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Life On The Straightedge Part 2: Wild Wednesday
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the digital alarm clock on the nightstand now reads 12:00 AM. CM Punk,
wearing just a pair of loose fitting shorts is leaning against the his hotel
room door as he looks out in the hallway at his ex-girlfriend Maria, wearing
relaxing black sweat pants and a loose white tank top. Maria just knocked on
Punk's door a few minutes ago and Punk has an eyebrow raised, "Hey Maria....
what's up?"

Maria scrunches her nose up slightly and avoids eye contact with Punk.
know...the usual..."

"I see..." Punk nods his head, "So.... what brings you here? I thought you
were on the second floor..."

Maria rubs her soft, pouty lips together before looking at CM Punk. "Can I
come in, Phil?"

"Sure..." Punk says as he steps back to let Maria into his hotel room. Maria
nods her red haired head and smiles softly at Punk as she steps into his
hotel room before CM Punk closes the door once she is inside.

Maria gently folds arms against her flat, toned chest, just beneath her chest
as she glances around the hotel room of her former boyfriend, CM Punk. "You
have a nice room here..." Maria says softly as she takes a deep breath and
purposely avoids looking directly at CM Punk.

"Thanks... I think it's cause I'm the champ or something..." Punk says with a
smile as he looks at his ex-girlfriend, "But I'm sure your room is nice I don't think that's why you're here..."

Maria presses her soft and pouty, luscious lips together as she slowly turns
her red haired head to sweetly look at CM Punk. "What?" Maria asks with a
soft, innocent smile.

"Why are you here babe?" CM Punk asks as he Maria looks at him with her

Maria raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit "Babe?"

"Yeah babe... you come up here to my hotel room in the middle of the night...
you have to want something..." CM Punk smiles.

Maria slightly narrows her eyes seductively, giving CM Punk the look he was
so well used to from having dated the adorable WWE Diva. "What if...I came
here wanting you?" Maria asks as she takes a step closer to CM Punk, looking
at him now more confidently and not so nervously as before.

CM Punk smirks slightly, "Well then... if that's true... then.... I'd say
you're a bit over dressed..." CM Punk replies as Maria takes another step
towards him.

Maria laughs a bit as she steps up to CM Punk and places her soft, soothing
hands onto the toned, muscular, tattoo covered and bare chest of CM Punk. "Is
that so?"

"Yeah it is..." CM Punk smirks as Maria slides her hands against his toned
and tattoo covered chest.

Maria cutely wets her soft and pouty lips as she innocently looks up into the
eyes of her former boyfriend. "I may need some help..." Maria cutely teases
as she slides her hands against his toned chest, her fingers gently lingering
against his brown colored nipples while she leans up to flick her tongue
against CM Punk's lips before kissing him deeply.

"Mmmmm..." CM Punk moans into Maria's mouth as he slides his tongue against
tongue while he places his hands on her slender waist. Maria closes her eyes
as she gently pats her soft tongue against CM Punk's tongue as she lustfully
kisses her ex-boyfriend. Maria gently rakes her fingers against his toned
chest as she leans in closer to him. CM Punk works his tongue into Maria's
mouth as he moves his hands behind her to cup her ass cheeks through the
material of her sweat pants.

"Mmmmmm..." Maria softly and cutely moans into CM Punk's mouth as her soft
drop to his toned stomach as she feels Punk's hands groping her adorable,
rounded and perfect ass through her sweat pants.

CM Punk breaks the kiss with Maria while he continues to feel up her round
ass through her sweat pants, "You need help with something?" Punk asks as
Maria slides her hands from his chest down to his waist.

Maria cutely laughs and nods her head "Yeah I do..." Maria replies as she
starts to push CM Punk's shorts down from his toned waist as she feels Punk's
hands rubbing against her adorable ass. CM Punk smirks at Maria as his cock
is soon freed from his shorts as Maria pushes them from his waist. Before
Maria can start to lower herself to the floor, Punk begins to lower her sweat
pants from her adorable waist. Maria laughs and cutely smiles at her ex-
boyfriend as her sweat pants drop down from her gorgeous hips and down her
smooth, tanned, stunning legs. Maria, now fashioned in a pair of hot black
panties, steps out of her sweat pants and kicks them to the side before she
sinks down onto her knees in front of CM Punk.

