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PAIRING: Trish Stratus/Val Venis, Trish Stratus/Steven Richards

DISCLAIMER: These stories are real people in fake situations.


1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
Just imagine all the wrestlers in the best shape of their career, and you'll
be fine.

2nd, please don't post this on any websites or message boards without my
permission. It's not hard to get. Just ask. Also, please don't edit any part
of this story without asking me.

3rd, keep any feedback constructive please, and I'd prefer if sent to my
e-mail address, and not on a message board.

4th, this story is written assuming what happens on TV is "Real", that the
wrestlers are actually the characters they portray.

~ Denotes Thought ~

Lights, Cameras, Stratusfaction Part 2: Sex, Lies And Sequels
by Nero Rain (

"Oooooo, fuck, fuck!"

Propping her leg up to gain access to her pussy, Trish reached down between
her legs and quickly rubbed her clit, mashing the nub against Val's pistoning
rod as he held her tight, spooning against her back as he slammed into her
over and over.

"Oh fuck yea!" Trish yelped, moving her body to drive Val's cock in deep, his
hands reaching up and grabbing his bouncing tits, cupping them firmly. "Fuck
yea, Val, fuck yea! Don't stop, baby!"

"You gonna come, Trish?" Val groaned.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!" She moaned, her whole body rocking under the thrusts
Val was delivering into her body. Feeling him pull back, she groaned loudly as
he grabbed her leg, swinging it over his head and sliding between them, lining
his cock back into her pussy and pushing in up to the balls, leaning in and
capturing her right nipple between his lips.

"Frig that clit, Trish!" Val hissed around her nipple. "Rub that fucking clit
and come all over my big cock!"

"Ohhhh, fuck yes!" She screamed, arching her back as she rubbed harder and
faster, her hand a blaze over her crotch as Val picked up speed, hammering
into her with lightening fast pumps.

"Alright, seriously?" Trish said, popping another piece of popcorn into her
mouth. "Super glad we did the re-shoot. Especially with the camera crew."
Looking at Val, she asked, "Where did you get them? They ruled!"

"Yea, they did good work." Val said with a nod. "Especially on the close

"Oh! Oh!" Trish said, pointing at the screen. "My favorite part!" Turning her
full attention to the screen, Trish watched as the camera panned up her
luscious body, moving from a shot of Val pumping her dripping pussy, up her
toned stomach and past her bouncing breasts to her face, a twisted mask of
pleasure as she sobbed and cried out in ecstasy. "I was coming so hard there."
She said matter-of-factly. "I don't even remember shooting that part."

"Really?" Val asked. When she nodded, he grinned. "So, should I assume that
you enjoyed making the movie?"

"Really enjoyed it." She said with a grin. "Way, way more than I thought I

"And you're satisfied with the finished product?"

"Very." She confirmed. "Especially the close ups. Add so much to the shoot."

"An anal scene would add a lot to it to."

Looking at him, she smirked. "Would you let me stick something up your ass?"

"Um, no."

"Well then?" When he chuckled, she said, "I'm really surprised how little I
noticed the camera people."

"I think the fact you picked out an all female crew helped." He said.
"Probably put you at ease a little bit."

"That..." She said, looking at him with a smile. "And it's kinda hard to notice
someone with a camera when you're busy coming your brains out." Pointing at
the screen, and the throws of passion it showed her in, she told him,
"Seriously, don't remember that. Total autopilot right there."

"Well, your autopilot is better than anyone else's full attention." He said.
When she smiled, he asked, "So, you approve of the movie? Got to see it enough
to make sure it meets your standards?"

"Yea, I think six viewings is enough." She said with a giggle. "And I totally
approve of it. It came out a million times better than I could have hoped

"Awww, fuck, Trish, suck that dick!"

Looking up at the screen, Trish and Val smiled as he moved up towards
her head, his cock in hand as he pushed it into her slack jawed mouth, her
eyes still rolled back in her head as she fought to shake off the near
knockout blow he had delivered to her with a savage orgasm. Watching her mouth
form a loose, uneven seal around his cock, Val smiled, pointing at the screen
as she started slurping. "That's my favorite part."

"Better than the money shot?" Trish asked.

"Well..." He said, smiling at her. "Just a little. You...well..."

"Suck a mean dick?" She offered with a grin.

"I was trying to find a tactful way of saying that." He said.

Leaning in and giving him a peck on the lips, she purred, "There's
nothing tactful about a good cock sucking..."

"I suppose not." He agreed with a smile. Looking down at her, he said,
"So. You got your movie made..."

"Which was awesome."

"Watched it to make sure it came out the way you wanted."

"Which, again, awesome." She said, before grinning and adding,
"Especially that time we acted it out along side the film..."

"That was awesome." He said. "And, you have the disposable DVD copy
ready to send."

"That I do." She said with a smile.

"Now, all it comes down to is..." he said, looking at her. "Are you one
hundred percent, absolutely, positively positive you want to send that copy
to Victoria?"

"Are you shitting me?" She asked, laughing. "Of course I'm sure! That's
the best part!" Thinking that over, she smiled shyly, biting her bottom lip,
saying, "Well, third best part."

"Third best?"

"First would be shooting it." She said, smiling. "And the second would
be re-shooting it."

"Ok." He said, nodding. "Now, just were to send it."

"Her house." Trish said firmly. "That way, she can't drag a bunch of
other wrestlers in and get a group viewing going on."

"Sounds like a plan." Val said, giving her a quick kiss before sliding
off the bed and moving over to his desk. "I got one of my guys to track down
where Victoria lives, and he got me an address to send it to. He double
checked she lived there, so I know it's the right place."

"Sounds good." Trish said, nodding as she slid off the bed. "And, you
have my copy?"

Nodding, he pointed to the DVD player. "It's in the player."

Looking confused, she said, "I thought that was your copy?"

Shaking his head, he continued to do up the package to send Victoria. "I
don't have a copy."

"Oh." She said, nodding. "You have the masters..."

"No, I gave those to you." He said. "Remember that box I had shipped to
your place?"


"Well, that was the masters."

"Oh." She said, still confused. "Do you have a copy on your computer


Looking slightly hurt, she asked, "Why not? Don't you like our movie...?"

"Not our movie." He said, turning to face her. "Your movie. And no, I
loved it. Loved making it, loved watching it, and I think it's an awesome
movie. It's just, it's your movie, and I don't keep copies of personal tapes."

"Why not?" She asked softly. "I mean, if you like it..."

"What if we have a falling out?" He asked. Seeing something click in her
head, he said, "Me, I do this for a living. If that tape leaked out, it
wouldn't bother me. But you don't, and you've made it clear that you don't
want to do it for a living..."

"Just as a hobby." She said with a grin.

"...So this could affect your long term financial future." He said.
Grinning, he said, "Besides, I'm hoping if I ever wanna see it, you'll have me
up to your place to have a viewing of it..."

"Or a repeat." She purred, moving over and giving him a kiss.

"Or film the sequel." He said. Seeing her nod, he asked, "Have any ideas
for a sequel?"

"Lots." She admitted, giggling. "Just none of them involving you right

"Ok." He said. "Care to share any of them?"

Sighing, she said, "Sorry, Val, but they really can't have you in them.
There more...character specific."

"That's fine." He said.

Looking at him, she asked, "It is?"

Nodding, he told her, "I told you when we first talked about sequels, I
didn't expect to be in all of them. Or even any, if you didn't want..."

"Oh, I want." She said with an emphatic nod. "I very much want. It's
just, all my ideas right now involve other people..."

"Which is perfectly fine by me." He told her. Seeing her look confused,
he said, "Trish, I make tons of movies every year. And how many of them have
had you as the costar?"

"Umm, that would be one." She admitted.

"So, with that being said, if I do movies with other people, how
childish would it look if I got upset if you wanted to do, and eventually did,
another movie with another person?" He asked.

"Very, I guess."

