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a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller.

Brock Lesnar Warms Up With Sable
by ThePac

It's a few hours before the start of Wrestlemania 20 and deep in the bowls of
Madison Square Garden Brock Lesnar is in the gym warming up for his big match
with Goldberg later that night on the PPV. He has been in there for nearly 2
hours and he is covered in sweat, his black tank top and tight white shorts
stick to his muscley body. Lesnar reties his white trainers and tests his
white socks before he goes back to punching the practice bag. He doesn't hear
the door to the gym open but he does hear something clicking on the concrete
floor. Looking round Brock gasps when he sees Sable walking towards him clad
in just a lacy black bra, panties, stockings and a tight garter belt. Her
black high heels click off the floor as she walks over towards the sweating

"Hi Brock I need your option on something," Sable says stood next to him with
a cute smile on her face.

Panting Lesnar takes a towel and wipes down his face before answering her,
"Sure Sable what do you want."

Smiling back at Brock as she watches his eyes trail up and down her sexy
body, "Well Brock I wanted to ask you if my underwear looks right for my
match tonight."

Brock gulps; as Sable stands in front of him in her sexy lingerie and his
eyes move up and down admiring every inch of her, "Sable man you look

"Thanks Brock," Sable says sweetly, "I just wanted to make sure my underwear
was alright incase I have my evening gown ripped off."

Brock isn't really listening as he stares at Sable's hot body in that tiny
bra and Brock can't help but feel himself getting hard. Sable giggles as she
watches Brock's eyes drawn over her body and judging from the bugle in his
training shorts Sable is sure she made the right choice in coming in here to
seduce him. Leaning forward Sable makes sure Brock gets a firm view of her
cleavage before she reaches out and grabs his hard bulge.

"I know you have a BIG match coming up and I'm here to make sure you get a
proper warm up," The blonde says licking her lips as her fingers stroke
Brock's cock though his shorts.

A big smirk appears on Lesnar's face as Sable offers her body to him and he
has always wanted a piece of her ever since she came back to the company.
Here she was in the skimpiest lingerie he had ever seen and he wanted her so
badly. Without another second wasted Brock scoops Sable up in his massive
arms and carries her over to the bench press table on the other side of the
room. Sable is laid out flat on the well-padded bench and she kicks off her
heels as Lesnar pulls off his own shoes and socks in near desperation.

"Relax Brock you have lots of time to give me the good hard fucking we both
want," Sable says in her sluttest tone of voice making Brock groan and rub
his swelling cock though his shorts.

Brock reaches forward and unclips her garter belt and pulls it down her legs
and flings the lacy fabric across the empty training room. Soon followed by
Sable's stockings exposing her tanned shaved legs to the cold air of the
room. He tosses them away as well and he smiles as Sable rubs her bare foot
up his torso and he stares a her pretty red painted toe nails. Her foot
slides up Lesnar's top rubbing his bare abs and the soft feeling of her foot
makes Lesnar even hornier than before. Grabbing the bottom of his tank top
Lesnar damm near tears though the material showing off his amazing upper
body. Sable licks her pink lip-gloss lips as she looks at Brock's muscley
chest with sweat slowly dripping down it. Brock then yanks down his shorts
and his 8-inch cock bounces out fully erect and throbbing for Sable. There is
nothing in the world Sable loves more than a big hard man with a big hard
cock and now she has Brock Lesnar stood in front of her completely naked.
Sable can feel her own panties getting damp, as Brock's muscley hard body is
really turning her own. She can feel her own nipples poking into her lacy bra
and without a second thought she reaches behind her back and unclips the lacy
fabric. No sooner has Sable removed her bra exposing her large plastic
breasts than Lesnar has jumped on top off her rubbing his own hard chest into
hers. Pushing his lips forward Brock kisses Sable's soft lips and the two
superstars embrace on the bench press machine. Sable's rock hard nipples rub
into Brock's chest as she kisses him back, her arms wrapped around his
powerful back. Brock pushes his chest down onto hers squashing her tits
around his chest and Brock moans as her chest is soft and Brock feels his own
cock growing against her thighs.

