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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 34: Intermittent Explosive Encounter
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage are of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas during
the March 30, 2009 edition of RAW, the recently returned Diva known as Gail
Kim is returning to the backstage area after being on the winning team of
Divas in an 18-Diva Tag match. As she walks to Divas locker room, a locker
room door opens and Randy Orton, wearing black trunks, steps out. He sees
Gail and smirks, "Hey..." Randy says.

Gail Kim, dressed in a pair of short black wrestling bottoms and a black top,
pauses and glances over her shoulder upon hearing Randy Orton. Gail Kim
places her hands onto her nicely toned Asian waist before she turns around to
face Randy Orton. "Yeah?" Gail asks.

"You don't know how to say hello?" Randy says as he slightly glares at Gail.

Gail Kim presses her lips together into a knowing smirk and laughs "Why would
I say hello to some jerk, who took me out, fucked me once...and never heard a
word from again?" Gail asks with a slyly raised eyebrow before she
confidently nods her head "Yeah Randy...I didn't forget that little tidbit
during my first run over here..."

"Oh right... I'm going to call someone who got wished the best in their
future endeavors the very next night..." Randy smirks, "You know the rules,
only screw the ones on your own roster..."

Gail Kim narrows her eyes slightly and takes steps closer to Randy Orton
before she tosses her smooth dark black hair back, keeping her hands rested
on her nicely toned, rounded waist. "I didn't really mind..." Gail then
pauses and laughs "It wasn't like you were all that good anyway..."

Randy narrows his eyes; "Now you know that's a lie... you were exhausted
before I was half way done with you..."

Gail laughs and slowly shakes her head with amusement "Please...more like
exhausted from boredom!" Gail slyly replies.

"Don't joke with me... I know you're only back in the WWE cause you want to
hook up with me again..." Randy smirks as he grabs Gail's hips and pulls her
towards him so that her body is pressing against his.

"Back off asshole!" Gail Kim says, gritting her teeth, before she pushes
herself away and out of Randy Orton's grasp. Gail presses her lips firmly
together in anger and raises her right hand before smacking him across the

Randy Orton glares at Gail, "You stupid... fucking like cunt..." Randy says
before he grabs a handful of Gail's hair with his right hand and grabs her
throat with his left hand before he shoves her up against the hallway wall.
Gail's beautiful and sensual eyes widen as she nervously looks at the
dangerous Randy Orton while he holds her against the hallway wall with his
hand pressed against her neck.

"You want to fucking slap me?! Do ya?!" Randy shouts as he squeezes Gail's
throat with his left hand as he now uses his right hand to pull at the neck
line of Gail's black top until it tears down the middle exposing her firm

"Hey...what...are you doing!" Gail says, gasping for air as she feels the
cold air against her exposed, nicely juicy tits. Randy doesn't reply as he
suddenly raises his right leg up and knees Gail in the stomach, making her
gasp in pain. Randy lets go of Gail's throat, which allows Gail to sink down
to her knees in front of him.

Gail closes her eyes and gasps for air as she is crouched over on her knees
on the floor in the hallway with the dangerous and sadistic Randy Orton
towering over her. " What...the fuck..." Gail groans as she looks up at Randy
Orton, who starts to lower his black wrestling tights.

Randy's decently long, thick and hardening cock hangs near Gail's head as he
grabs her hair to pull her head up, "Open you fucking mouth!" Randy yells and
just as Gail is about to protest, he shoves his cock past Gail's lips.

"MMMMMMM!" Gail moans against Randy's invading cock as his thick shaft
brushes past her lips and deeply settles in her wet, warm mouth.

"Mmmm yeah..." Randy groans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of
Gail's warm and wet mouth. Randy grabs two handfuls of Gail's black hair as
he starts to jerk her head back and forth on his shaft.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ohhhhh!" Gail Kim moans and gags against Randy Orton's cock
as he pumps his shaft deeply into her hot Asian mouth, causing her lips to
grind against his shaft as he forces her head to bob quickly on his long

"Ahhhh awww... yeah you fucking missed sucking that cock!" Randy moans as he
fucks Gail's mouth with quick, hard thrusts while he jerks Gail's head along
the length of his shaft. Gail lifts her eyes and glances up at Randy Orton
with her eyes slightly glared while her head rapidly bobs her head, being
forced to take his cock deeper into her wet mouth, causing her saliva to pour
all over his thrusting shaft.

"Mmmm yeah... ahhhh... awww..." Randy licks his lips as he glares down at
Gail as he forces every inch of his cock past Gail's lips, making her deep
throat his entire with each thrust he makes.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh! Gahhhhh!" Gail gags as she feels the head of his long shaft
rubbing back and forth the back of her wet and hot mouth. Gail starts to try
and lift her head up from Randy's cock, only making Randy force her head
further down.

"You better get your bottoms off before I choke you out..." Randy says
angrily as he holds Gail's head down on his cock so that her nose is right
against his crotch. Gail closes her eyes as she places her hands down
obediently against her wrestling bottoms and starts to push them down past
her hips and scoots up onto her feet as she works them down her knees while
Randy Orton holds his cock deeply into her mouth.

"Mmmm yeah that's what I remember... you were just a ahhhh... tacky and nasty
Asian slut...." Randy laughs as he holds Gail's head on his cock until she's
completely gotten her bottoms off. The number one contender for the WWE Title
then suddenly jerks his cock out of Gail's saliva dripping mouth, which
causes a mouthful of saliva to spill out of Gail's mouth. Gail raises her
left hand and wipes the saliva off of her chin as she once again takes deep
breaths, thriving for air, before she glances up at Randy with slightly
timid eyes.