"Very." He confirmed. "I won't lie to you. I really enjoyed making our
movie. Like, beyond normal enjoyment of making a sex tape. You are awesome in
the sack, and just being able to do something like that with a good friend,
for a good cause, made it all the more worth while." When she smiled softly,
he said, "If you ever wanna do a tape with someone else, and you want me to
help you with it, just let me know. I won't be mad."

Smiling, she moved over, giving him a hug, letting her head rest against
his chest. "You'll always be my number one costar."

"I hope so."

Smiling, she added, "Mainly because I'm fucking you all the time without
the cameras on."

"That does help ease the sting of you wanting other costars." He admitted
with a grin.

Looking up at him, she asked, "So, if I happened to come up with an idea
for a movie..."

"I'd give you my honest opinion." He said. "If it's good, I'll tell you,
and if it's bad, I'll tell you. And not because I'm not in it. I'll always
give you my honest thoughts. Just so long as you're safe, and take the proper
precautions, I'll help you."

Leaning in and hugging him tighter, she smiled. "Thank you Val."

"No problem, Trish."

Pulling back, she smiled up at him. "Now lets get this thing wrapped up
and sent off to that psycho whore Victoria and see how much she enjoys my
acting debut."

Nodding, he smiled, turning back to the package and putting the
finishing touches on it. "I'm kinda curious to see her reaction too."

Moving over, she snatched the envelope from his hand, smiling. "Well
then." She said, leaning up and giving him a kiss. "Lets get this thing in the
mail, then just wait for out audience to watch our masterpiece. Sound good?"

Nodding, he motioned towards the bedroom door, letting her lead the way
as he leaned down, watching her ass move out the door. "Sounds like a plan."
He said, reaching behind him as he went and closing the bedroom door.

* * *

"Seriously?" Trish asked, ducking in the arena as Val held the door open
for her. "You could hook that up?"

"Of course." He said, smiling at her. "Me and the Godfather have worked
together tones of times. Usually, it's me hiring his girls..."

Looking at him, she grinned. "Just never had him hire out your costar

"Never." He said. "It's kinda...risky."

Laughing, Trish shook her head. "I didn't mean go out on the street and
pimp me out! Geez, Val..."

"Well, I'm just kinda confused." He said, scratching his head. "You
mentioned the Godfather, and being one of his hoes..."

"Uh-huh." She admitted, nodding. "But, I was more thinking of him as
another character in our movies. Add an extra element of acting to it."

Smiling, he asked, "So, who would hire you?"

Shrugging, she said, "Whoever I pick as my costar. It wouldn't be something
random, like, you know, putting me on a street corner and seeing who stops
first. But, you know, maybe, if I picked someone else to star with me besides

"Which is totally ok."

"I know." She said, smiling. "We could make more of a plot to the story?
Like, make it more acting? I'd like to do that...not that the sex aspect of it
isn't good enough, but still, I think that would be a good idea, don't you?"

Nodding, he said, "I'd have to figure out how to direct something like
that, but I'd be willing to give it a whirl, if you wanted."

"I might." She said, smiling. "I'm just bouncing ideas off of you..."

"That's ok." He said, smiling. "You have some great ideas. Better than
most of mine..."

Smiling, she nudged him. "Yours have their appeal. I love them."
Waggling her eyebrows, she said, "I love being in them more."

Nodding, he told her, "You really do have some good ideas, Trish. It
might be worth looking into some of them, even if they are just for your own
private collection." Shrugging, he told her, "Work out some private fantasies,
and have the video proof you did them." Grinning, he added, "Just make sure
you keep them in a secure place."

"Will do." Trish said. "I'll have to think about..."

"You two think your real fucking funny, don't you?"

Stopping their movement, and turning forward, Trish and Val tried not to
smile as Victoria stalked towards them, Steven just behind her.

"Victoria." Trish asked, faking confusion. "What ever do you mean?"

"That...filth you sent me!" She snarled, moving closer but keeping her
distance, the element of surprise not on her side and making her unwilling to
commit to a fight. "What you two did was disgusting, and deplorable, and..."

"Down right fun!" Trish giggled. "You mean you didn't like that little
part I put at the end, just for you?"

Shaking her head, Victoria ran her fingers through her hair, trying to
keep her rage under control. "That was grotesque." She spat. "That you'd
let...that..." She said, pointing at Val. "Do that to you..."

"Twice." She said, smiling. "We had to re-shoot. Did you like the close

"You two make me sick." Victoria spat.

"Does that mean your not gonna take me up on my offer to star in my new
companies first feature release?" Val asked.

"No!" Victoria snapped. "I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole!"

"Actually, it's more like eight inches..." Trish mused.

"Shut up!" Victoria snapped. "You two should be ashamed of yourselves!"

"For what?" Trish asked, smiling. "For having sex?" Shaking her head,
Trish laughed. "Victoria, you need to lighten up. Anyone else would have
enjoyed that gift." Looking up at Steven, she gave him a smile. "Did you get
to see the tape, Stevie?"

Turning around, Victoria snapped at him, "You shut up!"

Looking at Steven, Trish smiled at him, licking her lips softly. Seeing
a smile flash across his face for an instant, Trish's eyebrow raised slightly
before Victoria turned back around, her rage and insanity coming down full
bore on the blonde bombshell.

"You guys think you two are hot shit?" Victoria growled. "Well, I'm
going straight to Eric's office and demanding a match tonight, and we're going
to beat the shit out of you two...two...degenerates!"

"Bring it on, psycho." Trish challenged confidently. "I'll use your
sorry ass for a stepping stone to get my title back."

Screaming in rage, Victoria yanked out a few strands of her hair as she
spun around storming away as Steven followed suit, giving Trish a last glance
before moving away, stalking with Victoria towards Eric's office.

"That was fun." Trish giggled, looking up at Val. "I was hoping they'd
be upset, but that was above and beyond my expectations!" Grinning, she said,
"Well, Victoria was upset, anyways. I think Steven might have liked it..."

"No, really?" Val asked, faking shock as they started moving again. When
she giggled, he said, "What's not to like about a blonde bombshell fucking on
tape for your eyes only?"

"For Victoria's eyes only." She corrected him. "Steven was just an
innocent bystander."

"I don't know how innocent he is." He noted. "He did help kick your ass
a few weeks ago."

"Yea." She admitted, nodding. Smiling, she looked up at him. "You were
joking about making a movie with Victoria, right? Cuz I think that was icing
on the cake..."

"I was serious." Val said.

"What?" Trish asked, laughing. When he nodded, she asked, "Why? She's
fucking nuts!"

"Fucking nuts is hot in the sack." He told her with a grin. "And if she
took a STD test, came back clean, I'd make a movie with her."

Shaking her head, Trish smirked at him. "You're a dog, Val. A dog."

"Yea, yea, whatever." He said, pushing open the door to his locker room.
"How about we get thinking of some ideas for your next fantasy movie and
brainstorm who we could get the Godfather to hire you out to?"

Biting her bottom lip, she nodded. "Point well taken."

Looking into his locker room, he asked, "Were you gonna use my room this
week, or..."

"Of course!" She said, giggling as she pushed past him and into the
room. "I told Steve we'd be sharing from here on out. Since there's two of us
now, we get a bigger room, with better stuff."

"Better stuff?" He asked, moving into the room, and taking in the sight.
"It has a decent TV!" He said, grinning from ear to ear.

Nodding, she told him, "And, a kick ass couch."

Looking down at the couch, he smiled. "That couch looks almost good
enough to..."

"No." Trish said firmly.

Looking up at her, he whined. "No?"

"No." She said, smiling. "No sex till after the show."

"Why not?" He whined. "We've done it before the show before!"

"Yea, when I was on medical suspension for my concussion." She said with
a smirk. "Then, I didn't care about you banging me into a coma. With us both
having a match from the sounds of it, I'd like to be awake and not cum dumb."

Pouting softly, he said, "I'll keep it nice and easy..."

"No." She said, leaning over and kissing him. "And that's final. After
the show, we can go back to the hotel and fuck like wild animals. But right
now, I'm gonna get some rest and get ready for the match, since I'm assuming
that Victoria is going to get it made."

