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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 15: Royal Assassinations
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the June 18, 2007 edition of RAW goes off the air, King Booker is in the trainer's
room getting checked on by the WWE's medical staff after the tag team main event that
put him and Randy Orton against WWE Champion John Cena and Bobby Lashley. Out in
the hallway, Randy Orton has a cocky smirk on his face as he looks at the replay of the
main event on a monitor where he picked up the win by delivering a RKO to Bobby
Lashley. "I do that Sunday at Vengeance and I become champion again..." Randy says to
himself and he's dressed in dark blue wrestling trunks as Queen Sharmell comes out of
the trainer's room and she instantly sees the man who stole the glory of the victory from
her husband.

The elegant, sly Queen of RAW, Sharmell, folds her arms against her dressed as she
presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she looks at Randy Orton "Oh excuse
me!" Queen Sharmell snaps "You didn't just say that!" Sharmell says as at the snobby
Queen of RAW is dressed in a elegant royal blue gown and a silver tiara on her head.
Sharmell shakes her head "If you think you're winning this better take
notice to his royal husband.... KIIIINGGGG BOOKER!" Sharmell proudly
announces to the dangerous Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

The dangerous Legend Killer slowly turns his attention towards Sharmell and smirks, "I'll
take notice of him.... I'll make sure I drop him like the Legend he is with the RKO before
I win the WWE Title..." Randy says with a narrowed eyed look on his face.

Queen Sharmell slyly laughs "Oh you fool...It will be my royal husband King Booker
who will stand disgusting peasant like Mick Foley and no rogues like John
Cena and Bobby Lashley can beat my husband...and especially someone who couldn't
even be a court jester, like yourself can defeat King Booker..."

"Court Jester?" Randy smirks, "Obviously you don't know who I am...." The dangerous
Legend Killer says, "I'm the Legend Killer..." Randy says as he steps forward to grab the
elegant Queen's left wrist with his right hand. "And I will take out anyone... to get what I

Queen Sharmell narrows her eyes as she looks at Randy Orton while he holds onto her
left wrist "I suggest to your remove your hands from YOUR Queen!"

Randy smirks, "I don't think so MY Queen.... I think I would rather show you how badly
I'm going to beat Booker this Sunday..." Randy says as he spins Sharmell around so she's
facing away from him. He then holds her left arm behind her back as he starts to force her
down the hallway towards the closest open door he can find. "And unless you want a
broken arm.... I suggest you don't scream for King Booker..." Randy laughs.

Queen Sharmell glances over her shoulder and glares at Randy Orton "This is not how
you treat someone as royal as I!" Sharmell slightly protests before he pulls the elegant,
sly Queen towards the hallway's storage closet before roughly shoving her inside.

Randy Orton laughs a little, "Careful... in some places they do a lot worst to Queens....
just ask the French..." Randy says as he enters the storage closet and closes the door
enough so that there's still some light from the hallway shining into it. The dangerous
Legend Killer steps close to Sharmell and forces her to bend over a large rolling tool
chest that's in the back of the storage closet so that he can starts ripping her lovely royal
blue gown.

"Oh no you better not rip my royal gown!" Queen Sharmell snaps in a sassy tone as she
tries to lift herself from bending over the rolling tool chest while the dangerous Legend
Killer forces her to stay bent over while he rips and pulls at her royal blue gown.

"What are you going to do about it?" Randy asks sarcastically as he rips Queen
Sharmell's gown enough so that he can remove it from Sharmell's elegant black body,
exposing a pair of royal blue panties that covers her royal ass. The Legend Killer jerks
down Sharmell's panties and after he gets them down to her knees, they fall the rest of the
way to her feet. "You're not going to do a damn thing.... except learn why I'm the Legend
Killer..." Randy says as he uses one hand to lower his wrestling trunks to bring out his
rock hard twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock.

Sharmell lifts her head and glances back at the dangerous Legend Killer as his twelve
inch cock becomes fully hard " pay at the hands of King Booker for this!"

