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PAIRING: Trish Stratus/Val Venis


1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
Just imagine all the wrestlers in the best shape of their career, and you'll
be fine.

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4th, this story is written assuming what happens on TV is "Real", that the
wrestlers are actually the characters they portray.

5th, this story takes place during the late May/early June 2003 Monday Night

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Lights, Cameras, Stratusfaction Part 1:
Victoria Gets Her Ass Kicked By Trish Stratus
by Nero Rain (



"Trish! Trish!"

Pulling herself out of her rental car, Trish looked towards the crowd pressed
up against the gate, screaming her name. Flashing them a big smile, she
giggled as they yelled more, the fact that they got her attention spurning
them on. Hopping out completely and closing the door behind her, she quickly
popped the trunk and grabbed her suitcase, pulling it out and setting it down
on it's wheels, closing the trunk and dragging it along behind her as she made
her way over towards the fence, each step closer making the crowd get louder
and louder.

"Hey, guys!" Trish said cheerfully, smiling as things were pushed through the
fence, some as gifts, some as things to sign. Quickly singling out the gifts
and snatching them up, she thanked the people who gave them to her, before
turning her attention to the autograph seekers, her gaze shifting downwards
and looking for the smallest people first.

"Of course I can sign that, sweetie!" Trish said, smiling at the small,
shaking girl who had pushed a picture through a link in the fence. Scribbling
out a quick note and her name, Trish handed it back, giving the girl a little
hand squeeze as she did, before moving on to the next person.

"Do you have a match tonight, Trish?"

Biting her bottom lip in thought, Trish shook her head. "Not that I know of."
She answered, before smiling at the person. "But you never know what'll happen
in the WWE. I got a lot of people that need a butt whipping, so I'll take my
chance if I can get it."

"People like Victoria?"

Looking at the young fan, Trish smiled as she nodded. "People exactly like

"Do you think Victoria's really nuts?"

"I know she's really nuts." Trish said, scribbling off a few more autographs.

"Why do you think she's nuts?"

Flashing the girl a smile, Trish said, "Well, she doesn't like me, for
starters. That's a good clue."

"Do you think...?"

"Honey?" Trish said softly, bending over to look at the girl, still smiling.
"You don't want to know what I think about Victoria. Your to young to hear

Standing up and signing some pictures, Trish carried on her small talk with
the crowd, thanking them for the nice comments, ignoring the lewd ones, and
continuing on her business.


Looking down, she smiled. "One sec, sweetie. Just signing some things..."


"Honey, just a..."


Rocketing forward from the force of the blow to her back, Trish flew into the
mesh of the cage, sending fans flying from the impact. Bouncing back off the
fence, Trish grunted as she was struck again from behind, this time sending
her to her knees. Trying to spin around to get a look at her attacker, she
yelped as someone grabbed her by her long blonde locks, yanking her to her
feet and spinning her around, tossing her towards the parking lot.

Flying forward, Trish slammed against a car with a thud, bouncing off and
falling to the ground, finally getting a look at her attacker as the large,
brunette Diva towered over her.

"Hey, Trish." Victoria sneered, reaching out and grabbing Trish again.

Kicking out her feet, Trish caught Victoria below the knees, sending her feet
flying out from under her and tumbling to the ground. Quickly jumping up,
Trish pounced on the larger woman, one hand holding her down as she reared
back with her other, sending her fist flying forward and connecting with a
violent thud against Victoria's skull.

Rearing back again, Trish went to hit her again when someone grabbed her hand,
stopping her punch before yanking back violently, hauling Trish off of
Victoria and sprawling back on the ground. Jumping back up, Trish went to slug
her second attacker, but stopped short when she found Steven Richards smiling
down at her. Pulling her foot back, Trish attempted to kick him in the one
place she knew would even the odds, but was blocked easily and grabbed tight.

Spinning the feisty blonde around, Steven grabbed her arms and pinned them
behind her back, holding her wide open for Victoria, who was standing up and
smiling at Trish. Pulling her arm back, Victoria surged forward, blocking
Trish's effort to kick her and punching her in the gut, doubling her over
before Steven lifted her back up, opening her up for another shot.

Bracing herself for the next punch, and trying to guess where it would land
and what to tense up, Trish stumbled forward as she was shoved hard from
behind, trying to catch herself but Steven's weight coming in behind her
forcing her to the ground with a thud. Trying to push him off of her, she
found his weight quickly lifted from her tiny frame, reliving the pressure
and letting her jump to her feet.

Not waiting to see what had gave her the assist, Trish speared Victoria and
sent her down in a heap, letting Trish mount her. Pulling back her right hand,
Trish returned the favor to Victoria, sending shot after shot down into her
partially blocked face. Fighting off Victoria's attempts to buck her off,
Trish grabbed her hands, pinning them partially and letting her get another
shot in as Steven dropped to the ground beside her, someone locked in combat
with him.

Fighting to hold Steven to the ground, Val Venis punched down, aiming for his
face but connecting with his chest as Steven squirmed and moved, fighting to
get out from under Val as Victoria finally succeeded in loosening Trish's grip
enough to slide out the back door. Using all of his strength, Steven swiveled
his hips, knocking Val off balance just enough to knock the adult film star
off of him and let him scramble to his feet, quickly joining Victoria in a
strategic retreat, bolting from the fight and into the arena.

Popping up, Val started to give chase, but gave up after a few steps, letting
them run as he turned back towards Trish, who had rolled over onto her back
and laid down, one hand over her face as the other held her stomach. Moving
over to her, he made sure that Victoria and Steven hadn't doubled back before
standing over her, holding out his hand. Taking her hand away from her face,
Trish reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling herself to her feet with Val's
help, dusting off her jacket, looking for holes.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yea, I guess." Trish said, rolling her shoulders to work out the kinks the
attack had caused. Looking towards the fence, and the fans staring at her, she
grumbled, "Jeez, someone could have warned me..."

"I tried!"

Trying to place the voice, Trish looked around, before looking down, seeing
the young girl she had signed for first looking up at her.

"I tried to warn you, but you were signing things." The girl said, suddenly
becoming nervous as her idols full attention was on her. "I didn't want to get
you upset..."

Smiling, Trish leaned down, reaching a few fingers through the cage. "It's ok,
sweetie." She said with a grin. "Next time, just shout, "Trish, there's a
psycho behind you!", ok?" When the girl nodded, Trish smiled, standing back
up. "Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy the show." Moving with Val towards the
building, Trish grabbed her suitcase en-route, pulling it behind her. Looking
up at him, she smiled. "I don't suppose I could talk you into walking me to my
dressing room?" When he looked at her, she said, "I'd like to keep my ass
kicking total at one for the day."

Shaking his head, Val said, "No problem. It's on my way." Rolling his arms out
and working out the kinks, he said, "Besides, if they come around again, it
just gives me more practice for tonight."

"Tonight?" Trish asked, looking up at him.

Nodding, he said, "Got the call on the way here. Got a match with Steven
Richards tonight."

"You do, do you?" She asked. When he nodded, she smiled, thanking him as he
held the door open and let her into the arena first. "Well, since you had my
back, I'll have yours." She said. "I'll make sure Victoria doesn't stick her
skanky nose in your business, ok?"

Nodding, he smiled. "Sounds like a plan." Motioning towards the arena, he
asked, "So, any idea what that was all about?"

Shaking her head, Trish shrugged her shoulders. "Other than Victoria and
Steven being there normal, stupid selves, I have no idea."

Nodding, he looked her over. "You sure your ok?" When she looked at him, he
added, "You took a pretty good beating there."

Waving her hand, Trish forced a smile to her face. "I'm fine." She said,
nodding her head. Trying to stop her nodding, she found her neck unresponsive,
her whole world spinning as she staggered a few steps to her right, reaching
out for something to hold her up, finding the chain link fence as Val's hands
grabbed her around the waist, the combination of the two doing the trick.
"Wow." She mumbled, trying to shake the cobwebs clear. "That wasn't good..."

"No, it wasn't." He said, sliding one of her arms over his shoulder as he
grabbed her around the hip, holding her up as he grabbed her suitcase,
gripping it along with his as he started them moving towards the arena. "You
need to see the trainer."

"Val, I'm..."

"Going to see the trainer." Val finished.

"I'm fine." Trish said, taking her arm off of his shoulder and taking a few
steps to prove it, before grabbing the fence again as she stumbled to the
ground, thudding down on all fours.

"Yea, you look it." He joked. Reaching down, he helped her to her feet,
putting her arm back over his shoulder and helping her along. "Your going to
the trainers."

"I just need to sit down and rest." Trish argued.

"You can sit down and rest when you get to the trainers office and he's
checking you over." Val said. "Now quit arguing."

"I'll argue all I want." Trish grumbled, letting him help her along. "Just get
me to my dressing room..."

"Trish, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way." Val told her flatly.

Looking up at him and scowling, she asked, "What's the easy way?"

"You quit bitching and let me take you to the trainers office."

"And the hard way?"

"I throw you over my shoulder and drag you to the trainers office kicking and
screaming." He told her. "Also, if I do that? I'll have to leave our suitcases
behind so you don't squirm away. And don't think for a second that some fanboy
wouldn't jump the fence and steal your bra and panties and hock them on Ebay."

Still scowling, Trish let her head drop, grumbling, "Stupid fanboys."


"Easy way." She grumbled. "I need my bras and panties."

"I'm sure you do." He said, holding the side door open and letting her step
carefully into the arena before following her in, dragging there suitcases
behind as he started them moving again, heading down the hallway.

Looking up at Val, Trish grumbled, "Why can't I just go sit down?"

Sighing, he shook his head. "Do you want me to toss your stuff to the crowd,
or let them fight over it?"

"I hate you." Trish grumped. "Stupid trainer."

"Stupid trainer who is probably going to save you from hurting yourself
further." Val reminded her. "Besides, if your right, and your ok, he'll tell
you that, then you can make fun of me for being a big worry wart. Deal?"

"Deal." Trish said. "I'm still partial to having underwear too."

"I'm sure that's what swayed your decision." He said with a smile, moving her
towards the office door. "See, that didn't take long, did it?"

Looking up at him in confusion, she asked, "We haven't been in there yet, have
we? Did he clear me?"

Shaking his head, Val pushed open the door. "Oh yea, your fine."

Pushing the door open and leading Trish through, Val quickly got the attention
of the trainer, beckoning him over as he sat Trish down on the examination

"Val, Trish." The trainer said, giving Trish the quick once over and being
thankful that he didn't have a pool of blood to clean up. "What's the problem,
and who's got it?"

"Trish..." Val said, before Trish cut him off.

"Has no problems and would like to leave." She said quickly, trying to jump
off the table, but finding Val stopping her.



"Think of the fanboys."

"I hate you Val."

"Your welcome, Trish." He said with a grin as she started pouting again.
Looking at the trainer, he motioned to Trish. "She got jumped outside and now
she's having trouble walking..."

"I am not having trouble walking!" Trish argued.

"Then you explain it." He said.

"Nuh-uh." She insisted, shaking her head, before grabbing it, trying to stop
her brain from spinning. "Ohhhh..."

"That's what I'm talking about." Val said to the trainer, pointing at Trish as
she tried to get her eyes to focus again. "That stuff, she couldn't walk
right. Seems to have some memory loss."

"I do not have memory loss!"

"You thought we already came here." Val reminded her. "And you tried to

"I did..." Trish went to yell, before stopping, and getting sheepish. "Did I?"


Shaking his head, the trainer stepped forward, getting between the two
bickering wrestlers. "Alright, Trish, open your eyes wide and let me have a

"Mmmph!" Trish grumbled, quickly shutting her eyes as the trainer stepped



Rolling his eyes, the trained moved his focus down. "Open your mouth..."

Snapping her mouth shut, Trish continued to keep her eyes screwed shut.

"Trish, you're being a child."

"Nuh-uh!" Trish gritted, not opening her mouth wide enough to form words.

Looking at Val, the trainer asked, "Is there anything I can look at without
her co-operation?"

"Maybe her arm?" He asked. "She was sort of rolling her shoulder, like it was

"Trish, raise your arm..."

Quickly folding her arms over her chest, Trish continued her temper tantrum,
her eyes clamped shut and her mouth sealed tight. "Mmmph!"

"Trish, think of the fanboys..."

"I don't care!" Trish grunted. "Give them whatever you want! I'm fine!"

"Trish, you're being a moron..."

"You are!"

"Enough!" The trainer yelled, gaining both of their attention, Val's full and
Trish's half opened one eye. Turning and pointing at Val, the trainer told
him, "Shut up!" Turning and pointing at Trish, he said, "You will co-operate
with me, or else."

"Or else what?"

"Or else I'll diagnose you with tuberculosis and send you home for a month."

"What?" Trish yelled around clenched teeth. Opening her eyes to glare at him,
she said, "I swear, I'm...holy shit!"

Quickly shooting his hand out, the trainer grabbed Trish by the forehead,
pulling the palm of his hand up and holding her eyes open as she tried to
shake him off. Quickly shining his pen light into her eyes, he told her,
"Follow the light, or it's TB."

Whining, Trish tried to follow the light, the brightness making her flinch
slightly as she kept losing track of it.

Clicking off the light, the trainer let go of her head, his palm leaving a red
imprint as he stood back up. "You, by my very preliminary diagnosis, have a
concussion." He said. "If you'd like me to run the tests further, you'll have
to co-operate with me...

"Fat chance..."

"And until you do, you are not cleared to wrestle." He said. Seeing her go to
say something, he quickly added, "And that's final. Get some rest, take some
Tylenol if you get a headache." Looking up at Val, he motioned to Trish.
"Until she wants to co-operate, she can go. But I'm handing over my findings
to the GM's and stating that she is not medically cleared."

Turning and walking away before the blonde Diva could start another argument,
the trainer made himself busy as Val turned to Trish, grinning from ear to

"Your as stubborn as a mule, you know that?" He asked.

Sliding off the table, Trish gingerly took a step forward, slowly regaining
her balance as she moved towards the door. "I figured if I made myself a big
enough pain in the ass, he'd give up and let me have my way."

"Yea, like he hasn't had that happen before." Val said, holding the door open
as she pulled her suitcase through it. Moving out and along side of her again,
he said, "So, you gonna call it a night and head home?"

Shaking her head, Trish spat, "Fuck that. I'm here. I'm not putting my tail
between my legs and running just because Victoria got a few cheap shots in."
Looking at him, she grinned. "Besides. Gotta watch your back. You can't hit
Victoria, now can you?"

"Does spanking count?" He asked with a smile.

Giggling, Trish went to shake her head, but remembered her trips to the ground
it had caused in the past. "No, it doesn't." Trish said with a grin. "She'd
like it."

Looking down at her, he asked, "Would she be the only one who would?"

Biting her lip, she continued to giggle. "No comment." Before he could
continue down the line of questioning he was heading, she said, "You need
backup tonight, and I'm in. Concussion or no. I'm not sanctioned to wrestle,
but I don't need sanctioning to whip Victoria's ass." Looking up at him, she
said, "For tonight, we're a team."

"Again." He said. When she looked confused, he smiled. "You must have hit your
head pretty hard. We used to be a team...a pretty good team, once upon a time."

Her smile fading, Trish said, "Yea, we were...until I cost you the IC title and
fucked it all up..."

"Hey, that wasn't your fault." He said. "You weren't trained. You shouldn't
have been in that match to begin with."

"But I was." She said. "And I got pinned, and you lost your belt."

"I should have done more to protect you." He insisted. When she nodded, he
smiled. "Besides, we did make a great team, didn't we?"

"Yea, back when I was a manager..." She said, trailing off, before adding,
"Which was when I used to have my managers license..." Seeing him look at her,
she waved it off. "Don't worry. I'll figure out something."

Scratching his head, Val said, "I think you gotta talk to the GM if you want a
managers license."

"So that means either Stone Cold or Eric..." Trish said, before looking over at
Val, smiling, and saying in unison with him, "Stone Cold." Laughing, she
nodded. "Alright, I'll go see what I can do. When's your match?"

"I think I'm second up."

"Then I better get moving." Trish said, going to speed up, but finding Val's
hand on her shoulder. "What?"

"Whoa, slow down, missy." He said, smiling as she scowled at him. "Trainer
said rest." Seeing her go to protest, he said, "You have plenty of time before
Raw starts, so right now, your gonna go to your changing room and get some
rest." When she opened her mouth again, he quickly added, "And that's final. I
can be stubborn to."

"You can't make me." Trish challenged.

"True." He said. "But I can prevent you from coming out to ringside with me,
thus making you owe me for saving your ass today forever, and hang that over
your head for all time." Seeing her scowl return, he laughed. "So, rest?"

"I hate you."

"You've already said that."

"I mean it this time."

"And you didn't when I was threatening to give away your unmentionables?"

"I did, but more this time."

"How much hate are we talking about here?"

Scowling as he led her towards her dressing room, Trish said, "Plenty."

"I'll remember that next time you get jumped two on one." He said with a
smile. Pushing open her door, he let her go in before dragging her suitcase
and setting it inside the door. "Well, I guess I'll wait out here while you
get some rest..."

"Huh?" She asked, turning at looking at him, and realizing he hadn't followed
her in. "Why?"

Looking confused at the question, he said, "Well, I told you I'd stick around
and make sure Steven and Victoria didn't come back..."

"I know that." She said. "But why are you waiting out there?" Seeing him get
more confused, she waved him in. "Get in here. Christ, I may not be the world
champ, but I think my dressing room is big enough that you won't have to sit
in my lap." Seeing him grin, she shook her head with a smirk. "And no, that
isn't an offer. Get in here, and lock the door."

Moving into the smallish locker room, Val closed the door, locking it as Trish
moved over to the couch on the far side of the room, plunking down and letting
her head fall back and rest on the top of the couch.

"Holy crap my head hurts..." Trish groaned, rolling her head around to look at
Val as he moved over to the couch.

"Aren't you glad now I talked you into getting some rest?" He asked.

"No." She said firmly. "This is boring."

Laughing, he sat down on the couch. "You've been sitting down for all of
thirty seconds!"

"And I'm already bored." She said. Looking around to see if there was anything
to do in the room, she spotted a small TV and a VCR on a cart in the corner of
the room. Pushing herself up, and waving off Val's protests, Trish moved over
to the TV, reaching down and turning on the TV, scowling as the screen filled
with static. "See?" she said, pointing at the TV. "I'm not big enough to get
basic cable." Looking down, she grumbled, "Or even a DVD player...who has VHS
tapes anymore?"

Looking sheepish, Val said, "I got a few." When she turned and looked at him,
he said, "Most hotels only have VHS, if anything, so I bring a few."

"What ya got?"

"A few wrestling shows..." He said, trailing off and smiling. "And a rough cut
of my new movie."

"New movie?" She asked.


"I guessed that." She said. "I thought you stopped making them a while ago? I
hadn't seen anything new coming out, anyways."

"I did." He said, choosing to refrain from asking how she knew they stopped
putting new tapes out. "This is my comeback movie after getting my head
straight and getting rehired by Stone Cold." Smiling, he asked, "Wanna see it?
It's still a rough cut, but I could use the criticism..."

"No thanks." She said quickly, before smiling. "Not that I don't like a good
porn every now and then, but my head is screaming, and I don't need someone
else's screaming ringing through my head right now."

"Take a nap." He said, scooting down the couch and making room for her to lay
down. "Trust me. I've had plenty of concussions. You'll feel better,
especially if it's only a minor one like the trainer said." Seeing her go to
grumble, he patted the couch. "Come on. You need it. And I'll make sure I wake
you up in time for the show. A deals a deal."

Sighing, Trish nodded her head as she ran her fingers through her hair, moving
towards the couch. "I suppose your right." She grumbled. Sitting down on the
couch, she looked over at him, asking, "Don't suppose you have a blanket, do
you? I'm weird like that..."

Shaking his head, he reached down and pulled on the arm of his jacket. "No
blanket, but you can use this." He said, pulling off his jacket and handing it
to her. "Now get some rest."

"Deal." She said, taking his jacket and slinging it over her shoulders as she
laid down, stretching out on the makeshift bed as best she could. "Wake me up
if you go anywhere."

"Will do." He promised. "Would you mind if I watched one of my tapes while
you're asleep?" Seeing her look up at him, he grinned. "Wrestling tape. I'll
keep the sound down."

"Go for it." Trish said, closing her eyes as she let her head rest on the
couch. "And don't cop any feels while I'm out."

Laughing, he pushed himself off of the couch, moving over to the TV, tape in
hand. "Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, Trish."

"It's my general warning." Trish said. "Not that I necessarily think that you
would cop said feel, but I'm just putting that out there."

Grinning, he sat back down, pointing the remote at the TV. "I did save your
ass, you know."

"And my ass thanks you." She said. "No cops."

"How would you even know?"

"After spending the better part of three years on the road with the most
immature pack of retards, rejects and assholes this planet could ever hope to
scrape together, I have a sixth sense." She warned. "My chi will tell me. And
you will pay. I fight dirty. And hit from behind with heavy objects to the
most sensitive regions."

"Warning heeded." He said with a grin. "Even though I wasn't thinking

"Sure you weren't..."

"I promise, no cops." He assured her. "Now shut up and get some rest."

Grumbling softly, Trish curled up slightly, trying to find her sleeping
position on the couch as she forced herself to drift off, the faint sound of
flesh hitting canvas lulling her to sleep.

* * *

"Trish...Trish..." Val said, shaking Trish softly by the shoulder. "Get up...
time to rise and shine..."


Shaking his head, Val smiled as he rethought this plan. Moving his hand south,
he reached down and pressed the tip of his index finger against her rump.
Feeling her hand snap out and grab his around the wrist, he laughed. "God, you
weren't kidding, were ya?"

"I thought I said no cops?" She grumbled.

"Only way to wake you up."

"Sure it was."

"I've been trying to get your lazy ass up for ten minutes." He said. "So I
figured I'd see if you were bullshitting."

