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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 19: Fall Of The Phoenix
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After the August 20, 2007 edition of RAW goes off the air, The Legend Killer Randy
Orton is returning to the backstage area after RKOing WWE Champion John Cena twice
to send him a message before their match Sunday at Summerslam. Dressed in dark blue
wrestling trunks, Randy smirks as he passes a monitor that is showing the replay of his
actions. "This Sunday I'll be the new WWE Champion..." Randy says to confidently to
himself. As he heads to the locker room area, he sees Beth Phoenix destroying pictures of
Divas that are in the 2007 WWE Divas magazine. Randy changes directions to head over
to the powerful Glamazon and says with an amused tone, "Hmmm... getting ready for
your little battle royal on Sunday?"

The destructive, powerful Glamazon slowly raises her head up and grits her teeth as she
holds a picture of WWE Women's Champion, Candice Michelle, ripped in half down the
middle. Beth slightly cocks her head in Randy's direction "Ready!?" Beth laughs "I don't
have to be ready!" Beth snaps at the dangerous Legend Killer "I'll dominate those
pathetic sluts and make them wish they never felt the wrath of the Glamazon!" Beth says
with a wicked smirk as the powerful Diva is dressed in a pair of tight black pants and
black leathered top.

Randy Orton smirks, "Oh really... and what makes you think they won't just gang up on do have a weak jaw after all..." Randy says with a cocky tone as he steps
towards the powerful Glamazon known as Beth Phoenix.

Beth Phoenix presses her lips together and places her powerful hands onto her toned
waist "I'm not afraid of those bitches..." Beth says in a firm, intense tone.

Randy Orton forces himself to keep a serious face as he looks at Beth, "Oh you should
be.... I know what they can do... they can get really nasty when they want to..." Randy
says with a sly tone in his voice just before he licks his lips.

Beth lowers her head a bit, getting a sinister look on her face, before the dangerous
Glamazon begins to laugh wickedly "Well I can get nasty too! There's no woman...or
MAN that can handle the Glamazon!"

"Is that a fact?" Randy asks with a mocking tone. "Do you care to prove it?" The
dangerous Legend Killer steps right up to Beth, and he makes a mental note of how tall
the Glamazon is when compared to the other Divas of the WWE.

Beth Phoenix slyly smirks as she locks her dominating, dangerous eyes with the equally
dangerous Legend Killer "I'll show you exactly why I'm a Glamazon!" Beth says before
she aggressively places her hands onto Randy Orton's bare muscular, nicely tanned chest
as she shoves him against the left side wall. The Glamazon wickedly smirks before she
leans forward putting Randy Orton into a rough lip-lock, kissing the dangerous Legend

"Mmmmm!" Randy Orton moans in surprise as he feels Beth Phoenix forcing her tongue
into his mouth. The dangerous Legend Killer raises his hands up slightly to put them on
his waist so that he can start lowering his wrestling trunks while Beth attacks his tongue
with her own tongue. Beth roughly breaks the kiss and wickedly smirks before she takes
a step back and lowers her eyes, to lock her dominating and intense eyes with the Legend
Killer's twelve inch cock hard cock after he removes his wrestling trunks from his toned
waist. Beth Phoenix hungrily licks her lips as she balls her hands into intense fist before
she places her hands against her black leather top and lifts the top off of her impressively
toned, curved body to expose her large, firm Glamazon tits.

Randy licks his lips as he looks at Beth's large, firm tits as he pushes his trunks all the
way down to his feet. "Nice rack... but Candice's is better..." Randy says with a smirk as
he steps out of his trunks.

Beth grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes, while locking at Randy Orton "You fucking
say it again...and I'll break your neck!" Beth threatens before she steps towards Randy
and kneels down on the hallway floor before she roughly wraps her left hand around his
shaft and painfully jerks his cock towards her as she begins to firmly stroke his shaft.

"Mmmm.... fuck..." Randy moans and grits his teeth as Beth strokes his cock roughly
with just her left hand. "What's wrong.... can't deal with the truth?" Randy asks as he
dismisses Beth's threat while he looks down at her pumping his twelve inch shaft. Beth
slowly shakes her head before she lowers her head, keeping her intense eyes with the
dangerous Legend Killer, as she slaps her strong and powerful tongue against the head of
Randy's twelve inch cock.

