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Life In WWE Part 2 - Love, Fury, Passion, Energy
by You Are Next

It's December 9, 2001. WWF Vengeance. I made the ultimate match up a reality:
WWF Champ vs. WCW Champ in a unification match; Vince McMahon can take all
the credit he wants, but it is I who came up with the whole damn plan.

Who am I exactly? I'm Mike Wilson, Assistant Booker and President of Talent
Relations in the World Wrestling Federation. What does that mean? It means I
am second in command to Vince McMahon. Vince hired me after he saw me take a
Palmerston, Ontario based fed called Norwell Ultimate Wrestling (NUW) to the
top of Canadian Indy feds. I got NUW there in two months, and Vince needed
help in the booking department.

Also on Vengeance, there was a Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy match with Lita as
the referee. Looking back on it now, I can safely say I was right all along
about that angle: It wasn't going to work; I tried telling Vince numerous
times not to go through with it, but he persisted on doing the angle. On
December 9th, Lita came to my office when she arrived at the arena at 12:43

I sat at my desk going over the finishes for the Vengeance PPV. What really
bothered me about the finishes is the Hardy Match! I didn't like the match to
begin with! The angle sucked! but Vince McMahon thinks it'll work. All of a
sudden, there was a knock at the door!

"Come on in," I yelled.

The door opened, and in walked Amy Dumas, better known to all of you as Lita.

"Lita! What can I help you with?"

"Mike, I'm telling you this again! the Hardy angle isn't going to work, even
with me as ref." Lita stated.

"Lita, I've told you time and time again, I am not responsible for this
stupid fucking angle; Vince keeps on insisting it'll fly! The only reason the
angle is happening now is because I held Vince back from doing it for three

"I understand that! but this angle has really gotten Matt and Jeff mad at
each other. Matt isn't as over as Jeff and Matt is really pissed about it. He
won't even pay attention to me anymore. And Jeff is really happy being on his
own because he is over like rover," Lita said as I looked at her thinking
that Matt is an idiot for not paying attention to her.

"Trust me, by the end of the night, everything will be right in the Hardy
world. Vince will realize that this angle is a fish out of water and he'll
take the Hardyz off TV for a while, most likely until Royal Rumble, and
they'll come back as a team because all of the differences have been worked
out." I confidently told her.

All of a sudden, the door flew open.

"Wilson, you son of a bitch; I WANT OUT OF THIS DAMN ANGLE NOW!"

As you guessed, it was Matt Hardy.

"Why's that Matt?" I asked.


"But Ma-"


I had seen enough of this. Lita was refusing to leave, and Matt grabbed her
and was about to drag her out the door. I stood up.


"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, WILSON?" he yelled back at me.

"THIS!" I screamed.

I nailed Matt in the face with a right hand. Matt stumbled to the floor, and
he looked up at me.

"Matt, sometimes in life you have to realize that not everything goes your
way. If you haven't realized, I got Vince to put this damn angle off for
three months. It's all his idea; The only thing I've done is made Amy the
referee to add some sort of drama into this damn match; If you want out of
the god damned match, go speak to Vince," I stated!

Amy sat in the corner of the room all shaken up. Matt got to his feet and he
was pissed.

"Wilson, I'm gonna get you for this." He stated and he left the room,
presumably going to Vince's room.

I sat down in my chair, and I looked into the corner of the room and Amy was
sitting there, head between her knees, crying. I got up and went over to the
corner and sat beside her.

"You OK?"

"No! He's been like this for weeks! He treats me like I'm nothing."

"Amy! if it makes you feel better, I can book it so you get the night off!"
I told her!

"No Mike! I can't do that! The fans are expecting me out there! You can help
me though!"

I had no idea what she was talking about.

"I've helped you enough! I nailed Matt with a right hand so he wouldn't hurt

"Mike, you've always been there for me no matter what the situation. I want
to pay you back!"

"That's not necessary," I commented, "You're my friend, and friends help

"Mike! I haven't had any fun with Matt in ages! all he thinks about is his
character! He doesn't want to do anything! All I want to do is have some fun
on a night off," Amy stated.

I thought for a few seconds, and it hit me.

"I'll tell ya what. We've both got Friday night off. What do you say on
Friday night we go catch a movie, then we can do whatever you want to do
after that." I said. Holy shit; Did I just ask her out on a date?

