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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 13: The Thrill Of The Kill
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the arena where the three-hour WWE Draft Special
is being held on June 11, 2007, the dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton is
pacing impatiently, wearing black wrestling trunks as he waits to see what
his match is going to be. "I'm the Legend Killer... and they are making me
wait... someone's going to pay for this..." Randy says as one of RAW's road
agents, Tim White approaches him.

"Randy... your spot for tonight has been decided..." Tim White says.

Randy turns and looks at him, "Well what is it?!" Randy snaps.

Tim White raises an eyebrow, "You're going to be in a battle royal which will
be the main event match for tonight..."

"A battle royal? A battle fucking royal?!" Randy yells, "I'm the Legend
Killer... but you know what... I'm going to win that battle royal.... And..."
Randy then slugs Tim White, knocking him down and then he starts to stomp on
him. White tries to cover up but then Randy kicks him right in the head,
knocking him. "And I'm going to fucking win.... And someone is going to get
hurt..." Randy says as he starts to head to down the hallway in the direction
of arena's weight room. As he walks he passes by the Diva's locker room area
and he sees Mickie James talking to Bruce Pritchard about her possible
involvement on the show.

"It hasn't been determined yet... but either you or Candice will be
representing RAW tonight against a SmackDown Diva... so you better get warmed
up as a just in case..." Bruce Pritchard says to the happily crazed RAW Diva.

Mickie James presses her soft lips together and nods her head "Ok Bruce!
That's I like totally can't wait!" Mickie says excitedly with a laugh as she
tosses her soft brown hair back "I hope that I can win one for RAW tonight!"
Mickie says as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she
cutely nods her head eagerly while dressed in a pair of tight light blue
hip-hugger wrestling pants and a light blue matching top.

Bruce Pritchard nods his head, "I have a feeling RAW will win big with either
you or Candice... but just make sure you're ready just in case..." Bruce says
before walking off.

Bruce Pritchard walks right by Randy Orton who has a sly smirk on his face as
he looks down the hallway at Mickie James as she starts to walk to her locker
room. "Hey Mickie wait up..." Randy says as he slowly walks towards the
happily crazed Diva.

Mickie slowly turns around and smiles a bit while cutely licking her lips,
looking at Randy Orton with her adorable, happily crazed eyes "Oh hey Randy!
Like what's up?" Mickie asks as she cutely presses her lips together, eagerly
waiting for Randy to reply.

"Nothing important... found out that I'm in a battle royal tonight...."
Randy says as he starts to check Mickie out, "And I heard you may have a
very important match tonight...."

Mickie smiles and nods her head excitedly "Oh yeah! I like so totally do!"
Mickie says as she tilts her head back slightly and laughs "And guess what!?
If I win...RAW gets a draft pick!" Mickie says as she removes her hands from
her smoothly rounded, tanned hips and folds them against her largely rounded,
firm chest.

Randy chuckles slightly, "I think that's the rules for every match
tonight..." Randy says, "But any way... since I have a match... and you may
be in a match... I figure we should go get warmed up together.... and I just
happened to be on my way to the weight room..." Randy says suggestively as he
locks his eyes with Mickie's.

Mickie scrunches her nose up as she raises an eyebrow and looks at Randy
Orton "I don't know...I kind of like preparing alone..." Mickie replies to
the dangerous Legend Killer while she innocently shrugs her shoulders

"Really?" Randy says, "That must be why you've been on that little losing
streak lately...." Randy says as he turns away from Mickie.

Mickie presses her lips together as she looks down a bit to cutely frown
"Well...I suppose I could know use some help." Mickie replies
before she excitedly lifts her head up and smiles at Randy "Will you help!?
Will you? Huh!? Huh!? Will you?" Mickie asks as she excitedly steps forward
to the dangerous Legend Killer.

Randy Orton smirks slightly as he turns back to look at Mickie, "Sure.... in
fact... I'll show you how I prepare for every match..." Randy says before he
begins to walk away from Mickie, heading towards the weight room of the arena
as she starts to quickly follow him.

"Really?! You will!" Mickie asks excitedly as she catches up with Randy
Orton, so that the happily crazed RAW Diva is walking side by side with him.
Mickie licks her lips slightly as she glances at Randy "Oh this is going to
be like so fun!"

"You have no idea...." Randy Orton says under his breath before he looks over
at Mickie, "Yeah... in fact... I prepare for matches like no one else...."
Randy smirks as he and Mickie approach the doors to the weight room, "In fact
you can say for a Diva.... my preparations are simply... thrilling..." Randy
says as he pushes the doors to the weight room open to enter it.

"Really!? Like what do you do?" Mickie asks as she follows Randy into weight
room. Mickie bites down on her bottom lip and laughs "I like totally love
things that are thrilling! Yep I do!"

