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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller 25: Killer Rated R Instincts
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As Vince McMahon is in the ring, announcing who is the greatest Superstar in
RAW History during the RAW 15th Anniversary show on December 10, 2007, The
Rated R Superstar Edge and The Legend Killer Randy Orton have cornered the
Trish Stratus in the backstage area. Edge is dressed in wrestling tights and
Randy is dressed in his wrestling shorts. "Well... well Trish... been over a
year since you left... bet you missed us haven't you..." Randy says as he
licks his lips.

"Yeah Trish... being at home day in and day out must really have you itching
for some real action," Edge adds as he licks his teeth.

Trish Stratus folds her arms and raises an eyebrow as she looks at the
equally dangerous Randy Orton and Edge "Actually...I couldn't be more
disgusted by either of you!" Trish replies pressing her soft lips together,
while dressed in a pair of tight hip-hugger gray pants and a white t-shirt.
"I mean..." Trish begins to say before motioning with her hands towards the
Rated R Superstar "I'm disgusted by what you're doing to Vickie Guerrero...
let's face don't LOVE her!" Trish says before glancing at Randy
Orton with an even more disgusted, but cute look "And...well...I'm just
disgusted by you being Randy..."

Randy Orton smirks, "Oh now I know you don't mean that.... no one is
disgusted with me being me... and I know you haven't seen a hot stud like
me in a long time..." Randy says with a cocky tone.

Edge puts his hands on his waist "You don't know that I don't love Vickie...
I love what doing Vickie gets me..." Edge laughs.

Trish rolls her eyes and shakes her gorgeous blond hair "Whatever..." Trish
Stratus says, not wanting to deal with either Randy Orton or Edge. Trish
takes a deep breath before she unfolds her arms and tries to step away from
the dangerous Legend Killer and the perverted Rated R Superstar.

Edge grabs Trish's right wrist, "Where do you think you're going?" Edge says
as he pulls the seven-time Women's Champion towards him. "I know you want
some Rated R action..." Edge says as he starts to lower his wrestling tights
to bring out his thirteen inch cock.

Trish grits her teeth and narrows her beautiful eyes as she tries to struggle
her wrist free from Edge's firm grip "Edge stop it!" Trish yells a bit as her
attempts fail. Trish pleading looks over at the dangerous and violent Legend
Killer, hoping that he might possibly come to his senses and interfere before
Edge roughly jerks on Trish's right wrist "Ohhhh owww..." Trish innocently
cries out.

"Give me some Stratusfaction bitch..." Edge licks his teeth as she shoves
Trish down to her knees in front of him. The sexually crazed Rated R
Superstar firmly holds Trish's wrist as he uses his free hand to pull
Trish's head towards his cock.

Randy Orton smirks, "Boy you're impatient... guess you didn't get enough
Sunny delights last night..." Randy laughs as he starts to remove his
wrestling shorts.

Trish looks up at Randy Orton as he removes his wrestling shorts to free his
twelve inch cock. Trish then looks back up at Edge and shakes her head "No!
No!" Trish protests before Edge places his hands on the back of her blond
hair head, forcing her to take his cock into her warm and wet Stratusfying
mouth. "MMMMMM!" Trish screams around Edge's thick Rated R cock.

Edge licks his teeth as he lets go of Trish's wrist in order to firmly hold
onto her head with both hands, "Yeah Trish... I know you missed sucking my
dick!" Edge moans as he pushes and pulls Trish's head along the length of
his Rated R cock.

Randy smirks as he bends down to grab Trish's right hand in order to force
her to stroke his cock, "Don't leave me out you blond haired bitch..." The
Legend Killer smirks.

"MMMMMM!" Trish moans as she shakes her head on Edge's thirteen inch cock,
protesting, and causing her soft lips to grind against his shaft while he
pumps his spearing cock in and out of Trish's warm mouth. Trish closes her
eyes as she feels Randy's shaft against the palm of her right hand as he
move her head against his cock, forcing her to stroke his cock.

