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Letting Loose With The King: After The Video Shoot - Somebody's Gonna Fuck
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage during the December 6th, 2012 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling held at the Impact Zone in Universal Studios, Florida, the cocky but talented X Division star Kenny King has a smug grin on his face as the makes his way through, having just secured the number one contendership spot for himself to face the reigning X Division Champion. "One more time, heading for the top!" King boasts to himself as he heads along, still clad in his blue tights with white King chess piece designs from the match. "This time I'm taking it all home, and taking that X Division Championship back to where it belongs!"

As he heads around a corner towards the locker rooms, he's about to pass by the door marked for the TNA Knockouts to change in when out in front of him steps the woman who made her long rumored return to TNA that same night, the stunningly curved former Knockouts singles and tag team champion Velvet Sky. The former member of The Beautiful People is still dressed in the same tight, eye catching clothes from earlier - a black top that shows off her large breasts with some sexy clevage, and a short black leather-like skirt that hugs perfectly to her infamously rounded and juicy ass, topped off by some high heels.

Stepping out of the room and locking eyes with King, Sky raises an eyebrow slightly as she turns to face him. "Hey, you seen any of the rest of the Knockouts around?"

Smirking, Kenny doesn't hide the fact that he's checking her out as he smiles and comes to a stop in front of her. "Naw girl, I was too busy out there handling my business, looking flawless and picking up a win... But I can see one fine Knockout here who looks like she could do with some company..."

Rolling her eyes, she lets out a sigh. "Figures that there's still some creeps around here even after all this time..." Unimpressed, Velvet puts her hands on her hips as she eyes him up. "And who exactly do you think you are? Do you even know who I am?"

"Sure girl... Velvet Sky, that chick with the fine body who lets those birdies loose... And you're looking at the one, the only Kenny King, the next X Division Champion right here in TNA!" King brags, paying little attention to the clearly annoyed look he's getting from her.

"Uh, OK, first off Kenny? I let the pigeons loose, OK? And secondly, you need to get over yourself rookie." Sky says, pointing a finger at him. "I came back home to TNA to make 2013 my year, and that means I won't be putting up with any crap from either the other Knockouts here or from guys like you! You haven't even won a championship here yet, and you're acting like you own the place! Are you for real?"

"Real as it gets baby..." King says, making her sigh again as he steps closer and arrogantly takes her hand. "And don't worry none, I'll have gold around my waist in no time... And tonight might just be your lucky night that I get you being by my side and I look even better than I already do." He adds with a handsome but egotistical smirk.

Raising an eyebrow, she looks half disgusted and half in disbelief over his attitude. "Oh please... You? Really, you? Thinking you'd even be able to get to a first base with me? You must be out of your mind..." She then starts to smirk, using her other hand to swat his away. "You wouldn't even last a minute with me, so keep dreaming..."

"That a challenge girl? I don't back down from a bet, so I'll take you on. Anytime, anyplace, your boy Kenny King is ready to tap some ass just as much as I smack some down in the ring." He boasts, unfazed by her clear disapproval of him.

"Seriously?" Sky appears disgusted at first, but she takes a moment to think it over, and perhaps thinking she might be able to put him in his place and knock his ego down, and idea strikes her and makes her smile. "You know what Kenny? Tonight's your lucky night... You think you can handle the pigeons being let loose? Then step on in, and let's see what you've got..."

* * *

Moments later in the empty Knockouts locker room, the gorgeous Velvet Sky is still fully clothed but down on her knees in front of a naked Kenny King who's smiling cockily as he sees the wide eyed look on her pretty face as she looks over his long, rock hard black cock that appears to be anything but what the curvy white female was expecting him to be packing. Despite that, she doesn't hesitate to wrap her fingers around his length, giving it a couple of testing pumps to see if he's all talk or not, and when it's clear he certainly will be lasting longer than just one minute, she knows she'll have to really put him through his paces but she's confident she'll be humbling him one way or another before this is done with.

