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Licking Lasses Part 2: A Blissful Shower
by TheRamPaige

"Let's steal the show!" Alexa Bliss said to Becky Lynch. They were backstage at a SmackDown Live Event and about to face off for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

"We're gonna kill it, Lass!" Becky responds as her music hits to huge pop.

25 minutes later, Becky is in the shower after a hard fought match. The hardest part for Becky though, was to not put her hand down Alexa's ring gear during the match. Since her night with Charlotte, her fantasies had grown stronger and WWE's resident Harley Quinn was in her sights next. Becky couldn't help but rub her breasts as she though about Alexa's body pinning her to the mat.

"God, her body is amazing!" Becky thought to herself. She looked around to see if Alexa had finished showering. She had, Becky was all alone.

"Feck it, I won't be tasting her for a while!" Becky said and moved a hand down to her pussy. She rubbed the outer lips and let out a soft moan. She slid two fingers inside her pussy and started to fuck herself. She pretended it was Alexa's fingers invading her and increased her speed.

"Mmmm, Alexa.....yeah, that's it!" Becky said, a bit louder than intended.

"Excuse me!?" came a voice from behind her. A familiar voice. A voice that belonged to the SmackDown Women's Champion. Becky turned around and there stood Alexa Bliss.

"A-A-Alexa!" Becky stammered, startled.

"Were you.....masturbating to me?" Alexa asked.

"I...uhhh....well...." Becky said, unable to say anything. Alexa glared at her, with that same expression that turned on countless wrestling fans. It wasn't helping Becky to think of an excuse.

"Well!?" Alexa demanded, moving closer to Becky.

"I thought you'd gone." Becky said, finally able to speak again but avoiding the question.

"I had, but I came back to ask you something." Alexa told her.

"Wh-what was that?" Becky asked.

"If what Charlotte said was true.....did you two fuck each other a couple of weeks ago?" Alexa said.

"How did you know that!?" Becky asked, a bit angry.

"She...she mentioned it to Dana and she told me." Alexa replied, a bit taken aback by Becky's anger.

"What's it to you, anyway?" Becky demanded. "You jealous?" "Want me to fuck you, that it!?"

A smile appeared on Alexa's beautiful face. "I thought you'd never fucking ask!" Alexa said and pulled Becky into a deep kiss. This time it was Becky who was taken aback but after a few minutes of Alexa's soft lips against hers, she couldn't remember anything.

The warm water poured down onto them as Becky ran her hands all over Alexa's perfect, athletic body. She grabbed her ass with both hands and gave it a squeeze and Alexa moaned into her mouth. Alexa's hands found Becky's breasts and she started to caress them. She rubbed her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and it was Becky's turn to moan into Alexa's mouth. Alexa pulled away from Becky and licked her lips. She moved her mouth to Becky's right breast and sucked on it.

"Mmmm" moaned Becky. Her left hand slid down to her pussy but Alexa pulled it away.

"Not yet." She admonished, then went back to Becky's breast. She took the left one into her mouth and moved her tongue in circles before finally flicking it over Becky's nipple. She repeated this on the other nipple before moving away and leaning against the wall.

" my pussy!" She demanded of Becky. Being bossed around like a slave turned Becky on a bit and she dropped to her knee's.

"Yes, Miss." She replied as seductively as she could.

Her head between Alexa's leg, Becky kissed around her honey pot before giving it a quick lick.

"Fuck me!" Alexa said rather loudly.

"That's the plan love, but you may wanna keep it down a bit." Becky said to her.

"It's fine, the others have gone out for their match." Alexa told her. "Now shut up and lick my pussy!"

Becky obliged and licked Alexa's slit again. She inserted a finger into Alexa's pussy and simultaneously licked and fingered her pussy.

"Fucking hell.....mmmmmm.....fuck!" Alexa groaned. "That feels amazing, Bex".

Becky removed her finger and licked Alexa's juices off of it. "You taste bloody lovely." she told the pint sized blonde bombshell. She shoved the finger back into Alexa's pussy and added another one as well as her tongue. She curled her fingers around inside, and found then stimulated Alexa's G-spot.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Alexa yelled each time Becky's fingers touched her. She'd never been fingered like this before. And Becky's tongue darting around inside her added to her pleasure.

Becky removed her tongue and focused on Alexa's clit. She was determined to lick and suck it and make her on screen rival cum like she'd never cummed before. Of course, there was a bit of selfishness involved as Becky wanted to taste Alexa as long as possible.

Alexa's breathing was becoming more rapid and Becky knew what was happening. It was exactly what happened to her before Charlotte made her cum.

Becky thrust her fingers in and out of Alexa's vagina as hard as possible and sucked Alexa's clit.

"Fuuuuuck!" Alexa yelled. "Don't fucking stooooop!" Within a minute Becky was using her free hand to stop Alexa from falling over as she thrusted into Becky's face, wave after wave of pleasure crashing over her like waves. They both slid to the floor as the water continued to wash over them. Becky leaned in and kissed Alexa hard.

"Happy now?" She asked her. Alexa just nodded, exhausted from her orgasm but a broad grin was on her face.

"Good." "And anytime you want another round, just let me know". She told her, winking. She then got to her feet and walked out of the shower, feeling Alexa's eyes on her ass the whole time.

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