"And if I had of been?" Trish asked, slinging his coat onto the arm of the
chair as she sat up, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"I would have found some other way to wake you up." He said. "A poke in the
butt was as far as I was going."

"Sure it was." She grumbled.

Shaking his head with a chuckle, Val sat down beside her, holding out his
hands. "Take."

Looking down at his hands through hazy eyes, Trish stared at the small pills
and glass in his hand. "Tylenol?"

"I hope so." He said. "That's what the bottle says, anyways."

Looking up at him, she asked, "You hope so?"

"I know so." He said. "I opened the bottle myself. Want me to take one first?"

Shaking her head, Trish reached out and took the pills with a grumble, popping
them into her mouth and downing them with a chug. "Why didn't you give me
these before I passed out?"

"Didn't have them." He said.

Looking at him, she asked, "Did you go get some? I thought I asked you to wake
me up if you went anywhere...I did, didn't I?"

"You did." He confirmed. "And I didn't. I had a gopher go get them for me."
Smiling, he said, "I told you I wasn't gonna bail on you."

Looking at him, she smiled. "Thanks." She said softly. When he smiled back,
she stretched her arms out, working out the kinks the nap had caused. "So, how
long was I out?"

"Few hours."

Grumbling softly, she pushed herself up off the couch gently, making sure her
head wasn't going to spin out of control and send her to the floor. "Then we
better get this show on the road." She insisted. "Find Steve's office, and see
if I can't get my license back."

"How does your head feel?" He asked, moving to get up with her.

"Better." She said, looking over her shoulder and giving him a grin. "It's
been downgraded from elephants running loose in a symbol factory to a dull

Nodding, he gave her a quick look over from the backside as she turned away.
"How about the rest of you?"

Moving towards the door slowly, Trish kicked out her legs, stretching them as
well. "Sore." She admitted. "But not fatal."

Moving out of the locker room and into the hallway, Val quickly caught
up with her, watching as she looked around at the doors, trying to find any
sign of GM Austin's office. "So..." He started, trying to strike up a
conversation. "If you don't mind me asking, why don't you have you managers
license anymore?"

"I let it run out."

Nodding, he waited for her to explain why she had let it run out, before
realizing she was more focused on her search than answering him. "Why?"

Still looking around, she asked, "Why what?"

"Why did you let it run out?"

"Oh!" She said. "Didn't figure I needed it. Moved on from managing, so I let
it run out." Grumbling, she added, "It wasn't even an issue until asshole Eric
showed up and started enforcing the rules about who is allowed at ringside,
unless you're his lap dog."

"Unless you're his lap dog?" Val asked, slightly hurt.

Realizing what she had said, Trish turned and looked at him. "Oh, geez, Val."
She said softly. "I didn't mean it like that..."

"It's alright." He said. "I was out of work. Needed the money."

Chuckling softly, Trish smiled at him. "That sounds like a reason for getting
into your other line of work..."

Laughing, he nodded. "Yea, I hear that one a lot."

"I'm sure you do." She said. Clapping her hands together, she pointed down the
hallway. "To Steve, and hopefully, a managers license." Looking at Val, she
asked, "You coming?"

Nodding, he kept up with her purposeful strides, moving down the long
corridors of the arena. "I said I'd watch your back." He said. "And with you
having a concussion..."


"...You need someone watching your back even more than ever." He finished.

"I suppose." Trish grumbled, moving towards the door marked "Stone Cold". As
she approached the office, a large man wearing a security uniform emerged from
the stacks of beer cases surrounding the door, moving towards Trish, hand on
his gun.

"State your name." He said flatly.

Eyeing the large man, Trish said, "Trish." Seeing him not budge, she sighed.
"Trish Stratus...ex women's champion, diva of the decade? Any of this ringing
any bells?" Looking at him, she asked, "Are you seriously guarding beer?"

"Affirmative." He told her. "I have orders to shoot looters on sight."


"State your reason for being in this area."

Getting fed up, Trish snapped, "To talk to the GM. So step aside, Wiggum."

Pushing her way past the guard and weaving her way through the stacks of
beer cases, she made sure not to tip any of them over as she approached the

"I'll stay out here and keep watch." Val said. "Let you do your thing."

Looking back at him and smirking, she asked, "My thing? What exactly do you
think I'm gonna do to try and get this done?" When he smiled and shrugged, she
shook her head. "Mind out of the gutter, Val. I'm just gonna ask." When he
nodded and turned his back to her, keeping a watch out for Victoria or Steven,
Trish turned back and knocked on the door, waiting for Steve's customary sign
to enter.

"Bring beer or fuck off!"

Grabbing a case from one of the many stacks and slinging it over her shoulder,
Trish grunted under the weight as reached out with her free hand and opened
the door, popping it open before pushing it the rest of the way with her foot,
being very careful not to disrupt the stacks on her way in and making damn
sure not to drop the one on her shoulder, knowing that was a surefire way to
get shot down. Reaching behind her and grabbing a six-pack from the tub of ice
just outside the door, she gingerly moved her way into the room, kicking the
door closed as she moved towards his desk.

Looking up from his paper work and finding Trish walking towards him with
beer, Steve's face lit up. "Trish! How the hell are ya?"

"Good." She grunted, staggering towards the desk.

Quickly jumping up, he moved around the desk, taking the two four off of her
shoulder. "Jeez, Trish, you shouldn't have did that..."

Smiling, she shrugged, handing him the six-pack. "You said bring beer or fuck
off, and I didn't want to fuck off. Have to talk about something."

Setting the two four down on his desk and transferring the contents to the ice
tub on the floor beside it, he grabbed a can from the six-pack, ripping it off
and handing it to her. Knowing better than to refuse, Trish took the can and
cracked it open, taking a drink as he pulled one off for himself.

"What you need darling?" He asked, moving around to sit at his desk, kicking
back and propping his feet up.

"I need a managers license." She said. "I kinda let mine expire and I need one
again. Is it hard to get?"

"Can do." He said, grabbing a pen up off of his desk and taking down the note.
"Shouldn't be to hard. When you need it by?"

"The second match."

"No can do." He said. Looking up at her, he asked, "Why do you need one that

"Val's got a match..."

"His first match back." Steve said with a smile. "Hated Morely, but Val's

"And I wanted to go out with him." She said. "But Eric's made it plain to me
that I'm not allowed to go out without a managers license. So, hence, I need

Sighing, Steve set his beer down on the desk, something Trish knew wasn't a
good sign. "Trish, you know I love ya, and I'd love to help, but I can't get
it done that quick." He said. "Getting something that quick would constitute
an emergency, and, if it were up to me, I'd do it in a snap." Snapping his
fingers to illustrate the point, he yelled, "Bam!" Startling Trish, as her
mind raced with the hundreds of images she had seen of people getting Stunned
shortly after that proclamation. "But I can't do emergency things on my own.
I'd need Eric's ok to do it."

"Fuck." Trish spat, taking another drink of her beer. "I was hoping to get
this done without having to interact with that grease ball in any way, shape
or form."

Nodding, Steve snatched up his beer off the desk. "Yea, I hear you loud and
clear on that one."

Taking another swig, Trish asked, "So whose stupid idea was it to make it so
you have to hand hold with Bischoff to get anything done?" Waving her free
hand around, she added, "It's holding you back! You get shit done!"

"Linda McMahon." Steve said. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm glad she gave me
this job and all, but not being allowed to make snap decisions is really
pissing me off." When she nodded, he said, "I can see why she did it. To keep
Eric in line, but it's really handcuffing me." Pointing at her as she took
another drink, he said, "Like now. I'd give you your license back in a
heartbeat if I could. There's no harm in it. But now, I gotta get the proper
paper work, and blah, blah, blah!"

"Yea, that's a bitch." She grumbled, taking the last drink of her beer.
Setting the can down, she asked, "I don't suppose getting you to ask Eric
would help matters, would it?"

"No." Steve said, finishing off his beer and reaching for another. "He's
proven very resistant to my brand of persuasion."

Nodding, Trish pointed to the six-pack on his desk. "Mind if I snag a few for
the road? Dealing with Eric, I might need them..."

Looking at Trish with a mixture of awe, pride and arousal, Steve smiled. "I
think I love you, Trish." When she laughed, he nodded. "Go ahead, snag a few.
I probably got enough for the night."

Quickly ripping off a pair of cans before he could change his mind, she said,
"And if not, lemme know and I'll track down one of those beer vendors and make
it up to ya."

"Sounds like a plan, darling." He said. "Go talk to asshole, and lemme know
what he says, one way or the other. If he shoots you down, I'll get started on
the paperwork right away."

"Thanks a million, Steve." She said, moving towards the door and swinging it
open. Looking back at him, she asked, "Any idea where he is?"

"Across the hallway." Steve said, pointing out the door.

Looking around the stacks of beer cases, Trish spotted Eric's office. Looking
back at Steve, she asked, "Isn't that a little close for you two to be to each

"Linda figures it builds bonding." Steve spat. "More like it builds beatings.
Get half my exercise during the day chasing that little son of a bitch down
the hallway for no reason just to scare the crap outta him!"

Laughing along with Steve, Trish held up the beer as she moved to the door.
"Thanks for you help, and big thanks for the beer."

"Anytime, darling."

Moving out of his office and past the stacks of beer, she moved towards Val,
tossing him a beer when he turned to look at her.

"Get it?" He asked, cracking it open.

"Not yet." She said, handing him her beer. "Hold this. Gotta talk to Eric..."

Looking down at the beer, he asked, "Are you sure you don't want this...and
mine? Dealing with Eric..."

"Is something you want to do sober or your gonna regret it for the rest of
your life." She said. "Might even catch a VD to remind you of how stupid you
were. So hold on to it, I'll only be a minute. If I'm longer than that...well,
he's probably yelling at me, cuz I don't think he'd last a minute, but still,
bail me out, ok?"

"Will do."

Moving across the hall, Trish took a deep breath, preparing herself for the
sheer onslaught of sleaziness she was sure to encounter on the other side of
the door. Knocking on the door, she sighed as Eric answered, honestly hoping
he wouldn't be there and Steve could work something out with Linda.

Pushing into the office, Trish tried not to snarl at Eric as he leered at her
as she entered the room.

"Close the door, Trish." He said with a smug smile. Sighing, she kicked it
closed with her foot, crossing her arms over her chest and taking away the
objects he had been staring at since she came into the room. Looking up at her
face for the first time, he said, "And what do I owe the honor of your

"I want my managers license back." Trish said. "Steve said I had to come see
you, because you two need to agree on it for me to get it back."

Shaking his head, Eric said, "As much as I'd love to hold that over you
head...among other things, I can't. He can give it back to you."

"I need it tonight." She said. Looking at her watch, without taking her arms
off her chest, she said, "In about ten minutes, actually."

"Ten minutes?" Eric asked, exploding into laughter. "Why do you need it so

"Val has a match..."

"Morley has a match."

"Val has a match." Trish said firmly. "And I wanted to go out to ringside with
him. But you've made it abundantly clear to me that I'm not allowed near
ringside without my managers license..."

"And you're just thinking of this now?" He asked, trying to find something
else to leer at since she refused to remove her arms from her chest.

"I didn't need it until now." She said.

Smiling, he started walking around her, something else peeking his interest
until she turned back to face him. "And what do I get out of it?"

"You get to have me at ringside."

"I don't see that as being any good to me." He said, looking up at her.
Smiling at her, he said, "I'd be more inclined to help you if it was something
that interested me. You know, give a little, get a little."

"Very little, from what I hear." Trish said. "No dice."

"Well then, I think your business here is done." He said, moving back over to
his desk. "Don't let the door hit you on your wonderful ass on the way out."

"If you won't let me manage Val, give me a match with Victoria." Trish

"You know, I'd love to help you with that..." He said, reaching out and picking
up a piece of paper off of his desk. "But the trainer says your not cleared to
wrestle. And I'm not willing to stick my neck out on the line and sanction the
match if you get your skull kicked in because your in no shape to fight."

"Then make it a non-sanctioned match!" She argued.

"Why should I?" He asked, standing up and glaring at her. "What have you done
for me lately?" Smiling, he said, "You couldn't even own up to your end of the
bargain when I beat you a few weeks ago..."

"And I never would!" She spat. "I wouldn't fuck you in a million years!"

"Then no match." He said. "You ever decide to hold up your end of the deal,
then maybe, maybe I'll be more inclined to help you in the future."

Shaking her head, Trish glared at him. "So I can't go to ringside, and you
won't give me a match. What the hell am I supposed to do?"

Looking her up and down, he smiled. "I can think of a few things..."

"Not in a million years." She growled. Staring at him, she said, "What did I
tell you about bringing me to Raw and not having me do anything? I have better
shit to do than stand around and get leered at."

"Oh?" He asked. "You'd rather stay at home? Because that, I can arrange..."

"And Steve would rehire me in a heartbeat." Trish said, smiling as he scowled.

Shaking with rage, he sat down in his seat. "You'll never get your license
back before Morley's match." Eric stated. "Now piss off. I have better things
to do than deal with you."

Smiling at the small victory she managed to get, Trish pushed out of his
office, slamming the door shut behind her. Seeing she caught Val's attention,
Trish moved towards him, pushing her hair out of her face and snatching her
beer from him, cracking it open and guzzling it down in one, long drink.

"God, I feel filthy just talking to him." Trish snarled. Looking at Val, she
shook her head. "No can do. He wouldn't give me my license back."

Nodding, Val took a drink. "Why not?"

Shaking her head, she grumbled, "Mainly because I wouldn't sleep with him
after he kicked my ass."

Nodding, Val started to say, "Well, maybe if you gave him a little..." Before
he realized Trish was glaring at him.

"You don't want to finish that thought." She said in a cold, even voice.

Nodding, he quickly said, "Of course not. Just a moment of insanity."
When she took some of the bite out of her stare, he asked, "So, what's the
plan now?" Looking at his watch, he said, "I gotta go get, now."

"I know." She said. Tossing the empty can aside, she ran her fingers
through her hair. "I don't know. I'll think of something. You go get ready,
and I'll meet you out there, ok?"

Nodding, Val turned and quickly moved down the hallway, rushing to make
up for lost time. Turning towards Steve's office, Trish walked across the
hallway, hoping to put the slimy feeling behind her as she moved to his door,
knocking on it before peeking her head in. "Steve?"

Looking up from around a beer, Steve motioned for her to come in. "How'd
it go?"

Moving into his office, she said, "Not good. Wouldn't give it to me,
wouldn't give me a match."

Reaching down and grabbing a piece of paper off his desk, he held it up.
"Yea, I can see why he wouldn't give you a match." Seeing the look in her
eyes, he said, "Trish, I'd love to help, but I can't. We're booked solid
tonight as is."

Nodding in understanding, Trish sighed. "I know."

Looking at Trish, Steve pointed to her hand, asking, "Did you drink both of
those beer already?"

Not wanting to admit she had given one away, she nodded. "Yup."

Smiling, he looked back up at her face. "Trish, you're a woman after my own

Grinning, she said, "I'm Canadian. It's the law that we know how to drink."

"I guess so!" He said.

Hearing Steven Richards music pumping from the arena, Trish snarled. "I know
Victoria doesn't have a managers license..."

Nodding, Steve admitted, "I don't think she has one either." Looking at Trish,
he asked, "Did you want me to go out there and get rid of her?"

Shaking her head, Trish waved her hands. "I'm not gonna stoop to there level.
But if you could get that paper work started..."

"Already on it." He promised her. "I'll have it for next week for sure."

"Thanks Steve." She said, giving him a wave. "Gotta go watch Val's

"They have TV's in the gorilla position." He told her. "I know it's not
ringside, but you can keep an eye on Victoria from there if you want."

Smiling, she nodded. "That sounds like a plan. Thanks a million Steve, I owe

Pushing out of his office and into the main hallway, Trish sprinted towards
the gorilla position, hearing Steven's music end. Looking down at the TVs, she
smiled as she gave the crew a wave, moving into position to see the action.
Turning her focus to the camera trained on JR and the King, she quickly
noticed something. Pointing at the screen, she asked one of the crew, "Do any
of you know if the third announce position is set up?"

Looking down at the massive bank of lights and buttons in front of him, the
crew guy told her, "It is. Why?"

"Thanks, great!" Trish said, smiling as she moved towards the entrance way.
"Cue up my music!"


"Thanks! Owe you one!"

Sighing as the blonde Diva pushed through the first set of curtains, the crew
guy punched a few buttons, cueing up the requested song and Titantron video.

* * *

Hehehehe, whoa! It's time to rock and roll!

Turning towards the entranceway, JR watched as Trish emerged from the
curtains, pointing to the crowd as they cheered. Looking back at the King, he
asked, "King, are you ready for a little Stratusfaction?"

Bouncing up and down in his seat like a child waiting to open his first
Christmas present of the year, King's face beamed in a smile. "Am I ready for
some Stratusfaction? Oh yes!" Realizing Trish was heading towards there
broadcast position, and not the ring like he had thought, he excitement picked
up. "She's coming this way! Come here, Trish! Come on over here!"

Standing up, JR spun around, holding out his hand as Trish came down the
stairs. When she took it, he gave her a quick shake. "Please have a seat, good
to see ya Trish." He said politely.

Holding out his own hand, King took Trish's when she offered it to him,
pulling it up and kissing it. "Great to see ya Trish." He said, letting her
take her seat before sitting down next to her. Reaching under the desk, he
quickly fished out a magazine, holding it up. "I was just seeing a little bit
of you right here."

Trying to ignore the King as she glared down at Victoria, Trish gave him a
courtesy glance, eyeing the magazine he was holding. ~What the hell is he
doing with that...~

"Did you know you're on the cover of this Flair magazine?" The King asked

~No, moron, I forgot.~ Trish thought, before telling him, "Well yes I did."

Smiling from ear to ear at the small measure of attention she was giving him,
he added, "And on the inside is even better. Woo hoo!"

Rolling her eyes, Trish giggled at his simple, single-minded nature. "Glad you
enjoyed it."

Realizing Trish could use a break from the Kings pestering, JR asked her, "How
are you feeling, Trish? You look great."

Smiling at his compliment, a rarity compared to the never-ending stream coming
from the King, she said, "Thank you." Turning he attention to JR, she said,
"You know what, I'm feeling a lot better. Could have done without getting
jumped in the parking lot by Steven and Victoria, but other than that, good as
new." Glaring at Victoria, as Victoria glared up at her, Trish said, "I got a
hell of a bump to the head, but you know something? If she wants to mess up my
face, I'll mess up her face to. I'm not afraid of that." Continuing to eye
down Victoria, she added, "I just want to remind her I'm here, is all."

Hello, ladies!

Turning towards the entranceway, Trish stood up and clapped as Val swaggered
out of the curtains. Waving her hands, Trish smiled as he spotted her, giving
her a wink as he continued down the ramp.

"And I'm here to watch Val's back." Trish said, smiling at JR. "We used to be
a team, remember?"

"Of course." JR nodded. "Quite the successful one, if memory serves me."

"If you don't mind me asking, Trish..." King said, before quickly adding, "And
not that I'm complaining, but if your watching Val's back, why are you up here
and not down at ringside?"

"Because I'm not allowed at ringside." Trish said. "I tried to get my
manager's license back, but Eric wasn't in a giving mood tonight, so I had to
make due." Looking down at JR, she smiled. "You don't mind the company, do

"Of course not." JR said.

"I never thought I'd say this, but thank you Eric!" King said.

Turning his focus back to the ring, JR said, "Well, this is our first time
seeing Val Venis back on Raw, formerly Chief Morley. He was fired by Eric
Bischoff, but Val Venis was reinstated by Stone Cold Steve Austin. And this is
the first time, and the ladies are liking it, to see Val Venis back on Raw."

Watching as Val took the microphone from Lillian, The King turned towards
Trish, saying, "I wasn't a big fan of Chief Morley, but Val Venis is one of my
favorites. He's kinda my hero!"

~Figures.~ Trish thought.

"What do you think of Val Venis, Trish?"

Holding the microphone up, Val looked out at the crowd. "Hello, ladies!"

Smirking, Trish said, "Well, he's a hell of an athlete, in and out of the

Turning towards Steven and Victoria, Val said, "Steven and Victoria, the
rumors are all true! The Big Valbowski is starting his very own adult film
company!" Looking at Victoria, he smiled as he looked her up and down. "And
Victoria, I'd like to offer you the very first position, and believe me, you
will love this position, as a triple x platinum chick."

Looking confused, Victoria asked, "Me?"

"Yes, you." Val said, smiling at her. "Staring in my companies first big
feature entitled, Victoria's..." He said, holding his hand up, before putting it
up higher, "Dirty little..." Moving his hand down, he finished, "Secret."

"That sounds like a good one!" King said enthusiastically.

As Val waited for her response, Steven lunged forward, slamming into Val and
knocking him to his knees."

"Steven Richards, the other half of the Victoria/Richards combination, didn't
like that business opportunity." JR said. "There's a neck breaker taking down
Val Venis."

"Trish, did you hear that?" The King said quickly. "Val Venis is starting up
his own video company." Getting nervous, the King turned to face her,
hopefully asking, "You wouldn't consider being in one of those videos would

Keeping her eyes on Victoria as she scooted around the ring, Trish was only
vaguely aware of what the King was rambling on about. "Well, I would consider
it if he doesn't mind changing the title to "Victoria gets her ass kicked by
Trish Stratus."."

"Whoa!" King yelled, images quickly running through his head.

"Hard shot from behind by Steven Richards." JR said, trying to steer the
commentary back on course.

"Check this out, Trish, I got a computer here! At the announce table, you like
that?" The King said, quickly taking it back off course. Gaining a few pity
giggles from Trish, King pushed on. "Look, I'm checking out WWE.Com!"

Still not giving him half as much attention as she needed to give him to make
sense of what he was rambling about, she asked, "Checking your emails out?"

