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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller 24: Dangerous Desires
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the early morning hours on September 10, 2007, around 2 AM, Legendary WWE
Diva Sunny is riding the elevator up to her hotel room after getting gang
banged by the Rated R Superstar Edge and a few of his friends on the active
WWE Roster. Sunny is dressed in her short black skirt and one of Edge's Rated
R Superstar t-shirts as she carries her white blouse. The elevator doors open
when it reaches the seventh floor and she steps out to head to her hotel
room. Sunny tosses her sweat soaked blond hair back as she sees someone
standing down the hallway. As she gets closer to her hotel room, she can see
that the Legend Killer Randy Orton is standing right in front of her hotel
room. Orton is dressed black slacks and a white collared short sleeved shirt
as he looks at down at his watch.

Sunny raises an eyebrow and presses her luscious, soft lips together as she
places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips and starts to approached the
dangerous Legend Killer, as she sways her hips seductively from side to side
as she walks "Excuse me? Can I help you?" Sunny asks with a bit of a cute

Randy Orton smirks as he looks at the always controversial blond haired
beauty, "Yeah... you could've shown up a lot sooner..." Randy says with a
very cocky and disrespectful tone.

"Show up? For what?" Sunny asks as she looks at Randy Orton with her playful,
seductive eyes.

Randy Orton smirks, "To get killed of course... I am a Legend Killer after
all..." Randy says, sounding as if he's either joking or kidding as he checks
Sunny out.

Sunny laughs a bit and slowly nods "Legend Killer? That's funny..." The sexy,
controversial Sunny replies as she licks her lips "Because...I guess you
could call me a Legend Fucker...I've fucked so many Superstars that have
become Legends..."

Randy Orton smirks as he licks his lips, "Really? Well I'm a legend in the
making... I've knocked off many Legends... including some who apparently had
some sunny days with you."

Sunny smirks and folds her arms against her large chest "You're cocky...I
like that!" Sunny says as she seductively licks her lips and slyly glances
down at the crotch of Randy's pants "Care to let me make a Legend out of
you?" Sunny asks.

"You mean do I care to let you increase my growing legendary status..." Randy
licks his lips and smirk. "Open your hotel room..." Randy says as he takes a
step to his left.

Sunny tosses her slightly sweet dampened hair back as she steps forward and
smirks at Randy Orton "Aren't we pushy..." Sunny says with a laugh as the
original, controversial WWE Diva slides her hotel key into the lock and opens
the door to her hotel room.

Randy smirks, "As if you weren't in your career..." Randy says as he enters
Sunny's hotel room after she does. The Legend Killer closers the hotel room
door just as Sunny turns on the lights.

" want a piece of Sunny?" The controversial Diva asks as she locks
her lustful eyes with the dangerous Legend Killer, while he closes and locks
the door behind him.

Randy smirks, "A piece? No... I want to the whole damn thing..." Randy says
as he puts his hands on the blond haired beauty and pushes her towards the
luxury sized hotel room bed. Sunny playfully tilts her head back and laughs
as she falls back onto the large, luxury sized bed and licks her seducing
lips, locking her eyes as the dangerous Legend Killer stalks his
controversial and extremely sexy prey.

Randy licks his teeth slightly, "Perfect..." Randy Orton says as he steps
over to the bed and bends down to begin pulling off Sunny's short black skirt
from her tanned hips.

Sunny lifts her perfectly shaped ass off of the bed as Randy removes her
short black skirt from her tanned waist and down her long, smooth and tanned
legs to reveal her hot and smoothly shaven pussy. Sunny glances down and
laughs as she sees her bare pussy "Oops...I must have forgotten my

Randy smirks, "Let me guess... down in the parking lot?" Randy says as he
kneels down a bit and holds Sunny's legs apart. The Legend Killer leans his
head down and instantly starts to lap his tongue against Sunny's delightful

"Ohhhh shit..." Sunny moans as she feels Randy's sly, wet tongue moving
against her soft pussy "Mmm...fuck, how'd you know?"

Randy lifts his head and smirks, "I know all about you..." Randy says as he
lowers his head back down and resumes lapping his tongue against Sunny's
pussy. The studdly Legend Killer unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the
loops of his slacks.

Sunny raises an eyebrow with interest as she sits up and props herself up on
her hands and leans back slightly "Oh? And how so?" Sunny asks with a smirk
as she lightly pushes her experienced pussy against Randy's tongue and lips
as her eats out the desirable Sunny's pussy.

Randy undoes his slacks and starts to push them down from his waist as he
lifts his head up from Sunny's pussy, "Easy... once a slut... always a
slut..." Randy says as he frees his twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock. Randy
also takes off his shirt, revealing his smooth, muscular and incredible hot
upper body before he resumes eating Sunny's sweet pussy.

