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Life After Torrie Part 2
by Batman (

Jake was pissed. It had been a while since he had made his agreement with
Torrie Wilson, in which he would leave her and Pamela Paulshock alone, but
that wasn't what was really bothering him. He had just received a call from
Mike, the photographer who had enjoyed helping him while he tormented Torrie.

Mike was in the Bahamas at the moment, assisting on the Divas Magazine
photo shoot. He had just called Jake to brag about how he had coerced Trish
Stratus into letting him fuck her brains out, voluntarily.

If it wasn't for Jake, Mike would've never had the opportunities that he
did with Torrie and the other girls. Now, instead of returning the favor,
Mike was leaving him out of the picture. Jake could be having a field day in
the Bahamas with all the WWF Divas, but instead, Mike had cut him out of
things entirely.

The bottom line was Jake was jealous. Why should he be stuck in his
privately owned gym, while Mike was in the Bahamas? Jake was fuming over the
fact that while he probably couldn't possibly get near any of those women
ever again; Mike could take his pick as to which piece of ass he wanted to
try next. He was so pissed off, that he almost didn't notice his phone
ringing. He hurried to pick it up.

"What do you want now, asshole," he yelled into the phone.

"Well, isn't that a nice way to say hello," a woman's voice said on the
other end.

"Tylene," Jake asked quizzically.

"You got it, you stud," the heavy chested blond revealed herself on the
other end.

Jake hadn't seen Tylene Buck; formerly known as "Major Gunns" from WCW,
since the photo shoot he had met Mike at. Tylene had been all for helping in
the festivities that day.

"It sounds like you're upset. I love it when a man is angry. It makes him
even hotter."

"You know of a way to calm me down," Jake asked starting to calm down a

"Do I ever," Tylene said enthusiastically.

"Well, what is it?"

"Now now, it'll spoil the surprise if I tell you what it is. Just meet me
where I tell you to in about an hour."

* * *

Jake arrived at a small roadside motel on the edge of town. He was trying
to figure out why Tylene would be calling him when she pulled up.

"Tylene, what are you doing in town," Jake asked as she got out of the

"Oh, I'm just passing through with that independent federation I've been
working with lately.

"You know, we could've just met up at my gym. I don't see why you had me
come all the way out here."

"Because, this isn't the hotel we're staying at. Don't want anyone getting

"Yeah, but it wouldn't have been suspicious if you had come to my gym

"Just wait until you see who I've already got in my room," she said as she
reached into her car for a duffel bag.

"Who's in there," Jake asked.

"Let it be a surprise, but here's what's going on. I took two of the girls
I've been working with out for drinks earlier this evening. They're real
little bitches always telling me how much better they are. Well, I slipped a
little something into their drinks, and they'll believe just about anything
at the moment. I've got em believing that the Angel of Vengeance is coming to
punish them for the way they dug for gold with their ex's."

"And so you want me to be your so called Angel of Vengeance?"

"You got it, baby."

"And what if I say no?"

"You aren't gonna say. Just follow me," she said with a grin as she walked
towards the room she had rented.

Jake followed her into the room. He made sure he shut the door behind him,
and turned on the light.

To his amazement, Tylene had already bound and gagged two smaller blond
women. There was one on each of the two beds in the room. They were both
naked on their hands and knees with their asses up. Their ankles were tied
together and secured to the foot of each bed, while their hands were tied
together and secured to the head of each bed. In their mouths were ballgags.
Neither woman seemed to understand what was going on. Whatever Tylene had
given them was working. Even more amazing, Jake recognized both of these
women. They were Stacy Carter and Stephanie Bellars, better known as Gorgeous
George from WCW, Tylene was right, they were both gold digging whores.

"Now, ladies, the Angel of Vengeance has arrived, and you two are about
to get what you deserve," Tylene said as she began undressing, "just play
along," she whispered and winked at Jake.

Both women shuddered in terror at the mention of the so-called Angel of

"Prepare yourselves, you whores," Jake quickly got into the role, "prepare
for your bodies to be violated, the same way you two violated the bank
accounts of Jerry Lawler and Randy Savage," he said as he finished getting

He looked over to Tylene, who was now also naked. She reached into her
duffel bag and pulled out a dildo. She handed it to him.