His mood lifting some, he asked, "Does that mean you are gonna get

Looking around the room, she smiled. "This room doesn't have a privacy
wall." She said, looking up at him. "What ever will I do?"

"Strip and show off that body." He suggested.

"Will you do the same?"

"If you want me to."

"I want you to." She said, smiling as she pushed him onto the couch.
"After me. Give you a little show to get The Big Valbowski up to speed before
I get my show."

Nodding, Val took his seat on the couch and watched as she moved away
from him slightly, looking over her shoulder as she reached down and grabbed
the bottom of her tight shirt. "Ready, Val?"

"Ready, Trish." He said, smiling at her. "And don't worry. I'm sure with
your moves, the Big Valbowski will be ready and waiting for when your ready."

Giving him a sly smile, she asked, "Why do I get the feeling you mean
more than what your saying when you say that?" When he shrugged, she giggled.
"No sex. Now, sit back, and enjoy."

Nodding, he leaned back, his eyes focused on the sexy blonde in front of
him as she started waving her hips, pulling her shirt up slowly, intent on
giving him the show he knew she could do oh so well.

Swaying her hips from side to side, Trish smiled at him as she pulled
her shirt off, tossing it towards him with a giggle. Seeing him catch it and
set it aside, she grabbed the top of her jeans, rubbing her hands down the
front and over her pussy, giving him a moan as she watched him start to stroke
his own crotch softly, almost as if petting the beast in his pants. Undoing
the buttons, she rolled the zipper down, turning away from him and pulling her
jeans down, bending over at the waist and sticking her ass up in the air.
Looking beside her legs at him upside down, she smiled as she saw she had the
desired effect on him, the sight of his fetish sticking straight up drawing
his eyes like metal to a magnet.

Letting her jeans rest on the floor, she stayed bent over as she reached
back up, rubbing her thong clad ass, pulling her cheeks apart and showing him
just where the floss went before standing back up. Keeping her back to him,
she reached behind herself, smiling as he now was openly stroking his shaft,
her show working him up to the point where he didn't care if it showed or not,
the snap coming off as she slid the bra down her arms, tossing it over her
head with a giggle as he caught it and tossed it aside.

Covering up her chest, Trish spun around, losing her jeans with a
skillful flip of the feet as she faced him, her chest covered from his leering
eyes as she swayed softly, an imaginary beat keeping her rhythm as she lifted
her left hand slightly, teasing him with nipple before pushing it back down,
covering up. Doing the same thing with the right hand, she smiled as he
moaned, his stroking picking up as her show neared it's climax, her hands
pushing her breasts together before coming off completely.

Reaching down for her panties, she slid them down her firm legs with a
shimmy, moving her hips one way then the other, inching them down to the
floor. Kicking them off, she looked up at him, biting her lip softly as she
quickly closed the distance, hopping into his lap and kissing him hard,
catching him off guard as he fought to catch up.

Pulling back, she smiled sweetly down at him. "Fuck me, Val?"

His eyes going wide, he told her, "You said..."

"I said nothing." She purred, kissing his jaw. "Fuck me?"

"We need to get ready for our match..."

Continuing her purring, something she knew drove him wild, she thought
over her options, before smiling and sliding out of his lap, giving his long
cock a stroke on the way out. "Come on." She said, holding out her hands.
"Steve told me this place had a full bathroom...shower and all." Seeing him look
at her, she smiled. "Please, Val? Fuck me in the shower? It'll be so hot, and
we can get ready at the same time, right? Please? Pretty please?"

"I thought you wanted to be fresh?" He asked, letting her pull him to
his feet and lead him towards the door at the back of the room.

"I'll be fresh!" She giggled. "You just crawl in behind me, jam that
third leg you call a cock in me and I'll get ready. Then, when I'm done, you
can clean up..." Licking her lips as she led him into the bathroom, she
finished, "And I'll do that think with my mouth you like."

"The tongue thing?" He asked, shivering.

"The very same." She said with a nod. "Please? I have some ideas I have
for movies I wanted to run by you, but...I need to be in the mood."

Smiling, he nodded, moving into the bathroom and taking off his shirt,
making her giggle with glee as she bounded into the shower. "So long as it's a
professional shower." He joked, taking off his pants and shoes as she smiled,
holding the door open for him, her giggling picking up as he surged into the
shower, lifting her up into his arms and kissing her. Pulling back, he spun
her around, smiling as she quickly assumed the position, hands on the wall,
ass stuck out, legs spread slightly. "Alright, Trish." He growled, making her
shiver as he lined his cock up with her pussy. "Lets talk business..."

* * *

"Alright, seriously, is there come in my hair?"

Looking down at Trish, Val grinned, shaking his head. "Trish, you showered.

"I had to!" She said, grinning and swatting him. "I worked up a sweat
during the first one because of you." When he smiled, she poked him. "Why did
I let you talk me into that? I told you no sex..."

"Me talk you into it?" He asked, laughing. "Who dove on who after they
got naked?"

Biting her bottom lip, she blushed. "Me on you." She admitted. "You
didn't have to let me fuck you, you know."

"Like I'm saying no to that!" He laughed.

Poking him again, she said, "I told you I wanted to be fresh for our

"You'll be fine."

"My legs feel like Jell-O." She said, smirking at him. "Did you have to
follow me into the shower?"

"Did you have to tell me, "Val, come fuck me in the shower, it'll be so

"I suppose not." She admitted. "You need more self control."

Rolling his head back, he smiled. "You try having self control when you
have a blonde bombshell staring you down and asking for sex. Willpower only
takes you so far. That's well beyond that point." Leaning down and giving her
a quick peck, he said, "Besides, you'll be fine once the crowd kicks up. The
adrenaline starts pumping, you'll be good."

Grinning, she said, "If you could keep your pumping under control, I
wouldn't be worrying."

"And if you didn't have to put on strip shows and be an exhibitionist, I
wouldn't pump you so much."

Nodding, she whined softly, reaching up and playing with her hair again.
"Are you sure I got it all? That was a huge money shot..."

"You got it all." He assured her. "We checked and double checked. It's
all gone." When she nodded, he smiled. "And what's with you and money shots?"
He asked.

Looking confused, she asked, "What do you mean?"

"You take them, even when the camera isn't on." He said. "Most girls

Shrugging, she smiled. "I dunno...I kinda like them." Looking up at him,
she said, "I think it's hot." Smirking, she added, "I just didn't think it
would have been that big. I thought I drained you pretty good at the hotel
before we got here..."

"Oh, you did." He assured her, not wanting to let her think her sexual
skills were anything but astonishing. "It's just...well, I guess you hit a

"I'll have to remember that." She mused. Going to say something else,
she stopped as she spotted Eric rounding the corner and heading towards the
gorilla position. Moving back from Val, she said, "Eric."

Scowling at the mention of the man who made the blonde bombshell in his
arms break apart slightly, he asked, "Is he coming this way?"

Nodding, Trish scowled at him as Eric came towards them, a big grin on
his face.

"Trish. Val." He said, looking between the two of them. "Not making a
movie today?"

"Maybe later." Trish said sarcastically. "Have to kick your lackeys
asses first."

"Why didn't I get a copy of that tape, you two?" Eric asked, trying to
look genuinely hurt.

"You mean other than the fact that you're an old pervert?" Val asked.

Looking up at Val, Eric laughed. "This coming from the male bimbo who
fucks loose women for a living."

"At least I get laid." Val said with a grin.

"I wouldn't fuck what you fuck with a ten foot pole." Eric spat.

Looking at Val, Trish smiled. "Well, it's more like eight inches..."

"Shut up, slut." Eric spat. "I just wanted to stop by and tell you that
the tag match tonight has been changed. Instead of a mixed tag match, it's now
an inter-gender match." Looking at Trish, he smiled. "Hope you don't get stuck
in the ring with Steven. Victoria wasn't to happy with whatever was on that
tape you two did, and she told him to snap you in half if he gets a chance."
When Trish scowled at him, he continued, "And, Val, just so you know, next
week, I'm thinking about putting you in a match with Steven, one on one. And
Trish, if I catch you at ringside..."

