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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 14: Dropping The Bombshell
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the Wachovia Center on June 12, 2007, the Legend
Killer Randy Orton, dressed in black slacks and a gray collared shirt, is
smirking at his former partner in Rated RKO, Edge, who's dressed in black
wrestling pants as he prepares to face Ric Flair in a tribute match to
Vince McMahon. "Come on Edge... we all know it was you... you took out Mr.

"It was not me you cocky son of a bitch..." Edge snaps as he glares at the
Legend Killer. "If anything it was you... you're the so called Legend Killer
of the WWE..."

Randy smirks, "It doesn't mean I actually try to kill people... just put them
out of commission... like I did with Shawn Michaels... and RVD...."

"Is that a fact?" Randy and Edge both raise their eyebrows as they turn to
see a man dressed in a black suit, sipping a cup of coffee as he looks at
both of the WWE Superstars.

"Who the hell are you?" Edge asks rudely.

"Daniel Beck... FBI..." the man in black replies flatly, "And you two...
along with everyone else in this company is under investigation for the
bombing of Mr. Vincent K. McMahon's limousine last night in Wilkes-Barre,

"Hey come on... I had nothing to do with it..." Edge says.

Beck looks at Edge, "Sounds like you did...."

Randy Orton smirks, "Yeah Edge.... It sounds the same to me..."

Beck then turns his attention to Orton, "And that applies to you as well...."
Beck takes a sip of his coffee, "I will be questioning you both tonight... do
not leave the building or you'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
law..." Beck says seriously as he walks past both of the Superstars.

Once Beck is gone, Edge and Randy Orton head in the opposite direction of the
Federal Investigator, "What a tool..." Randy says with a laugh.

Edge looks at Randy, "You're fucking out of your mind... that little
cockroach will be crawling all over the WWE..."

Randy smirks, "Like I care... I was busy winning the battle royal last
night...." Randy says as he sees Torrie Wilson coming down the hall towards
them, and he instantly gets an idea. "Hey Torrie.... Someone was looking for

The stunning blond bombshell and former Playboy Covergirl, Torrie Wilson,
pauses as she stops in front of the dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton and
the sex-craving Rated R Superstar Edge. Torrie presses her soft lips together
and raises an eyebrow, suspiciously "There was? Who?" Torrie asks as she
looks innocently at Randy and Edge, while she's dressed in a pair of tight
jeans and a light pink tank top that fits perfectly against her smoothly
rounded, large chest.

Randy nods his head, "Yea... some jerk from the FBI... said something about
you being a lead suspect in the McMahon-bombing last night..." The dangerous
Legend Killer says with a sly smirk.

Edge pauses for a moment and looks at Randy for a moment before looking at
Torrie, "Yeah... he said he's looking for anyone associated with any time of
bombings... and since you're a Blond BOMB-shell.... you're at the top of the
list..." Edge adds.

Torrie looks a bit confused at Randy and Edge before she slowly shakes her
head and laughs a bit "Guys...I had nothing to do with it. Why would I want
to blow up my boss?" Torrie asks as she gently folds her arms below her large

"Like we're supposed to know that...." Randy says, "But if you don't got a
good excuse like I do... you'll be hassled like you wouldn't believe..."

Edge smirks a bit, "Yeah Torrie... I don't think you were seen backstage when
Mr. McMahon was leaving the building..."

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and shyly glances away from Edge and
Randy as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips and presses her
soft lips together. Torrie takes breath and nods her head "Oh...I umm...was
back there..." Torrie as she avoids making eye contact with the sex-craving
Rated R Superstar and the dangerous, violent Legend Killer.

"Doing what?" Edge asks and Torrie hesitates in answering,

Randy smirks a bit "Come on Torrie.... it could be very important... what
were you doing?" Randy asks.

