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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is fiction. Once
more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't ever happen (if it does, you
can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of fiction
stories: TNA Fiction, 1980s and early 90s WWF Fiction, 1980s to mid 1990s WCW
Fiction, 1993 to 2000 ECW Fiction and also, we DON'T write out-right Lesbian stories

So please don't ask us to do these stories, it ain't gonna happen. All such requests will be
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 22: Every Rose Has It's Thorn
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the SmackDown television tapings that are taking place in the United
Kingdom on October 16, 2007, the Legend Killer and WWE Champion Randy Orton is
showing off the WWE Championship belt that he was awarded, lost and won all in one
night eight days earlier at No Mercy. Randy is showing his Championship to WWE Hall
of Famer Pat Patterson in the crowed catering area. "You see this Pat... this is something
that only the greatest can achieve..." Randy says, and he's dressed in black slacks and a
black collared shirt.

Pat puts his hands on his waist, "Randy... it's easy to win a championship... but it's
much harder to hold on to it... anything can happen to cause you to lose it."

Randy laughs, "If you're talking about injuries don't worry... I'm tougher than Edge and
John Cena... both who had to give up their titles when they got a little scratch."

Pat Patterson sighs, "With that attitude... you'll be lucky to last more than a month as the
WWE Champion." Patterson turns away from Randy and starts to walk away.

Randy Orton grits his teeth as he holds the WWE Championship, "Oh really?" Randy
says before he vicious hits Pat in the back of his head with the heavy Championship belt.
Patterson goes down instantly, and just as Randy is about to do his stomp on the WWE
Hall of Famer, several of SmackDown's wrestlers and backstage personal intervene.
Seeing that he's outnumbered, Randy Orton escapes from the catering area and makes his
way out of the building.

Once outside of the building, Randy drapes the WWE Championship over his shoulder
and looks around to see where he is, and quickly realizes that he's where the WWE
production truck is parked. The Legend Killer starts to walk towards the truck, knowing
that the parking lot where his rental car is on the other side of it. As Randy gets closer to
the production truck and notices the door opening as SmackDown's new backstage
correspondent Anastacia Rose comes out, holding a microphone. Randy raises an
eyebrow as he stops walking and stands right in front of the metal steps that lead to the
production truck's door. "Now you're new aren't you?" Randy asks with a smirk.

The sassy and sexy Hispanic, Anastacia Rose, raises an eyebrow and smiles "Yeah...I
am..." Anastacia replies as she presses her sultry lips together and locks seductively at
Randy Orton, while she is dressed in a tight pair of hip-hugger jeans and a white top
"You're Randy Orton, aren't you?"

Randy Orton smirks, "You know my name.... that's good... means your smarter than some
prissy ones who can't cut it around here..." Randy says with an arrogant tone of voice.
"When did you start?"

Anastacia lightly shrugs her shoulders and smiles "Oh just a few weeks ago..." Anastacia
Rose says with a soft laugh as she gently rests the microphone in her left hand against her

Randy nods his head yeah, "Really? You must be on the SmackDown brand... with that
B-Level Champion.... that must really suck for you...." Randy says as he checks
Anastacia out.

Anastacia seductively locks her sultry, irresistible eyes with the dangerous, egoistical
Legend Killer "It's alright..." Anastacia presses her lips together and rolls her eyes a bit
"It's a shame that when SmackDown's Champion, Batista, gave me a thrill..." Anastacia
pauses and looks down disappointedly "He only lasted one minute...'

"That's a record for that lazy fuck...." Randy Orton laughs, "But let's face it, he's no where
near the quality of a star that I am.... after all... I'm the WWE Champion... meaning that at
this very moment, I'm the best at everything in the WWE." Randy licks his lips, "And
that includes showing that I'm not only a Legend Killer... but also a Diva Thriller as

Anastacia slyly smirks "Diva Thriller, huh?" Anastacia says before licking her sultry lips
"Care to show me, senor?"