"Ahhhh uhhh yeah.... mmm that's it slut... suck that fucking cock!" Edge
moans as he fucks Trish's Stratusfying mouth.

Randy smirks as he forces Trish to stroke his cock with her right hand, "Damn
Trish... your hands are so smooth.... a year off from fuckin' half the locker
room did you wonders..." Randy Orton laughs. Trish firmly presses her soft
lips around Edge's rock hard cock as he pushes his cock deeper into her warm
and saliva dripping wet mouth. With Trish's firm lips clamped around his
shaft, it causes Edge to experience enjoyable, erotic pain. Trish lifts her
pleading eyes up and looks at Edge and Randy as she is forced to suck Edge's
cock while feeling Randy's cock with her smooth hand.

"Awww yeah... that's a good fucking slut!" Edge moans as Trish traps his
thirteen inch between her soft pouty lips. The Rated R Superstar licks his
teeth before he pulls his shaft out of Trish's mouth and smacks her face
with it.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "My turn bitch..." Randy says as he grabs Trish's
head with his free hand in order to force his twelve inch cock into her
Stratusfying mouth.

"MMMMMM NO!" Trish screams her innocent, soothing mouth is forced to take
the dangerous Legend Killer's twelve inch cock. Trish tries lifting her
blond haired head off of Randy Orton's cock, however he only pushes her
head further down onto his shaft, causing the beautiful Canadian native to
painfully gag on his cock.

"Uhhhh ohhh yeah... fuck yeah!" Randy moans as he deeply pumps his foot long
cock in and out of Trish's innocent mouth. Randy pulls on her blond hair as
his balls smack against her chin. Trish slowly looks up at the dangerous and
cocky Legend Killer with innocent and weakened eyes as her warm mouth is
violated by his Legend Killer cock moving quickly and roughly into her mouth.
Trish's wet, sensual saliva slowly drips onto his shaft as her lips brush
against the bottom and upper sides of his cock.

Randy Orton licks his lips, "Ohhh yeah... mmm suck that cock!" Randy moans as
he moves his hips back and forth as he pushes his cock deeply into Trish's

Edge licks his teeth as he steps around behind Trish and jerks her up to her
feet so that she's bent over, "Let's see that juicy ass!" Edge says as he
rips down Trish's gray hip- hugger pants from her waist.

The seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, suddenly manages to jerk
her blond haired head off of Randy Orton's cock. Trish turns around with her
teeth gritted and starts to impressively manage to put up a fit against the
Rated R Superstar by slamming her hands against his muscular, toned and
tanned chest "Get the fuck away!"

Edge smirks as takes a step back after Trish slammed her hands against his
chest, "I don't fucking think so..." Edge says as he grabs Trish's arms and
pulls her towards him. The Rated R Superstar then lifts Trish up so that he
can lower her tight pussy onto his thirteen inch Rated R cock.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Trish moves and grits her teeth tightly as he pulls her body
down roughly onto his thirteen inch cock as he starts to thrust his cock into
her warm pussy, while she attempts to fight over the Rated R invasion of her
moist pussy.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he steps behind Trish, "Damn Trish you really
missed this..." Randy laughs as he roughly forces his Diva Thrilling cock
into Trish's tight asshole. Edge puts his hands underneath Trish's legs as
he roughly spears Trish's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Trish cries out and closes her eyes as Edge lifts her smooth,
tanned legs onto his waist forcing Trish to wraps them around his muscular
waist as the dangerous Legend Killer and the sex-crazed Rated R Superstar
slam their cocks deeply into the seductive and innocently hot Canadian

Edge licks his teeth as he holds onto Trish's legs while he fucks her warm
tight and Stratusfying pussy, "Mmmmm ohhhh yeah! Fuck yeah Trish!" Edge licks
his teeth as he slams his cock balls deep into her pussy.

