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Featuring: Angelina Love(TNA), Consequences Creed(TNA), Jay Lethal(TNA).

Lethal Consequences Of Love
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

After the finishing of the tapings of TNA Impact to include the January 14th 2012 episode at The Impact Zone in Universal Studios, Orlando Florida, the duo of good friends and X Division stars, the tag team of Lethal Consequences are finishing packing up their gear to leave the taping that's been filed with over-the-hill old timers are friends of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Both Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed don't seem to happy, considering they were used as storyline fodder and made to job to Team 3D earlier in the night. Both hunky, black studs are in plain jeans and T-shirts, just looking to get the heck out of there.

"I'm telling you, if this is how things are going to go with Hogan and Bischoff in charge now? Us young guys are fucking screwed!" Creed comments, putting his travel bag over his shoulder as he moves over to the locker room door.

"Well, I mean at least we got a payday tonight..." Lethal shrugs his shoulders before letting out a sigh. "But I'm still stuck ripping off Macho Man... I swear, I never needed to rip off a legend back in ROH..."

"Yeah, I bet... Tell you something, if the WWE offered me a deal, I'm jump at it, even if it meant being stuck in developmental for years!" Consequences says with a chuckle before he pushes the door open and walks straight out.

In the next moment, it leads to him bumping straight into a woman who stumbles back at step and gives him a bemused look over with a sly smirk. Creed's eyes widen as he sees who he just walked into - none other than the woman who made her return to TNA after months of absence due to a work Visa issue, the former TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love! She's dressed in the attire she wore for her return as she put a beating onto the women in the stable she founded The Beautiful People - a tight black top with a bra that shows off deep, sexy cleavage from her large tits, and tight fitting rugged jeans that hug perfectly to her juicy ass.

The blonde Canadian eyes up the surprised Creed as she continues to smirk. "Well... My first night back and people are already trying to get rid of me?" Love teases as she crosses her arms under her breasts, in the process pushing them out a little more. "I'd expect that from the other women... Not the guys."

"Hey, listen, I was just going to leave! I didn't mean to knock into you!" Consequences starts to apologize just as his tag partner comes out.

"What's the problem?" Jay asks before he sees the stunning female, and that sight alone makes him smile. "Hey, look who's back around... Welcome back to the madhouse Angelina."

"Madhouse? I don't know about you guys, but I was promised a great storyline and title run for coming back..." Angelina says as she looks between the two men.

"Yeah, but what Hogan and Bischoff promise, and what then happens is another thing..." Creed says with a hint of bitterness before he puts on a brave face. "But yeah, welcome back Love... I do mean it when I say I'm sorry about just now..."

"Relax! Lighten up!" Love says with a smile. "I'm happy to be back, and everyone else seems to be as well. I'm just looking to catch up with the guys and gals, and get straight back into what went on during the good old days... You know what I'm talking about, right Jay?" She asks, giving him a knowing look.

"Oh you bet I do. Oooooooooh yeah!!" Lethal says, ending with his Macho Man-like "Black Machismo" voice, which draws a raised eyebrow from the Knockout.

"Do me a favour and cut that voice thing out, will you?" Angelina says as more of an order. "Otherwise your luck might turn bad... I'm sure I could find another couple of guys to help welcome me back instead."

"Hang on a second... Am I missing something here?" Creed cuts in, giving Love a look over. "Welcoming back... A couple of guys..." He starts to smirk. "Sounds like you're looking more to go down on some guys rather than down a couple shots..."

Hearing that makes her turn and smirk at Creed, slightly licking her lips as she rests her hands on her hips. "Well... I've been away from here for a while... Maybe I just want to catch up on some lost time? Think you can help me out with that?" Angelina asks them both, glancing between the two black studs.

"Maybe? Just follow us and we'll head straight to our hotel room, and we'll damn well help you catch up alright!" Jay states with a grin, similar to the one now on his tag partner's face.

"Perfect!" Love says with a smile of her own. "But we'll need to stop off at my room first... I need to pick up something since I mean it when I said I want to make up for the lost time... So let's just say that tonight? I came prepared..."