Torrie sighs as she glances back at Randy Orton and Edge while she cutely
blushes a bit and lowers her head "I was...umm with someone, ok?" Torrie says
as she gently tosses her blond hair back while she lifts her head back up to
look at Randy and Edge.

"You were with someone? Who was it?" Edge asks as he licks his teeth. Randy
shakes his head,

"Ignore that question Torrie... but I do think.... since that FBI guy is
around... that you have some... witnesses to confirm what you were doing...."
Randy Orton says with a smirk.

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Randy "Witnesses? I have a
witness..." Torrie as she cutely smiles "And...what I was doing is very

Randy takes a step towards Torrie, "Come on Torrie... you know that if you
don't have enough people vouching for you... you can be as big a suspect as
Edge here...."

Edge gets an offended look on his face, "Hey! You're a suspect too Mr. Legend
Killer...." Edge snaps.

Randy rolls his eyes, "Yeah but I have millions of witnesses who know where I
was and what I was doing... I'm in the clear..." Randy replies to his former
partner before locking eyes with Torrie, "So what do you say?"

Torrie lifts her sweet, seductive eyes and locks them with Randy before she
glances over at Edge "Well...I suppose I could..."

The Rated R Superstar licks his teeth, "Yeah you could... and you'll have
some people vouching for you...." Edge replies.

Randy Orton grins a bit, "Now that's settled.... how about we go to where you
were last night.... were you in a locker room... a hallway...." Randy says as
he looks into Torrie's sweet, seductive eyes.

Torrie blushes a bit and laughs sweetly "Ummm...I the boiler

"The boiler room?" Edge asks with a raised eyebrow.

Randy shrugs, "All right... then lets head to the boiler room..." Randy Orton
says as he puts his arm around Torrie's waist to turn her around and begin
walking down the hallway, with Edge quickly following behind them.

* * *

"All right... here we are...." Randy Orton says as he opens the metal door
that leads to the Wachovia Center's boiler room. Torrie enters first, then
Edge goes in and Randy enters last, closing the door behind him.

Edge looks around, "Torrie... what the hell could you have been doing in
place like this?" Edge asks, despite his history of doing lots of things in
weird places.

Torrie presses her lips together "Well...I was..." Torrie Wilson pauses and
presses her soft lips together while she turns around to face Randy Orton and
Edge and places her hands against her light pink tank top "I could...just
show you..."

Randy and Edge both smirk as they see Torrie starting to lift up her light
pink tank top, "Yeah... I think showing us is a very good thing..." Edge says
as he licks his teeth.

Randy Orton grins, "Shit I should be an FBI agent... I'm getting to the
bottom of this..." Randy says jokingly as begins to take off his gray
collared shirt, revealing his tanned, muscular upper body. Torrie smiles
seductively as she looks at Randy's muscular, tanned and toned upper body
before she removes her light pink tank top from her gorgeously tanned,
toned body as she exposes her large, rounded, tanned tits. Torrie drops
her tank top down onto the floor of the boiler room and licks her lips as
she locks her eyes with Randy's impressive muscular chest while she begins
to unbutton her tight fitting jeans before she pushes them down from her
slender and tanned waist.

Edge licks his teeth once again as he watches Torrie pushing down her tight
fitting jeans. "Damn... good thing we got to Torrie before that FBI guy
did..." Edge says as he starts lowing his wrestling pants to bring out his
hardening thirteen inch Rated R cock. Randy Orton smirks as he keeps his
eyes locked on Torrie while he unbuttons his black slacks begin lowering
them and the black boxers he's wearing underneath to unleash his twelve inch
RKOing dick.

Torrie licks her lips as she steps out of her jeans as she shows off of her
smooth and stunning tanned legs and her hot black panties. Torrie Wilson
takes a step towards Randy Orton and Edge before she lowers herself down onto
her knees in front of the former teammates of Rated RKO. Torrie smiles while
looking up at Edge and Randy "Now...I know I have my alibi correct..." Torrie
says with a cute smile as she gently places her left hand around Randy's cock
and he right hand around Edge's cock. The stunning, beautiful blond bombshell
begins to smoothly guide her hands along Edge and Randy's shafts as she
strokes their cocks.