Randy Orton licks his lips as he reaches around Trish to rip open her white
t-shirt, revealing her large round tits as he pounds her ass with firm, quick
thrusts, "Mmmmm uhhh yeah... take that cock deep in your ass slut!" Randy

"Ohhhhh....please stop!" Trish groans as she closes her eyes while the
beautiful former Women's Champion quickly rocks before the former Rated RKO
teammates, grind her now exposed tanned body between them.

Edge laughs, "No fucking way... you walked out before I could spear your ass
out of the WWE... this is pay back!" Edge laughs as he continues to spear
Trish's pussy.

Randy licks his lips as he fucks Trish's ass, "Hey I like fucking your ass...
I ain't stopping..." Randy replies with a laugh. Trish grits her teeth as she
leans back against Randy's smooth, tanned and muscular gorgeous chest as she
roughly rocks forward on Edge's thirteen inch cock, when Randy rams his
dangerous cock up into her asshole.

Randy pulls his cock out of Trish's ass, "Hey Edge... I want to fuck this
bitch's tight pussy..." Randy says.

"Sure thing... but I'm not pulling out..." Edge says as he expertly drops
down to the floor so that he's laying on his back with Trish on top of him.

"Fine by me..." Randy says as he kneels down behind Trish and begins to push
his twelve inch cock into Trish's tight stuffed pussy.

Trish grits her teeth tightly together as she glances over her shoulder
"Ohhhh you son of a bitch!" Trish screams as she winces a bit, feeling
Randy's cock forcing into her tight, cock filled pussy to join Edge's
Rated R cock. Trish grabs at Edge's muscular chest as the sick, perverted
former Rated RKO teammates start to both thrust their cocks in Trish's

"Shut up and take it!" Randy yells as grabs onto Trish's shoulders as he
starts to pump his cock in and out of Trish's pussy from behind with firm
rough thrusts. Edge licks his teeth as he puts his hand on Trish's large
tits while lifting his teeth up into her RKO stuffed pussy.

Trish looks down at Edge and bites down on her bottom lip as she roughly
rocks forward against his shaft, while Randy slams his cock into her tight,
wet pussy from behind. "Ohhhhh why...ohhh why are you doing this!?" Trish
moans as her pussy grinds on Edge's shaft, while her soft hands move against
his muscular tanned chest.

Trish looks down at Edge and bites down on her bottom lip as she roughly
rocks forward against his shaft, while Randy slams his cock into her tight,
wet pussy from behind. "Ohhhhh why...ohhh why are you doing this!?" Trish
moans as her pussy grinds on Edge's shaft, while her soft hands move against
his muscular tanned chest.

"Because we fucking can..." Edge laughs and groans as he feels up Trish's
tits while pumping his cock in and out of Trish's pussy along side Randy
Orton's stiff cock.

"Doesn't hurt that you're a hot blond slut!" Randy laughs as he smacks
Trish's ass with his left hand.

Trish closes her eyes as she lowers her head and grits her teeth tightly as
she feels Randy Orton's cock firmly drilling her pussy, while Edge enjoys
Trish rocking on his shaft due to Randy's thrusts "Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck! You

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah.... mmmm!" Edge groans as he begins to cum inside of Trish's
hot tight double stuffed pussy.

Randy Orton sharply drives his cock in and out Trish's pussy from behind,
"Mmmm you're such a slut!" Randy groans as he pulls his throbbing cock out of
Trish's pussy and begins to shoot his cum on her tanned, juicy Stratus-tastic
ass cheeks. Trish slowly lifts her head and glances back over her shoulder to
glare at the dangerous Legend Killer as his warm cum drips down her tanned,
juicy ass while Edge's Rated R cum fills her pussy.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm fuck Trish... you still got a hot pussy... " Edge
says with a laugh.

Randy finishes cumming on Trish's ass and smirks when he sees the look she is
giving him, "Got something to say bitch?" Randy asks as he stands up.

