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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 17: Dirty Dealings
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the main event of Vengeance: Night Of Champions on June 24, 2007, the man
who is investigating the Vince McMahon limo bombing, Federal Investigator Daniel
Beck is sipping his office while interviewing suspended WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.
"Ms. Massaro... thank you for coming to Houston..." Beck says as he sips his coffee.

Ashley presses her soft, pierced lips together and slowly nods her head "Oh no
problem..." Ashley says as she looks directly at the serious Daniel Beck, while the
smoking hot Dirty Diva is dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black tank top,
while having a black baseball cap on her blond with black streaks haired head back.

Beck sips his coffee as he looks at Ashley, "Now as I understand it... you were recently
suspended from the WWE by Mr. McMahon... and you didn't take it too well..." Beck
says as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Edge starts coming down the hallway
behind him.

Ashley folds her arms against her large, rounded chest "No I didn't..." Ashley says as she
shakes her head with a bit of annoyance "I didn't do anything wrong...and he suspended
me!" Ashley says with a sigh before she lightly tosses her blond and black streaked hair
back "But would I do that to Mr. McMahon absolutely....not" Ashley replies to Daniel
Beck with a firm tone.

Daniel Beck raises an eyebrow as he takes another sip of his coffee, "I see... and can
anyone speak for you in that regard?" Beck asks as Edge reaches him and Ashley.

"Hey you... I didn't appreciate you trying to question me again earlier before my match!"
Edge shouts at the Federal Investigator just as the faint sounds of John Cena's name being
announced as retaining the WWE Title is heard throughout the building.

Beck looks at Edge, "I'm conducting an investigation..." Beck says as he sips his coffee
before looking back at Ashley.

Ashley looks at the Rated R Superstar, Edge, for a brief moment for before she turns her
attention back to Daniel Beck. Ashley raises a soft, cute sigh " be honest, Mr.
Beck, I don't...but you can ask anyone here and they will tell you that I was not at the
arena the night Mr. McMahon's limo exploded."

Beck raises an eyebrow, "Then where were you..."

Edge grits his teeth, "Hey I'm talking to nearly took me out of my game plan
tonight... and now you're ignoring me to talk to someone who wasn't anywhere near that
dump when Vince got blown up?!" Edge shouts, not liking the fact he's being ignored.

As Daniel Beck turns his attention back to Edge, a very pissed off Randy Orton comes
down the hallway behind Ashley and when he sees Beck he heads right for him, "You!"
Randy shouts, "What the hell kind of investigation are you running?! Coming to talk to
me right before the main event... are you some kind of idiot?!" Randy shouts, revealing
the lack of professional courtesy Daniel Beck is showing two of the top WWE

Ashley scrunches her nose up and raises an eyebrow before she steps up towards Daniel
Beck, to interrupt the commotion Edge and Randy are causing over Beck's investigation
"Guys...." Ashley sighs "Edge, Randy...just let him do his investigation...the sooner he
gets it done, the sooner this whole mess will be over" Ashley says logically as she looks
at Randy and then Edge.

Edge looks at Ashley, "That makes some sense... but how do we know this guy is really a
Federal Investigator...." Edge says.

Randy narrows his eyes after hearing Edge's comment, "Yeah... how do we know..."
Randy says as he glares at Daniel Beck.

"Gentlemen I assure you that I am who I say I am.... and that you both are interfering...."
Beck says as he stands his ground. "And both of you can be prosecuted to the full extent
of the law..." Beck says before his cell phone rings. "Just a moment..." Beck takes out his
phone and answers it, "This is Beck... aha... I see..." Beck says as before hanging up his
phone. "Gentlemen... Ms. Massaro.... the investigation has ended.... thank you for your
corporation..." Beck says as he takes a sip from his coffee, turns and walks away, leaving
Edge and Orton speechless.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together and raises an eyebrow, slightly confused "Over?
They found out who did it?" Ashley asks herself aloud before she tosses her blond and
black streaked hair back before she steps away from the dangerous Legend Killer and the
sex-craving Rated R Superstar before the former Rated RKO teammate both grab hold of
Ashley's arms preventing her from walking away. Ashley glances over her shoulder and
makes a face "Guys...quit it..."

