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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 32: Dangerous Tricks II - Double The Pain
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the Florida Championship Wrestling training facility, Randy Orton is
leaving the building with an ice pack on his injured collarbone. "That Brie
was pretty fun... I hope there are more like her..." Randy smirks as he heads
to the parking lot. Randy then stops in his tracks when he sees rival and
also injured Superstar John Cena talking to a Nikki Bella, the identical twin
sister of Brie.

John smiles, "It was great meeting you... I'm sure you'll be doing great
things," John says as he talks to Nikki as Randy just stares at her from a

"Oh yeah! It was nice meeting you!" Nikki Bella replies to John Cena as she
turns to her silver Jeep Cherokee and opens the driver's down "I do hope your
neck starts feeling better..." Nikki says with a sweet smile before she
climbs into the Jeep Cherokee.

"Yeah me too..." John laughs a bit, "But hey, since the SmackDown brand is
doing a few stops in Ohio, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but talk to
Miz... he knows all the great spots there."

"Oh absolutely!" Nikki laughs "I sure love knowing where all the hot spots
are!" The woman says before she starts to close the door to her Jeep Cherokee
"Bye John..."

"See ya... drive carefully..." John Cena says as he steps away from the
woman's Jeep Cherokee.

Meanwhile Randy Orton, who thinks that Nikki is the one he fucked and RKO'ed
a short while ago, has made his way over to his rental car, a 2007 blue Ford
Taurus, "No fucking way... there's no way she got up from my RKO that
quick..." Randy says as he quickly gets into the Ford Taurus and puts his key
in the ignition. "I'm going to figure this out..." Randy says as he keeps his
eyes on the silver Jeep Cherokee as Nikki Bella begins to pull out of her
parking spot. "And maybe... have some fun doing it..." Randy grins as he
begins to drive, following the Jeep Cherokee out of the parking lot and onto
the street.

* * *

After following Nikki Bella from the FCW Training Facility to an apartment
complex, Randy Orton parks his car and follows the woman he thinks is Brie
Bella up to the stairs to the second floor where the Bella sisters live.
Randy, who is dressed in a black collared shirt and black pants, pulls off
the sling from his left arm and shoves it into his pocket as he approaches
the apartment that Nikki has entered. Randy grits his teeth before he
knocks loudly on the door.

"Hold on...hold on..." Nikki Bella calls out from inside of the apartment
before she opens the door to find the dangerous Legend Killer standing out in
the hallway. Instantly recognizing the dangerous and sadistically charming
Legend Killer, mischievously smirks and places her hands onto her nicely
curved hips. "Can I help you?" Nikki Bella asks lightly licking her sultry

"Yeah... how the FUCK did you recover so quick? I left you on the floor!"
Randy snaps as he steps forward into the apartment, which forces Nikki to
take a step back.

Nikki Bella narrows her eyes a bit as she steps further back into the
apartment as the dangerous, psychotic Randy Orton paces back and forth
furiously "Umm, like what are you talking about?" Nikki asks with a confused
look on her face.

Randy stops pacing and slams the door to the apartment shut, "Don't fuck with
me Brie... I fucked your brains out at the FCW training facility... and left
you on the fucking floor!" Randy snaps.

Nikki Bella laughs and her sultry eyes widen with interest "Whoa...wait, wait
hold up..." Nikki says raising her hands up in front of her "Brie fucked

Randy narrows his eyes at Nikki, "Of course YOU did!" Randy says as he
appears to get a slightly confused look on his face, "It's not like there's
TWO of you!"

Nikki presses her sultry lips together, amused with Randy Orton.
"Actually...there is..." Nikki smirks and folds her arms below her large
chest. "Damn...and I thought Brie was all shy, I'm suppose to be the naughty
twin..." Nikki licks her lips as she seductively looks at Randy Orton "The
name is Nikki, by the way..."

Randy glares are Nikki Bella for a long moment, "Twins? You have got to be
shitting me..." Randy says before he smirks, "Regardless... there ain't
nothing shy about the one I fucked nearly a hour ago..." Randy says as he
starts to check out Nikki.