Trish narrows her eyes and presses her lips together as she lifts herself
off of Edge's cock and turns around to face Randy Orton "Go to hell!" Trish
shouts as she stands up to the dangerous, handsome Legend Killer.

"You first...." Randy says before he suddenly grabs Trish's head and
viciously drops her down to the ground with a powerful RKO that knocks out
the Canadian Bombshell upon hitting the floor.

Edge gets up from the floor and smirks, "Hey... I wasn't done catching up
with her..." Edge says with a laugh. The tanned, sweat covered and violated
Trish Stratus lays on the floor, with her innocent eyes closed as she is
knocked completely unconscious after the vicious RKO she took from Randy

Randy Orton smirks, "Why deal with her? Isn't that red-headed skank you used
to fuck here tonight?" Randy asks.

"Lita... yeah she is..." Edge licks his teeth.

* * *

Minutes later after violating Trish, Edge is once again wearing his wrestling
pants and Orton is pulling up his wrestling shorts, "That wasn't half bad...
pretty Stratusfying... " Edge laughs as he licks his teeth.

"Yeah... so where's that slut Lita at?" Randy asks as the fiery redheaded
former WWE Diva known as Lita comes around the corner as she looks for Trish,
and ends up seeing her laying, naked on the floor as Randy and Edge finish
getting dressed.

"What the...." Lita begins to says as she sees the unconscious Trish Stratus
laying on the floor. Lita looks up and narrows her eyes as she sees her
former Rated R lover, Edge, and his Rated RKO teammate Randy Orton. "What the
hell is going on!?" Lita shouts with disgust on her face, while dressed in a
pair of tight navy blue pants and a navy blue top.

Edge licks his teeth, "Hey babe... long time no fuck..." Edge says as he
checks out his former raunchy redheaded girlfriend. Randy chuckles slightly
as Edge steps over to Lita.

Lita puts her hands up as she backs away shaking her red-haired head "I can't
believe I was associated with you two!" Lita says as she then glances down at
the fallen Trish Stratus "I have to get her some guys are sick!"

"Whoa Lita... you are not going anywhere babe..." Edge says as he grabs
Lita's left wrist.

"Yeah... we were just coming to screw you..." Randy adds as he grabs Lita's
right wrist.

"Well...thanks...but I'm not interested!" Lita says pressing her lips

"Bullshit..." Randy laughs, "You not interested is like saying that lame fuck
who's losing his belt on Sunday is a good champion...."

Edge smirks as he tightens his grip on Lita's wrist, "I'm just going to
assume you were talking about Batista just now..." Edge says, "Now let's
take Lita some place... else..." Edge says as he pulls Lita towards him,
which causes Randy to let go of her right wrist. The sexually crazed
Rated R Superstar then forces Lita to start walking down the hallway.

Randy licks his lips, "There's an empty storage room up ahead..." Randy says
as he follows behind his former RKO associates.

Lita raises an eyebrow as she glances, disgustedly, at her former Rated R
lover "What the hell has gotten into you?!" Lita snaps as Randy Orton follows
from behind, making sure the feisty redhead can not dodge the sickly twisted
former Rated RKO teammates.

Edge licks his teeth, "Lita... you should be worried about what the hell is
going to be getting into you in a few minutes..." Edge says as he tests the
first door they come too, which opens easily, revealing the room Randy
mentioned just moments ago. Edge then shoves the feisty redheaded former WWE
Diva into the room before he and Randy enters. Lita stumbles a bit as she
enters the semi-darkened storage closet before she turns around to face the
dangerous and sexually crazed Edge and Randy Orton.

"I think I'll go first this time..." Randy says as he lowers his wrestling
shorts, revealing his hardening twelve inch cock. "Trish really missed me...
I bet you do too..." Randy laughs as he steps towards Lita.

Lita shakes her head "I don't think so..." Lita says as she folds her arms
and glares at the dangerous Legend Killer.