"Well, I guess what they say about you "guys" is true..." Velvet jokes with a sly smirk as she strokes his long, thick black cock a couple of times to check that it's fully hard, a seductive smile on her face as it's clear she likes the look of his member, and her kneeling position give him more to smile about as he looks down to see her cleavage on display. "Now let's see if you can handle my kind of party, rookie..." She says with a smirk before boldly leaning in, wasting no time as she takes his shaft in between her pouty, red lipstick covered lips and instantly makes him moan as she wraps those lips firmly around his meat even before she's begun to properly suck him, using her free hand to brush her long two-toned hair back over her shoulders to already show she knows just how to suck on a cock.

"Mmmm... Yeah girl, there ain't a chick that ain't loved what I'm packing..." The cocky X-Division star boasts, watching as the stunning returning TNA Knockout starts to bob her head smoothly along his pole, already getting into a steady rhythm to work him over as she keeps her lips pressing around his man meat with a tight seal. "Don't even try to front on that girl..." He adds, smirking as he watches her pretty face moving towards and then away from his crotch as she easily handles and works over the top half of his cock, using her hand to grip the base to keep him steady, her long two-tone hair already swaying a little from the motion her head is doing.

Even while sucking his dick, the former Knockouts singles and Tag Team Champion is able to raise an eyebrow, unfazed by the attitude of the hung hunk she's servicing with her clearly talented and experienced mouth as she continues to take his thick inches deep into her oral hole, even occasionally slapping her tongue up against his underside to make him groan. She can't help but moan around his manhood herself, getting an erotic thrill from sucking off the naked man she's kneeling in front of while she's still fully dressed, her hard nipples poking through her tight top to further show that as she carried on raising and lowering her head in order to blow his length.

"Mmmmm... Awwww yeah, bet you've never had some dick like this before..." King moans again as he smiles, enjoying how warm and damp her mouth is as she sinks down deeper onto him, her hands now resting on his muscular waist as she picks up the pace, briskly blowing his shaft with a rather slutty eagerness to leave it covered with her saliva. "MMMM! Oh damn girl! You've gotta have been with a brother before..." He states, seeing how effortlessly the stunning white beauty is handling his long, black cock as she is almost taking in all of his inches when she drives down, putting a porn star-like performance in sucking him off, her bright red lipstick starting to smear onto his man meat and from her own lips due to her delivery of this hot blowjob and her saliva all over his length.

Her make up messing up is far from her mind at the moment, as it seems she's looking to savor no doubt the biggest cock she's seen since her long break from TNA months ago, closing her eyes as she forces herself right down onto him with a groan, impressively deep throating all of his vast size and only slightly gagging as she keeps herself right down with her lips around the base. This in turn forces the man receiving this to tilt his head back and moan himself at her oral skills, and only after a long moment does she resume the task of dishing out the sucking pleasure with more swift bobs of the head back and forth along his meat, moaning herself as she's clearly getting off on sucking off a stud she's only just met minutes before.

Giving another couple of deep sucks, Sky teasingly raises her head up and off with a long, slow motion that ends with an audible "pop" sound before she wipes some of her own spit from her chin. "Mmmm... I just can't help letting loose with a big dick like this..." She shamelessly admits with a smirk, moving to stand up as she moves her hands onto her tight black top.

"You won't have seen anything close to that stuck in gyms and bingo halls outside of TNA..." Kenny says with an arrogant but handsome smirk, watching as she removes her top to reveal her large, sexily rounded and tanned tits.

"The same ones you bailed out on to jump to TNA?" Velvet teases with a smirk of her own, turning and walking with a seductive sway of her thick hips before she takes a seat on the couch in the Knockouts changing room they are in, invitingly spreading her legs to show off her black panties as she slightly hikes up her tight skirt.

"Baby, I just upgraded to the big time... Now let me give you some "royal treatment" girl..." King boasts as he moves over and gets right into position, using a hand to pull her underwear to the side and reveal her neatly trimmed and already a little wet looking pussy.