Shaking his head, King moved the screen to face her, showing her what he was
doing. "No, no,! You can vote right now if Goldberg is gonna spear

Looking at the screen for a moment to humor him, and hopefully stop his
rambles, she rolled her eyes, deadpanning, "Fascinating."

Looking at her, he smiled. "Would you like to touch my mouse?"

Giggling in an effort to avoid answering his question, she thought, ~Not in a
million years, you wrinkle covered pervert.~ Seeing he wasn't accepting her
giggle this time, she said, "Behave."

"JR doesn't know much about computers." King said. "He's just a speed bump on
the information superhighway."

Seeing the restrain beginning to wear thin on Trish's face, JR quickly jumped
in. "Well Trish, I'll tell ya, it's great to see you back, I'm happy your
feeling better, and I know, somewhere down the line, your going to have an
opportunity to settle the score with Victoria."

Giving JR a look that said "THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, I OWE YOU MY LIFE!", Trish
smiled, telling him, "Well, I hope to do that at one point. And since Steven
Richards always seems to stick his nose in our business, as well. That's
alright, I don't mind that."

Quickly realizing he was getting left out of the conversation with the blonde
goddess, King jumped in, asking, "What don't think you can
handle Steven Richards?"

Looking at him, she shrugged her shoulders. "I'm telling you, if you would
recall a moment at Wrestlemaina, he got a little Stratusfaction. I'm sure he
remembers that moment."

"Back and forth match here tonight." JR said. "Two very evenly matched

Deciding to humor the King, Trish smiled. "Val will pull it out. Val always
pulls it out, right King?"

Looking at her in awe, the King nodded. "Always!" Trying to find anything to
keep the conversation going, King grasped at straws. "What about...your hair
looks so nice, what about Victoria's hair? At least it matches her face,
they're both ugly."

Giggling, Trish nodded. "Very observant King."

Hearing yelling coming from the ring, all three turned towards it, watching as
Val climbed to the top ropes, calling out his move.

Looking at Trish, the King started bouncing up and down in his seat again. "Oh
wait, you know what this means Trish?"

Nodding, she smiled. "I do."

"What?" King asked, grinning from ear to ear. "Come on, say it!"

Rolling her eyes, Trish said, "The money shot. It's time for the money shot!"


Watching as Val launched himself off the top rope, Trish crossed her fingers
until he landed with a thud on top of Steven, knocking the air out of him.
Seeing Val hook his leg, Trish nodded with the refs hand, counting the three
count with him before bouncing up, smiling from ear to ear.

"See?" Trish said, smiling. "Val always pulls out..." She said, before looking
down at the King. "I mean, pulls IT out, of course." As King's mind tried to
process what she had said, Trish turned her attention to the ring, making sure
Victoria didn't stick her nose in where it didn't belong as Val rolled out of
the ring, the ref sliding out behind him and catching up with him at the
bottom of the ramp, raising his hand. Looking at JR, Trish stuck out her hand
with a smile. "Thanks for having me, guys, but my work here is done."

Reaching out and shaking her hand, JR nodded. "Trish, it's great to see ya,
and thanks for joining us."

Not bothering to give the King a chance to try his outdated moves again, Trish
took off her head set and moved away from the announce booth, ignoring the
Kings calls to stay on commentary for the rest of the night, bounding up the
stairs and catching up to Val as he made it to the top of the ramp. Walking
over to him, she grabbed him around the wrist, gaining his attention as she
lifted his hand into the air, smiling smugly at Victoria, pointing down at her
with her free hand.

Letting his arm drop, Trish flashed Val a smile as she started walking
backwards, moving towards the curtains before spinning around, not wanting to
walk into anything. Pushing through, she held them open for Val, letting him
through before letting them drop, moving with him back towards the gorilla

"Great match, Val." She said. "Looked good. Looked sharp."

"Felt rusty." He said with a grin. "But hopefully that wears off pretty
quick." Looking towards the tech guy, Val asked, "Got it?"

Nodding, the tech guy reached under his board, punching a button and ejecting
a tape from a VCR, sliding it out and handing it to Val. "Had to start it a
little early to get everything..."

"No problem." He said. "Thanks."

Looking at the tape, Trish smirked. "What is that?"

Looking down at the tape, Val laughed as he shook his head. "Probably not what
your thinking." He said. When she laughed, he said, "It's just a copy of the
match. Gonna watch it and see what I can work on. Never hurts to get any
advantage you can, right?"

"Nope." She said, shaking her head. "I'll have to start doing that."

Nodding, he let the tape drop to his side, looking at her. "So, you heading

Shrugging, she told him, "Probably. I was thinking about waiting around and
seeing if maybe Eric would have a change of heart..."

"But for that to happen, he'd have to have a heart in the first place." Val

Laughing, Trish said, "Exactly. So I think I'll just go back to the hotel and
get something to eat before I flake out for the night."

"Sounds like a plan." Val said with a nod. "I was gonna go get changed then go
back to the hotel and watch this." He said, holding up the tape. "Might get
something to eat after that..." Trailing off as an idea came to him, he looked
at Trish, asking, "Umm...stop me if I'm crossing any lines here, since I know I
haven't been your favorite person in the world the last few months, what with
me working for Eric and whatnot, but, maybe, if you don't have any other
plans, we could go get something to eat together?" Seeing her look at him, he
smiled. "Not like that. Just to catch up. Been a while since we hung out."

Thinking over her options, Trish mulled over his offer, before smiling and
nodding. "Sounds good." She said. "Walk me to my dressing room to get my

"If you'll walk me to mine to get changed." He said, grinning. "I don't think
they'll let us into many places with me dressed like this."

Quickly matching him stride for stride, Trish grinned. "Never know. The banana
hammock look might be making a comeback."

"I seriously doubt that." He said with a laugh.

Looking up at him, Trish gave him a playful wink. "I dunno." She said. "It
works for me."

"Alright." He said, clapping his hands with a smile. "Your locker room, then
supper. Can skip mine altogether now."

Laughing, Trish moved the final few steps towards her locker room, pushing her
way inside, giving the room a good look before she set foot in and grabbed her
suitcase, quickly backpedaling incase Victoria had any tricks up her sleeve.
Moving back out into the hallway, she looked at Val. "Your room far?"

Shaking his head, Val pointed to a door just in sight down the hall. "That

Smiling, she motioned for him to get moving, dragging her suitcase towards his
locker room. "Lets get you there and get changed and get some supper. I'm

"Growing girls gotta eat." He joked.

"I think I eat just fine." She said. Looking up at him, she grinned. "Don't I
look fine?"

Looking at her, and making sure to keep his eyes confined to her face, he
grinned. "I'm going to plead the fifth. Besides, I'm sure enough people answer
that question, whether you want them to or not."

"Yea." She said, noting his skillful dodge and evade. Moving to the door he
pointed to, she motioned for him to get in. "Go, change, need food."

Nodding, Val quickly ducked into his locker room, reaching for the door lock,
but stopping, smiling as he pulled his hand away. "If she wants to come in,
she's more than welcome." He said with a smile, quickly pealing off his
wrestling trunks and untying his boots, kicking them off as he grabbed his
street clothes, pulling them on and stuffing his feet into his shoes, chucking
his wrestling gear into one of his bags and zipping it up quickly. Moving to
the door, he opened it, sending Trish stumbling backwards into the locker

Reaching his hands out, he caught her quickly, almost tumbling to the floor as
he lifted her up. "What the hell?"

"You're done?" She asked, surprised by his speed and her entrance into his
room. When he nodded, she asked, "Didn't shower?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "Gonna take one in the safety of my hotel

"Ah." She said, nodding. "Good plan."

Lifting her to her feet, and retrieving his suitcases, he nodded. "I try."

Quickly getting her bearings, Trish grabbed her suitcase and moved towards the
exit, keeping her eyes pealed for any sight of Victoria or Steven. "So, what
did you have in mind?" She asked. "I'm not up for anything to fancy."

"Where are you staying?"


"Same." Val said, nodding. "Maybe the restaurant there? We could go back and
get unpacked, I could grab a shower and swing by your room and pick you up?"

Looking at him, she grinned, moving out the heavy metal door to the parking
lot as he held it open for her. "Swing by my room?" She asked, grinning.

"Or we could meet in the lobby." He offered. "Up to you."

"Meh." She said, shrugging. "I was just teasing. I'm in room three-five-five."

"Three-five-five." He repeated, committing the number to memory. Looking
towards her tiny rental car, then towards his stretch limo, he asked, "You
want a lift back to the hotel?"

Looking at him, confused, she asked, "Why? I got my car..."

"And I have a limo." He pointed out. "Could ride in style..."

Smiling, she shook her head. "As great as that sounds, as I'm not usually
opposed to a little luxury, I have to take my rental back."

"Well, I'll send my limo out to the rental place to pick you up." He offered.
"Save you the cab fare back to the hotel."

"Now that sounds like a good idea." She said with a big grin. "Limos rule."

"They do." He said, walking her to her car. "So, I'll swing by once I'm done
getting cleaned up. hour?"

Whining softly, Trish looked at him with big, doe eyes. "An hour?" She asked
softly, her stomach protesting the time frame. "Half an hour maybe?"

Thinking it over, he nodded. "Yea, I can do that. See you then."

Moving over and giving him a hug, she smiled. "See you then. Half an hour.
Don't be late."

Watching as she moved to her rental, opening the door and sliding in, he shook
his head. "I'll be there." As she slammed the door closed, he waited for the
locks to kick in before turning around and moving towards his limo, his mind
pleased with the results of the night. "Won the match, got back on Trish's
good side, and getting to have dinner with a beautiful, intelligent woman." He
said to himself, letting his driver open the door to his limo and sliding in,
scooting to the middle of the seat as he closed the door. Smiling, he nodded.
"That's a good night." He told himself, leaning back in his chair, starting to
unwind and prepare for the quick turnaround he'd have to do to be at Trish's
door on time.

* * *

Rubbing a towel over his head, Val moved out of the bathroom, his tooth brush
jammed into his mouth as he turned towards his TV, getting a read on the time
as he hit the play button on the VCR. Tossing the towel aside, he realized he
had to hurry, Trish's imposed deadline coming fast, and he was still naked and
had a mouth full of peppermint toothpaste. Hitting the fast forward button on
the remote, he moved the tape closer to the start of his match, pressing play
and tossing the remote aside as he grabbed his toothbrush, rubbing it against
his teeth.

"Steven Richards, the other half of the Victoria/Richards combination, didn't
like that business opportunity." JR said. "There's a neck breaker taking down
Val Venis."

Half paying attention to his match on the TV, Val reached out and grabbed a
pair of boxed shorts, pulling them on quickly, his hearing turned to the
match, his sight tuned to his clothes.

"Trish, did you hear that?" The King said quickly. "Val Venis is starting up
his own video company...You wouldn't consider being in one of those videos would

"In your dreams, King..." Val mumbled, slurping up the toothpaste as it tried to
escape his mouth. "And mine."

"Well, I would consider it if he doesn't mind changing the title to "Victoria
gets her ass kicked by Trish Stratus."."

Turning towards the TV, Val watched in bewilderment, convinced he hadn't heard
what he thought he heard. Grabbing the remote off the bed, he rewound it a few
seconds, hitting play and turning his attention to the screen. Seeing Trish
come on the picture, he listened intently.

"Well, I would consider it if he doesn't mind changing the title to "Victoria
gets her ass kicked by Trish Stratus."." She said again.

"Fuck no." He said, shaking his head, sending green paste running down his
chest. "Gotta be dreaming." Hitting rewind again, he backed it up, hitting
play and waiting for the part, really intent on hearing what she said, wanting
to put his mind to rest before he took her to supper.

"Well, I would consider it if he doesn't mind changing the title to "Victoria
gets her ass kicked by Trish Stratus."."

His jaw going slack, Val drooled more, his chest quickly becoming a green mess
as he stared blankly at the screen. "Ith see sethious?" He mumbled, his tongue
pushing green onto him. Quickly realizing what the sticky, wet feeling on his
chest was, he spat out his toothbrush, turning back to the TV. "She can't be
serious." He said, shaking his head and moving towards his pants. "She's
probably just fucking with King. She knows he's an old pervert. Yea, that's
it." Picking up his pants, he pulled them on, moving slower. "Is she?" He
asked himself. "I mean, she was kinda flirting today..." Sighing, he shook his
head. "She was joking." He assured himself.

Moving into the bathroom and cleaning up the toothpaste quickly, he moved into
the room, grabbing his shirt off of the chair, quickly pulling it over his
shoulders. "But..." He mused, his mind refusing to give up on the subject. "What
if she wasn't?" Thinking the prospect over, he said, "I mean, if she was
joking, she'll just laugh it off...but if she wasn't, and I don't ask about it..."

Shaking his head, he buttoned up the front of his shirt, moving over to the
door and pushing his shoes on, grabbing his wallet and keys off the stand by
the door. "Make a choice, stupid." He told himself, opening the door and
moving out into the hallway, closing his door behind him and starting towards
the elevator, his mind racing with the possibilities as he went to get his
company for his meal.

* * *

"I like this place." Looking around the restaurant, Trish took it in again. "I
don't feel like a slob for wearing this."

"Wearing what?" He asked, smiling at her. "You look great."

Looking at him, she grinned. "I look alright." She said. "I wouldn't go to

"I did." He said firmly. Seeing their meals arrive, he gave the server a
polite thank you, picking up his fork.

Smiling, she shrugged. "Your opinion." She said. When he nodded, she asked,
"So, have any big plans for the downtime? Making any movies?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "I had a few offers, but nothing that
interested me. Trying to focus on wrestling right now. The other thing comes
easy to me. Wrestling, gotta work at a bit."

"Yea, wrestling is a bit tougher know what." She said with a grin.

"All depends." He said, grinning. "If the other person doesn't know what there
doing, it can be pretty rough."

Laughing, she nodded. "I suppose." Smiling, she said, "For me though, usually
been rougher wrestling."

Nodding, he turned his attention to his drink, trying to guide the
conversation towards where he wanted it to be to get the information he
needed. "I guess Jeff's pretty skilled?" He asked, smiling at her.

Looking confused, she asked, "Jeff?"

"Jeff." He said. When she still didn't clue in, he said, "Jeff Hardy?"

"Oh!" She said, her eyes going wide. "Jeff Hardy!" When he nodded, she burst
out laughing, shaking her head. "No, no...god no!"

"No?" He asked. When she shook her head, he asked, "I thought you two were a

"No." She said, shaking her head. "No thing." She insisted. "That spark flamed
out well before it got anywhere." Seeing the confused look on her face, she
said, "He didn't have his priorities in the right order." Seeing a visual
example was in order, she held her hand above her head, saying, "Crystal
meth." Moving her hand to about table level, she said, "Everything else." When
he nodded, she smiled, moving down below the table.

Looking confused, he ducked his head down, looking under the table, and seeing
her with her hand planted hard to the floor.

"Me." She said, smiling as she sat up. When he sat up and looked at her, she
shrugged. "We were a sort of thing, but once I quickly found out about the
meth, I was gone."

"That's good." He said. "Don't need to get hooked up with a druggie."


Smiling, he said, "If he's to stupid to give up drugs for you, then he's a
bigger idiot than I ever guessed."

Grinning, she nodded in agreement. "I agree."

"So your not a thing?" He asked.

Shaking her head, she forked some of her salad, putting it in her mouth.

"Ok." He said, nodding as he set his fork down, taking a deep breath. "That
makes this a bit easier then."

Looking up from her food, she asked, "Makes what easier? Us eating? Is your
food bad?"

"No, no, not that." He said. "Something...else." Seeing her looking at him, and
not casually eating her food like he hoped, he gathered up his courage. "I was
watching the tape of my match when I was at the hotel..."

"You did good." She said, looking down at her food and getting some more

"Thank you." He said. "But not what I wanted to talk about." When she stopped
eating again and looked at him, he said, "I was listening to the audio, and
heard you on commentary..."

Smiling, she nodded. "How'd I do?"

"You did great." He assured her. "But you said something when you were doing
it, and I wanted to talk about it."

Looking confused, she shrugged her shoulder. "I'm lost." She said. "I barely
remember what I said." Looking worried, she asked softly, "Did I say something

"I don't know." He said, wishing he could have said it better. "It all depends
on if you were just talking shit with the King, or you meant it."

"Meant what?" She asked.

Realizing a point had to be gotten to soon, he said, "When I was talking to
Victoria about making a movie together..." Looking at Trish, he said, "One of my
kind of movies." When she nodded, he continued, "The King asked if you'd be
interested in being in one of my movies, and you told him you would, so long
as you got to name it whatever you wanted. I think the title you gave was
something about you kicking Victoria's ass or something of that nature."

Her eyes going wide, Trish squeaked, "I said that?"

Nodding, he sighed. "Yea, you did." He said. Looking at Trish's face, and
seeing the worry on it, he told her, "Trish, I really don't mean any offense
bringing this up, but...were you serious?"

Staring at him from across the table, she blinked a few times, trying to
collect her thoughts. "I thought I was the one who had the concussion." She
said finally. Looking at him, she started to get angry. "Why would you ask
that? I mean, I was talking to The King of all people!"

Holding up his hands, he quickly stopped her rage before it began. "Whoa,
whoa, whoa." He said, trying to diffuse the situation. "I wasn't asking just
for the sake of asking." He said. "You said something about it, and I heard
it, and I was just asking about what you said." Seeing her begin to soften a
little, he told her, "Trish, I really was serious earlier when I said I wanted
to be friends again, and I was debating the whole time whether to ask you or
not, but I hope you understand that, while I really meant no offence or to
imply anything by asking, well, there is no way in hell I could live with
myself if I didn't at least ask." Shrugging, he said, "I knew you were
probably just bullshitting The King, but, on that one in a million chance you
were serious, I had to ask."

Trying to keep her emotions in check, Trish nodded slowly. "I understand." She
told him. "And I'm sorry about getting upset..."

"You had every right to." He told her. "It was stupid of me to ask..."

"It's just, I didn't think I be in one of your movies."

Gawking at her, he asked, "What?"

Shrugging, she told him, "I didn't think I had it."

"Trish..." He said, shaking his head. "You have it." Grinning, he told her, "I
know from watching all your matches over your career, and seeing you move,
that you have it in spades."

Giggling, Trish shook her head. "Nah."


"Pish!" Trish said, waving her hands. "Besides. I think Victoria's gonna beat
me to it, and I don't wanna stoop to her level. It was a joke, after all."

"Victoria's a former fitness model, just like you." Val pointed out.

"I suppose..."

Grinning, he said, "And, she started out as a lowly hoe..."

Grinning, Trish said, "She's still a lowly hoe."

"And she's been the women's champion." He said.

"I know." Trish admitted, reaching her fork down and playing with her food.
"It's just...I don't wanna be a porn star, Val. I mean, I'm not slighting you,
or what you do, but I don't think I wanna be seen by millions of people
fucking people I barely know..."

"There's a big difference between making one video and being a porn star." He
told her. When she shrugged, he asked her softly, "Trish, why did you bring it

Shrugging again, she continued to poke her steak. "I don't know."

Choosing his words carefully, he asked, "Have you ever thought about making a

Sighing, she nodded. "I'd be lying if I said no."

"Ok." He said, nodding. Seeing her still looking glumly at her food, he
reached his hand out, taking her free hand in his, giving it a squeeze and
gaining her attention. "Hey." He said, smiling. "I won't try to pressure you
into it, or anything like that. I really, really am hoping we can get back to
the being friends stage...maybe even talk you into being my manager again..."
Looking her in the eyes, he grinned softly. "But please, please, at least
think about it. You might not be able to place where it came from, but that
idea must have come from somewhere."

Giving his hand a squeeze, Trish sighed, but smiled. "I'll think about it."
She said. "What can it hurt to think about it?"

"Nothing." He said. "If you say yes, great. If you say no, oh well." When she
nodded and grinned, her grinned back. "Thanks Trish. I promise, no matter what
answer you give, I'll respect it. If you say forget it, it's forgotten. I

"Thanks." She said. Taking her hand back, she picked up her knife, her
appetite returning slowly. Biting her bottom lip, she looked up at him,
watching as he picked at his salad. "Val?"

Looking up, he said, "Yea Trish?"

"Do you think I've do good?" She asked. "Like, in a movie?"

Nodding, he grinned. "You'd do awesome." He promised.

"Why?" She asked. "Why do you think that?"

"You mean other than the fact that you're amazingly beautiful?" He asked. When
she blushed and nodded, he said, "I've seen how you move in the ring, and how
you carry yourself with a sort air. That's a big sign." Grinning, he
said, "Between the ropes translates well to between the sheets. And you move
so good between the ropes."

Smiling, she gave him a nod, turning her focus back to her food, her mind
mulling over her sudden new, and unexpected, option.

* * *

Opening the side door to the building, Val held the door open for Trish,
letting her move in, suitcase in tow as he gave a quick look around, making
sure there was no one on the other side of the door waiting for them before
moving in himself.

"Can you drive me around every week?" Trish asked with a grin. "I could
seriously get used to riding in limos."

Nodding, he told her, "If you want..." Before grinning, and adding, "If I can
talk you into becoming my manager again at some point..."

"That is so a deal." She told him firmly. Looking back at him as he fell into
line beside her, she asked, "Any idea where the changing rooms are?"

"Down the hall, left then right." He told her. Looking at her, a bit worried,
he said, "I asked Steve to get us ones next to each other. I hope you don't

"That's great." She said, smiling. "I just plan on dropping my stuff off and
grabbing my outfit and hanging out with you, if that's ok..."

"That's fine." He said, reaching down and patting his suitcase. "I brought
more than porno and old wrestling matches this week to watch."

Giggling, she asked, "I finally get rid of my headache, and you leave the
porno at home?" Seeing the confused look on his face, she said, "I was kinda
looking forward to critiquing your new movie..."

"Oh." He said, suddenly wishing he wouldn't have changed the videos from last
week. "Well, I can get you a copy for next week, if you want..."