"You say that as if we're going to care what you think..." Randy says before
he grabs Lita and forces her down to her knees in front of him with ease.
Edge licks his teeth and smirks as he takes off his wrestling tights,
exposing his thirteen inch cock as it once again becomes fully hard. Randy
guides his cock towards Lita's mouth and glares at you, "You fucking bite me
bitch and I'll make sure that you get squashed and ass fucked by Big Daddy
V..." Randy says in a threatening voice.

Lita raises an eyebrow and smirks "I'd like to see you try, asshole!" Lita
spits back at the dangerous Legend Killer as her forces Lita to remain on her
knees in front of him.

Edge smirks as he steps over to Lita and Randy, "Randy... Lita loves freaks
like that... she married Kane for fucks sake..." Edge laughs.

"Oh yeah..." Randy Orton nods his head, understanding what Edge means.

Edge looks at Lita, "Lita... baby... I've waited a long time for this..."
Edge says as he bends down to grab Lita's jaw to force her mouth open, and
then within a split second, he and Randy force their big, hard and thick
cocks into Lita's forced opened mouth.

"MMMMMM!" Lita roughly groans around the cocks of Randy Orton and Edge as
they both deeply force their Rated RKO cocks into the feisty, hot mouth of
the former Rated R girlfriend of Edge. Lita narrows her eyes as she glares
at Randy and Edge as they force Lita to bob her red-haired head on their

"Mmmm ohhh fuck Lita... you're out of practice..." Edge moans and laughs as
he and Randy push and pull Lita's head along the length of their rock hard

"Maybe instead of practicing music... she should've been practicing sucking
dick..." Randy laughs as he starts to move his hips to push his cock in and
out of Lita's mouth, which causes his dick to grind against Edge's shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh Mmmm..." Lita moans as she slightly gags around the rock hard,
thick cocks of Randy Orton and Edge. Lita keeps her fiery eyes focused up at
the perverted Rated R Superstar and the dangerous Legend Killer as she glares
at them, while their cocks firmly slam into her wet mouth.

"Ohhhhh uhhh yeah fucking slut..." Randy moans as he and Edge deeply fuck
Lita's hot, wet mouth.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks into the fiery eyes of his former Rated R
lover, "You've really missed getting that fucking mouth stretched haven't
you..." Edge laughs. Lita presses her lips tightly around Randy and Edge's
rock hard shafts before she begins to press her teeth against their cocks,
preparing to bite down as both cocks fills her hot, wet mouth.

"Whoa... WHOA!" Randy says as he pulls his foot long Diva Thrilling cock out
of Lita's mouth, which forces Edge to pull out as well.

"Hey what the fuck?!" Edge snaps at Randy.

"She was going to fucking bite us!" Randy says, "And no fucking slut bites me
or attempts too!" Randy says as he shoves Lita onto her back and gets down on
the ground in order to begin jerking off her tight navy blue pants.

Lita grits her teeth and balls her hands into fists as she struggles to push
Randy Orton off from on top of her "You're fucking sick!" Lita says as she
pushes her formed fists against his gorgeous tanned and muscular chest.

"Keep hitting me... and see what fucking happens..." Randy says as he manages
to rip off Lita's pants, exposing her perfectly shaved pussy. The Legend
Killer then proceeds to slam his foot long cock into Lita's warm and
extremely tight cunt.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck!" Lita shouts as she closes her eyes and holds her fisted hands
still against Randy's muscular, tanned chest while he starts to viciously
slam his cock into her hot, wet pussy.

Randy licks his teeth as he rips open Lita's navy blue top, revealing her
large hot tits while he continues to pump his cock roughly in and out of her
pussy, "Mmmm uhhh yeah... fucking whore..." Randy laughs as he fucks the
former four-time WWE Women's Champion.

Edge licks his teeth, "Shit Lita.... you missed getting RKO'ed..." Edge
laughs as he mocks his former lover.

