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Life After Torrie Part 3
by Batman (

Mike felt like he was on top of the world. He had just gotten off the
phone with Jake, who had just gotten lucky with three women, but Mike was
in the Bahamas surrounded by beautiful women. He'd pass Jake in the pussy
department soon enough. But in the mean time, he was going to enjoy himself.
He was only working for the WWF on a freelance arrangement, so even though
he had already finished his work for the company, there was nothing that
said he couldn't give himself a little vacation for a few days. And what
better place to take some time off than the Bahamas. And if he happened to
run into a few divas, maybe he could arrange to spend some "quality time"
with a few of them.

Walking back to his room with a devilish grin on his face, Mike couldn't
help but think of the possibilities. His trip had started off nicely. Earlier
in the day he had taken Trish Stratus to a remote location to do a special
shoot for the cover of the upcoming divas magazine. Trish, being all too
eager to get her face on the cover, gave her body to Mike in every way
imaginable. Trish thought she was giving herself an edge in the competition.
What she didn't know was the decision had already been made once she agreed
to do the shoot. It had been in the bag all along for Trish, but Mike had no
problem taking advantage of her ignorance in the matter. It had been quite
nice actually, and the best part was the guilt he knew she must be feeling
about what she had done. He hadn't forced himself on her, she initiated
everything, and he was more than willing to go along with it. Mike was almost
to his room when he ran into Torrie. In truth, it was Torrie who he really
had to thank for what had happened earlier. If it weren't for Torrie, Mike
never would've been able to intimidate Trish the way that he did.

"Oh my god," Torrie said as Mike approached her in the hall of the hotel.

"Torrie, so nice to see you again," Mike said as he walked towards Torrie.

Torrie stood in the middle of the hallway speechless. What was Mike doing
here? Her and Pamela had made a deal several months ago. Torrie didn't want
all the hell she had been put through to begin all over again.

"Don't worry, Torrie. I'm not here to see you. The company asked me to
come down to do a special shoot with Trish."

"A deal's a deal, Mike," Torrie stated, sounding less confident than she
had hoped.

"Oh, don't worry. I won't lay a finger on you. That is unless you want me

"You'll never touch me again," she said coolly.

"Suit yourself. There's plenty of other women to pleasure. Why don't you
ask Trish what her and I did today. She really wanted to be on the cover of
the magazine you guys are working on."

"Still up to your old blackmailing tricks. It figures, you couldn't get a
woman any other way."

"Quite confident, now that you figure you're safe. Now that I don't have
anything to hold over your pretty little head. I'll just have to find some
one else, won't I?"

"Why don't you just leave them out of this?"

"I have to include them. I can't include you. Maybe I'll go say hello to
our old friend, Stacy Keibler," Mike said with a grin.

"You had her for one night only. That was the deal."

"No, the deal was, we wouldn't film her getting her brains fucked out like
we did to you and Pamela. It meant that if we wanted to get to her again,
we'd have to work a little harder the second time around. Which I'm prepared
to do, unless you're gonna make me a better offer."

"I said you'll never touch me again, and I meant it."

"Fine, suit yourself. But when I fuck Stacy's brains out again, it'll be
on your head once again."

Torrie's stomach sank as Mike walked away. Even though she hadn't really
talked to Stacy since the incident with Jake, Mike, and Billy, she really did
feel sorry for what had occurred. But she wasn't going to put herself through
that kind of torment again. An air of guilt hung over her as she thought
about what Jake would do to her this time.

* * *

Stacy Keibler and Terri Runnels were in the hotel's lounge having a drink
after a long day of shooting. They were sitting with their backs to the door,
and hadn't noticed Mike walk in. He grabbed a table where he could watch them
and waited. After about an hour, Stacy got up to go to the restroom. Mike
took this opportunity to walk over and introduce himself to Terri.

"Hi, you're Terri Runnels aren't you?"

"Yes I am," Terri smiled as Mike bought her another drink.

"I'm Mike, I did a shoot with Trish earlier today for the magazine," he
said as he sat down at the table.

"Oh yeah, she told me about that. She said her and a photographer were
gonna go to some other part of the island."

"That's right."

Stacy returned to the table at that moment with a look of shock on her
face. She hadn't been able to tell who the man sitting with Terri was when
she came back into the room. But now that his back wasn't to her she couldn't
believe it. It was one of the men that Torrie had let rape her several months

"Oh, Stacy. This is Mike, one of the photographers," Terri said with a

"Uh, you know, Terri, I'm really sorry, but I'm not feeling really well.
I think I'm gonna go back to my room for tonight. See you tomorrow."

"Are you sure hon," Terri asked.

"Uh, yeah, goodnight," Stacy said as she walked away.

Terri looked at Mike. "What was that all about. Do you two know each

"Sort of. We did one shoot together. It didn't turn out very well."

"I see, well thanks for buying me a drink, but I'm gonna go check on her.
Make sure she's okay. Goodnight," Terri said as she got up from the table.

Mike finished his drink and went back to his room. There was something he
had to get, and some one else he wanted to talk to.

* * *

Mike was full of confidence as he knocked on the hotel room door. Amy
Dumas, better known to WWF fans as Lita, answered the door. Before she could
slam the door back on his face, Mike stuck his arm in the door.

"Wait. I have an offer you might want to listen to," he said as he tried
to keep the door from closing.

"Go away, you bastard," Lita said as she tried to close the door.

"I still have those pictures, Lita."

