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Life In WWE Part 1 - Gee Golly Miss Molly
By You Are Next

This took place while I was with the WWF at the end of 2000. I was working
there as a booker. One day, while at the normal meeting, Vince told us that
he had signed Nora Greenwald away from WCW. This I knew was good for our
Women's Division, which to tell you the truth sucked. We had to decide a
new name and gimmick for Miss Madness. We thought about it at some length,
and then we thought of something.

"She sort of looks like Crash and Hardcore Holly," said Vince.

I suggested that she be a Holly cousin, and everyone liked the idea. As for
her name, we thought about it for a solid hour, then it struck me. "Vince! I
have the perfect name. Molly Holly;"

Vince agreed that is was the perfect name, and that we should get her in to
meet and talk with her "cousins." He told me to arrange it. The meeting was
over, and I went about my task of organizing the meeting. I phoned Molly, and
I got the answering machine.

"Hello, this is Mike from the WWF Creative Team. I am calling to tell you
that you need to be in Austin, Texas for RAW next Monday night. I have faxed
your itinerary to you. Everything you need to know is included."

I hung up the phone. I went about my usual daily business, mainly booking
RAW. The days leading up to RAW were a blur to me. I have always enjoyed
meeting the new talent, but for some reason this meeting would be different.

Monday came, and at 11 AM, Nora showed up to the venue. I introduced myself,
and she did likewise. I showed her around the operation. Then it was time for
her to meet her new "cousins." She had been told about the gimmick going into
the meeting. The meeting with Crash and Hardcore went well. Nora was not
scheduled to be on any TV for a few weeks, but I had advised her to be at
the tapings to watch and learn how everything operates, which is totally
different than the WCW procedure. RAW got underway, and I didn't see or hear
from Nora until that night at the hotel. She phoned me.

"Mike, who are you rooming with?" she asked me.

"Nobody." I told her.

"Can I come talk to you about my gimmick."

I said, "Sure" and about three minutes later she was at my room, wearing
tight blue jeans and a loose black T-shirt. We were talking about the
various parts of her character, and then she asked me something personal.

"Can I trust you?" she asked.

"Of course."

"Well, I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago and what I really came
over for was so I could talk to you. You are the first person I have met in
the WWF and I figured you are trustworthy."

She was right. Here I am on the booking team of the WWF, and I write for a
website, which generally reports spoilers, yet I never gave out anything.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked her.

"I just want to talk, get the feelings out from inside of me."

We talked for about an hour, and I couldn't help but look at Nora and how
beautiful she is.

"I am confused! it almost seems like my life has ended." she said.

I told her, "Nora, you a beautiful young woman. I can name 25 people off of
the top of my head that would love to go out with you. Your life is not over,
it is just beginning. You have a whole career ahead of you."

"Of those 25 people, would you happen to be one of them?" she asked.

This put me in an uncomfortable situation. "Yes, I am one of those 25

This seemed to cheer her up considerably. He gave me a hug, thanked me for
talking to her, and she left.

* * *

At the Smackdown; tapings the next night, Nora came up to me. She asked to
speak to me about her character, as she had thought of some questions since
last night. I left the room, and I went to talk to her.

"The truth is, I have no questions, except for one. What are you doing
tomorrow night?" she asked.

Holy shit, I thought to myself, Nora is asking me on a date. "Nothing, and
yes, I would love to." I said. Nora was shocked for a second. I guess I must
have answered her question correctly. "I'll pick you up around 7." I said,
and I headed back into the room. The rest of the booking team wanted to know
what she asked me, and I told them a pile of lies, which they believed.

* * *

Wednesday night came around, and I picked her up for dinner. She answered the
door, and she was wearing a blue strapless dress that went down to around her
knees. Her hair was as usual, but damn she looked sexy in that dress. I was
wearing a suit, which is almost second nature to me because we have to wear
them in the office. We went to a very nice restaurant, had a nice meal, and
we then went back to her house. She invited me in. If I counted correctly, I
think I told her she looked sexy in that dress about 16 times before we got
to her house. Once in her house, I took off my suit jacket, and she said she
was going to get into something more comfortable. Damn did she ever.

She came back wearing a white T-shirt and black gym shorts. Her T-shirt was
nearly see through, and I could clearly see no bra. We watched some TV, then
she went upstairs. After about ten minutes, she still had not come back
downstairs. I went upstairs to see what was going on. I went to her room and
knocked on the door.