"That'd be great." She said, giving him a sly smile. "Save me having to buy a
copy off the internet."

Smiling, he reached over, giving her a light push. "What are you doing
ordering my movies?"

Giving him a grin and a wink, she told him, "Things you don't need to know

"Trish Stratus..." A voice called out. "Just the...thing I was looking for."

Glaring at Eric, Val took a step towards him, towering over the GM. "What did
you call her?" He asked in a menacing tone.

Looking up at Val, Eric spat, "I'd keep your hands to yourself, man whore.
Austin can rehire your sorry ass, but he can't stop me from putting you in a
handicap match with Kane and The Undertaker. Understand?" When Val snarled at
him, Eric quickly moved around him to look at Trish, realizing that whatever
match making power he had didn't necessarily protect him from the beating in
the hear and now. "Trish." He said, leering at her. "Lovely to see you again."

"What do you want, Eric?" She asked. "I just got in, and I haven't changed."

"I know." He said, smiling. "I haven't seen you around." Seeing her "Hurry the
fuck up" look not change, he got to the point. "The doctor says your cleared
to wrestle tonight, so, before Austin gets any funny ideas, I thought I'd tell
you your match."

"This should be wonderful..."

"You, versus Jazz and Molly in a three-way dance." He told her.

"Jazz?" Trish asked, smiling. "You mean the bitch that's got my belt?" Looking
at Val, she grinned. "Give me a chance to get back what's mine."

"Umm, no." Eric said, smiling at her. "It's a non title match, with the
outcome having no bearing on who gets into the title picture, meaning that
Jazz and Molly have no reason to work against each other, and can focus all
there energy on you." Smiling at her scowl, he added, "Just think of this as a
payback for you going out to ringside last week, after I explicitly told you
not to."

"I wasn't at ringside!" She argued. "I was with the King and JR!"

"I know." Eric said, his smile getting wider. "Heard about that tape you wanna
make. I'll have to get a copy of it..."

"I'm not making any tape." She spat, oblivious to the breaking of Val's soul.
"And look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you, perv."

"I can look anywhere I want." He told her.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she said, "And I can sue for sexual
harassment anytime I want. Booking me in matches when I won't fuck you? Having
your eyes constantly glued to my tits? That wouldn't look good, Bischoff."

"There not always on your tits." He said, giving her a slimy smile. "Sometimes
there on your ass." Starting backwards, he gave her a little wave. "Hope you
have fun tonight." He said, before smiling. "Enjoy your changing room. I
picked out the furniture myself."

Shaking her head with rage as he turned and walked away, Trish spat, "Three-
way dance with the champ, and no title shot? What kind of bull shit is that?"

"Don't let him get to you, Trish..."

"I mean, that's not fair!"

"I didn't mean about the match." Val said. Seeing her look at him, he grinned.
"I meant about the movie."

Giving him a smirk, she said, "Really worried about that movie, aren't we?"

"I think it's a good idea." He told her.

"You probably would." She said with a grin. Waving her hands, she smiled.
"Don't worry. Still thinking about it. Just told him that to get him off my
ass...or tits, whichever he was leering at that time."

"Ok." He said, his soul rebuilding itself quickly. "So, to you changing room?"

Nodding, she started forward, before slowing. "I wonder what he meant by
saying he picked out the furniture himself?"

Shrugging, he said, "Maybe he let Jazz and Molly in to blind side you?"

"Or he bugged it to spy on me changing." She growled. "I wouldn't put anything
past that little weasel."

"So, are you gonna go there or not?" He asked.

Nodding, she said, "I'll leave my stuff there, anyways. But I'm not getting
changed there." Looking up at him, she smiled sweetly. "Can I change at your
place? I'll be quick..."

"If your quick..." He said, smiling. "Where's the showmanship in that?"

"It's not a show, Val." She told him with a grin. "You had one of those little
privacy walls in there last time. I'll just duck behind that and change."

"Can I set up some specific lighting when you do?" He asked with a grin.
"Those things give off some nice shadows with the right lighting...and the right
person behind them..."

Giggling, she swatted at him. "God, your in a mood today, aren't you?"

"Hey!" He said, grinning playfully. "I'm letting you change in my room. I
don't think that's to much to ask for. No nudity..."

"But very suggesting." She noted. When he smirked and shrugged, she grinned.
"Yea, sure, why not."

His eyes going wide, he said, "Seriously?"

Nodding, she said, "Seriously. I mean, like you said, your not gonna see me
naked, right?" When he nodded, she said, "And I already had an incident like
that with Blackman a few years ago, so it's not like it's anything new."
Smiling at him, she added, "And besides, like you said, you are letting me use
your changing room after I got freaked out by something that might be a
complete figment of my imagination..."

"I really doubt it's a figment of your imagination." He said. "Eric is a
fucking perv."

Moving towards her door, she smiled at him. "And your not, shadow show boy?"

"No." He said with a smile. "When I do it, it's research and brainstorming
ideas for my next movie venture..."

"Which you're hoping I'll be a part of." She pointed out.

"Which I'm hoping you'll be a part of." He admitted, before telling her, "But
I promised not to talk about it, so..." Pulling a zipper over his lips, he
tossed away the key.

"Thank you Val." She said with a smile. Looking at the door to her room
skeptically, she turned, smiling at him. "Do you think...?"

"I'll go in and check it out for attackers." He said with a nod.

As Val moved past her to the door of her locker room, Trish smiled. ~I could
get used to this whole "Val wanting me in a movie" thing.~ She thought. ~I
could probably get him to jump on a landmine if he thought it would sway my

Moving into the room, Val flicked on the light and looked around, bracing
himself in case anyone jumped out at him. Finding no one, he moved deeper in,
quickly checking the closets and the small washroom to check for hidden
attackers. Finding none, he waved her in. "Looks clear..." He said, before
spotting a furnace vent with a perfect view of the room. "But if Eric bugged
the room, I think I might see where he did it."

Moving in and looking up at the vent, Trish smirked. "Probably." She said,
taking her suitcase and setting it up on the table, opening it up and quickly
pulling out an outfit for the night. "But I'd rather change in your room and
not take any chances." Looking at him, she smiled. "Besides, you earned your
light show fair and square...unlike Eric and what he wanted..."

"I wouldn't do something like that." He assured her. Looking down at the
floor, he said, "I feel pretty shitty about not stopping it at the time..."

Moving over to him, she gave him a playful poke in the chest. "You were
probably hoping if he won and I had to hold up my end, that he'd invite you
along for a poke or two at me." Seeing the panicked look on his face, and his
mouth immediately begin to deny what she said, she burst out laughing. "I was
joking, Val." She laughed. "Jeez, lighten up. Water under the bridge. You
didn't do the ass kicking, so it's all good."

"Good." He said, giving her a nod. Seeing her outfit in her hand, he said,
"Ready to get out of here?"

Nodding, Trish moved with him towards the door, letting him step out first and
look around before following him out. Moving to the next door down the line,
Val checked the room number, before grabbing the doorknob. Smiling, he told
her, "Long walk, huh?"

"Very." She joked. "You weren't lying. Austin put you right next to me."

"I asked him to do his best." Val said. "Makes it easier to keep an eye out
for you. Takes a load off my mind knowing I would have been right next door if
something happened."

Letting him move into his changing room first and check it out before waving
her in, she said, "That was a great idea you had, Val." She told him, before
giving him a smile. "And very sweet."

"I don't want you getting beat up again." He told her softly. "I mean, I can't
look after you in the ring, but I'd like to avoid you getting your butt kicked
in an ambush in the parking lot again."

"I'd like to avoid that too." She assured him. Looking around, and smiling at
what she spotted in the corner, she turned to him. "Alright, take your seat."
She said. "Shows about to start."

Looking at the privacy screen, he turned to her. "Trish, I was joking..." He
started, before she grabbed his hand, dragging him to the couch and pushing
him down onto it.

"I wasn't." She said with a smile. "You did your part, now I'll do mine. So
sit back, relax...if you can, and enjoy the show."

Moving over to the screen, Trish gave him a grin as she ducked behind it,
looking up and making sure the light was in the right place behind her, moving
the screen out a few feet to get it just right. Waving her hand up, she asked,
"Can you see me?"

"Loud and clear." He said, half of him wanting to look away and give her
privacy, but the stronger half insisting that he take this chance and watch
her like she told him to.

Holding up her hand, she asked, "How many fingers?"

"One." He said, smirking. "Stone Cold would be proud at your choice."

Giggling, she tossed her outfit over the top of the wall, letting it hang.
"Alright, show"

Leaning back on the coach, Val decided to watch, smiling as she turned
sideways to him behind the wall, reaching down and grabbing the bottom of her
shirt and pealing it from her body, her hips waving slightly as she put her
best effort forward. Unbuttoning her jeans, she bent over at the waist,
pulling them down her toned, muscular legs. Bent over parallel to the ground,
Trish grinned to herself as she pushed her arms back, letting her tits dangle
down momentarily before standing back up, kissing her jeans off and away from
her. Reaching behind her back, she stuck out her chest proudly, knowing the
shadow it would be making, and making sure it was the best possible shadow she
could muster, unsnapping the bra. Giggling softly, she took it in her right
hand, balling it up as best she could and firing it over the wall in a high
arc, hoping her aim was true.

Reaching up and snagging the flying bra out of the air, Val grinned as he
pulled it down, inspecting it. "Huh." He said, grinning. "Smaller than I

"Wonderbras will do that for ya." She said.

"Still, they look magnificent." He assured her.

"They do?" She asked coyly, putting her arms behind her back and pushing her
chest out. "How do they look without the added support?"

Looking at her shadow, and trying not to drool at the sight, he told her,

"I think your pushing it."

"I think your being to modest." He told her. "You are one amazingly sculpted
beauty. I think you know that, but you're to modest to admit it."

"Well..." She said, giving her breasts a slight jiggle, hoping it looked natural
and not planned. "I think I look...good."

"You look more than good." He told her. Grinning, he said, "You have one
amazing shadow."

"Thank you." She said, reaching down and hooking her thumbs in her panties.
Tugging them down, making sure to take it as slowly as possible, wiggling her
hips and butt with each slight movement down, Trish bent over again, her chest
dangling and her ass sticking out as she pulled them down to the floor,
standing back up and stepping out of them. "There." She teased. "I'm naked..."

"You forgot your shoes and socks."

"Oh yea." She giggled. "Trying to be all sexy here, and have a spaz attack..."

"Oh, you're being all sexy." He assured her. Looking down at the large bulge
in his pants, he quickly adjusted himself on the couch, hiding it from plain
sight. "Very sexy."

Hearing the couch ruffle, she moved over to the side of the blind, ducking her
head around it and smiling at him. "Not going anywhere, are ya?" She asked.
When he shook his head no, she said, "Good. Not much show left, but I gotta
get your opinion on my outfit, if you don't mind..."

"It looked great from what I could see." He said, before smiling at her. "I'm
just curios to see how you fill it out."

Arching her eyebrow at him, she grinned. "Well, sit back, and I'll be out in a

Moving back behind the wall, Trish pulled her outfit down from the top of it,
unzipping the tight outfit and sticking her legs through the leg holes,
jumping up and down to pull it all the way on, half for the necessity to get
such a tight outfit on, and half for Val's viewing pleasure as she bounced and
jiggled in the shadow on the wall. Pulling it up over her ass, she grabbed the
top portion, pulling it up over her chest, sliding her arms into the tight
spandex like outfit and tugging it into place. Reaching behind her, she
grumbled softly as she couldn't quite reach the zipper. Reaching down to the
floor and grabbing her wrestling boots, she moved around the screen, moving
into the main area. Looking at him, she grinned.

"What do ya think?"

Looking her up and down, and trying to keep from letting his tongue drop out
of his mouth and his eyes bug out, he nodded. "It looks great." He said.

"Alright, get up." She said. "Need help with the zipper."

Nodding, he pushed himself to his feet, moving over to her as she spun around,
pulling her hair out of the way and letting him zip it up, the snugness of the
fabric making it a tight pull.

"There." He said. "All set to kick some butt."

Nodding, she moved over to the couch, plunking down and yanking on her boots,
quickly lacing them up. Looking up at him and smiling, she said, "Alright,
your turn."

Looking confused, he asked, "My turn?"

Pointing to the wall, he said, "For you to get changed."

"I don't have to get changed."

"Don't you have a match to get ready for?" Trish asked, her mind forming a
picture of Val behind the privacy wall, his body on display for her.

Shaking his head, he told her, "Not on the card tonight."

"Oh well." She said, grinning. "You can come out to the ring with me if you

"Umm...about that." He said, scratching his head. "I can't."

"What?" She asked. When he shook his head, she asked, "Why not?"

"Eric called during the week." He said. "He reminded me that I don't have a
managers license either, and that if I pulled the same trick you did, I'd be
getting a date with the Big Show in a hard core rules match."

"What?" Trish yelled. "That's bullshit! Rodney Mack is gonna be out there, and
he doesn't have a license!"

"I know..."

"This is bullshit." She said again. Pushing herself to her feet, she said.
"Seriously, we gotta talk to Austin. I need to get some things straightened

Nodding, Val moved over to her, looking over her outfit. "Going out like

Looking up at him, she grinned. "I'm about to go stand in a ring in front of
twenty thousand people, and another several million watching on TV like this.
I think I can take a few horny wrestlers leering at me."

"If you say so." He said, leading her over to the door and opening it, moving
out and holding it open from the other side. "So, what do you need to talk to
the boss man about?"

"Well, first, Mack." She said, moving out into the hallway and quickly
spotting the stacks of beer cases down the hallway, starting towards them.
"And, this stupid three way match. If I'm doing it, I at least want a shot at
the belt."

"That is only fair." He said. "Which makes perfect sense why Eric didn't do it
like that."

"I know." Trish grumbled, seeing Steve move past the stacks of beer out of his
office. "Steve!" She yelled, quickly moving towards him, Val in tow.

Turning towards the sound of his voice, he smiled as he saw them approaching.
"Trish!" He said, his smile a mile wide. Looking at Val, he held out his hand.

"Steve." He said, taking it and shaking it.

"Great job on your new movie." Steve commended him.

Looking up at Val, Trish smirked. "He got a copy?"

"He's the GM!" Val argued. "He gave me my job back!"

"I suppose." She said, still smirking.

"What can I do for you guys?" Steve said, before quickly adding, "And, before
you ask, I'm expecting your managers license any minute now."

"That's great!" She said, smiling. "But not why I'm here." Seeing she should
get to the point and let him get back to his drinking, she said, "Eric put me
in a match tonight..."

"What?" Steve yelled, startling the duo. "That fucking sneaky little weasel
son of a bitch!"

"I know." She grumbled. "Me versus Jazz versus Molly Holly in a three way

"Jazz?" Steve asked. When she nodded, he smiled. "Well, at least it's a title
shot..." Seeing her face go tight with anger, he asked, "Isn't it?"

"It isn't." She said. "And, he claims he told them that the match has no
bearing who gets a future title shot, so they have no reason to work against
each other and will just work at kicking my ass..."

"Fuck that shit." Steve said quickly. "It's a title match, as of now."

Smiling, she said, "Thank you!"

"Was that all, darling?"

"Actually no." She said. "Jazz has Rodney Mack with her all the time..."

"You want me to let Val go to the ring with you?" He asked. "I didn't get him
a license too..."

"No." Trish said, before Val cut her off.

"But if you could get me one, that would be super." He said.

"Done." Steve said with a nod. When Val nodded, Steve looked back at Trish.
"So, about Mack..."

"Could you bar him from ringside?" Trish asked hopefully. "I know I'm being a
pain here..."

"It's no trouble honey." He assured her. "Anything that pisses Eric off suits
me just fine."

"Thank you so, so much Steve!" Trish said, moving forward and giving the
Bionic Redneck a hug. "You have no idea how much that means to me..." Trailing
off, Trish watched out of the corner of her eye as Eric strolled by, his eyes
glued on Trish.

Seeing Eric leering, Steve snarled. "Was that all you wanted, Trish?" He
asked, his eyes not leaving Eric, who was oblivious to the large man glaring
him down.

"Yes, thank you..."

"Eric!" Steve yelled, moving past Trish. Gaining the startled GM's attention,
Steve yelled, "The women's match is a title match, and everyone is barred from

"What?" Eric snapped, suddenly realizing that his plan was unraveling. "You

Yelling out in a rage, Austin took off after Eric, making him scream loudly as
he turned and bolted down the hallway, the screaming, beer sloshing redneck
quickly on his tail, chasing him down the hallway and around the corner.

Watching as they disappeared behind the corner, Trish smiled, shaking her
head. "He really does like chasing that little bastard." She mused.

"Seems to." Val noted. Looking at her, he asked, "So, need to do anything
before your match?"

"Stretch." She said, turning and starting back towards her locker room.
"Which, given Eric, I better hurry up and do, since he probably booked us
first or second. Always likes getting his perv matches out of the way early."

"Yea, he told me when I was working for him that he wanted to get the fluff
over with and get on with the real show." Val grumbled.

"Whatever." She said dismissively. "I know how hard I work. I know I'm more
than just fluff." When he nodded, she grinned. "So...gonna help me stretch, or
just gonna sit back and enjoy the show?"

Pushing open the door to his room, he smiled. "Can't I do both?" He asked.

Giggling, she nodded. "I think you can." She said. "I need to get good and
ready. Something tells me I'm in for a long night..."

* * *

"Ooof! Fuck!"

Dropping to the mat, Trish tried to roll out of the way of another Jazz kick,
but didn't quite get out of the way in time, catching Jazz's foot with her
shoulder. Yelping in pain, she felt her head being yanked up by the hair,
Molly lifting her to her feet and giving her a knee to the gut before she
could do anything.

She hoped that the promise of it being a title match would put Jazz and
Molly at each others throats, but she was quickly realizing that there hatred
for the her was greater than there want to win the gold. Dropping to the mat
in a heap, Trish watched as Jazz kicked Molly in the face with a violent push
kick, sending her sprawling from the ring to the floor. Realizing the odds had
just cut in half, Trish tried to push up, stumbling to her feet as Jazz turned
to face her. Taking her last chance, she reared back and swung her fist, the
long, slow, looping punch easily dodged by Jazz, who grabbed Trish's arm and
whipped her over her head, sending her to the mat with a crash.

Feeling Jazz drop down on top of her, Trish tried to scramble to the
ropes, feeling Jazz tie up her legs before grabbing her chin, yanking back
violently and putting tremendous pain on her back. Her eyes going wide with
pain, Trish quickly looked around, trying to find a rope to grab. Seeing how
far she was, and seeing out of the corner of her eye that Molly was out cold,
Trish slapped her hand on the mat quickly, deciding it was best to live to
fight another day and tapping out.

As Jazz let her head go and slam off the mat, Trish groaned as she felt
the stain on her back subside, Jazz's weight being lifted off of her body as
she rolled from the ring, dropping to the floor. Shaking her head, she tried
to gather herself, taking a few deep, heavy breaths as the ref came scooting
out of the ring.

"Are you ok, Trish?"

Nodding, she sighed. "Yea. Just help me up."

Taking his hand, Trish let him pull her to her feet, holding onto the
ring as she tried to gather herself again, taking long, deep breaths before
waving off the ref, moving towards the back. "I'm fine." She said, giving him
a nod as she approached the entrance ramp. Reaching out and slapping a few
hands as she climbed up the stage, she pulled it back slowly, holding the back
of her neck as she approached the curtains. Pushing through, she moved down
the long hallway, looking up and seeing Val moving towards her.

"You ok, Trish?" He asked quickly.

Nodding, she gave him a small smile. "I tapped before Jazz did any real

"Best move you could have done." He assured her. "You were a ways from
the ropes..."

"I know." She said, moving with him down the hallway. Looking around for
a chair, she said, "I need to sit down for a second..."

Nodding, he quickly moved down the hallway, grabbing one of the
producers chairs and leading her out of the main drag, letting her sit down
and take a rest.

Shaking her head, Trish looked up at him. "Got any water?" She asked
with a small smile.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small bottle, handing it to her, his
other hand holding a pair of white pills. "Figured you'd ask." He said. "And
some Tylenol."

"You are my hero." She teased, taking the pills and quickly downing them.
Letting her head drop, she said, "That was pathetic. I think I got in like two
punches all match..."

"Trish, it was two on one." He reminded her. "You did what you could. One on
one, you'd kick their butts. But two on one is a bit different."

"I guess." She said glumly. "Still, I hate tapping out. Pin me, fine. But
tapping out sucks."

"It's better than wrecking your back." He pointed out. "And you know Jazz is
capable of that, and would have done it at the drop of a hat."

"Yea..." She grumbled. "I mean..."


Groaning around the pain in her neck, Trish looked up, smiling softly as she
saw someone coming towards her. "Steve." She said, giving him a small nod.
"Catch Eric?"

"Nah." Steve said, waving his hands. "Little mealy mouth bastard ran into the
girls washroom and locked himself in."

"Pussy." Val said with a grin.

Nodding, Austin smiled. "He is that alright." When they nodded in agreement,
Steve grinned, reaching into his pocket. "And Trish, got something for ya."

Looking up, her face lit up as he produced a small card, handing it to her.
"My managers license?" She asked quickly.

"Uh-huh." He said. "I greased some wheels and got it fast tracked for ya, like
I said I would."

Pushing herself to her feet, she moved over, giving him a hug. "Thank you so
much Steve." She said.

"No problem sweetie." He said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a show to run
and a bitch to catch..."

"Thanks a million, Steve." She said again, giving him a little wave as he
moved off. Looking down at the card, Trish's energy returned in a heart beat,
her pain momentarily forgotten about as she danced around, swiveling her hips
and waving her arms above her head in a victory dance. "Uh huh, got my
license, uh huh, got my license." She sang, grooving to some imaginary beat as
she danced around happily. Looking up at Val, and finding him grinning at her,
she stopped dancing, asking, "What?"

