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Life In The WWE Part 1
by Doc_Holliday05 (

I had just been hired by the WWE, when I first went backstage at one of their
shows. My name was going to be Big Daddy Cool (as a rip off of Kevin Nash).
My 6 foot 8 inch, 250 pound, muscular frame was extremely similar to that of
Kevin Nash's. I arrived about an hour before the Smackdown taping to get to
know everybody, so I could make a smooth debut at Summer Slam next week. I
stopped by Vince's office to talk about what I was gonna do next week.

As it turns out I was gonna attack the new U.S. champion Chris Benoit after
his match and we would start a feud. Vince said that I would have the title
by Christmas and be ready just in time for a push for the World Heavyweight
Championship by Wrestlemania. I was enthusiastic about what I was gonna be
able to do for the company. As I left Vince's office, I wasn't watching where
I was going and rammed right into Melina, the manager of MNM. I knocked her
to the ground; as she fell her mini skirt flew up revealing a small pair of
crotchless, white lace, thong panties. I instantly felt something in my pants
spring to life as she was completely shaven, and this turns me on incredibly.

"Watch were your going, asshole!" she screamed, but she made a slight "ohhhh"
as I helped her up. "Hello, my name is Melina."

"Ohhh, so, who are you?" she asked, in a quite sweet voice. "And I'm sorry
about cussing"

"It's ok, and I'm Jerome" I replied, as she straightened out her small white
cotton mini-skirt with her hands. I couldn't help but stare at her marvelous
body. She also wore a black tank top that was pulled tightly across her large
28 D size breasts, showing a grand amount of cleavage.

"Well, nice to meet you, and I'm glad you're on board," she said as she
grabbed my cell phone that I had latched to my belt loop. She then pushed
some buttons and handed it back to me as she said bye. She then strutted
down the hall, which shook her beautiful behind, as she walked and my eyes
followed them all they way down the hall. I looked in my phone and there
was the gorgeous diva Melina's cell phone number. I was even more ecstatic
than being hired by WWE or finding out about my push.

I got to sit close to the entrance ramp during the show. When Melina exited
down the ramp, I could see her wink at me and when she came back through the
curtain to backstage, she bumped into me and I could swear that her hands
touched my engorged penis through my blue jeans. When the show ended I walked
out to my rental car and called Melina.

"Hey baby," she said in a soft sensual voice when she answered. "I was
wondering if you were ever gonna call."

"I didn't know you were expecting me to call this quickly."

"Well, a girl can hope. Can't she?"

"Yeah, I guess you can... so would you like to go eat somewhere?"

"I would love to," she replied. "I'll meet you at the Italian Restaurant at
the corner of Main street and Broadway."

"I'll meet you there." I climbed into my old junky rental car and started
driving. I could feel my manhood start to arouse as I thought of going out
with the gorgeous Melina.

It took about 5 minutes before I arrived at the restaurant to find that
Melina had already been seated at a small two person booth in the back
corner. She was wearing a small black dress that went to about the knee
but was slit much higher. It was also tight enough to show off all of her
curves. I sat down opposite her feeling totally outclassed as I was still
in my blue jeans and WWE t-shirt. We enjoyed the meal and made the casual
small talk, and then we shared one last drink before we got up and started
to leave.

"I really enjoyed your company, Jerome," Melina said as I walked her to her
car in the parking lot. She then started rubbing my arm with her beautiful
manicured hands. "I think you are really hot."

Her hands rise off my arms and grab the sides of my neck. Then slowly pulled
my head down towards hers. I grabbed her by the hips as our lips met and we
engaged in a intimate kiss. I pushed her into the car as my hands moved up
and down her hips greatly enjoying the feel of her curves. Our tongues
explored each others mouths in a passionate French kiss. As soon as she broke
the kiss and swirled her tongue against my lips and opened her car door and
got in. I didn't waste any time getting in the passenger side while she
started the car.

As we began to drive off, neither of us said anything. We soon arrived to a
Hilton hotel not far up the road. She parked the car quickly and ran off to
her room. I ran after her, she was in the first room and she immediately
opened it and I ran in after her. She turned on the light and locked the door
as soon as I was through.

"I fucking want you, baby," she said as she jumped into my arms and stuck her
tongue deep down my throat once again. She wrapped those luscious long tan
legs around my waist and I slowly laid her down on the bed and went to go
down on her.

