned body back
against his cock "Ohhhhh not so rough..." Kelly moans as her smooth, tanned
legs rest against his muscular waist.

"What? Thought you said you wanted to fuck!" Randy says as he wastes little
time in roughly pounding his cock in and out of Kelly's tight pussy. Randy
lifts Kelly's lower body a bit higher so that she's in more of an angle as
he rams every inch of his shaft deep into Kelly's pussy.

Kelly closes her sweet, innocent eyes as Randy Orton roughly slams his cock
into her tight pussy "Ohhhh...owww...not like this!" Kelly cutely moans and
pleads as Randy powerfully pulls the Extreme Exhibitionist's body back
against his incredibly hard, roughly thrusting cock.

Randy smirks, "Ohh. come on... you're in EC Fucking W.... you're supposed to
be extreme aren't you?!" Randy mocks Kelly as he pumps his cock in and out of
her hot tight pussy as he practically fucks her sober. Randy licks his lips
as Kelly grabs onto his wrists with her soft hands to hold on for the rough
and wild ride that he's giving her.

The sweet ECW Diva bites down on her bottom lip as sweat drips off of her
body "Ohhhh Randy! Please....ohhhhh!" Kelly moans as Randy roughly and firmly
slams his cock into Kelly's tight pussy. Randy pauses for a moment as he
allows his entire cock to settle inside of her warm, tight pussy before he
pulls out and slams his cock right back into her pussy.

"Please what Kelly? Fuck you harder?!" Randy grunts as he rams his cock
roughly into Kelly's pussy before slowly pulling it out in order to ram it
back into her pussy again. Randy reaches forward to grab Kelly's head to pull
her up, "You want to fucking ride my cock you drunk little slut?" Randy asks
as pauses to once again settle his cock inside of Kelly's tight, roughly
fucked pussy.

Kelly tightly closes her eyes and tilts her head back against the luxury
hotel bed "Owwww Randy!" Kelly moans as her smooth, tanned and sweat covered
legs gently rest against his hips as he keeps his cock buried deep inside of
her pussy.

"What's that? You want to ride me like the drunk slut you are? Ok!" Randy
smirks as he turns over on the bed so that he's laying on his back. Kelly has
almost no time to react to her sudden change in position as Randy grabs her
waist and starts to lift the petite Extreme Expose Dancer up and down on his
rock hard twelve inch cock with incredible ease. The dangerous Legend Killer
also starts to resume pistoning his shaft into Kelly's pussy so whenever he
slams her down on his cock, he's ramming it up into her.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Kelly moans as sweat drips down her adorable, tanned body
as she rocks back and forth on Randy's rock hard twelve inch cock as he
roughly slams his cock up into her warm, tight pussy. Kelly closes her eyes
as she places her soft hands onto his muscular, sweat covered chest as the
Extreme Expose sweetheart roughly slams down onto his cock repeatedly.

"Yeah... yeah you hot little slut... fucking bounce on that cock!" Randy
yells and grunts as he continues to lift Kelly up and slam her down on his
cock. Randy smirks as he watches Kelly tilt her head back as she tries to
handle the extreme thrusts that he's giving her, and the Legend Killer
responds by arching his legs to gain more leverage to more viciously slam
his cock up into her pussy. Kelly roughly falls down onto Randy's thrusting
cock, her soft thighs smacking loudly against his skin as sweat flies off
of her beautiful, tanned and petite body. With Randy's strong hands on her
petite waist, the dangerous Legend Killer is able to force the drunken Kelly
Kelly to ride his cock as well.

"Mmmm fuck yea... mmmm yea!" Randy licks his teeth as Kelly's body thrashes
about like a rag doll as he makes her rides his cock while ramming his shaft
up into her. Randy feels how wet and loose Kelly's pussy is getting from his
sharp hard thrusts as her waist becomes harder to hold on to with all of her
sweat dripping down her body.

"Ohhhhhhh Randy!" Kelly moans as the sweet ECW Diva breathes heavily as her
pussy suddenly tightens around his shaft and she begins to cum hard on his
deeply thrusting cock "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Kelly moans as she slams down on his
entire shaft once again.

Randy moans as he feels Kelly's pussy juices flowing down on his pumping
cock, "Ohhh yea fucking slut.... you like the rough shit don't you!" Randy
yells as he almost throws Kelly's weaken body off of his cock. The dangerous
Legend Killer stands up on the luxury sized bed and bends down to pull the
drunken Kelly Kelly up to her knees, "Jerk me off you drunk slut!" Randy
yells as he holds Kelly up by her head. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip
as she scrunches her nose up before the adorable, exhausted Extreme
Exhibitionist wraps her soft hands around his throbbing shafts and begins
to obediently jerk off the Legend Killer.

Randy thrusts his pelvis forward to push his throbbing cock against Kelly's
hands, "Look at my cock... open your fucking mouth...." Randy moans as he
holds Kelly's head a few inches from the tip of his of cock. Kelly opens her
adorable eyes to look at Randy's cock while she opens her sweet mouth as she
continues to smoothly stroke her soft hands against Randy's throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh... ahhh fuck yea..." Randy groans as Kelly continues to jerk off his
throbbing cock just as he starts to cum. Randy grits his teeth as long
streams of thick warm cum spray from the piss slit of his cock, landing
around and also inside of Kelly's open mouth.

Kelly presses her soft lips together and tilts her head back as she swallows
Randy's warm load of cum, while some of his cum coats her soft lips "Mmmm...
ohhh..." Kelly softly moans as she removes her hands from his cock.

Randy smirks as he last spurts of cum drip from his cock, "You fucking like
that?" Randy asks as he gets off of the bed. Before Kelly can reply he grabs
her ankles to pull her off of the bed to stand her in front of him.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she shyly lowers her head "Well...I
wish you weren't so rough..."

"Oh really.... well...." Randy steps back slightly and then suddenly grabs
Kelly's head in order to drop her with a vicious RKO. Randy gets up to his
feet and grabs the bottle of wine Kelly knocked over earlier. He sees there's
still some wine in it, which he then pours all over Kelly's sweat covered,
unconscious body, "Have a drink on me...."


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