Randy licks his teeth as he smirks, "Mmmmm.... shit you talk big... but look at you...
already licking my dick..." Randy Orton says as he puts his left hand on Beth's head as he
leans against the wall. Beth opens her hot, dominating mouth before lowers her head and
the blond haired Glamazon takes Randy Orton's rock hard cock into her mouth. Beth
wraps her lips firmly around his shaft before she starts to powerfully bob her head on his
twelve inch cock, roughly sucking his shaft.

"Awww.... yeah...." Randy Orton moans and licks his lips as the beautiful, fierce
Glamazon sucks on his rock hard twelve inch cock. The dangerous Legend Killer smirks
as he narrows his eyes to look down at Beth as she takes a good amount of his dick into
her mouth.

"Mmmm...mmmm" Beth moans as she quickly bobs her head, grinding her wicked lips
against his shaft as she presses her teeth against his cock to graze his shaft with her teeth
while roughly bobbing her head.

Randy Orton smirks as he feels the Glamazon's lips grinding her lips and teeth on his
stiff shaft. "Mmmm yea.. you're almost as good as Maria..." Randy says with a laugh.
Beth narrows her eyes as she lowers her head further down on Randy's rock hard cock as
the dangerous Glamazon begins to deeply suck on his twelve inch cock while she
continues to roughly bob her head.

Randy grits his teeth as Beth almost deep throats his twelve inch cock, "What's wrong?
Can you deep throat it? Fuck... Kristal takes it deeper than you do..." Randy says as he
continues to insult the fierce, powerful Glamazon. Beth impressively takes Randy Orton's
entire hard cock into her fierce, wicked mouth. The head of Randy's cock hits against the
back of her hot, wicked mouth as the dangerous Glamazon continues to roughly bob her
head on Randy's cock, ignoring the Legend Killer's taunts.

"Mmmm.... you're know you just a tad bit better than Kelly..." Randy says with a laugh as
he feels his cock hitting the back of Beth's fierce hot and wet mouth, "But I bet you can't
fuck like Victoria...." Randy says with a moan.

The intense, powerful Glamazon roughly lifts her head off of Randy Orton's cock as it
drips with her saliva "That bitch is nothing compared to the Glamazon!" Beth says as she
grits her teeth together and she stands up before she lowers her tight black pants down
from her toned waist as she slowly reveals her pussy.

Randy Orton keeps a smirk on his face as he glances down at Beth Phoenix's smoothly
shaven pussy, "I'm not so sure... she has a viciously tight pussy.... and knows how to
handle a Diva Thrilling cock like mine..." Randy says as he very amused with Beth's
reactions to being compared to the other WWE Divas.

Beth slyly smirks "We'll see about that! Lay down!" Beth commands Randy steps away
from the wall and slowly lays down on the ground with his rock hard, saliva covered
cock pointing straight up towards the ceiling. Beth firmly presses her lips together before
the powerful Glamazon lowers herself down onto the floor to join Randy Orton as she
straddles Randy's muscular body and lowers herself down onto his cock. Beth grits her
teeth as she roughly slams down on his rock hard cock before firmly placing her hands
onto his muscular chest and she begins to jerk back and forth on his shaft.

Randy Orton licks his teeth as he puts his hands firmly onto Beth's hips as she rocks back
and forth on his cock, using her Glamazon pussy to jerk his twelve inch shaft in several
directions. "Mmmmm yeah.... mmmm fuck who do you think you are? Melina?" Randy
says with a moan as he Beth grinds her hips to put more pressure on his Diva Thrilling

Beth raises an eyebrow as she wickedly glares down at Randy Orton "I'm the Glamazon!"
Beth Phoenix shouts before she starts to wickedly and roughly bounce on Randy Orton's
Diva Thrilling cock as she roughly jerks her impressively toned and curved body while
riding his shaft.