Lita grits her teeth as her sultry tanned and nicely toned body tenses from
the intense, firm and sickly rough thrusts from the dangerous Legend Killer.
"You fucking sick bastards!" Lita screams as she shakes her fiery red haired

"You loved it when you were here..." Randy laughs as he sharply rams his cock
deeply into Lita's pussy. The dangerous Legend Killer then turns over so that
Lita is on top of him, which gives Edge a perfect look of her hot, juicy ass.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmmm... I've missed spearing that ass..." Edge says
as he kneels behind Lita and proceeds to shove his thirteen inch cock into
Lita's tight asshole.

Lita opens her glared eyes and glances back over her shoulder at the
sex-crazed Rated R Superstar while he slams his cock into her juicy tanned
ass "You....ohhhhh fuck!" Lita groans as she places her hands firmly on
Randy's muscular chest as she starts to quickly move on his shaft, grinding
her pussy, as Edge spears her tight ass with his Rated R cock.

Edge smacks Lita's ass with his right hand as he firmly and quickly drives
his cock in and out of his former girlfriend's tight ass, "Uhhhh mmmmm fuck
yeah Lita... you've missed that fucking Rated R cock baby?!" Edge grunts.
Randy licks his lips as he grabs Lita's tits with his hands as he raises his
hips to thrust his twelve inch Legend Killer cock upward into Lita's tight,
wet pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck!'re sick!" Lita moans as she roughly rocks
between the former Rated RKO teammates, with sweat dripping off of her
formerly sinful, but still hot body. Lita closes her eyes and bites down
on her bottom lip as she slams down viciously on Randy Orton's cock while
Edge's balls smack against her juicy ass as he deeply fucks her former
Rated R girlfriend and slut.

"Ahhhh uhhh you weren't complaining when we were together you fucking slut!"
Edge laughs as he continues to spear Lita's juicy ass.

Randy grits his teeth while he keeps fucking Lita's pussy, "Shit Edge...
let's really fuck her ass up..." Randy groans.

"Good idea..." Edge laughs as he wraps his arms around Lita's hot sweat
dripping body and pulls her off of Randy as he turns to lay on his back with
the feisty redhead mounted on his dick. Randy Orton quickly moves to get in
front of Lita so that he can roughly push his cock into her tight, stuffed

"Ohhhhh mother.....FUCKER!" Lita shouts as her body is roughly jerked back on
Edge's Rated R cock as Randy Orton pushes his hard twelve inch cock into her
juicy ass, to join Edge. Lita shakes her red haired head as sweat drips down
her face "You...fucking sick! Ohhhhh fuck! Bastards!" Lita screams as her
juicy ass smack against Edge's waist.

Randy puts his hands on Lita's thighs as he viciously thrusts his foot long
cock in and out of Lita's ass as Edge also rams his cock up into her asshole.
"Ohhh fuck Lita... what a fucking slutty ass you still have..." Randy licks
his lips as he speeds up his thrusts.

"Mmmm.... fuck I bet you went and fucked Jeff already tonight..." Edge laughs
as he mocks Lita while he and Randy double-fuck her juicy ass.

"Fuck you Edge!" Lita yells as she roughly slams down on his Rated R cock
while she jerks forward against Randy Orton's Legend Killer cock as his and
Edge's cocks grind together in Lita's juicy ass.

"Mmmmm... fuck... I'll take that as a yes..." Edge laughs and grits his teeth
as he and Randy keep on thrusting their cocks deep into Lita's asshole.

Randy smirks, "Lita.... you got that backward... you're fucking Edge..."
Randy Orton laughs as his balls bang right against Lita's smooth skin as he
and Edge literally get Rated RKO on her juicy hot ass. Lita looks forward
and glares her lustfilled, sultry eyes at Randy Orton as she rocks forward
viciously on his cock, while she's forced to bounce on Edge's cock. Lita
reaches forward with her hands and suddenly digs her fingernails into the
muscular, gorgeously tanned chest of the Legend Killer.