"You can go fuck yourself." Trish said, smiling from ear to ear as she
reached into the tight confines of the cleavage her wrestling gear produced,
pulling out a small plastic card and shoving it into his face. "I got my
license, I got my license..." She said, dancing in place as she waved it in his
face. "Look at it closely, because this is as close as you're ever gonna get
to my tits, Eric. Nah, nah, nah-nah-nah!" She teased.

Trying to keep his rising anger under control, he spat, "If I ban you
from ringside..."

"I'll just get Steve to lift the ban." She told him, smiling. Deciding
she he had leered at her long enough, she looked over his shoulder. "Isn't
that right, Steve?"

Hearing Steve's name, and the mention of him being behind him, Eric
whipped his head around to check, not seeing him but not taking a chance, his
feet quickly finding a grip on the floor and pushing off, sending him
rocketing forward towards the solitude of the women's washroom.

Watching as he rocketed down the hallway, Trish and Val broke into
laughter, both of them shaking there heads. "Will that ever get old?" Val

"I hope not." Trish said, wiping a tear from her eye. "God that is

As the duo laughed to themselves, the producer came towards them,
gaining their attention. "Ready to go out?"

Looking at Trish, Val smiled. "Ready to kick some nut job ass?"

Nodding, she grinned. "Ready and able. Lets get this done with..." Moving
over to him, she whispered into his ear, "And get back to the hotel to

As the producer moved away to cue up their music, Val asked, "Don't we
have to win first?"

Smiling, she asked, "You don't think we'll win?"

"Of course we'll win!"

"That's the spirit." She said, smiling as she started down the hallway.
"Besides. Win, lose or draw, I'm always in a mood to celebrate with you..."

"Except for right before your matches."

"Except then." She said, smiling. "But you have a way of talking me into

"Yea, talk you into it." He said with a smile. "I think it involved you
telling me you were gonna strip first, then something about my dick in your

As she giggled and went to answer him, she listened to the theme music,
looking at him with a smile. "My song?"

Nodding, he told her, "You are the bigger star. And, people like your
music better." Waggling his eyebrows as they climbed the stairs, he told her,
"That part where you moan..."

"Is music to your ears." She finished with a smile. "Lets rock and

Moving down the hallway, Val let Trish take the lead as she pushed
through the curtains, throwing her arm up in the air as she moved over towards
the edge of the stage. Standing in the entranceway and admiring her as she did
her crowd work, Val smiled as she turned and grinned at him, following her
towards the ring.

Looking back at him, she smiled. "Not gonna so your little dance thing?"

Shaking his head, he grinned at her. "And take away from your show? Hell

Hopping up onto the apron as she moved around to the stairs, Val stepped
on the bottom rope as he grabbed the middle one and pulled it up, giving her
plenty of room to slide between them before he moved into the ring. Watching
her move to the hard camera side, he leaned back in the corner, her fist
pumping getting the crowd hyped up as she moved around. Going to move out of
the corner, he stopped as Trish smiled at him, crooking her finger and
beckoning him towards the middle of the ring. Curious, he moved out, reaching
for his towel before she stopped him, grinning from ear to ear.

"Let me?" She asked sweetly.

Nodding, he held his arms out, grinning as she slid over to him,
pressing herself up against him as she reached behind his back, grabbing the
towel and pulling it open, sliding it off his waist and trying her best to
give it a spin, half succeeding as she started laughing, making him smile.

"Close." He told her with a grin. "Next time, you bring a towel, and I
do you?"

"I'll make a note." She said, hearing Victoria's music start over the
sound system. "And maybe, during the next movie we make, that'll be the only
thing I'm wearing..."

Grinning at the thought of Trish's luscious body clad in a towel and
nothing else, he turned towards the ramp, his smile getting wider as he saw
Victoria and Steven stalking towards the ring, Victoria glaring a murderous
hole through Trish. "Want me to take first?" He offered.

Shaking her head, Trish grinned. "I want to kick some nut job ass."

Sliding into the ring, Victoria stalked towards Trish, Steven in tow as
the ref saw what was about to happen and quickly got between the two sides,
keeping them apart as the ladies jostled to get at each other.

"I want you bitch!" Victoria snarled. "Unless your gonna turn tail and

"Bring it on, psycho!" Trish spat, motioning for Val to leave the ring.

Watching as Steven slowly backed off, Val stayed close, letting Steven
be the first to leave the ring before moving backwards, sliding out to the
apron as he kept a close eye on Steven, who was glaring back at him, a twisted
smile on his face.

As the ref called for the bell, Trish and Victoria started circling each
other, Victoria's anger barely in check, Trish's cool, confident smile a
permanent fixture on her lips.

"You fucking whore!" Victoria spat. "How could you do something like
that? Do you have no shame?"

"I have plenty." Trish told her. "I just wanted to piss you off more.
Did it work, nut job?"

"You filthy cum bucket!"

"You put things in a bucket." Trish said with a smile. "Val busted his
nut on me. That makes me a cum canvas. Did you like the art show?

Screaming in rage, Victoria dove towards Trish, locking up with her and
forcing the smaller girl into the corner. Rearing back to slam her arm down
across Trish's face, Victoria couldn't stop her movement as Trish ducked out
of the way, her arm connecting with the turnbuckle instead and making her yell
in pain. Grabbing the larger girl from behind, Trish slammed her forearm down
across her back, making a loud thud before repeating the process. Spinning her
around, she went to punch her in the face before Victoria ducked under the top

Feeling the ref getting between them, Trish put her arms up, backing
away slightly before feeling pain as Victoria sucker punched her over the
ref's back. Reeling from the blow, Trish staggered backwards.

~You'd think I'd learn.~ She grumbled. ~Three years in this business,
and I keep falling for that.~

Trying to regain her composer, Trish doubled over as Victoria pushed the
ref out of the way and kicked her in the stomach. Scooping the small blonde
up, Victoria slammed her down to the mat back first, the hard body slam making
the ring buckle and Trish yell in pain. Grabbing her lower back, Trish winced
in pain before groaning loudly, Victoria's stomping boot coming down on her
stomach and making her curl up.

Grabbing Trish by her long hair, Victoria yanked her to her feet, going
to grab her for another move before Trish threw her hands up, knocking
Victoria's from her hair and giving her a forearm to the face, staggering the
taller wrestler. Quickly fighting back, Trish gave her a series of hard shots,
catching her again and again as she pushed her backwards.

Watching as Trish and Victoria fought, Val looked up at Steven, keeping
an eye on him before looking back towards the match. Seeing Trish rush
Victoria, he winced as Victoria sidestepped the move, only for Trish to catch
her off the ropes, giving her a bulldog into the mat. Grinning, Val looked
back up, looking towards Steven in the corner.

And not finding him there.

Looking into the ring, and seeing Steven wasn't there, Val groaned as he
felt a pair of hands grab his ankles.

~This can't be good...~

Yanking back on Val's feet, Steven held them out as Val plummeted
towards the ring apron, slamming head first off the edge and bouncing into the
stairs. Seeing he had stunned his adversary as planned, Steven backpedaled
from the ref, who was shouting for him to return to his corner.

Seeing Val hit the deck, Trish regretted her decision to shift her
glance when Victoria cold cocked her in the face, sending her to the mat in a
heap. Trying to fight her way back up, she grunted as Victoria wrapped her arm
around her waist, kicking out her legs and slamming her back first to the mat
with a sidewalk slam, knocking the wind out of her. Looking towards her
corner, and knowing she needed a tag, she smiled softly around the pain as she
saw Val struggling up to the corner, propping himself up on the top rope.

Rolling out of the way as Victoria attempted a standing moonsault, Trish
tried to scurry towards Val, but found Victoria had a death grip on her ankle.
Hopping to her feet along with Victoria, she got her balance before jumping
up, sending her foot flying outwards and kicking Victoria in the chest,
sending her flying towards her corner as Trish crashed and burned, flopping
down to the mat and slamming her head and back on the mat.