"Damn you really did come over dressed..." Punk smirks at Maria after he sees
her hot black panties. Punk takes hold of the material of Maria's white tank
top and begins to lift it up. Maria raises her tanned, smooth arms as CM Punk
leans forward to removes her white tank top to expose her perky and nicely
round, tanned tits as she innocently looks up at CM Punk, placing her right
hand gently around the base of his cock. Maria's soft palm pressed against
his shaft, sends CM Punk's mind reeling with fond memories of Maria as she
starts to lightly move her hand on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm.... I remember that..." CM Punk moans as Maria slides the palm of her
right hand from the base of his cock all the way to the top. Maria presses
her soft lips together and sits up on her knees before she spits her wet,
warm saliva onto the head of CM Punk's cock. Maria takes her right hand and
gently rubs her saliva over the head of his cock before dropping her hand
back down his long shaft.

"Mmmmm..." Punk licks his lips as Maria uses her right hand to spread her
warm saliva along the length of his now fully hardened cock.

Maria smirks up at CM Punk as she massages CM Punk's long, hard shaft with
her right hand, perfectly lathering his cock with her saliva as she strokes
him. "You like that, Phil?"

"Mmmm you know I do babe..." Punk replies as he looks down at his red-haired
girlfriend as she expertly moves her hand on his large, stiff cock. Maria
closes her eyes slightly as she leans her head forward and softly kisses the
thick head of CM Punk's cock, her soft and moist lips tender to the touch of
his cock, causing CM Punk's head to roll back against the hotel room's west

"Ahhhhh..." Punk moans as Maria presses her lips against the head of his rock
hard cock and his shaft pulsates slightly as Maria again kisses the tip of
his dick. Maria lightly parts her lips and flicks the wet tip of her tongue
against CM Punk's piss-slit before she opens her mouth and gently takes the
thick head of CM Punk's cock into her wet, soothing mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Punk moans as his cock is gradually entering Maria's warm, wet
mouth. Punk looks down at Maria as she looks up at him as she keeps taking
his cock further past her lips. Maria adorably smiles around the head of CM
Punk's cock as she begins to smoothly and gradually bob her head on his cock,
lightly sucking his shaft as she lowers her right hand to cup the base near
the ballsack.

"Mmmmm that's it babe..." CM Punk moans as Maria lightly bobs her head on his
cock as she begins to lightly rub the area from the base of his cock to his
ballsack with her right hand.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm..." Maria sweetly moans as she bobs her head up and
down on CM Punk's cock as she leans her head forward so that her red haired
presses against his toned, tattooed stomach as she works her perfect oral
skills on her former boyfriend.

"Mmmmmm.... shit.... ahhh..." Punk moans as Maria slides her tongue against
the bottom side of his cock as she moves her head back and forth on his cock.

"Ohhhhh....mmm...mmmm..." Maria moans as she slides her soft and wet tongue
against the bottom side of his shaft while she begins to bob her head at a
quicker, impressively smooth pace.

"Ahhhh awww..." Punk places his left hand on the side of Maria's red-haired
head as he starts to move his hips back and forth so that his cock is sliding
in and out of Maria's warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Maria lustfully groans as CM Punk's thick and long shaft brushes
and forth against her soft lips as she allows her ex-boyfriend to pump his
cock deeply into her incredibly skilled and soothing mouth.

"Ohhh yeah babe.... suck it..." Punk moans as the head of his cock taps
against the back of Maria's mouth.

"Mmmmmm...gahhh..." Maria seductively gags around CM Punk's cock as the head
his cock presses lightly against the back of her mouth. Maria turns her head
smoothly on his shaft, grinding her pouty lips as she deeply works her mouth
on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm....ahhh..." CM Punk moans as Maria's lips grind on his cock as she
twist her head from side to side. As the last few inches of Punk's cock enter
Maria's mouth, the red-haired Diva's adorable nose is lightly pressed against
Punk's smoothly shaved crotch. Maria tilts her head back slightly before she
pulls her head back, causing his shaft to fall of her sweet, saliva filled

"Mmmmm fuck babe... you sure know how to get someone's attention..." Punk
says as Maria grabs his hands to pull herself up from the floor.