Sunny narrows her eyes a bit as she looks down at Randy Orton as he furiously
laps his tongue against her warm, wet and experienced pussy "Ohhhh shit..."
Sunny moans before she lifts the Edge Rated R Superstar t-shirt off of her
toned, tanned upper body to expose her large tanned tits. " you know about...the ohhhh...parking lot?" Sunny asks between moans
as she pushes her pussy against his handsome, charming face.

Randy darts his tongue in and out of Sunny's warm wet pussy as she grinds her
pussy on his face. The Legend Killer lifts his head up again from Sunny's
pussy, "I saw you fucking Edge after you nearly ran him over..." Randy says
as he steps out of his slacks. Randy presses his knees against the edge of
the bed and leans forward so that he can push his twelve inch Legend Killer
cock into Sunny's warm saliva coated pussy.

"Ohhhhh..." Sunny groans as she keeps her smooth, tanned legs spread while
feeling Randy Orton's rock hard Diva Thrilling cock enter her warm, tight
pussy. Sunny lightly grabs at the sheets of the bed with her hands as Randy
starts to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy "So...I like to be
controversial! Your point?!" Sunny moans as she lays her head back on the
large hotel room bed.

Randy keeps his hands on Sunny's legs as he pumps his twelve inch cock in and
out of her controversial pussy, "Mmmm... who said I was making a point..."
Randy licks his lips as he deeply thrusts his cock into Sunny's pussy so that
his balls smack against parts of Sunny's tanned ass cheeks.

Sunny grits her teeth as she starts to smoothly grind her experienced pussy
against the Legend Killer's deeply thrusting cock "Ohhhh fuck...mmmm I know
you're loving Sunny right now!" She moans with a laugh as she lifts her
tanned legs and gently presses them around his muscular waist.

Randy smirks as he deeply and repeatedly drives his cock in and out of
Sunny's tight pussy. "Mmmm... I know you want me...." Randy pauses to lick
his teeth before finishing his sentence "To fuck you harder..." Randy grunts
as he fucks the legendary WWE Diva.

"Ohhhh you bet I do! I love a good fucking!" Sunny moans and laughs as she
tosses her sweat dripping blond hair back as she starts to roughly grind her
warm, wet pussy against his shaft before she leans up slightly and places her
controversial hands onto Randy's strong, muscular tanned arms.

"Ahhh uhhh yeah... mmm" Randy Orton licks his lips as he pumps his cock
harder and faster into Sunny's warm tight pussy. The Legend Killer places his
hands on Sunny's hips and rolls over so that he's laying on the bed with the
blond haired beauty on top of his twelve inch cock. "Uhhh yeah..." Randy
groans as he starts to lift her up and down on his Diva Thrilling dick.

Sunny licks her lips and seductively moves her soft hands from Randy's strong
arms to his muscular, tanned chest while she expertly rocks back and forth on
his rock hard cock "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh just like the old days!" Sunny
moans with a laugh as the controversial Diva rides Randy Orton's cock with

"Yeah I fucking bet..." Randy smirks as he easily lifts Sunny up and down on
his thick twelve inch cock. Randy licks his lips as Sunny slides her hands
over his muscular and perfectly tanned chest while he bounces her on his dick

The controversial, hot original WWE Diva leans down and locks her seductive
eyes with Randy Orton while she flicks her wet tongue against Randy's left
nipple. Sunny smoothly grinds her hot pussy back and forth on his shaft while
she rocks her experienced hot body. "Mmmmmmm!" Sunny moans as she traces her
tongue around his nipple.

"Mmmm... kinky little minx aren't you..." Randy moans as he feels Sunny
circling her experienced tongue around his left nipple. Randy moves his hands
to Sunny's Slammy Award winning ass and begins to thrust his cock firmly up
into her tight wet pussy.

Sunny smirks as she lifts her seductive eyes "You like that, baby?" Sunny
asks as she smoothly back on Randy Orton's cock as he deeply thrusts his cock
up into her warm pussy.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Randy Orton licks his lips as he thrusts his cock
upward into Sunny's tight pussy. Randy gropes Sunny's ass while he rams his
cock up into her pussy.

Sunny licks her experienced lips and laughs "Good..." The sexy, energetic
Diva moans before she turns her head to Randy's right nipple and starts to
trace her tongue around and against the nipple as she firmly bounces and
rocks on Randy's cock, her tanned body grind down on his muscular body while
sweat drips off the beauty's body.

"Mmmm... that's twice... it's still nice..." Randy moans as he stops lifting
his hips and pushes Sunny up off of his twelve inch cock before moving her
off of his muscular body. The Legend Killer then stands up from the bed and
then rolls Sunny over onto her hands and knees so that he can look at her
gorgeous ass, "That ass won you a Slammy back in 96?" Randy asks with a
doubtful tone on his face.

Sunny glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks "You bet...and still
the best buns in the business!" Sunny replies with a laugh before the
controversially hot Diva seductively sways her nicely rounded, tanned
ass in front of the Legend Killer.