Randy Orton smirks, "Is that a fact? Well let's get started then...." Randy
says as he turns to look at Mickie before he lowers his wrestling trunks down
enough for him to bring out his twelve inch Legend Killer cock.

Mickie's happily crazed, eager eyes instantly widen at the sight of Randy's
hardening twelve inch cock "Oh my god! Randy!" Mickie laughs and licks her

"What? You said you liked things that are thrilling... and I'm showing you
how to properly prepare for a match..." Randy says as he lowers his trunks
all the way to feet and steps out of them.

Mickie presses her lips together as she locks her happily crazed eyes on
Randy's thick twelve inch cock before she steps forward to Randy and happily
kneels down in front of him "Randy!" Mickie laughs "Why didn't you just say
so!" Mickie says as she tosses her soft brown hair back and starts to gently
stroke her hands against his hardening cock.

"I thought I did..." Randy Orton says with a sly smirk on his face as the
happily crazed RAW Diva smoothly strokes his hard, thick twelve inch cock
with both of her hands. "Mmmm..." Randy moans as he steps a bit closer to
Mickie. Mickie smiles up at Randy as she swiftly strokes her smooth hands
along Randy's thick, rock hard shaft before she lowers her head and spits
her saliva onto his shaft, which she then rubs against his cock with her

"Mmmm yea.... pump it..." Randy says with a moan as he feels Mickie spreading
her saliva over his thick hard shaft with her hands. Randy closes his eyes
and smirks as he feels Mickie spitting on his cock again. Mickie lowers her
head and gently twirls her soft tongue around the head of Randy's cock as she
eagerly spreads her saliva around the tip of his rock hard cock. The overly
excited Mickie James opens her hot mouth and lowers her head as she takes in
Randy's cock. She presses her perky lips around his shaft and she starts to
eagerly bob her head, sucking the cock of the dangerous Legend Killer.

"Ahhh yea... mmm..." Randy moans as he licks his lips before saying to
himself, "You crazy little cock sucker..." Randy smirks as he puts his hands
on Mickie's head as she takes his cock deeply into her mouth repeatedly as
she bobs her head quickly.

Mickie locks her happily crazed eyes with Randy as she taps her tongue
eagerly against the bottom side of his rock hard shaft while she smoothly and
quickly bobs her head on his large, hard cock. "Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans while
sucking his cock.

"Ohhh yea... you like how I prepare don't you...." Randy says as Mickie stops
bobbing her head and pulls her head to the top of his saliva-covered dick.

"Mmm...hmmm..." Mickie happily moans as her soft lips rub against Randy's
shaft as her hot saliva drips down on his cock while she eagerly sucks on his
thick, rock hard cock. Mickie lightly twists her head as she lowers her head
further down on his cock, taking him deeper into her happily crazed, hot

"Mmmmm yea... mmm... now... let's start preparing you for your match..."
Randy says with a narrowed eyed look before jerking Mickie's head off of his
hard cock and pulls her up to her feet. "Take off your clothes..." Randy
tells the happily crazed Diva as he starts to jerk down her light blue
hip-hugger wrestling pants from her smooth waist.

Mickie laughs "Ok! Sure thing Randy!" Mickie says as she lifts her tight
light blue top off of her smoothly toned, gorgeously tanned body as she
exposes her large, firmly rounded and hot tanned tits, while Randy roughly
pulls her tight hip-hugger light blue wrestling pants down from her rounded
waist and down her tanned legs.

The dangerous Legend Killer licks his lips as he looks at the light blue
thong Mickie is wearing, "Interesting..." Randy says before he grabs Mickie's
thong and quickly pulls it down to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy. Once he
brings her wrestling pants and thong down to her feet, Randy has Mickie step
out of them before he stands up.

Mickie presses her lips together as she locks her eager, adorable eyes with
Randy Orton "Oh this is going to be so much fun! Yep! Yep!"

Randy licks his lips, "Yeah... I know I'm going to have fun..." Randy says as
he grabs Mickie's right hand and guides her over to a flat workout bench.
Randy turns Mickie around and bends her forward so that she has to put her
hands on the bench to keep her head from banging on it. "You ready?" Randy
asks Mickie just moments before he slams his twelve inch Legend Killer cock
into the happily crazed Diva's pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Randy!" Mickie James moans and laughs as Randy roughly slams his
cock into her tight, warm pussy. The happily crazed Mickie James quickly
moves forward after Randy starts to thrust his cock into her pussy. Mickie
looks back over her shoulder and presses her lips together "Ohhh Randy!

"Uhhh yea...." Randy grunts and he holds onto Mickie's hips as he pulls her
back towards him while he pumps his cock quickly in and out of her tight,
warm pussy. "Mmmmm.... fuck yea.... push back..." Randy grunts as quickly
gains momentum as he fucks the happily crazed Mickie James.