* * *

Minutes later in the shared double hotel room belonging to the Lethal Consequences tag team, the gorgeous Angelina Love is naked with her tanned and curvaceous body on full display as she bends over forwards with spread legs, smirking as she looks up at an also naked and grinning Jay Lethal sitting on the edge of one of the beds in the room as she takes a hold of his lengthy, black cock in her hand. "I think I could "snap into" giving this a go..." She says teasingly, giving his thick length a couple of pumps before she uses her tongue to swat across the head, letting him feel her tongue piercing in the process as she glides across the crown, using her hand to stroke off his inches as she works over his bell end, making him moan from the tongue treatment he's getting.

"You weren't kidding when you said you came prepared..." The also naked Consequences Creed says with a big smile, kneeling behind Love as he sets down a bottle of lube that Love brought with her to their room, soon bringing his hands up to her juicy, stunning ass as he spreads her cheeks apart and moves his face up towards her back entrance. The feeling of his tongue pressing into her asshole makes Angelina moan, glancing back with a smirk before she turns back, opening her mouth to take the other hunk's dick inside while she feels her ass getting licked over from behind, flicking across the puckered, tight hole and already dabbing saliva onto it.

"Mmmm... Mmmm..." The former TNA Knockouts Champion starts to bob her blond haired head up and down on the shaft of Lethal, making him moan as he feels her pouty lips pressing perfectly around his man meat, smoothly sucking him off with steady, controlled motions as it looks like she's planning to savour getting her hands, and mouth, onto some big cock, perhaps the largest she's had since departing from TNA. "Mmmm! Uhhhh... Mmmm..." She groans again, slightly pushing her butt back against the probing tongue into her asshole but still working over the dick in front of her, gazing up at the former X Division champion with a smouldering look as she expertly blows him and also keeps her hand pumping along the inches not yet in her mouth.

At her other end, Creed is keeping his hands roaming over her more than ample ass cheeks, rubbing and squeezing them as he keeps them spread, allowing him full access to her asshole as he rims her with a darting motion with his tongue, pushing in as deep as he can with an occasional flick across and around. After a couple more licks, he pulls away with a smile but only so he can reach down for the lube, squeezing a little onto his finger before moving back up, using the other hand to spread those juicy cheeks apart and then slowly pushing his finger into her asshole. Feeling this makes her let out a muffled groan around the dick she's blowing as her booty gets fingered, the lubricant spreading around in her back passage as he works his digit in gradually deeper.

"Awww damn Angelina!! Mmmm..." "Black Machismo" groans as he watches the gorgeous Canadian lower her head further down onto his stiff rod, only using the hand to twist around the base as she blows him, feeling her saliva all over his manhood as she uses her mouth to pleasure him with smooth sucks back and forth along his long inches. "Shit... You really must have missed being around here..." He comments, watching how eagerly she's dishing out this blowjob, having no problem with some interracial action as she handles his black dick with her warm and wet oral hole, almost taking in all of his length without a hint of gagging and still making sure to help her ass get lubbed up by pushing back against the fingering she's getting from the other stud behind her.

Lifting her head away and giving his dick a final lick across the tip, she smirks up at him. "Hey... I never wanted to leave in the first place..." Angelina says, letting out a groan when Creed's finger is pulled out of her ass.

"Well glad to have you back!" Consequences says with a smile that soon widens when she shifts herself around to now get down on her hands and knees, grinning up at him. "Hey, I thought we were supposed to be welcoming you back..." He adds as she takes a hold of his length which is just as impressively long and thick as his tag partner's.

"You are... But I like to give as good as I take..." Love says seductively, stroking him with each word spoken before she glances back, seeing Lethal hopping off the bed to kneel down behind her. "Don't think you're getting off easy... You've gotta give me some lubing back there as well."

"I just got two words to say to that... Oooooooh yeah!!" Jay says with a grin, but looks surprised when Love rolls her eyes and looks back. "What? Hey, I've been making that work for months now!" He argues as he moves up close to her.

Focusing on the task at hand, the stunning returning TNA Knockout places her hands on Creed's toned waist, taking his shaft into her soothing mouth and making him moan as she pushes down onto him, groaning herself as he wraps her full lips around his dark meat and starts to blow him, already getting into a forceful and quick pace. "Mmmm!! Ahhhh shit! Mmmm damn!!" Already he's getting blown away by her oral skill, feeling her tongue piercing lightly running over the underside of his cock as her mouth moves back and forth along his size as she gets right to work on him, making sure to keep her eyes locked up at him, getting turned on herself by the look of pleasure on his handsome face.