"I can name a lot of hotter asses..." Randy says with a smirk as he licks
his lips. The well hung Legend Killer spreads Sunny's ass cheeks apart with
his hands so that he can firmly plunge his twelve inch cock into her tight

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Sunny moans as she feels her asshole being stretched by Randy
Orton's thick shaft "Mmm...that's the difference with you new're
all talk!" Sunny moans as she closes her eyes and starts to easily rock back
on her hands and knees to push her tanned body against Randy's thrusting cock
as he slams deeply into her controversial ass.

Randy keeps his hands on Sunny's ass as he pumps his cock roughly in and out
of her tight asshole, "Mmmm.... keep that in mind later..." Randy grunts as
he pounds Sunny's gorgeous ass with his twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock.

Sunny presses her lips together and tilts her head back slightly as the
original Diva guides her body back against Randy's thrusting cock,
continually rocking back and forth on her knees. "Ohhhh...ohhhhhh shit!"
Sunny groans as her ass presses against Randy's muscular waist as he holds
his cock deep in her ass.

"Mmmm uhhhh ahhh yea..." Randy Orton licks his teeth as he moves his hands to
Sunny's hips to jerk her back towards him while he ram his cock harder into
her ass. "Think I'm all talk now?" Randy asks as his leans his legs against
the edge of the bed to give himself more leverage to ram his cock all the way
into Sunny's ass.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck!" Sunny moans loudly as she drips with sweat
from her encounter now and her previous two encounters with the Rated R
Superstar, Edge. "Mmmmmm fuck!" Sunny moans as she is wickedly jerked back
against Randy's throbbing cock as he slams himself roughly and deeply into
Sunny's controversial hot ass.

"Ahhhh uhhh yea..." Randy moans as he continues to pound his cock in and out
of Sunny's asshole. Randy's large balls smack against Sunny's tanned ass with
each of his thrusts, "I bet you fucking want to suck this dick..." Randy
grunts as he keeps fucking the always-controversial blond haired beauty.

Sunny glances back and locks her lustfilled eyes with Randy "I'm always up
from that..." Sunny says with a laugh as she continues to push her desirable,
controversially hot body back against Randy's cock.

Randy Orton slows his thrusts down and then pulls his cock out of Sunny's
asshole, "Then make like all those losers your managed and suck..." Randy
says as he takes a step back away from the edge of the bed.

Sunny raises an eyebrow and grits her teeth a bit "You have no respect, do
you?" Sunny replies as she sits up on her knees while on the bed before she
wraps her hands around his throbbing shaft before she takes him into her hot

"For a slut that changed tag teams just to be near the Tag Team titles three
consecutive times.... why should I have respect..." Randy moans as he puts
his hands on Sunny's head to push her head all the way down on his twelve
inch cock.

"MMMMMM!" Sunny moans an unpleasant reply to the dangerous and cocky Legend
Killer as he forces his throbbing cock deeply into her wet mouth. Sunny's
soft lips press tightly around his shaft before he forces the original WWE
Diva to bob her head on his cock.

"Ohhh yeah... suck that fucking cock..." Randy moans as he lifts and lowers
Sunny's head on his twelve inch cock. The dangerous Legend Killer moves his
hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

Sunny lifts her eyes and glares up at the dangerous Legend Killer "MMMM!
MMMMM!" Sunny slightly protests around Randy's throbbing cock as he roughly
pushes his cock deeply into her hot mouth. Sunny lips grind and rub on his
shaft as the head of his cock slams against the back of her controversial

"Ahhhh uhhh yeah... get ready to fucking swallow..." Randy moans as he shoves
Sunny's head all the way down on his cock so that the head of his shaft is
pressing against the back of her throat. Moments later, the Legend Killer
begin to cum, flooding Sunny's warm, wet mouth with a large amount of his

"MMMMMMM!" Sunny moans as her lips tightly clamp around Randy's thick,
painfully throbbing cock as his warm cum sprays into her wet mouth. Sunny
closes her eyes as she slaps her tongue against the bottom side of his
throbbing shaft as the experienced Diva greedily swallows his cum.

Randy keeps Sunny's head on his cock before he jerks her off, which causes
his cock to smack against her face, "Still think I'm all talk?" Randy asks
with a smirk as he glares at the blond haired beauty.

Sunny raises an eyebrow and smirks as she glances up at the dangerous,
arrogant Legend Killer "Well...I do know one Legend Fucker charm
doesn't always work..." Sunny presses her lips together after insulting Randy

"Is that right?" Randy asks, "Well... there's only one thing I can say...."
The Legend Killer suddenly grabs Sunny's blond haired head and viciously
RKO's her off of the bed down to the hotel room floor knocking her out. Randy
licks his lips as he gets to his feet and looks down at Sunny, "And that's...
I'm a Legend Killer... and I'm not all talk."


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