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This story is fictional as are all characters and events involved in the
story. And besides, this is just for my own sick little amusement. Hopefully
yours too.

Lesbian Lovers: Britney Spears and Stacy Keibler
by Cool Zero

Britney couldn't believe it. A few hours ago she was just another face in the
crowd, watching another edition of RAW. But no-one else knew she was getting
turned on by the sight of Stacy Keibler's long, silky legs and mouth watering
ass cheeks. Britney wanted to meet Stacy and maybe even get to be very good
friends with her. Very good friends. So, Britney was pleasantly surprised
when she was invited back stage for after show drinks with the wrestlers.
Actually she was ecstatic, but she couldn't let her little secret slip out,
now could she. After mingling with people for a couple of minutes, she moved
over to where Stacy was sitting, surprisingly all by herself. It seems all
the other girls had left and Stacy was just about to do the same.

"Too bad" said Britney, "I really wanted to talk to you, and you are my
favourite superstar".

"Really?" replied Stacy.

"Well I've always...admired you Britney, and your talents of course".

Briteny giggled in her sweet innocent girl laugh. After the drinks had well
and truly taken effect, the conversation began to get very raunchy, to the
point where the girls were nearly tonguing each other in front of the locker

And that's how the girls got to this part of the story, standing in their
underwear in Britney's hotel room, both drunk and horny as hell. Britney had
stripped out of the conservative clothes she had worn for the evening and was
now standing in her cut little white cotton panties, the bottom of her round
butt cheeks just popping out of her underwear. Her tanned breasts fell free,
and the cool air provided by the air-conditioner in her room had her nipples
stiff and pointing on end.

Stacy, who had also stripped out of the flirty clothes she had worn, was now
standing in her infamous black g-string that was sliding up where all men
want to go, but Britney was going to first. Her breasts also were uncovered,
although not as big and round as Britney's, were still a beautiful sight. The
tanned tit flesh was peaked by two surprisingly huge nipples that jutted out
like pointed rocks.

Britney walked over and put her arms around Stacy's slim waist, moved her
hands down and squeezed the girl's tight cheeks and closed her eyes as she
felt her juices flowing. Stacy looked down and noticed a dribble of fluid
make a wet patch on the front of Britney's panties. She giggled as she too
felt the same sensation. Britney finally broke the silence. "Ok Stacy, do
you want it hard or soft?".

"There's no question baby, we're gonna fuck hard all night long!".

Britney was turned on by Stacy talking dirty and pushed her onto the bed and
bent her over. Stacy feet touched the floor as Britney pulled down Stacy's
g-string with her teeth. Stacy tingled with excitement as she wondered what
Britney had in store for her. She wasn't smiling when she found out.

Britney raised her hand and brought it down with a deafening SMACK! On
Stacy's bottom.

"Owwwwwwwww! What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shut up bitch, you're in Britney's room now!" Britney yelled back at Stacy.

Stacy smiled as she realised what Britney was up to. "I'm sorry Britney, I
have been a very naughty girl."

"Yes you have, and you deserve a spanking, so that's what you'll get!"


Britney's hand found Stacy's cheeks once again.

"Oh, I've been soooooo naughty Britney, I do need a spanking, I need you to
smack me and smack me hard!".

Britney was happy to oblige and brought her hands down several more times.


Stacy's ass was now painted with burning red hand-prints.

"Who's your mommy?" Britney yelled.

"You are Britney, you are!" Stacy yelled back.

Now Britney belted Stacy's ass after every question, "Are we gonna get
hardcore tonight?"


"Yes, Britney, yes!"

"Are we gonna get sick tonight?"


"Yes mommy, we are gonna get real twisted".

"Say my name slut!"



"Say my name you fucking whore!"



"Say my name bitch!" Britney yelled as she wildly slapped Stacy's cheeks.

"BRITNEY!!!!" Stacy's screams pierced both her and Britney's ears.

Britney flipped Stacy over and jumped on top of her, pushing their lips
together and sucked on her tongue. Britney felt Stacy's saliva enter her
mouth as she pushed her tongue between Stacy's lips and explored the
inside of her mouth. Stacy gently pushed her off and hopped off the bed.

"It's my turn now Britney".

Stacy walked over to the mini bar and pulled out a full ice cube tray. She
lay Britney on her back and cracked a cube out. She pushed it across her lips
and licked the cube, its coolness stiffening her nipples again. She kneeled
on the bed over Britney and pushed it across her lips. Britney stuck out her
tongue and shivered as she made contact with the cube. Stacy dragged the cube
down Britney's face and circled her breasts. She covered one with a trail of
water, then the other, then pushed it against Britney's nipples, making them
hard like to pink diamonds. Stacy pushed it between Britney's breasts then
over her flat stomach and over her cotton panties. She placed it where the
wet patch was and rubbed it hard against Britney's pussy lips until it melted
and formed a larger wet patch on her panties.