Behind her, the man who's found fame by imitating the Macho Man is pushing his covered with her saliva dick into her snatch, moaning at both her tightness and the slight dampness he feels as she starts to slide his rod in and out of her pussy, taking a hold of her slender waist as he fucks her from behind with steady motions of the hips. "Mmmmm Hell yeah! That's some fine pussy right there..." He moans as he thrusts into her snug hole, putting just the right amount of force behind the movement so he can work himself in sooner rather than later, and he's soon getting rewarded as she rocks her curved body backward to meet his incoming pumps, resulting in him able to venture in deeper much to both of their moaning delight.

The busty blond is moaning around the cock she's taking deep between her pouty lips, her hair swaying from the effort she's putting into sucking off the hung hunk in front of her while she moves herself back against the pumps from the other man behind her as he rams his member in and out of her snatch, the rocking motion making her large tits bounce back and forth as they hang down. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmm... Mmmm!" The gorgeous Canadian's muffled cries of lust show she's loving being spit roasted like this by the two American hunks as she takes one black cock into her pussy and blows another one at the same time, leaving the latter coated with her saliva while the former is getting a nice layer of her forming pussy juices all over it.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... Can't forget about this..." Lethal says with a groan, moving a hand off from her as he pumps into her love tunnel so he can reach over and grab the lubricant, squeezing some down to drip onto the top of her ass crack and then moving the hand down to scoop the lube up onto his finger, then pushing that digit onto and then into her asshole with a firm motion. "Shit... This is a new one for me..." He says, impressed that she's still able to push back with perfect timing against his deep thrusts into her snatch even as he now finger bangs her ass, further lubing up her tight back passage and soon finding his finger can go into the knuckle, no doubt helped by his friend's work there several minutes before. This allows him to steadily pump his digit in and out of her asshole while at the same time thrusting into her snatch so deeply that his muscular waist connects with her butt cheeks and his balls smack against her skin.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Damn Angelina! You know what you're fucking doing!!" Creed says with a moan, transfixed on the sight of the former Knockouts Champion's beautiful face bobbing up and down along his inches, feeling her saliva beginning to drip slightly off of his tool from the intense way she's sucking off his member, her nose almost touching his crotch when she pushes down deep and never gagging even when she comes close to deep throating him. "Mmmm!! Shit!! That's fucking incrediable stuff right there!!" He groans out, loving the feeling of his cock buried deep into her oral hole as her lips continue to press tightly around his man meat, her own moans vibrating off his shaft as she keeps rocking herself back and forth between the former TNA World Tag Team Champions, taking a dick in balls deep into her snatch as she gives another a top notch blowjob. All the while makes it look as if she has threesomes with hung black men everyday of the week with how easily she's handling them both, continuing to moan and rock between them both as her asshole is nicely lubed up from the finger fucking she's taking while being fucked by a cock in her pussy at the same time.

Giving the wrestler in front of her another few deep sucks, she lifts her head away and gasps for breath, licking saliva off her lips as she smirks up at Creed. "Nice to hear that I haven't lost my touch..." Angelina seductively teases before moaning as she pushes back against the thrusts into her tight snatch. "So... Mmmm... You boys ready to move on from the warm up now?" She almost challenges, glancing between the two.

"What, this wasn't good enough for you?" Lethal questions as he pulls out of her snatch with a moan.

"Please... That was just me getting started on you two..." Love smirks again, standing up before she motions with a beckoning finger towards Creed. "You... I want to have some more fun with you... And wanna-be Macho Man here can see if he can impress me..."

"Sign me up for that one Angelina!" Consequences says with a grin, almost racing over to the bed as he soon lays down onto it, making her smile back as she moves to mount him.

While Lethal moves to grab the bottle of lubricant and apply some onto his own cock, the former Angel Williams eases her tight and wet snatch down onto the thick and long black cock of Creed, making them both moan as her tanned white body comes to a rest when she meets his own muscular frame, allowing her to lean forward and place her hands onto his chest. "Mmmm yes!! We're gonna have some real fucking fun!!" She says with a lick of her lips and a lusty smile, before she starts to ride him with a series of needy, sudden bounces that causes him to groan in delight, feeling her snug pussy running up and down along his tool as she drops down all the way to the base, taking him in balls deep so that her butt cheeks smack into his thighs with an erotic slap ringing out around the hotel room.