Randy Orton slowly puts his WWE Championship belt down on the bottom step. "Well I
got a few minutes to spare..." Randy says as he unbuckles his belt, followed by undoing
his black slacks. The dangerously hot Legend Killer pushes down his slacks, along with
his white boxer-shorts to free his thick, hardening twelve inch cock. "I don't want to
sound too vain... but I know what I got is bigger than what that lazy fucker Batista gave

Anastacia seductively smirks and licks her sultry lips as her desirable eyes lock on
Randy's hardening "Mmm...oh yeah, much bigger senor. Gracias..." Anastacia says slyly
before she sinks down her knees in front of the dangerous Legend Killer and begins to
place her sensual hands around his shaft to stroke his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips as the sassy Hispanic Diva slowly strokes his cock,
"Mmmm.... I can tell already that you going to enjoy this..." Randy says as he takes off
his collared shirt to reveal his tanned, muscular upper body. Anastacia raises an eyebrow
as she glances up at Randy Orton's muscular, tanned chest and she tosses her light brown,
red tinted hair back while she smoothly moves her hands against his thick shaft.
Anastacia lowers her head and gently flicks her wet tongue against the head of his cock
before she opens her mouth and takes his cock eagerly into her hot Hispanic mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Randy Orton closes his eyes slightly as he feels Anastacia taking his
twelve inch cock into her hot Hispanic mouth. Randy puts his left hand on the side of
Anastacia's head as she starts to bob her head on his shaft.

Anastacia presses her sensual lips around Randy's cock as she smoothly bobs her head on
his thick cock, gently lapping her wet tongue around his thick shaft "Mmmm...mmm..."
Anastacia Rose softly moans while she lowers her head further down on his shaft, taking
him deeper into her hot mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm... suck it..." Randy moans as Anastacia slowly deep throats his
twelve inch cock. The dangerous Legend Killer moves his left hand to the make of
Anastacia's head and grabs a handful of her reddish brown hair as she blows him.

"Mmmmm!" Anastacia moans around Randy's cock as his shaft moves swiftly in and out
of her hot, sassy mouth. Anastacia's hot saliva drips against his shaft as she starts to
smoothly rock on her knees, forward to Randy, in order to take his cock deeper into her

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Randy Orton licks his lips as he feels the head of his cock tapping
against the back of Anastacia's mouth as she makes sure to get every inch of his cock into
her hot Hispanic mouth. Anastacia gently taps her soft tongue against the bottom side of
Randy's thick cock before she slowly lifts her head up and lustfully looks up at the
dangerous, handsome Legend Killer. Anastacia seductively scoots back on her knees
before she lifts her white top off and exposes her large, nicely rounded Hispanic tits.

Randy Orton steps out of his slacks and boxer-shorts as he looks at Anastacia's hot, round
Hispanic tits, "Impressive..." Randy says as he licks his lips when Anastacia starts
unbutton her tight fitting hip-hugger jeans.

Anastacia smiles up at Randy and laughs seductively "Gracias..." Anastacia Rose replies
as she stands up from the floor of the indoor parking facility and pushes her tight hip-
hugger jeans down from her nicely rounded waist to expose her hot, sexy black g-string
panties. Randy smirks as he looks down at the sexy, hot pair of black g-string panties that
Anastacia is wearing. Randy steps forward towards her and puts his hands on her hips so
that he can push them down from her waist. Anastacia presses her lips together as her
black g-string panties are lowered from her waist and then down her smooth, stunning
legs as her smoothly shaven, hot Hispanic pussy is revealed to the dangerous Randy

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Very nice..." Randy says as he looks down at Anastacia's hot,
shaved Hispanic pussy. The dangerously studdly Legend Killer waits until Anastacia
steps out of her g-string panties before he has her sit down on the middle step of the
production trunk's steps. Randy then lifts up and spread the hot Hispanic Diva's smooth
legs so that he can lean himself downward and push his thick, hard Diva Thrilling twelve
inch cock into her pussy

"Ohhhh...." Anastacia Rose softly moans as she presses her teeth together and seductively
narrows her eyes as Randy Orton begins to thrust his cock in and out of her warm, tight

Randy holds Anastacia's legs up as he thrusts his cock in and out of her tight Hispanic
pussy, "Mmmm.... yeah..." Randy moans as he pushes his cock deeply into her pussy
with each thrust. The Legend Killer's thrusts are deliberately slow at first, but at the same
time, incredibly firm.