"You'd better not be all talk..." The gaze of the stunner hailing from The Big Apple is glued onto the lengthy, thick shaft coated in her saliva as the hunk from Las Vegas, Nevada pushes himself into her love tunnel, making them both moan as her tight snatch is made to accept the invasion, proving that she certainly hasn't been taking cock of this kind of size for a long time. "Mmmmm... I might be putting the T and A back into TNA... But I want some action right now!" Sky states, having to compose herself as she feels herself already stretching and being filled up despite him only having just under half of his size in her, but she brings her gaze up to give him a smoldering, seductive look as she reaches forward, gripping her own ankles to keep her legs spread apart.

"Then allow the next X Division Champion to show you why I'm the real deal around here..." The former WWE Tough Enough contestant brags again, not even taking a hold of her as he begins to rocks his hips back and forth, sliding his fat black dick into her snug white pussy to make the former Talia Madison in the Indies moan as she keeps her eyes locked onto his handsome face. "Mmmm yeah... Nice and tight baby, just how I like them..." However he's looking down at her snatch, smirking at the sight of his rod sliding in and out of her with an already steady and firm pace, wasting no time in getting some of one of the hottest female wrestlers on the scene today as she willingly keeps her long, smooth legs far apart for easy access to her lower hole.

The former member of The Beautiful People grits her teeth, a part of her aggravated by the arrogance of the resident playboy of TNA but unable to deny how good it feels to have his massive dick thrusting into her tight and dampening pussy, the teasing but beautiful female wrestler moaning as the cock she'd just been deepthroating is now sliding into her snatch and despite making her feel full enough already, she can tell he's working himself in deeper. "Mmmm! Mmmmm yeah... And I love them nice and big..." She groans, her tanned and stunningly curved body now jolting up against the couch she's on each time he pumps up into her pussy, causing her big tits to bounce in time with the rest of her as she lets him control the pace as she half wants to him to get too into this to allow her to put him in his place, but the other half of her just wants to be fucked even harder and faster than she is already, even with this feeling as good as it does.

"So the chick who lets those "pigeons"... Mmmm... Loose is a size queen huh?" King smirks again with a moan, keeping his hands on his own waist to impressively just use only hip action to thrust his shaft back and forth into the wet snatch of the Knockout who made her TNA return tonight and is now moaning away at his perfectly paced pumps as he keeps her legs wide apart for him to bang her with increasing force. "That sounds fit for a King..." He adds with a chuckle, taking a long look at her large, bouncing breasts which give him added incentive to send himself in deeper into her snug love tunnel, having already figured out that she's perhaps able to take him balls deep unlike many women he's scored with before, and since it's a hot enough sight to watch her groan from how he's nailing her, he sees no issue in going all the way.

"I don't know... Ahhhhh! What kind of skanks you've been with before I came back here..." The former TNA Knockouts Champion says between moans, looking down again and when she sees how close his waist is getting towards her crotch her eyes can't help but go wide at how much fat, black cock she's currently handling in her still tight but now noticably wet pussy, that image alone making her groan in pleasure as she takes this banging from the hunky former ROH World Tag Team Champion. "But I don't just shack up with any... Mmmm... Prick who comes along here!" She continues to act like she isn't impressed by the relative rookie still in TNA, but the way she's moaning and how her body is still jolting each time he sends his length up deep into her box tells the real story as the tanned, white beauty feels her grip around her ankles slipping, already feeling the effects of his pace of fucking on her after all these nicely intense minutes with his shaft filling up her pussy.

"You still... Ahhh... Trying to front girl? I've been with too many honeys like you to be played like that..." Kenny says, giving her pussy another couple of thrusts before he pulls out of her with a moan.

"Excuse me?? Women like me??" Velvet gives him an angered, narrow eyed glare, clearly offended by that comment. "There isn't a woman not just in TNA, but in the world who comes close to me! It's jerks like you with a massive ego that's a dime a dozen!" She adds, moving her hands to her skirt so she can ease it down her smooth, tanned legs.