Edge glares at Orton as he holds onto Ashley's right arm, "Beat it Orton... Ashley's
coming with me..." Edge says as he pulls Ashley towards him.

"Bull shit... she's coming with me... I need her..." Randy says as he pulls Ashley over to
him while jerking on her left arm. The two former members of Rated RKO glare at each
other as it shows they both have separate intentions for the Dirty Diva of the WWE.

Ashley narrows her eyes slightly as she looks at the dangerous Legend Killer, while she
forced to stand between Edge and Randy as the former Rated RKO teammates argue of
the Dirty Diva "Shit...." Ashley says with a laugh "If you both were'd just
decided to do me both..." Ashley says as she laughs and shakes her head.

Edge instantly likes Ashley's suggestions, "Now there's a good idea.... a chick like you
must love banging more than one guy...." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

Randy Orton narrows his eyes, "Or she's a complete slut who loves getting fucked at any
moment...." Randy says as he loosens his grip on Ashley's left arm.

Edge pulls Ashley completely over to him and makes her faces him, "What do you say
babe... up for some Rated R action?" Edge asks and he's wearing his Camo-styled
wrestling pants while Randy is wearing black wrestling trunks.

Ashley smiles and licks her pierced lips "Oh fuck yeah! That's real bangin' !" Ashley says
with a laugh before she places her hands against Edge's toned, perfectly tanned stomach
while she lowers her hands towards the waist line of his Camo-styled wrestling pants.

Edge licks his teeth, "Fuck you need to get un-suspended..." Edge says as the Dirty Diva
of the WWE starts to push down his Camo-styled wrestling pants to the point where
Edge's thirteen inch Rated R cock springs free from his wrestling pants.

Randy Orton shakes his head, "What a slut...." Randy says even though he's starting to
lower his wrestling trunks to expose his twelve inch RKOing dick. Ashley smirks slyly at
Edge before she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the Rated R Superstar and
she wraps her smooth hands around his thick shaft. Edge knocks Ashley's black baseball
cap off of her head while she leans her head down and begins to circle her hot, dirty
tongue around the head of his cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he grabs a handful of Ashley's hair as she moves her hot, dirty
tongue around the thick head of his thirteen inch cock, "Yeah that's right...." Edge moans
a bit as he glances at Randy who is stepping closing to them. "Gee Randy... you insult
this hot Diva and you want to fuck her too.... talk about being two-faced..." Edge says.

"Screw you..." Randy says as he stands right next to him while stroking his own twelve
inch cock with his right hand. Ashley removes her left hand from around Edge's shaft and
reaches over her shoulder to gently place her hand around Randy's shaft while she begins
to blindly stroke his shaft. The smoking hot Dirty Diva opens her hot, wet mouth and
lowers her head on Edge's cock before she begins to suck his shaft, smoothly bobbing her

Edge smirks as he watches Ashley reach back to jerk off Randy Orton's cock while she
sucks on his Rated R dick, "Mmmm fuck that's hot..." Edge moans approvingly as he
pulls on Ashley's blond black streaked hair with his right hand. Randy puts his hands on
his waist as he glares down at the Dirty Diva as she blindly stroke his twelve inch cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Ashley moans as the Dirty Diva bobs her head at a quicker pace
on Edge's rock hard Rated R cock while her soft, pierced lips lightly grind against his
shaft. Ashley locks her smoking hot, sexy eyes with Edge while she continues to blindly
move her left hand along Randy Orton's cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks into Ashley's hot, sexy eyes with his own sex-crazed eyes
as she gives him some hot oral action, "Ohhh fuck... fuck yea... you're a hot little Rated
X Diva..." Edge moans as he feels Ashley's lip piercings grazing right against his meaty

As the Rated R Superstar lets go of Ashley's hair, the dangerous, and apparently jealous
Legend Killer jerks Ashley's head off of Edge's cock and forces her to turn around, "Get
to work..." Randy says as he watches saliva drip from Ashley's hot, dirty mouth down to
her black tank top covered chest.