"Damn right we are... I can dig it!" The man known as "Black Machismo" says as he moves up, rubbing the lubricant over his stiff shaft with a pump of his hand before he moves up, spreading her thick and sexy ass cheeks apart and then easing his cock into her asshole, causing himself and her to
groan deeply as the previous warming up of that hole allows for a smooth entry. "Awwww fuck!! Mmmmm!!" He can't help but moan at the super tight feeling all around his man meat as he starts to pump her back passage, gripping those ass cheeks to keep them apart not just to work in more
easily into her, but just to see the sight of his dick entering her one-of-a-kind booty that seems built to take a big cock of his size.

"Ooooooh fuck!! Fuck yes!! Ahhhhhh!!" The former member of The Beautiful People stable moans loudly and without shame, not holding back how much she's enjoying having two long, black cocks in her snatch and ass as she rides the hunk underneath her and pushes herself back against the member being thrust into her stunning rump. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Yeah!! That's what I've been fucking missing!!" She groans out again, her big tits bouncing from how she's quickly riding the cock deep in her snug but wet pussy, yet still able to push her backside out to meet the pumps now coming into her other tight lower hole, feeling those inches gradually working in deeper and deeper still into her back passage as this three-way action becomes hotter and heavier by the second.

"Mmmmm yeah... Gotta love a girl who ain't afraid to get down and go black on blonde..." The man with a gimmick modelled on Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies groan out, unable to help but start pumping his dick up into the hot, damp snatch he's already buried into as she continues to bounce away on his rod, her timing unfazed by getting double penetrated right now as she works herself between the two hung hunks. "Awwwww... Mmmm!! Shit!! That's fucking hot!!" He marvels, reaching up and giving her large breasts a squeeze as she rides him, taking his dick balls deep each time she drops down and he thrusts himself straight up into her, the sound of body meeting body now louder and ringing sharply out but neither feels any pain, too focused on the intense pleasure as they make sure her snatch is stuffed full with his big dick.

"Ahhhh... Holy shit!! MMMM!! You've gotta have done anal a whole... Mmmm!! Bunch of times before this..." The former X Division Champion marvels, seeing how effortlessly he's able to slam his dick deeply into her asshole and not just because of the amount of lube used - it's a sure sign that the woman known for an ass-shaking entrance on the ring ropes has taken plenty of dicks into that ass many times before. "Mmmm... Ahhhhh!! Mmmm!!" He groans again, pumping his member steadily and with force into her back passage, filling up her juicy Canadian ass with his tool as she takes both his and his good friend's American cocks in both her lower holes at the same time, still able to rock herself between the two long and thick shafts like it's a walk in the park, resulting in all three moaning out with lust.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmm... Ahhh!! Fuck me!! MMMM!!" The former founder of The Beautiful People bounces and pushes herself back against both members of the Lethal Consequences tag team, making sure their dicks go into her ass and snatch as deep as they can as her tanned, white body moves perfectly against them both, ensuring she's fucked nice and hard by those magnificent black dicks that would otherwise render a normal woman into a cumming mess long before this point. "Ahhhh!! Yesssss!! MMMM!! Fucking love that!!" She hisses with lust, running her hands up her body to go over Creed's hands to further help him grope her tits as she grinds herself down onto his crotch, allowing him to just pump straight up into her damp snatch while behind her Lethal pounds away into her backside, his waist slapping into her butt cheeks as almost all of his cock has been forced into her tightest of holes.

"Mmmm... You boys love... Ahhhh!! Getting a piece of me, don't you?" Love is able to groan out, sweat forming over her curvaceous body as she works herself against the two hunks.

"Hell yeah... Mmmm!! I can't wait to tap that ass of yours..." Creed says with a moan of his own, letting go of her tits as he gives her snatch another couple of thrusts.

"What, you think I'm... Mmmmm!! Just gonna stop and let you in??" Jay grunts as he pumps he ass with another series of deep motions that make them both groan. "I know we're a team and all... But I'm not passing up this ass!"

With a smirk, she looks back. "Who says you have to?" She says lustfully, getting both men's attention as she glances between them both. "Well, why did you think I brought the lube with me? This was the next level, but now it's time for the main event..." Knowing that something major is about to go down, Jay pulls out of her backside with a groan, allowing her to move off the bed. "Now you hold me up Lethal... And let's see if you can give me a real double team..."

