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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 26: Deadly Sensations
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the WWE broadcasts a fast-paced, exciting edition of Monday Night RAW,
SmackDown's newest Diva Lena Yada is backstage doing a photo shoot for WWE.
The WWE's top photographer snaps several pictures as Lena stands with her
hands on her hips with her head slightly tilted to the side. "That's great
Lena... now turn to your a bit to your left... look down slightly but keep
your eyes on the camera..." The photographer says as the Legend Killer and
reigning WWE Champion Randy Orton, dressed in his black wrestling shorts,
walks up behind him to watch the photoshoot. Lena turns to her left with a
sweet and seductive smile on her face as she locks her desirable Asian eyes
with the lens of the camera. Lena lightly tosses her black hair back as the
photographer snaps a shot of her, while dressed in a short black skirt and
a white tight fitting top.

"Perfect.... perfect... now..." The Photograph is cut off when Randy Orton
covers the lens of the camera.

"I think it's time for her to get a break..." The dangerous Legend Killer
says with a smirk.

The WWE Photographer swallows, "Um... right... um... Lena.... we'll resume...
in... like an hour..." The Photographer says before he quickly walks away.

Lena raises an eyebrow and bites down on her bottom lip as she watches the
Photographer walking away "Ummm...ok..." Lena Yada slowly nods her head.

Randy Orton turns his attention to Lena, "Allow me to introduce myself....
I'm Randy Orton.... WWE Champion.... Legend Killer..." Randy says as he steps
towards the Asian Sensation.

Lena presses her soft lips together and cutely blushes as she shyly lowers
her head "Hi...I'm Lena...SmackDown's newest Diva..." Lena says as she stands
in front of the dangerous, yet charming Legend Killer.

"I know who you are.... I caught your debut when you got some comments from
Matt Striker...." Randy Orton says as he checks out the lovely new SmackDown
Diva. "I must say it's quite unfortunate that you're stuck on SmackDown..."

Lena cutely folds her arms as she sweetly looks at Randy Orton "Why's that?
You know...I'm going to be a star on SmackDown..."

The Legend Killer licks his lips, "Well... if you were on RAW... you would be
on the fast tracks to new sensations..." Randy says with a smirk.

Lena smiles as she locks her desirable eyes with the charming and dangerous
Legend Killer Randy Orton "Really?" Lena says with a smile.

"Yeah... really..." Randy says with a smirk as he takes another step towards
Lena, In a flash, he grabs her left wrist and forces Lena to press her hand
right against his wrestling shorts so that she's feeling his hardening

Lena blushes and cutely laughs as she feels the hardening crotch of Randy
Orton "Oh my!" Lena says before she sweetly licks her sensual lips "Would you
help me become a star?"

Randy Orton licks his lips, "We'll see..." Randy says as he let's go of
Lena's wrist so that he can lower his wrestling trunks, revealing his
hardening, thick, twelve inch Diva Thrilling cock. Lena bites down on her
bottom lip and seductively an eyebrow while she looks at Randy Orton. The
sweet and seductive Asian Sensation lowers herself onto her knees and
settles herself in front of the Legend Killer. Lena cutely laughs as she
places her hands around Randy's thick cock before she pulls his cock
towards her mouth and starts to delicately move her tongue around the head
of his shaft.

"Mmmmm..." Randy Orton smirks as Lena gently moves her soft, wet tongue
around the large head of his foot long cock. The dangerous, yet extremely
hot Legend Killer puts his hands on his waist as he steps out of his wresting
shorts so that he's just in his boots.

"Mmmm...." Lena moans with a cute smile as she glances up at Randy Orton
while she smoothly coats her tongue on his cock. Lena opens her sensationally
hot Asian mouth and lowers her head before she takes his cock into her mouth.
Lena presses her soft lips around his shaft and begins to smoothly and
eagerly bob her head to suck the Legend Killer's cock.

Randy Orton smirks, "Mmmm... I see that it's true about you Asian girls..."
Randy says as he watches Lena bob her quickly back and forth along the length
of his cock, sucking it as she takes just half of it in and out of her
soothing mouth.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Lena soothingly moans around Randy Orton's cock as she
smoothly bobs her head at a quick rate, slapping her soft tongue against his
hard shaft. Lena closes her desirable eyes as she lowers her head further
down his shaft.

"Ahhhh.... mmmmm... yes..." Randy moans as he keeps his eyes locked on Lena
as she quickly sucks his cock. The Legend Killer puts a hand on Lena's head
and pushes back her silky black hair as she takes his shaft deeper into her

"Mmmmmm!" Lena moans as Randy forces his cock deeply into her hot mouth,
pressing the head of his cock against the back of her hot Asian mouth. Lena
opens her eyes as she twirls her tongue around Randy's shaft, while her
saliva drips down his cock.

"Come... on.... deep throat it..." Randy moans as he thrusts his hips forward
to push his entire twelve-inch cock into her mouth so that his balls are
pressing against her chin.

"Mmmm...uhhhhhh..." Lena Yada moans as she gags on Randy Orton's cock, while
she slobbers all over his twelve inch cock as she is forced to take his cock
incredibly deep into her mouth.

Randy then pulls his twelve inch cock out of Lena's mouth and taps his saliva
covered cock against her lips, "You need practice... a lot of practice...
sucking big fat cocks like mine..." Randy says as he pulls Lena up to her

Lena bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her head "But...It wasn't

"Nope..." Randy smirks as he guides Lena over towards a table. Randy clears
the table of some things that are on it and lifts SmackDown's Asian Sensation
up onto it before he starts to slide down her short black skirt. Lena bites
down on her bottom lip as she tosses her silky black hair back as she spreads
her smooth, gorgeous legs apart after Randy removes her skirt to expose her
smoothly shaved and hot Asian pussy.