Nikki rolls her eyes and laughs "Please..." Nikki says before she slyly
glances down at the crotch of Randy Orton's pants before looking directly up
into his eyes "Brie is an amateur when it comes to sex...between you and me,
she isn't nearly as experienced as I am..."

Randy licks his lips slightly, "Brie was a hot little cock sucking slut.... I
doubt you're better than she is..." Randy says as he challenges the
mischievous Bella twin known as Nikki.

Nikki raises an eyebrow and smirks "It sounds like a bet...I love bets..."
Nikki says as she takes a step closer to Randy Orton. "Sounds like you want
to fuck, and I love that..."

Randy smirks as he grabs Nikki's left arm with his right hand, "Typical of a
slut..." Randy says before he starts to push Nikki down to her knees in front
of him as he uses his left hand to unbuckle his belt. Nikki hungrily licks
her lips as she looks up at Randy Orton while her threads the belt from
around his waist before he starts to unzip and lower his black pants.

Randy pushes his pants down to his feet and steps out of them as Nikki's eyes
go wide with lust as she looks at his semi-hard Diva Thrilling cock. "It's
not for looking at..." Randy says to Nikki as he takes off his shirt to
reveal his muscular and tanned upper body.

Nikki Bella seductively laughs as she places her hands around his semi-hard
cock while she looks up and his hot, muscular and tanned upper body and
chest. "Mmmm...I sure hope it's not to just look at..." Nikki says as she
narrows her eyes lustfully and lowers her eyes to slides her wet tongue
against the head of his cock which begins to instantly awaken and harden.

"Mmmmm..." Randy smirks as he keeps his eyes locked on Nikki as she slides
and laps her tongue against the head of his hardening cock. By the time
Randy's shaft is fully erect, the top half is already coated with Nikki's
saliva. Nikki narrows her eyes and lustfully flicks her tongue against
Randy's cock, massaging his piss-slit with her tongue before the mischievous
twin opens her sultry mouth and takes the Legend Killer's cock into her sly
mouth. Nikki wraps her soft, moist lips around his shaft and begins to
steadily and smoothly bob her head on his cock to suck his incredibly thick
and large cock.

"Mmmm... not bad.... but Brie was a lot better..." Randy says with a laugh as
he taunts the mischievous Nikki as she bobs her head smoothly on his big hard

"Mmmmm..." Nikki groans and presses her lips tightly around his cock as she
starts to quickly bob her head on his cock, taking him deep into her mouth.
Nikki Bella seductively turns her head on his cock, grinding her sultry lips
on his shaft while his cock becomes drenched with her saliva.

"Ahhhh... is that all you got? Thought you said you were better than she
was?" Randy licks his lips as he continues to taunt Nikki as she twists and
turns her head on his cock as she rapidly bobs her head on it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Gahh! Gahhhh!" Nikki Bella moans and starts to gag as she
rapidly and forcibly bobs her head on Randy Orton's cock painfully taking him
deep into her mouth, almost causing her to choke.

"Mmmmmm.... yeah.... now you're showing me something..." Randy groans and
smirks as Nikki forces herself to swallow every inch of Randy's huge cock.
Nikki Bella opens her seductive eyes and locks them with Randy Orton as her
adorable, sly eyes start to water from holding his cock deep inside of her
wet mouth.

Randy smirks as he takes his time bringing his hands to Nikki's head and
holds her head in place as tears starts to roll from her eyes and down her
cheeks. "Take your fucking clothes off slut..." Randy says as he jerks
Nikki's head off of his cock. Just as Nikki is about to gasp for air, Randy
reaches down and tears her Nikki's tight fitting top to reveal her large
juicy tits. Nikki grits her teeth as she looks up at Randy Orton with tears
streaming down her teeth before he bends down and yanks her pair of loose
fitting gray sweatpants down from her nicely curved and gorgeous waist. Randy
licks his lips as grabs Nikki by her long black hair and jerks her towards
the decently sized couch that is nearby. Randy forces her to kneel on the
couch and he viciously jerks Nikki's head backwards as he rams his cock into
her tight, warm pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Nikki grits her teeth as her seductive, gorgeous body roughly
jerks forward on the couch while on her knees as the dangerous Legend Killer
starts to roughly ram his cock deeply into her tight, wet pussy from behind.