Sable moans as she can feel 8 inches of Lesnar's dick pushing against her
thighs and she can feel his hard cock head rubbing against her inner thigh
leaving a trail of pre cum on her tanned leg. Brock kisses her again this
time driving his tongue deep down her throat making Sable squeal with delight
as Brock is roughly playing with her body. His hands move down her sides
squeezing the soft flesh of her hips as his chest pushes into her chest
making them both moan. Breaking the kiss Lesnar slides his way down Sable's
body his hands touching her big boobs pulling on the silicone with his
fingers making her moan in pleasure. Brock loves playing with Sable's boobs,
he remembers jerking off to her tits when she was in Playboy and now years
later here he was with her hands all over her firm tits. Brock's hands are
big and hard playing with her tits bringing her so much amazing pleasure she
can't help but groan at every touch. His cock is so hard now Brock can barely
hold on as he moves down her body grabbing hold of her lace cut panties. Like
an animal Brock move or less rips them clean off her body and he gets his
first jaw dropping smell of Sable's fresh shaved pussy. The smell drives
Brock wild as he can see her juices trickle from her pussy lips making him so
horny. Spreading her legs Brock leans her head forward and takes a few licks
of her sweet smelling cunt tasting her juices.

"Come on Brock stop teasing me and fuck me with your big hard dick," Sable
groans in sexual frustration.

Hearing one of his idols begging to be fucked is too much for Lesnar and he
wastes no more time in placing his throbbing cock at the entrance to her
dripping wet pussy. Brock pushes into her pussy and they both moan at the
intense sexual contact as his big cock fills up her cunt. Of all the things
Brock expected from Sable he never would have guessed at how tight her pussy
was. It was like a vice around his dick slowly crushing it but Brock really
doesn't care the look on Sable's face shows how much she wants to be fucked
by him and there is no way he is going to let her down. Thrusting in hard
Brock watches Sable cry out in pleasure as his big cock slides into her wet
pussy pushing every sensitive nerve in her pussy walls. Building up a rhythm
Brock forces his dick in and out of Sable's pussy fucking her hard pushing
her back and forth on the bench. Pushing his hips backwards and forwards
Brock drives his dick hard into Sable's cunt making her howl with joy as her
pre cum soaks his thrusting cock. Sable's ass slides across the black seat of
the bench as Brock wraps his arms around her hips concentrating fully on
giving Sable a hard fucking. Her blonde hair flicks around as sweat drips
from her forehead as Brock fucks her into pleasure. Slamming his hips into
her pussy Brock goes for broke driving his massive cock into her cunt as hard
as he can hitting her clit making her eyes roll back into her head groaning
in ecstasy. The weight machine they are lying on is shaking forwards and
backwards as Brock fucks Sable hard.

Brock slams her dripping wet pussy.

Brock's stiff cock head bounces into Sable's G spot making her scream with
joy as a powerful orgasm builds up in Sable's body. Letting go of her hips
Brock slides his hands up her flat mid section then grabbing onto her
breasts. His fingers play with her hard pink nipples making Sable arch her
back as she moans out loud before she cries out and cums. Her juices soak
Brock's large thrusting cock before dripping out onto the bench press machine
staining the black leather cover. Sable's body shakes in the post orgasmic
waves of joy her entire body rolling around before stopping to let her sigh
with relief. Brock grins as Sable gasps and tries to regain her breath from
her huge orgasm. Her face is bright red and the blonde former woman's
champion is breathing heavily trying to get her breath back. Brock pulls out
of the sexual fulfilled Diva and picks her up and carries her over to a pile
of blue gym mats where most of the wrestlers practiced their falling and
stretching. He drops her to the mat softly making her moan, as her body is
still a little sore and tender from her orgasm. With Sable lying on the mat
below him Brock grabs his cock in his hand and starts to jerk his big cock
over her sweating naked body. As Brock self pleasures himself Sable looks up
at Brock's sexy muscle covered form jerking himself off to her naked form.
Reaching up Sable wraps her palm around Brock's hard cock and helps the
former WWE champion to jerk off his own hard cock. Letting go of his own cock
Brock puts his hands behind his head and lets Sable's well-trained hand do
all the work.