"Who's first," Jake asked as he walked over behind George. "I believe it
shall be this little bitch," he said as he placed the dildo at the crack of
her ass.

Stephanie (George) couldn't believe what was happening. This had to be a
dream. There was no such thing as an Angel of Vengeance. And even if there
was, he wouldn't punish her and Stacy like this, would he? She relaxed when
she felt that the rubber dick was no longer placed at the crack of her ass.

"Mmph," George squealed as Jake rammed the fake dick into her ass. This
was really happening; she was really being punished for the way she had
treated Randy. She tried to wiggle the rubber dick loose from her ass as the
"Angel of Vengeance" walked away.

"And now for you, Ms. Carter," Jake said as Tylene handed him another

He walked over to Stacy and reached under her with the dildo. With one
hard thrust he stuck it up her snatch.

"Mmmmm," Stacy screamed from behind her gag and tears began welling up in
her eyes.

Whack! Tylene hit Stacy hard in the ass with a small wooden paddle. Tears
started rolling down her face as Tylene spanked her harder and harder.

"That's right, Stacy, cry for your sins. Soon, you'll beg for forgiveness.
But not yet," Jake said as he grabbed the dildo in her snatch and started
massaging her clit with it.

"Mmmmm," Stacy once again moaned from behind her gag, but this time she
was more relaxed. She moaned in pleasure as the "Angel of Vengeance" thrust
the fake dick in and out of her moistening snatch. She didn't notice Tylene
handing another dildo to him.

"Why, Stacy, you seem to be enjoying your punishment," Jake said.

Stacy nodded slowly as the "Angel" continued to thrust with the fake dick.

"That's not what we're here for," he yelled as he shoved the other dildo
Tylene had handed him up her snatch.

"Mmmmph," Stacy screamed again from behind her gag. She was feeling quite
uncomfortable with two dildos up her snatch as the "Angel" walked away.

Jake walked over to the bag Tylene had brought in with her. It was filled
with fake dicks. He took the bag and walked over to George.

George trembled in fear. She thought the "Angel" was finished with her.
She had thought she was getting off easy compared to Stacy, but now she
realized her punishment was just beginning. The "Angel" took another dildo
out of his bag and stuck it up her ass.

"Mmmmmppph, mmph mmph mmmmmm," George cried from behind her gag as the
"Angel of Vengeance" grabbed hold of both of the dildos in her ass, and began
thrusting them back and forth.

George's entire body shook from pain and fear. Jake quit ramming the
rubber dicks up George's ass and reached under her with another dildo. With
another hard shove he stuck it into her pussy.

"Mmmm," George let out a slow weak moan from behind the gag.

"Let's try a little DVDA, Gorgeous George," Jake said as he held another
dildo in front of her face.

George shook her head violently as Jake positioned the fake cock near her
snatch. Tied up the way she was, all she could do was squeeze her eyes shut,
and brace herself for the pain she was about to experience.

"Mmmmm, mmm mmm mmm," George screamed from behind the gag as she tried to
wiggle one of the four fake dicks jammed up inside of her loose.

George felt like her ass and snatch were stretched as far as they could
go. In fact they were probably being stretched more than they should be. She
was shaking with pain as the "Angel of Vengeance" walked over to Stacy.

"Stacy," Jake said walking over to her with a dildo in hand, "Gorgeous
George over there is in a very painful looking position, wouldn't you say,"
he asked as he positioned himself behind her.

Stacy nodded vigorously as the "Angel" placed the dildo between the cheeks
of her ass.

"Well don't worry, you're about to experience the same thing. Are you

With tears streaming down her face, Stacy shook her head violently back
and forth.

"What, you don't want to try DVDA. Well, are you ready to beg mercy?"

Stacy nodded her head vigorously. Jake walked around her and took off her

"Please, mer," Stacy started to plead before Tylene smacked her across the

"Don't be so hasty," the "Angel" said as he reached down and quickly
pulled out one of the dildos from her snatch, "I'll tell you when to beg," he
said as he pulled out the second dildo.

"Ahh," Stacy let out a sigh from having the second fake dick removed from
her wet snatch.

Jake held the dildo in front of her face.

"If you were so uncomfortable, why is this all wet," the "Angel" asked.

"It wa," Tylene smacked her in the face again.