"Are you serious?!?" she asked.

All I could do is simply nod my head.

"You've got a deal buddy," she said.

We both got up; she kissed me on the cheek, and cheerfully left the room. I
sat back down in my chair, stunned! Then the intercom buzzed!

"Mike, I need help in here. Matt Hardy is flipping on my ass;"

It was Vince. I ran out of the room and down the hall, and I forgot all about
Friday night!

* * *

As you can see, the show went off well. The Hardy match was all right, but
nobody cared, just like I had predicted. Chris Jericho shocked the world when
he beat Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to become the first ever
Undisputed WWF World Champion (a scenario I came up with;) and Amy Dumas was
the happiest person in the world when she came to see me Monday night at RAW
on December 10th!

"Mike! I want to talk to ya;" Amy yelled down the hall.

I looked back and she had a big smile on her face. Her smile! god that smile
can really cheer anyone up, can't it? I smiled back and we went into my

"What can I help you with today oh cheerful Amy?"

"About Friday night!" she said.

I had forgotten all about it.

"What about it?" I asked.

"Let's go to the movies, like you suggested, and then we can go back to my
house and play Twister," she said.

"Twister! Sounds like fun! Meet you are your house at 7?" I asked.

"Sure," she eagerly said and she left the room!

I love playing Twister with the ladies! you can grab almost anything and have
an excuse for it! I started thinking that this could be better than the night
I had with Nora Greenwald about a year ago, and damn, that was a good night.

The next four days flew by faster than a jet plane; Friday night came!

I picked Amy up at her house near Cameron, North Carolina. She was wearing a
pair of tight jeans (Yes! Tight jeans!!!) and a tight white T-shirt. I was
wearing my favourite clothes: A pair of loose blue jeans and my Lance Storm
WCW T-shirt (Sorry, but we Canadians stick together!).

We went to the movie, and we had a good time. I got some heat from the crowd
for a few reasons: Being there with Amy Dumas and my T-shirt.

We drove back to her house. I pulled up in front of the garage door and we
got out of my car, a 1981 Mazda RX-7 that I got from my dad for my 16th
birthday in 1992. Amy lead the way into her house. Damn; Must be nice to
get paid as much money as she does. This house was awesome. She had Twister
already set up in front of her big screen TV, and a camcorder on top of the

"What's the camera for?" I asked.

"You did say we could do 'anything', did you not?" she delcared.


"Well, I know this may startle ya, but we're gonna play a version of Twister
I call 'Strip Twister'," She stated.

"How the hell do you play Strip Twister?" I asked.

"Easy. You play like normal, except when you fall down, you remove an article
of clothing." She said.

Made sense to me. We played the game, and I fell down first. I removed my
jeans, leaving me in my boxers and T-shirt. Amy certainly has an advantage
in this game as there are more articles of clothing for her to remove. We
continued playing, and she fell down. She removed her jeans, revealing what
every man has wanted to see: her thong!

"That just made my night;" I said excitedly.

She laughed and we continued to play. I fell down again, and I removed my
T-shirt. Then she fell! I thought to myself, 'Bra and panties!'. She removed
her shirt, and I was in for a surprise!

"Uh! uh! wow!" I muttered!

So much for bra and panties! Just panties! Her tits are absolutely
spectacular! No tans lines! Oh god they are beautiful!

"How exactly does the game end?" I asked.

"When both people are naked." She replied, acting as if being half naked is
nothing new to her.

We continued to play. Of course, I fell down, and I removed my boxers. My
cock this night was at 10 inches!

"Well, looks as if you've been eating your wheaties," Amy stated, with a
lustful look in her eyes.

She spun the wheel once, and purposely fell.

"Oops! looks as if I have to remove my thong!"

She removed her thong, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy. She got to her feet
and turned on the TV and camera. She had the TV hooked up to the camera.
Everything in the room was seen on the TV.

"Mike! I want you in me!" Amy said, with that puppy dog face. I could've
blown my load then and there!

"Say what?"

"Fuck me!" Amy said.

She laid on her back on the Twister board, using her finger to lure me in.
I crawled over to her on my knees and spread her legs apart. I moved up so
that we were face to face. We kissed passionately, our tongues exploring
each other's mouths. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck. I moved
down to her shoulders, then I went to her glorious globes. I sucked each
nipple with care, making sure each one got proper attention. All the while,
she was moaning in pleasure.