Lita opened the door. She knew which pictures he was talking about. The
ones he had taken after herself, Trish, and Chae An had gotten raped. And it
was obvious he was now going to use them to blackmail her.

"Are you gonna give me those pictures then," she asked.

"Well, that depends on what you do for me," he replied.

Lita stepped aside in the doorway to let him in.

"No no, we'll go to my room," Mike said with a grin, "but first, why don't
you put on one of your bikinis. I'll give you five minutes."

Lita closed the door while Mike waited in the hall. After a few minutes
she came back out wearing a bathrobe from the hotel.

"Very good," Mike said as she stepped back into the hall, "now follow me."

Mike may not have been able to get close to Stacy, but there were other
pieces of ass in the hotel for him to choose from. And he had plenty of
leverage on Lita to satisfy his lusts.

Mike opened the door to his suite and let Lita in. He put a blindfold on
her as she stepped into the room and led her over to the bed. He removed her
robe to reveal a dark blue and purple bikini, and laid her down on the bed.
Lita just lay there as this man she was about to have sex with undressed. She
could hear him walking back towards her, and felt his hand on her neck. She
panicked slightly as she felt him place the leather collar around her neck
and fasten it.

"What are you going to do to me," she asked as he removed the blindfold.

"I'm gonna make you my slave, Lita, and you're gonna love every minute of
it," he said as he dangled the three foot chain that was attached to the
collar in front of her. "Now, let's get started shall we," he said as he
reached underneath her bikini to finger her snatch.

"Ooohhhh," Lita moaned almost instantly. What was she doing cheating on
Matt like this? And how could she be enjoying it? Still she knew this was
something she had to do to get those pictures.

Mike could feel she was starting to get wet, and her clit was starting
to emerge. He rubbed her little nub and leaned down to bury his face in her
breasts. He didn't remove her top. He just massaged her nipples with his
tongue through the fabric.

"Uh uh uh uh unnnnngggghhhh," Lita gave in to the pleasure she was

Mike stood up from the bed and watched as Lita put her hand down
underneath her thong and continued to pleasure herself. Lita's masturbation
was cut short however when Mike gave the chain attached to her collar a quick
tug, dragging her up off the bed and out onto the balcony and into the hot

The warm water of the hot tub helped Lita once again start approaching
orgasm as Mike slid in beside her and once again put his fingers up her
snatch. The warm water rushing up inside of her was too much.

"Uhn, oh godddd, uhn uh uh," Lita arched her back as the stranger drove
her to another orgasm.

Lita put her head up against the edge of the tub, and sank down in the
water, waiting to be satisfied once again. She was taken by surprised when
the stranger grabbed her by the hair and forced her down under the water.
Mike guided her mouth towards his erected cock, and forced her lips around

Lita got a firm grip around his shaft and started sucking like a Hoover.
She knew she had to make him blow his load if she wanted to come up for hair.
Gently massaging his balls as she worked her tongue in a circular pattern
around the head of his cock, Mike blew his load down her throat in no time.

Mike let her come up for air, but made sure to hold onto the chain. Lita
gave slight gasps for air as she sat across from him in the hot tub. Working
his way over to her, he lifted her up out of the tub and sat her on the edge.
Removing her thong, he leaned down to lick her moist snatch. Stroking her
clit in a slow deliberate manner, Lita started bucking her hips into his face
as she reached down to hold his head into her crotch.

"Uhn, more more more, ooooohhhhhhh," Lita reached her third orgasm.

Mike stood over her, and removed her top. Burying his face in her luscious
tits, he continued to finger her.

"Uhn, just give it all to me. I want to feel your cum inside of me.

Mike got up and stared down at the beautiful naked red head.

"Do you like being a slave, Lita?"

"Yes master," she played along.

"And you're a very good slave, Lita. Aren't you," he asked as he dragged
her back into the tub and leaned her up against the edge with her back to

"Yes master," she said as she rested her head on her arms.

"Then get ready to feel my cum inside of you," he said as he thrust up
into her ass.

Mike was surprised at how well Lita took to the idea of being fucked in
the ass. The last time he had fucked her in the ass she hated it. Of course,
the last time, she hadn't been in a state of bliss before hand, or even
loosened up for that matter. She started backing her hips up into him with
each thrust.

"Uhn, uh, harder, ooohhhh."

Lita was shocked when he pulled out of her ass.

"What, why did you stop, uhn."

"Because I've never been up inside your wet little snatch," he said as he
drove home on her clit. Lita just laid there bent over the edge of the hot
tub as Mike beat out a rhythm on her ass.

"Uhn, uh uh uh arrrrggghhhh, oh ah," Lita once again gave into her feeling
of sheer bliss as this man whom she didn't even know his name released his
seed up inside of her.

Mike got out of the hot tub and went back into the suite. He came back out
with a large envelope.

"These are the photos that I took of you and the other girls," he said as
he held the envelope up in front of her, "and since you were such a good
slave, you don't have to worry about anybody else seeing them," he said as he
lit the envelope on fire with a lighter and threw it in a small trash can.

Mike again walked back into the room. Lita just stayed up against the edge
of the hot tub and fell asleep. She woke up several hours later. She took off
the collar and put her bikini and robe back on. The man who blackmailed her
wasn't around. She figured this probably wasn't his real room. Walking back
to her room, Lita couldn't help to feel bad about cheating on her boyfriend
Matt. But after all, Team Extreme's motto was "Live For the Moment," and what
a moment it was.

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