Not intending to pass up this kind of chance, "Black Machismo" moves in and hoists her up by the waist with her back resting against his muscular chest, easing her ass down onto his cock once again to make them both groan out as she sinks in deep and keeps her legs spread apart, causing him to hiss as sweat drips down his handsome face. Her attention though is on the other hung hunk approaching them, squeezing some lube from the now almost empty bottle onto his long shaft and rubbing it all over his inches before he comes in, lining up his dick with her already stuffed full asshole before he works himself alongside his fellow wrestler, and now all three TNA stars moan out when he pushes in and it leaves her double penetrated in her tight, sexy ass.

"OH FUCK!!! AHHHH!!! Mmmmmm!!!" The former TNA Knockouts Champion's mouth hangs open, sinful moans pouring out as her body jolts upward as the former TNA World Tag Team Championship duo time their thrusts, Lethal sliding his dick in and out of her asshole first before Creed takes a turn, ensuring that one of their thick members remains deep into her stretched to the limit back passage while the other pumps into her. "MMMMM!!! Yes!!! Ahhhh!! Two big... UHHHH!! Black cocks!!! Fucking my ass!!! MMMM!!" Shamelessly she has a hand rubbing rapidly across her wet pussy, the other squeezing her own tit as her tanned, sweat-covered body jolts each time one of the shafts stuffed into her thick ass moves up into her, and its clear the amount of lube has helped not only reduce the friction but prevented her from feeling any pain as her asshole is forced to widen to accept this invasion.

"Awwww... MMMM!! Holy fuck!! Ahhhhh!!" Creed grunts, holding onto the Canadian's legs by the thighs as his gaze runs over all of her stunningly curved body, licking his lips as he stares at her fingers sliding back and forth across her wet snatch and down lower to her double stuffed ass as his and the other thick American dick firmly push in and out of her sexy booty. "Mmmm... Fuck yeah Angelina!! Fucking take it!! AHHH!!! Take those big fucking dicks!!" The Marietta, Georgia-born hunt groans as he sweats hard, unfazed by his manhood rubbing against another man's as he helps to bang the lust-driven beauty from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, easing his rod up with perfect timing and force into her butt, driving up when his tag team partner completes his own pump up into that filled-up hole.

"Ahhhhh... MMMM!! Ooooooooh yeah!! AHHHH!!" The stud from Elizabeth, New Jersey continues to groan as he takes his turns in double teaming the stuffed to the max back passage of the beautiful woman who made her return to TNA this same evening, and is now getting pounded in her stunning ass by two huge dicks at the same time. "MMMM!!! Ahhhh shit!! Mmmmm!!" He sweats as he gasps for breath, helping keep her held completely off the floor of the hotel room and loving the feeling of her already tight enough hole being made even more vice-like thanks to the other half of Lethal Consequences also having his own long, black cock stuffed deep into the busty, white blonde's ass. He feels his shaft beginning to throb inside her more than ample rump, lost in the lust of the moment and not caring that his man meat is pressed against another dick as they grind against each other as they bang the horny Knockout's ass at the same time.

"AHHHH!! Mmmm... MMMM!!! Fuck me!! AHHH!!" With each thrust and movement of either of the dicks rammed deep into her backside, she's looking further and further from being the talented and gorgeous female wrestler she's known to be, and more like a cock-craving slut as she gets off on the double penetration action in her ass by furiously rubbing her soaking wet snatch with her hand. "Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!! AHHHH!! FUCK MY ASS!!!" She's almost begging even as she gets exactly what she's asking for, the throbbing rods firmly lodged up into her beginning to gape asshole as their timed and stiffly paced thrusts continue to be sent up into her, and while this would make a normal woman pass out just from being stretched out to the max, she's calling out for more with loud, shameless moans echoing around the hotel room she's being fucked almost senseless in.

With all three sports entertainers sweating hard and moaning out, its no surprise that soon one races to their limit, as shown by the man known as "Black Machismo" suddenly pulling out of her asshole, getting groans of relief from the other two as Creed has to act fast, gripping her to set her down on the floor. Just as quickly though, she's turned around, pushing her ass back up against him with a sinful grin he accepts the offer, pushing his pulsating dick back into her asshole with one thrust to fill her booty back up with his manhood, allowing her to reach forward with one hand and start sucking off Lethal's rod, her other hand back down onto her snatch to resume the frantic rubbing motion.

