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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 18: Killer Suspicions
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"No chance... That's what you got..."

On the August 13, 2007 edition of Monday Night RAW, airing live in New York City's
Madison Square Garden, the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon walks down to the ring that
is surrounded on all sides by all of the WWE Superstars and Divas from RAW,
SmackDown and ECW. Mr. McMahon gets into the ring with a microphone in hand and
a sour look on his face. Mr. McMahon waits for the crowd to quite down before he
speaks into the microphone, "Last week on RAW.... I have to admit... that I was
surprised with the news that I... have an illegitimate child. Now I admit having a
couple rendezvous in my life, but I don't remember their names...."

Mr. McMahon smirks for a moment before becoming angry. "Now this woman.... Is
withholding the name of my child... in a blatant display of exploitation and
intimidation.... But I am Vince Kennedy McMahon damn it... and I cannot be
intimidated... not by Congress... not by the media and not by some woman who should
have been on the pill! I've been in the public spotlight for over 30 years and
nothing... absolutely NOTHING... intimidates me"

"I'm all grown up...."

Suddenly the Heiress of the WWE and daughter of Mr. McMahon, Stephanie McMahon,
walks out from the curtain and onto the stage of the RAW set. Stephanie, dressed in a
short black skirt and a black top, slyly smirks as she starts to make her way down the
ramp before she gets into the ring to join her billionaire father. Stephanie tosses her
smooth brown hair back as she looks sternly at her father, Mr. McMahon. Stephanie
presses her together as she holds eye contact with him.

Mr. McMahon glares at his daughter before asking, "Just what the hell are you doing out

Stephanie smirks as she glances at the left side of the audience before looking back at Mr.
McMahon "Dad...I think the real question is what do you think you're doing!?" Stephanie
slightly snaps at her father and is about to continue before being interrupted by the WWE

"What am I doing? I am doing what I always do... I am Vincent Kennedy McMahon...
and I am not going to be intimidated by anyone..." Mr. McMahon yells as he stares down

Stephanie narrows her eyes as she looks at her father "Do you have any idea what you put
mom, Shane and I through...with faking your own demise?" Stephanie asks before she
shakes her head "After that...I have no guilt in telling you what I have to say right here in

Mr. McMahon raises an eyebrow, "Just what are you talking about..." Mr. McMahon says
as he narrows his eyes while continuing to glare at her.

Stephanie slyly smirks as she places her left hand onto her hip, while holding the
microphone with her right hands "I spoke with the attorney today, the one who is
representing the woman who had your illegitimate child..." Stephanie pauses and raises
an eyebrow " just so happens to be a WWE Superstar!"

Mr. McMahon is speechless as he lets the words of what his daughter Stephanie
McMahon just said sink in. He then slowly starts to look around the ring. He happens to
look at Cryme Tyme, and Shad and JTG both have big smiles on their faces, then he
looks towards Mark Henry who just nods his head while looking back at Mr. McMahon.
Mr. McMahon then slowly starts to leave the ring and he exchanges glances with Mr.
Kennedy, then with John Morrison and several other Superstars as he slowly heads up the
ramp that leads to the backstage area.

* * *

Stephanie McMahon, the Heiress of the WWE, walks with a proud smirk on her face
after just revealing to her father and the world that his 'bastard' child is a WWE Superstar.
Stephanie presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "He deserved it..." Stephanie
says as she approaches her long, black stretch limo.

"Hey Stephanie...." The dangerous Legend Killer Randy Orton calls out from behind her
as she walks to her long, black stretch limo. Orton, dressed in his black wrestling trunks
and a black t-shirt, has a cocky smirk on his face., "That was one interesting statement
you made..." Orton says as he follows the Heiress of the WWE.

Stephanie pauses as she raises an eyebrow and glances around over her shoulder to look
at the handsome, dangerous Legend Killer. Stephanie smirks before she slowly turns
around to face him "Oh you thought so?" Stephanie asks as she tosses her smooth brown
hair back while placing her hands on her smoothly rounded hips "Well...believe it!
Because it's true, my father's bastard is a WWE Superstar..."

