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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Legend Killer - Diva Thriller Part 39: Dangerous Involvement
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California on March, 22, 2010,
Randy Orton, wearing black wrestling trunks, is returning to the backstage
area after he and Triple H lost a handicap match to Sheamus and The Legacy.
Randy rubs his face as he opens the door to his locker room. "Looks like
you've seen better days," CM Punk says as he and the Mistress of his
Straightedge Society, Serena, stand in the middle of Randy's locker room.
Punk is wearing jeans and a Straightedge Society t-shirt.

Randy narrows his eyes, "You got a lot of balls being in here..."

CM Punk smirks, "When I see someone who needs to be saved I go to them..."

Randy laughs, but is not at all amused, "The only one who needs saving is
going to be you, after I beat the hell out of you... which will make things
very easy for Rey Mysterio this Sunday at WrestleMania..."

CM Punk smirks, "Randy... I'm here to offer you salvation... by joining the
Straightedge Society, I can guarantee you will win at WrestleMania against
your DiBiase and Rhodes... in addition to other benefits of being apart of
the ultimate solution to societies problems..."

Randy keeps his eyes locked on Punk, "I don't give a damn about your

"Just keep an open mind Randy.... And let Serena show you what we have to
offer..." Randy says as he glances at the Anti-Diva who has been quietly
waiting for Punk to give her the signal to approach 'The Viper of the WWE'.

Serena narrows her beautiful and cleansed eyes at Randy Orton and nods her
shaved head "That is so true..." Serena says before she places her hands onto
her curved hips. "You really should listen to what my Savior has to say,
Randy..." Serena says as she seductively smirks back at CM Punk.

Randy glares at Serena, "I don't have to listen to anyone..." Randy says.

CM Punk smirks, "Serena, Randy seems more like the type where you have to
actually show him the benefits of being straightedge..."

Serena licks her lips and slowly nods her head at CM Punk. "You know I will
do anything for you, my Savior, and for the long path to universal

"Christ... gag me with a spoon..." Randy Orton rolls his eyes after listening
to Serena.

Punk smirks again, "Randy you'll see the light after Serena demonstrates
things for you..."

Serena slyly steps closer to Randy Orton, her beautifully cleansed and
seductive eyes locked on the venomous viper. "All you have to do is accept
and believe in YOUR new Savior....CM Punk..." Serena says before she stands
directly in front of Randy Orton, as she casually lifts her tight fitting top
to expose her incredibly large and juicy, purified tits.

"Am I supposed to be impressed?" Randy Orton asks.

"You should Randy... because unlike some other floozies in the WWE, Serena is
all natural..." CM Punk grins as he watches Serena place her hands on Randy's

Serena licks her lips as she hungrily glares into Randy Orton's eyes. "Just
sit back and relax....and allow Straightedge into your darkened life..."
Serena says as she ease Randy Orton to sit down on the bench inside of the
locker room. Randy Orton keeps his eyes narrowed as Serena bends down
slightly as she starts to slide down his wrestling trunks from his waist. CM
Punk smirks and nods approvingly as his watches the Anti-Diva move Randy's
trunks down his legs. Serena smirks slyly at Randy Orton as she nods her
shaved head upon seeing the impressively thick and long cock of the venomous
viper becoming exposed. Serena smoothly lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of Randy Orton. Serena slyly moans her hands up against his tanned and
muscular legs after lowering his trunks to his feet

"Am I supposed to be impressed?" Randy asks as Serena slides her hands from
his legs and wrap them around his long, thick shaft.

"You will be..." CM Punk says as Serena starts to stroke Randy's shaft with
both hands.

Serena narrows her eyes up at Randy as she smoothly moves her pure hands
against his gradually hardening shaft. "Open your mind to Straightedge
Randy...believe in and accept CM Punk..." Serena says before she lowers her
shaved head and slides her wet tongue around the head of his hardening shaft.

"Mmm..." Randy moans slightly as Serena flicks her wet tongue around the head
of his cock while she keeps her hands moving up and down on his cock. CM Punk
takes off his t-shirt, revealing his tattooed upper body. Serena wickedly
laughs as she guides her cleansed tongue around the head of Randy Orton's
venomous cock as she coats it nicely with her saliva. Serena gradually drops
her talented tongue down from the head of his shaft and removes her hands as
she begins to drag her wet tongue down his long shaft.

"I've had better..." Randy says as Serena twirls her tongue around the sides
of his cock. Serena drags her tongue back up Randy Orton's long and thick
cock before she cups her hands against his swollen ballsack and begins to
massage his ballsack. Serena lifts her shaved head to the top of his cock and
opens her cleansed, seductive mouth and proceeds to lower her shaved head,
swallowing his cock.