"Awwwww... AHHHH FUCK!!! Shit!!" The stud receiving this rapid, deep blowjob can only stand with hands on his head, staring up at the ceiling as his mind is blown, feeling her lips swiftly rubbing back and forth along his cock along with her pierced tongue slapping around his underside as she shows no issue with going ass-to-mouth on his thick pole. "Ahhhh!!! MMMMM!!! FUCK!!!" The former X Division Champion groans become deeper as his dick throbs away, the hungry motion of the former Knockouts Champion's mouth all around his cock driving him further towards the edge as she moans around his meat and deepthroats all of his size without gagging once, putting pornstars to shame with her elite cock sucking skills.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Oh fuck!! FUCK!!" Meanwhile, the other hung hunk involved in this interracial threesome is grunting and groaning himself, hands on her toned waist to pull her gorgeous and curved body sharply back towards him when he thrusts into her ass, making sure he ventures in balls deep each and every time he slams into her already well fucked and stretched open back passage. "MMMM!!! Oh Hell yes Angelina!! AHHHH FUCK!!!" Sweat drips off his handsome facial features as he feels himself throbbing within her juicy booty, but it doesn't stop him from continuing to pound her backside as his muscular waist collides hard with her thick butt cheeks to make them jiggle from the impact, the slap of skin against skin ringing out loudly to mix with their moans of lust.

The spit roasting of two fat black cocks deep within the holes of the beautiful white blonde doesn't last for two much longer though, as with a final deep and long moan Jay Lethal begins to cum inside the mouth of Angelina Love, making her groan and even grin around his pulsating dick as the streams of warm spunk shoot into her mouth but even then she doesn't stop sucking him off. She makes sure to swallow down each and every shot of jizz she receives, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around him to both make sure she doesn't miss a drop of his load and to milk him dry as she keeps on bobbing her head back and forth along his shaft, making him groan and leaving him staggered and weak at the knees.

Just as she's finished the other half of the Lethal Consequences tag team and lets his limp dick fall from her mouth, it's the turn of the grunting Consequences Creed to race to his own sexual peak, able to give the sexy ass he's been pounding another couple of thrusts before he pulls out, and barely manages to give his rod one stroke before the first shot of spunk shoots out from his long black cock and onto Angelina Love's stunningly rounded white ass. He groans deeply with a grin as he jerks off and sends more streams of his creamly load across both of her juicy, full ass cheeks, with even one shot landing into her ass crack and soon dripping down onto her now gaping asshole, the result of having been double stuffed by both hunks just moments before.

While she's been double teamed over and over already tonight, it's the combination of feeling spunk being splashed across her booty and looking back to see the look of complete pleasure on Creed's face that helps set her off, and letting out a dripping with lust moan of her own, Angelina Love cums over her own fingers. She lets out a deep, satisfied sigh as the rubbing motion of her hand over her snatch sends herself over the edge, further coating her own digits with her juices as she keeps herself bent over, making sure she takes all of the spunk from the man behind her, and even squeezing her own tits as she rides out all of her orgasm that leaves her gasping for air with sweat coating every inch of her tanned body.

"Mmmmm... Thanks boys... That's exactly the kind of welcome back that I was hoping for..." Love says with a grin, standing up and further stunning both men as she's able to freely walk over towards the bathroom of the hotel room, even after all the intense anal fucking she's taken so far tonight.

"Damn Angelina... You're something else!" Creed says with a big smile as he wipes sweat from off his forehead. "It's a damn good thing you're back home in TNA."

"Ooooooh yeah, I'll second that!" Lethal says, his grin though soon fading when she shoots him a "seriously?" look for breaking into the "Black Machismo" voice again. "Uh, I mean, it's awesome you are back again!"

"Well... If you're both so happy to have me back, why don't you show it?" Angelina offers, standing in the door way to the bathroom as she flicks on the light switch. "Like I said before boys... I have a lot of catching up to do around in TNA... And this fine ass of mine isn't going to fuck itself! So..." She pauses to smirk and glancing between the two hunks, seeing their cocks starting to harden again. "Care to show me the Lethal Consequences of Love one more time?"

* * *

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