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Licking Lasses Part IV: Three's Company
by TheRamPaige

Becky returned to the hotel after a long SummerSlam promotion day and bumped into Emma.

"Hey, what's up?" asked the blonde.

"Just getting back from promotional stuff." Becky replied. "You're looking nice, what's the occasion?" she asked, talking about Emma's dress.

"Taking Saraya out for a birthday dinner, she went back to the room because she forgot her phone" Emma said. "Glad you two are speaking again by the way." She added.

"Me too." Said Becky. "We've know each other for a long time." She meant it too, she hated that they fell out when Paige was dating Del Rio.

"Mind if I ask you something?" Emma asked her.

"Fire away Lass!" Becky replied.

" what Charlotte said true?" Emma said. "Are you into women now?" Becky blushed but answered in the affirmative.

Emma nodded then after a moment said "Come to our room later, we're in the room next to yours, 405." Becky was about to ask why but Paige arrived and her and Emma left for their dinner. Becky returned to her room, laid on the bed and fell asleep. She woke up a few hours later and decided to use the hotels gym.

Becky returned to her room two hours later. She noticed the "Do Not Disturb" sign on room 405 and wondered which one of Paige & Emma bought a man back. She let herself into her room and sat on the bed to remove her trainers. She lay back on the bed when she heard moans coming from next door. It was Emma. Then came Paige's voice.

"Are they....nah, they can't be!" Becky thought. However more moans came and Becky knew she was wrong. Paige and Emma were fucking each other. She smiled slightly as she started to guess why Emma asked her to come to their room.

"Well if they're getting a warm up, so am I." She thought to herself getting off the bed. She walked over to her suitcase, opened it and pulled out a dildo and a tune of lube. She went back to the bed and pulled down her Tap Out work out bottoms. She lubbed up the dildo and slowly inserted it into her pussy. She thrust it in and out rhythmically, to the thought and sounds of her friends fucking, to Charlotte helping her to realise her fantasies and to her experiences with Alexa Bliss. It all flashed through her mind as she fucked herself with the dildo. She moved her other hand down to rub her clit and let out a loud "Oh shit!" She hoped that Emma & Paige were too busy to notice the sound came from her room. She sped up her pace and heard Paige & Emma's cries of ecstasy coming from the other room and that was all it took for her to cum too. She lay there panting for a few minutes then pulled her bottoms up, grabbed the hotel key and left her room. She knocked on the door to 405, covering the peephole and hoping she was right.

She heard the lock click and Paige opened the door wearing a dressing gown and a look of surprise appeared on her face. Becky only just realised how pretty Paige's face was.

"Becky?" She said, her surprise showing in her face. "What's up?" Emma had joined Paige at the door, still naked.

"Becky, glad you came!" She said. Becky smiled to herself, Emma didn't how right she was. "Come it, come in." Emma and her and Paige stood aside and let Becky in. Their clothes were strewn over the floor. Becky threw her room key on the nearby table as Emma closed and locked the door behind her.

"Been having fun I see." She said.

"Yeah....listen if you don't mind, could you keep it to yourself?" Paige asked. "We kinda want to keep it secret for now."

"No problem." Becky said. "So, why did you invite me anyway?" She asked Emma, although she though she knew why already.

"Well like I said earlier, I heard about your new.....feelings and thought you'd like to have a Threesome" Emma said.

"Hang on, what the fucks going on?!" Paige demanded. Emma turned to face her.

"Let's just say Becky's been.....experimenting and I know we used to talk about inviting another woman for a Threesome , so I thought we could all help each other out." "Call it a Birthday present."

"Sounds good to me." Becky said. Paige thought it over for a second, her and Becky had only recently started talking again.....but Emma was right, she'd always wanted an all woman Threesome......and she'd always found Becky very attractive....."I'm in" she said eventually, taking off her dressing gown. Emma walks over to Becky, takes her face in her hands and plants a kiss on Becky's lips. It was soft, yet forceful at the same time. Becky kisses back as Paige walks behind her, and starts kissing Becky's neck. Becky closes her eyes, enjoying every second. Emma moves her hands down Becky's body, her fingers running across her abs and Paige moves her attention to Becky's cheek. Emma moves her hands back up, running them over Becky's tits, which were still covered by her top.

"Let's get rid of this" she said, tugging at the bottom of it. Becky obliged and removed her top, throwing it into a corne. Her nipples were already rock hard.

"She's enjoying this." Emma said and Paige moves around to Becky's front.