"I got something massive alright, and it ain't no ego..." King smirks again, giving his dick a stroke to enforce his point. "You say the "Sky's the Limit", right? Well how about you get on top and show me how you handle a guy "like me" then?" He challenges, already taking a seat on the couch before she even accepts.

Shaking her head a little, Sky seems on the outside to still be resisting his "charms" but how quickly she got up to stand seems to indicate the opposite. "Be careful what you wish for Kenny, because this "honey" might be a little too sweet for you..." She warms as she moves herself up, swinging a leg over as she positions herself with her back facing him but still hasn't removed her black panties yet.

"I can have a sweet tooth myself you know girl..." The man who's won the number one contendership to the X Division Championship numerous times already is smiling like he's won the world title as he watches the gorgeous Knockout keep both feet planted on the floor with spread legs, allowing her to lower herself with a squat. She reaches down with both hands, one keeping her underwear to the side while the other lines up his meaty rod to she can sink her snatch right down onto it with a groan of lust. "Mmmm... Yeah, bet you can't wait to ride my dick... Let's see you let those pigeons loose now girl..." He licks his lips, his gaze now going onto her juicy, thick ass as it travels down as her pussy takes inch by inch of his length deep inside, just taking in the sight before his hands move up to grip her toned waist but the way he's leaning back in the couch shows he's planning on enjoying himself rather than putting some work in here.

"Don't you ever... Ahhhh! Shut up??" Despite moaning at how good it feels to be filled up once again by this thick black cock deep in her tight hole, she's still pissed off at his attitude and arrogance so she's looking to teach him a sexual lesson as she begins to lift her curvacious white body up on his length before sharply dropping down onto his pole, causing him to moan and in turn her to smile, thinking she's got him where she wants him now. "Mmmm... You're gonna get it now Kenny! You'll see what... Mmmm! I can really do!" She warns again, her threat not exactly working from the moans she's letting out as she rides his cock now, her hands gripping her own knees for extra support as she looks to get straight into an intense motion, going down so deep her one-of-a-kind ass is smacking down into his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm! Yeah Velvet! I was wondering when you were gonna... Mmmm... Actually get with the good stuff..." The man who controversially jumped ship to TNA while still a champion in ROH shows his cocky attitude again, unfazed by how she's trying to prove a point and instead focusing on how amazing his manhood feels buried deep inside of her wet pussy as she sharply raises and lowers it over and over again to show she's equally able to take a banging and give one out in equal helpings. "Ahhhh... Bet most of the tiny dicks you've had before blew their load... Mmmm! Long before this time..." He claims, watching her juicy booty slapping down into his body as the sharp ring sounds out around the Knockouts locker room they're currently fucking inside, feeling himself being balls deep inside her still nicely tight pussy each time she drops straight down onto his tool before quickly lifting herself up to repeat the motion with the kind of porno-quality skill that shows this might not be the first time she's ever had sex with a black man before.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh! You think you're really... Ahhhh! Fucking special, don't you??" The former TNA Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Champion looks back over her shoulder with a slight glare, still moaning as she keeps herself stuffed full of his cock as she continues to ride him with a quick and hard pace, her defiant tone slipping away more and more with each bounce on his magnificently long and thick to match man meat. "You get a couple of wins... MMMM! And you think you're the best thing... Mmmmm! Around today, don't you?" She continues to try and talk his ego down, but at the same time she isn't stopping her riding motion all the way down onto his rod and then quickly up to half way so she can sharply travel back to the base with a smack of her thick, white ass hitting his desirable black body, and if she was so put off by him and wasn't enjoying this sexual encounter, then why doesn't she just end this and leave?

"Mmmm... Baby, I'm the King and being the best... Ahhhh! Is just what I do..." He pays no attention to her attempts to put him off, still relaxing back in the couch as he groans in pleasure, still watching her partially covered by panties butt raise and lower as she smoothly and quickly moves her damp snatch up and down on his fat dick with the kind of effort that would leave a normal woman in a daze trying to keep this pace up for just half this length of time. "In the ring, in the club, and deep in a girl like you... Ahhhh... Loving every minute of it... Mmmm... And if I was in deep in your ass, you'd still love it..." He adds, using his hand to sharply deliver a spank to her ass which catches her off guard, making her stay down on his lap and grind her snatch against his cock, causing them to both moan as he takes the opportunity to give her other ass cheek a spank, watching the more than ample flesh jiggle from the impact, but then pissed off look on her face shows she doesn't appreciate the move one bit.