"Clean it," the "Angel" said as he held the wet dildo in front of her

"Wha," Stacy was again silenced by a smack from Tylene.

"I said, clean it. With your tongue, Stacy," the "Angel told her.

Hesitantly, Stacy stuck out her tongue and licked the dildo. How
humiliating. Why did her punishment have to be so degrading. She had done
some rotten things, but none of them warranted this kind of treatment.

Jake dragged the dirty fake cock along Stacy's tongue. Then he slowly
placed its tip in her mouth, making her suck it. He thrust the rubber dick
back and forth in her mouth, further humiliating her.

"That's enough," Jake said as he removed the dildo from Stacy's mouth and
tossed it onto the other bed right so that it landed right in front of

George's eyes grew wide in terror as she looked at the dildo in front of
her. She hoped and prayed that this was all just a bad dream.

"Mer," Stacy was once again silenced by a smack from Tylene as she tried
to beg the "Angel of Vengeance" for mercy.

"I can't give you mercy just yet Stacy," Jake said as he walked around
behind her, "its not just Jerry that you treated bad. You also haven't been
very nice to Tylene lately. That's why I brought Tylene here with me tonight.
You're going to apologize to her, and then you can beg me for mercy."

"Tylene, I'm sorry," Stacy whimpered.

"Don't tell me, Stacy, show me," Tylene said as she crawled underneath
Stacy and positioned her head beneath her snatch, and spread her legs in
front of Stacy's face.

Slowly, Stacy leaned her head forward and started licking Tylene's
moistening snatch. Tylene leaned up and started eating out Stacy to form a
beautiful looking 69.

George noticed the "Angel walking over to her. He picked up the dildo that
was sitting right in front of her face.

"Do you think there's room in you for one more of these, George," the
"Angel" asked her.

George shook her tear stained face to say no as the "Angel" reached down
underneath her. George shook her head faster, at the thought of being
stretched even further. And then she suddenly relaxed, as she felt the
"Angel" remove one of the dildos from her snatch. He removed the second
rubber dick from her snatch, and then walked around behind her and removed
the two from her ass. Finally, the pain of the four fake dicks in her body
would start going away a little bit. The "Angel" placed the four dildos that
had been inside of her on the pillow in front of her face. She began to cry
even harder when she noticed that they all had blood on them. She felt she
had learned her lesson as the thought of how far she had been stretched
began to sink in.

"Do you think you're ready to beg for mercy," the "Angel" asked her.

George slowly nodded her tear stained face.

"Ooooohhhhh, Oh oh uhn oh aarrgh uhn Ooooohhh," Tylene and Stacy both
screamed as they pleasured each other with their tongues.

"Well, you can beg in a minute," he said as he walked away from her.

George started crying once more. When would this all be over? Hadn't she
been punished enough? Hadn't she learned her lesson?

Jake walked over behind Stacy. From the delight she was having, she didn't
notice the "Angel" spread her ass cheeks. She didn't notice until it was too

"Noooo, ow ouch no uhn," Stacy screamed as the "Angel" invaded her anal
passage. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust, hard. This wasn't a new
experience for her, but she didn't exactly prefer it. The "Angel" didn't use
any sort of lubrication, and she certainly hadn't been prepared for this
assault on her ass.

Tylene continued to lick up Stacy's juices as Jake pounded away on her
ass. Stacy was approaching one hell of an orgasm.

"Uhn, uh uh," Stacy moaned as Jake beat out a rhythm on her ass.

"Stacy," Jake grunted in between thrusts.

"Uhn, yes, uh," Stacy whimpered, "Oooooh ouch oh."

"You can beg now," the "Angel told her.

"Oh, uhn please, uhn havež Merceeeeeeeyyyy," Stacy screamed,
"Aaaarrrggghhhh uhng uhn," she moaned as the "Angel's" seed coated her anal
passageway. Her legs and back hurt like hell, but her ass began to feel
better as it was coated with warm goo.

Jake took a breather and looked over at Gorgeous George as Tylene untied
Stacy. Stacy fell down face first into the pillows and quickly fell asleep,
exhausted from the assault her body had just been put through.

"And now for you, Gorgeous George," the "Angel" said as he walked over to
her, "are you ready to beg for mercy," he asked as he sat right in front of
her on the bed.