"Nice tits." She complemented and reaches out a hand to squeeze one of them, pulling her fingers back until she gets to the nipple, rubbing the soft, pink flesh between them. Meanwhile, Emma slides a hand down Becky's Tap Out bottoms and gently runs a finger up and down her pussy. Becky throws her head back and let out a moan, she longed to feel one of the women lapping at her womanhood. Paige starts playing with Becky's other breast, making Becky's pussy wetter. Emma withdraws her finger and puts it into Paige's mouth giving Paige her first taste of Becky's juices, something she'd wanted to do since she first met her. Paige moves her mouth up and down Emma's finger slowly, savouring the taste before pulling it out of her mouth and kissing her.

They broke away, looked at each other and nodded then Emma started to suck on one of Becky's tits and Paige took the other one. Paige lightly bites on the nipple, while Emma grazes her teeth over the other one and Becky gasped. Paige & Emma take the boobs out their mouths with a small pop and Paige said:

"Let's get rid of those bottoms, shall we?" as she moves behind Becky, grabbing the waistband. Emma nods and takes hold of the front of her waistband. They both pull down Becky's bottoms and she steps out of them. Emma throws them into the corner as Paige runs her hands over Becky's firm ass. She gives it a few small kisses then parts the cheeks and flicks her tongue over Becky's asshole. Emma gets on her knee's and gives Becky's wet pussy a few licks and Becky lets out a little yelp and her legs wobble slightly.

"I think we'd better move this to the bed" Emma said, noticing this. Paige nodded and they take Becky to the bed, throwing her down on to it. She laughs and moves a hand down to her mound and rubs it as Paige and Emma shared another kiss. They both then crawl up either side of Becky and each kiss a cheek, while Emma played with one of Becky's breasts and Paige moved a hand down to Becky's vagina. Their lips found Becky's and they shared a three way kiss. Becky's hands grab Emma's big round breasts and she starts fondling them, rubbing her nipples between her fingers. She moves a hand to one of her own breasts and gives it the same treatment while Paige moves down to her pussy. Emma mounts Becky and kisses her again, slipping her tongue into Becky's waiting mouth and their tongues swirled around the others mouths. Paige places her fingers at Becky's wet opening and presses at it and her fingers were immediately covered with Becky's juices. Becky squirmed at the touch of Paige's delicate fingers touching her aching pussy. Emma pulls away from her kiss with the orange haired beauty and Paige offers her fingers covered in Becky's juices.

Emma sucks them clean and Paige moves back down to Becky's pussy while Emma turns around, placing her pussy in Becky's face. She gasps as Becky's tongue enters her then Paige's lips suction around Becky's honeypot, the saliva from her mouth adding to the lubrication. She traces her tongue along Becky's labia. Becky, her tongue still deep inside Emma, let out a moan and Emma felt it vibrate through her own body and moaned too. Paige starts licking Becky's outer lips while Emma softly rubs Becky's swollen clit.

"Feck, that's good!" Becky yells, surfacing for air. Paige inserts two fingers into Becky's pussy now, causing the Irish beauty to squirm at the pleasure. Becky slides her tongue back into Emma's pussy and the Aussie gasps with pleasure, free hand moving to her right breast and she she squeezes it and pulls on her nipple. Paige moves a her free hand to her own pink, wet pussy and starts masturbating. Emma climbs off of Becky and pulls Paige's head away from Becky's pussy, kissing her once again.

"I think it's time for you to get your lass licked." she said as she breaks the kiss.

"Feck, yeah it is!" Becky chimes in. Paige crawls up Becky just as she had in many wrestling matches in the past and places her pussy over Becky's mouth, grabbing the headboard and said "Eat my fucking cunt!" Becky happily obliges and shoves her tongue as far as she could into Paige's cunt, swirling it around and licking ever inch.

"Fuck, that's it.....yeah.....oh god!" Paige cried. Meanwhile, Emma takes up Paige's former position between Becky's thighs and traces her tongue along Becky's pussy and up towards her clitoris, stopping just short of it and did the same to the right side. She then sucked on her clit, pinning it behind her top, front teeth and against the roof of her and rapidly run her tongue across the erect organ. Becky increases the speed she was licking Paige and felt the pale women's thighs squeezing her head and her hips start bucking into her face. Emma inserts two fingers into her own sodden pussy, furiously fucking herself, all the while still licking Becky's clitoris. Paige begins whimpering and soon she was cumming, her juices running into Becky's mouth and down her chin. Paige shuddered with pleasure, loudly saying Becky's name. Soon after, Becky came too, her cum running down Emma's chin and into the duvet. It was all too much for Emma to take and she let her orgasm was over her. The three woman lay there, exhausted and fell asleep. Becky was the first to wake, at 6AM. She quietly got up and got dressed. She grabbed her key from the table and took one last look at Paige & Emma, notching they were holding hands. She couldn't help but smile as she left, hoping they'd have another night like the last one again soon.

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