Maria laughs and presses her soft lips together as she stands in front of CM
Punk, sweetly looking at him. "It's my specialty..." Maria says with a
flirtatious wink before she takes one of CM Punk's hands with her left hand
and starts to walk him over towards the bed.

CM Punk smirks, "Aren't a lot of things your specialty?" Punk asks as Maria
proceeds to kneel on the bed once they reach it. Punk places his hands on
Maria's waist and starts to slide down her panties. Maria bites down on her
bottom lip and glances back over her shoulder as she settles herself down on
her hands and knees while he tugs down her black panties to expose her
incredibly adorable, tanned ass.

Punk slides Maria's panties off of her legs and drops them on the floor
before he gets on the bed behind Maria. "Still love it from the back?" Punk
asks with a smirk as he proceeds to slide his saliva coated cock against
Maria's pussy lips.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely and laughs "Of course I do!" Maria says
before lightly rocks back on her knees forcing the head of CM Punk's cock
into her tight pussy before he places his hands onto her slender waist.

"Thought so..." Punk grins as he pushes his cock gradually into her tight,
wet pussy while he pulls her back. Punk waits until his cock is completely
inside of Maria's pussy before he pulls it out half way to push it forward it

"Ohhhhh Phil..." Maria moans as she rocks forward on her knees as he pushes
slender, tanned body forward with his firm thrusts to her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm.... fuck..." Punk moans as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of
Maria's pussy while she rocks back and forth in front of him.

"Ohhhh...ohhh Phil...ohhhh yeah!" Maria moans as she tosses her red haired
head back as she smoothly rocks back on her knees to push back against her

"Mmmmm... awwww.... yeah..." Punk moans as he slides his hands all over
Maria's waist and hips as he slowly increases he pace of his thrusts while he
fucks her from behind.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhhh Phil! Ohhhhh!" Maria lustfully moans as she starts to
quickly rock back and forth as CM Punk pounds his cock into her tight, wet
pussy, causing her adorable ass to smack against his toned waist.

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh fuck... ohhh yeah babe..." Punk moans as he pumps his
cock into Maria's hot, wet and tight pussy.

Maria presses her luscious, pouty and soft lips together as she looks over
her shoulder to sweetly smiles back at CM Punk. "Ohhhhh Phil...ohhh yeah!
Just like that!"

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah babe... ahhhh awww!" Punk grunts as he drives his cock
deep into Maria's hot pussy. Punk moves his hands to Maria's arms to pull her
up so that she's sitting on her knees as he fucks her from behind. As he
pumps his cock into her, Punk reaches around Maria to cup her tits with his
hands as she reaches back with her right hand to grab a handful of Punk's
black hair.

Maria grits her teeth lightly as she pulls on CM Punk's jet-black hair as she
grinds her lower body against his waist and cock as she rocks back on her
knees. "Ohhhh... mmm... shit!" Maria moans as she turns her head back and
kisses CM Punk.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" CM Punk moans into Maria's mouth as he slides his tongue
her mouth. Punk squeezes Maria's tits firmly as he pumps his cock sharply
into her hot pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Maria moans as she presses her soft lips around CM Punk's tongue
lightly starts to suck on his tongue as she rocks back on her knees as he
drives his cock deeply into her wet, tight pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Punk moans as Maria sucks on his tongue as he slams his cock
sharply into Maria's wet pussy. Punk and Maria soon turn and lay on their
sides with Maria still sucking on Punk's tongue as he fucks her pussy.

Maria playfully slaps her tongue against his tongue before she loosens her
lips around his tongue. "Mmmmmm..." Maria moans as she moves on her side to
grind against CM Punk as he thrusts his cock into her pussy. Punk and Maria
break their kiss but keep their tongues flicking against each other's tongue.
Punk places his right hand on Maria's hip as she lifts her right leg up to
allow Punk to drive his cock even harder into her pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh..." Maria moans as she closes her eyes and blindly flicks her
tongue against CM Punk's tongue as he deeply and firmly pumps his cock into
her pussy from behind as the former lovers lay on their sides on the bed.

