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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 21: Stealing The Kill
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the much anticipated wedding between Theodore Long and Kristal
Marshall is scheduled to take place during September 18, 2007 SmackDown television
tapings; Randy Orton, dressed in a black suit exits his rental car and approaches the
entrance to the arena. Randy has a cocky smirk on his face as he opens the doors that lead
to the backstage area and enters, only to be stopped by several security guards. "What the
hell is this... let me pass..." Randy says with an annoyed tone.

"Sorry sir... This is for invited guests only..." one of the guards says.

"Do you idiots have any idea who I am?" Randy snaps at the guards as they remain firm.
"You punks are making a big mistake... I'm the Legend..." Randy trails off as he sees
Vickie Guerrero walking towards the exit of the arena, which is where he is standing.
"Vickie.. hey Vickie... you mind telling these idiots to let me in?!" Randy yells as he
tries to get SmackDown's Assistant General Manager's attention.

The Assistant General Manager of SmackDown and Kristal Marshall's Maid of Honor,
Vickie Guerrero, casually walks over to where the security guards are with Randy Orton.
Vickie calmly raises her hands up "I can handle this..." Vickie says to the security guards
before they start to back off, leaving the widowed Vickie Guerrero and the Legend Killer
Randy Orton. Vickie firmly holds her eyes with Randy and presses her lips together as
she folds her arms against her chest "What seems to be the problem?" Vickie asks, while
she is dressed in a nicely fitted pair of black suit pants and buttoned white blouse.

Randy Orton smirks a bit, "I came for the wedding of course..." Randy says as he locks
eyes with Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie raises an eyebrow as she slowly nods her head "Well Randy...I know for a fact
that you didn't receive an invitation..."

Randy raises an eyebrow, "And why not... you can't have a wedding with out the Legend
Killer.... and Teddy Long can tell you that I was never a problem for him when I was

Vickie calmly raises her hands to Randy and softly smiles "Randy, Kristal and Teddy just
want everything to be smooth for their big day...It's nothing personal against you..."

"Oh it is personal.... they invite a few nobodies and has-beens but leave out the most
important person on their guest list... something is not right about that..." Randy says.

Vickie softly sighs "Randy...I'm sorry but I have to go help Kristal get ready..." The
Assistant General Manager replies before she starts to slowly turn away from the vicious
and dangerous Legend Killer.

Randy grabs Vickie's right arm to stop her and he smirks, "Just wait a minute.... perhaps I
can convince you to let me attend..." Randy slyly suggests.

Vickie raises an eyebrow and casually turns back to face Randy Orton "Convince me?"
Vickie Guerrero then slowly shakes her head ", I don't think so..."

"What's a matter Vickie? Afraid to see how much I want to attend this wedding?" Randy
says as he licks his lips slightly as he again locks eyes with Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero timidly swallows as her eyes are locked with the dangerous, violent
Legend Killer "Randy...I...I...really have to...." Vickie begins to say.

"Be fair... and see what I'm offering you and then tell me I can attend or not..." The
dangerous Legend Killer says with a smirk, "Besides... at a few weddings I've gone too...
the Bride isn't the only one who gets lucky afterward..." Randy says as he slowly, but a
bit firmly brings Vickie Guerrero closer to him.

Vickie's body gently presses against Randy's muscular body, while he firmly holds onto
her left wrist "Randy..." Vickie begins to plead before she tries to pull her arm away from
Randy. Randy keeps Vickie right where she is with his firm grip and he boldly lowers his
head down and kisses Vickie firmly on the lips, and wastes little time in slipping his
tongue into her mouth.

"MMMMMM!" Vickie moans into Randy's mouth to protest as his tongue slaps against
her tongue. The dangerous Legend Killer firmly holds onto the widowed Vickie
Guerrero, forcing her to stay in the kisses. Vickie gently raises her hands and places them
on Randy's muscular chest as the Assistant General Manager of SmackDown starts to
given in, and kisses Randy back.

Randy circles his tongue around Vickie's tongue as he continues to kiss her for a few
moments more and then he breaks the kiss. Randy smirks as he looks at Vickie who is
stunned by surprise, "Do you have some place private we can go to?" Randy says slyly.

Vickie slightly licks her lips "Umm...I know...that there is a locker room that's free

"Lead the way...." Randy says with a smirk

* * *

A few minutes later, Vickie Guerrero opens the door to an unoccupied locker room and
turns on the lights. Randy Orton enters behind her and takes off his suit jacket before he
starts to unbutton his shirt as Vickie closes the door. Randy unbuttons his shirt halfway
before he steps to Vickie and puts his hands on her waist, "Mmmm... you look ready to
be convinced..." Randy says with a smirk as he slides his hands behind Vickie and place
them on her black suit pants covered ass.