"Someone must've lost tonight..." Edge says sarcastically as he gets down behind Ashley
to reach around her sexy waist in order to unbutton her tight fitting jeans. Ashley laughs
and tosses her blond hair back as she licks her lips before she leans to Randy's cock and
takes his twelve inch shaft into her hot, dirty mouth. Randy begins to instantly thrust his
cock into Ashley's hot mouth while Edge lowers her jeans from her waist exposing her
hot black panties.

"Uhhhh what a fucking slut..." Randy comments as he holds onto Ashley's head as he
thrusts his pelvis back and forth to pump his twelve inch cock in and out of Ashley's hot,
dirty, saliva dripping mouth.

"Hey... she's just a Dirty Diva...." Edge says as he lowers Ashley's hot black panties down
from her waist so that he can completely strip her from the waist down.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Ashley moans around Randy's cock as the dangerous Legend
Killer deeply slams his cock into her hot mouth. The Dirty Diva closes her eyes as
Randy's shaft moves quickly between her lips while Edge has Ashley sit up on her knees
in order to move behind the Dirty Diva.

"Take that cock deep slut..." Randy moans as he firmly holds onto Ashley's head as he
deeply fucks her hot mouth.

Meanwhile behind Ashley, The Rated R Superstar Edge licks his teeth as he guides his
thirteen inch cock to Ashley's hot shaved pussy. "Mmmm fuck yea..." Edge moans as he
slams his entire cock into Ashley's extremely tight pussy and he quickly starts to pump it
in and out.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Ashley Massaro moans as she rocks back on her knees so that
she can push her hot, tanned and seductively 'dirty' ass back against Edge's waist as she
takes his cock deeper into her tight, hot pussy. Ashley lifts her eyes and locks her
smoking hot eyes with the dangerous Randy Orton while she deeply sucks on his shaft
with her hot saliva dripping on his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as the Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro bobs her head on his twelve
inch cock as he continues to fuck her mouth, "Mmmm yea... you're a cock hungry little
bitch..." Randy says with a sinister smirk on his face.

Edge quickly thrusts his thirteen inch cock in and out of Ashley's pussy as deeply fucks
her tight and hot pussy, "Mmmm fuck yea.... that's a hot little cunt..." Edge moans as he
reaches forward to grab Ashley's right hand in order to make Ashley reach down between
her legs to rub Edge's balls when they slap against her skin.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Ashley gently moans against Randy's cock as the dangerous
Legend Killer quickly and roughly thrusts his shaft deeply into her hot Dirty Diva mouth,
while her wet saliva splashes against his shaft. Ashley closes her eyes and presses her
pierced lips tightly around Randy's shaft while she skillfully pushes back on her knees
against Edge's cock as he spears her warm, tight pussy.

"Ahhhh yea... mmmmm fuck yea..." Edge moan as he slaps Ashley's tanned ass cheeks
with both hands as he deeply spears her tight and warm pussy with his thirteen inch Rated
R Cock. Randy Orton grits his teeth as the hot and wild Dirty Diva clamps down on his
cock, making it a bit harder for him to thrust himself in and out of her mouth.

Ashley slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Randy Orton's rock hard twelve
inch shaft before she manages to lift her blond and black streaked haired head off of his
shaft. "Mmmm fuck this it totally rockin' !" Ashley moans as saliva drips down Randy's
cock as she quickly rocks back and forth on her hands and knees while she pushes back
against Edge's Rated R, firmly thrusting cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he looks down at Ashley as she pushes herself back against
the Rated R Superstar. "Yeah... will get on this bitch..." Randy says as he lays down on
the ground right in front of Ashley with his twelve inch saliva covered dick pointing
straight up. Edge licks his teeth as he sees Randy's new position and he pulls his rock
hard cock out of Ashley's pussy before giving her ass another firm smack.