"Ahhh yeah babe... mmmm fuck... ohhh yeah..." CM Punk moans as he pumps his
all the way into his ex-girlfriend's hot pussy. Maria leans her head back
against CM Punk's shoulder as she pushes back on his rock hard cock as his
waist smacks firmly against her adorable, tanned ass. Punk grits his teeth as
his balls smack against Maria's smooth skin with each of his deep,
penetrating thrusts. Maria tightly grits her teeth and closes her eyes as her
pussy tightens around his shaft and she begins to cum on CM Punk's thrusting

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck.... ahhh!" Punk moans as he starts to shoot his cum
inside of Maria's hot, wet pussy. Maria licks her soft lips and slowly opens
her beautiful eyes to look at CM Punk with a sweet, innocent smile.

"Ahhhh.... fuck..." Punk moans as he licks his lips and looks at Maria, "Mmmm
that was great..."

Maria blushes a bit and nods her head " was Phil..."

"So.... are you staying up here?" Punk asks

Maria innocently shrugs her shoulders "Do you want me to?"

"Well... we are in bed already..." Punk answers.

Maria cutely laughs "I guess I could stay..."

* * *

The next morning at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, CM Punk has
checked in his bags and is heading to the gate to catch his flight to
Chicago. "Fucking baggage fees...." Punk says with a yawn. Punk decides to
make a quick stop at the Starbucks located within the airport and as he
closes in on his destination, he feels his cell phone vibrating in his jeans
pocket. Punk takes it out and answers it, "Yeah?"

"Yo Phil's Ron" The voice of SmackDown Superstar R-Truth replies on
the other line of the phone.

"Hey Ron... what's up? You still booked for that signing later in Chi-Town?"
Punk asks as he speaks into his phone.

"You bet man! Gonna tear up Chi-Town baby!" R-Truth replies with a laugh
pausing. "You at the airport already?"

"Just got here.... had a bit of a long night..." Punk replies.

"You?" R-Truth laughs "The non-partier having a late night?"

"Yeah...." Punk smirks and laughs a bit, "A hot little red-head dropped in
last night..."

"No shit?" R-Truth laughs "Man...I swear you get more ass that anyone I
know...and that's the truth man!" R-Truth says as he steals a line he uses
for his television character. "So...who was it, a fan?"

"Not exactly..." Punk laughs, "She was someone hot.... and someone everybody
has seen naked in a magazine..."

"Say what?" R-Truth asks with a laugh. "You ain't sayin' it was..."

"Well I'm saying it wasn't Candice... or Torrie... or Ashley..." Punk laughs
a bit, "Because they aren't on the road with us anymore..."

" did not bang your ex chick..." R-Truth says over the phone.

"Yes I did..." CM Punk says, "I know we're not supposed to bang our ex's
but... I'm not crazy enough to not turn down fucking Maria..."

"Man...I can't believe you nailed did you make the move or did she?"
R-Truth asks.

"She made the move... she came up to my room around midnight... and man she
was all over me... "Punk laughs.

"No shit?" R-Truth laughs "Man, white really got all the luck!"

"Hey luck is for losers..." Punk laughs.

"Shit...yeah right, man...listen you still sure its cool that I crash at your
place while I'm in Chi-Town for the signin'?"

"Yeah I'm sure...." Punk replies, "Maybe I'll hook you up with someone..."
Punk adds jokingly.

"I don't need your help man...I still got it" R-Truth replies before laughing
"For reals though...what's that Maria like? Was she good last night?"

"Oh yeah....I think she hasn't gotten any in awhile cause she was sucking my
dick better than she did when we were together..." Punk smirks

"Shit! No I gotta get some of Maria..."

"Just got to be in the right place at the right them..." Punk says.

"You really think she'd be down for a guy like me?"

"Fuck... Maria would go down for any guy when she's in the mood..."