Falling backwards, Victoria slammed into her corner, letting out a groan
as she hit. Looking around to get her bearings, she reached out and slapped
Steven on the chest. When he looked at her, she pointed at Trish. "Kill that

Looking confused, Steven hopped into the ring, moving towards the prone
blonde on the mat. Looking back at Victoria, as if to ask what to do, he
nodded as she pointed to Trish and screamed, knowing on instinct what she

Pushing herself to her hands and knees, Trish groaned as she looking
out, spotting the pair of wrestling boots resting in front of her. ~Those
aren't Victoria's boots...~ She thought with a shriek, Steven's hand grabbing
her by the hair and lifting her up quickly. Trying to fight him off, she felt
herself being pushed back into the corner, her flailing arms and punches
bouncing harmlessly off of the larger man.

"Let me go you fucking nut job!" Trish screamed, trying to kick him but
finding him blocking the kicks. Feeling herself being pressed back into the
corner, Trish grunted as he grabbed her face, pushing her hair out of the way
as he looked down at her, a wide, crazy smile on his face.

Expecting the worst, Trish braced herself for a punch, or a kick. But
finding him just staring at her, she quickly began to become unnerved,
wondering why he wasn't attacking. Quickly snapping herself out of it, she
threw her arms at his, pushing it off of her face and making a break for her
corner as Val stretched out as far as he could for the tag. Feeling Steven
grab her around the waist, Trish yelped, sure she was caught as he locked his

As she struggled to fight out of Steven's grip, Trish quickly realized
that Steven wasn't holding her as firm as she knew he could, having been on
the receiving end of punishment from him before, and knowing he wasn't giving
it his all. Feeling his hands move, she braced again, expecting him slam her
hard to the mat, figuring the loose grip was setting her up for something. But
when one of his hands crept around to her ass, giving it a hard squeeze before
pushing on it roughly, his other hand flailing about and brushing by her chest
as she stumbled towards Val, Trish hit the corner with confusion.

Feeling Val slap her back and dive into the ring, Trish quickly rolled
out, completely confused by the turn of events. Watching as Val lunged at
Steven, she hopped back up onto the ring apron, watching as Steven let loose
with a series of punches, grabbing Val around the waist from behind, much like
he had done to her. Locking eyes with the crazed superstar for a minute, Trish
watched in bewilderment as Steven locked his hands and lifted Val up, giving
him a hard belly to back suplex and slamming him to the mat.

~What the fuck?~ She thought. ~Why does he keep staring me down? He could
have killed me when he had the chance...~

Rolling over onto his stomach, Val caught Steven's foot as Steven tried
to kick him, knocking out his other leg and sending him to the mat. Moving
quickly, he sprung to his feet and caught Steven as he tried to get up,
slinging him up and giving him a vicious back breaker, dropping him across his
knee and hammering him down. Picking him up again, he repeated the process,
stunning the superstar before hoisting him up on his shoulder and spinning
around, slamming him down with a backwards slam.

Jumping up, Val spun Steven around before racing to his corner,
motioning for Trish to move. Quickly side stepping Val as he slid out of the
ring, she watched as he scaled the top rope. Looking back in the ring, she saw
Steven spring to his feet, his back still wobbly but working well enough as he
moved towards the corner. Jumping through the ropes, Trish speared him with
all her strength, sending him to the mat before jumping up and racing across
the ring, catching Victoria as she tried to get in the ring.

Seeing Steven down, Val took his shot, leaping off the top rope and
flying through the air, his prayers answered as he slammed down on Steven's
prone body. Looking up and seeing Trish putting the boots to Victoria, he
hooked Steven's leg as the ref slid into position, counting the three before
calling for the bell.

Rolling out of the ring, Val moved around to Steven and Victoria's
corner, pulling the feisty blonde off of the prone brunette and dragging her
backwards. "Match is over, Trish."

Looking back at Val, she asked, "One more kick?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "No. Save your strength."

Her mood instantly lightening, Trish let him pull her backwards towards
the ramp, waiting for the ref to catch up with them. "Celebration time?"

"We'll see." He teased, letting the ref get between them and raise their
hands as Trish's theme music pumped over the sound system, feeding the
cheering crowd as Victoria and Steven slowly regrouped.

Walking backwards as she looked at the ring, Trish smiled at Victoria,
who was standing at the near ropes shouting at her and Val. Giving them a
little wave, Trish looked towards Steven who, even though he was clutching his
stomach, gave her a twisted grin when the blonde beauty looked at him.
Shrugging, she smiled, blowing him a kiss as they moved back through the
curtains. Walking down the hallway towards the video board, Trish watched as
Val held his hand out, getting a copy of the match that had just taken place.
Remembering Steven's odd behavior, Trish walked with Val, following him as he
moved towards their dressing room.


Looking back at Trish, Val slowed down, realizing he was out pacing her
in his effort to get to the dressing room. "Yea?"

"Can we watch that match together?" She asked. "I wanna look at
something. Steven did something...weird."

"And that's new for Steven because?" He asked, smiling.

Grinning, she said, "Not beat me up weird. Just...weird. I wanna see if
they got it on camera, ok?"

Nodding, Val pushed open the door to the changing room. "I suppose we
can watch it together." He said with a grin. "I'm not getting a different
hotel room just to watch it alone."

Smiling as the door closed, she leaned up, kissing him softly. "Let me
handle the remote, and we can watch whatever you want when I'm done, ok?"

"Deal." He said. Watching as she peeled off her top and tossed it aside,
he smiled. "I wanna watch that right now..."

Looking over her shoulder, Trish grinned as he openly leered at her,
nights spent between the sheets with him breaking his habit of stealing
glances in favor of openly taking them. "You would, huh?" She asked. When he
nodded, she reached down, pulling her pants down as she kicked off her
wrestling boots, throwing the whole mess aside as she moved towards the back
of the room. "Come on, Val. Shower time." When his smile got wider, she
giggled. "Not that kind. Seriously, this time." When he pouted and followed
her, losing his own wrestling gear in the process, she said, "When we get back
to the hotel, you can study me to your hearts content, ok?"

Nodding, he followed her into the shower, waiting for her to turn around
before giving his cock a few quick strokes, getting the Big Valbowski ready.
"Whatever you say, Trish." He said with a smile, watching as she moved towards
the shower and got the water running.

* * *

"See that?"

Scrubbing his bald head with a towel, Val asked, "See what?"

Looking back at him, she asked, "Are you watching the tape or my ass?"

"Ass." He admitted.

Pulling the blanket up to cover her nude body, she smiled as he whined.
"Quit watching my ass for a second and watch the tape. I think I found it."

"Can't I do both?"

"Apparently not." She teased. Patting the bed beside her, she rewound
the tape. "Sit."

Whining softly, he sat down beside her. "Can you blame me?" He asked.
"I'm the ass fetish guy, and I say it's a perfect ass."

"I know it is." She said with a grin. "I planned it that way. Now,
watch." As Val reluctantly pried his eyes away from her booty and towards the
screen, she hit play. "See? He's got me pinned in the corner...and nothing. Just
gawks at me."

"Can you blame him?"

"Hush." Pointing towards the screen, she waited for the right moment.
"And here, we're struggling, and he totally doesn't have me locked up at all,
and I'm not even fighting that hard. I'm dead tired there from the!" Pausing the screen, she said, "Look! He grabbed my ass!"

"Maybe his hand slipped?" Val offered.

"He squeezed." She said. "He grabbed." Starting the tape again, she
said, "And there, he pushed me to you." Looking back at Val, she said, "Val,
he didn't want to fight me. I don't know what it was, but he didn't want to
fight me for whatever reason. He got a good look at me, grabbed my ass, and
sent me to you."

Watching as the tape played on, Val scowled as Steven flipped him
overhead for a belly to back suplex. "Wish I could say the same."