Randy suddenly smacks Gail across the face with his right hand, "Did I say
you could wipe your spit off of your face?!" Randy yells as violently pulls
Gail up from the floor.

Gail grits her teeth and narrows her eyes at Randy as he roughly grips her
arms forcing her to stand up in the hallway. "Let go of me!"

Randy smirks evilly at Gail as he turns her around and shoves her upper body
forward so that she's forced to turn her head to the right to avoid her face
hitting the wall. With Gail awkwardly bent forward in front of him, Randy
guides his saliva-covered cock into tight, hot Asian pussy. "Ohhhhh you
fucker...." Gail groans as Randy drives his cock deep into her pussy from
behind, causing her upper body to press against the wall as he starts to
relentlessly slam his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Randy grunts as he drives his cock roughly into Gail's
cunt. Randy grabs Gail's hips and jerks her back towards him so that her ass
smacks against his waist. Gail closes her eyes as she sharply rocks forward
on her feet from Randy Orton driving his cock deeply into her pussy, causing
her juicy Asian ass to smack against his muscular waist.

Randy leans his head forward so that he can whisper into Gail's right ear,
"Takes you back doesn't it you fucking whore?" Randy grunts as he slams his
cock deeply into Gail's pussy. Gail grits her teeth and slightly turns her
head back to look at Randy Orton as he continues to drive his cock into her
hot Asian pussy, his hands sharply grabbing at her hips. Randy smirks at Gail
as he continues to pound her pussy from behind. Randy slides his hands around
Gail's body and roughly grabs her hot, firm tits.

"Ohhh...fucking asshole!" Gail Kim groans as she feels her lower body sharply
slamming back against Randy's muscular, tanned waist as he plows his cock
into her pussy.

"Oh you want it in your ass?" Randy smirks as he pulls his cock out of Gail's
pussy. Randy then turns Gail around and grabs her head to drop her with an
RKO, but he doesn't do it with the force required to completely knock her
out, but Gail is stunned to the point where she doesn't have a clue she's
been turned over onto her back by Randy afterward. Gail Kim slowly opens her
eyes and turns her head slightly to side to side as the sensually hot, and
now dazed Diva starts to stir slightly on the floor of the hallway. Randy
lifts Gail's legs up and places them on his shoulders. He then grabs Gail by
her hips and lifts her lower body up so that her ass leaves the floor of the
hallway, making it easier for him to guide his cock into her tight asshole.

"Ohhh....ahhhhh..." Gail Kim weakly groans as she feels the force of Randy
Orton's cock entering her tight asshole as she lays limp on the cold floor of
the hallway.

"Awww... mmmm yeah.... fuck..." Randy grunts as he drives his cock firmly
into Gail's ass as he drives his shaft deeply into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh...noooo...nooo more..." Gail continues to weakly groans as she is
pulled against Randy Orton's cock, drilling her ass, causing her shoulders to
rub against the floor.

"Fucking slut... you love it..." Randy grins sadistically as he slams his
cock balls deep into Gail's asshole. Gail closes her eyes and bites down on
her bottom lip as she feels Randy Orton's cock deeply and sharply ramming
into her tight asshole, causing her to move back and forth against the floor.

"Awww... ahhh..." Randy grits his teeth as he sees Gail's timid expression as
she bites her bottom lip and keeps her eyes closed as he pounds her ass

Gail turns her head slightly as she feels Randy's cock deeply slamming into
her tight and sensual ass, roughly pulling her body back against his cock.
"No....stop..." Gail groans weakly.

"Mmmmm... awww... you want me to stop... then turn over..." Randy grunts as
he pulls his cock out of Gail's ass, "And keep your eyes closed!" Randy says
as he stands up from the floor.

Gail slowly turns over onto her stomach and lifts herself slowly onto her
hands and knees, keeping her eyes closed. "Randy...please stop..."

Randy moves to the left side of Gail Kim and takes a few steps back, "Keep
begging bitch..." Randy grins as he lines himself up with Gail's head.

Gail slowly starts to open her eyes and turns her head slightly to look at
Randy Orton. "What..." Gail asks as she remains down on her hands and knees.

"Told you to keep your..." Randy starts to yell as he rushes forward and
punts Gail's head with his left foot. "FUCKING EYES SHUT!" Randy snaps. Gail
Kim is instantly collapses onto the floor of the hallway as Randy Orton's
foot devastatingly connects with the side of her head.

Randy pushes Gail over onto her back and he then stands over her stroking his
cock until it starts to throb, "Mmmmm yeah... ahhh..." Randy moans as he
pumps his cock until he stars to cum and his warm jizz shoots down onto the
knocked out Gail Kim's sweat coated face.

As Randy strokes his cock as he continues to cum, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
come around the corner, and they both stop in their tracks. "Oh fuck! Randy
what did you do?!" Ted yells as he snaps out of Randy's IED induced state. "

Huh?" Randy asks as he looks innocently down at Gail, "Whoa shit..." Randy

"Come on Ted... let's get her out of sight!" Cody yells as he and Ted rush as
Randy moves slowly away from Gail.

As Cody and Ted pick up Gail Kim to take her into Randy's locker room, Randy
smirks as he picks up his wrestling trunks, "Can't believe they still fall
for it..."


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