* * *

On a flight from New York to Chicago, CM Punk is sitting in his seat in first
class flipping through a magazine. "Man... I knew I should've picked up the
other one..." Punk says as he's closes the magazine. Punk looks around and
sees that the first class section of the plane is empty except for a woman
sitting in across the cabin and one row in front of him. Punk gets up from
his seat and walks down the aisle and smile, "Hey babe....ohhh shit..." Punk
says as he stops himself mid-sentence when he sees the other person in the
first class section is SmackDown Diva Layla.

Layla lowers the magazine she was reading and presses her soft, sultry and
luscious lips together as she glances over her shoulder and smirks back at CM
Punk as he stands in the aisle, embarrassed. "Trying to hit on me, babe?"
Layla asks with a laugh her stunning British accent, dressed in a short black
skirt that shows off her smooth, stunning legs and a buttoned white top.

Punk, wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a jacket, smiles, "Well yeah
Layla... kinda... do you blame me?" Punk asks after he composes himself.

Layla rubs her soft lips together as she looks at CM Punk. "
thought I was some cheap girl that would just throw myself at you..."

"Hey I didn't say that..." Punk says as he leans against the seats of the
airplane, "But... now that you mention it..."

Layla raises an eyebrow as she sits forward on her seat. "
should by now I'm not cheap at all..." Layla says before she playfully

Punk laughs a bit, "Oh I wasn't talking about that... I'm talking about the
part about you throwing yourself at me..."

Layla unbuckles her seat belt and slowly stands up from the seat of the
airplane before she steps into the aisle. "And I bet you'd just love that,
wouldn't you baby?" Layla asks with her luscious, desirable, moist lips
pressed together.

"Now that would be a safe bet..." Punk nods his head and smiles.

Layla licks her lips and playfully smirks at CM Punk in a sly fashion as she
leans forward, to lightly presses her gorgeously curved and shaped body up
against his body. "I bet I could drive you crazy, babe..." Layla says as she
moves her hands against his t-shirt covered chest while allowed the privacy
of the vacant first class section.

CM Punk licks his lips and smirks at Layla as she moves her hands over his t-
shirt covered chest, "And I wouldn't mind finding out if you could..." Punk
says as he places his hands on Layla's waist.

Layla licks her lips and laughs slightly as she teasingly moves her hands
against CM Punk's t-shirt covered chest, lightly pulling on the material of
the shirt. "Well...what if we got caught, Phil...babe?"

"Not sure... anything could happen... but you got to take some risks..." Punk
says as he moves his hands from Layla's hips to where he can grope her
perfectly shaped ass through the material of her skirt.

Layla nods her head and smirks "My thoughts exactly babe..." Layla says as
the sultry and seductive SmackDown Diva lowers her hands down CM Punk's t-
shirt covered upper body and starts to unbuckle the belt around his jeans as
she sways her juicy, perfectly rounded as from side to side while CM Punk
feels her up.

"Mmmm.... man I'm glad first class is empty except for us...." Punk says as
Layla unbuttons and unzips his jeans in order to pull them from his waist.

Layla seductively grits her teeth as she takes CM Punk's belt and wraps the
belt around his neck before she roughly jerks head forward. "You be quiet
baby..." Layla says as she lustfully narrows her eyes as she holds the belt
around CM Punk's neck with her left hand while she pushes his jeans down with
her right hand.

"Mmmm you're pushy..." Punk smirks as his cock pops out of his jeans after
pushes them down from his waist.

Layla nods her head confidently and laughs "I know what I want baby..." Layla
says before she pushes CM Punk slightly, causing his back to hit against the
side of the seat before she sinks down onto her knees in the small aisle of
the airplane and places her right hand firmly around his shaft.

"Mmmm..." Punk moans as Layla begins to move her right hand roughly along the
length of his hardening cock as he leans against the side of row of seats.
Layla raises an eyebrow and slyly glances up at CM Punk as she moves her
right hand along his shaft before lowering her dark haired head and flicks
her tongue against his cock, immediately awakening his cock further, causing
it become fully hard in a short amount of time.