"Ahh..." Randy groans as Serena takes over half of his cock into her mouth
before she begins to bob her head up and down on his shaft. CM Punk smirks as
he undoes his jeans and lowers them from his waist.

Serena firmly places her soft and cleansed lips around Randy's shaft and
steadily bobs her head, rocking her head back and forth on his shaft.
"Mmmmmmm....mmmmmm..." Serena lustfully moans as she sucks on his shaft.

"Ahh...." Randy moans as Serena bobs her head up and down on his cock. CM
Punk moves behind the Anti-Diva and kneels on the floor. He lifts up her
short black skirt revealing her round ass just before he guides his cock into
her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Serena lustfully moans around Randy Orton's cock as she feels
CM Punk's large Straightedge cock entering her tight pussy from behind.
Serena starts to smoothly rock back and forth on her knees as she sucks
Randy's cock, while CM Punk fucks her wet pussy.

"Ahhh you see how great being straightedge is Randy?" CM Punk asks with a
groan as he pumps his cock into Serena's cunt.

"I am.... not at all impressed..." Randy moans as Serena sucks and slurps on
his large shaft.

Serena lifts her shaved head off of Randy Orton's cock, firmly gripping his
shaft with her left hand, and slyly smirks up at him "Then why are you
moaning?" Serena asks as she continues to rock back and forth on her knees as
CM Punk drills her purified, wet and tight pussy.

Randy smirks, "Any girl can suck a dick..." Randy says as Serena strokes his
cock with her left hand. CM Punk smirks as he increases the pace of his
thrusts as he pumps his cock deeply into Serena's cunt. Serena narrows her
eyes and glares at Randy Orton before she lowers her head and swallows his
shaft once again, beginning to rapidly bob her head to suck on his cock.

"Ahh..." Randy groans as Serena swiftly bobs her head on his long, thick
cock, fucking her own mouth with his large cock.

"Ahhh show him how great Straightedge is Serena..." CM Punk grunts as he
slams his cock into the Anti-Diva's cunt.

"Mmmmmmm! MMMMMMMM!" Serena moans as she takes Randy Orton's cock deeper into
her cleansed and sultry mouth, feeling the head of his cock hitting the back
of her mouth as she grinds her gorgeous body back against CM Punk's cock in
her pussy.

"Ahhh... mmm ahhh..." CM Punk grunts as he pulls his cock out of Serena's
pussy so that he can pull down her skirt while she deep throats Randy Orton's
cock. Serena leans up slightly and sharply turns her head on Randy Orton's
cock as her soothing saliva drips down on his shaft.

"Get on him Serena..." Punk orders just as Serena lifts her head up off of
Randy's cock.

Serena turns her shaved head and glances back at CM Punk with a smirk. "Yes
my Savior..." Serena obediently responds before she places her hands onto
Randy's knees and easily lifts her curved, gorgeous body to straddle Randy's
lap and firmly lowering herself down onto his cock. "Ohhhhhhhh yessss..."

"Ahhhh..." Randy moans Serena pushes him to lay down on the locker room bench
as she starts to rock on his cock. The dangerous Viper of the WWE grits his
teeth as he begins to thrust his cock upward into Serena's pussy.

Serena licks her lips and places her hands onto his muscular, tanned chest as
she sharply rocks back and forth on his cock. "Ohhhhhhh....mmmmmmm embrace
Straightedge Randy!"

"Aww... mmm..." Randy groans as he pushes his cock upward into Serena's
pussy. CM Punk again moves in behind Serena and he guides his large cock into
Serena's asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhhh Savior...mmmmm Punk..." Serena moans and leans her shaved
head back as she rocks on Randy's cock, in order to smoothly push back
against CM Punk's cock in her tight, pure ass.

"Mmmm.... ahhh..." CM Punk grunts as he pumps his cock in and out of Serena's
asshole, which causes her to bounce on Randy's large shaft. Randy places his
hands on Serena's hips as he firmly thrusts his cock into the Anti-Diva's

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhh yesss....mmmmm Randy....Straightedge is the only way...
you'll see!" Serena moans as she grinds her gorgeously curved body between CM
Punk and Randy Orton.

"Ahhh... all I see is a slutty bald chick bouncing on my dick..." Randy
smirks as he drives his cock deeply into Serena's snatch. CM Punk licks his
lips as he rams his cock repeatedly into Serena's juicy ass.