Ashley laughs and presses her pierced lips together before she sits up on her knees and
lifts her black tank top off of her upper body, exposing her nice and toned, gorgeously
tanned and smoking hot upper body as well as her large, hot tits. Ashley smirks as she
moves over towards Randy Orton and his rock hard twelve inch cock. "Ready to bang it
Randy?" Ashley says with a playfully, seductive look before she smoothly lifts herself up
and mounts her smoking hot body onto Randy's cock.

"Always..." Randy sarcastically replies as he raises his hands to grab Ashley's hips in
order to jerk her down all the way onto his cock. The dangerous Legend Killer begins to
lift Ashley up and down on his twelve inch shaft while also lifting and lowering his hips
to thrust his cock upward into her tight, hot pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck...shit....yeah!" Ashley moans with a smirk on her face as she places her
hands onto Randy's muscular, nicely tanned chest as she begins to rock back and forth on
his shaft at a smooth, quicker pace. Ashley's hot body bounces on Randy's cock as the
dangerous Legend Killer roughly jerks her body on his cock, forcing the Dirty Diva to
bounce at a brisk pace. Randy smirks as he roughly maneuvers Ashley's ultra-hot body up
and down on his pistoning cock, and he licks his lips as he watches Ashley's incredible
tits sway and bounce every time the Dirty Diva is brought down on his dick.

Edge licks his teeth as he moves closer behind the blond black streaked haired Ashley
Massaro, "Don't mind me..." Edge says as he tries to line up his thirteen inch cock with
Ashley's asshole, but when he rams his shaft forward he misses and his shaft ends up
going into Ashley's cock-stuffed pussy, giving her a double dose of big hard dicks in her
tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh holy fuck!" Ashley shouts as she closes her eyes tightly as Edge's thirteen inch
Rated R cock rams into her wet, warm pussy along with Randy Orton's cock. Ashley
gently grabs at Randy's muscular chest as the Dirty Diva is roughly fucked by the former
Rated RKO cocks.

"Uhhh shit... yea!" Edge moans as he puts his left hand on Ashley's left shoulder while
reaching around her with his right hand to grab her right tit. The hot, Rated R Superstar
firmly pumps his cock in and out of Ashley's pussy at his own pace while feeling up her
incredible chest.

"Mother fucker... always moving in on my territory..." Randy grunts as he roughly rocks
Ashley back and forth on his Diva Thrilling cock to make Ashley feel his cock a bit more
than Edge's.

Ashley tilts her head back as she rocks back and forth on Randy's cock as she bounces on
his cock whenever he slams his dangerous cock up into her tightly cock-stuffed pussy
"Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans as she slams back against Edge's cock as well, as she starts
to sweat.

Sweat starts to drip on Edge's muscular body as he firmly fucks Ashley's tight pussy from
behind, "Ahhh fuck shit..." Edge moans as he manages to ram his cock balls deep into
Ashley's double stuffed pussy. The Rated R Superstar then pulls out of Ashley's pussy
and also pulls the Dirty Diva off of the dangerous Legend Killer's foot long shaft. Ashley
licks her lips and glances over her shoulder to seductively look at the sweaty, muscular
and hot Rated R Superstar. Ashley presses her pierced lips together as she settles her
knees down on the floor after Edge had pulled her off and away from Randy's cock.

"This is why I'm the Rated R Superstar..." Edge says as he keeps his hands on Ashley as
he makes her sit up higher on her knees so that he can slip his thirteen inch cock into her
tight asshole. Edge then leans to his left and brings Ashley with him so that now they are
laying on their left sides as Edge begins to thrust his cock in and out of her asshole.

"So that's why you're defending the title again second rate challengers..." Randy says
with a narrowed eyed glare directed right at his former partner. The dangerous Diva
Thrilling Legend Killer lays on his right side in front of Ashley, lifts her right leg up and
then pushes his twelve inch cock into her hot pussy.

