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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 12: All American Thriller
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the hallways of the arena where SmackDown and ECW are holding their
television tapings on June 5, 2007, Randy Orton wanders around looking for
his former partner in Rated RKO Edge to mock him for not easily defeating
Batista at One Night Stand two days earlier. Randy is dressed in jeans and
a black 'Legend Killer' t-shirt and as he goes to check the locker room
area, Randy sees Edge showing off his World Heavyweight Championship belt
to the All-American Diva Michelle McCool. Edge is wearing black jeans and
a 'Rated R Sex & Violence' t-shirt. "You see this Michelle... it means I'm
the best there is in this business..." Edge says with a smirk as Randy
watches silently from a distance.

Michelle McCool, dressed in a pair of tight hip-hugger jeans and white tank
top, sarcastically raises an eyebrow as she slowly nods her head "Oh
really...I bet I should be really impressed with that, right?" Michelle says
in her sweet Southern accent.

"Damn right you should be..." Edge says with a smirk as he puts the World
Heavyweight Championship belt over his left shoulder, "Because I am the man
who easily beat that lame fuck Batista.... I'm the man who is leading in the
Rated R Era right here on Friday Night SmackDown..." Edge says as Michelle
sees Randy Orton standing several feet behind Edge, making hand gestures with
his hands to mock his former partner in Rated RKO. Michelle presses her lips
together as a smile starts to form on her beautiful face while she watches
the dangerous Legend Killer, Randy Orton, from behind Edge as he mocks his
former Rated RKO teammate. The sexy All-American Diva slightly licks her lips
before she starts to laugh.

Edge narrows his eyes, "Oh you think that's funny?" Edge says, getting a bit
angry when Michelle begins laughing. Behind him, Randy signals to Michelle
not to say anything before taking off his t-shirt to show her his muscular
tanned upper body.

Michelle raises an eyebrow and seductively bites down on her bottom lip as
her sweet eyes suddenly lock on Randy Orton's tanned and impressively
muscular chest, distracting her from the Rated R Superstar. Michelle slowly
glances away from Randy and back at Edge "Huh? What were ya'll just saying?"
Michelle innocently asks Edge.

Edge takes his Championship belt off of his shoulder, "Weren't you paying
attention to me?! I'm the damn World Heavyweight Champion!" Edge snaps, not
knowing what Randy is doing behind him. The dangerous Legend Killer smirks
as he starts to walk backward and he motions for Michelle to follow him,
knowing full well how pissed off Edge would be.

Michelle suspiciously raises an eyebrow as she starts to follow Randy Orton
with her sweet, seductive eyes. The All-American Diva shrugs her shoulders a
bit and then looks back at Edge "Sorry to disappoint ya'll...but I think I'm
needed..." Michelle says sweetly before she turns away from the sex-craving
Rated R Superstar and starts to walk in the direction that Randy is headed.

Edge drops his World Heavyweight title belt on the floor, "What the fuck?!"
Edge snaps as Michelle walks away from him. The highly pissed off Rated R
Superstar picks up his Championship belt that he just dropped "Where the fuck
are you going?! Edge asks as he starts to follow Michelle as she follows
Randy towards a set of doors that leads into the arena's loading dock.

Michelle McCool steps into the dimly lit loading dock and casually looks
around "Hey...umm where'd ya'll go?" Michelle asks as Edge steps behind her
into the loading dock as well.

Edge smirks, "Oh I get it... you were fucking leading me on..." Edge says as
he grabs Michelle from behind to make her face him in the dimly lit loading
dock, "You're all the same.... just leading a Champion like me to where you
can get a thrill..." Edge says as Randy Orton watches silently from a short
distance away in a darken part of the loading dock.

Michelle takes step back away from Edge as she defensively raises her
hands up in front of her "'s not like that at all. Ya'll are just

Edge puts his World Heavyweight Championship belt down on the ground as he
steps closer to Michelle, "I don't think so... I think you were leading me
here...." Edge says as he takes off his t-shirt, and even with the dim light
of the loading dock, Michelle can see how well define Edge's upper body is.
Randy smirks as he steps out of the darkness to stand behind Edge and he
locks eyes with Michelle and motions for her to play along as if he's going
to help her.