Randy Orton smirks and laughs slightly, "Oh I believe it... and it got me thinking..."
Orton says as he looks at Stephanie, "Anyone in the WWE could be Vince's kid.... and
that person could end up being... Balls Mahoney.... The Great Khali... or...." Randy
smirks as he points at himself, "Even... me."

Stephanie grits her teeth together as she slowly narrows her eyes and looks sternly at
Randy Orton "!?" Stephanie slightly snaps before she then laughs "What
makes you think you could be a McMahon!? You don't have what it takes!"

"Don't have what it takes?" Randy raises an eyebrow as he steps towards Stephanie. "I
think you're forgetting who I am... I'm the Legend Killer.... I've taken out some of the
biggest names to ever enter a wrestling ring..." Randy says as he glares at Stephanie

Stephanie presses her lips together and slowly nods her head as she firmly holds her eye
contact with Randy " are ruthless, but that doesn't mean you have the power of
a McMahon. Being a McMahon we have a certain power over everyone don't
have that!" Stephanie replies as she grits her teeth and seductively looks at Randy.

Randy licks his lips as he stands face to face with Stephanie, "Obviously... you have not
been paying attention...." Randy says as he suddenly raises his hands up to shove
Stephanie back against the side of her long, black stretch limo.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow after Randy pushes her against her black limo and she
smirks "Rough, huh?" Stephanie says as she gets a sly, excited and seductive look in her
dominate eyes. "If you really are a'd do something ruthless, something
no one else has the guts to do!" Stephanie slowly glances her sly eyes down to the crotch
of Randy's black wrestling trunks "If you were a'd lower your trunks..."

Randy smirks, "Fucking slut...." Randy says with a cocky tone before he takes off his t-
shirt to reveal his tanned, muscular upper body. The Legend Killer steps right up to
Stephanie and grabs her head with his left hand to pull her forward in order to forcibly
kiss her. Orton forces his tongue into Stephanie's mouth as he uses his right hand to push
down his wrestling trunks to bring out his hardening twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock.

"Mmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans into Randy's mouth as she presses her hands against
his muscular, tanned chest while she roughly and deeply kisses the dangerous Legend
Killer. Stephanie's soft, soothing tongue slaps against Randy's tongue as she leans against
the side of the long black limo.

The Legend Killer smirks as he feels Stephanie's tongue slapping against his as he moves
his tongue around inside of her hot, wet mouth. "Mmmmm..." Randy moans as puts both
of his hands on Stephanie's waist and starts to push down her short black skirt from her

Stephanie slowly breaks the kiss and slyly smirks at Randy Orton as she wickedly
narrows her eyes "I bet you want me to suck that dick, don't you?" Stephanie asks as she
slyly licks her lips while glancing down at his hardening cock after he pushes her short
black skirt down from her waist, which then drops down her smooth, gorgeous legs to
reveal her hot and smoothly shaven Billion Dollar pussy.

"Want?" Randy laughs, "I'm going to make you suck that Legend Killer dick..." Randy
says as he steps back and pulls Stephanie away from the side of her limo. The ruthless,
dangerous Legend Killer then forces the Billion Dollar Heiress down to her knees in front
of him and he then pulls on Stephanie's black top to tear it from her body to reveal her
incredible large, hot Billion Dollar tits.

Stephanie smirks up at Randy as she licks her teeth and wraps her smooth hands around
Randy's hard, thick shaft which she begins to smoothly stroke. Stephanie smirks as she
locks her dominating eyes with the dangerous Legend Killer. "You like me stroking that
dick, don't you?!" Stephanie taunts Randy before she lowers her head and gently slides
her wet tongue against the thick head of his cock.