"No, no, not yet, baby, not yet," she said as she pushed my head out from
between her legs. I was just able to get a whiff of her sweet pussy. She gave
me another luscious kiss and took off my t-shirt and she fondled by chest and
6-pack abs and then undid my belt, unbuttoned, unzipped my pants and then
with one great tug they fell to my ankles. She was amazed and had to step
backwards and fell onto the bed.

"OHH MY GOD, ITS HUGE!" she screamed.

My cock was roughly 10 inches long and was as thick as an empty toilet paper
roll. The gorgeous diva gathered herself and stood back up while I kicked my
jeans to the side. Melina put her hands on my pecs and pushed me away. She
then started dancing in an extremely sensual manner. Then she grabbed her the
straps of her dress and started pulling it down until it was at her ankles
where she kicked it aside. She put her hand on her gorgeous hip and beckoned
me forward. She was wearing a small lace black bra that had her breasts
popping out on all sides. A matching extremely skimpy black g-string was also
wore. It had the word "horny" sewn into the front in silver lettering. My
cock was at full attention now.

She did not have to tell me twice, as I almost ran over to her and started
kissing her. Our tongues wrestled each other in a an extremely passionate
moment before I lifted her up and threw her onto the bed.

"Yeah baby, give it to me!" she yelled as I threw her.

I also climbed onto the bed and got on top of her and we started kissing once
again. Her hands groped up and down my tone back and I placed one hand behind
her head and the other on her left breast. She then reached behind herself
and undid her bra, then through it aside. This set her beautiful large
breasts free, they were tan just like the rest of her body with dark tan
nipples that stood at full attention. I continued to massage her left breast
and pinching its nipple while I kissed down her neck and starting sucking on
her right nipple. This made Melina moan slightly and she bit her lower lip.
I then grudgingly broke my lip lock on her nipple and started to kiss down
her tight toned stomach. My left hand continued to rub and pinch her right
breast and my right hand started to rub her tasty slit through her g-string.
Melina was already wet and she started to moan as soon as my fingers touched

"mmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as my kisses went even lower.

I then reached her panties which I grabbed with my teeth and pulled them off
of her. I threw the dripping g-string over next to my clothes so I could keep
it. I crawled back to her mouth and began kissing her again as I started to
insert two fingers into her pussy and started fingering her.

"I don't want your fingers baby, I want your big hard rod."

I was extremely happy to oblige, as I slowly inserted the head of my massive
cock into her slit, I repeatedly thrust just the head of my cock into her
loving hole making her moan extremely load and her pussy to just drip with
her love juices. After doing this for about 40 sec. I thrusted the entire
length of my shaft into her folds and then began to just put my head in her.
I then grabbed her hips and really started to plunge my entire length into
her. I began thrusting harder and harder while Melina moaned louder and

"Ohhhhh, yeah, give it to me baby!"

I continued to fuck her beautiful tight pussy for several minutes. I felt
like I was close to cumming, so I pulled my dick and then went down on her
with my tongue. Melina was soooooooo delicious. I plunged my tongue deep
into her tasty snatch, I then began to rub my tongue around her G-spot
making her grab onto the bed posts and rub her pussy against my face. She
is now almost screaming at the top of her lungs.

"YES YES, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" as this my mouth filled with her tasty
fluids. I swallowed and swallowed as even more juice came out of her snatch
and flowed down my chin and onto the bed.

"Ohhhh, baby, you have a great tongue," as she leaned up onto her elbows.

"Why I thank you, but I'm not done yet," I pushed her back down and sat on
top of her. I placed by throbbing 10 inch cock in between her luscious
breasts, which caused her to moan again. She pushed her huge tits together
and started to work them up and down my cock. My manhood was long enough
for her to suck on the head as I titty fucked her. It only took about five
minutes of this heavenly act before I felt my cum start to travel from my

"I'm gonna cum!"

She seemed not to care and I blasted my load right into her mouth. She tried
to swallow all that she could but I came to much. Stream after stream of warm
jizz poured into her mouth and then it began to drip down her chin and onto
her chest. Melina then cleaned all the remaining cum off my dick with her

"God your great, Jerome!" she said as she got up and underneath the covers.

I joined her under the covers and we slowly faded off to sleep...

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