Michelle locks her eyes for a moment with the dangerous Legend Killer before
she slowly nods her head and then looks back at the Rated R Superstar,
locking her eyes with his sex-crazed eyes "Umm...ya'll know Edge...actually
ya'll are right...I did want to bring you here..." Michelle says as the
stunning All-American Diva places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips.

The Rated R World Champion smirks, "Yeah that's what I thought..." Edge says
as he licks his teeth. Edge then starts to undo his jeans to push them out to
bring out his hardening thirteen inch cock, "And I think you should start
apologizing for making me pissed off...." Edge says as he grabs Michelle to
pull her closer to him. Behind Edge, Randy unbuttons and unzips his own jeans
to bring out his twelve inch cock, but this goes unnoticed by Michelle.

Michelle swallows as she looks up at The Rated R Superstar after he roughly
pull her towards him, causing for her to stumble down onto her knees in front
of the sex-crazed, pervert World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Michelle presses
her lips together as her beautiful face is just inches from his Rated R cock
"Ya'll want me to suck that, don't ya?" Michelle asks as she gently places
her left hand on Edge's rock hard shaft.

"You got it..." Edge licks his teeth as he looks down at the All-American
Diva with his sex-crazed eyes. Behind Edge, Randy Orton starts to slowly
stroke his own cock as he steps back into the darkness, leaving Michelle
wondering what is the Legend Killer waiting for.

Michelle raises an eyebrow as she seductively glances up at Edge after trying
to see where Randy disappeared to inside of the dimly lit loading dock.
Michelle then cutely smiles at Edge as she gently strokes her left hand
against Edge's shaft "Well I know I can do that..." Michelle says with a soft
laugh before she brings her head down to his cock and flicks her wet tongue
against the head of his Rated R cock.

Edge smirks, "Mmmm yea.... that's right..." Edge says as he puts his hands
on Michelle's head, "But this is better..." Edge says as he holds Michelle's
steady so that he can push his thirteen inch cock into her All-American
mouth. Meanwhile, Randy Orton moves around quietly to get behind Michelle,
but he remains out of sight thanks to the dim lights.

"Mmmmmm...." Michelle McCool softly moans as Edge's Rated R cock easily
enters her soothing, sweet mouth. Michelle instantly presses her soft
All-American lips around his shaft and starts to gently bob her head on
his Rated R cock, while gently working her soft tongue around his thick

"Ahhh yea.... mmm fuck yea..." Edge moans as he closes his eyes while
Michelle bobs her head on his stiff thirteen inch cock. With Edge distracted,
Randy steps into the light and kneels behind Michelle. He reaches around her
waist with his left hand in order to unbutton her tight hip-hugger jeans.
When Michelle notices, she tries to lift her head off Edge's cock, Randy
stops her by putting his right hand on the back of her head to push her head
down on Edge's dick.

"Mmmmmmm!" Michelle moans around Edge's thick shaft as Randy Orton firmly
pushes her blond haired head down further on his former Rated RKO teammate's
thirteen inch solid shaft. Michelle teeth lightly press against Edge's shaft
and Randy moves his right hand on Michelle's head, keeping her to bob her
head on Edge's cock while he pulls down her hip-hugger jeans down off of her
smoothly rounded hips with his left hand.