'Big deal..." Randy says with a forced unimpressed look on his face as Beth raises up and
slams down on his rock hard cock. The dangerous Legend Killer moves his hands upward
on Beth's toned and curved body before grabbing her arms. Randy pulls on them to bring
Beth's upper body down towards his so that he can disrupt her pace. Randy then starts to
thrust his twelve inch cock upward into Beth's pussy.

Beth tilts her head back as she starts to slam her powerful body down on Randy Orton's
cock at a quicker and roughly pace while her strong thighs smack against his muscular
waist "Ohhhhh fuck!" Beth screams as she slightly digs her fingernails into his muscular

"What's wrong?! Can't take it when I drive my... cock up into your cunt?!" Randy says as
he thrusts his cock up with slow, stiff thrusts into the Glamazon's tight pussy. Randy
keeps his hands on Beth's arms as she tries to dominate him with her hot, powerful body.

Beth Phoenix raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she locks her fierce eyes with the
dangerous, handsome Legend Killer "The Glamazon destroys all in her path..." Beth
moans as she roughly grinds her pussy down against Randy's rock hard, thrusting cock as
she viciously slams down on his prick.

"Mmmm.... yea... right" Randy Orton moans as he manages to roll himself and Beth over
so that he's on top of the powerful Glamazon. Randy puts his hands on Beth's shoulders
and uses his strength to sharply drive his cock roughly into her pussy.

Beth grits her teeth tightly together as she lays her head back on the floor of the hallway
while wrapping her smooth, powerful legs around Randy's muscular waist "Ohhhhh fuck!
FUCK!" Beth moans as Randy deeply drives his cock into her Glamazon pussy as she
slams herself against his cock also.

"Ahhhh... yea... you're the Glamazon? Big deal... I'm the Legend Killer...." Randy says as
he leans forward so that his smooth, sweaty muscular chest presses down against Beth's
large, firm tits. Randy rocks his hips back and forth, ramming his cock balls deep into
Beth's tight pussy and his balls slap loudly against the Glamazon's smooth skin. Beth
reaches up and tightly places her hands onto Randy Orton's muscular arms as she grinds
her pussy forward against his roughly thrusting cock. The Glamazon wickedly smirks as
she locks her fierce eyes with the dangerous Legend Killer while sweat drips down her

The Legend Killer smirks as he drives his twelve inch shaft into Beth's pussy, "You're so
second rate... fuck... Brooke is a better fuck than you..." Randy says as he drives his cock
once more into Beth's pussy and holds it inside of her. The Legend Killer shifts his body
back and forth, using Beth's tight pussy to stroke his throbbing shaft as he begins to cum
inside of her Glamazon pussy.

Beth raises an eyebrow and licks her lips wickedly as she feels Randy Orton's warm cum
filling inside of her pussy while sweat drips off of his muscular body "Oh're
pretty pathetic...cumming so soon..."

Randy smirks, "Hey I was getting bored with you..." Randy says as he pulls his dick out
of Beth's pussy after she unwraps her legs from his waist. The Legend Killer starts to
stand up and he smirks down at Beth as she starts to get up.

The dangerous, destructive Glamazon locks her dominating eyes with Randy Orton as
she smirks "Oh were bored!?" Beth says gritting her teeth.

"Yeah I was... in fact..." Randy trails off as he suddenly grabs Beth's blond haired head in
order to drive her down to the hard ground with a RKO. Randy laughs a bit as he then
starts to get up once again, "You're the worst slut in the WWE..." Randy says before he
looks down at Beth and he takes a step back when he sees that she's still conscious.

Beth Phoenix viciously grits her teeth together as she slowly starts to push herself up
from the floor of the hallway. The dangerous Glamazon slowly lifts her head up a bit and
locks her dominating, fierce eyes on the Legend Killer, who appears to be stunned to see
Beth Phoenix starting to get up after receiving the deadly RKO.

"What the fuck..." Randy says as he starts to back up a few feet. Rand narrows his eyes as
he glares down at Beth, "You know what you need...." Randy then rushes forward and
viciously kicks Beth Phoenix right in the head with his left foot. Beth's body slumps
completely to the floor after the kick to her head and Randy stands over her. "You need a
kick start...."


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