"Now that's bullshit!" Sky says, smacking his hands away so she can stand up and then turn and glare down at him. "You? Handling this?" She uses a hand to smack her own ass a couple of times. "Don't make me laugh! You'd be busting a nut in a couple seconds!" She adds with a narrow eyed glare.

Unfazed, King remains leaning back in the couch, smirking up as he looks over her almost fully naked form as she stands topless and just in a pair of sexy heels and black, already soaked with juices panties. "Girl, you're ass is damn fine and made to be fucked by my big, black dick but with a dick like this? You'd never be tight back there again..." He claims with a cocky smile.

"You think so?" Velvet makes the move and finally pushes her panties down and steps out of them, now naked apart from her high heels as she moves forward and once again mounts his lap, this time facing him. "Then prepare to become a minute man once my ass is finish with you!"

Amused by her defiance, he just moves his hands back onto her waist as she adjusts herself into position on him, his eyes looking over her big tits right in front of him. "Whatever you say girl... Your boy Kenny King is gonna be tapping that ass like you never dreamed before..."

Firmly plated on his lap as he sits back in the couch in the TNA Knockouts locker room, the returning Knockout to the company lets out a groan with wide eyes as she takes the cock of the X Division into her tight asshole, making them soon both moan out loudly as his thick, black inches begin to invade her juicy, perfectly rounded white ass. Despite only having her own fluids from her snatch that coat his cock as a sort of lube, it's soon obvious that both of the sports entertainers involved in this have engaged in this activity before as neither feel any pain from this, and in fact it's only a few short moments as the woman on top adjusts to the sensations before the anal sex really kicks off.

"AHHHHH!! Oh FUCK!!" The New Britain, Connecticut-born beauty moans loudly and without shame, and that's just from the initial thrust up of his hips to send his shaft right up into her back passage, so by the time he's starting to properly bang her delicious booty with a series of firm pumps she's letting out a long stream of cries of joy, her hands in reflex going around his neck as she seems to finally be giving in to the pleasure she's getting from him. "Mmmmm!! Oh fuck yes!! Uhhhh! My ass!!" She's able to groan out, only just it seems, some form of sense as it seems that not only does she really enjoy taking it up the ass, it's made all the more better for her to get from a long and fat cock, and that's exactly what she's getting from the hunk born in Queens, New York as he works his hips sharply upwards into her thick, tanned backside.

"MMMM!! Oh yeah girl! Mmmm... Gotta love a PAWG that ain't afraid to work what her momma gave her..." The man who reached the finals of the 2002 WWE Tough Enough series has his own way of "appreciating" the way the stunning former Talia Madison is taking his repeated hard and fast thrusts into her booty, his grip keeping her in place even as she jolts forward against him each time he sends his shaft right up into her asshole. "Ahhhh! Mmmm fuck yeah Velvet... Take my big fucking dick deep!" He hisses out, feeling himself start to sweat as he gives her the kind of butt fucking she deserves, working his inches in as deep as he can go and from the looks of it she can handle plenty more of him yet as the slap of skin hitting off of skin rings out each time he moves up and their bodies connect against one another.

"Ahhhh! FUCK! Mmmmm! MMMM!!" Despite her earlier attitude and claims, the returning TNA Knockout is letting loose and it has nothing to do with "pigeons" either as she tries her best to push back against the incoming thrusts she's taking in her thick backside but the force alone keeps her curvy body rocking forward, making her tits bounce and her two-toned hair sway as it slightly sticks to her face, her making getting further ruined by how much she's sweating now. "Fuck! Fuck my ass!! Fucking fill me up! YES!! Ahhhh!!" She moans out shamelessly, looking far from the gorgeous former Knockouts singles and tag team champion she is and more like a dirty, black cock craving slut as her juicy, tanned white booty is getting hammered by the hunk she's on top off, showing no regard to the fact that this kind of intensity would leave anyone else unable to walk straight for several days afterwards.