"Oooo fuck yea... yeah you kinky little slut... use them teeth..." Edge moans
as he tilts his head back, still unaware of Randy's presence behind Michelle.
With a bit of effort, Randy brings Michelle's hip-hugger jeans down far
enough so that they are bundled up right at her knees. Seeing that she's not
wearing any panties, the dangerous Legend Killer licks his lips as he uses
his left hand to guide his cock to Michelle's smoothly shaven pussy. With one
thrust, Randy pushes his cock into Michelle's pussy while keeping his right
hand on the back of her head.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Michelle moans loudly around Edge's cock as Randy Orton deeply
thrusts his cock into her warm and tight pussy while at the same time pushing
her head completely down on Edge's rock hard Rated R cock, forcing the
All-American Diva to deep throat Edge's cock. Michelle's soothing saliva
drips on Edge's cock and out of her sweet mouth as Randy starts to forcibly
bob Michelle's blond haired head on Edge's cock with his right hand while
skillfully thrusting his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck... ohh yea you hot slut!" Edge moans as Michelle deep throats his
entire thirteen inch cock thanks to Randy Orton. Edge takes his hands off of
Michelle's head and opens his eyes to look down at her. Randy stops his
thrusts for a moment to see if Edge notices him, but with the dim lighting,
Edge doesn't see him, "Fuck yeah Michelle... suck that Rated R cock!" Edge
groans. Randy smirks as he pushes and pulls on Michelle's head to make her
bob her head quicker on Edge's cock as he resumes thrusting his Diva Thriller
cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh!" Michelle moans as her hot All-American mouth deeply sucks
on Edge's rock hard shaft as she's forced to take his cock practically balls
deep into her wet, warm mouth. Michelle's soft lips grind against Edge's
shaft while Randy Orton firmly holds her head down on Edge's cock, making the
All-American Diva gag on his former teammate's cock. Michelle's hot, toned
All-American body rocks back against Randy's cock as he expertly fucks her
tight, warm pussy.

Randy has to tightly keep his mouth shut to keep himself from moaning to
loudly as he thrusts his cock quicker in and out of Michelle's pussy while
controlling the way she sucks on Edge's Rated R cock. "Ohhh fuck yea you
nasty slut... you wanna fucking ride my World Champion cock!" Edge moans as
he pulls his thirteen inch dick out of Michelle's All-American mouth to lay
down on the cold ground of the loading dock.

Michelle seductively grits her teeth as she smoothly continues to rock back
and forth on her hands and knees, while Randy Orton thrusts his RKOing cock
in and out of her warm pussy "Ohhhh ya'll bet I do..." Michelle moans,
licking her lips as she locks her eyes on Edge's rock hard Rated R cock.

"Then get your cunt on my dick!" Edge yells as he licks his teeth and closes
his eyes.

Randy Orton smirks as he pulls back on Michelle's head as he leans forward,
"Get on him backwards..." Randy whispers into Michelle's ear before he pulls
his thick RKOing cock out of her pussy. Michelle quietly nods her head before
she crawls forward on her hands and knees, seductively swaying her rounded,
hot All-American ass from side to side, much to the pleasure of Randy Orton
before she reaches the Rated R Superstar. The All-American Diva tosses her
soft blond hair back before she turns to smooth, tanned back to Edge and
gently mounts herself onto his rock hard cock, taking his shaft into her
All-American pussy.

"Ohhhh yea..." Edge moans as he puts his hands on Michelle's ass cheeks as
she begins to move up and down on his cock. Randy Orton stands up in front of
Michelle and puts a hand on her head as he guides his twelve inch cock to her
All-American mouth.

"Ohhhh...mmmm" Michelle moans around Randy's cock once he is inside of her
sweet All-American mouth. Michelle leans back slightly and places her hands
back on Edge's muscular chest as she begins to smoothly rock back and forth,
while eagerly bobbing her head to suck Randy's long, thick shaft. "Mmmmm..."
Michelle moans twirling her tongue against Randy's cock.

"Ohhh fuck yea... ride that big cock...." Edge moans as he thrusts his cock
upward into Michelle's tight pussy as she rocks and bounces on his thirteen
inch cock.

Randy Orton smirks as he puts his hands on Michelle's head as he starts to
thrust his cock in and out of Michelle's mouth as she bobs her head on it,
"Mmm... yea..." Randy moans silently as he is heavily amused with Edge not
knowing what's really going on.