Serena narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she firmly applies pressure
with her hands placed on Randy's chest as she rocks sharply forward on his
shaft. "You will be saved Randy...whether you want to or not..." Serena moans
as she bucks her hips as CM Punk slams his cock into her ass.

"Mmmmm Serena so badly wants to save you Randy..." Punk grunts as he pounds
Serena's ass with his large cock constantly going in and out of Serena's
asshole. Randy grits his teeth as Serena rocks hard on his upward thrusting

Serena nods her shaved head and smirks down at Randy Orton "
Savior is correct....just think Randy...if you embrace CM Punk, I could be
saving you every day and night..." Serena groans as sweat drips from her
gorgeously cleansed body.

"Mmm... question is... who's going to save you..." Randy grunts as Serena
rides his large cock.

CM Punk groans as he feels his cock starting to throb inside of Serena's
asshole, "Serena... show Randy how dedicated you are..." Punk says as he
pulls his cock out of Serena's ass.

Serena slyly glances back and smirks at CM Punk. "What do you have in mind,
my Savior?" Serena asks with a smirk as she remains on Randy's cock, but has
slowed down.

CM Punk smirks, "Let him see you worship me..." Punk says as Serena lifts
herself off of Randy's large cock. Serena settles down in front of CM Punk as
she places her hands onto his toned waist and leans her shaved head in toward
his cock, perfectly devouring her Savior's shaft.

"Ahhh..." CM Punk groans as Serena starts to bob her head up and down on his
throbbing cock. Randy slyly smirks and he moves off the bench. The Viper
drops behind Serena and suddenly shoves his cock into her asshole.

"MMMMMMMMMMM!" Serena loudly groans around CM Punk's cock, causing her
lips to press tightly against his throbbing shaft. Serena's shaved head rocks
back and forth on CM Punk's cock.

"Ahhh that's it Randy... appreciate the Straightedge lifestyle..." CM Punk
moans as Serena bobs her head on his pulsating cock. Randy smirks slyly as he
grabs Serena's hips as he pumps his cock into her ass.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! AHHHHHHH!" Serena moans loudly as Randy Orton's cock
deeply slams into her asshole, with her juicy ass smacking firmly against his
muscular waist. Serena digs her fingernails slightly into CM Punk's waist as
she deeply holds his cock inside of her cleansed and seductive mouth.

"Ahhh... ahhh mmmm..." Randy grunts as he pounds Serena's ass firmly with his
large cock going in and out of her asshole. "Mmmm ahhh yes.... ahhh..." CM
Punk moans as he starts to cum inside of Serena's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Serena hungrily groans as she twists her shaved head on CM
Punk's cock as his warm cum fills her mouth.

"Ahhh..." CM Punk moans as Serena keeps sucking on his cock as he fills her
mouth with his cum. Randy Orton grinds his teeth together as he keeps
slamming his dick into Serena's ass. Serena lifts her head off of CM Punk's
cock and licks her lips as she firmly is pulled back on her knees by Randy
Orton as the venomous viper deeply slams his cock into her ass.

"Ahhh... ahhh mmm..." Randy grunts as his cock starts to throb inside of
Serena's ass as he keeps fucking her.

"Ahhhh... mmmm awww..." Randy Orton groans as he starts to cum inside of
Serena's ass as he keeps hammering her from behind.

Serena smirks slyly and closes her eyes "Mmmmmm....I think he's ready to
accept Savior..."

"Yes he does..." CM Punk says with a smirk as Randy holds his own shaft
inside of Serena's ass until he's finished cumming. When Randy pulls out, he
stands up and CM Punk steps towards him, "As you see Randy, being
Straightedge has many benefits... accept me as your savior..."

Randy smirks as Punk, "Accept this Punk..." Randy says as he suddenly grabs
Punk's head and drives him down into the floor with a vicious RKO.

Serena's mouth opens in shock as she suddenly bolts up from the floor and
stands facing Randy Orton as he gets up to his feet. "You can't do that to my

Randy looks at Serena and smirks, "Want to try and save him?" Randy asks as
he stands over the unconscious CM Punk.

Serena grits her teeth and narrows her eyes "You're the one who needs to be
saved!" Serena says before she raises her left hand and powerfully slaps
Randy across the face.

Randy Orton smirks at Serena after feeling the sting of her slap on his face.
Before Serena can think about what she just did, Randy grabs Serena's head
and drops her to the ground with a RKO. Randy then sits up on his knees and
smirks, "What a couple of loons..." Randy says as he looks at the laid out
members of the Straightedge Society.


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