"Ahhhh..." CM Punk licks his lips as Layla flicks her tongue around the head
of his now rock hard cock while she continues to pump her right hand on his
shaft. Layla locks her incredibly beautiful and desirable eyes with CM Punk
as she drags her wet tongue up to the head of his cock and starts to smoothly
brush her wet tongue in a circular motion around the tip, firmly guiding her
right hand on his long shaft.

"Ahhhh fuck..." Punk moans as quietly as possible as Layla drags her tongue
around the tip of his cock until he's completely coated with her saliva while
she twists her right hand on his dick. Layla seductively narrows her eyes at
CM Punk before she opens her mouth and smoothly lowers her head to take the
top portion of his shaft into her mouth. Layla presses her lips gingerly
around his shaft and starts to bob her head as she lightly rocks on her
knees, cramped in the small aisle of the airplane.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah..." Punk moans as he places his right hand on Layla's head
as she sucks his cock while she kneels in the aisle of the first class
section of the airplane. Punk grits his teeth as Layla tightly squeezes the
lower portion of his cock with her right hand.

"Mmmmmm..." Layla softly and sensually moans as she bobs her head up and down
CM Punk's cock, sliding her wet tongue around his shaft as she works her lips
and tongue against his thick, long shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah babe..." Punk moans as Layla bobs her head back and forth on his
large, thick cock.

Layla's pouty lips drag against CM Punk's cock before she lifts her head and
slyly smirks up at the Straightedge Superstar. " got you all
worked up..." Layla says with a laugh.

CM Punk smirks, "Of course.... you're fucking hot..." Punk says as Layla
stands up in the small aisle of the airplane.

Layla seductively narrows her eyes and presses her moist lips together. "I'm
not too much for you? Am I Phil, baby?"

"Nope..." CM Punk says as Layla turns around to lean over the side of the
seats before Punk slides up her black skirt to reveal her black thong. Punk
pulls Layla's thong to the right so that he can guide his saliva coated cock
into Layla's hot pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...." Layla moans and lightly grits her teeth as she feels CM Punk's
cock slide easily into her warm, tight pussy before he starts to smoothly
pump his shaft into her.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Punk moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Layla's hot
pussy. He places his left hand on Layla's hip as he uses his right hand to
keep Layla's thong pulled to the right.

Layla places her hands onto the head rest of the seat as she rocks forward on
her feet while CM Punk pumps his shaft into her tight pussy with smooth ease.
"Ohhhh...mmmm Phil..." Layla softly moans.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he begins to increase the pace of
his thrusts as he pushes his cock deeper into Layla's pussy

Layla glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks back at CM Punk as she
starts to grind her gorgeous body back against CM Punk's cock. "Ohhhh yeah

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh....awww... "Punk moans as he smirks at Layla while she
herself back against his pumping shaft. Layla tosses her dark haired head
back as she sharply moves her gorgeously curved, sultry body back at a
rougher pace as CM Punk drives his shaft deeper into her pussy. Punk lets go
of Layla's thong and grabs her waist with both hands in order to jerk her
back towards himself as he slams his cock balls deep into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh....mmmm fuck baby! Ohhhh yeah Phil!" Layla lustfully moans quietly as
possible as she roughly jerks her body back against CM Punk while he firmly
pumps his cock into her.

"Ahhhhh yeah... you like that Lay?" Punk groans as he pounds Layla's hot
pussy as her ass smacks against his toned shirt covered waist.

"Ohhhhh yeah..." Layla quietly groans as she tilts her head back and starts
to grind her body in a downward motion, causing her sultry, juicy ass to
grind against his toned waist.

"Mmmmm fuck come on..." CM Punk moans as he pulls his cock out of Layla's
and he moves to sit on a seat across the small aisle from where Layla is bent
over. Layla licks her lips as she slyly looks at CM Punk. Layla steps over
toward CM Punk and places her hands onto his shoulders before she straddles
his lap and gently lowers herself onto his cock.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he unbuttons Layla's white button top as she
starts to grind herself on his cock as she completely lowers herself on it.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh you like that Phil?" Layla groans and grits her teeth as she
moves her hands against his shoulders as she sharply rocks back and forth on
his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm..." Punk moans as he finishes unbuttoning Layla's top to
expose her large juicy tits. Punk places his hands on Layla's tits and begins
to grope them as Layla rides his dick.