Anastacia licks her lips as she looks forward and locks her sultry eyes with Randy Orton
as the dangerous Legend Killer thrusts his cock firmly into her tight pussy
"Ohhh...ohhhh" Anastacia moans as she gently pushes her hot Hispanic body against
Randy's cock.

Randy smirks, "You like that don't you..." Randy says as he gradually starts to increase
the pace of his thrusts. The change in Randy's pace is very noticeable for he also makes
his thrusts harder, so that he's quickly and sharply pumping his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh Si, senor..." Anastacia moans as she places her hands onto Randy's
strong, muscular arms while she gently pushes herself against Randy's firmly thrusting

"Uhhh mmmm...." Randy moans and smirks as Anastacia holds onto to his muscular
arms as he pumps his cock deeply and quickly into her pussy. Randy's balls slap against
Anastacia's smooth skin with each of his thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh shit! Ohhhhh!" Anastacia Rose moans as her hot Hispanic body moves
swiftly against Randy's cock as he deeply fucks her warm, tight pussy.

Randy smirks and quickly pulls his cock out of Anastacia's pussy and stands up. "Turn
over... let me see that ass..." Randy says as he lowers Anastacia's legs so that she's
completely sitting on the middle step of the production truck's steps. Anastacia raises an
eyebrow and smirks before she starts to turn over onto her stomach while on the steps of
the production truck. Anastacia kneels down on the middle step, rising her nicely
rounded, Hispanic ass into the air.

Because of the height of the steps, Randy Orton doesn't even have to kneel to get his cock
perfectly lined up with Anastacia's asshole. "Mmmm.... yeah..." Randy says as he pushes
his twelve inch cock into the hot Hispanic Diva's tight asshole, which makes her rock
forward on the middle step.

"Oooooo....owwww..." Anastacia softly moans as she closes her eyes and presses her soft
lips together while she smoothly rocks forward on the middle step. Anastacia gently
pushes her nicely rounded, hot ass back against Randy's cock as he thrusts easily into her
tight asshole.

"Mmmm... I bet that lazy fucker Batista wouldn't last long in your ass..." Randy laughs as
he grabs Anastacia's hips and pulls her back against him while he pumps his large dick in
and out of her asshole. With each thrust, Randy pushes his cock deeper into Anastacia's
tight Hispanic asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck! Si, senor!" Anastacia Rose moans loudly as her juicy Hispanic ass
cheeks smack against Randy Orton's muscular waist as he deeply rams his thick cock into
her tight asshole.

"Ahhhh uhhh yeah..." Randy Orton moans as he increase the pace of his thrusts as he
rams his cock balls deep into Anastacia's Hispanic asshole. Randy's large balls slap
loudly against the hot and sassy Hispanic Diva's juicy ass cheeks as he fucks her.

Anastacia glances over her shoulder, with her teeth gritted together, as she roughly is
pulled back by the dangerous Legend Killer, Randy Orton, while he forces his cock
deeper into her tight ass "Ohhhh! Mmmmm! Fuck!" Anastacia moans as she begins to

"Mmmmm... ahhh uhhh yeah... mmm..." Randy Orton licks his teeth as he pounds
Anastacia's hot ass with his thick, hard cock. Randy then clenches his teeth together has
he starts to cum deep inside of Anastacia's hot, juicy ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Anastacia moans as she roughly rocks forward on her knees after Randy
deeply slams his cock into her ass and begins to cum, flooding her asshole with his warm
cum "Ohhhh...mmm senor" The sweat dripping sultry backstage correspondent moans.

Randy Orton holds his cock deep inside of Anastacia's asshole as he continues to cum.
Once he's spent he slowly pulls out, "I bet that was ten times better than you got from that
lazy B-Level Champion..." Randy says as he smacks Anastacia's ass with his right hand.

Anastacia slowly turns around to sit on the middle step and she nods her head with a
smile "Mmm...oh yeah...definitely better and much longer!"

Randy Orton smirks, "That's good to know...." Randy says before he narrows his eyes. He
suddenly reaches forward to grab Anastacia's head, turns around and does a running
version of his RKO, dropping her down to the hard ground from the middle step.

Randy turns over onto his stomach and plants his fists down on the ground as he looks at
the knocked out Anastacia Rose, "That's what you get for fucking that lazy prick first...


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