Randy smirks, "No panties? I see you're learning how things work around
here real quickly..." Randy says as he drops Lena's skirt on the ground. The
Legend Killer steps between Lena gorgeous legs and firmly push his thick Diva
Thrilling cock into Lena's tight, hot Asian cunt.

"Ohhhhhh!" Lena moans as she tilts her head back and closes her eyes as Randy
Orton starts to swiftly slam his cock into her tight, warm Asian pussy while
she gently rocks back and forth on the surface of the table.

"Mmmmmm.... uhhhh shit..." Randy moans as he grabs hold of Lena's legs as he
firmly and quickly pumps his twelve inch cock in and out of her warm tight
pussy. Randy licks his lips as he looks at Lena's chest that is covered by
her tight fitting white top.

Lena presses her soft, sensual lips together as she starts to rock forward
against Randy's cock at a quicker pace as he roughly jerks her petite body
towards his thrusting cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh!" Lena moans as she lifts her
hands and places them on Randy's nicely tanned and muscular chest.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm fuck... you're really tight...." Randy grits his teeth
as he drives his thick, stiff cock deep into Lena's pussy. Randy's balls bang
right against Lena's smooth skin with every one of his deep thrusts.

Lena looks forward at the dangerous, yet handsome Legend Killer as her petite
and seductively hot Asian body firmly rocks forward against his cock "Ohhhh!
Ohhhhh....mmmm this is going to make a star!" Lena cutely moans as her pussy
gently grinds against his Diva Thrilling cock.

Randy chuckles a bit as some sweat begins to drip on his body, "Mmmmm you
really do got the right idea..." Randy Orton says as he wraps his arms around
Lena's body and lifts her off of the table. The Legend Killer turns around
and sits on the table with Lena mounted firmly on his thick twelve inch

Lena moves her soft hands and places them on Randy's strong shoulders as the
seductive Asian Sensation starts to smoothly and easily bounce her hot Asian
body on Randy's cock while she continues to smoothly grind back on his shaft
"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!" Lena moans loudly as she slams down on Randy's
roughly thrusting cock.

"Mmmmmm... uhhhh shit..." Randy Orton smirks as Lena grinds herself on his
large cock. The Diva Thrilling Legend Killer lifts up Lena's white, tight
fitting top to uncover her firm, round Asian tits.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah...I want to be a star so bad..." Lena cutely moans as she
licks her sensual lips while the Asian Sensation quickly grinds her hot, wet
pussy against Randy's shaft as she easily lowers herself on his cock at a
quick rate.

Randy grabs a firm hold of both of Lena's tits as she bounces quickly up and
down on his twelve inch cock, "Ahhhh... yeah.... I can see.... that..." Randy
moans as he lifts his lower body to ram his cock upward into Lena's pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Lena moans as she tilts her head back and bites down on her
bottom lip "Ohhhh yesss!" Lena moans as her hot Asian body roughly slams down
on Randy's cock while her hot pussy tightens around his shaft.

Randy feels Lena's pussy tightening on his cock and he quickly lifts her off
of his cock, "Not yet.... not yet..." Randy says to Lena as he gets off of
the table, "Bend your sexy Asian ass over..." Randy says as sweat drips down
his muscular body. Lena bites down on her bottom lip as she bends over the
table and raises her nicely rounded, juicy Asian ass into the air when Randy
steps directly behind her.

"Fuck..." Randy says as he looks at Lena's juicy Asian ass before he uses his
hands to spread her ass cheeks apart. The Legend Killer then violently rams
his twelve inch cock into Lena's tight asshole with one sharp thrust.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Lena moans as her petite, sexy body tenses, feeling Randy's
cock roughly slamming into her tight Asian ass as he forces her rock against
the table. Randy firmly grabs hold of Lena's hips as he pulls his cock
halfway out of her ass and then rams it back in. The dangerous Legend Killer
grits his teeth as he repeats the action, and with every following thrust, he
gains momentum as he fucks her. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Lena moans as she begins
to sweat while her hot Asian body roughly slams back against Randy Orton's
roughly thrusting cock "Ohhhh! Mmmm...ohhh make me a star!"

"Uhhhh aww.... ahhhh!" Randy Orton moans as he drives his cock in and out of
Lena's Asian ass with sharp, quick thrusts. Randy's balls bang right against
Lena's juicy ass cheeks with each of his deep thrusts.

Lena looks back and presses her sensual lips together while Randy Orton
deeply slams his cock into her ass "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Lena moans as she
smacks her gorgeous Asian ass back against his muscular waist as his
throbbing cock deeply slams into her ass.

"Ahhhh.... uhhhh yeah... mmmm..." Randy Orton grits his teeth ash slams his
cock all the way into Lena's asshole and holds it there as he starts cumming.
Randy tilts his head back and his body tenses ups as he shoots his warm,
thick cum deep into Lena's Asian ass.

Lena licks her lips as she smiles back at Randy Orton, while he pulling his
cum dripping, throbbing cock out of her ass. Lena cutely bites down on her
bottom lip as she turns around to face Randy "So...are you going to help me
become a star?"

"After a good sensation like that... I would consider it..." Randy Orton
smirks, "But... there is one thing you should look out for..."

Lena raises an eyebrow as she looks at Randy Orton with confusion "Like
what?" Lena asks.

Randy Orton smirks before he suddenly grabs Lena's head and drops her down
to the ground with a sharp RKO. The Legend Killer sits up on his knees as he
looks at the knocked out Asian Sensation, "Like... deadly sensations..."


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