"I don't think so..." Randy says with an arrogant tone as he uses one hand to hold
Sharmell still as he guides his stiff shaft towards Sharmell's royal pussy. With one
smooth thrust, The Legend Killer rams his cock into Sharmell's pussy and quickly starts
to pump it in and out while she's bent over the tool chest.

"Mmmmm....ohhhhhh" Sharmell moans as she presses her teeth together and tilts her
head back slightly as she feels Randy's rock hard, thick cock firmly thrusting in and out
of Queen Sharmell's elegant, tight pussy "Ohhhhh you peasant..."

Randy Orton puts both hands on Sharmell's hips as he thrusts his cock deeply into her
pussy, "Mmmmm yea.... fucking like that?" Randy laughs after hearing Sharmell's moans
as he starts to increase the pace and force of his thrusts. Queen Sharmell's elegant, royally
hot black body smacks back against Randy Orton's rock hard RKOing cock as the
dangerous Legend Killer roughly pulls the Queen of RAW back against his cock as he
deeply slams his cock into her.

"Mmmmm fuck.... King Booker must have a little scepter.... you're pretty tight..." Randy
moans and laughs as he insults Queen Sharmell's husband while he continues to fuck her.
The dangerous Legend Killer continues to pulls Sharmell back towards him so that her
ass cheeks hit against his waist while his balls smack against her dark, smooth skin.

Sharmell grits her teeth together and she firmly pushes her elegant body against his cock,
pressing her royal ass against his muscular waist "How dare you speak of The King like
that!" Sharmell shouts as Randy roughly thrusts his cock into Sharmell's tight and wet
royal pussy.

Randy smirks, "Oh did I hit a nerve?" Randy laughs as he sharply rams his cock into
Sharmell's tight and wet royal pussy before pulling out. "Damn... who knew that was
true..." Randy says as he pulls his cock out of Sharmell's pussy so that he can turn her
around to face him.

Queen Sharmell narrows her eyes as she's forcefully turned around to face the handsome,
but dangerous Legend Killer "You do not bother me...Peasant!" Sharmell says before
Randy shoves her against the tool chest before lifting the elegant Queen on top of it.

"Like I care.... I know I'm fucking you...." Randy laughs as he glares at Queen Sharmell
as he forces her legs apart. The Legend Killer then forces his twelve inch cock back into
Sharmell's wet, tight royal pussy where he starts to fuck Sharmell's elegant cunt once

Queen Sharmell tilts her head back as Randy Orton roughly slams his cock into her tight,
elegant pussy. Sharmell closes her eyes as she wraps her elegantly smooth legs around
Randy's muscular waist as he begins to thrust his cock quickly into her pussy
"Ohhh...ohhhh..." Sharmell moans.

"Uhhhh yea.... fuck..." Randy Orton moans as he deeply drives his cock into Sharmell's
pussy as he feels Sharmell's smooth legs around his muscular waist. Randy grits his teeth
and smirks as he sees Sharmell putting her hands behind herself in order to support
herself against Randy's hard, quick thrusts.

Queen Sharmell closes her eyes and licks her elegant lips before she starts to gently grind
her royal pussy against Randy's rock hard, roughly thrusting cock "Ohhhhh...ohhhh
peasant" Sharmell moans while she starts to move back slightly on the tool chest.

"Fucking royal slut..." Randy says, insulting Sharmell for the way she's enjoying his hard,
fast thrusts. The Legend Killer grabs hold of Sharmell's smooth elegant waist to jerk her
towards him so that Sharmell is forced to lean forward towards him as his cock goes deep
into her wet cunt.

"Ohhhhh! You shall bow down to your Queen!" Sharmell moans as she tosses her
elegant, curly dark hair back as sweat starts form on her beautiful black body while
Randy Orton quickly slams his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

Randy smirks as he starts to sweat a little, "Oh you want to bow down?" Randy asks with
a groan as he continues to quickly thrust his shaft in and out of Sharmell's royal pussy.
The Legend Killer lifts Sharmell off of the tool chest and bounces her up and down on his
cock while starting to step back away from the tool chest. Queen Sharmell wraps her
arms around Randy's neck as she keeps her elegant, smooth legs around Randy's
muscular waist as she bounces quickly, up and down, on his rock hard shaft as he thrusts
his cock up into her pussy.