"Enough of the fore play Mike. I want that cock in me," she yelled.

Reluctantly, I stopped massaging her globes and I positioned myself for
entry. I eased my cock in. Surprisingly, she was really tight.

"Mike, it's my first time, so please take it easy!" she said.

I almost blew my load hearing that! Holy shit; She's a virgin; I went easy
on her. I slowly eased in inch by inch of my cock into her. I got all 10
inches into her, and I slowly slid in and out of her cleanly shaven cunt.
Eventually, I quickened the pace, and she was obviously enjoying it.

"Ah fuck! ah fuck yeah! god damn this feels just right. Harder! Harder!" she
managed to moan.

A few minutes later, I was going in and out of her with reckless abandon.

"Ah fuck! I'm gonna cum," I groaned!

"Keep going," she said, "fuck yeah! oh fuck! FFFFFFUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

"UGH!" I groaned as I blew my load deep in her cunt as she hit orgasm at the
same time.

Amy and I were both exhausted. I rolled over and she rolled on top of me. She
spun around in a 69 position, and I knew what to do. She stroked my cock
until it was hard again, and she licked the head of my cock. Meanwhile, I was
giving her the finger treatment as I had two fingers in her incredibly tight
cunt. I was moaning in pleasure, and she was moaning as well.

Eventually, she had taken all of me into her mouth. Obviously, she wasn't a
first time giver of head. The feeling was incredible. The way she used her
tongue was amazing. She stroked my balls just right. I felt as if I was going
to blow my load for 5 minutes, but I didn't. She held my balls in a way that
didn't allow my to blow but give me the feeling.

I expertly started flicking her clit, and her moaning while my cock was in
her mouth made my pleasure even greater. I flicked her clit wildly, and got
my finger in her for good measure.

About three minutes later, we both started shaking.

"AH FUCK! FFFFUUUUUUCKKKKK!" she groaned as her juices, and mine from our
fuck earlier on, ran down my face. I licked it up, surprised that the
concoction didn't taste all that bad. Then reality hit me;

what reason I don't know;)

She giggled, and that increased my pleasure. Her giggle was short lived
however as I pumped what seemed like gallons of cum in her mouth! She grabbed
my balls tightly, and removed my cock from her mouth. She swallowed the cum,
and she pointed my cock at her tits and let go of my balls. I shot another
load of cum, this time all over her gorgeous rack. She stroked my cock for a
few minutes, and I shot a few more loads of cum on her tits.

I was exhausted now; She laid on her back and started rubbing my cum into her
tits. She was groaning in pleasure as she was doing this, and I got hard
again; I simply looked at her and jerked off. After 10 minutes, and I had
another orgasm and shot my load of cum on her tits. She looked up at me and
smiled. She rubbed that load into her tits and pinched her nipples.

We both fell asleep on her living room floor.

The next morning, we both woke up about the same time. I had my arm around
her slim, tight waist. She turned her head to me.

"Good morning." She said.

"Same to you." I said.

We locked in another passionate kiss. After five minutes, we went to the
shower together, showered up, and got dressed. I was having a cup of coffee
at her table while she was making breakfast. The doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" I wondered.

"Fuck; It's Matt;" she said.

"I'll handle it." I calmly said. "Come with me to the door."

She went to the door with me. I put my shoes on and I opened the door.

"Hey Matt; How are ya man?" I asked.

"Good. What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I came by for the breakfast meeting I had set up with Amy. She wanted to go
over her character's direction. I was just running out to the car to get my
stuff. I didn't get it out in case she wasn't up yet." I replied.

"Cool! can we make it a double meeting?" he asked.

"Sure, I'll be right back," I said, and ran to the car.

Thank god I had brought my work gear with me. I grabbed all of it (brief
case, note books, a bunch of other books of possible merchandise designs for
her, etc.) and went into the house. The meeting went well, and Matt never
suspected a thing.

Now Amy's out with a neck injury. I make the occasional visit to her when I
have time off. When Matt's not there, I give her a little 'present' and last
time I was there she gave me a present! the video of that night in December
when we had an all night fuck fest.

Matt still doesn't now, and I'd rather leave it at that! I asked Amy if we
should tell him, and she said, "No! Him not knowing just feels right."

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