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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 20: The True Bastard
by Kristi ( and
Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a WWE RAW Live Event taking place on September 7, 2007, four days after the epic
McMahon family confrontation on Monday Night RAW, the CEO of the WWE, Linda
McMahon is waiting patiently in the arena's executive office for her husband, Mr. Vince
McMahon to arrive in order for her and him to further discuss his illegitimate son that is a
WWE Superstar. Linda is about to sit down on the couch when the door to the office
opens and the Legend Killer, Randy Orton enters. "Vince... I have too thank you for..."
Randy trails off when he doesn't see Mr. McMahon but he does see Linda, "Where's
Vince at?" Randy asks with a cocky, disrespectful tone, and he's dressed in dark red
wrestling trunks.

The classy, good natured CEO of the WWE, Linda McMahon, presses her lips together
as she slowly stands up from the couch and cups her hands together below her waist.
Linda raises an eyebrow as she looks at the dangerous Legend Killer "Vince hasn't
arrived yet, however could I help you with something?" Linda asks, as the matriarch of
the McMahon Family is dressed elegantly fitted black business suit and skirt combination
with a black jacket and a black knee-length skirt.

Randy Orton smirks as he looks at Linda McMahon, "Yeah... I was coming for Vince's
approval for what he encouraged me to do last week.... when I kicked John Cena's father's
head in...." Randy says with an arrogant tone. "If it wasn't for William Regal... I would've
discussed this with him earlier this week."

Linda firmly locks her eyes on Randy Orton and slowly nods her head "Approval,
Randy?" Linda McMahon asks.

"That's right... you know... the kind of fatherly approval that a father would give a son..."
Randy says with a smirk as he narrows his eyes slightly. "And I'm sure as a McMahon...
you approved of what occurred."

Linda's eyes widen with a bit of surprise before she takes a deep breath and slowly shakes
her head "Randy, to be perfectly honest... your actions on John's father, Mr. Cena, were
distasteful...and if I had it my way you wouldn't be receiving another title shot from John
Cena" Linda says in a firm, serious tone while keeping her eyes locked on Randy.

"Is that a fact..." Randy says as he grits his teeth a bit. "Well it's a good thing that it's not
up to you... and that you're worried about who may be Vince's bastard kid..." Randy says
as he takes a step toward the matriarch of the McMahon Family.

Linda McMahon looks at the dangerous Legend Killer cautiously before she takes a step
back and raises her hands off to block herself away from Randy Orton "Randy....if you
want to talk to Vince, maybe you should come back later..."

Randy takes another step towards Linda as he narrows his eyes, "No I don't think so...."
Randy says with a sinister smirk, "You said what I did to John Cena's father was
distasteful.... you have no idea what I'm capable of...." Randy says as he grabs Linda's
right wrist with his left hand and jerks the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment
towards him.

Linda's slender, petite body collides with Randy's muscular, toned body after the
dangerous Legend Killer jerks the helpless CEO towards him "Randy....Randy...stop
this..." Linda weakly pleads as Randy remains holding Linda's right wrist with a firm

Randy Orton grins as he looks into Linda's eyes, "Stop? Already? I haven't even
started..." Randy says as he pulls the helpless Linda McMahon towards the large
executive desk of Mr. McMahon that is in the center of the office. The dangerous Legend
Killer lets go of Linda's wrist in order to use both hands to lift her up and to sit her on the
desk. Randy looks into Linda's eyes, "Don't even try anything..." Randy says as he starts
to lower Linda's black knee-length skirt.

Linda swallows as she looks down at Randy Orton as he lowers her black skirt. Linda
helplessly presses her lips together while she feels Randy lowering her black panties as
well "Randy...I'm serious...please..."

"I'm deadly serious...' Randy says with a smirk as he brings down her black panties to
reveal her surprisingly smooth pussy. Randy laughs a bit as he finishes stripping Linda
McMahon from the waist down, "Now that's interesting..." Randy says as he firmly grabs
Linda's legs to hold them apart. The dangerous Legend Killer then lowers himself down
in front of the desk so that he can bring his head towards Linda's pussy where he drags
his Diva Thrilling tongue slowly against Linda's pussy lips.

Linda gently presses her teeth together as she slowly closes her eyes feeling the Legend
Killer's warm, wet tongue slowly dragging against her soft pussy "Ohhhhh...." Linda
softly moans. Randy Orton smirks after hearing Linda's moans as he moves his warm,
wet tongue up and down against Linda's pussy. The extremely dangerous Legend Killer
gradually moves his tongue faster against her pussy as she begins to squirm from his
actions. Linda slowly licks her lips as she tilts her head back slightly, while gently
placing her smooth legs onto Randy's muscular, tanned shoulders as he begins to gently
thrust his tongue in and out of her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Randy moans as he twirls his tongue around inside of Linda McMahon's
tight warm pussy as glances up to see her unbutton her black business jacket. The
dangerous, perverted Legend Killer starts to lower his wrestling trunks from his muscular
waist to bring out his hardening twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock

Linda slowly opens up her black jacket to reveal her black bra, concealing her nicely
sized tits. Linda gently shrugs the jacket off of her shoulders as Randy starts to lap his
tongue quicker against her soft pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhhh" The CEO of the WWE softly

Randy slowly brings his tongue away from Linda's soft, warm and tight pussy. He pushes
Linda's legs off of his shoulders and stands up, "I'd just bet you wouldn't call that
distasteful..." Randy says with a cocky smirk as he licks his lips, "I'd call it quite tasty..."
Randy laughs as he starts to guide his rock hard twelve inch twelve inch cock towards
and then into Linda's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...." Linda moans and presses her lips together as Randy Orton smoothly guides
his Diva Thrilling cock into her warm, tight pussy. Linda McMahon gently places her
soft hands onto his strong arms as the dangerous Legend Killer starts to thrust his cock in
and out of her pussy.