Layla licks her lips and narrows her eyes as she lustfully glares at CM Punk
as she sharply rocks forward on his cock. "Mmmm yeah love it!"

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah.... you can tell why I love it right?" Punk smirks as he
pumps his cock upward into Layla's hot pussy while he plays with her tits.
Layla nods her head and smirks as she rocks back and forth on his cock,
grinding her pussy smoothly on his shaft, while occasionally grind sharply.

"Mmmmm ahhhh... ahhh..." Punk moans as he leans back on the seat as Layla
rocks back and forth on his pistoning cock. Punk flicks his thumbs against
Layla's hardened nipples while she starts to bounce sharply on his now
throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh Phil!" Layla moans as she lowers herself down on his
throbbing cock as she moves her body back and forth.

"Ahhhhhh shit... mmmm fuck...." CM Punk moans as his cock starts to erupt
inside of Layla's hot wet pussy as she bounces on his shaft. Layla leans her
head forward and closes her eyes as she softly kisses CM Punk's firm lips.

"Mmmmmm...." Punk moans against Layla's lips as she grinds her pussy on his
spunk shooting cock.

Layla flicks her tongue gently against CM Punk's tongue and slides her hands
against his shirt covered chest as she lightly rocks forward. "Ohhhh Phil..."
Layla groans. Punk circles his tongue around Layla's tongue as his cock
finally starts to finish shooting cum inside of her pussy.

* * *

Close to midnight, after a long autographing signing, dinner and catching a
movie, WWE Superstars R-Truth and CM Punk are in Punk's apartment. Punk is
pulling out the sofa bed for R-Truth who is laughing a bit, "Hey man, you
don't have to go all out I would've just slept on the sofa..." R-Truth says.

Punk smirks at R-Truth, "Hey, my home, my rules... besides you'll thank me
when you don't wake up tomorrow with a sore neck..." Punk says.

"Right... right... so where do you keep the spare sheets and stuff? Cause
you're not making the bed up for me..." R-Truth says. Punk laughs a bit, "In
the closet heading towards the bathroom..."

"Gotcha..." R-Truth says as he walks out of Punk's living room.

Punk looks at the clock that reads 11:55 PM and yawns a bit, "Mmmm this was a
good day..." Punk says when there's a knock on his apartment door. Punk
raises an eyebrow and walks over to the door to look out the peephole, "Who
is it?"

"Open up Phil! NOW!" A voice snaps from out in the hallway

Punk recognizes the voice that just snapped at him and he proceeds to the
unlock the door to open it, "What is it babe?" Punk asks as his highly pissed
off ex-girlfriend Maria pushes him as soon as she sees him.

Maria pushes CM Punk once again and forces herself into his apartment,
dressed in a pair of nicely jeans and a tight, white long sleeved top, grits
her teeth and narrows her eyes into a glare. "I can't believe you Phil!"
Maria yells as she slams the door shut loudly, once completely into the

"Okay.... what did I do?" Punk asks as he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Maria shakes her head in anger "What did you do?" Maria laughs a bit "What
did you do!? I can't believe it! Just like when we were together Phil!"

"And that would be?" Punk shakes his head not as he appears to not know what
Maria is upset about.

"I got a call from someone today..." Maria says with an angered smirk.
"Yeah...ummm Melina called me and she said that she heard from John that we
supposedly hooked up last night!" Maria pauses and places her hands on her
hips "And gee...I wonder how she found out...because I sure as hell didn't
mention a thing to her or anyone else!"

"Okay... one... we're not together... and two... I didn't tell..." CM Punk
starts to say before he remembers his conversation with R-Truth earlier in
the day.

R-Truth, wearing baggy shorts and a tank top, comes back into the living room
with a pillow and a couple of sheets, "Oh hey Maria... what's up? You and
Phil gonna get crazy?" R-Truth asks. Maria eyes widen as she looks at R-Truth
and then turns her head to glare at her ex-boyfriend CM Punk.


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