Randy licks his lips as he looks down at Stephanie, "I've had better from one of the sluts
on the SmackDown roster..." Randy says mockingly as he grabs a handful of Stephanie's
smooth brown hair in order to jerk her head forward so that his thick, hard cock ends up
getting forced deeply into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Stephanie lustfully moans as Randy's twelve inch cock enters her warm,
wet Billion Dollar Heiress mouth. Stephanie closes her eyes and presses her soft lips
around his thick shaft and she begins to eagerly bob her head. Stephanie expertly sucks
Randy's cock at a smooth, gradually quickening pace while her saliva drips on his shaft.

"Mmmm.... yeah you fucking slut... suck that cock..." Randy says as he continues to pull
on Stephanie's hair as she bobs her head on his twelve inch cock. The dangerous Legend
Killer then starts to thrust his pelvis forward to begin fucking Stephanie's Billion Dollar

"Mmmmm...hmmmm...mmmm..." Stephanie gently moans as she smoothly bobs her
head on Randy's cock, her soft lips grind against his shaft, as she takes him deeper into
her hot mouth. Stephanie presses her lips tighter against his shaft before she roughly slaps
her tongue against his cock.

"You think I don't have what it takes to have a McMahon, bitch?!" Randy says as drives
his twelve inch cock all the way into Stephanie's mouth and he can feel Stephanie's chin
and balls smacking against each other as he holds Stephanie's head down on his dick.

"Mmmmmm! MMMMMM!" Stephanie moans loudly around Randy's cock as the
dangerous Legend Killer forcefully and roughly slams his cock deeply into Stephanie
McMahon's hot Billion Dollar mouth. The head of Randy's cock smack against the back
of her hot mouth as her wet saliva drips against his cock and out of her seductively
skilled mouth.

The Legend Killer Randy Orton suddenly yanks his cock out of Stephanie's mouth and
slaps her face with his saliva covered shaft, "Yeah you fucking slut... I'm gonna show you
how ruthless I can be..." Randy says as he pulls Stephanie up from the ground, turns her
around and shoves her towards the limo so that her tits end up being pressed against it.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she glances over her shoulder with her eyes narrowed "I bet
you can't be ruthless enough!"

"You're gonna regret those words..." Randy Orton says as he looks down at Stephanie's
juicy Billion Dollar ass. The Legend Killer steps close to her and puts his hands on her
shoulders to keep her pressed against the side of her limo. The dangerous Legend Killer
then lowers his left hand to guide his cock towards Stephanie's asshole. With the head of
his cock pressing against Stephanie's asshole, Randy Orton proceeds to roughly ram it all
the way into her Billion Dollar ass.

"Mmmm...ohhh you son of a bitch!" Stephanie moans with her teeth gritted as she moves
forward against the limo as Randy Orton begins to roughly thrust his cock into her hot
Billion Dollar ass "Mmmm fuck yeah!" Stephanie tilts her head back and firmly pushes
back against his slamming cock.

"That ruthless enough for you?!" Randy says as he taunts Stephanie. The Legend Killer
thrusts his cock in and out of Stephanie's tight asshole as he moves his left hand around
Stephanie's body and pushes three fingers into her pussy so that he's practically fucking
her ass and pussy at the same time.

"Ohhhhh fuck that ass! Fuck it!" Stephanie moans as her rounded, juicy Billion Dollar
ass collides with Randy's muscular waist as she firmly pushes back on his shaft while he
deeply fucks her tight asshole "Mmmm shit!" Stephanie groans.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he slams his cock deeply into Stephanie's ass and his balls
smack against Stephanie's juicy ass cheeks. "Admit it bitch! I'm more qualified to be a
McMahon than you are!" Randy laughs as he increases the pace and force of his thrusts
while also repeatedly rams the three fingers from his left hand in and out of her pussy.

Stephanie glances back at Randy Orton and glares at the dangerous Legend Killer before
she slyly smirks "Oh yeah!? We'll see about that! Lay down!"

