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Life After Torrie Part 4
by Batman (

Mike was really living the life. A couple nights ago he had bagged Lita, and
earlier that day he had fucked Trish Stratus. Sure Jake was still ahead of
him, but the next girl he got in bed would make it a whole new ballgame.

Besides, Mike liked to think that he had a little class. Not only were the
girls Jake had fucked drugged out of their minds, but they also weren't much
more than two dollar whores in Mike's opinion. No, Mike had his standards,
and those standards had him focusing on one girl. Stacy Keibler was in his
sights, and he was determined to get one more crack at her, this time all to

* * *

Stacy Keibler was worried. She knew Mike was in the Bahamas helping out with
the divas photo shoot, but Torrie and Pam had told her that those men would
only rape her once. That obviously wasn't the case though since Mike had
approached her the other night when she was having drinks with Terri Runnels.

Stacy had to talk to Torrie, and see if there was some way to work this out.
She went to Torrie's room and knocked on the door.

"Stacy, hi," Torrie said quietly as she opened the door to her room.

"Torrie, we need to talk." Stacy said determinedly as she stepped into the

"This is about Mike, isn't it," Torrie asked.

"You're damn right it is you bitch. He's stalking me."

"Join the club, Stacy. Him, Jake, and Billy molested Pam and me for months.
They weren't supposed to go near you more than once, but Mike has decided to
anyways, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm sorry. I really am, but
if I were you, I'd lock myself in my room until we leave, and hope you never
see any of them again."

"You gave them those pictures didn't you?"

Torrie had almost forgotten about the pictures her and Pam had taken of Stacy
after she had been raped. She still had them, but they were safely locked
away at home.

"No, Stacy, I didn't give them those pictures. I still have them. I only took
them to keep you from saying anything. So you can't blame your new troubles
on me. Like I said, they're sick and dangerous, and it's best if you just
avoid them at all costs."

"Yes I can blame this on you, Torrie. If you hadn't served me up to those
monsters like a sacrificial lamb, I never would've met them!"

Stacy stomped out of Torrie's room and went back to her own. Maybe Torrie was
right. Maybe if she just stayed in her room until she left, Mike wouldn't
really bother her.

* * *

Mike was walking down the hall of the hotel, thinking of a way he could get
to Stacy when he bumped into Terri Runnels.

"Oh, hi Terri," Mike said with his trademark grin.

"Hello, Mike," Terri said with an ice cold glare.

"Well, you don't seem too happy. Is something wrong?"

"You can cut the crap," the short diva said, "I have a pretty good idea about
your relationship with Stacy."

"And what relationship would that be?"

"Don't bullshit me. I saw the way she acted when she saw you the other night,
and she wasn't too happy to see you. I tried to talk to her about it, but she
didn't really want to say anything."

"So what exactly are you saying, Terri?"

"What I'm saying is I think you're a big shot photographer who took advantage
of a poor girl who is now terrified of you."

Suddenly Mike had an idea.

"You know, Terri, you're right. I did take advantage of Stacy, and I'm still
going to take advantage of her."

"And how do you plan on doing that," Terri asked quizzically.

"Because I have the whole thing on tape. And if she doesn't do exactly what
I say, I'll put it out on the internet and ruin her precious little career.
Unless of course, some one is willing to take her place.

Terri thought for a moment. Stacy was such a nice girl. She didn't need to
be tormented like this. As long as Stacy didn't know, it could be hers and
Mike's little secret.

"Alright, take me instead," Terri said.

"What, are you sure about this," Mike asked.

"Just take me, and don't tell Stacy about it. After you do what you want with
me, you leave Stacy alone. Do we have a deal?"

"Okay, I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

Mike led Terri to the suite he had taken Lita to a couple nights ago. He had
another room under a false name also in the hotel.

"I'll give you one more chance to back out," Mike said as he opened the door.

"I know what I'm doing," Terri said confidently.

"Then get your clothes off and get on the bed."

Terri made her way over to the bed and seductively removed her clothes. She
crawled onto the bed and laid on her back, waiting for Mike to approach her.

Mike walked over to the closet and pulled out a small bag. He walked over to
Terri on the bed and reached into the bag, pulling out a set of elastic

"What are you doing," Terri asked in a worried voice.

"I'm making sure I have you exactly where I want you," Mike said as he tied
her to the bed in a spread eagle position, "now I can pleasure you to no
ends," he said as he placed his fingers down into her snatch.

"Ooooh," Terri moaned, as Mike found her tender spot.

"You really do have a beautiful body, Terri," Mike said as he placed his
other hand on her breasts and started massaging them.

Terri was starting to get wet from the hand job Mike was giving her.

"Uhn, ooooohhhhh, that feels so good."

"You like that don't you Terri?"

"Oh yes, more," she moaned.

Mike stood up and removed his clothes. He crawled up on Terri's chest, and
placed his cock near her mouth.

"I've given you something, now you give me something," Mike said as he placed
his hard cock into Terri's mouth.

Terri slurped off the precum from Mike's cock and started gently sucking on
his shaft as he reached down to fondle her tits.

Terri definitely knew what she was doing, and made Mike blow his load down
her throat in just a few minutes.

Mike crawled inched his way down Terri's luscious little body planting soft
kisses on her breasts and stomach as he worked his way down to her snatch,
where he began tonguing her moist snatch. Her juices flowed out onto his

"Ohhh, ah uhn uh uh uh," Terri moaned in pleasure.

Mike looked up at her. "Are you ready, Terri. Are you ready to be

"Uhn, oh, give it to me. Don't make me wait any longer please."

Mike reached into his bag and pulled out a large dildo.

"Get ready Terri," Mike said as he positioned the fake dick near her snatch.