Randy moves his hips back and forth to thrust his cock in and out of Linda's warm. tight
pussy. "Mmmm yea... you like that don't you..." Randy says as he reaches around the
CEO of the WWE to unclasp her black bra. The Legend Killer then peels her bra away
from her nice sized tits and then he puts his hands on Linda's hips to hold her still as he
begins to increase the pace of his thrusts.

Linda gently bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly moves forward against the
surface of the executive desk while she starts to match Randy's thrusts as she pushes
herself against his muscular body "Ohhhh Randy..." Linda softly moans.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he hears Linda's soft moans as he fucks her on her husband's
desk, "You fucking love this... you love a young... hot... dangerous man... like myself...
fucking you..." Randy says in between his own moans as he drives his cock deeply into
Linda's pussy. Linda McMahon gently wraps her smooth, elegant legs around Randy
Orton's muscular waist as she gently moves forward against Randy Orton's thrusting cock
as she smoothly moves her hands against his muscular arms.

Randy wraps his arms around Linda's waist and steps back before pulling her off of the
desk. The dangerous. hot, studdly Legend Killer starts to lift Linda up and down on his
thrusting cock as he locks eyes with the matriarch of the McMahon Family. Linda gently
locks her eyes with Randy's eyes as she smoothly bounces on his shaft while the
dangerous Legend Killer easily guides her on his rock hard shaft "Ohhhh Randy...ohhh"
Linda softly moans.

Randy smirks, "You're so easy... I bet you wished this to happen when I walked in..."
Randy grunts as easily lifts and lowers Linda McMahon on his thick, stiff twelve inch
cock. Randy slows down his thrusts to the point where he's just ramming his cock sharply
into Linda's warm pussy every time he guides her down on his Diva Thrilling shaft.
Linda closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly lowers herself
down on Randy's twelve inch cock while the dangerous Legend Killer firmly bounces
Linda McMahon on his rock hard prick.

"Yeah that's right... you're probably have a craving for young guys with hard cocks to
give you a good fucking..." Randy grunts as he continues to insult the wife of Mr. Vince
McMahon as he makes her bounce firmly on his Legend Killer cock. The arrogant and
sly RAW Superstar then lifts Linda McMahon off of his cock and stands her up straight.
"Turn around..." Randy says firmly before he starts to turn Linda around to face the desk.

Linda looks back over her shoulder "Randy...I don't think..." Linda begins to say before
Randy gently, but forcefully bends Linda over the edge of Vince's desk.

"Don't think... just do it!" Randy says as he stands right behind the CEO of the WWE.
"Now... do I fuck you up the ass.... or pound that pussy..." Randy says as he teases Linda
by pushing the large head of his cock against her asshole and then her pussy as he makes
matriarch of the McMahon Family think about what he could end up doing.

Linda glances over her shoulder and shakes her head "'re making very wrong

"You're right... I should just fuck your ass..." Randy Orton laughs as he moves his cock
away from Linda's pussy and then firmly pushes it into Linda McMahon's tight asshole.
Randy grits his teeth as he feels Linda's ass tighten around his cock as he pushes it all the
way into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Linda moans as she grits her teeth together before the dangerous Legend
Killer starts to thrust his cock smoothly in and out of her tight asshole before he reaches
under her and begins to rub her pussy.

Randy licks his teeth as he smoothly rubs Linda's pussy with his hand as he pumps his
cock deeply into her ass. "Mmmm... awww shit... who knew you'd like it in the ass...."
Randy says mockingly as he uses his free hand to hold Linda steady as his balls slap
against her ass cheeks with each of his thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh Randy" Linda McMahon moans as she smoothly pushes back against
Randy's thick cock while he quickly rubs his hand against her soft, wet pussy.

Randy starts to rub Linda's soft, wet pussy faster with his hand as he quickly thrusts his
cock in and out of her asshole, "Mmmm.... yeah... you like taking my dick up your ass
don't you..." Randy says with a groans as he smacks the side of Linda's ass with his free

"Ohhhh...Ohhhh Randy..." Linda softly moans before she starts to cum against Randy's
hand while he firmly thrusts his cock into her tight asshole.

Randy continues to fuck Linda's ass with his rock hard cock as he feels Linda's pussy
juices flowing onto his hand. The dangerous Legend Killer brings his hand away from
Linda's pussy and licks her juices off of his hand, "Hmmm... that wasn't distasteful at
all...." Randy says as he sharply drives his throbbing shaft all the way into Linda's asshole
before he begins to pull his dick out of her.

After Randy withdrawals his cock from her asshole, Linda McMahon slowly stands
straight up and turns around "Randy...I believe you crossed a line..."

Randy smirks, "What... I didn't make you blow me...." Randy says as he wraps his right
hand around his cock and begins to stroke it. "But maybe I should?" Randy says as he
grabs Linda's head with his left hand to pull her extremely close to him, but he doesn't
push her down.

"Randy...I'm serious...stop this now..."

Randy lets go of his cock, "You know... you're such a kill joy..." Randy says as he acts
like he's going to let Linda go, but then he brings her down with a vicious RKO. The
Legend Killer then pushes Linda onto her back and straddles her body as he resumes
stroking his cock, "You know... whoever is Vince's kid is... he's going to wish it was a
true bastard... like me..." Randy grunts as he starts cumming on Linda's face as she lays
unconscious underneath him.

Once he's finished, Randy slaps his cock against Linda's nice sized tits, causing a few
small drops of cum to come out of his dick's piss slit. Randy then stands up and looks
down at the cum covered CEO of the WWE and licks his lips, "Now that's something a
McMahon can be proud of..."


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