"Mmmmm....fuck yeah!" Ashley moans and smiles as Randy slams his cock back into
her warm, tight pussy. The Dirty Diva leans her head back against Edge's sweaty,
muscular and tanned chest as she sandwiched between the former Rated RKO teammates
as they both thrust their cocks into her asshole and pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck yea... mmmm..." Edge moans as he steadily pumps his Rated R cock
deeply into Ashley's tight asshole as she leans her head against his sweaty chest. Randy
Orton licks his lips as he uses quick hard thrusts to fuck Ashley's pussy with his rock hard
twelve inch cock. Randy grinds his teeth together as he presses his muscular chest right
against Ashley's large, firm, perfectly shaped tits. Ashley closes her eyes back as she
leans her head back further against Edge's muscular, sweaty chest and softly kisses his
lips, brushing her tongue against his lips while she roughly moves back and forth in
between Randy Orton and Edge. The smoking hot Dirty Diva breaks the kiss before she
leans forward and flicks her tongue against Randy's firm lips.

"Mmmm!" Randy moans in surprise as Ashley flicks her tongue against his lips, and the
Legend Killer opens his mouth in order to flick his tongue against Ashley's wet and wild
tongue. He and Edge continue to sandwich fuck the Dirty Diva and their sweaty bodies
smack loudly against Ashley's smoking hot body.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh" Ashley moans into Randy's mouth as she slaps her tongue against
Randy's tongue while kissing his lips. Ashley's smoking hot pussy grinds against Randy's
shaft as she moves forward when Edge spears her tight asshole. The Dirty Diva drips
with sweat as she's deeply fucked by the former Rated RKO teammates.

"Mmmmm ahhh fuck..." Edge moans as he slows down his thrusts and pulls his
throbbing cock out of Ashley's tight, well-fucked asshole and starts to stand up. When
Ashley breaks the kiss with Randy to see what Edge is up to the Legend Killer pulls his
own throbbing shaft out of the Dirty Diva's wet pussy and also stands up. Both of the
former Rated RKO teammates start stroking their big hard cocks as they look down at
Ashley lustfully.

Ashley licks her pierced lips as she sits up on her knees while sweat drips down on her
beautiful face. "Mmmm yeah...I want that cum..." Ashley says as she leans forward and
taps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Edge's hard throbbing shaft before doing
the same to Randy Orton's cock as they quickly stroke their own shafts.

"Uhhhh yea... get ready slut..." Randy moans as he rapidly strokes his twelve inch cock
while tilts his own head back. Within moments, The Legend Killer's throbbing cock
begins to spray The Dirty Diva's sweat dripping face with warm thick cum.

"Ahhh... mmmm yeah here it comes babe..." Edge groans as he also begins cumming and
he also shoots his load all over Ashley's face as well.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah...." Ashley moans as she licks her lips with the warm cum of
Randy Orton and Edge sprays onto her face. Some of their cum drips onto her pierced
lips which she then cleans with her tongue.

Once both hot former Rated RKO teammates are done cumming, Edge licks his teeth and
bends down to pull Ashley up to her feet, "Fuck I love Dirty Divas.... you wanna head
back to my hotel for more Rated R action..." Edge asks as Randy Orton casually moves
around to stand behind Torrie.

Ashley raises an eyebrow slyly and smirks "Mmmm...that sounds bangin' !"

"Great!" Edge smirks, "I'm in room 469..." Edge starts to say as Ashley starts to turn
around to look at Randy to see if he's going to be joining them again. But as she turns
around, The Legend Killer nails her with a RKO, much to Edge's dismay. "Hey what the
fuck?! Edge shouts as Randy gets up and picks up his own wrestling trunks to put them

Randy smirks, "What? Was that cheap and dirty of me? Well so is she..." Randy says
before he walks away.

Edge shakes his head as he looks at Randy and then down at the knocked out Ashley
Massaro, whose ass is pointing up into the air before looking down the hall at Randy,
"What an ass..."


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