"Ow! Fucking slut!" Randy yells as he feels Lita's fingernails raking sharply
against his skin. The irate Legend Killer pulls out of Lita's juicy, double
stuffed ass and smacks Lita's face with his right hand.

Edge stops thrusting his cock up into Lita's ass with a surprised look on his
face, "Damn..."

Lita closes her eyes as she brings her left hand to her face and holds her
hand gently against her face where Randy had smacked her. "Owww...." Lita
groans as she remains on top of Edge's cock, deeply buried in her ass.

"You're going to fucking choke on my dick for that bitch!" Randy yells as he
stands up and grabs a handful of Lita's hair before he shoves his cock into
her half opened mouth.

The Legend Killer quickly starts to pump his cock deeply into Lita's mouth as
Edge starts to pumps his cock up into her ass again, "Mmmm damn Lita... you
really pissed him off..." Edge laughs.

Lita keeps her eyes closed as the former Rated R girlfriend of Edge is forced
to quickly bounce on his Rated R cock, inside of her juicy ass, while sweat
drips off of her body. "MMMM! OHHHH...OHHHH AHHHHH!" Lita gags roughly on
Randy's twelve inch cock as he deeply pushes his cock into her mouth, saliva
dripping on the sides of her lips and Randy's cock.

"Ooooo yeah... mmmm fuck yeah..." Edge moans and licks his teeth as he lifts
his lower body repeatedly from the floor to ram his cock up into Lita's tight
juicy ass. Edge holds onto to Lita's hips and proceeds to lift her up and
then violently drops her down on his cock just as he starts to cum, filling
her ass with his warm cum as Randy keeps violating her mouth with his Legend
Killer cock.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmm...ohhhhhhh!" Lita groans and coughs on Randy Orton's cock as
her lips grind against his shaft while she gags and chokes on his Legend
Killing cock. The head of Randy's cock slams against the back of Lita's mouth
while she rocks forcefully on Edge's throbbing, cum releasing cock.

Randy Orton licks his teeth as he forces Lita to hold his throbbing cock
deep in her hot, wet mouth, "Want to fucking scratch... want to bite... then
fucking swallow you fucking whore!" Randy yells as he begins to release his
thick, warm cum inside of Lita's mouth with the head of his shaft pressing
right against the back of her mouth. Lita lifts her eyes and glares at Randy
Orton as his warm, thick cum sprays into her feisty mouth. Lita slowly lifts
her head up from his throbbing, saliva dripping cock before she presses her
lips together and shockingly spits Randy's cum onto his own muscular,
gorgeously tanned and sweat dripping chest.

Randy grits his teeth, "You.... fucking... little... cunt..." Randy says as
his cum drips down his chest. The Legend Killer takes a half step back and
raises his left leg up quickly to kick Lita on the side of her head.

"WHOA!" Edge yells in surprise after witnessing what to him looks like a
vicious kick as Lita falls off of his cum spent dick. The four-time WWE
Women's Champion, Lita, slowly squints her eyes for a few moments as she
lays on the cold floor of the storage closet, dazed and unaware of her
surroundings at the moment.

"What the fuck was that?" Edge asks as he starts to sit up.

"That fucking bitch disrespected me... and she got what she deserved...."
Randy says with gritted teeth, "She's just like Jericho... and what I just
did... is just exactly how I'm going to destroy him!" The former Rated R
girlfriend of Edge, slowly closes her eyes as she becomes unconscious after
receiving the devastating kick from the violent and dangerous Legend Killer.

Edge licks his teeth and shakes his head, "Right... well he's the one who had
you tapping tonight when you tried to ambush him..." Edge smirks as he gets
up, "And I bet that I'll be the only one of us leaving Sunday with a title."

Randy smirks, "We'll see about that...."


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