George just looked down out the enormous erection popping up at her. The
"Angel" removed her gag.

"Mer," George's plea for mercy was cut short as the "Angel of Vengeance"
grabbed her by the hair and forced her mouth down around his cock. Her
options were either suck or choke. After gagging for a second, she decided to

Jake held onto her by her hair with both hands and bounced her head up and
down on her cock. George wanted to make him cum as fast as possible so she
started dragging her tongue along the length of his shaft. Jake shot his load
down her throat, and held onto to her hair so he could make sure she would
have to swallow.

The "Angel" untied her hands, and then walked around behind her to until
her feet. George started to try to crawl away, but the "Angel" grabbed her
around the waist and forced his cock up her ass.

"Owwww, please no, mercy mercy merceeeyyyyyy," she cried as he began to
thrust in and out of her ass.

"Beg bitch," Jake grunted between thrusts, "beg for me to stop."

"Uhn uh ouch uh stop, stop, pleeeeaaassseee stop, uhn," George cried the
whole time the "Angel" pounded her ass. "Uhn please stop, uhn."

Jake pulled out of the little blond's ass and put her on her back. He got
on top of her and thrust himself into her wet pussy, as she tried to struggle
and slap him away.

"Oh nooooo, uhn," she cried as she realized she couldn't stop this
"Angel." She turned her head in disgust as he pumped her snatch hard and
fast, and then stopped and just stayed up inside of her.

"Beg me to stop, Gorgeous George."

"Uhn, oh just cum and then go away," she whined. "Uh uh arrrrgh," George
orgasmed as the "Angel" began to thrust again. "Uhn," she whined once more
as the "Angel" pulled out and climbed up onto her chest. Squeezing her perky
little tits together, he began to tittyfuck her, making the tip of his cock
touch her lips with each upward thrust. Finally, he blew his load onto her
face and breasts. Jake massaged his seed onto George's tits as she slowly
fell asleep.

"And now to give them a surprise when they wake up tomorrow morning,"
Tylene said as she walked over to the bed Stacy was asleep on. Tylene jammed
two dildos into Stacy's snatch, and then two more into her ass.

"Bring George over here, will you, Jake."

Jake carried George over to the bed and placed her down. Tylene repeated
the DVDA on George, and placed her head down into Stacy's snatch.

"I wish I could be here when they wake up," Tylene said.

"And you're sure they'll think they were really visited by some kind of
angel," Jake asked.

"The shit I gave these two, will make a person believe just about
anything," she said happily, "but right now, I'm gonna take a shower. Care
to join me hero," she asked as she licked her tongue.

"Just a minute," Jake said as Tylene walked into the bathroom.

Jake thought for a minute. As far as he was concerned, the score was three
to one. The hell with Mike. He knew the rules now, and it was every man for
himself. He walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower behind
Tylene. She looked hot with the water falling down on her huge tits and tight
firm ass. The two girls out in the bedroom didn't even begin to compare to
Tylene when it came a healthy body. They were nice, but Tylene was nicer.

"Hey there handsome," Tylene said as she turned around and got down on her
knees, "now it's time for your reward," she said as she grabbed onto his
shaft and licked his balls.

Jake's cock once again became immediately erect. Tylene placed it into her
mouth and lubed him up, but this wasn't how she wanted to make him blow his
load. She got back up, and put her hands up on the wall. Jake surprised her
though when he shoved his cock into her snatch from behind. She was expecting
and wanting to take it up the ass.

"Uhn, uh after you're done with warm ups quit messing around and get to
work on that ass," she said.

Jake pulled out and reared back to thrust into her fitness model ass.

"Ahhhh, that's it," she moaned as Jake leaned in to kiss her neck. He
reached around to grab her breasts, while she fingered herself with one hand
and continued to brace up against the wall of the shower with the other.

"Uhn uhn uh ah ah ah, fuck me you stud, uh uhn arrrrgh," Tylene erupted
in bliss as Jake shot his load up her ass.

"Mmmm, thanks for such a great night, Jake."

"No, thank you," he said as he pulled out of her ass.

* * *

The next morning Stacy and George awoke to a curious situation. They both
decided that they had had too much to drink the night before and agreed to
never tell anyone about what they thought had happened. They were however
much more humble towards Tylene backstage and thankful for the "mercy" they
had been shown.

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