Looking at her, he smiled. "And you were worried about not having any moves."
He said.

Grinning, she reached out, poking him in the chest. "Thought you weren't gonna
talk about it anymore?" She reminded him.

Blushing softly, he nodded. "Your right." He said. "I'm sorry..."

Sighing, she shrugged. "It's ok, Val." She said. "I know it's a big deal to
you, so don't worry about it. If you wanna talk, talk."

Nodding, he said, "Well...I did want to ask you about it. I was gonna wait until
after your match anyways, so it wouldn't be a bother to you, but then I
promised I wouldn't talk about it..."

"You wanna know if I made a choice?" She asked.

"I was gonna ask if you gave it any thought." He corrected her. Looking at
her, he said, "We should go sit down. My room?"

Nodding, she started shuffling along beside him. "So, you gonna ask?"

Looking at her, he asked, "I can ask?"

"I told you that you could."

"Well, have you had a chance to think over my offer?"

Nodding, she told him, "I have." She said, before sighing. "It's just...I don't
know." She finally said, not noticing the little fist pump and jump for joy
Val did when she didn't flat out say "No". "I mean, it's not like I'm a prude
or anything..."

"I never thought that." He assured her.

"It's just, I don't want to...well, I don't want a camera crew watching me
do...that." She said, hoping she explained it well enough.

Quickly realizing it was becoming a conversation and not just a question, he
said, "You wouldn't need a film crew." When she looked at him, he said, "I do
most of my stuff myself with camcorders. A lot of it, I do with a big crew,
but it's not needed, really." Grinning, he added some charm, telling her,
"Hey, it worked for Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and you're ten times hotter
than Pamela Anderson."

Smiling, she giggled. "I know it worked for them." She said. "And that's what
I'm afraid of too. I don't want it getting out there and ruining my

"Then why would you make it?" He asked. "To piss off Victoria?"

"Assuming I made it?" She asked. When he nodded, she nodded back. "Yea,
probably. So that would involve sending her a copy, which she would totally
leak out and it would be on the internet in like an hour..."

"Not necessarily."

Looking at him, she asked, "Do you honestly think she wouldn't post that?"

"Oh, she would." He confirmed. "If she could." Seeing the confused look on her
face, he told her, "My buddy gave me this DVD maker a few years ago. Makes
these DVDs that disintegrate after you open the package. They used to use them
as rental ones so people wouldn't steal the DVDs, but they never caught on."
Looking at her, he said, "So, I got one, and use it to make custom, one of a
kind movies for people. Jealous wives, stuff like that. The other person gets
one watch, then poof, the DVD goes away."

"How "Goes away" are we talking about here?" She asked.

Seeing her interest peek, he almost smiled, but tried to keep it serious.
"Like, totally." He assured her. "After you start playing it, it can't be read
again, and like two hours after it's done, it's literally dust." Looking at
her, he assured her, "There's no way to get the info off of them. Even if the
person knew what it was when they opened it, it disintegrates so fast that you
can't copy it."

"Really?" She asked. When he nodded, she smiled. "Your not just saying that

"I would never trick you, Trish." He promised her. "I don't want you getting
in shit because of this. I'm just trying to calm your fears..."

"So I'll say yes." She finished for him, even if he wouldn't say it.

Shrugging, he admitted, "I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't hoping you'll say
yes." Seeing she had an interest in what he was saying, but she wasn't fully
convinced, he pushed open his room door, letting her in. "Take some time." He
told her. "Give it some thought. I'm in no hurry to get an answer."

Nodding, she gave him a grin, moving over to the privacy blind and grabbing
her clothes. "I'll give it some more thought." She said. "And thanks for the
info. It at least gives me some knowledge, so I'm not flying blind here."

"No problem."

Rolling her clothes up and stuffing them under her arm, she said, "I'm just
gonna go grab my suitcase, and maybe we could head out? Grab a bit to eat?"

Nodding, he smiled. "Sounds like a plan."

Moving across the room and out the door, Trish took a sharp right, moving to
her door. Finding it slightly ajar, she dropped her clothes, looking around
for anything she could find to use as a weapon. Finding a short bar sitting on
the floor, she picked it up, reaching her hand inside the door and turning the
light on. Gathering up her nerves, she moved forward, pushing the door open
with her foot and charging in, the bar reared back and ready to strike.

Running to the middle of the room, Trish looked around, her eyes bugging out
at the state her room was in. "What the fuck..." She asked, seeing the furniture
flipped over and torn, the plant pots broken, the small screen TV busted.
Looking up at the walls, she took in the mass of graffiti on them.

"Enjoy Mad TV, you bitch!"

"Who's laughing now, cover girl?!?!"

Shaking her head with rage, Trish took in the room, growling softly. "Fucking
Victoria..." She spat, quickly knowing who was responsible, since her other
enemies were busy in the ring with her. "Fucking jealous whore!" She yelled.
Her breathing picking up as anger soared through her body, she nodded, looking
around the room. "You wanna be jealous of me, you fucking nut job?" She
cursed. "I'll give you something to be fucking jealous over!"

Grabbing her suitcase and storming out of the room, tossing the bar against
the wall and pegging it into the flimsy particle board, she turned to her
left, moving towards Val's room as he came racing out, stopping in front of

"I heard you yelling." He said. "What..."

"How soon can you set this up?" She asked, her anger still raging through her
small body.

Confused, he asked, "Set what up?"

"The movie." She said, her voice calm and even as she forced herself to try
and calm down. Seeing him stare at her, his lips not moving and giving her the
answer she demanded, she asked, "You still want to do it, don't you?"

"Of course!" He said, cursing himself for his slowness. ~Quit being a retard
and answer her!~

"How soon?"

"Probably..." He said, his mind racing to find a date. "Friday? Is Friday good
for you?"

"It's great." She said, giving him a nod. "Where we gonna do this?"

"My place." He said, slowly beginning to realize that it was really Trish
asking him these questions, his mind never thinking in a million years that
she would. Quickly reaching into his pockets, spilling some items out as he
pulled his hands out, he fiddled through the mess, finding a scrap of paper
and a pen, jotting something down. "You have email, right?"

"Of course."

Writing something down, he handed the paper to her. "That's my email
address...can you read it?"

Looking down, she smirked at the address. "Big Valbowski at yahoo dot com. Got

"Send me an email when you get home, and we can get things moving." He told
her. "I'll give you my address and phone number that way."

"Why do I need your number?" She asked, before quickly saying, "Not that I
don't want it, but..."

"I want you to call me when you get home." He told her. "I need to go over
some things with you, and it would be easier if you did it when you were

"Ok." She said, confused but trusting he knew what he was talking about.

"'re really doing this?" He asked, still not believing he had heard her

"I am." She said with a nod, grabbing her suitcase tighter and picking up her
discarded clothes. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna have to postpone our
dinner plans..."

"That's fine." He assured her. ~Your agreeing to make a movie, and you think
I'm gonna be mad about supper?~

"I just want to get back to the hotel, rest, then get home and get this show
on the road." She said. "I hope you understand..."

"Totally." He said, before asking, "Except the whole you wanting to do it now
thing. What changed your mind?" ~Oh great, fuck up!~ His mind yelled. ~Screw
this up before it even starts!~

Grinning, Trish told him, "I never said I wasn't going to do it, so I never
changed my mind." When he nodded, she turned away from him, moving towards the
exit, motioning for him to follow him. "And I'll tell you what changed my
mind...when the cameras are rolling. Deal?"

"Deal!" He said quickly, rushing into his room and grabbing his suitcase, and
running after her, matching her stride as he looked down at her, giving her a
smile. "Have I mentioned I'm happy you decided to do this?" He said, before
adding, "Even if you do back out, you've made me very happy right now."

Giggling, she shook her head. "Not backing out. I said I'd do it, so I'm doing
it." She assured him. Grabbing the side door and pushing it open, she looked
back at him, smiling. "And I've seen your movies, Val." She said. Giving him a
wink, she said, "I think you know how to make people happy, too."

Watching as she moved out of the building and towards his limo, Val couldn't
help but shake his head, his grin a mile wide.

"This..." He said, nodding and moving towards the door. "This is going to be

* * *

"Val? Is that you?"

"This is me." He said, leaning back on the couch and holding the phone to his
ear. "Got my email, did you?"

"Obviously." She teased.

"And got the plane ticket I sent?"

"You didn't have to do that..."

"I didn't." He said. "But I did."

"So..." She said, leaning back on her bed. "You mentioned you had things we
needed to talk about."

"I did."


"First off, are you still coming?" He asked, his heart racing as he waited for
the answer.

Giggling, she told him, "Of course! I told you I would..."

"I know, I know, and you don't back out on your word." He said. "But this is
different. If you wanna back out, I'll be ok with it."

"Just not happy."

"No, not happy." He admitted. "But I won't be pissed. So, if you wanna..."

"No." She said firmly. "I'm doing this. Kinda psyched about it, honestly."

His heart rate returning to normal, he sighed. "Good." When she giggled again,
he said, "Ok, we need to go over a few things you need to do before you get
out here."


"First, you need to go get a STD test." He told her. "It's a pretty simple
blood test. They take some blood, and give you your results anonymously, so no
need to worry about your results slipping out."

"STD test?" Trish asked. "Why do I need one of those...not that I'm worried
about failing it, but don't you use condoms when you do these things?"

"Not usually, no." Val said. "Hence the STD test. I'll be taking one as well,

"I'll take one to." Trish assured him. "Again, positive it's gonna be
negative, but still."

"Better to be safe than sorry. I have my other co-stars to think about, too."
He told her, before chuckling. "No telling what rubbed off from that skank
Victoria when you had to be in the same ring as her."

Laughing, she said, "Yea, I suppose. I'll get one set up for tomorrow morning.
That it?"

"No." He said. "Few other minor things."

"Ok, I'm all ears." She told him.

" second here..." He said, trying to think of what he was gonna say.

Smiling, she asked, "Lose your train of thought?"

"Yea." He said. "Kinda nervous about this shoot." He admitted softly. "I've
never done a shoot with a WWE Diva before, even a private movie..."

"Your nervous?" She asked, giggling. "I've never made a porno before, period!
I'm totally in the dark here." Smiling, she said, "So I need some serious hand
holding here. I'm a rookie, remember, so guide me through it. No matter how
basic, lemme have it."

"Ok." He said, taking a few quick breaths, her little speech getting him back
on track. "Ok, first, come clean." He said. "Shower, shave...if that's your
thing...brush your teeth, stuff like that."

"Check." She said, quickly making a little note.

"Also, make sure your happy with your look." He said. "Remember, this thing is
going on video, even if only once, so check and make sure your happy with how
you look, because that's how your audience is gonna see you."

"My audience of one." She said with a smile.

"Probably two." He told her. "I imagine Steven will be watching. He's up
Victoria's ass all the time."

"True." She admitted, grinning. "Oh well. Let him see what a real woman looks

"Exactly." He said, starting to calm down and get back into it. "Also, if you
had any little things you wanted to get across, like something you wanna say
to Victoria, like a taunt or something, write it down and memorize it."

"Well..." She said, smiling. "I did have a few things I'd like for us to say..."

"Write them down." He told her. "I'm very open with scripts, so just give me a
copy and we can go from there, ok?"


"And..." He said, smiling. "If you have anything specific you want to wear,
bring it with you."

"Didn't you already say that?"

"I said be happy with your look." He said. "Look means more hair, nails, make
up, etc."

"Oh, ok." She said, nodding. "I think I could come up with an outfit or two..."

"That would be perfect." He told her. Looking at his list, he sighed at the
next question, not wanting to ask it, but knowing he should. "Ok, now, for
your co-star."

"Co-star?" She asked, confused.

"Did you have someone in mind?" He asked. "I can probably get any guy in the
business for you..."

"Weren't you gonna do it?" She asked softly. "I thought that was the deal..."

"I never said that." He said. "I mean, I will if you want me to..."

"I do." She said firmly. "It's you or no deal."

"Ok then." He said, giving himself a mental high five. "I'm game."

"Good." She said, smiling. "I don't really feel comfortable doing it with
anyone else."


"So, is that it?" She asked. "Remember, rookie here. Treat me like one."

Smiling, he told her, "Most rookies in this business are girls desperate for
money who get talked into doing things that they don't want to do because they
need the money."

Giggling, she shook her head. "Ok, don't treat me like a rookie."

"That's all I can think of." He admitted. "It's pretty basic, really. Not like
it's Gone With The Wind we're filming here."

"No, but, still, I don't want to screw up." She said. "I'm kinda a

"So I remember." He told her. "So, see you Friday?" He asked hopefully.

"I'll be there on time." She promised him.

"See you later, Trish."

"Later, Val."

Hanging up her phone, Trish relaxed on the bed, turning her attention back to
the TV, smiling at the sight as she hit the play button on her DVD remote.
Watching as the title came up on the screen, "Saving Ryan's Privates", she
giggled to herself. "A little research never hurt anyone..." She mused, leaning
back and relaxing, taking in the sight of the credits closing, revealing a
shot of Val moving into a shower, Ryan Shamrock nude and waiting for him.
Watching as Val moved over to her, she smiled, squirming on the bed, willing
Friday to get there quicker.

"This is gonna be fun..."

* * *

Looking out the front peephole on his door, Val smiled as he stepped back and
swung it open, watching as Trish looked up at his house, taking in the whole
sight of it.

"Hello, Trish..."

"Holy crap you have a big house." She said, looking down at him in awe. "This
thing is like two of my houses! And I have a big house!"

Motioning for her to come in, he quickly took her suitcase, carrying it for
her as he led her into the living room. "Both of my jobs pay very, very well."
He said with a grin. "Lets me afford the better things in life."

"I'll say." She mused, looking around the living room as she moved over to the
couch, taking a seat as she continued to take it in.

"Can I get you something to drink?" He offered.

"Got any water?"

Nodding, Val quickly made his way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and
grabbing two bottles of water and moving back into the living room, cracking
one open and handing it to her before taking a seat next to her on the couch,
opening his and taking a drink.

Seeing the camera set up a short distance from the couch, Trish pointed at it
and smiled. "That the camera?"

"One of them." He said. "I got a half dozen or so set up in the bedroom, so..."

"Bedroom?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked, "You mean we're not doing it
right here?"

Shaking his head, he smiled. "Nope. I was just thinking we could do a little
pre-show interview here." Looking at her, he reminded her, "You did say you'd
explain why you changed your mind when the cameras were rolling..."

"Well, gimme a second to get changed and lets get this rolling..."

Laughing, Val held up his hand. "Whoa, whoa Trish."

Looking confused, she asked, "What? Am I missing something?" Looking at
him, she whispered, "We were gonna make a porno, weren't we?"

Nodding, he told her, "I was hoping we would. But we should probably go
over a few things first. Get some info before we jump right into it."

"Such as?"

"Such as, did you get the test done I told you to get done?" He asked.
Reaching over to his coffee table, he grabbed a piece of paper off of it,
handing it to her. "There is mine. Clean as usual."

"Which is awesome." She said with a grin. Reaching over to her suitcase,
she grabbed the top zipper and undid it, reaching in and grabbing a piece of
paper, handing it to him. "Two for two."

Looking over her test results, he nodded. "Good, good." Looking at her,
he asked, "Did you come up with a script of some sort, or are we playing this
by ear?"

Shaking her head, she reached into her suitcase again, looking through
the papers and pulling one out. "I don't know if it's any good." She said
softly. "Kinda cheesy..."

"It'll be fine." He said, looking at it and reading it with a smile.
"Yea, this'll do great."

"What else?" She asked quickly.

Looking at her, he grinned. "Eager?"

"Kinda, yea." She said. "Never did anything like this before. Might be

"Hopefully it will be." He said with a smile. When she smiled back, he
leaned back on the couch, taking a drink of water. "Alright, next up. What's
off limits?"

Looking confused, Trish shook her head. "Off limits?"

"What don't you do?"

Still not getting it, she asked, "What don't I do what?"

Trying not to roll his eyes, realizing he was dealing with a first
timer, Val elaborated, "What don't you do sexually. It's a lot easier knowing
that going in, so I don't do something and fuck up our rhythm."

"Oh!" Trish said, nodding as it finally hit home. "Well...umm...what do you
normally do?"

"I've done it all." He said with a grin.

"Oh." She said, nodding still, slower this time. "Umm...well...ok, first,
you ain't pissing on me." Looking at him, she nodded to drive the point home.
"That's for damn sure."

"Ok." He said, looking slightly frightened. "I have no idea what gave
you that idea...and I'm not sure I want to know, but that's fine by me."

"Good." Trish said. Thinking, she bit her lip softly, before taking a
drink of water, trying to go over all the possibilities in her mind. "Oh!
Anal. No anal." She said.

Trying not to whine in disappointment, he asked, "Are you sure? We can
take it slow..."

"Positive." She said. "Other than that, I'm pretty open."

"Alright." He said glumly, visions of Trish's bouncy booty disappearing
from his head. "What about money shots?" He asked hopefully, a new vision
filling his daydreams.

"Of course." She said with a smirk. "It's a porno. Isn't it the law you
have to take a money shot in a porno?"

"It should be." He agreed.

"Besides, it's your finishing move." She joked. "Gotta have a money

"Alright, so yes to money shot." He said, making a mental note. "Where
do you want it?"

Shaking her head slowly, Trish asked, "Good lord, there's a lot of
questions, isn't there?"

"There can be." He said. "I like to know my co-star a little bit before
I shoot a scene. Makes it better if I know what she likes, dislikes, gets her
off, whatever."

"That's reasonable enough." She admitted. "Umm, what are my options

"Face, tits, ass, belly, or I can just misfire and over shoot the mark."
He said.

"Fuck that." She spat. "I ain't dodging." When he nodded, she grinned.
"Gimme a facial. I wanna do this right."

Giving himself a mental high five as he crossed another one of his
"Things that will complete your life" items from the list, he said, "Facial.
Check. Anything else?"

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Not that I can think of. Whatever you
with your other porn skanks, do to me. I'm game for pretty much anything."

"Except anal and the other thing that we won't speak of."

"Except those."

Clapping his hands together, Val nodded. "Alright. So, to get something
out of the way..." Looking at her, he told her flatly, "Trish, I don't really
know what your expecting here, but porno's aren't Hollywood blockbusters. At
best, there poorly acted and cheesy movies...and my movies are a cut below
that." Shrugging, he said, "I usually shoot the handy cam stuff. So if your
expecting a big budget movie, or even an porn studio movie, your outta luck."

Grinning, she shook her head. "I'm not looking to win an Oscar here,
Val." She joked. "I just wanna piss off Victoria."

Nodding, he grinned. "Hopefully I can help you do that."

Smirking at him, she said, "If your anything like in your movies, I'm
positive you will."

"Hopefully, I'll be better." He said. "I saved my best for this shoot."

"Bringing you A game, are ya?" She asked. When he nodded, she purred.
"Alright, now I'm starting to get into it. Are we done with the talking?"

"That's all I wanted to talk about for now." He said. "You mentioned
something about having some outfits..."

"I brought a few." She said. "Didn't know how many I'd need...or if I'd
need any, for that matter."

"Well, you can go get one on for the interview, then, if you brought
another one, switch out for the bedroom scene." He said. "Sound good?"

"Sounds great." She said, pushing herself up off the couch. "Show me to
the changing room."

Grinning as he pushed himself up, he told her, "The changing room just
so happens to double as the master bathroom." Looking concerned, he asked, "I
hope that's ok..."

"Totally." She said. "I'm just putting these things on to take off,

Nodding, he grabbed her suitcase, carrying it for her as he moved
towards the stairs, leading her up to the second floor and down the hallway.
Moving into the bathroom, Trish quickly in tow behind him, Val lifted up her
suitcase and set it down gently on the counter top. "I'll be downstairs
getting set up for the interview." He said. "Just come down when you're

"Will do." Trish said, giving him a wave as he moved out of the bathroom
and closed the door behind himself.

Moving down the stairs and back into the living room, Val did a quick
inspection of the shooting area, making sure it was lighted properly and none
of the curtains were open. Grabbing a cable from the base of the large screen
TV, he strung it across the floor, taking them over to the video camera and
plugging them in. Turning on the camera and the TV, he made sure the
connections were tight, giving him a good view of what the camera was going to
be seeing before moving over to sit on the couch.

Leaning back, he grabbed his water off the coffee table and took a quick
drink, trying to settle his nerves. ~Get a grip, Val.~ He thought. ~Don't
blow this. You're a professional! You've done this a million times before...~
Shaking his head, he admitted, ~Even if the girls weren't a tenth as hot as

Leaning forward with a groan, he set his water down on the table again,
taking a few deep breaths to calm his jitters, knowing that once the cameras
were rolling, he'd be alright. Looking towards the stairs, he smiled as he
waited for his soon to be co-star to come down them, his mind racing with the
possibilities of what her outfit might be. Reaching out and grabbing her
script off the coffee table, he read and re-read it, trying to pass the time
as he waited.

* * *

"I'm ready for my close up."

Looking up towards the stairs, Val's mouth dropped wide open as Trish
sauntered down them, gliding across the hallway and into the living room with
a purpose as he drank in her outfit.

Black micro dress, that barely held her curvy body in, her firm legs dipping
out the bottom as her large tits threatened to spill over the top.

A pair of clear high heels, which Trish used to great effect to sway her hips
from side to side with each step.

And her trademark hat, topping off the perfect look for the perfect co-star.

"Oh my fuck!" Val finally said.

Grinning, Trish moved over to the couch, taking her seat next to Val. "I hope
so." She teased. "I take it this is ok?"

"That is way more than ok." He assured her. Looking at her outfit, and the
woman inside of it, closely, he noted, "No bra?"

"Didn't figure I'd need one." She said, before grinning and pulling up her
dress slightly, exposing bare flesh. "Didn't figure I'd need those, either."
When he grinned from ear to ear, she pointed to the TV, and her reflection
pointing back at her. "What's with the TV?"