"Oh god Sable you are so good, you are such a sexy little slut," Brock groans
as her hand flies up and down his shaft.

His shaft is still wet from Sable's own juices and she is using it as a
lubricant to make her hand move faster over his cock. She gets onto her knees
and moves her wrist faster and harder over Lesnar's hard cock making him
groan with pleasure. Sable's face is only a few inches away from Lesnar's
cock head as she pumps his hard dick and with her sexy face a few inches away
from his dick that image is turning Lesnar on so much. He tries to hold back
for as long as he could but Sable is just too good at handjobs and it's not
long before his balls fill up and he shouts out in joy and shoots his load
all over Sable's model face. Sable shuts her eyes as the warm jizz hits her
face soaking her in sticky cum and she hears Lesnar's loud cries of joy.
After a few seconds she lets go of Brock's limp dick and opens her eyes to
see `The Pain' sat down on the mat panting for breath but staring at her cum
covered face with a massive child like grin on his face.

"You tired yet baby," Sable says sitting down next to the strong wrestler
hugging his arm wiping her face clean with Brock's work out towel.

Brock grins at the blonde sex siren and kisses her on the side of the head,
"No Sable I've still got a bit of steam left in my tank cause I don't think
I'm properly worked out yet."

Grinning back at Lesnar Sable rolls up onto her hands and knees crawling
towards Brock. She turns around showing off her well-tanned ass to Brock who
licks his lips with pleasure as she shakes her booty for him. Backing up
slowly Lesnar spreads his legs allowing Sable to crawl backwards towards him
her ass still swinging in the air. Resting her legs around her lips Sable
leans upwards exposing her asshole to his face and Brock licks his lips with

"Baby you wanna give my asshole a good hard tonguing," Sable says dirty
talking the ex champion.

Brock doesn't need telling twice as he pushes his tongue in-between her tight
asscheeks flicking the very tip of his tongue against her asshole. She groans
as his tongue pushes against her asshole and Brock digs his nails into her
hips keeping her ass in front of her face. Brock loves the taste of Sable's
ass as he forces his tongue deeper and deeper into her tight back passage.
Now bucking his head backwards and forwards Brock is now tongue fucking
Sable's brown tanned ass making her cry out. Sable can feel Lesnar's tongue
probing inside of her and he is fucking her ass hard and Sable wraps her legs
around Lesnar's strong mid section keeping her ass in his face. Bucking his
face backwards and forwards Brock is pushing his tongue deep into Sable's ass
making the blonde cry out in joy. Both superstars are now moaning and
sweating onto the blue practice mats as their bodies are entwined as they
fuck. Moving his hands over Lesnar sinks his hands into Sable's toned tanned
asscheeks squeezing the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. His long pink tongue
is pushing hard against her anus making Sable howl and shake in erotic
pleasure and her ass is fucked by a man's tongue for the very first time. The
powerful way Lesnar holds her is also a big turn on for Sable as she had
spent her life around strong powerful inserting their dominance over her and
her tiny frame. His tongue pushing into un fucked reaches of Sable's asshole
bringing her amazing wave after wave of pleasure. Her cries and groans were
getting louder and louder as Lesnar's tongue goes deeper and deeper inside of
her. Brock loves tongue fucking a woman's asshole, as it's the last thing the
woman expected and it always brought them and amazing amount of pleasure.

NOW FUCK ME YOU FUCKER," Sable finds herself screaming with joy as Lesnar's
swiveling tongue fucks her asshole.