Vickie bites down on her bottom lip as Randy Orton pulls the defenseless widow towards
him, after placing her hands on her rounded ass. Vickie takes a deep breath as her soft
hands once against rest against Randy's now bare, impressively muscular and tanned
chest as he forces his crotch to presses against Vickie's black suit pants covered pussy.

Randy Orton licks his lips and smirks, "Lets see what you got..." Randy says as he grinds
his hardening crotch against Vickie's black suit pants covered pussy. The dangerous
Legend Killer slowly moves his hands from Vickie Guerrero's round ass and up to her
white button blouse. Very slowly, Randy then starts to unbutton Vickie's blouse, and with
each button he unbuttons he notices Vickie biting down her lips even more. Vickie
lowers her head, breaking her eyes contact with Randy Orton as he opens her white
blouse, revealing her nicely sized chest that is covered with a white bra. Vickie takes a
step back as Randy removes her white blouse from her body and starts to unbutton her
black suit pants.

"Very nice..." Randy says, commenting on Vickie's lovely white bra covered breasts. The
Legend Killer bends down slightly as he finishes unbuttoning Vickie's black suit pants
and easily guides them down from her waist, revealing a pair of white panties. Vickie
Guerrero blushes a bit before she steps out of her black suit pants and stands in front of
the dangerous Legend Killer, in a lovely pair of white bra and panties. Vickie gently
presses her lips together before she shockingly lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of Randy Orton, even surprising the cocky RKOing Diva Thriller.

Randy Orton licks his lips and raises an eyebrow, "Now there's a twist..." The dangerous
Legend Killer says as he slips his unbuttoned shirt off of his upper body. Randy then
unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops of his slacks before the lovely Vickie
Guerrero surprises him again by raising her hands to unbutton his slacks.

Vickie slyly smirks as she looks up at the surprised Legend Killer "Allow me..." Vickie
says before she unbuttons and then unzips Randy's black slacks before she lowers them
down from his muscular waist. Vickie licks her lips as Randy's twelve inch Legend Killer
cock becomes freed. Vickie gently wraps her soft hands around his stiff shaft and gently
strokes his cock as his slacks falls down to the floor at his feet.

"Mmmmmmm...." Randy moans and smirks as he steps out of his slacks as Vickie
Guerrero gently strokes his twelve inch cock as it becomes fully hard. The Legend Killer
grins as he sees Vickie look at his dick as she continues to stroke it, "Impressed?" Randy
says with a sly tone.

Vickie smirks and nods her head "Very...." The manipulative Assistant General Manager
says before she opens her warm, soothing mouth and lowers her head as she takes
Randy's impressive, hard cock into her mouth. Vickie gently presses her soft lips around
his thick shaft and the woman who lives for lying, cheating, and stealing begins to
smoothly bob her head, sucking on Randy's cock.

"Mmmmmm.... that's very nice Vickie..." Randy moans as he places a hand on Vickie's
head and slides his fingers through her hair as Vickie Guerrero sucks his dick. The
Legend Killer licks his lips as he watches Vickie easily takes his hard, thick shaft into her
mouth as her soft lips brush over the his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Vickie Guerrero softly moans as she smoothly bobs her head, up
and down, on Randy's cock while she gently laps her soft and wet tongue around his thick

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Randy smirks as he keeps his dangerous eyes locked on Vickie as
she continues to suck on his cock. "How about I get down to convincing you?" Randy
asks Vickie as massages the bottom side of his cock with her soft tongue as she bobs her
head at a good pace on it. Vickie closes her eyes as she gently twists her head on Randy's
cock, lightly grinding her soft lips on his shaft before she lowers her head and takes his
hard cock deeper into her warm, soothing mouth. "Ahhhh... mmmm never mind..." Randy
chuckles a bit as at lovely Vickie Guerrero impressively deep throats his rock hard cock.
The Legend Killer grunts a bit as he feels Vickie's lips pressing down on his meaty shaft.

Vickie slowly lifts her head off of Randy's cock as her wet saliva drips down his long
shaft. Vickie raises an eyebrow "Try and convince me..."

"With pleasure..." Randy says as he kneels down on the floor in front of Vickie. Randy
reaches behind her and unclasps her bra in order to peel it away from her lovely, nice
sized chest and he tosses her bra over his shoulder. Randy then lowers his head and starts
to gently flick his tongue against Vickie's nipples as he puts his hands on her shoulders to
push her onto her back.