"Mmmm... mmmmm" Michelle soothingly moans as she bobs her head at a quicker
pace on Randy's twelve inch cock, her soft lips rubbing against his shaft.
Michelle closes her eyes as she taps tongue against the underside of Randy's
shaft, before she rocks her hot All-American body back on Edge's cock to
lightly grind her soft pussy against his Rated R shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhhh fuck.... mmmm...." Edge moans as he thrusts his cock upward
into Michelle's hot pussy as she grinds her pussy on his cock. The Rated R
Superstar grits his teeth as he starts to cum inside of Michelle's tight
pussy, "Mmmm yea..." Edge moans just as Randy pulls his cock out of
Michelle's All-American mouth and signals for her not to tell Edge what's
going on as he steps back into darkness.

Michelle bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder and
cutely smiles down at Edge while gently rocking her body back and forth on
his throbbing cock while cum sprays into her warm, wet pussy "Ohhh yeah....
ya'll are so good..." Michelle moans.

"Mmmm fuck... yeah... you're a nasty wild slut..." Edge moans as he finishes
cumming inside of Michelle's warm, wet pussy. He pushes the All-American Diva
off of his cum-spent thirteen inch cock. Edge grabs his clothes to get
dressed and he picks up his World Heavyweight Championship belt, "Thanks for
the quick fuck..." Edge says as he leaves the loading dock.

Randy Orton comes out of the darkness and smirks, "That worked out better
than I thought..." Randy says as he looks down at Michelle as she looks at
him and his rock hard twelve inch dick.

Michelle raises an eyebrow as she sits on her knees and looks up at Randy
Orton "What was that for? I thought ya'll were friends?" The All-American
Diva asks as Randy's rock hard cock hangs inches from her beautiful face.

"Oh yea... like I'm going to be friends with a guy who doesn't realize what's
really going on..." Randy says with a smirk, "I'm a Legend Killer.... and a
Diva Thriller.... you can't say this was not the most thrilling experience
you've had....." Randy says as he taps the head of his dick against
Michelle's soft lips.

Michelle smiles and laughs " loved it! It was real thrilling...ya'll
know I love life!" Michelle says before the sexy All-American Diva opens her
wet mouth and happily accepts Randy's cock into her sweet mouth and begins to
suck on his thick shaft.

Randy Orton smirks, "Mmmm yeah... and I know you love cock..." The dangerous
Legend Killer moans as he grabs a handful of Michelle's blond hair as she
takes more of his shaft into her All-American mouth.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" Michelle moans and nods her head as she locks her sweet
eyes with Randy while she smoothly bobs her head along his rock hard cock,
gradually taking him deeper into her soothing mouth.

"Ohhh yea.... mmm fuck yea..." Randy Orton moans as Michelle bobs her head
quickly on his cock as the tip of his cock hits the back of her mouth. The
Legend Killer grits his teeth and smirks, "Mmmm fuck... keep going..." Randy
moans. Michelle gently slides her tongue against the underside of his cock
while her soft lips rub back and forth against his shaft while she eagerly
and smoothly sucks on his RKOing cock, splashing her saliva against his cock.

"Ahhh... ohh fuck... mmmm yea..." Randy Orton moans as he licks his lips just
as he starts to shoot his warm cum into Michelle's All-American mouth. "Awww
fuck!" Randy grunts as the All-American Diva continues to bob her head on his
cum spraying cock.

"Ohhhhh...." Michelle softly moans as Randy's warm cum rushes into her sweet
All-American mouth. Michelle closes her eyes and slowly pulls her head away
as she swallows his salty load of thick cum.

"Mmmm yeah... that was great..." Randy says before narrowing his eyes to look
down at Michelle. "Hey... get up for a sec..." Randy says as Michelle licks
some drops of cum from her lips.

Michelle smiles as she slowly stands up from the floor of the loading dock
and sweetly laughs "So...Edge and ya'll aren't friends?" Michelle asks as she
places her hands on her slightly sweat covered, smoothly rounded hips as she
stands in front of the dangerous Legend Killer.

"Nope... we're not..." Randy smirks, "In fact... he's just some Canadian
filler...." The Legend Killer says before he grabs Michelle's head in order
to drop her with a vicious RKO on the cold hard ground of the arena's loading
dock. Randy sits on his knees as he looks at knocked out Michelle McCool,
"I'm a thriller... and a Legend... Killer...."


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