Grinning Brock slams his tongue in deeper into Sable's ass hearing her howl
with pleasure as he fucks her. His hands now spanks Sable's tanned ass cheeks
as the pleasure builds in his body as well as his 8 inch dick starts to grow
up and push into Sable's thighs. The blonde opens her eyes and she can feel
Lesnar's big cock pushing against her wet inner thighs and she moans softly
feeling his hard cock head rubbing against her sensitive skin. Brock flicks
his tongue deeper against her asshole sending shockwaves though Sable's body
and she leaks out pre cum all over the blue practice mat. She starts rocking
back and forth moving her ass into his face and rubbing her legs along his
semi hard cock making it grow even bigger. With Sable's body rocking Brock
takes his chance and moves his tongue out of her ass and slides her down her
body. Before Sable knows what's happening she is on her hands and knees on
the mat with Brock on his knees behind her rubbing her ass and jerking his
own cock so that it is fully erect. He spreads her ass cheeks and places his
hard cock head in between her brown cheeks and slides it into her tight
asshole making both of them cry out with pleasure. In one hard thrust Lesnar
pushes all 8 inches into Sable's asshole filling the blonde up making her cry
out as her tight ass is full to bursting point with Lesnar's hard dick.
Brock's hand rubs Sable's back softly trying to relax the blonde as he moves
around inside of her making sure he is not hurting her with his massive

"You ready babe," Brock says stroking Sable's back as the blonde backs up
into Brock's hips.

"Ready to fuck me and my tight ass Brock, going to get you nice and warmed up
for your big, big match tonight," Sable goes back to her slutty dirty talking

"You want me to fuck your ass Sable, you want me to rip open your tight
asshole," Brock leans in threading Sable as his cock twitched inside her ass.

Sable looks behind her with a begging look in her eyes as she stares at the
big near 300 pounder, "Please fuck me Brock I need to be fucked in my ass
because I'm a bad little slut and my teasing ass is begging to be fucked."

Hearing Sable begging in a girl next-door goody girl voice is too much
pleasure for Brock to take and he wraps his arms around Sable's hips and
thrusts into her asshole. Sable screams as her asshole is burst open by
Brock's massive tool as he thrusts into her hips with huge force. Screaming
and crying Sable digs her fingers into the plastic holding her on her hands
and knees as Brock slams into her asshole. It feels like Brock is trying to
break her a new asshole as he pounds all 8 inches of his dick into her tight
asshole. Feeling her ass getting ripped apart Sable moans and groans as her
pussy lips are soaking wet as Brock pounds her. She loves being taken roughly
and Lesnar is doing more than what she wants as he bangs her tight ass hard
making her scream in pleasure. Brock thrusts in powerfully knocking Sable
forward as his massive dick is shoved up against the sphincter of Sable's ass
making the blonde bawl out in equal agony and delight. The hard slapping of
Brock's hips into Sable's ass leaving a loud flesh slapping sound fills the
room. Brock is so enjoying fucking Sable's tight ass and hearing her loud
groans of pain Brock loves how much pleasure he is giving the blonde.
Reaching around Brock cups his hand around Sable's shaved pussy feeling the
heat from her dripping wet pussy lips and his fingers touch her private areas
softly making Sable groan. Using two fingers Brock teases Sable's soaking wet
clit making her cry out in sexual frustration as he plays with her own
sensitive pussy lips.

ME," Sable cries out her eyes shut in pleasure as Brock fingers her wet clit.

"Go Sable go you dirty little prick tease cum for me I know you want to,"
Brock taunts the sweating blonde thrusting his fingers in harder and faster
to her soaking wet cunt.

Sable cries out with passion as Lesnar's finger really work over her swelling
G spot.