The slapping sound of skin hitting against skin continues to ring out as this hot and heavy anal sex shows no signs of letting up, and clearly neither of them wants this to end any time soon as the cocky but talented stud keeps on ramming his meaty tool in and out of the stunning ass that's become infamous for the shaking entrance bent over on the ropes she performs before every match. Now though that same ass is getting stuffed full to the max by fat cock and both desirable TNA performers are loving every second of it, their sweating bodies pressed close to one another as they go with the flow and savor the feeling of his shaft pistoning in and out of her still tight asshole so his inches can slide quickly in deep to her back passage.

"Ahhhh! MMMM!! Oh fuck!!! AHHHHH!!" Tilting her head back, the gorgeous TNA Knockout finds herself not living up to the promises she made earlier, as despite not even touching herself right now the feeling of getting fucked up the ass so expertly by Kenny King is making Velvet Sky suddenly cum hard. Her stunning, tanned frame continues to jolt forwards as her big breasts bounce away, her juicy ass cheeks still jiggling from each impact as the hunk she's on top off keeps pumping his big black cock deep into her stunning white ass, ensuring that she's never likely to forget about this sexual experience for the rest of her days as he unintentionally helps her to ride out all of her intense, mind blowing orgasm.

As she groans and jolts from his thrusts, he's having to deal with a different kind of pressure as while she cums, her back passage is tightening around his thrusting cock despite all the previous pounding she's taken back there already, and it's making him hiss through his teeth as he feels his member twitching inside her. He refuses to yield though, carrying on to hammer into that one-of-a-kind backside and give it the fucking it deserves and no one can blame him as he keeps on sliding his shaft straight up into her juicy booty, his ballsack slapping up into her skin when he drives in to ensure these last few thrusts fit in all of his inches that he can to savor one of the finest butts to ever be seen in all of pro wrestling.

Indeed, it's only a few moments and balls deep pumps up into her before Kenny King starts to shoot his load inside of Velvet Sky's ass, his long black cock filling up her thick, white booty with his spunk as the streams of spunk fire up deep into her back passage, making them both groan at the sensation as he grins at the pleasurable release and she feels the soothing sensation of his jizz plastering her tight hole. He eases off his pace, timing a thrust so when he shoots a shot of spunk he pumps up to make sure it's sent deep and he doesn't stop until he's satisfied that he's been milked dry and to prove it, he doesn't even withdraw his hips, leaving it until his spent and softening dick finally falls out of her now slightly gaping asshole as a little trail of cum starts to seep out from it.

"Mmmm... So girl... You still think that I'm nothing but hype?" Despite how intense the sex between them has been, Kenny is still able to keep his cocky attitude up as he looks over the well fucked Knockout with a smirk.

"You... You might have something yet kid..." Sky admits, slightly licking her lips as she leans back. "But I've seen guys like you come and go from TNA... You've still to win a title here, but I've been there and done that... You've got a long way to go yet Kenny."

King shakes his head a little, still smirking. "Still trying to front? Girl, I'm the next X Division Champion and when I win that title, all you Knockouts will be all over me just like you were right here."

Velvet rolls her eyes, pushing King back into the couch. "Oh please... The day you win the X Division title is the day you can bang my ass all night long... Hell, I'll even bring another Knockout with me and you can nail her as well!" She says, acting like she doesn't believe King winning the gold will ever happen.

He grins at that idea, moving his hands around her to squeeze her ass, making her moan from the contact. "I'll hold you to that bet girl... And any time you want to do this again and be letting loose with the King? You holla at me, and I'll gladly tap that ass one more time."

Giving him another look over, a smirk starts to appear on her beautiful, sweat-covered face. "Only if I let you... And I might just holla at you... Maybe..."

* * *

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