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Life After Torrie Part 5
by Batman

Mike woke up to the ringing of his cell phone. He reached over onto the
nightstand as he sat up in bed and picked up his phone.

"Hello," he answered.

"Mike, glad I could catch you. It's Rich."

"How you doing?"

"I'm doing great. The shots you got of Trish are great. You'll be hearing
from us again, I can assure you. With Vince wanting to do a swimsuit issue
every year now, and of course there's always the spreads for the regular
mags. And get this, Vince is even planning on putting out a special lingerie
issue later this year, that's probably where we'll use you."

"Hey whatever you need me to do for you guys, I can assure you it will always
be my pleasure."

"Great, well, I'm wrapping things up with the girls and the crew. We got
everything we came here for. We're having a party later on tonight. I'd love
for you to be there when I announce Trish as the covergirl."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

* * *

Trish Stratus sat in one corner of the room and watched the party going on
around her. She noticed that a few of the other girls were missing at the
moment. She knew that they were going to announce the covergirl a little
later on. She also knew that she had it in the bag. What if the other girls
found out? What if they already knew she had fucked Mike just to get on the
cover of some stupid magazine? Trish was so worried about what might go wrong
that she didn't notice Stacy Keibler walk up to her.

"Trish, can you come with me for a minute. Me and a few of the girls need to
talk to you about something."

"Um, yeah sure," Trish said worriedly as she followed Stacy out into the

Lita, Torrie, and Terri were already waiting for Trish and Stacy. Torrie was
standing off to the side away from everybody else. Stacy walked up to Torrie
and smacked her across the face.

"That's for putting us through hell, you little bitch," Stacy screamed at
Torrie as she recovered from the hard smack.

"Look, I'm really sorry about all this. I really am, but there's nothing I
can do. I wish there was, but I just can't," Torrie said as she rubbed her

Trish suddenly realized what this was all about. Still, things could come to
light if she wasn't careful. She decided to pretend she didn't really know
what was going on for the moment.

"Um, what's this all about," Trish asked.

"Oh, come on Trish. Don't pretend you don't know what's going on. Mike had to
have come after you too," Lita said.

"Oh, well, yeah but it wasn't like last time. I mean, he is kind of cute."

"You dirty little tramp," Stacy interupted angrily.

"Well, you have to admit, he does know what he's doing," Lita said with a

"What, the hell, are you out of your fucking minds," Terri screamed.

"Hey, it was a one night thing, and he gave me the pictures he had of me.
I'm home free."

"Maybe you two are in the clear, but me and Terri are still in his sights,"
Stacy pointed out.

Suddenly, Ivory walked out into the hallway.

"What's going on out here? How come I wasn't invited to this little get
together," the older brunette asked.

"Oh, it's nothing Lisa, in fact we were just heading back into the party,"
Terri said as she dragged her back into the main party, with Trish and Lita
close behind.

But Ivory had been listening for longer than any of them knew, and she knew
there was a lot more than just "nothing" going on.

Torrie and Stacy were left alone in the hallway.

"I swear to God, Torrie, I won't let that man abuse me and Terri the way he
abused you. I'll die before I subject myself to his little fantasies for as
long as you did. You'll pay for all this I promise."

"Don't threaten me you little bitch. I can always give him the pictures me
and Pamela took of you. Just do what he wants for a little while, and things
will all go back to normal for the two of you."

"Normal, is that what you call this shit. Jesus Christ, Torrie, when I was
there with you and Pam, I thought this has to be a dream. There's no way
Torrie could let this man violate her and enjoy it the way you did."

Smack, this time it was Torrie's turn to slap Stacy across the face.

"Don't test me, Stacy. You have no idea what he can still do to you. Just
keep low for a little while, and things will get better."

Torrie walked back into the party, and left Stacy rubbing her face out in the

* * *

The time had come for Rich to announce the covergirl of the magazine. He
walked to the front of the room to a round of applause.

"Thank you, thank you. As some of you may now know, we brought in a special
photographer to do the cover shots. We really only had one girl in mind the
whole time, and Mike did a hell of a job working with Trish."

Everyone gave Mike a round of applause. Trish's heart sank as she realized
she had given her body to Mike for nothing. It was going to be her all along.

The other girls also now realized why she wasn't too worried about Mike's
actions and why he was "kind of cute". They now knew the depths she was
willing to sink to, and kept a good distance from her for the rest of the
night. Mike and Trish were the two stars of the hour. Trish kept her
distance from everyone and resigned herself to drinking away the shame she
felt. Mike however was all to eager to let everyone come up and congratulate
him. He was very surprised however, when Terri and Stacy came up to him and
ask for a moment of his time in the hallway.