Looking up at the tape, she rewound it a bit, going to where Steven
locked up the hold. "See! And there." She said. "He's glaring at me, like he's
telling me, "I could have done this to you, but I didn't."." Looking at Val,
she asked, "What could that mean?"

Shrugging, Val said, "I dunno. If you wouldn't have pointed it out, I
wouldn't have even noticed." Looking at her, she asked, "Any thoughts?"

"Well..." She said, looking at him. "Steven did seem to like our little
gift. I mean, Victoria was livid, but Steven just smiled a bit. I'm thinking
he liked it." Shrugging, she asked, "Maybe he wants to see it again?"

"Or he wants to be in it." Val said. "Grabbing your ass isn't a good way
to show you want to see something again. It is a good sign he wants to do it."

"You think Steven would want to be my next costar?" She asked. Quickly
looking back at Val, she stammered, "Not that I want any other costars. I
mean, I have you, and..."

"And you're not on a leash." He told her with a grin. "We've been over
this. You wanna make movies, so long as you're safe, I don't care." Grinning,
he said, "I'll always be the main costar..."

"Of course." She assured him. " you think?"

"No." Val told her flatly. "And I'm not just saying that because. I'm
saying that because he's Victoria's bitch. I'm not saying he wouldn't want to
screw you, but I doubt he'd want to be your new costar."

Shrugging, she grinned. "Why can't I have both?"

"Because he wouldn't let you film him." He told her. "Especially with a
camera crew."

Licking her lips, she told him, "I think I could bring him around to my
way of thinking." Pointing to the screen, she said, "Old Steven would have
killed me without a second thought. He had some serious pause there, and he
not only let me go, he pushed me to you. I think he wants this, and I think I
can get him to do it on camera."

Looking down at Trish, Val shook his head. "You're serious?"


"You'd do that...with Steven?" He asked. "Steven Richards?"

"Yup." She said, smiling.

"Why?" Val asked. "He's nuts!"

Grinning, she told him, "Nuts is hot in the sack. You said so yourself."

"Women who are nuts." He told her. "Men who are nuts beat the shit out
of their partner."

"I don't think Steven would do that." She said. "He has his chance
today, to do it without any legal repercussion, and he didn't take it. I say
he just wants a roll in the hay, and I think I can turn it around for my

Sighing, he nodded slightly. "As much as I don't like to admit it, I
think you might be right." Looking at her, he said, "And I wouldn't mind
seeing that tape, if you'd let me..."

Looking back at Val, she asked, "You'd want to see that?" When he
nodded, she said, "Me and Steven, fucking?"

"Of course." He said. "See how far you've come as a performer." When she
gawked at him, he smiled. "Trish, you're not my property. You're not even my
girlfriend. We're just costars. And if you want to be costars with someone
else, that's fine by me. You don't have to let me see the tape, but I'd like
it if you would."

"Val, I think we're a bit more than costars." Trish said softly. "We
share hotel rooms, limos..."

"Yea, well, you ain't fucking him in my hotel room or limo." Val said
with a grin. When she laughed, he said, "But if you want to do it, I'll help
in anyway I can. And no, I won't be jealous...unless you let him in that ass.
Then I'll be mad."

"Never." She said. Looking sheepish, she asked, "So, you'll help me?"

"In anyway I can." He promised.

Motioning for him to come down, Trish pulled him into a hug, kissing him
softly. "Thank you Val."

"No problem." He said, standing up and moving over to his suitcase. "Now
all you have to do is figure out how to get him tested, get him to fuck you,
and let you tape it. Good luck."

Smiling, she shook her head, turning back to the TV. "Gee, thanks."

* * *

"Oh fuck...fuck!" Val groaned, his hips thrusting up as Trish bobbed up
and down in his lap, sucking and slurping loudly as she worked on his red
cock. "God...I didn't know you had a match tonight..."

Pulling off of his cock with a pop, she said, "Just getting ready, in
case." Stroking his shaft with hard, quick pumps, she smiled as he moaned.
"Getting close?"

"Again." He groaned, gripping the top of the couch as she licked and
pumped his cock, aiming the throbbing shaft at her smiling face. "Fuck
Trish...fuck, fuck!"

Knowing his verbal signs all to well, Trish picked up the pace, tilting
her head back as he erupted, goo flying out of his long, thick shaft and
splattering on her face, making her giggle with glee as he twitched and
spasmed on the coach, the next in a long series of orgasms she had forced out
of him draining his bloated nut sack as he slumped down on the coach, his eyes
fluttering slightly before closing, his cock still twitching and pumping a few
more drops of semen on his target before going limp.

Watching as his eyes sealed themselves shut, Trish gave him a few more
strokes to make sure he was out cold before slowly extracting her hands from
his shaft, looking down at the mess he had made of her shirt and hands,
knowing her face was probably just as bad.

"I seriously gotta work on wearing out that reserve shot." She mumbled,
peeling her shirt off carefully, trying to avoid getting any more come in her
hair than was already there and tossing it towards the trash, her prior
experience with Val and her warm ups teaching her not to wear anything she
couldn't live without. Moving towards the bathroom, she whined softly as she
saw her face in the mirror. Running the water in the sink, she quickly cleaned
her hands free of his spunk before reaching up and grabbing at her hair
gently, tucking it behind her ears to avoid any more contamination as she
cleaned his love seed from her dripping face. Drying off her face and hands
and looking at her hair, she shook her head. "Fuck it. Brought a hat." She
grumbled, shutting off the water and moving back into the main room quietly.

Seeing her costar was still soundly asleep on the couch, she tiptoed
over to her suitcase, reaching in and pulling out a baseball hat and a small,
clanking package, hooking her fingers through the plastic loop as she scurried
towards the door. Moving quietly out of her locker room, Trish let the door
close softly, not wanting to wake Val up after working so hard to get him
asleep. Setting her package down on the floor, she pushed her hair up and into
a hat and pulled it on, grumbling as she pulled her hand back from the sticky
mess, reaching down with her clean hand and grabbing her package.

"Does he have to be a fire hose?" She grumbled, grabbing at one of the
many curtains hanging backstage and cleaning her hand. Shaking her head, she
moved down the hallway, giving a few people a quick smile as they stared at
her. "Musta heard about my tape..." She said with a smile, weaving through the
cases of beer towards the door she was looking for, giving it a knock.

"Bring beer or fuck off!"

Moving into the room, Trish held her hand out, the six pack hanging from
her fingers. "This good enough?" She asked. "I was in a hurry..."

"Trish!" Steve bellowed, motioning for her to come in the room. "Of
course it is, darling. How the hell are ya?"

"Good, good." She said, smiling as she moved in, handing him the beer.
Giving him a sheepish grin, she asked, "Did you get my other gift...?"

"That was amazing." Steve told her, shaking his head. "I don't know
where you learned to do things like that, but that was amazing! Hottest thing
I ever seen!"

Grinning with pride, she said, "Sorry about the disposable DVD. Not that
I don't trust you..."

"Not to worry." He told her. Grinning as he pulled off a beer and handed
it to her, he said, "If I had a real copy of that tape, I don't think I'd ever
get out of the office to work." When she giggled, he added, "And, you did well
in the non-sex parts to. Val said you were worried about your acting. I think
you did very good."

"Thank you!" She squeaked, taking the beer and cracking it open.

"So, what can I do for ya?" He asked, sitting on the edge of his desk
and opening a beer for himself.

"I need a match." She said, rocking back on her heels as she looked
nervous. ~What are you nervous for?~ She asked herself. ~He just told you
that he liked watching Val fuck you half retarded and paint you white!~

"Against who?" He asked. "Name it, and you got it...except for a title
match. Gotta talk to weasel about that..."

"Not a title match." She said. Looking at him, she smiled sheepishly.
"And not for me. Need Val in a match. Against Steven Richards."

Nodding, Steve took a drink of his beer. "That's no problem. They have a
history. Done!"

"I kinda need a first blood match." She said softly.

Looking at Trish, Steve stopped mid drink. "A first blood match?" He
asked. When she nodded, he asked, "Between Steven and Val?"