"Mmmmm.... sure looks like it..." Edge moans as Torrie smoothly strokes his
thirteen inch cock with her right hand.

Randy Orton narrows his eyes as he looks down at Torrie, "Make sure you don't
leave anything out..." Randy says.

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she seductively looks at Randy and cutely laughs
"Ok...I'll try my best to remember everything..." Torrie says as she smoothly
strokes her left hand against Randy's shaft before she brings her head over
and gently brushes herself tongue across the thick head of his cock. Torrie
tosses her soft blond hair back before she turns her head to Edge's cock and
brushes her wet tongue across the head of his Rated R cock as well.

"Mmmm.... fuck yea... I hope you remember more than that..." Edge laughs and
moans as Torrie brushes her wet tongue across the head of his Rated R cock
once again before turning her head back towards Randy's dick.

"Hmm... you said you were with someone.... but you said nothing about being
with two people..." Randy says with a smirk as Torrie taps her tongue against
his dick again.

Torrie presses her soft lips together and laughs sweetly as she seductively
looks up at Randy "Well...I may of lied a could have been two
people..." Torrie says before she circles her wet tongue around the head of
Randy's cock and she then opens her hot, wet mouth as she takes Randy's
twelve inch cock into her soothing mouth. Torrie presses her lips gently
around Randy's shaft and she begins to gently bob her head, sucking his
cock while she gently strokes her right hand against Edge's long and hard
Rated R shaft.

"Ahhhh yea... mmm... well... get your facts straight..." Randy Orton moans as
he puts his hands on his waist as Torrie bobs her head on his foot long cock
at a smooth, easy pace.

Edge licks his teeth as he puts a hand on Torrie's head as she strokes his
thirteen inch dick with her right hand, "Oh yea jerk that meat..." Edge moans
as he enjoys the way Torrie handles his dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Torrie Wilson gently moans as she skillfully bobs her head on
Randy's rock hard cock while she lapping her wet tongue around his cock.
Torrie lowers her right hand down Edge's shaft and gently cups his ball sack
while she fondles them with her soft hand.

"Awww yea...mmmm yea..." Edge moans as she rubs his balls with her right hand
while she continues to suck on Randy Orton's rock hard cock.

The Legend Killer puts his hands on Torrie's blond haired head and pushes her
off of his cock just as she's gaining momentum. "All right Torrie... what
else did you do..." Randy asks.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and blushes "Well..." Torrie begins to
say before turning her head to Edge's Rated R cock as she continues to gently
stroke his shaft "Since I was with two guys...I let one take me from
behind...while I...." Torrie says before she is cut off.

"While you sucked a dick that you wish was Rated R..." Edge says with a laugh
as he pushes his thirteen inch cock into Torrie's warm, wet mouth.

Randy shakes his head, "I was looking forward to hearing what she did..."
Randy says as he kneels down behind Torrie to slide down her black panties
from her waist to reveal her perfectly tanned ass. The Legend Killer licks
his lips as he then pushes his RKOing cock into Torrie's tight, smoothly
shaved pussy.

"MMMMMM!" Torrie moans loudly around Edge's rock hard Rated R cock as she
rocks forward on her knees and begins to easily bob her head on his thirteen
inch shaft. The stunning blond bombshell smoothly rocks back on her knees
against Randy's rock hard cock as she able to focus on sucking Edge's cock
while being fucked from behind by Randy Orton as well.

"Awww yea... mmmm...." Edge moans and grabs two handfuls of Torrie's blond
hair as she bobs her head on his long, stiff Rated R cock.

