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Let's Try This Once
by sonya deville

Sasha looked at the toy her girlfriend, Alexa, handed her. She wanted to know why in the hell she'd buy that, but all Alexa gave was a smirk. "Babe, why did you buy this?" she asked again, hoping that Alexa would actually tell her.

"I bought it so I can try it on you, Sash." she said, wiggling the toy around in her girlfriend's face.

"Are you crazy? You know I'm not really into anal, so why the hell would you buy that?"

Alexa crossed her arms, giving her a look that sent shivers down Sasha's spine. She knew exactly how to get her own way, especially with her girlfriend. "Babe, I know you don't like anal. But can we at least try it once?" Alexa asked, and Sasha knew she wasn't going to give up the argument.

"It's not going in me dry, 'Lexa," she said, giving up the disagreement with Alexa.

"Of course not. I might be aggressive in bed with you, but I don't want to actually hurt you. I love you way too much." Alexa explained, which made Sasha smile.

Snapping her fingers was all Alexa had to do to get Sasha in sub mode. Removing clothing after clothing, she refused to take her eyes off the real boss in their relationship. "Safeword is 'pineapples', and I'll stop doing what I'm doing to check in," she reminded her, before sitting on the bed.

"Yes, Boss," Sasha said, and gave her girlfriend a small smile to reassure her she understood.

"Hands and knees, on the bed. Now," she paused so Sasha could do what she was told. "Spread your legs so I can have full access to my holes I own."

Once she had her legs apart, Alexa came behind her to inspect. "My, my, my. You have a really pretty pussy," she said placing her hand gently on Sasha's left ass cheek. Feeling her tense up, Alexa lifted her hand, only to crash it back down.

"Fuck--thank you, Boss!" she shouted, preparing for the next smack. Which came seconds later, because Alexa knew how much she loved getting spanked.

"Look how wet you are, my slut! Why are you wet?" She asked, and Sasha let out a moan when she felt Alexa's finger you with her clit.

She wasn't sure if Alexa wanted an answer or not, "Good girl, I'm glad you didn't answer that. I already know why," she said, moving her finger in and out in a teasingly slow pace.

"Please, Boss," her breath growing heavy, and Alexa pretended not to notice.

"Hm, what do you want?" she asked, stopping her movements in Sasha.

"Please use me, Boss. Please?" her voice laced with desperation, which Alexa felt was very attractive.

"I can definitely do that," she paused to grab something in the draw. "This might be a little -- or a lot -- cold. Remember, safeword is 'pineapples'." She quickly reminded her girlfriend.

Squeezing a little bit of lube on her fingers, Alexa began rubbing it on Sasha's hole. The coldness of the lube gave her goosebumps, and Alexa couldn't help but smile. "How does it feel so far?" she asked, checking up on Sasha.

"F-feels full, but not painful," she moaned.

Slipping in a second finger caused her girlfriend to moan a bit louder. "That's it, baby. You moan when it feels good," She praised, knowing that her kind words put a smile on Sasha's face. "You're doing a great job at taking it. I'm proud."

Moving the two fingers in every way she could, she enjoyed hearing all the moans her girlfriend was creating. Alexa knew that Sasha would like anal pleasure, but they weren't close enough to use the beads just yet. Adding in a third finger, she decided to use some more lube. Squeezing it on the area so it ran into her tight ass, and onto her fingers. It was cold for the both of them, especially since it went straight into Sasha's asshole.

"Feels good?" Alexa asked, and Sasha nodded in response. "I'm glad, I think you're ready for the anal beads, baby."

Sasha relaxed as much as she could when Alexa's fingers slowly left her body. "Remember to tell me if you don't like it, I will stop immediately."

This time, when Sasha nodded, Alexa pushed the first bead into her with ease. Putting extra lube on her hole for the next one to slide in easy as well, she couldn't help but smile. As she slid the next bead in, she began to thumb Sasha's clit.

"Wow, you're so wet from this. Now you know that the real Boss is always right on these things! Say it, my slut," she said, pushing the third bead in.

"Boss, I should always listen to you. You know what I'll like and won't like!" she moaned as Alexa pushed two fingers into wet cunt.

"That's right, my slut. I'm going to put one more bead in because I want it in there. Then, I'm going to make you come, understood?" Alexa smiled, and Sasha nodded to let her know she understood.

Pushing in the head with the help of some more lube, Sasha let out a loud scream of pleasure. "Boss, I love it!" Alexa smiled before putting three fingers into her cunt.

"I'm glad, now, since you were such a good girl, you don't have to beg me to come." informed Alexa, who was multitasking with the beads and her fingers in Sasha.

"Thank you, Boss!" she screamed as her body shook. Her orgasm washing over her, and Alexa couldn't even be more happier. Her girlfriend was extremely beautiful when she was orgasming, especially since it was caused by her.

"Mm, you're welcome," she paused to slowly pull the beads out of Sasha. She needed to do it carefully so she didn't hurt her girlfriend. Once they were completely out of her, she spoke up again. "You did so good, beautiful. I'm so proud if you."

"I want to please you, Boss," Sasha said, proving that she finally caught her breath. "Pretty please?"

Alexa smiled, "Alright, baby. I think you earned it."

Getting on her knees, Sasha smiled up at Alexa. As soon as she gave her a nod, she got to work. Starting with biting and kissing her thighs, Sasha knew she needed to do this right.

The first lick made Alexa moan, and she couldn't help but smile. She loved when she got to pleasure her girlfriend -- the true boss -- Alexa. "That's it baby, just like that," she moaned, and Sasha was enjoying every moment of it.

Pulling at Sasha's hair, Alexa moaned as her legs began shaking. She was coming, and Sasha felt proud of herself. Cleaning up her come the best she could, she couldn't stop smiling. "Aw, baby, you did amazing. I'm seriously so proud of you!"

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