The blonde is rocking backwards and forwards as Brock's massive dick pile
drivers her ass as hard as he can. Brock slides 8 inches of dick up and down
Sable's ass as his fingers work over her pussy bringing her to the very edge
of pleasure. Pushing his fingers in deeper Brock pushes a third finger to
Sable's cunt really making the Playboy cover girl cry out like an adult movie
star. Her moans sound so good to Lesnar as he fucks both of Sable's holes
making sure to give the Diva maximum pleasure. Sweat drips down his forehead
as he tilts his hips hard forwards slamming his erect dick clean into her.
Finger fucking her pussy hard Lesnar smiles as Sable's moans and cries get
higher and larger. His cock bounces off the walls of her asshole as Brock
fucks her hard making she yells out in joy. He fucks her tight ass and finger
fucks her cum coated pussy bringing Sable wave after wave of pleasure
bringing the blonde to the brink of another orgasm. She fights hard to keep
from cumming to allow Brock more time to fuck her now loosening up asshole.
The big man is forcing every once of energy he has in fucking Sable's amazing
ass making sure to give on of his collage fantasies a amazing fuck session.
His hips slam into her ass hard as his balls slap the underside of her cheeks
and the force of Lesnar slamming into her time after time has Sable propped
up on her elbows to stop her falling down face first. Lesnar pumps faster and
faster his dick sliding up Sable's asshole his cock really stretching out her
ass as Brock drives his fingers harder into Sable's cunt. Both are panting
and sweating heavily as the moan and groan from each thrust of their bodies.
Her sweat coated locks stick to Sable's face as Brock's moans get louder and
higher in pitch as his hips almost become a blur as he fucks her ass.

Sable knows Brock is nearing the end, "Cum Brock cum into my big slutty
asshole you own my ass Brock and you have to cum inside me."

Brock tries to hold back as his tries to concentrate on finger fucking Sable
but her tight ass feels to good and the young man from Minneapolis can hold
back no more.

"FUCK SABLE I'M CUMMING GOD SHIT I'M CUMMING," Brock cries out as he takes
one final thrust into her ass before shooting a big load of seamen right up
Sable's ass.

The blonde shakes as Lesnar fills her ass up with cum but as he cums into her
ass somehow his fingers are still moving and working over her pussy. Caught
by surprise at Brock still pleasuring her while he cums Sable slips into her
orgasm closing her eyes tight and cumming all over Brock Lesnar's hand. The
next minute or so is taken up with both Lesnar and Sable finishing off their
massive orgasms before Brock finishes cumming in her ass and pulls out. He
also pulls his hand out of Sable's pussy to find his entire hand and upper
wrist coated in Sable's pussy juices. Sable meanwhile falls flat on her face
feeling the sticky warm substance leaking out of her ass. Both breath hard
for a bit before Lesnar picks himself and walks slowly over to his gym bag.
He pulls out two massive grey towels and cleans himself with one before
throwing the other one to Sable. They clean themselves of sweat and cum
stains and as Sable walks around the room picking up her clothes Brock Lesnar
still totally naked sits on a nearby bench and takes a long swing from a
bottle filled with energy drink. Sable eventually finds her disguarded
underwear and goes over to sit next to `The Pain'. He offers her some juice,
which she drinks and as she does Brock leans back against the cold solid
whitewashed wall and folds his arms behind his head and takes a deep breath.

"Thanks Sable I think I really needed that warm up," Lesnar says with a smile
on his face.

Sable smiles back at Brock, "No Brock I should be thanking you I haven't done
that in a long time and it felt so good."

Lesnar gives the blonde a one armed hug around her shoulder; "It was only
good because you're so awesome and sexy babe."

Blushing slightly at the compliment Sable rests her head on Brock's 6-pack,
"You know Brock seeing as your warm up went so well how about after we both
win our matches tonight we go back to my hotel room and give each other a
good hard warm down."

"Sounds good to be Sable," says Brock holding Sable in his arms, his mind
already wandering onto what sexy surprises and joy Sable could give him in a
warn down, he smiled and decided to wait and see what the sexy blonde would
have in store for him.


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