"Is Val on your shit list or something?" He asked. "Did he like do
something he shouldn't have during that tape? Cuz you looked plenty happy to

"Oh, the tape was great." She told him with an emphatic nod. "And no
heat between us. I just need the match. It's...complicated." Seeing Steve think
it over, she smiled, adding, "If everything falls the way I want it to, you
might have another tape to critique..."

"Another tape?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "Like, you and Val

"Not me and Val." She said, smiling as she knew she had his interest
peeked. "But a tape like that."

"Does Val know about this?" Steve asked.

"He's doing the filming..."

"No, not that." He said. "I mean, the match." Seeing her smile get a
little forced, he groaned. "Trish, I like Val. I don't wanna do this to him if
he doesn't know about it..."

"Steve, please?" She asked softly, adding a hint of whine. "I promise,
I'll make it up to Val. I have an idea of how to do it...which might be yet
another tape for you. This time, me, Val, and something you didn't get to see
on that tape." Seeing she had his interest back, she went for the kill.
"Please, Steve? I'll even throw in viewings of my and Val's first tape
whenever we're in Toronto or LA. Please, Steve?"

Groaning, Steve rolled his head around, mulling over her offer. Looking
at her, he pointed at her with the hand holding the can, letting her know he
was dead serious. "If this goes south, it's on you." He said firmly. "I'm not
getting bitched out here. If Val comes complaining to me, then I'm throwing
you under the bus. Got it?"

"Got it!" She said, her smile coming back. "So I get my match?"

Nodding, he took another drink. "You get your match."

"Thank you Steve!" She said, throwing herself forward and hugging him
tightly, making sure she didn't spill any of his beer, not wanting to lose her
match just after she got it. "I'll go tell Val..."

"Good luck with that." Steve laughed, smiling as she spun around and ran
from the room, a beer clutched in her hand. Smiling as the door closed, he
shook his head. "I like that one. Got some pep to her." He said, turning back
towards his desk and setting everything up for the match.

Jogging down the hallway, Trish moved quickly towards her dressing room,
moving to the door and pushing it open, she smiled as she saw Val stirring on
the couch. "Hey Val, gimme a second, ok?" She asked, tossing her ruined hat
across the room towards the trash as she moved towards the bathroom, leaving a
confused Val in the main room as she started the shower running, ducking her
head in and sticking her come slicked hair under the stream, grabbing the
shower wand and rinsing her head, making quick work of it before shutting the
stream down, grabbing a towel and quickly scrubbing her head dry.

"Where did you get to?" He asked, smiling as she came out of the
bathroom. "Lining up your next costar?"

"Actually, yes." She said. When he looked at her, she giggled. "You'd be
surprised how many people are looking at me like they'd want to be my next
costar. I might have more options than I thought."

"I think every guy in this place would be your costar." He told her
firmly. "Speaking of which, who's the very, very, very lucky guy?"

"Steven Richards." Trish said with a grin.

Sighing, Val rolled his head back. "Still stuck on that, huh?"

"Uh-huh." She said, tossing the towel aside as she grinned at him, her
knowledge making her hyper.

"Trish, I'm not really sure how good of an idea that is." He said. "I
mean, I agree with you, that he can probably be controlled a bit, but, how do
you know he's clean?" Looking at her, he softly told her, "If you catch
something, we gotta stop what we do. I can't jeopardize my other costars..."

"I totally know." She said, smiling.

"You'd have to get him tested." He told her. "That's not gonna be easy."

"We, like, need blood for this test?" Trish asked. "Spit won't do? Cuz I can
get anyone to spit on me."

"Need blood." Val said.

Nodding, she asked, "How long should it take once you get said blood to get
said test done?"

"Assuming I have said tester here and waiting?" He asked. When she nodded, he
said, "Dunno...half an hour, maybe? It's not a real complex test. You either
have something or you don't. Not sure how they check, but I've had quickies
done before and they take about a half an hour."

"Ok, so, if I got some of Steven's blood, you could get this test done that
quick?" She asked.

Nodding, he said, "Yea, should be able to." Looking at her, he asked, "How do
you plan on getting him to give you his blood?"

Biting her bottom lip, Trish found something of interest on the ground to look
at. "Umm...I kinda...sort of...booked you a match for tonight." She said softly.
Looking up at him through her bangs, she said, "Kinda...a first blood match?"

Letting his head fall back, Val groaned. "Trish..." He whined. Looking at her,
he told her, "Baby, you know I love you to death. And I'd do anything to get
you some revenge, but a first blood match?"

Nodding, she said, "It was the best I could think of. I have a plan and

"Does this plan involve me not being anywhere near the ring for the match?" He

"Um, no."

"Trish..." He whined.

"Val, please?" She asked softly, dropping to her knees in front of him.
"Pretty please? I'll owe you so big for this." Seeing his face, and knowing a
trump card was in order, she said, "I have an idea for a movie..."

"I know." He grumbled. "And it involves me getting my ass kicked in a first
blood match..."

"Not that one." She said softly, looking at him. "One with you."

Looking at her, he asked, "A sequel to our...your movie?"

"Our movie." She said, before nodding. "And yes." Seeing she had his interest
peeked, she went for the kill. "I even have a title picked out."

"What is it?" He asked skeptically. ""Thanks for getting your ass kicked."? Or
"I hope you don't scar easily"?"

"No." She said, shaking her head. Holding her hand up, she said, "Trish..."
Moving her hand over, she placed the next word in the air, "Gets..." She said,
before smiling at him, moving her hand over, going for the big finish.

"Analyzed?" He asked, sure he didn't hear her right.

"No." She said, smiling. "Analized. A-n-a-l-I-z-e-d."

"You want to do an anal scene?" He asked hopefully, the first blood match long
since forgotten in favor of her juicy ass.

Shaking her head, she smiled. "No, no, Val, not an anal scene." Purring
softly, she told him, "An all anal movie. Scene after scene of hard pounding,
cock plunging up to the balls in my ass anal sex." Seeing his eyes go wide,
she said, "If you do this match for me. Go out there, and do this my way, and
I swear, by the time we're done shooting our movie, you'll have spent so much
time in my ass that my ass cheeks will have grooves in them where your cock
was. Deal?"

Looking at her, her big, brown eyes looking up at him, Val groaned, "Trish, I
would do damn near anything to get that." He said.

Smiling, her plan to play on his weakness working just like she knew it would,
she said, "If you do this for me, I'll do that for you." She said. "But, win,
lose or draw, he's gotta bleed. After that, we can get some blood, get it to
your guy, and we can do it up."

"Sounds good." He said, before asking, "But how do we do this tape up? You
know he's not going to let you do it."

Nodding, she said, "Honestly, I'm kinda sketchy about that myself."

Sighing, he said, "I think I might have an idea." Seeing her look at him, he
said, "But...I wanna practice our movie some before we shoot. I set this up, you
let me practice some, ok?"


"I don't mean a little bit of practice." He told her with a grin. "A lot of

"All the practice you can handle." She purred, smiling as he squirmed like a
kid getting candy.

"Alright, lets get to work." She said. "How much time do we have before the

Looking at her watch, she said, "Bout three hours before the show. And Steve
will probably put the match towards the middle. Why?"

"Because..." He said, smiling as he stood up, lifting her to her feet. "I have
to go to a Radio Shack and get some equipment, and then we gotta stop by the
hotel room and do up some stuff." Leaning down, he kissed her softly, smiling.
"I gotta get dressed. Wanna go tell the limo driver to get ready?"

Nodding, she hopped up and down, giggling. "Thank you Val!"

"No problem Trish." He assured her. "I'm starting to get into this now."

"Even if I kinda got you in that match?" She asked softly.

Moving over to her, he reached around, cupping her ass tightly, making her
moan. "Even if. Now you better get going, or I'm gonna wanna practice right
now, and we need all the time we can get. K?"