"It lets me see what I'm taping."

"Ahh." Trish said with a nod. "Clever."

"I try." He said. Looking her up and down one final time, he said, "I like the

Bursting into laughter, Trish said, "I'm sitting next to you wearing a painted
on dress and fuck me heels, and you notice the hat?"

Shrugging, he told her, "I see women all day in a lot less. I notice the small
things." When she nodded with a giggle, he asked, "So, are you ready to do

"I've been ready for days." She said with a nod. "Let's do this."

Reaching behind him, he grabbed the remote to the camera, pointing it at the
lens and hitting the record button. "And...action." He said, waiting a few
minutes for the tape to record a bit of filler before putting on a big grin.
"Hello, everyone." He said, looking at the camera, the porn star persona
kicking into full gear. "I'd say welcome fans, but there's only gonna be one
fan watching this very special tape. And I'd introduce my lovely, smoking hot
co-star here, but the person watching this movie knows her all to well."

Smirking into the camera, Trish waved. "Hi, Vicky!" Seeing Val go to say
something, Trish quickly butted in. "I hope you don't mind, Val, but I watched
a few of your movies to get prepared for this." She said softly.

Intrigued by her improv, he grinned. "Really?"


"And just how many is "A few"?" He asked.

Smiling coyly at him, she blushed softly. "All of them." She admitted softly.
"I'm a big, big fan."

Looking down at Trish's massive cleavage, he nodded. "I can tell." When she
laughed loudly, he looked back up at her face, attempting to be somewhat
serious. "Alright, Trish, on to business..."

"Ok." Trish said quickly, scooting across the couch until Val stopped her with
a smile.

"Not that kind of business." He said, smiling as she pouted. "Not yet."

"Soon?" She asked softly, pouting out her bottom lip.

"Soon." He promised. When she nodded, he said, "Alright, so, first things
first. A few weeks ago, during one of my matches on Monday Night Raw, you came
out to do a little color commentary with the King and Good Ol' JR..."

"And watch your back."

"And watch my back." He confirmed with a nod. "And during the course of your
commentary, the King asked you if you'd be interested in co-staring with me in
one of my movies. At the time, you said you would, so long as I let you name
the movie whatever you wanted..." Looking at her, he smiled, asking, "And what
would that title be?"

Smiling back, she said, "The title for this feature film is "Victoria gets her
ass kicked by Trish Stratus"." Giggling, she asked, "If that's ok?"

"That is perfectly fine by me." Clearing his throat, he continued, "But later,
when I approached you about it, you said you weren't serious. But, as our
captive audience of one can plainly see, your sitting here next to me. So what

"Well, at the time, I was just shooting the shit with the King." Trish said.
Looking at Val, she added, "You know how he can be when he gets tits in his
head." When Val nodded, she continued. "When you approached me the first time,
I honestly didn't know what to think. I mean, it was flattering that you'd ask
me, but at the same time, kinda odd, you know?" When he again nodded, she
said, "But the more and more I thought about it, the better and better it
sounded. Reasons for me wanting to do it started outweighing the very few
reasons I didn't want to." Looking at him, smiling, and shaking her large
chest, she added, "And me being a very big fan of yours helped sway my

"And that's the reason I set up this little interview." He said, his eyes
ripping themselves away from her jiggling chest. "You told me, when you agreed
to do this movie, that you'd explain your reasons for doing it when the
cameras were rolling." Gesturing towards the camera, he said, "It's rolling.
Care to explain?"

Nodding, Trish quickly shifted into character, her lips curling up in a
cocksure smile as she looked at Val. "I'm doing this, quite simply, because I
can." She said firmly. "Because I can...dick-tate, my terms for doing this
title, even making the name of the movie something above and beyond the normal
stupid for a porno movie..."

"Which would be what, again?" He asked, smiling at her. "Just incase our
viewer didn't catch it the first time?"

"Uh, that would be "Victoria gets her ass kicked by Trish Stratus", Val."
Trish giggled. "Because I want it to be that. I can do pretty much whatever I
want, just because I'm the biggest Diva in the WWE..."

"I'd let you do pretty much anything you wanted." Val said with a grin.

Grinning back, she said, "I'm hoping you will." Licking her lips slightly, she
continued. "And I'm doing this to show Victoria I'm better than her. That I
get opportunities that she couldn't even dream of getting. That I can do
pretty much anything I want, including shooting a special one copy porno movie
with you, and still come out looking like the golden girl, while Victoria gets
left behind in the dust." Looking into the camera, she smiled. "Just like I
left you behind in the fitness modeling world." And looking at Val, she
smiled. "And do you know why I get those opportunities, Val?"

Looking her up and down, he smiled. "I can think of a few reasons, yea."

Grinning, she shook her head. "Not that." Looking back at the camera, she
said, "Because I have "It". Something Victoria doesn't even know the meaning
of. She's stuck picking up my scraps, and I move on to bigger and better

"So, is that why you picked me for this little mission?" He asked. When she
looked at him, he said, "Because, lets face it, you could have picked almost
whomever you wanted for this movie."

Shaking her head, Trish smiled. "No, Val. I picked you because I'm a big fan
of yours."

Grinning, he nodded, rubbing his hands together. "How about you show just how
big a fan you are, Trish." He said, slowly shifting his gaze from her face to
her tits. "And let those puppies out."

Hesitating for a split second, Trish smiled at him, reaching up and pulling
off her hat, giving her hair a flick back as she rested her arms on the top of
the couch, looking at him with a sultry smile, her chest jutting out. "How
about you check and see how big a fan I am?" She offered.

Moving closer to her, he grinned, reaching his hands around her body. "It
would be my pleasure."

As he hooked his thumbs into the shoulder straps on her dress, Trish reached
down, rubbing his crotch and finding his cock standing at full mast. "I can
see that." She giggled, moving out from the couch and letting him pull the
straps down before peeling the dress down her body, exposing her tits to the
hungry gaze of the camera.

Reaching around and pulling her closer, Val cupped her large tits, squeezing
them softly as he pushed her back softly, making her lean back against the
couch and push her breasts out to the fullest. Leaning down, he quickly took
her nipple into his mouth. "God, your such a big fan." He said, groaning as
she continued to stroke his cock.

Cooing softly as he lapped at her nipples, Trish fumbled with his jeans,
opening up the fly. "Such a big fan..." She echoed, reaching in and pulling out
his cock, giving it a few strokes. Looking around his head and into his lap,
she smiled, ecstatic that his movies hadn't misrepresented the size of The Big
Valbowski. "I can see you're a big fan of mine, too."

"Huge fan..." He groaned, leaning back and putting his arms on the top of the
couch. "How about you check out my fan credentials?"

Leaning down, she smiled up at him, flicking her tongue over his cock. "Mmm,
you might be my biggest fan." She cooed, taking the head between her lips and
sucking softly.

"Yea, that's it Trish." He groaned, looking down at the blonde head bobbing in
his lap. "Show me how big of a fan you really are."

Bobbing her head softly in his lap, Trish gripped his cock with her right
hand, adding a pumping twist to her oral skills, her tongue bathing his head
as she lapped up whatever juice his shaft produced. Pushing her hair out of
her face, mindful of the camera, she made sure to play for the staring lens,
bobbing up and down his shaft and sucking loudly, keeping her lips loose to
add to the sucking noise.

~He should have put a camera off to the side.~ She thought, sucking loudly
as she fisted his shaft quickly, the drool running out of her mouth and down
his cock providing the perfect lube for her twisting hand.

"Oh god, clearly have it." He said with a groan, Trish's tongue
whipping over the head, coaxing more pre come into her mouth, making her suck
harder and faster, the salty taste driving her on. "Suck the Big
Valbowski...yea, you say you're my biggest fan? Prove it Trish, suck that cock
and prove how big of a fan you are..."

Heeding his challenge, she redoubled her efforts, picking up speed and
hammering her head down in his lap, gagging softly as his cock pressed against
her tonsils. Pushing her head down, she opened her mouth as wide as she could,
forcing his thick rod into her throat, her gag reflex trying to push it out,
but her willpower winning out, forcing the head in. Forcing her throat to
swallow around his meat, she pushed down harder, his cock driving down her
throat as her gag drool poured out of her mouth and down his shaft, lubing it

Using every muscle her upper body had to offer and every ounce of willpower
she could muster to override the nearly overwhelming auto reaction by her body
to force his cock out of her throat, Trish opened her lips wide and pushed the
final inch into her mouth, making him groan loudly as she wrapped her lips
around the thick base of his shaft

"Ohhhh...fuck..." Val groaned, his hand still groping and rubbing her large chest,
making her moan around his cock and send vibrations up and down his shaft.
Feeling her slowly extract his cock from her throat with a moan, he sobbed out
softly, his dick humming with life. As her hand started sliding up and down
his shaft, her tongue flicking out to lap at the head as it became exposed, he
looked over at the hat sitting on the top of the couch. Smiling, he grabbed
it, before turning it attention back to the camera, staring into it.

"Sit back and enjoy, Victoria." He chuckled, moaning softly as Trish sucked
his cock back between her lips, sucking the head of his cock hard and fast.
"The show is just getting started."

Tossing the hat towards the camera, he smiled triumphantly as it landed over
the lens, blacking out the TV screen. Quickly grabbing the remote, he stopped
it, his hips bucking softly as Trish continued her oral assault.

"Cut." He said, reaching down and lifting her off of his cock. Seeing
her look up at him with a pout, he grinned. "Camera's off, Trish."

Looking over at the camera, and not seeing the blinking light, she nodded, but
still pouted. "Oh." She said softly. Her hand still stroking his shaft, she
looked up at him, asking, "Are you sure? I mean, we could go a little longer
if you wanted...just to make sure the shot came out ok. I'd be ok with going
longer if you wanted." Pouting softly, she added, "I was just getting into the

"We got the shot." He said, smiling. "I saw it on the TV. Looked awesome."

"Oh." She said softly. Realizing what was to come after the interview, she
perked up, smiling at him. "So, now to the real movie?"

"To the real movie." He said, smiling as she squirmed. "So, let's get

Her face dropping, she asked, "Upstairs?"

Nodding, he told her, "The master bedroom is upstairs, and it's where I go the
cameras set up."

Pointing at the hat covered camera, she said, "You have a camera here!"

"One camera." He noted.

"I've seen you do dozens of girls on a couch with one camera!" She insisted,
her voice beginning to whine softly.

Watching her face, and swearing he saw a hint of disappointment, he shook it
off, pushing the thought out of his head. ~It's just another project to her,
Val.~ He thought. "I have a lot more equipment set up upstairs, so the shoot
will go a lot better up there. Besides, it's just a flight of stairs away. So,
wanna go upstairs and get this shoot going?"

Realizing he was right, her perfectionist side outweighing her horny side, she
nodded, her smile returned in full force. "Of course!" She said, quickly
getting up off the couch and moving towards the stairs, not bothering to fix
her dress.

Laughing, Val quickly stood up. "Slow down, Trish." He said, smiling as she
looked back at him, her confused pout back. "You said something about another
outfit." When she nodded, he said, "How about you go change into it, and I'll
go finish setting up the cameras?"

Whining softly at the stall in her needs, she nodded. "Ok. Where's the

"End of the hall." He said, moving past her on the stairs and quickly bounding
up them, pointing at the bedroom. "Just come down when you're ready. I
shouldn't be long."

Moving towards the bathroom, Trish gave him a smile. "I hope not."

Quickly moving down the hall, Val pulled off his shirt as he moved into the
bedroom, tossing it into the closet as he did the same with his jeans and
boxers, reaching in and grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist
before closing the door. Moving over to the first camera in the long line he
had set up for the camera man-less shoot, he checked it, making sure it was
rigged up to the remote control center he was going to use to control them
all, making sure it turned on properly and had a tape in it before moving down
the line, giving each camcorder a quick but thorough inspection to make sure
they were working properly. Hearing the bathroom door open, he smiled softly
as he realized his co-star was making her way to the set for her debut movie.
Standing up and giving the row of cameras one last inspection, he smiled at
the sight.

"That is a lot of cameras." Trish giggled from the doorway

"It really..." He started, turning towards the doorway, stopping dead in his
tracks and yelling out, "Oh my fucking god!"

Her eyes going wide, Trish laughed at his reaction, his eyes bugging out of
his head as he stared a hole through her. "What?"

"Holy fuck!" He said, looking at her. "Good god that is fucking hot!"

"What?" She asked, teasing him. Running her hand down her outfit, she asked,
"This little thing?"

"Little is the right word!" He said, looking at her from top to bottom, taking
in the sight of her thigh high black high heeled boots, her barely there thong
and the "100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed" t-shirt cut so high up that the
bottoms of her boobs hung proudly beneath it. "Fucking hell that is sexy..."

"Thanks." She said, smiling and giving him a spin, showing him that the bottom
was little more than dental floss. Looking at him, she pointed at the towel.
"I like your outfit to. I think it's your standard one..." Licking her lips, she
giggled. "I just hope your not wearing wrestling trunks under there."

"Not wearing anything." He assured her, still leering at her. "Alright,
seriously, you have to leave those boots on." He told her. "That's not open
for debate. Those things are so fucking hot on you, it's not funny."

Looking down, she smiled. "They are?" She asked. When he nodded, she said, "I
thought they screamed "Hooker" more than anything..."

"They scream "I'm the hottest thing on this fucking planet and you will do
what I want."." He assured her. "So, please, leave them on?"

"Ok." She cooed. "I'm just glad you like them..."

"I love them." He assured her. "And that top..." Leaning down, he smiled as she
ducked down with him, trying to hide her chest, but making her boobs dangle
out from behind the tiny fabric. "You can totally see the bottoms of your tits
when you're standing up." He said.

"That's the point." She said with a big grin.

"Point well taken." He said. Shaking his head, he grinned. "You weren't in
there changing for very long..."

"Well..." She said, blushing softly. "It's not like I had a whole lot to take
off or put on. Most of the time was changing shoes."

"Well, what you put on rocks." He promised her. Smiling, he did a twirl with
his finger. "Show me the back again."

Spinning around quickly, Trish stuck out her ass, wiggling it at him. "Like?"

"I'm setting up a camera in the hallway." He said, smiling. "That gave me an
idea for the opening."

"Do tell." She said, moving away from the doorway and letting him walk by,
camera and tri-pod in hand.

Quickly setting up the tri-pod and setting the camera on top of it, he grabbed
a cable from the hallway, plugging it into the camcorder before stringing it
to a small monitor on the desk just inside the door. "Close up booty shot." He
told her, smiling. "Get you to stand right in front of the camera..."

"Like this?" She asked, quickly scooting over to the doorway and standing in
front of the camera.

"Back a little." He said. "Just press your butt up against it lightly."
Watching as she shuffled backwards carefully, going till she was just in front
of the camera, he said, "Stop! That's it." When she nodded, he told her,
"Then, you just stroll to the bed, and I zoom in with the remote, and follow
you in."

"Ok." She said, starting towards the bed, practicing her steps. Getting to the
bed, she looked at it, then at Val. "Then what?" Seeing him draw a blank, she
looked at the bed again, an idea popping into her head. "How about this?" She
asked, taking a few steps back to get the pace, moving towards the bed before
sliding onto it, crawling on all fours towards the headboard. Getting to it,
she turned around, giggling as she had to pry Val's attention away from her
ass. "How's that look?" She asked. "You could like sit up by the headboard,
and I could crawl up to you. Sound good?"

"Sounds great." He said, smiling. "You got some good ideas..."

"I'm full of them." She said with a proud smile.

Shaking his head, he grinned as she got off the bed. "Anyways, gotta go over
some stuff."

Whining softly, she smiled. "Stuff? I thought we were done talking..."

"Not quite." He said. "Soon. Just need to clear some stuff up. Easier to do it
now than later."

"I suppose." She admitted with a sigh. "Alright, hit me."

"First, this is porn sex we're shooting here." He said. "It's not like normal
sex. Normal sex, you're all cuddling, and holding, and kissing. Porn sex is
about the camera. Cuddling and holding cuts off camera angles. Kissing drowns
out moaning and groaning. Understand?"

"Got it." She said. "No cuddling or kissing."

"Not none." He said. "Just...well, it's hard to explain, but you gotta know when
it's needed, when it's not. Normally, when it's a shot that something could be
bouncing, be it tits or ass, cuddling isn't wanted. Viewers pay for the

"I got plenty of that." She said, smiling.

"That you do." He admitted. "And you gotta play to the cameras. Remember,
Victoria's gonna be watching this, so you wanna give her the best show you

"I do?" She asked.

"You do." He said. "If you just sleep walk through it, it's not gonna mean
anything to her. It just makes you look like a whore, and won't get your point

"I have a point?" She asked.

Nodding, he said, "You had one in your script."

Laughing, she waved her hands. "That thing makes no sense. I just wrote that
because I was bored."

"Bored or not, it's the plot for your movie." He said. "You're trying to make
her jealous."

Smirking, she crossed her arms over her chest, smiling at him. "Do you
honestly think she'll be jealous that I'm fucking you on camera?"


"Or be upset that we did this?"

"Probably not."

"Then why are we doing it?" She asked, laughing as she quickly answered her
own question, "Because I wanna. It says so in my script."

"It does." He said with a smile, his heart skipping a beat as he thought for
an instant she was thinking of backing out. Clapping his hands, he grinned.
"Alright, sexual positions."

Looking confused, she asked, "Didn't we go over this earlier?"

"Sort of." He said. "That was more of a general thing. This is more specific."

"Oh." She said, quickly realizing that her simple movie wasn't going to be
show up naked and get fucked like she had hoped.

"Ok, so, do you have any favorite sexual position you wanna hit?" He asked.
"Or are you pretty much open to anything."

"Well, no anal, like we talked about."

Looking around her at the thong of her panties, he grinned. "Are you sure? I'd
be willing to do a whole lot to make that happen."

"Positive." She giggled. Sighing, she tossed her hands up. "Other than that, I
dunno. Maybe I'm being dense, but could you lay it out for me?"

"Alright..." He said, thinking. "You got missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse

"What the hell is cowgirl?"

"You on top." He said. Seeing her not follow, he said, "I think it comes from
bronco riding." Seeing the light go on and her nod, he said, "Reverse cowgirl
is just you on top, facing away."


"And you on your side." He finished.

"All of them." She said flatly.

His heart rate picking up, he asked, "All of them?"

Nodding, she said, "If you don't mind..."

"I do not mind." He said firmly. When she smiled sweetly at him, he said,
"Then, oral..."

"Give and take?" She offered. "You do me, I do you?"

"Sounds good..."

"And I want gag fucking."

"Excuse me?"

"Gag fucking." She said. "You know what that is, right?"

"Of course." He said, confused. "But...why?"

"Because I like it." She said. "I've done it before...although not with a cock
as big as The Big Valbowski...and I've seen you do it, so I want you to do
it." Arching her eyebrow, she smiled. "I already throated your dick

"I know." He said. "But...gag fucking is a whole different beast."

"I know." She said, smiling.

"I really don't wanna do it." He said softly.

"Why not?" She laughed.

"Because we're friends." He said. "Gag fucking is about belittling the girl. I
stopped doing it with porn girls a while ago because of that."

Crossing her arms again, she gave him The Look. "Val..." She said, firm and
even. "This is not an option, nor, like me wearing my boots, is it open for
negotiation. You promised me, when I agreed to do this, that you would do to
me what you did to all the other porn sluts you've fucked." She reminded him.
"And I've seen you do it. I have a compilation tape of you doing it. I like
doing it. And I want you to do it to me." Seeing him still fighting with
himself, she smiled, moving over to him and rubbing his chest softly, using
her sex appeal, and the appeal of sex with her, to her advantage. "Where's the
problem?" She asked sweetly. "I like it, and I'm sure you like it, even if you
stopped doing it, so I see no problem."

Sighing, he shrugged. "If you insist..."

"I do."

Grinning softly, he slyly said, "I do anal with other girls too..."

Giggling, she swatted him, moving back. "No anal!"

"Ok." He conceded, smiling at her. "One last thing I can think of."

"Which is?"

"Titty fucking."

"Titty fucking?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Is that where I wrap
your cock up in my tits and you sort of fuck them?"

"That's it."

"Is that really that good?" She asked.

"It's alright." He admitted. Smiling, he added, "But it looks really good on
camera, especially when the girl has a set of big, fat tits."

Smiling, she reached down, pulling up her shirt and flashing him quickly.
"Guilty as charged." She said, laughing as his eyes bugged out. "So, ready to
get this show going."

Smiling, he said, "Almost." Seeing her groan, he grinned wider. "I just had a
few more things I wanted to go over with you."

Letting her head roll back, Trish let out a groan. "Ok, what is it gonna take
to get this show on the road?"

Smiling, Val said, "Some light anal play would really grease the wheels."

"Define light anal play." Trish said, looking at him with a smirk and putting
her hands on her hips. "One mans light anal play could be another mans three
dicks up my ass."

"I don't have three dicks." Val said with a smile, before remembering
something, adding, "Well, I do have some dildos lying around somewhere..."

"Val." Trish whined, rubbing her eyes with her hands. "I'm horny. I want to
make a movie. I was hoping to get it done sometime in the next ten years. If
you would like to make said movie with me, then I suggest you get this show on
the road. Understand?"


"So spell out what you're getting at."


"You want to stick fingers up my ass?" Trish asked, not completely believing
she was having this conversation.

"Yes." He said.

"And that's it?"

"More or less."

"Is it more or less?"

"More, but not much."

"What is not much?"

Smiling, he shrugged. "You'll see." Off of her skeptical look, he promised, "I
will, in no way, be inserting my dick, or dick substitute, into your ass. If I
promise that, we have a deal?"

Groaning loudly, Trish again rolled her head back, rubbing her neck. "I'm not
getting out of this without you interacting with my ass in some way, am I?"

"You can." He said. "Just say no. But I'd be sad, and pout the whole time."
Illustrating his point, Val held out his hands as if to grip a pair of hips,
thrusting softly in the air as he pouted at her.