"It's cold Stacy" Britney said.

"It's about to get a whole lot colder" Stacy replied as she pulled Britney's
panties down around her ankles them threw them where the rest of their
clothes lay.

Stacy cracked out another ice cube and began running it through Britney's
golden pubic hair. Stacy noticed a few hairs had stuck to the cube so she
quickly licked them off, much to Britney's delight. Stacy began to move
toward Britney's lips and just as they were about to make contact, she
moved away and explored Britney's inner thighs.

"Stacy! Hurry up or I'll have to get myself off if you don't!" Britney

"Ok baby" Stacy said. She moved the cube over Britney's outer lips, then
spread them gently with her fingers and pushed the cube against Britney's
pink walls.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels so good Stacy".

Stacy moved the cube up and rubbed it against Britney's clitoris, elicting
another moan form Britney who was nearing orgasm.

"Ooooooooooooh yeah, that's the spot babe, work me riiiiiiight there,

Stacy cracked out another ice cube as the previous one melted into Britney's
love hole. Stacy began rubbing the ice cube more violently against Britney's
clit and inserted two of her finger which had been sufficiently lubricated by
the ice. She started thrashing her fingers inside Britney's cunt and rubbed
the ice cube against Britney's clit at a lightning fast pace. Britney was in

"Ooooooooooooh fuck yeah baby, finger me harder, mmmmmmmmm harder!"

"That's its Britney, you like it when I fuck you and do your clitty don't

"Yes Stacy yes, your fingers feel soooooooo gooooooood OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, the

Stacy lowered her head and began frantically licking the juices that were
oozing from Britney's wet folds. She smiled as some splashed on her face and
breasts. She loved the tangy and sweet taste of Britney's juices as they slid
over her tongue and down her throat. When Britney had finished spurting her
fluids, she sat up and cleaned the rest off of Stacy's gorgeous face and
tanned breasts.

Britney began to get up when Stacy asked "Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm thirsty, Stacy."

"So, I'm not finished with you yet."

And with that Stacy pushed Britney back onto the bed and positioned her on
all fours. Stacy cracked out another ice cube and began running it over
Britney's cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels nice baby," Britney said.

"Then you'll love what I have in store for you!" replied Stacy.

Stacy ran the ice cube between Britney's cheeks, up and down her ass crack.
She trailed water up and down Britney's crack before letting the cube rest on
Britney's puckered shit hole. She rubbed the ice against Britney's bung hole,
lubricating it. Then, she began to push the cube against Britney's hole,
finding then entrance than starting to push the cube inside.

"What are you doing?" Britney asked.

"Well, if you liked it up your cunt, you're going to love it up here" replied

"I wouldn't do that," Britney said coyly.

"And why not?" asked Stacy.

Britney opened her mouth to tell Stacy but smiled as a wicked thought entered
her head. "Take a closer look Stacy"

"Ok, if you say so."

Stacy positioned her head directly in front of Britney's ass, her face over
Britney's ass hole.

"Well, I don't see anything?" Stacy said just before Britney relaxed her anal
muscles and let a juicy fart go.

The odour met Stacy face as soon as Britney released it. Britney laughed, but
was surprised and turned on when she looked back and saw Stacy's reaction.
Stacy had a huge smile on her face and was wildly sniffing the air.

"That was beautiful Britney, more please!" Stacy begged. She put her nose
back into Britney's crack and pushed her nose against her ass hole. Britney
let go another meaty fart and Stacy smiled and began taking in deep breaths
as the vile gas escaped Britney's ass.

"Last one babe," Britney told Stacy.

Stacy opened her mouth over Britney's asshole and sucking in air as Britney
let her last smelly fart off. This time, Britney quickly turned and began
sniffing wildly with Stacy, both girls extremely turned on by the nasty smell
of Britney's anal gas.

"That was great Brit," Stacy said as Britney got up and made her way to the

"I know, I'll be back in a minute, I need to go to the toilet". Britney
walking in and sat on the toilet, slightly startled by Stacy's presence in
the bathroom with her. "I'll be out in a minute, I really need to do a shit!"

"I know you do babe, but not without me watching" Stacy replied and she knelt
by the toilet.