"No, not with that. I want a real dick. I'm not just some cheap little
whore," she said as she tried to wiggle away from the fake dick.

"You're tied down to my bed, Terri. Therefore, you're whatever I want you to
be," he said as he shoved the length of the rubber dick up her snatch.

"Oooowwwww," Terri screamed as Mike started thrusting with the dildo.

Mike reached back into his bag and pulled out another dildo.

"No don't please," Terri begged as Mike jammed the second dildo up her
snatch, "ouch uhn uh," she whined as he methodically thrust both fake dicks
in and out of her sore snatch.

Mike quit pumping Terri with the fake dicks, but left them up inside her as
he walked over to the phone. He dialed the hotel operator, and asked to be
connected to Stacy Keibler's room.

"Noooo," Terri yelled.

"Hi, Stacy, its Mike."

"What do you want," Stacy asked from the other end of the phone.

"I have some one here you might want to talk to," he said as he placed the
phone near Terri's head.

"No, Stacy, don't do whatever he asks you," Terri cried into the phone.

"What are you doing to Terri," Stacy asked with a worried tone.

"I got her tied up in a rather interesting situation, and she ain't going
anywhere until you come and get her. I'm in room 415, we'll be waiting for
you to arrive," Mike said as he hung up the phone.

Stacy knocked on the door of room 415 about ten minutes later.

"Stacy, so glad you could join the party," Mike said as he answered the door,
"please come on in."

Stacy stepped into the room and saw Terri tied to the bed with two dildos up
her snatch.

"I'm sorry Stacy. I thought I could help you," Terri cried.

Mike cleared his throat as tears began to well up in Stacy's eyes, "You can
undress now Stacy."

Stacy removed her clothes and turned to face Mike.

"Now get down on your knees, and get to work," Mike pointed to his fully
erect cock.

Stacy got down on her knees, and gently grabbed Mike's cock with both hands.
Slowly starting to suck on his large member, she massaged his balls with one
hand as she pumped his shaft with the other. Her idea was to get him to blow
his load quickly so this would all be over with as soon as possible.

"Enough," Mike said as he pulled away from Stacy's lips, "we have to make
sure we don't leave out Terri. Stacy wait over there on the couch, I have to
finish what I started with Terri," he said as he walked back over to the bed.

He undid all of the cords except one around her wrist, and pulled her off the
bed, putting her on her knees. He bent her over across the bed, and reared
back with his hard on.

"Owwwww," Terri screamed as Mike impaled her ass with the length of his

"What's the matter, Terri? You said you wanted a real cock in you. Isn't this
what you wanted?"

"It hurts, uhn," Terri cried.

"Oh it hurts uh. Let me give you something to really cry about," Mike said as
he reached around her hot sweaty little body to grab the two dildos he had
forced up her snatch.

"Unggghh," Terri cried as Mike thrust the fake dicks onto her clit, forcing
her back and forth from both ends.

"Aaaaagghhhh, unggghhh, unggghh, unggghhhh, uhhhhhnnnn," Terri let out a moan
of agony and relief as Mike blew his load up her ass.

Terri collapsed onto the floor as Mike walked over to the couch Stacy was
sitting on. Mike grabbed Stacy's beautiful naked body and started licking her
up and down. Stacy was disgusted with herself at having this pervert treat
her the way he was. Mike threw her down on the couch and shoved his cock up
her soft snatch.

"Ahhhh," Stacy screamed at the shock of taking Mike's entire length all at
once unexpectedly.

She dug her nails into his back, but Mike was too full of primal lust to
notice. He just kept on pumping her snatch as he buried his face in her
soft perky little tits. Stacy just cried as this man she barely knew forced
himself onto her.

Mike looked up at Stacy for a moment, and looked into her tear filled eyes.

"Why do look so sad? Trish and Lita really enjoyed the fucking I gave them."

Stacy stopped crying and slapped Mike in the face. Maybe the other girls
would let themselves be abused by this man, but she would not. She forced
Mike off of her and went over to Terri. Mike grabbed Stacy as she tried to
finish untying Terri, and forced her down face first across the bed. He
reached into his bag and pulled out a ballgag.

"I tried to be nice Stacy, but you wanted to play rough," he said as he
fastened the gag around her mouth.

He reached back into his bag and pulled out a small fetish whip. He began
beating her beautiful little bubble butt with the small whip.

"Mmmmpppphhh," Stacy screamed from behind the gag. Each blow from the leather
felt harder than the last.

Mike continued beating her ass, leaving welts and bruises across her
beautiful bottom. He spanked her so hard her ass began to bleed. Mike stopped
beating Stacy with the whip and wrapped it around her neck. He thrust his
cock up her ass and reared back on the whip around her neck with one hand as
he reached down to finger her clit with the other.

"Mmmmmmpppphhhh, mmhp mph mph mmmmpppppphhhhh," Mike's magic fingers and the
lack of oxygen combined to give Stacy one hell of an orgasm as Mike blew his
load up her tight little ass.

Mike threw Stacy onto the bed on her back. He picked up Terri and put her
face near Stacy's snatch.

"Here Terri, you wanted to help poor little Stacy. Why don't you help her
clean herself up," Mike said as he shoved Terri's face down into Stacy's wet

Terri looked up at Mike. "What about the film?"

"There is no fucking film."

"Yes there is," Stacy whined.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about," Mike said as he got
dressed, "but if you want me to have something to hold over your heads, let
me get my camera.

Mike reached into his bag and pulled out a small camera. He took pictures as
Stacy and Terri tried to cover their naked cum covered bodies.

"You want these, Stacy, you better be a little nicer next time," he said as
he left the room.

Stacy and Terri were alone in the miserable little bundles of pity and

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