Laughing out loud, Trish smiled. "God, that's pathetic!" She said. When he
smiled, the thought about his request. Biting her bottom lip, Trish countered,
"And I get my face fucking? Like, not little soft pokes, but full on, balls on
chin, gag me with your cock face fucking?"

"Deal." He said, holding out his hand.

Waving her hands at his, Trish said, "Screw that. Get the cameras rolling."

Nodding, Val went over to the cameras, moving down the line, checking
connections. "Alright, so, down the list." He said. "Shower?"



"Everywhere." Trish said with a giggle. "The shower wand got views of me that
people would kill for."


Reaching her hands down, Trish pulled down her panties, showing Val her pussy.

"I like the little triangle there." He said.

"It's an arrow." Trish told him with a smirk. "Shows you where to go."

"I doubt I'll have trouble finding that." He promised. "Teeth?"


"Got your script memorized?"

Giggling, Trish nodded. "It's like ten words."



"And finally..."

"I'm very, very happy with my look." Trish said, giving him a spin. "How bout

"Love it." He assured her. Looking up at her as she moved towards the camera
in the hall, taking her spot, he told her, "Last chance."

Looking up at him, she asked, "Last chance for what? Anal? I told you, no
anal...and what's with you and anal?"

"It's my thing."


"It's sort of my...fetish."

"You have a butt fetish?"

"A little one, yes."

"How little?" She asked. "Like, are you gonna become crazy sodomy man and just
tear me up without warning?"

"No." He said. "It's not an uncontrollable urge. I just like butts. So expect
a lot of groping." Grinning, he said, "And some spanks."

Grinning back, she nodded. "I love spanks."

Shaking his head, he quickly got back on track. "And, no, I didn't mean anal.
I meant, last chance to back out of this." Seeing the look on her face, he
said, "It's not to late to just blow off the whole thing, destroy the tape and
go on your merry way."

"I want to do this." She said firmly. "I don't know if it'll piss Victoria off
or not, but I don't care anymore. I'm doing this for me, and if it pisses her
off, all the better."

Smiling, he nodded. "Alright then. In position?" He asked, quickly scurrying
onto the bed with the remote, sitting against the headboard and looking at the
small screen. "We'll start off with oral, then go from there, ok?"

Nodding, she said, "I want to do it first." Grinning, she said, "I want my
face fucking. Got it?"

"Got it." He said with a nod. Pointing at a camera, he said, "That camera is
the close up camera. Face that way for the money shot, ok?" When she nodded,
he asked, "Ready?"



Hitting the record button on the camcorder remote, Val watched the TV as the
picture fired up, the darkness created by Trish's ass covering the screen.
Risking a glance over to the big TV, he made sure all the other cameras were
fired up as she started towards him, her hips swaying from side to side as she
approached the bed, her full lips curled up into a seductive smirk.

~This girl could be seriously be the biggest porn star of all time.~ Val
thought, watching as she moved towards the bed, her body oozing sexuality as
she approached. ~Maybe we could talk over some business after the shoot...~

Getting down onto the bed on all fours, Trish crawled up the bet towards him,
smiling as she waved her ass in the air.

"Hey Val..." She purred, moving up towards him, coming to a stop when her head
was over his crotch. "Got something for me?"

Smiling, Val nodded. ~She's already got the cheesy dialog down pat.~ "I
might have." He said, reaching down and rubbing his shaft through the towel.
"Wanna take a look?"

Reaching down and grabbing his towel, Trish pulled it back to reveal his hard
shaft, smiling at the sight of him sticking up at full mast. Purring softly,
she reached up, gripping him gently, giving him a few strokes. "You got a
whole lot for me." She said.

Letting her head drop, Trish took his cock into her mouth as he slowly rolled
to his knees, pushing himself to her feet, her mouth never leaving his shaft
as her stood on the bed, giving her a better angle of attack and, more
importantly, giving the cameras a better view of her oral action.

Bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, Trish sucked softly on his rod, her
hands moving up and gripping his cock, stroking the big meat. Her tongue
rolling around the underside of his shaft, she was barely aware of the dozen
or more cameras surrounding the bed, her focus solely on Val's cock and what
she was going to do with it, first with her mouth, and later with other parts
of her body. She'd dipped heavily into her secret porn stash in an effort to
get ready for this shoot, watching all the Val Venis movies she could fit into
her schedule in an effort to find what he liked, trying to decipher the fake
moans from the real ones. Bobbing her head up and down and sucking on his goo
drooling head, she knew his moans were real. Looking up at him with her big
eyes, she pleaded with him silently to give her what she wanted, wanting to
get her body in the mood for what was to come.

Looking down and giving her a quick nod to let her know he knew what she
wanted, he reached down, cupping the side of her head and taking over the
pumping, pulling out of her mouth before pushing back in softly, knowing she
had instructed him she wanted it hard and fast, but taking it slow to start,
pushing his cock against her throat, making her gag slightly before pulling
back. Pushing forward again, he pressed back against her throat, forcing his
cock in a bit deeper as she gagged more, her eyes wide and urging him to back
off and try again. Heeding her warning, he did as she silently pleaded for,
pulling out and letting her sputter a quick breath before pushing in again,
getting a firm hold and forcing his rod into her throat, groaning loudly as
she did her best and opened it up, feeling her throat contract around his head
as she dry swallowed hard and fast, pulling his shaft in as he bottomed out,
his balls resting on her chin as they both moaned.

"You like that, Trish?" He asked, looking down at her wide eyes, her lips
buried in his short, well trimmed pubic hair. Hearing a noise he equated to
"Yes", he pulled back, letting her have a breath before surging forward again,
pushing past her gag reflex again. "Fuck yea, throat that cock!" He urged her,
pushing her face into his crotch again. "Deep throat city! Fuck yea!" Rolling
his head back and groaning loudly, Val pulled out, giving her a split second
before ramming forward, picking up the pace, not leaving his cock in her
throat for long before pulling out, turning it from a deep throat exhibition
and into the throat banging, balls on chin face fucking she demanded, his cock
pumping in and out of her drool slobbering mouth, her nose ripping in breath
after breath as she pushed her head towards him with each thrust, the feel of
his heavy sack bouncing off of her chin driving her wild.

"Fuck you suck dick so good." Val told her, groaning loudly. "God, you suck
dick so fucking good...god, Trish, you are so sexy..."

Drinking in his praise, Trish sucked and slurped on his cock as it pounded
into her mouth, her eyes watering as she looked up at him, hoping he could
tell she wasn't crying and was in fact loving his efforts. Feeling him pick up
some speed, she groaned and gurgled loudly, drool bubbling out of her mouth
and down onto the bed.

Deciding she had had enough for now, Val pulled her off of his cock, waving it
in her face. "Suck that dick, Trish." He said, looking down at her.

Jumping on his request, she pulled him back between her lips, quickly whipping
her eyes out before grabbing his shaft, jerking him hard and fast as she
attacked him with her tongue, lapping up her own drool from his greasy shaft.
Lapping at the head of his cock, she pulled back, her lips tight and the
suction hard as she pulled up higher and higher, her hands a blur as the shot
up and down his shaft, making her groan out loudly in near painful lust, the
feelings threatening to overwhelm him.

Pulling off of Val's long cock slowly, Trish sucked him off in slow, pulsing
sucks, her eyes locked with his as her tongue buzzed along the underside of
his shaft, drawing salty treats into her already watering mouth.

Groaning loudly, Val reached down and grabbed her head, intent on relieving
the pressure her sucking was causing by jamming his cock down her throat
again, his careful, soft holding hands cupping the sides of her head long gone
as he grabbed two fistfuls of blonde hair, jamming his cock forward suddenly
and catching her off guard, leaving her sputtering and gagging as she quickly
regained her composer, lining her mouth and throat up perfectly to catch his
pumping shaft again.

Moaning lustfully, Trish kept her head a still as she could, gagging slightly
as drool poured out of her mouth and down her chin, coating Val's nuts as they
once again were pressed up against her lips, and soaking the front of her
white half shirt. Slapping her feet off the bed, she looked up at Val, locking
eyes with him as he continued to used her mouth as a fuck hole, drilling his
cock in hard and fast, exciting the former women's champion to no end.

Grunting with each thrust, Val's cock twitched as Trish's tongue buzzed along
the bottom, forcing salty pre-come into her watering mouth. Slowing down his
pumps, he tried to find a position in her mouth that would relieve the
pressure, his pleasure building much quicker than he had planned and forcing
him to realize that if he didn't find a way to cool down quickly, that the
shoot would be over before it ever began. Whining softly with disappointment,
he got a good grip on her head and pulled his cock completely out, leaving her
sputtering to catch her breath as she looked up at him in confusion.

Quickly reaching out, Trish grabbed his spit soaked cock, her hand getting
instantly soaked in her thick drool as she started fisting the shaft, making
Val groan, which only spurned her on more, reaching her other hand up to hold
the foreskin back as she attacked the head with her tongue, sticking out her
fleshy attacker as far as she could and batting Val's twitching, come drooling
member and lapping up whatever treats she could find, her other hand still
stroking him hard and fast.

Moaning in passion, Val tried to think of anything else but Trish's masterful
oral skills, wanting to enjoy her as long as he could. Feeling her nimble
tongue flicking his head, and making his whole body twitch with each slap, he
realized that if he didn't stop her soon, the money shot she wanted for much
later in the shoot would be coming a lot sooner than either of them wanted.
Looking down at Trish's face, Val whimpered softly as he stared at her pouty
lips, a single strand of come connecting them to his knob. Sticking her tongue
out and lapping at his cockhead, Trish looked up at Val with a big, wide-eyed
innocent expression, as if to ask why he took his cock away from her throat.
Seeing the look she was giving him, Val moaned, pulling away as his cock
pulsed, threatening to explode and cover her innocent look with nasty, white

Reaching down and taking her hands off of his dick, he held them with
one of his hands, having to grip her tight to avoid having her break away and
resume her assault. Pulling his hips back, Val dodged her attempts to get his
cock back between her lips, not expecting her attack to be so relentless as he
ducked down, pushing her head up with his free hand and kissing her full on
the lips, buying him some time to nudge her down to the bed.

Pushing her down on her back, Val quickly knelt down and laid down beside her,
leaning in and kissing her, silencing her as she went to question him as to
why she was on her back and not on her knees being gag fucked like she wanted.
Kissing Trish on her lips, Val reached down, fumbling blindly with her sorry
excuse for a shirt. Quickly catching on, Trish reached down and grabbed it,
breaking the kiss long enough to rip it over her head and toss it away,
narrowly missing one of the many cameras he had set up. Urging him down, Trish
moaned as he took the hint, ducking down and capturing her tight right nipple
in his mouth, cupping her perfect rack gently.

Rolling her nipples around with his tongue, her reached down and grabbed her
thong, trying to pull it down, and getting it off her hips, deciding that was
good enough as he scooted down the bed, grabbing them when he was lower and
yanking them off, tossing them aside as he bent down, latching onto her wet
pussy. Feeling her squirm on the bed as she groaned, he quickly moved into the
perfect position, putting one of his hands on the top of her pussy and pulling
back the hood, attacking the clit with his tongue as he slid a pair of fingers
into her well lubed slit, making her howl loudly.

Lapping at her tender folds and drinking in her heavenly taste, Val used all
of his willpower to try and get his cock to calm down as quickly as possible,
knowing he had to give her a certain amount of oral play to make up for the
amazing deep throat show she put on, but wanting to be ready to jump between
her firm thighs and start the sex as soon as he could.

Moaning loudly, Trish rolled her hips around gently, searching for his magical
tongue and moaning as she found it, over and over again, as he batted at her
tender clit. Arching her back, and making sure to show off her tits for the
cameras, she ran her hands down her body, coming to a rest when they were on
Val's head, holding him close. "Finger fuck that pussy, Val." She moaned.
"Finger fuck that pussy and lick that little clit!"

"God Trish, your so wet..." He groaned, lapping up the wetness her juicy folds
were producing in abundance.

"That's because you are soooooooo good..." she moaned, rolling her head around.
Smiling, she told him, "You can eat a pussy so good."

Smiling up at her, he lapped at her gently, giving her a good tongue lashing
as his cock quickly began to calm down, getting him back and in the game
quicker than he had planned. Looking up at her, he thought over his options,
trying to decide what to do. ~She did suck the hell out of me.~ He thought.
~But she does want her oral loving to...~

Deciding to stick with her heavenly pussy for a little while longer, he lapped
at her gently, rolling her nerve bundle and making her groan loudly. Looking
up into her eyes between her tits, he watched as she looked down at him,
mouthing something.

"Fuck me." She mouthed, adding, "Right now."

Nodding, he gave her a few laps, before pulling away from her pussy, moving up
and crawling between her legs. Leaning down and kissing her, he put his head
beside hers, whispering, "Sorry about being down there so long." Kissing her
neck, he told her, "I needed to cool down. You almost finished the shoot
before it began with those lips of yours..."

"Don't apologize." She insisted. "You are god with your tongue."

Pushing himself up into a kneeling position between her legs, he grabbed his
cock, rubbing it against her slit. "You want this, Trish?" He asked, smiling
at her.

"You know I do!" She whined, squirming on the bed.

Rubbing his shaft against her, he pushed the head against her pussy, popping
it in before pushing in gently, thrusting deep into her pussy, making them
both moan.

Looking up into his eyes, Trish whined softly. "So big..." She whined, her chest
shaking as she drew in quick, sharp breaths. "So fucking big..."

"So fucking tight." He growled back, her walls gripping him firmly. Looking up
at her, he teased, "I dunno if I can fuck something this tight, Trish..."

"Oh god, please, fuck me!" She cried out, her boots wrapping around his waist,
begging him. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Your lucky you're so fucking hot, Trish." He groaned, having to use a fair
bit of pull to yank his shaft out of her tight vice, her pussy walls trying to
hold him in. "Or I wouldn't even try..."

"Thank you, god, thank you..." She moaned loudly, her feet clenching and her
hands gripping the bed as he plunged back in, bottoming out quickly in her wet

Grunting and groaning softly, Val started picking up speed, pulling out and
pushing into her warm, gripping hole with increasing speed and power, his cock
getting more and more lubed, better sliding into her tight slit. Throwing his
hips forward with each thrust, he made sure to slap hips with the blonde
bombshell, sending a ripple through her body, making her tits bounce as Trish
arched her back slightly, picking up on what he was doing and accenting it as
best she could. As he worked into a quick rhythm, he had to use a significant
amount of energy to overcome the tightness of her vice, honestly not expecting
her to be so tight when he laid down his plan for the shoot, but taking it as
a pleasant surprise.

Rolling her head around and letting out a long, low moan, Trish arched her
back off the bed, half to show the abundance of cameras her large breasts, and
half to relieve the sexual pressure Val's hammering cock was applying to her
already frayed nerves, her body electrified with each pump. As she felt his
hands leave her hips and capture her bouncing breasts, she quickly realized
why none of the moaning his co-stars in any of the movies she had watched
sounded fake, Val's hard shaft ripping against her most pleasurable, sensitive
spots again and again with almost supernatural ease.

~Because they weren't faking.~ Trish thought, her body twisting and turning
on the bed underneath him as she tried to find some sort of sexual release
valve, his innate talent making her very, very glad that she decided to do
this picture with him. ~If I'd have known he was this good...~ She thought,
her back arching again as he squeeze her breasts gently, her rock hard nipples
caught between his thumb and index finger and shooting more pleasure through
her body. ~I would have been fucking him for years.~

Watching as Trish groaned and bounced on his cock, her whole body writhing and
rocking under his pumps, Val slowed his pace down, gently withdrawing his
shaft from her pussy with a groan, making her whine out softly. Quickly
getting down onto the bed, he motioned for her to get on top of him, guiding
her on and making her face away from him. Watching as she quickly scurried
into position, grabbing his shaft and sliding back down it, her whole body
leaning forward as she moaned loudly from the invasion, he groaned, reaching
out and slapping her ass gently.

"That's it, Trish." He told her. "You want that cock? You do some of the work.
Bounce on that cock, baby. Show off that body of yours."

Taking his direction to heart, Trish sat up fully, reaching her arms back to
rest beside him as she started rising up from his cock, the pulling of her
pussy on his dick surprising her as she arched her chest out, remembering
Val's instructions about maximum bounce for the cameras.

"God Trish, you are a fucking pro." He groaned, loving the feel of her tight
pussy around his shaft, thankful that he had held out long enough to get a
taste of it. "You know how to tease those cameras. Show off that hot body for
me, baby. Show off those big tits and that sexy body."

Nodding her head and sending her blond hair flying about, Trish bounced up and
down in his lap hard and fast, her approach not all that different from his,
using force and speed to maximize the bouncing of her tits and the loud sounds
caused by flesh on flesh contact, knowing from her own personal viewing
pleasure how hot that sounded coming from a good speaker system, the raw,
carnal nature of the act getting across on sound alone. Sobbing loudly, she
flailed about on his cock, wishing she could control herself a little better,
not wanting to get so into the performance, but finding herself unable to slow
down, and trying to mix her want to get off with Val's instructions on how
porn star sex should be like. Running her hands up her body, she cried out as
he slapped her ass again, his hand timing it's strike perfectly.

Groaning loudly as she continued to impale herself on his shaft, Val occupied
himself with slapping her ass softly, making sure that his slaps made a
healthy amount of noise with as little sting as possible, not wanting to upset
his stunning costar and make her stop the shoot in the middle. Seeing her bend
over and begin to jackhammer her hips up and down on his shaft, her hands
grabbing at the bedspread as she cried out louder and harder, he pushed
himself up slightly, grabbing the bed and meeting her in the middle, thrusting
his hips up and pushing his cock into her as she pushed down, giving her the
extra bit of pump she was craving.

Arching her back hard, Trish let out an ear piecing scream, her mouth
stretched open to the max as she continued to pound her pussy against Val's
cock. "!" She called out, her hands death gripping the bed as she
began to shake. "Fuck Val, don't stop, don't stop!"

Looking down at Trish, and the motions she was going through, he had to
commend her on her performance. ~She's a natural.~ He said, watching as her
body began to shudder, her imitation of an orgasm perfected down to the
shaking of her head as she tried to keep it up. Realizing that having her come
that soon in the movie, after they had only been fucking for the better part
of ten minutes or so, he knew he had to say something, and edit it out in
postproduction. "Trish." He called out. "You don't need to act that much. You
can save the orgasm for later..."

Whipping her head around and glaring at him, Trish sobbed out loudly, her
shaking and spasming not calming down. "I'm not fucking acting!" She spat at
him, her eyes ablaze as she continued to pound his shaft.

Quickly realizing that his costars pleasure was for real and not an act, he
quickly put aside his disbelief, concentrating on giving her all the good
feelings he could, grabbing her hips and pounding up into her harder and
faster, her shrieking alerting him to the fact that she noticed his efforts
and appreciated them. Slapping the bed, Trish tried to keep her hips moving,
her bodies rage quickly running out and forcing her face first into the
mattress, sobbing loudly as her body continued to shudder under Val's
hammering pumps.

Quickly slowing down his strokes, he leaned back, counting off softly to make
sure he had a good enough break in the action before pulling out of her,
moving her off to the side and onto her back as he crawled up towards her
head. Looking down at her, and finding her eyes barely open, he grinned,
reaching down and cupping her face. "You still with me, Trish?" He asked

"So...good..." She moaned, nodding slightly.

"You need a break?" He asked.

"Why are you talking?" She asked. "Won't it ruin the movie?"

"I can cut it out later." He promised her. "So, break?"

"I don't wanna stop." She said, panting loudly. "Can't you do something else?"

Looking down at her chest, he smiled. "I could get a titty fuck, if you're

"Totally." She said, not wanting to break the good rhythm they had going.

"Ok." He said, giving her a nod. "Just give me a little wink when you're ready
to move on, ok?"

"Got it."

"Ok...and, action." He said, his face turning into a smile. Grabbing his cock,
he pushed it into her face. "Clean me up, Trish." He told her firmly but
gently. "You made a mess out of me with a that little cum show of yours, now
clean it up. I wanna fuck those big titties of yours."

Nodding softly, Trish craned her head up, taking the tip of his shaft into her
mouth and sucking him softly, wanting to give him another of her high energy
head whipping blowjobs, but finding her strength just wasn't there. Seeing her
inner battle, Val smiled, an idea clicking in his head.

"That's ok..." He said, before smiling. "But you're not getting it all. I think
we need a little deep throat action, don't you?" When she smiled and nodded,
he motioned for her to say lying down, moving around so he was above her head
before reaching under her and cupping her neck, lifting it up and pulling her
head up so it was hanging upside down. As she grabbed his shaft and lined it
up with her mouth, he pushed forward, knowing she could handle it now and
forcing his way deep into her throat, making her gag and sputter from the odd
angle, but her hands on his ass telling him not to stop, keeping him pushed
down her throat until her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, letting
him pull out as she sucked, cleaning his dick and lubing it up for the tit
fuck in one swift motion.

Pulling himself free from her suction vice, he pushed her back down onto the
bed, quickly swinging his leg over her torso and straddling her chest. Taking
her hands in his and pushing them around her chest, her moaned softly as she
took the hint and pushed her tits tight around his cock. Reaching down and
cupping her head in his hands, he pulled her head up, holding it there with
one hand while grabbing a pillow with the other, stuffing it behind her head
and keeping it tilted up. Seeing her give him a quick questioning glance, he

"Think your just gonna sit there and titty fuck me?" He asked, as much for the
camera as for her. Shaking his head, he grinned, pushing his cock forward, the
head pushing into her face, making her catch on quickly. "Play some catch,

Purring, Trish smiled at him. "I thought you played catch with balls?"

Pulling back, he smiled at her, loving her willingness to go with the flow.
Pushing back towards her face, he groaned as she captured his cock between her
lips, giving it a soft suck before he pulled back. "You normally do." He said,
grinning. "But I think you like playing with the bat more."