Mickie cutely nods her head as she pushes herself back against Randy's cock
smoothly as her juicy, rounded ass presses back against his muscular waist
"Ohhh Randy! Randy! Randy!" Mickie moans and licks her lips as she tosses
her brown hair back while pushing back quicker.

Randy smirks as his balls smack against Mickie's smooth tanned skin as he
quickens the pace of his hard thrust, "Ohhh yea... mmmm fuck yea..." Randy
grunts as he pulls Mickie back against him as he watches her wildly toss her
hair back whenever he sharply rams his cock all the way into her pussy.

"Ohhhh Randy! This is oh so much fun!" Mickie says as she presses her lips
together and pushes her juicy, rounded ass back against his waist at a firmer
pace as his cock slams deeply into her wet pussy.

"Yeah.... it is..." Randy replies before saying to himself, "You fucking
crazy bitch..." Randy laughs a bit as he looks down to see Mickie's juicy
round ass shaking a bit every time it hits against his muscular waist. The
dangerous Legend Killer then pulls his cock out of Mickie's pussy and grabs
her left hand from the bench to guide Mickie over to a work out machine that
requires someone to sit down on a leather seat, "Get on.." Randy says with a

Mickie smiles and licks her lips as she eagerly nods her head "Oh sure
Randy!" Mickie says and laughs as she turns to directly face the dangerous
Legend Killer before she sits down on the workout machine and spreads her
smooth, tanned legs apart as she gives Randy a perfect view of her hot pussy.

Randy steps between Mickie's legs as he bends forward slightly to push his
rock hard Legend Killer cock into Mickie's hot pussy once again, "Mmmmm...
fuck..." Randy moans as he grabs both of Mickie's legs with his hands and
push them up so Mickie's juicy ass is sliding a bit on the leather seat of
the workout machine.

Mickie grits her teeth together as she rests her brown haired head down
against the leather seat of the workout machine as Randy thrusts his cock
into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh Randy! Randy! Fuck!" Mickie moans
and laughs as she licks her lips and gently grinds her pussy against Randy's
thrusting shaft.

Randy pushes Mickie's legs up further as he deeply rams his twelve inch cock
into Mickie's hot pussy as she grinds herself against him. "Mmmm yea... ohhh
yea...." Randy grunts as his balls smack against Mickie's smooth skin while
he watches her large, firm, round tanned tits jiggle from the force of his

Mickie smiles as she places her hands onto his strong, muscular warms as
he pins her tanned legs against the workout machine, while she remains
underneath him with his rock hard cock slamming into her hot pussy "Ohhhhhhh!
Mmmmmm! Randy!"

"Awww yea... mmmm yea... having fun Mickie?" Randy says with a sly look on
his face as continues to pound Mickie's hot pussy with quick hard thrusts.
The Legend Killer pumps his twelve inch cock all the way into Mickie's pussy
so that she can feel every inch of his thick dick inside of her.

Mickie nods her head "Oh yeah! I am Randy! Ohhhhhh yeah!" Mickie moans as his
cock slams deeply into her warm, tight pussy while she pushes back against
his cock. Sweat begins to drip off of her hot, tanned body as her pussy
begins to tighten around Randy's shaft.

The dangerous Legend Killer grits his teeth as sweat drips down his muscular
body, "Mmmmm thought so..." Randy grunts as he keeps fucking Mickie's hot
pussy with hard thrusts. Randy legs go of Mickie's legs and then pulls his
cock out of her pussy, then moments later he starts to cum, shooting his warm
load onto her flat, toned stomach.

Mickie scrunches her nose up and laughs "Awwww Randy!" Mickie says and licks
her lips as his warm cum splatters against her tanned, flat and sweat covered

"You liked that?" Randy asks as he strokes his cock a bit to make sure every
drop of his cum ends up on Mickie's sweat covered stomach. The Legend Killer
then stands up straight as he wipes sweat from his forehead.

Mickie smiles and nods her head "Oh yeah! It was like the bestest ever!"
Mickie says as she presses her lips together cutely.

"Of course it was..." Randy says as he steps back away from Mickie, "You
better get dressed.... in case your match is soon..." Randy says with a sly

Mickie nods her head again as she stands up from the workout machine and
slides her hands through her sweat dampened hair "Randy! I had like a total
blast! You were right was thrilling!"

Randy smirks and laughs a bit, "You think that's something.... you
should...." Randy suddenly reaches forward to grab Mickie's head with one
hand so that he can drop her down to the hard floor of the weight room with
an RKO. Randy then gets up to his feet and smirks as he looks at the laid out
Mickie James as he finishes saying, "Should have seen that coming...."


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