"Mmmm...ohhh Randy..." Vickie softly moans as she lays back on the cold locker room
floor before Randy mounts his muscular body on top of her and he starts to lower her
white panties. Randy completely slides Vickie's panties off of her legs and spreads her
legs apart. Without saying a word, the hot, dangerous Legend Killer guides his rock hard
cock into Vickie's warm, wet pussy and begins to thrust himself in and out at a slow pace.

Vickie bites down on her bottom lip as she places her soft hands onto Randy's muscular
arms as he firmly thrusts himself deeply into Vickie's warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh
Randy..." Vickie Guerrero moans as she gently wraps her smooth legs around Randy's
muscular waist as she starts to move against his thrusts.

Vickie bites down on her bottom lip as she places her soft hands onto Randy's muscular
arms as he firmly thrusts himself deeply into Vickie's warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh
Randy..." Vickie Guerrero moans as she gently wraps her smooth legs around Randy's
muscular waist as she starts to move against his thrusts.

"Ahhhh... mmmm...." Randy moans as he gets a cocky smirk on his face as he looks
down at Vickie. The dangerous, well hung Legend Killer licks his lips as he thrusts his
cock firmly and deeply into her tight, warm pussy.

Vickie presses her soft lips together as she locks her eyes with Randy Orton as she
smoothly grinds her pussy against his thrust cock, feeling his sweat drip onto her

"Mmmmm.... yeah... this will convince you...' Randy grunts as he starts to increase the
pace and force of his thrusts. Randy's balls hit against Vickie's smooth skin as he pumps
his cock repeatedly into her pussy.

Vickie Guerrero tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she feels Randy Orton's thick
cock slamming rougher into her pussy "Ohhh...ohhh yess you are..." Vickie moans as she
moves her hands from his muscular arms to his impressively built, tanned chest.

Randy smirks as he slips his hands around Vickie's waist as rolls over onto his back so
that the lovely Vickie Guerrero is on top of him. "Mmmmm.... lets see how much you can
take..." Randy says as he starts to easily lift Vickie up and down on his long, hard cock.

Vickie sits up straight on Randy Orton's rock hard cock as she smoothly rocks her body
back and forth on his twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock. "Ohhh...ohhh" Vickie moans as
she smoothly lowers herself repeatedly on his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he helps Vickie to rise and fall on his hard cock,
"Mmmmm.... fuck..." Randy grunts as he begins to lightly sweat while thrusting his dick
up into Vickie's pussy.

"Awww Randy...." Vickie Guerrero moans as she's breathing heavily while she rocks
back smoothly on Randy's cock, just as her wet pussy begins to tighten around his shaft.

"Mmmmm yea Vickie...' Randy Orton groans as he continues to thrust his cock smoothly
up into Vickie's tightening, wet pussy. Randy reaches behind Vickie and squeezes her
round ass cheeks with his strong hands, getting to her rock sharply on his pistoning shaft.

Vickie grits her teeth as she slams down a bit harder and sharper on Randy's rock hard
cock after he smacks her rounded ass with his strong hands "Ohhhhh Randy!" Vickie
moans as she grinds her pussy sharply against his shaft and the Assistant General
Manager of SmackDown begins to cum.

"Mmmmmm... fuck yea..." Randy Orton moans as he feels Vickie's pussy juices flowing
on his cock. Randy grits his teeth together as he starts to cum within Vickie's wet pussy
as she starts to slow down as Randy stops thrusting his cock up into her pussy.

Vickie slowly licks her lips as she gently rocks on Randy's stiff cock before coming to a
complete stop "Ohhh Randy..." Vickie softly moans as she moves her soft hands against
his lightly sweaty, muscular chest.

Randy licks his lips as he looks up at Vickie, "So... are you convinced?" Randy asks as he
moves his hands to Vickie's waist and starts to slowly lift her off of his cum spent dick.

Vickie Guerrero raises an eyebrow and smirks as she stands up from the locker room
floor. "You still aren't invited...." Vickie says with a wicked laugh as she proudly tosses
her brown hair back "Thanks for the heated moment though..." Vickie adds before she
smacks her lips together.

Randy Orton slowly gets up to his feet, "Oh... you're welcome..." Randy says, "But it's a
shame I can't come...." Randy says as he narrows his as he locks eyes with Vickie

Vickie raises her hands up in a calming manner "It's not my call..." The sly, malicious
Assistant General Manager replies.

"Oh well..." Randy says before he quickly reaches forward to grab Vickie's head in order
to drive her down to the locker room floor with an RKO. Randy then sits up on his knees
and smirks, "Cause it looks like this wedding is going to be heading for disaster..."


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