Randy Orton puts his hands on Torrie's smooth hips and pulls her back towards
him as he steadily increase the pace of his thrusts. "Ahh... uhhh yea..."
Randy moans as he feels Torrie's ass smacking against his waist.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Torrie soothing moans as she slaps her soft, wet tongue
around Edge's shaft while she bobs her head at a quicker pace on his cock
while her soft lips lightly rub against his shaft. Torrie closes her eyes
as her hot, rounded tanned ass gently smacks against Randy's muscular waist
while he firmly slams his cock into her warm and tight pussy.

"Uhhh fuck... mmm... this could look rather suspicious..." Randy grunts as
he deeply rams his cock into Torrie's tight pussy with quick thrusts. Edge
slightly tilts his head back as Torrie goes down further on his cock so that
the tip of his shaft is tapping against the back of her mouth.

"Mmmmm... ohhhhh" Torrie moans as she lowers her blond haired head completely
on Edge's Rated R cock as she deeply sucks on his thirteen inches so that the
head of his cock smacks against the back of her hot mouth. Torrie gently
slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of his hard shaft while she
rocks back on her hands and knees against Randy's RKOing cock as she gently
grinds her pussy back against his shaft.

Randy grits his teeth as he continues to pump his cock in and out of Torrie's
tight pussy before pulling out. "Mmmm.... let's see what else she did last
night..." Randy says as he stands up.

Edge licks his teeth, "Sounds good to me..." Edge says as he steps back to
bring his cock out of Torrie's hot mouth.

Torrie licks her lips as she lifts her head up and smiles up at the Rated R
Superstar while she sits back on her knees and presses her soft lips together
" is my alibi holding up?" Torrie asks with a cute laugh as Randy
Orton steps out from behind the beautiful blond bombshell.

"It's looking good... but what else did you do last night?" Randy asks as
Edge lays down on the cold floor of the boiler room.

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she glances back at Edge and his rock hard Rated
R cock "Well..." Torrie says with a soft laugh "I was on top of the one guy
while he...." Torrie says before she is once again cut off..."

Edge smirks as he leans over to grab Torrie, "He made you bounce on him?"
Edge asks as he pulls Torrie onto him so that she's straddling his hot,
muscular body.

Torrie smiles and licks her lips as she settles her hot, stunning body down
on Edge's rock hard cock and gently rocks back on his shaft while placing her
soft hands down on his muscular, tanned chest "Ohhh yeah...mmmm he made me
ride it!" Torrie moans as she smoothly rocks back and forth on his cock while
her large tits sway back and forth with her increasing paced moments.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmm... fuck..." Edge moans as he keeps his hands on Torrie's
waist as she rocks back and forth on his large hard cock. The Rated R
Superstar licks his teeth as he watches Torrie's tits sway back and forth as
she rides him at a quick pace.

Randy Orton smirks as he moves in behind Torrie, "And I'll just guess what
the other guy was doing..." Randy says as he puts his hands on Torrie's
shoulders before slamming his RKOing cock into Torrie's tight asshole.

Torrie grits her teeth "Ohhhhh shit! Ohhh yeah got it right!"
Torrie happily moans as pushes herself back against Randy's cock as he
thrusts into her tight asshole. Torrie gently grinds her pussy against
Edge's shaft as she continues bounce and swiftly ride his cock "Ohhhh...

"Ahhh... mmmm fuck..." Randy Orton grunts and groans as he slowly pumps his
cock in and out of Torrie's tight asshole, but he begins to increase the pace
of his thrusts as Torrie's asshole stretches to accommodate his thick Legend
Killer dick.

"Ohhh yea... mmm fuck ride that Rated R cock..." Edge moans as he moves his
hands to Torrie's swaying tits and holds them still as he lifts his head up
to flick his tongue against them both. Torrie tilts her head back and tosses
her blond hair back, lightly smacking Randy's face as she pushes herself back
against cock as he deeply thrusts his cock into her asshole at quick pace.
The stunning former Playboy Covergirl gently pushes Edge down to lay
completely on the floor of the boiler room before she leans to press her tits
against his muscular chest as she begins to kisses the Rated R Superstar
while she pressed between the former teammates of Rated RKO.

