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Licking Lasses Part III: Blissful Domination
by TheRamPaige

Becky was getting dressed in the locker room after a SmackDown TV show.

"Hey" said a voice. It was Alexa Bliss.

"Alexa, what's up?" Becky asked.

"You free on Thursday?" asked the SmackDown Women's Champion.

"I think so, why?" Becky replies.

"Come to my place, about 8 O'clock" Alexa told her and gave her the address.

Becky knocked on Alexa's front door at 8 O'clock on Thursday. Alexa, wearing some Tap Out work out gear, answered the door and welcomed her inside.

"So what's this all ab-?" Becky started but was cut off when Alexa pulled her in and kissed her. After a few seconds Alexa broke the kiss and said "Follow me" to Becky. She led her to her bedroom. Once they were both in, Alexa shut and locked the door and walked over to Becky with her signature strut.

"So these dreams?" she asked "Have they ever included you being dominated by a woman?"

"Maybe once or twice, yeah" Becky said. She thought she knew where this was going and her pussy got a bit wet at the thought.

"Great!" Alexa said. "Now undress me!" She snapped, her innocent demeanour changing at the drop of a hat. Becky did as she was told and removed Alexa's Tap Out top, freeing her perky tits. She gave them a quick squeeze before turning her attention to her bottoms. She bit her lip as they came past Alexa's ass. She ran her hands over it but Alexa pulled them away and stepped out of the bottoms.

"While you're down there, you can kiss my feet." She told Becky as she kicked the bottoms out of the way.

"What!?" Becky exclaimed, she wasn't ready for that. She hated feet. "I'm not doing that!" She told Alexa and started to get up. Alexa slapped her across the face and repeated herself. Becky didn't want to admit it but the slap made her wetter.

"What's going on with me?" She asked herself as she bent over and kissed Alexa's pedicured feet.

"Good girl." Alexa praised "Now undress yourself."

Becky removed her outfit of a white tank top (under which she wasn't wearing a bra), a pair of jeans which showed of her own incredible rear end and black boots. She went to remove her panties but Alexa grabbed her arms

"No sweetie, not yet." She told her. Alexa ran her hands over Becky's tits then moved her hands down to Becky's abs.

"Fucking hell, you could grate cheese on those!" She complemented. Becky blushed which went unnoticed by Alexa who had crouched down. She licked Becky's abs giving the orange haired beauty goosebumps. She then pulled down Becky's panties. Alexa straightened up and told Becky to get on the bed as she went over to her wardrobe. Becky got on the bed, laying on her back. Alexa walked over to the bed carrying a bag. She placed it on the floor, opened it and pulled out some material and a bottle of baby oil. She then tied Becky's feet to the bed.

"Wait a minute, I didn't-!" Becky began to shout but Alexa gave her another slap.

"Shut up, bitch!" She shouted. She then tied Becky's arms to the bed. She opened the cap on the oil and drizzled some over Becky's body and rubbed it in. The feel of Alexa's soft fingers massaging her oiled body made Becky moan and groan with pleasure.

"I didn't tell you you could moan, slut!" Alexa yelled then gave one of Becky's nipples a hard twist, causing her to let out a little cry of pain.....but she didn't tell Alexa she kinda liked it. Alexa stopped massaging Becky's body and climbed onto her before kissing her again, shoving her tongue deep into her mouth. Alexa swirled her tongue all around Becky's mouth before once again breaking the kiss. She moved further up Becky until she' was sitting on her face.

"Eat me!" She ordered. Becky wasted no time and plunged her tongue into Alexa's pussy, probing every inch of it.

"Ahhhh.....fuck.....yeah, eat that fucking pussy!" Alexa moaned. This was pleasure beyond anything she'd ever experienced. Becky's tongue continued to dance inside of Alexa and she loved every second. "God, her muff tastes feckin' amazing!" Becky thought. Alexa started to grind on Becky's face and rubbing her clit, adding to her pleasure and soon she was, right into Becky's mouth.

"Don't swallow, I want to taste my juices!" Alexa told Becky and moved back down so she could kiss Becky again, who shared Alexa's juices with her.

"You can swallow now." Alexa told Becky. "Damn, I taste good!"

"I was gonna say that myself" said Becky, after she'd swallowed Alexa's cum.

"Silence!" Said Alexa, then she back handed Becky. Something on Becky's face must've given away her enjoyment of being struck as Alexa said "like the rough stuff do you, whore?" "Good, because that's only the beginning!" She got off of Becky and untied her before going back into the bag. Becky sat up, rubbing her wrists. Alexa pulled an 8" Strap-on out of her bag and put it on.

"Yeah, my snatch goods a good pounding!" Becky said.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong." Alexa said. "On your stomach."

" wanna put that in my arse?!" Becky asked, a hint of fear in her voice. Alexa nodded and Becky bit her lip. This whole thing had started with her trying something new.....but anal would be more painful than a woman licking her pussy.

"Never been fucked in the ass before?" Alexa asked, her demeanour changing again. Becky shook her head.

"Nope." Said the Dublin born stunner. "But I'm all for trying new things." She added with a wink and seductive smile. She then got onto her stomach
and put her arse in the air.

Alexa gave it a few hard smacks, leaving a handprint. She retrieved some lube from her bag and covered the Strap-on in it. She placed it at the entrance to Becky's arse and inserted a few inches.

"Shit!" Becky yelled. Alexa pulled out then thrusted back in, adding a few more inches.

"Oh feck!" Becky cried. Alexa pulled out again then slowly inserted the Strap-on with the last inches. She then pulled out a last time before shoving the fake cock into Becky's arse.

"Jesus Feckin' Christ!!" Becky shouted as the dick slid into her arse. Alexa fucked Becky's arse with deep thrusts, adding a spank every now and then. Becky was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. Alexa picked up the pace, each thrust now making Becky move.

"Feck that feckin' arse!" She screamed. Alexa was fucking Becky so hard that each time their skin made contact it sounded like a cannon blast.

"Rub your pussy, cum for me!" Alexa commanded Becky reached a hand back and started fingering her pussy. With the combined pleasure, it didn't take long for Becky to cum, her cries of ecstasy ringing around the room. Alexa removed her Strap-on from Becky's arse.

"On your back, now" She demanded to Becky. Becky turned over, her whole body weak from her orgasm.

"I haven't cum yet, we're not finished." Alexa told Becky. She moved Becky so her legs dangled off the bed. Alexa put Becky's legs over her shoulders and guided the Strap-on into Becky's pussy, with more force than she did her arse. She thrust in and out of Becky with incredible speed.

"Play with those puppies!" Alexa ordered. Becky rubbed her breasts, enjoying the whole domination thing. She then twisted her nipples. Alexa continued to pound Becky's pussy, both women enjoying it as much as the other. Becky felt an Orgasm approaching again. Two minutes later and both women reached their climax. Alexa removed the Strap-on again this time ordering Becky to lick it clean, which she does.

"'d you like being dominated?" asked Alexa.

"I loved it." Becky said. "Where did you-?"

"Murphy liked it" Alexa said, shrugging. "So who's next?"

That, Becky though, was a (B)excellent question.

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