"Come in Mike." she said.

I went in, and she was watching porn, lying on her bed with her gym shorts
around her ankles. I tried not to look, but when a very attractive woman is
fingering herself in front of you, would you turn away? She looked up at me,
then sort of blushed as I was watching her. I went and sat down beside her.

"You like porn?" I asked.

"Yes! it seems to make me forget about the bad stuff in my life." she

"Then why did you leave me downstairs?" I asked her.

"Well! just relax, I'll show you what I was gearing up for."

She undid my pants, and undid my shirt. She took them off, and then she slid
my boxers off. My nine-inch monster sprung up, and she smiled, licked her
lips, and took off her shirt. Her nipples were erect. She started to tug on
her nipples, making her moan a few moans. I was on the verge of jacking
myself seeing this, but then she grabbed ahold of my cock and started
giving me a handjob. She ran her right hand up and down my shaft, while her
left hand was playing with my balls. She started to quicken the pace, and I
started moaning louder moans of pleasure. It got to the point where I
couldn't take it anymore, and I moaned, "I am going to cum."

"Not yet!" she said.

She stopped giving me the best handjob of my life, but instead she started
to lick the tip of my cock. Her saliva glistened my skin as she licked every
part of my cock. She then started to deep throat me. She took all nine inches
of me into her mouth. She licked the underside of my cock with her tongue
while sucking me off at the same. Her lips were gripped tightly around my
cock, and her blond hair was flying all over the place as her head bobbed up
and down on my shaft. I was moaning in pleasure, then I felt the familiar
sensation burning my balls.

"I'M GOING TO CUM;" I yelled, but it was too late as I blew my load inside
Nora's mouth. I came so much that some cum ran out of her mouth. She
swallowed it all up.

"I guess I owe you something, don't I?" I said.

She spread her legs, revealing neatly shaven public hair. I went in between
her legs. She was wet. I spread her lips apart with my index and middle
fingers, and then I stuck them into her wet hole. She jerked a bit at entry,
but after that she was all moans. I started out slowly, and as I went, I sped
up. She was moaning louder, and I could feel her muscles tighten.

"I'm going to cum!" she muttered in between moans.

I stopped fingering her hole, and I took my fingers out. She gave me a
disappointed look. I then stuck my head in between her legs, and I could
sense a smile on her face. I probed her hole with my tongue, and she moaned
at entry. Her juices smelled great. I started to flick her clit, and she was
moaning louder after every flick. Her clit hardened, and I started to flick
her clit like it was going out of style. As I flicked away, she kept pushing
my head harder into her vaginal area. With my nose 90% in her hole now, I
began to flick like crazy, then I heard her scream, and I felt her muscles

"I AM CUUMMMMMMING!!!" she yelled, and I then felt her juices run down my
face. I licked as much of her juice off my face as possible, then I took my
head out from between her legs.

"That was awesome;" she said.

"I am glad you liked it." I replied.

I went and laid down beside her. I put my arm around her and then her eyes
lit up. She reached into the beside table drawer and pulled out a condom.

"You wanna?" she asked.

How could I refuse? "Oh hell yeah!"

She started to play with my cock until it was erect again. I slid the condom
on, and she flipped over onto her stomach.

"I want you to fuck me up the ass." she said.

I obliged, and I rubbed some KY jelly onto my condom-covered shaft. I put
some around her asshole, and then I slid my cock in. I started out slowly.
She was saying that it hurt, so I went slowly. After a while, I started to
go faster, and she was moaning in pain and pleasure, but she wasn't telling
me to stop. I then sped up to what felt like Mach 2 and we were both moaning.
The sound of me hitting her nice ass echoed in the room.

Nora then said, "I am going to cum."

"I am! right now;" I said.

I came, and I kept pumping, and Nora started to moan really loud. She then
had her second orgasm of the night, and I fell down on top of her. I pulled
out, took off the condom, and disposed of it. I went back to the bed.

"Mike! that was great." she said. I thanked her, saying that she was great
as well. She put her arms around me and we both fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up, and Nora was looking up at me.

"Good morning," she said.

"Good morning," I said to her.

We kissed, got dressed, and we both headed to work. I had to be at a booking
meeting in 20 minutes, and Nora had to catch a plane for a house show in an

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