"Mmmm.... ahhh..." Randy moans as he pumps his cock roughly into Nikki's
tight pussy. Randy continues to hold onto Nikki's long black hair and
occasionally he uses her hair like a set of reigns to jerk Nikki's head back
towards him.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Nikki moans as she closes her eyes while her head is
roughly jerked back as he deeply pounds his cock into her wet pussy.
"Ohhhhh...mmmm yeah!" Nikki lustfully moans as her body is roughly pulled
back against his cock, sharply smacking her ass against his muscular waist.

"You're a fucking whore aren't you?!" Randy laughs as he viciously slams
every inch of his fat cock into Nikki's cunt as she tries to match his pace
whenever she pushes back towards him.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh shit! Ohhhhh!" Nikki moans as sharply rocks back and forth
on her knees while Randy Orton sadistically slams his cock in and out of her
pussy while her continues to jerks her head back by pulling on her long black
hair. Randy suddenly lets go of Nikki's long black hair and pulls his huge
cock out of Nikki's pussy. Randy then flips Nikki onto her back, forces her
to put her legs on his shoulders as he once again impales her twat with his

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Nikki Bella moans loudly as he tightly holds onto her
gorgeous legs while he sharply drives his cock into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah... take that fucking cock!" Randy grits his teeth as he spreads
Nikki's legs far apart to the point where Nikki is feeling some pain while
Randy continues to pound her wet pussy relentlessly.

"Ohhhh...mmmm Randy...not so hard..." Nikki softly moans as she feels his
cock painfully slamming into her tight pussy as he roughly drives his cock
continuously into her cunt.

"SHUT UP!" Randy shouts as lets go of Nikki's right leg so that he can grab
her throat with his right hand. Randy starts to squeeze Nikki's throat as he
makes his thrusts more sharp as he drives his cock into her.

"Ohhh...Randy...I..." Nikki Bella pleads as her eyes widen as she feels the
tight grip of Randy's hand against her throat, the pressure gradually
building with the loss of air. Nikki closes her eyes as her pussy is deeply
and roughly fucked by Randy Orton's intense cock. "Randy...please...I

Randy has a sick smirk on his face as he continues to squeeze Nikki's throat
as he relentlessly fucks her pussy, "Your slutty sister loved this!" Randy
says as he teases bringing his left hand to Nikki's throat.

Nikki shakes her head as she innocently looks up at Randy Orton as she feels
the fingers of his right hand digging into her neck as he causes her to move
against the couch as he plows his cock into her. "Randy...please...I
really...can't...breath..." Nikki says gasping for air. Randy continues to
smirk down at Nikki as he keeps his grip on her throat as he ruthlessly fuck
her sweet pussy. Randy licks his lips as Nikki's gorgeous sweat coated body
arches as she desperately grabs his right arm to remove his right hand from
her throat.

"Randy...ohhhh...please...." Nikki groans and gasps as her pussy tightens
around his shaft as she starts to cum. As Nikki cums on his cock, Randy
suddenly lets go of her throat and the mischievous Bella twin starts to gasp
for air as Randy pulls his throbbing cock out of her pussy. Nikki sits up on
the couch and gently places her hands around her neck while she closes her
eyes and greedily gasps for air. Randy Orton strokes his cock as he watches
Nikki seemingly relax as she gets air into her body. Randy then starts to cum
and his load sprays onto Nikki's flat toned stomach, which instantly causes
her to open her eyes to look at him.

Nikki bites down on her bottom lip as she looks up at Randy Orton while his
warm cum drips down her toned, flat stomach. Nikki Bella takes a big breath
of air "You have some issues..." Nikki says as she then glares at the
dangerous, sadistic Legend Killer.

Randy smirks, "Your sister loved it... in fact... as I said before, that
whore was still on the floor after I was done with her..." Randy says as he
starts to pull Nikki up from the couch.

Nikki nervously presses her soft lips together as she looks at Randy Orton
"What...what are you doing?"

"I'm..." Randy starts to say before he grabs Nikki's head in order to drop
her with a vicious RKO. Randy turns onto his stomach to glare at the now
knocked out Nikki Bella, "Just laying you out..."


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