Randy licks his lips as he lifts and lowers Queen Sharmell up and down on his Diva
Thrilling cock, "You're going to fucking bow to the Legend Killer...." Randy says as he
thrusts his pelvis forward in order to keep ramming his cock into Sharmell's pussy as she
holds onto him with her arms and legs.

"Ohhhhh...nooo you bow to the Queen!" Sharmell moans as she rocks back on his cock
as the muscular Legend Killer holds onto the elegant RAW Diva as he deeply slams his
cock up into her tight pussy, making her bounce harder on his shaft.

Randy smirks, "You wish... you're going to bow to me... just like King Booker will this
Sunday..." Randy says as sweat rolls down his muscular arms and chest as keeps
ramming his cock up into Queen Sharmell's royal pussy and the Legend Killer smirks as
Sharmell's arms to start to slip from around his neck.

"Ohhhh...I don't bow for anyone!" Sharmell snaps as she starts to loosely move on
Randy's cock while her sweaty, elegant body starts to slip against Randy's muscular body.

"You will..." Randy grins as he lifts Sharmell off of his cock and drops her to her knees
in front of him. "See you're bowing... before me..." Randy says as he then grabs a handful
of Queen Sharmell's curly hair to tilt her head upward as he guides his twelve inch cock
towards her mouth.

"MMMMMMMM!" Queen Sharmell begins to protest as Randy's cock roughly slams
into her elegant, warm and wet mouth. Sharmell closes elegant lips around his shaft as
Randy begins to forcefully bob her head on his own cock.

Randy Orton laughs a moans as he forces Queen Sharmell to bob her head on his twelve
inch cock, "And they say Marie Antoinette gave the ultimate head..." Randy says as he
makes Queen Sharmell take his Diva Thrilling cock deeper into her royal mouth.

Sharmell closes her eyes as her head quickly bobs on Randy's shaft as the dangerous
Legend Killer lifts and lowers her head "Mmmm...mmmm..." Sharmell moans as her
elegant, soft tongue bats against his cock while his cock deeply slams into her mouth.

"Aww fuck yea... you like being on your knees don't you Queen..." Randy laughs as he
mocks Sharmell as he feels her tongue hitting against his cock while he begins thrusting
his shaft in and out of her elegantly warm and wet mouth. Randy holds Queen Sharmell's
head with two handfuls of hair as he fucks her mouth roughly.

"Mmmmmm!" Queen Sharmell moans as her elegant lips grind against Randy's rock hard
cock as she deeply sucks on his cock, the head of his cock as it smacks against the back
of her elegant mouth.

"Awww.... fuck shit..." Randy moans and smirks as he begins to cum within Queen
Sharmell's mouth. The Legend Killer only lets some of his cum shoot into Sharmell's
mouth before he pulls his dick out in order to spray the rest of Queen Sharmell's elegant

Queen Sharmell's elegant tongue gently laps around Randy's throbbing cock as her hot
mouth is filled with warm, thick cum "Mmmmm..."

Randy Orton smirks as he finishes cumming on Queen Sharmell's face and tongue as she
laps against his cock, "Told you that you'd bow before me..." Randy says with a cocky

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together and she narrows her eyes as she slowly stands
up from the floor. Queen Sharmell locks her eyes with the dangerous Legend Killer
" bow before me PEASANT!" Sharmell snaps before she raises her right hand
and delivers a firm slap to Randy's handsome face.

Randy Orton's head turns slightly to the left following Queen Sharmell's slap, "I don't
think so..." Randy says as he slowly turns his head to look at Sharmell. With one quick
movement, the Legend Killer grabs Sharmell's head and drives her down to the floor of
the storage closet with a royally devastating RKO. The dangerous Legend Killer licks his
lips as he slowly gets up after knocking out Queen Sharmell. Randy looks down at
Sharmell and laughs darkly "All hail the Queen...."


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