"I do." She purred, sliding her tongue out and guiding his cock back into her

Moaning softly as she kept her tits tight, her mouth open and her tongue
wiggling, Val kept pushing between her breasts, the large flesh mounds
wrapping him up and holding him tight as Trish squirmed on the bed, her body
beginning to show signs of brushing off the orgasm from a few moments ago and
wanting to get back into the swing of things. But until she gave him the sign,
he kept pushing between her tits, letting her lap at his cock whenever it
poked into her face.

Craning her neck to capture his cock with each pump, Trish smiled as he kept
pumping in between her mounds of flesh, the cat and mouse game between her
mouth and his cock quickly making her forget about the pounding orgasm she had
just been hit with, and making her brain shift towards getting ready to go
after another one. Letting him slide his thick shaft between her boobs a few
more times, knowing from his moans that he was enjoying the position, she
looked up at him, getting his attention and giving him a quick wink.

Reaching down and pushing her hands away, Val grabbed his cock, slapping it
softly against her tits. "I think that's enough of that." He said, grinning
down at her. "I want some more of that pussy."

"Sounds good to me." She moaned softly, shaking her tits at him, letting him
play with them for a moment before he dismounted her chest.

Waiting for his instructions, she quickly caught on as he laid down on the bed
beside her, on his side. Quickly rolling onto her side, she pulled her legs up
slightly, letting him get into position as he scooted in behind her, his cock
in one hand, the other sliding under her head and giving her something to rest
it on. Rubbing his cock along her pussy, he pushed into her from the backside,
spooning against her and lifting up her leg, making her bed her knee and plant
the foot down, giving him easier access to her wet core.

Moaning softly, Trish let him slide his hand out from under her head, sliding
it under her body as the other one reached over, the under one heading for her
breasts, the over one heading for her pussy, quickly finding her clit area and
rubbing it softly, making her moan. If she was willing to force a pause in the
action, she would have considered asking him what a slow, soft spoon fuck was
doing in a hard pounding fuck tape like they were making. But as he rubbed her
gently, his cock moving in and out of her in slow, smooth strokes, she didn't
care, doing her best to play for the camera as she tried to drink in all the
pleasure she could.

"Just nice and slow..." Val told her, as if reading her thoughts. "I'm just
gonna fuck you nice and slow for now, just soft and easy strokes, and do you
know why, Trish?"

"Oh god, tell me." She moaned. "Tell me why..."

"Because, when we roll out of this, and into a new position, I'm going to fuck
you retarded." He growled, his nimble hand teasing her clit and making her cry
out. "I'm gonna slam fuck you until your eyes roll back in your head and your
drooling on yourself."

"God, do that." Trish urged him, not caring if it was for the camera or not.
"God, do that Val. I wanna get fucked so bad..."

"I'm addicted to you coming." He told her, not sure if it was for the camera
or not. "I saw you come before, and I want to see you do it again. I want to
see it, because it is so sexy to watch you lose your mind..."

"God, it felt so good..." She groaned, arching up against him as he rolled her
clit around, his other hand rubbing her nipples softly, teasing her most
sensitive spots as he pushed into her over and over again, never speeding up,
keeping his promise to go slow and steady for now.

Holding her tight to his body, he pushed into her, knowing that the position
wasn't the greatest for the shoot, but knowing he had enough cameras set up to
make it at least usable. He liked the position, and he liked doing it with
Trish, so he wasn't about to give up on it just because it wouldn't look
amazing. And as she groaned and rolled her head about, her body writhing on
the bed under his touch, he could tell she enjoyed it as well, revving her up
for what was soon to come.

Groaning loudly, Trish moaned as Val pulled out from behind her, flopping her
over onto her back, leaving her empty and needy. Feeling his hand on her hip,
she tried to figure out what he wanted, what would get him back inside of her
and give her the second batch of release she desperately craved. Feeling him
tug her hip, her foggy mind snapped into action, rolling over onto her stomach
and pushing her ass into the air, wiggling it at him as he moved behind her.

"Back in." She groaned, feeling his hand on her hip as he scooted forward,
grabbing his cock and slipping it along her slit. "Back in, back in, back in!"

Plunging forward, Val groaned along with Trish, her back arching as she kept
her chest planted on the mattress, knowing her arms in there current Jell-O
state wouldn't have a shot of holding her up as Val started picking up speed,
hammering down into her as he raised up higher, getting the perfect angle as
he hovered over her upturned ass and pounding into her pussy.

Sobbing out loudly, Trish let Val set the pace, trusting the experience that
he had with the skin film business and letting him do what he did so well.
Bouncing off the bed with each increasingly fast thrust, she cried out again
and again, her hands clawing at the bed spread as she screamed her head off,
her toes curling up and her boots slapping off the bed, Val's thrusts rocking
her entire body and making her shake with orgasmic bliss again.

"Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggg!"
Trish screamed out, her body thrashing around on the bed as her toes tried in
vain to curl up in her boots, the hard soles preventing them from doing so and
making them push painfully into the bottom as she came hard, Val's hard and
fast strokes getting harder and faster as he pounded down into her upturned
ass. Feeling one of his hands slide around her ass and push a finger into her
forbidden hole, Trish let loose, her body convulsing on the bed as Val refused
to give an inch, pounding and pumping her twitching pussy as she shook and
cursed on the bed. "Oh god, oh god, oh fuck Val fuck! Coming! Fucking I'm
fucking coming!"

"Fuck yea! Fuck yea!" Val yelled, pounding into her hard and fast. "Come you
sexy blonde thing! Coat me again and you can clean it up with that sexy
fucking mouth of yours!"

"Ok, ok, ok!" Trish screamed, her head flailing about as she clawed
fruitlessly against the bed, yanking the bed spread out and pulling it towards
her, her fingers grabbing at the mattress and making a zipping noise as they
went. "God, so fucking good...oh fuck!"

Reaching his other arm around her waist and finding her crotch, he rubbed
blindly, hoping he was hitting clit, but settling for anything that brought
his sexy blonde pinup more pleasure. Hearing her voice reach a new pitch, her
shaking take on a whole new level of violence, he knew he found something,
holding on for dear life as he continued to slam into her, giving her all the
effort he could muster and worrying about the pain in his back and knees
later, knowing an orgasm like that from Trish might only come once in a
lifetime, and he wanted the best one he could get from her captured on camera.

Arching her back one final time, she let out a pitiful sob, her body
shivering, then quivering, then flopping to the bed in a sexed out heap,
coated from head to toe in sweat as she fought the blackout threatening to
overcome her, barely aware of Val's continued efforts in her pussy, the tight
hole shutting down due to pleasure overload and just sending mixed signals
back to her brain.

Pulling his Trish-slicked cock out of her fluttering pussy, Val gave her a
sharp slap on the ass, adding a yelp to her sobs and moans. Slapping his hard
rod against her butt a few times, Val pulled back and scooted around to the
front, sitting down on the bed and leaning against the headboard, smiling as
he put one leg on either side of her, his cock right in front of her.

Pushing her blonde locks out of her face, which was still pressed into the
mattress, Val grinned down at her. "Still with me, Trish?" When she moaned and
nodded slightly, he gripped his cock, sticking the large slab of meat in her
face and slapped it lightly against her cheek. "How about you give me a little
bit more of that oral talent you got?"

Groaning softly, Trish told him, "I don't think I can lift my head..."

Chuckling, Val reached out and cupped her head, lifting it into the air and
over his cock. "Let me worry about that." He told her. "You just worry about
sucking me so good, like I know you can. Deal?"

Nodding, she moaned softly. "Deal."

Offering he a subtle clue as to his state, and how he was holding out, he told
her, "Don't think you're gonna get to long of a break, though. I want back in
you, quick."

Trying to nod around his hands, she took his hint, letting him drop her down
onto his cock and sucking softly on it, holding off from her full skills to
save him for the big finish she craved. Brushing his hands away as she
regained her strength, she bobbed her head up and down slowly, holding off on
the tongue work as she went for more show than substance.

Groaning loudly, Val looked down at the blonde head in his lap, smiling as she
worked up and down his shaft. Not feeling her tongue, he realized she had
gotten his message loud and clear, and was working towards holding him off for
the money shot. Reaching down and brushing her hair out of her face, he
flinched slightly as she sucked, his cock humming from all the previous sexual
activity with the gorgeous Diva. Realizing he had to act now, he pulled her
off of his cock, groaning softly as she gave him a tongue flick on the way out
on instinct. Looking down at her, and smiling as she licked her pouty lips, he
told her, "Get up here and ride me."

Nodding, Trish crawled into his lap, pulling herself up and allowing his cock
access to her pussy again. Groaning as he split her open, she let her head
rest on his shoulder, her sweaty body sore and tired from the fucking, but
determined to finish the scene, lifting herself up and him out of her before
dropping back down, groaning loudly as he pushed back in. Feeling his hands
cup her chest, she kissed the top of his head, moaning softly as he flicked at
her nipples, bathing the nubs with warm saliva.

"Fuck Val, fuck..." She panted, groaning as he squeezed her chest, pushing her
tits up and letting him have access to her hardened nipples as she bounced.
"Fucking so good..."

"You are so hot, Trish." He told her, kissing her softly, her tongue diving
into his mouth and wrestling with his. Pulling back, he moved back to her
chest, wanting to get all of her he could before he shot his wad, an event he
knew was coming quickly.

Holding him tight to her chest, she didn't care about not cuddling, wanting
him close as she pushed herself down on him over and over again, wanting him
to have his reward for making her come so hard, not once, but twice. Feeling
him pull her left nipple and areola into his mouth, she moaned loudly, her
body hypersensitive to any and all lustful touches, her frayed nerves
threatening to shut down her little ride.

Bouncing up and down, Trish leaned over him, gripping the head board tightly
as she let her tits dangle in his face, spurning him on to latch onto them and
suck the tight nipples. Sobbing out loudly, she played for the cameras,
running her fingers through her hair as she arched back, her pussy driving
down on his long shaft as he grunted louder and louder.

"Trish..." he hissed, looking up at her. "Gonna come..."

"Your gonna come, huh?" Trish asked, smiling down at him. When he nodded, she
asked, "You wanna shoot that big sticky load all over my hot face, Val? You
promised me you'd treat me just like all those other porn sluts you fucked.
Are you gonna do that, huh? Are you gonna blow up all over my cover girl

"Oh fuck yea, Trish!" He groaned, grabbing her hips and lifting her up
quickly, extracting himself from her tightness and sliding out from under her.
Watching as she quickly spun around on the bed to face the close up camera,
propping herself up on her knees and presenting her face as a landing pad for
his sticky wad, Val jumped up to his feet, moving closer and pointing his cock
at her face, stroking it quickly.

Looking towards the camera, Trish smiled, flicking her tongue out and lapping
at Val's cock. "Are you jealous now, Vicky?" Trish giggled, moaning softly as
Val rubbed his cock over her lips, searching for the touch of her magical
tongue. "You got left behind while I got to be the biggest, best Diva the WWE
has ever known. Doesn't that just piss you off so much? That I can sit here
and catch Val's big, sticky nut with my face and I'm still the golden girl of
the WWE? That I can do this for fun, and this is the only way you can get a
job?" Hearing Val groan, and give her the sign that he was about to blow, she
smirked at the camera, pouting out her lips as she leaned back slightly. "This
one's for you, Vicky. Enjoy, you psycho bitch!"

Groaning loudly as he braced himself, Val let loose, hot come shooting out of
his knob and splattering across Trish's face. Watching as he unloaded shot
after shot of white hot lust onto her gorgeous face, he almost smiled with
pride as she took it like a seasoned vet, not flinching an inch as the high
velocity man juice struck her again and again, painting her tanned skin with
splotches of white. Feeling her hand reach up and cup his nuts, he groaned
louder as he spread his legs, the motion sending a shot off course and
streaking into her hair as she rubbed his bloated sack, milking the nuts for
whatever goo she could find.

Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, Trish silently offered Val the
chance to do what millions of guys would kill to do, looking up at him with
the one eye that wasn't glued shut with his semen. Seeing him shift his cocks
aim to her mouth, she giggled with excitement as he dropped load after load
into her watering mouth, his cock spurting off like a never-ending fountain.
Trish could feel his come hanging on her face, dripping down her chin and onto
her tits, the thought of which was driving her wild, half of her wanting him
to finish coming and let her check out the footage, and the other half wishing
he'd come more and more and make the images even more memorable than they
already would be, coating her completely in his nut and leaving them both

Tugging his cock relentlessly, Val tried to comply with her silent wish, but
soon found his flow slowing to a stop. Shaking his cock to ensure he gave the
blonde goddess everything he had, Val let go of his cock, drawing in deep,
heavy breaths as Trish swallowed the load in her mouth with a satisfied gulp.
Looking down at her, he watched as her hand moved from his balls to his cock,
gripping the still hardened shaft and pumping it slowly, shooting pleasure
through his body.

"Was it good, Val?" Trish asked, going over the script in her mind, hoping the
orgasms she had been hammered with and Val's spunk shower hadn't rattled her
brain too much.

"Fucking awesome." He said.

"Do you think any other Diva could do what I did?" She asked sweetly, still
stroking his cock, throwing in the occasional lick to clean any semen that
leaked out.

"Never." He said firmly.

Licking her lips, and drawing in the salty layer on them, she leaned forward,
kissing his cock with a sweet, soft kiss, treating it like it was another
lover. "You enjoyed it then? Had a good time?"

"Trish." He said, smiling at the camera. "I am totally, one hundred percent,
Stratusfied. Guaranteed."

As Trish took his cock back into her mouth, sucking on the rapidly deflating
member, Val waited a for a few moments, silently counting to five to ensure
that he didn't cut off the ending of the tape before regretfully pulling away
from Trish, moving over to the night stand and grabbing the remote to the
video cameras. Moving back on the bed, he pointed it towards them, hitting the
stop button as he groaned in surprise, Trish latching back onto his cock and
sucking it in, jerking him with smooth, even strokes.

"And that's a wrap." He said, really wishing he didn't have to say it. Looking
down at her as she let his cock drop out of her mouth, and noticing that she
gave it a suck on the way, he told her, "Trish, that was absolutely
incredible. I don't even know how to describe how awesome that was."

Giggling, Trish scooted away from him, letting him sit down on the bed. "That
was awesome." She said. "I'm just gonna go clean up." Smiling sweetly at him,
her eye still stuck shut from the semen rope covering it, she asked, "Wanna
cue up the ending? I wanna see what it looked like..."

"No problem." He said, moving off the bed. Watching Trish move down the
hallway, Val took in the surreal sight of a heel wearing, cum plastered, busty
blonde sex bomb pin up giggling down the hall towards his bathroom to happily
clean his seed from her face. Shaking his head to clear any ideas he might
have out of it, he grabbed the close up camera and unplugged it as he moved
towards the TV, stopping as he heard giggling coming from the bathroom.

"Holy shit, Val!" Trish said as she looked in the full-length mirror mounted
on his wall. "I was just expecting to wash my face, but it's fucking

"Sorry about that..." He started, before she quickly cut him off.

"What are you sorry for?" She asked, still giggling as she opened up the
shower and started the water running before returning to the sink, quickly
running the water and washing the coating of goo from her face. "That was
amazing!" Looking out the bathroom door and down the hall, she smiled at him.
"But I'm gonna need a minute to get cleaned up. Do you have anything to eat?"
Flashing him a wicked smile, she said, "I kinda worked up an appetite."

"No problem." He said, smiling back as she quickly turned and hopped into the
shower. Grabbing a pair of boxers from his dresser, Val pulled them on as he
quickly made his way down to the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing the
deli tray he had ordered that morning and a bag of drinks, kicking the door
shut with his foot as he bounded back up the stairs, moving into the bedroom
and setting the food down on the bed before turning his attention back to the
TV, finishing hooking up the camcorder to it and grabbing the remote.

Hearing the shower door open and close again, he moved back to the bed,
hopping on it and crawling up to the top, leaning against the head board as he
started the tape, getting it ready and getting the end cued up for Trish.
Stopping the tape, he sat back and waited for her to finish, listing to her
footsteps come down the hallway. Watching as she moved into the bedroom, Val
couldn't help but leer at her as she dried her hair with a towel, standing in
the doorway nude, having left her clothes in the bathroom. Pulling the towel
away, Trish gave him a grin.

"Holy fuck Val." She said, again starting to giggle. "It was everywhere! Like
I said, I was expecting a little on my face, but man! On my face, my tits,
tummy...even my thighs had some on them!"

"Yea, I'm sorry about that..." He started, before she cut him off.

"Sorry nothing!" She insisted. "I told you, not a problem. Far from a problem,
actually. That rocked!" Seeing him smile, she moved back towards the bed. "You
must have been backed up big time."

Nodding, he told her, "I haven't done a movie...or gotten off since the night I
asked you to think about it. I was just hoping and praying you'd say yes and I
could get to use all that pent up energy." When she grinned, he said, "I had
to turn down like a dozen movie offers."

"What?" She asked, moving onto the bed. "Seriously?" When he nodded, she shook
her head. "You shouldn't have done that..."

"Why not?" He asked, smiling as he leaned forward, grabbing the deli tray and
the bag of drinks. "Hey, this was a special event. A one of a kind video. That
demands special care. And if having to go a few weeks without busting a nut is
what's required, then so be it." Grinning, he said, "Remember, I'm the pro
here. I know what I'm doing."

Smiling, she quickly scooted into his lap, taking him by surprise as she sat
with her back to his chest, his cock pressed into her back. "I suppose." She
said, reaching down and pulling the tray closer, grabbing a bottle of water
out of the bag. "I see you were prepared."

"Very." He said. "Again, done this before."

Nodding, she picked up a piece of meat, and motioned to the TV. "Got it


"Fire it up." She said, squirming nervously in his lap. "I wanna see if it
looks as good as it felt."

Nodding, Val hit play, watching as she image of Trish scurrying into a sitting
position came up on the screen, her speech making her smile as she squirmed,
making him fight to stifle his moans. Looking back at him with a smile, she
gave him another rub, letting him know he wasn't hiding anything.

Turning back to the TV, Trish smiled with glee as Val unloaded his massive
load on her face, his aim shifting down to her mouth as she offered it up to
him. "Good job on picking that up." She said. "I didn't want to be all corny
and have to ask for it."

"I was just glad I got it right." He said. "I've been punched in the nuts
before after coming in some girls mouth who didn't want it."

"Seriously?" Trish asked. When he gave her an affirmative, she shook her head.
"Don't expect that to ever happen with me." She said, smiling as he shot the
last of his goo onto her face, plastering her from ear to ear, forehead to
chin in sticky white love. "I'm kinda partial to what your balls can do."

Hitting the stop button as the scene faded out, he asked, "So, what do you
think? I know it's just the end, and we'll probably have to go over the other
footage to pick out the best shots, but any initial impressions?"

"That was the most amazing, mind blowing, exciting, erotic, satisfying thing
I've ever done in my entire life." She gushed, smiling back at him. "I don't
think I've ever been more turned on in my whole life. Just the thought of
Victoria watching you fuck me half stupid and coat my face..."

"And tits."

"And tits." She giggled. "Is just so fucking hot. So hot." Leaning back, she
kissed him softly on the lips, catching him off guard. "Thank you so much for
talking me into this Val." She said, before giving him a smirk. "It's a good

"It is." He confirmed with a nod, before getting confused, looking at her.
"Start? What do you mean, start?"

"Well..." Trish said, biting her bottom lip. "As awesome as that money shot was,
I think the camera angle was a bit off. It's hard to get good shots with a
static camera. We need close ups. Lots of close ups."

Scratching his head, he nodded. "I suppose I could set up a few more cameras..."

"Not what I was talking about." She said. "The kind of action we just pulled
off demand close ups. Close ups need camera people."

"I thought you didn't want a camera crew in here?" He asked, getting more and
more confused by the minute.

"I didn't." She said, smiling. "Then. Now...assuming you let me pick out the

"Anyone you want." He promised her.

"I think I can work with it." She said. "And get my close ups. And close ups
mean we're gonna have to schedule a re-shoot."

"A re-shoot?" He asked. When she nodded, he smiled, it all coming to him at
once. "You mean you wanna do this movie over?"

"Of course." She said. "I can't be associated with an inferior product. That
just won't do."

"Fuck no it won't!" He agreed, suddenly very interested in her ideas.

"And besides." She said, leaning back and kissing him as she took his hands,
placing them on her body. "We have to think about the sequels."

"Sequels?" He asked.

"Of course." She said. "All great movies nowadays get a sequel." Licking his
lips, she purred as he rubbed her body. "And Val, I think we just shot a sure
fire blockbuster."

"I like how you think Trish." Val said, running his hands over her body.

"I thought you would."

"So, when did you want to schedule this re-shoot?" He asked, hoping "Now"
would be her answer.

" about a weeks time." She said, smiling as he groaned in
disappointment. "Hey, you gotta have some time to recharge the Val cannon,
don't you?" When he nodded, she asked, "I don't want your reputation getting
ruined because I rushed you into performing to soon. Would you?" As he shook
his head, she grinned. "Thought so."

"And what about the sequel?" He asked.

"Sequels." She corrected him with a grin. "Possibly. All depends on what kind
of ideas I can come up with. Sequels always have to be bigger. Better."
Looking at him, she said, "So, how about you get me a list of crew people, and
I'll make the decisions on who I want, and we can get this ball rolling?"
Flashing him her million dollar smile, she said, "The quicker we get this re-
shoot out of the way, the quicker we can get to work on the sequel."

"Sequels." He corrected her, smiling as she giggled and nodded. Rubbing her
body, and making her squirm in his lap, he leaned back, taking in the whole
situation. "Trish, I think this is gonna be the start of something huge." He

Nodding, she leaned back against him, letting his hands roam over her body as
she took a drink of her water. "I think so to, Val." She mused. "I think so

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