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Licking Lasses Part 1: Doing Her With Flair
by TheRamPaige

Becky Lynch awoke with a start, heart pounding. It took a few minutes for her to realise she was still in her hotel room. She'd had that dream again. The same one she'd been having for longer that she'd care to admit. The dream of fucking another woman.

"I need to do something about this" she said to herself. And she knew exactly what.

A few days later, she was back in Florida. She sat in a bar, sipping on a beer and waiting for her guest. She'd spoke to her boyfriend about her dreams and what she wanted to do about it. He was a bit shocked but told her to go for it. Just then her guest walked in....the RAW Women's Champion and her best friend, Charlotte Flair.

"It's been too long." Charlotte said as she and Becky hugged. As they did, Becky felt a stirring in her stomach and knew she'd made the right choice.

"Bloody right it has!" She replied.

Charlotte ordered a drink and the two friends talked for a while about general things then Becky decided to make her move.

"Listen,.....I had an ulterior motive in inviting you here" she started.

"Oh, yeah?" Charlotte asked, curious.

"For a while now.....months really....I've had this.....dream....."


"'s about me....
a-a-nd....another woman" Becky continued.

Charlotte didn't say anything, she just nodded. Could this be leading where she thought?

"We're.....well.........we're having sex" Becky finished and was surprised to see a faint smile on her friends face.

"Ah." Charlotte said. "And you want to experience it for real? She asked.

"How-?" Becky began to ask but Charlotte held up a hand.

"I've been in the exact position before and I did exactly the same as you." Charlotte explained. "It was back in the PCB days and one night Saraya came out the bathroom ....while I was masturbating to Lesbian porn in our hotel room" Charlotte continued. "I explained what I'd been feeling and she said she had experience with women and offered to....."break my cherry", so I said yes" she finished.

"Saraya? Really?" Becky said. "I never had her down as a rug mucher....then again, I never thought I'd be having these feelings myself".

" place or yours?" Charlotte asked.

Becky smiled and downed the rest of her beer. "Mine, it's only a short walk."

A short while later Becky and Charlotte are sat on Becky's bed, kissing. Charlotte slides her tongue in Becky's mouth and runs her hand through her bright orange hair.

"I've gotta admit, I've wanted to do this for ages" Charlotte tells Becky after breaking their kiss.

"Really?" asks Becky.

"Oh yeah." Charlotte replies. "Now, let's get to it." she says and takes off Becky's top and bra, exposing Becky's tits. Charlotte gently squeezes Becky's tits then runs her thumbs over her nipples and Becky lets out a soft moan. Charlotte flicks her tongue over Becky's right nipple and Becky moans a bit louder. She sucks the left nipple and Becky lets out a small "Jesus". Charlotte takes off her own top and bra then kisses Becky again, their tits pressing together.

Charlotte takes off her shoes then Becky's boots before pulling Becky to her feet and removingher jeans, leaving Becky standing their in just a black thong. Charlotte gives Becky's ass a squeeze then slowly pulls down the thong. She lays Becky back on the bed, takes of her pants and underwear and climbs on top of Becky. She kisses her neck before moving down to her breasts. She sucks on her left breast while playing with the right then switches. She then starts to lick Becky's rock hard nipples.

"Yeah, that feels good." Becky moans.

Charlotte removes her mouth from Becky's nipples and starts to kiss down her body until she gets to Becky's trimmed pussy. She continues to tease Becky by licking her inner thigh. Becky could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. She wanted Charlotte to put her out of her misery and lick her pussy. Charlotte, as if she could read Becky's mind, then started to kiss Becky's outer lips.

"My god, you're soaking!" Charlotte said, half laughing. "Having a good time?"

"Fecking right!" shouted Becky "pleasure my fecking cunt!"

Charlotte obliges and slides a finger into her friends pussy. Then she add's another. Then a third.

"Ohhh!" Becky moans as each finger enters her.

Charlotte starts lick Becky's clit, slowly then speeding up before going slow again.

"Mmmmmm, yeah.....feck!" Becky cries. She knows she won't last much longer.

Charlotte senses this too and begins to suck Becky's clit and speeds up her finger fucking.

"I'm.....I'm gonna fecking cuuuum!" Becky yells then her hips start bucking and her fingers dig into the duvet as wave after wave of pleasure washes over.

Charlotte licks Becky's juices of her fingers then asks "So, how'd you like being fucked by a woman?"

"It was amazing, but that's only one part!" Becky answers. "Now, I've gotta fuck you."

"I like the sound of that!" Charlotte replies and lays on her back. "She's all ready for you." She adds with a grin, pointing to her pussy which is already soaking wet.

Becky crawls between Charlotte's legs and starts to kiss around her shaven pussy. She slides a finger up and down Charlotte's slit as she kisses her clit. She shoves the finger into her best friends pussy.

"Oh fuck!" exclaims Charlotte. She wasn't expecting this.

Becky moves up and kisses Charlotte, still fingering her pussy. She adds another finger and shoves her tongue into Charlotte's mouth so Charlotte tastes herself. Both women moan and Charlotte can feel an orgasm approaching. Becky moves down to Charlotte's breasts and sucks her nipples, all the while still fingering her pussy. She moves back to Charlotte's pussy and clamps her mouth around her clit and sucks on it. A few minutes later and Charlotte cums herself.

" feel?" Charlotte ask's Becky in between deep breaths.

"I....I feel great!" said Becky.

She didn't tell Charlotte, but she knew this was only the beginning. She needed, and wanted, to lick more Lasses. And she knew who was next.

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