"Oh Stacy, you really are a nasty whore," Britney said with a giggle. Britney
then stood up and squatted slightly, positioning her asshole over the toilet.

Stacy had an excellent view and knelt in amazement, her vaginal juices
dribbling down her thighs. Britney relaxed and slowly, a brown turd pushed it
head into view, much to Stacy's delight. Britney's juices were running as she
loved being the centre of attention, especially in an act as naughty as this.

Stacy knelt next to Britney's leg, her eyes focused on the sloppy piece of
shit sliding out of Britney's puckered hole. Her eyes followed it until the
entire piece fell out of Britney's ass and fell into the toilet, and few
drops of water splashing up on Stacy's face.

"Let me get those Stacy" Britney said as she bent down and licked the toilet
water off of Stacy's face. Britney stood up and looked around then spoke to
Stacy. "Fuck, there's no toilet paper. Now I'm gonna have shit plastered to
my crack until I get some." Britney said with dismay.

"No you don't babe. Bend over," Stacy said with a smile on her face.

Britney was confused but did as Stacy said. Stacy stood on her knees like a
dog and grabbed Britney's ass cheeks and pulled them towards her. A huge
smile grew on Britney's face as she felt Stacy tongue running up and down her
crack. Stacy swirled her tongue on Britney's hole, slurping up the smelly
brown shit from Britney's ass. She thoroughly cleaned up Britney's crack, and
even poked her tongue through Britney's shit hole a couple of times, just for
that extra bit of poo. Britney moaned with delight and turned to face Stacy
when she had finished cleaning. Britney was pleased to see Stacy still had
her mouth full.

"Didn't your mother teach you to share?" Britney said.

All Stacy could do was smile her sultry smile and the two lesbian divas moved
together and shared a wide open kiss. Their lips met making an air-tight seal
as their tongues moved together and Stacy spat some of Britney's own shit
into her mouth. Britney savoured the taste of her own faeces on her tongue
and kept it there before finally swallowing it. They broke their kiss and
licked their lips clean.

"I'm thirsty baby," Britney said.

"What, your shit didn't quench your thirst?" Stacy said laughing.

"No, I'm not hungry anymore, but I'm still thirsty" replied Britney.

"Well you're in luck honey," Stacy said slyly, "Because I've got a gallon of
piss I need to let out, I was thinking of the toilet but you're looking a
whole lot better!".

A huge grin grew on Britney's face. She lay down on the floor and Stacy put
her cunt over Britney's face, with one foot on either side of her head.
Britney lay in ecstasy as she saw Stacy spread her lips and let a stream of
warm golden pee fall from her folds. The pee landed right on Britney's face.
It ran through her hair and over her lips, which were closed. I ran down
over her ears and nose, and when Britney breathed in all she could smell was
the stench of Stacy's urine. Stacy swayed her hips a little and her waterfall
of piss was briefly directed over Britney's tits. Britney's loved the warm
liquid smothering her breasts and nipple, but was looked up in concern when
the golden shower stopped.

"You're not drinking! I thought you were thirsty!" Stacy said coldly.

"I'm not drinking your piss!" Britney said.

"So you can eat your own shit but not drink my piss! We'll see about this!"
Stacy said as she dropped to her knees and forced Britney's lips open.

Before Britney could react, Stacy had locked her wet cunt lips over Britney
wet lips and was releasing the remainder of her warm bodily fluids.

"Drink it up slut or I'll drown you!" Stacy yelled.

The look in Stacy's eyes made Britney believe her threat and she began
swallowing mouth full after mouth full of pee. Britney was relieved as the
stream turned into a dribble then stopped. Stacy stood up but she was still
positioned over Briteny.

"What now?"

"Just though I'd pay back your favour" Stacy replied.

Britney looked puzzled but was shocked when Stacy squatted a little and
forced a huge turd out of her ass. It fell onto Britney's tits and all the
pop princess could do was look at the piece of shit sliding between her
mounds. Stacy laughed and lay on tope of Britney, and began rubbing her
tits into Britney's tits, with a piece of shit in the middle. Britney began
to laugh and both the girls broke up the shit and threw pieces at each

The two lesbian lovers were having a shit fight, and laughing all the way
through it! Britney even got one shot in Stacy's mouth, but she just spat it
back at Britney and landed on the cunt. Before Britney could remove it, Stacy
jumped over and began pushing it in and out of Britney's cunt with her
fingers. Britney laughed in shock before picking up a piece and smothering
it over Stacy's face. Both girls laughed and fucked each other silly before
finally falling asleep, faces together, arms around each other, covered in
shit and smelling of piss and vaginal juices.

The End

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