"Mmmmm!" Edge moans and smirks as he starts to return the kiss with Torrie,
pushing his tongue into Torrie's mouth as she pins him down on the boiler
room floor while she grinds her pussy on his thirteen inch cock.

"Ahhh.... what the fuck?" Randy Orton asks as he raises his eyebrow while
watching Torrie kissing Edge as he pounds her ass from behind. The Legend
Killer narrows his eyes as he slows down his thrusts so that he's able to
use hard, stiff thrusts to try and get Torrie to break the kiss with Edge.

"MMMM! MMMM! MMMMM!" Torrie moans as Randy Orton's hard, firm thrusts cause
Torrie's hot, sweat dripping body to rock forward on Edge's cock, grinding
her hot pussy against his shaft. However, Randy rough thrusts to her tight
ass only cause the kiss between Edge and Torrie to deepen as she gently sucks
on Edge's bottom lip while slapping her tongue against Edge's tongue as she
deeply kisses him.

Randy grits his teeth as he grows furious with the fact that Torrie is
practically ignoring him as he fucks her ass. "Fucking slut..." Randy grunts
as he loses his focus as he begins cumming inside of Torrie's tight asshole.

"Mmmm.... mmmm!" Edge moans into Torrie's mouth as he wrestles her tongue
with his own as he lifts his hips in order to thrust his thirteen inch Rated
R cock deeper into her hot pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Torrie Wilson moans into Edge's warm mouth before she slowly lifts
her head away from the Rated R Superstar, breaking the hot kiss, while she
feels Randy's warm cum in her ass. Torrie sits up straight on Edge's cock and
licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder and smiles at Randy "Mmmm
Randy...that feels good..." Torrie moans as she feels his cum dripping out of
her asshole while smoothly bouncing on Edge's cock.

"Oh now you pay attention to me?!" Randy snaps as he pulls his cum spent cock
out of Torrie's gorgeous, cum dripping ass asshole.

Edge smirks, "What's wrong Randy? You came up short again?" Edge laughs as he
thrusts his cock upward into Torrie's hot pussy as she bounces smoothly up
and down on his dick.

Torrie presses her lips together and laughs a bit along with Edge as she
closes her eyes and licks her luscious lips while she gently slams her
gorgeously tanned body down on Edge's Rated R shaft before she rocks back
"Ohhhh shit..." Torrie moans.

Randy narrows his eyes as he looks at Torrie when she laughed at him. Randy
licks his lips as he starts to casually stand up and then moves a bit, almost
as if stalking his prey. Edge doesn't pay any attention to Randy as he gives
Torrie all of his attention while she bounces up and down repeatedly on his
dick, "Ahhh fuck yea Torrie..." Edge moans as he begins to cum inside of
Torrie's hot pussy.

Torrie licks her lips as she gently moans her hands against Edge's sweat
covered, muscular chest as she gently rocks back and forth while Edge's warm
Rated R cum fills her hot, wet pussy "Ohhhh shit Edge..."

"Ahhh fuck yea...." Edge moans as he closes his eyes. Randy Orton then sees
his chance and he rushes forward to grab Torrie's head in order to RKO her
off of Edge's cock. Despite the short distance to the ground, Torrie is
instantly knocked out as Edge opens his eyes to see what just happened, "What
the fuck!?" Edge yells.

Randy smirks as he gets up to his feet after delivering his RKO to Torrie.
Randy looks down at Edge and laughs slightly, "What? I just dropped a real

Edge starts to get up to feet, "Christ... couldn't you wait until she got
off of me?!" Edge says, complaining more about when Randy used his RKO than
anything else.

Randy smirks, "I could've... but.... dropped bombshells are better when they
are surprises...."


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