"Yes, what can I do for you ladies?"

Terri spoke for the two of them, "Mike, we know your game. Why don't you just
give us your room key and let us come have our way with you later on this
evening," she said as she leaned up against his chest.

"Apparently, you don't know my game," Mike said with a sneer, "you see, you
don't get to choose when I fuck your brains out. I do. Who knows, it could be
tonight, it could be next year. But you just don't know. Now if you'll excuse
me ladies, I have a party to get back to."

As soon as Mike walked back into the party he was confronted by Ivory.

"I'm Lisa Moretti," she reached out to shake his hand, "but you can call me

"I'll call you beautiful," he said as he kissed her hand.

"You can spare me the bullshit," she said, "I know a little about you. And
maybe we can do each other a few favors."

"I'm listening."

"I know you're blackmailing some of the girls, making them do whatever you

"So what. Are you gonna turn me in?"

"No, I'm going to help you. I know my career is winding down. But I never
took shortcuts like some people. I never slept with anyone to get on some
magazine cover. I don't really care what goes on with you and the other
girls, but Trish is a different story. I want to teach her a lesson she'll
never forget."

"Well, I really don't have anything to hold over her head. So what do you
want me to do?"

"Oh don't worry about getting her in bed. I just need to know. Are you in,
or are you out?"

"I'm in," Mike said with a grin.

By the time Ivory walked over to "congratulate" Trish, the little blond was
quite drunk.

Getting Trish to go to her room with her was no problem at all. Ivory took
Trish to her room with the promise that she would help her sober up. She laid
Trish down on the bed, and walked into the bathroom where Mike was hiding.

"Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Of course it is," Ivory said, "I just need to change. I hope you brought all
those toys you were telling me about."

"Here they are," Mike said as he handed her a bag.

She looked into the bag and pulled out a ballgag. "We won't be using this.
I want to here the little bitch scream."

She reached back into the bag and pulled out a dildo. "This however, I'm
going to enjoy using. Now if you'll please cover your eyes while I change
into something more comfortable. I want you to be surprised."

Mike turned around and waited for Ivory to change. After a couple of minutes
she told him to turn around. He turned around to see Ivory standing there in
a skin tight black vinyl dominatrix jumpsuit.

"I like your style," he said with a smile, "S&M is my favorite."

"So are there any questions," Ivory asked as she smacked the palm of her hand
with a small leather whip.

"Just one. You told me not to bring my camera. That means I can't get any
pics to hold over her head. How are we going to keep her quiet."

"Everyone at the party saw her leave with me. They all saw her piss drunk,
and girls like her have a tendency to be taken advantage of when they get a
little tipsy."

"Exactly so..."

"So, do you really think anyone is going to listen to her when she says you
and me both raped her. If it was just you, sure you'd be screwed. But no one
is going to beleive another woman just helped rape her. Let her try to tell
somebody. Let everyone think she has a few lesbian tendencies and watch her
career take a dive."

"I get it. Let's get started."

Ivory and Mike stepped out of the bathroom. Trish was still laying on the
bed, but she was starting to come around. Seeing Ivory in a black leather
jumpsuit just didn't seem right to her. Then she realized Mike was also in
the room and knew she was in trouble. She tried to get off the bed and run
for the door, but in her drunkeness she stumbled and fell to the floor.
Mike and Ivory picked her back up and threw her back down on the bed. Trish
tried to struggle as Mike held her down.

Ivory took one of her hands and handcuffed it to the head of the bed. Then
she reached across and handcuffed her other hand to the other side of the

"Look at the little cover girl now," Ivory said as she ripped open Trish's
shirt to expose her breasts in a little red bra.

Ivory climbed onto Trish's chest and began to rub the little blond's tits.
"Oh look at these nice perky little tits. I bet I can make them hard. I'll
make you hard, and Mike can get you wet."

Mike made his way to the foot of the bed and pulled Trish's jeans down to
reveal matching red panties.

"We won't be needing these anymore," he said as he ripped off her panties.
He stuck a finger up her warm snatch and stroked her clit. Like it or not,
Trish was wet in no time.

"Unnnnngggghhhh, stop, uhn, no, ah pleeeeeaaasse," Trish begged.

"Ooh, you did get hard," Ivory said, "that's one of the benefits of being
natural. I however got a boob job. Do you like my new tits Trish?"

Before Trish could answer Ivory, Mike started tounging her clit.

"Oooooohhhhh," Trish moaned.

Smack, Ivory slapped Trish across the face. "I asked you if you liked my new
tits, Trish."

Trish was having a hard time concentrating with Mike eating her out. She
tried to answer between moans, "uhn y, uh ye, agh yes."