The Legend Killer Randy Orton smirks as he pulls his fingers out of Stephanie's pussy
before pulling his cock out of her ass. "You think I'm gonna lay down on the ground you
Billion Dollar bitch?" Randy says before he opens the back passenger door of Stephanie's
limo. Randy then gets into the limo and lays down on black leather seat that's at the very
back of the limo. Stephanie smirks and steps away from the limo before walking to the
opened passage door that is in the back on the limo for the backseat. Stephanie crawls
into join Randy Orton as he lays on the back leather seats. The Billion Dollar Heiress
firmly mounts her hot, elegant body on his cock before she grits her teeth and starts to
roughly rock back and forth on his shaft, while slamming herself down on his shaft as

Randy licks his lips as Stephanie McMahon rocks and slams herself roughly on his
twelve inch cock, "Is that all you fucking got? I thought you were a McMahon!" Randy
says as he taunts Stephanie. The Legend Killer also roughly grabs Stephanie's tits and
begins to firmly grope them before Stephanie leans herself forward to give herself more
leverage to ride his cock. Stephanie tilts her head back and firmly places her hands onto
his muscular, tanned chest as she roughly bucks her hips while rocking back and forth on
his cock, grinding her Billion Dollar pussy sharply against his shaft while she slams
down on his twelve inch cock.

"Come on! Get ruthless you bitch!" Randy snaps at Stephanie as he moves his hands
from her tits to grab Stephanie's juicy ass cheeks as she slams herself up and down on his
cock. The Legend Killer starts to thrust his twelve inch cock upward into Stephanie's hot
Billion Dollar pussy, and he completely throws Stephanie off of her pace.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans as she roughly slams down on his thrusting shaft as he
deeply slams up into her tight pussy "Ohhh you son of a bitch...' Stephanie moans
seductively as she sweat and quickly jerks her body on his cock.

Randy smirks up at Stephanie, "Who know... you should be saying... you son of a
McMahon..." The Legend Killer says as he continues to thrust his cock upward into
Stephanie's tight pussy as she bounces as hard as she can on his thick shaft.

Stephanie narrows her eyes as she roughly slams down on Randy's cock before she
begins to roughly cum on his cock. "Ohhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans as she jerks her body

Randy Orton continues to thrust his cock into Stephanie's hot wet pussy as she cums on
his cock, "Yeah... cum on that possible McMahon cock bitch..." Randy laughs as he
insults the Billion Dollar Heiress of the WWE.

"Ohhhhh you son of a bitch..." Stephanie groans as she gently moves her soft hands
against his muscular chest as she gently moves back and forth on his thick shaft.

Randy Orton smirks as he moves his hands to Stephanie's waist and he pushes her up and
off of his cock to get her down on the floor of her stretch limo. The Legend Killer sits up
and reaches forward to grab Stephanie's hair to pull her towards him as he starts to stroke
his cock, "I'm going to show you what happens to anyone who messes with a real...
McMahon..." Randy laughs as he holds Stephanie's head a few inches away from his
throbbing cock.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "I dare you to do it..."

"I don't need to be dared..." Randy smirks as he rapidly strokes his cock. Randy lifts
himself a bit up from the leather back seat of the limo moments before he begins spraying
his warm, thick Legend Killer cum all over Stephanie's face. Stephanie closes her eyes
and grits her teeth as his warm cum sprays against her beautiful, sweat dripping face.
Stephanie presses her lips together and slowly licks them before she sits up on the floor
of the limo and starts to crawl out of the limo to join Randy after he gets out.

The Legend Killer Randy Orton smirks at Stephanie as he sees his cum dripping from her
face, "See what happens when you mess with someone who could be a real McMahon..."
Randy says. Stephanie stands directly in front of the dangerous Legend Killer and keeps
her narrowed, glaring eyes locked with Randy Orton. Stephanie slyly smirks before she
raises her left hand up and slaps him hard across the face

Randy turns his head towards the right after Stephanie slaps him, and then he starts to
slowly turn his head back to look at Stephanie, "Big mistake...." Randy says as he then
quickly grabs Stephanie's head and drives her down to the ground with a vicious RKO.
Randy turns onto his stomach and pushes knocked out Stephanie over so that she's on her
back, "Told you I'm ruthless enough to be a McMahon...."


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