Smack, Ivory smacked Trish again. "You mean yes master, now try again," she
said as she rubbed her own fake tits.

"Uuuughhhnn ye, ahhh yes mas yes master, oooghghh."

"Do you think my fake tits are as nice as your real tits," she asked as she
continued to rub her tits with one hand and reached down with the other to
unzip the crotch in her jumpsuit and pleasure herself.

"Ugggh, ahh, yes master, oh agh ungh, please stop."

Smack, again Ivory slapped the terrified little blond across the face. "You
don't tell me what to do. You don't have any choices. That's why you're the
slave, and I'm the master."

"Uhn yes master."

Smack, "I didn't give you permission to speak. Now I don't want to disfigure
your pretty little face so here's what we're going to do. Mike is going to
titty fuck you and cum all over your face. You like cum don't you?"

"Unnghhh, yes master, uh."

Mike quit eating Trish out while Ivory got off her chest. Mike crawled up
onto Trish's chest and squeezed her tits together.

"Remember the first time I titty fucked you Trish. You wanted to scream but
you couldn't. There's no ballgag in your mouth this time Trish. Scream, let
everyone know how much you like this."

Trish refused to scream. She wasn't going to give these two degenerates any
additional satisfactions.

"He said scream," Ivory yelled as she rammed a dildo straight up Trish's
snatch as Mike fucked her plump beautiful tits.

"AAAAaaaaarrrrrggghghhhhh, ow ow agggghhhhh," Trish screamed as Ivory pumped
her snatch with the fake dick.

Mike blew his load all over Trish's breasts and face.

Trish relaxed as Mike crawled off her chest, and Ivory quit pumping her
snatch with the fake dick, but left it up inside her.

Ivory crawled back up onto Trish's chest. "Did you like that, slave?"

"Uhn yes master," Trish answered as Ivory began to massage Mike's seed into
her breasts.

Ivory unzipped the back of her jumpsuit, and pointed her ass at Mike. "Mike,
show my new slave what she's going to get in a few minutes."

Mike crawled up behind Ivory, and inched his cock up her firm ass. "Oh yeah,
that feels good," she said as Mike began to pump in and out, "you can't wait
for this can you slave?"

Trish just looked up and sobbed shaking her head back and forth. Ivory
smacked her across the face once more.

"I said you can't wait!"

"(sob) yes (sob) master (sob)."

"That's enough Mike. The slave wants her turn," Ivory said as he pulled out.

Ivory spun around on Trish's chest and put her cunt right over Trish's face.
She grabbed the dildo that was still up inside of Trish and started to pump
her snatch once again. "Show master how much you love her. Eat master out

Trish leaned her head up and started licking Ivory's wet snatch. She didn't
want to be smacked anymore so she licked hard and fast. As Trish drove Ivory
towards orgasm, Ivory pumped the fake cock in and out of her faster and

"Uhgh, uh good slave, good uhn, now for the final piece, uhn."

Mike lifted Trish's legs off the bed arching her back towards him. He put her
ankles up on his shoulders and slid his cock up into her tight firm bubble

"Unnghhhh, arrrgghhhh, agh uhn uh," Trish could no longer control herself and
eat out Ivory.

Mike pumped her ass long and slow enjoying every deep thrust. Ivory grabbed
the dildo and pumped Trish. Mike quickened his pace as he saw Ivory quicken
hers with the dildo.

"Nooooo, unngh ahh uhn, oooohhhh arrrggghhh uuuunnnnhhggghhhh," Trish gave in
to orgasmic bliss.

Mike slid out of Trish and Ivory pulled the dildo out of her. "Did you enjoy
yourself slave?"

Trish just sobbed uncontrollably. She didn't want to admit to herself that
she had just enjoyed being raped.

"You were so eager to fuck a photographer when you thought you were going to
get your face on the cover of a magazine, weren't you? Weren't you," Ivory
screamed as she slapped Trish across the face again.

"(sob) yes master (sob)"

Mike stood up on the bed over Trish. "Just like the last time I had you
pinned down where I wanted you Trish, here comes your golden shower," he
said as he pissed on her breasts and face.

Trish just cried more as the golden stream fell on her.

"Nice touch," Ivory said as she uncuffed one of Trish's hands and gave her
the key for the other set of cuffs, "you can go when your ready slave. Me
and Mike are going to his room to finish our own private business," she
said as she wrapped herself in a bathrobe.

Mike and Ivory walked out of the room. Trish couldn't stop crying as she
uncuffed her other hand and got dressed. She hoped no one saw her as she
walked back to her room in shame.

* * *

On the plane ride back home the next day, Mike couldn't help but smile at
himself. The score between him and Jake was Five to Three in his favor.

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