"Ok!" She said, smiling as she leaned up, kissing him quickly before moving
towards the door, letting Val grab some clothes and duck into the bathroom
before opening the door, moving quickly towards the parking garage, her mood
upgrading from happy to ecstatic and beyond with each step.

* * *

"How did I let you talk me into this?"

Watching as Steven Richards came down the ramp, gripping a trashcan full of
weapons, Trish said, "Butt fucking."

Nodding, Val said, "Oh yea." Dodging to the left as the trashcan came flying
in the ring, Val gripped his own weapon, keeping the kendo stick close to his
side. "Have I mentioned I don't like this idea?"

"Several times." She told him, moving to the side as Steven and Victoria
climbed in the ring. "But remember butt fucking. Lots and lots."

"I remember, I remember." He said.

"I need blood." She said. "Make him bleed, and you get your booty time."

His motivation laid out before him, Val nodded. "He's going to bleed." He
promised firmly.

"Just don't kill him." Trish said. Looking at Val, she grinned. "He's gotta be
alive enough to do the movie, remember."

"I'll worry about the blood first." He said. "Beyond that, what happens,
happens." Seeing Steven getting revved up for the match, Val pushed Trish
towards the ropes, keeping his eye on the crazed superstar, who was paying
more attention to Trish than him. "Now get out. Hopefully, this works."

"It'll work." She promised. "Trust me. Victoria can't keep her nose out of
this forever."

As Trish quickly made her exit from the ring, Val clutched at his kendo stick,
leveling it off at Steven, who had picked up a stop sign from the trash can.
~At least it's blunt.~ He thought.

As the bell rung, Val watched as Steven charged across the ring. Diving out of
the way, Val brought the kendo stick down in a wide arc, catching Steven
across the back and making him scream out. Rearing back to hit him again, Val
found his path blocked as Steven brought the stop sign up, blocking his shot
and knocking the kendo stick to the mat. Grabbing Steven, Val spun and tossed
him to the mat, quickly jumping on top of him and firing down punches.
Sticking out his knuckles, he aimed for the soft flesh of the forehead, hoping
to get this match over with before Trish's plan came into effect.

Jumping up and down, Victoria screamed commands at Steven, ranging from "Fight
back you pussy!" to "Block that!" Quickly realizing that her man had been
reduced to covering up and just trying to avoid any more punishment, she
looked across the ring, seeing if Trish was looking at her. Seeing her
attention was momentarily distracted, Victoria dove into the ring, sprinting
across and grabbing Val by the face, sinking her claws into Val's flesh as he
quickly stood up, grabbing her hands before the nails could pierce his skin
and draw blood.

Seeing Victoria, Trish dove into the ring, charging towards her and spearing
her sideways, sending her to the mat as Val tripped over them from the force
of Victoria's hands leaving his face. Seeing Val stunned, Steven jumped up,
grabbing Val around the back of his head and jamming his chin under the adult
film stars, dropping down to his knees quickly and jamming his head into Val's
chin, slamming his mouth shut and sending him sprawling to the mat.

Looking out of the corner of her eye, Trish continued to rain shots down on
Victoria, keeping her off guard until she saw Val was slowly coming to.
~Don't fail me now, Val.~ She through, slowing her shots and giving Victoria
the chance to break free. Letting Victoria buck her hips up and push her off
of her, Trish fell to the mat, smiling as Victoria scrambled from the ring.
Reaching out and grabbing the kendo stick off the mat, Trish charged after
her, running around the steps as Victoria circled the ring.

Seeing Trish leave the ring, Victoria running for her life from the stick
swinging blonde, Val sprung up, grabbing Steven and locking up with him.
Rearing back, he fired off a punch, catching Steven on the jaw and staggering
him. Bracing himself for the return shot, Val watched as Victoria slid into
the ring. Turning with the punch, Val reached out and grabbed Victoria,
purposely exposing his back to Steven as he smiled at Victoria.

"Hello, Vicky." He said, smiling. "Think about my offer?" Before she could
react, Val leaned down, kissing her roughly as he saw Trish slide into the
ring. Feeling Victoria struggle, Val continued to kiss her until he felt
Steven's hands grabbing his head, pulling his lips from his girlfriends.
Spinning Victoria around so she could see Trish coming, Val reached behind
him, grabbing Steven's hands as Trish wound up, bringing the cane behind her
back before swinging with all her might. Seeing Victoria duck, Val leg his
legs fall out from under him, pulling Steven's hands apart and dropping just
as the kendo stick swung by his head.

Putting every last ounce of strength she had into the swing, Trish turned the
cane over as it connected with Steven's hairline, bringing the slots raking
across his head and splitting him open. ~Glad I got the hair.~ She thought
as he spun from the impact. ~Wouldn't want to mess up his face for the
shoot.~ Pretending to act shocked, Trish dropped the stick as Steven looked
up at her, his face a mask of confusion.

Watching as he slumped to the mat, Val quickly pounced on Steven, looking for
blood, and, when he found it, quickly pointed it out to the ref. As the ref
ran for the bell, Val threw his fist down, connecting with the jaw of his
opponent and stunning him. Reaching into his jeans pocket, Val shook his head
as he pulled a syringe out. "This is the weirdest way I've ever gotten a test
from someone..." He murmured to himself, pressing the hard plastic nub against
Steven's wound and quickly pulling back on the pump, drawing a fair amount of
blood from the wound, holding it up to spit out the air before repeating the
process, seeing the blood was flowing much better further down and taking
another sample from there. Feeling Steven bucking him off, Val grunted as he
fell to the mat, trying to grab him as he exited the ring but just falling

Jumping up, Val moved over to Trish's side, watching as Victoria and Steven
made a quick retreat up the ramp, Steven clutching his head. Looking down at
the syringe, Val smiled, holding it up. "This should do." He said. Looking at
Trish, he smiled. "So, booty time?"

Nodding, she smiled, leading him towards the ropes, waiting for him to hold it
open and let her slide out. "Booty time."

Following her up the ramp, Val rubbed his head, shaking it to try and will
some of the pain away. "I'm glad you plan is working out." He said, waiting
for her to salute the crowd, giving them a wave himself before moving towards
the back. "I'm just curious as to how you're going to get him to fuck you, on
camera no less, after costing him a match."

Smiling, she turned to him, giving him a quick kiss. "Leave that to me." She
said. "You go back to the hotel, and make sure everything is ready. I have
work to do."

"Will do." He said. "I'll get your stuff to?"

"Thanks Val." She said, giving him a smile. As Val broke off and moved towards
there changing room, Trish moved the other way, moving towards the beer hidden
door. Looking around, she whined as she couldn't find any six packs lying
around. Realizing she was risking her life, she knocked softly on the door,
wincing when she heard the call.

"Bring beer or fuck off!"

Opening the door, Trish looked in sheepishly. "Umm, Steve?"

"Trish!" He said, standing up from behind his desk, taking off his glasses and
putting them in his leather vest. "How are ya? Come in, come in!"

"Umm...problem." She said. Looking worried, she said, "I don't have beer. Can I
give you a rain check?"

Waving his hand, he motioned for her to come in. "Fuck that. I just say that
to keep the morons away. You don't need to do that, darling."

"I'll totally make it up to you." She promised. "It's just, I'm kinda pressed
for time right now, and I...kinda...sorta...maybe need a small favor?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "Another one?" When she nodded nervously, he
asked, "What do you need?"

"Could you put Victoria in a match?" She asked softly.

"Done." He said. "You versus Victoria, up next..."

"Actually..." She said. "I was hoping you'd put her in a match with someone

Looking at her, he smiled. "Why do I get the feeling that you have something
sneaky planed?"

"Because I do have something sneaky planned." She said. "Please, Steve? I know
I'm being a pain in the ass lately..."

"Don't worry about it." He told her, moving from around his desk. "Any idea
where she might be?"

"Probably in the trainers office with Steven." She said. "Also, could you bar
him from ringside?"

Smiling, he moved towards the door, opening it for Trish before moving out
himself. "Was gonna do that anyways."

"Thank you Steve!" She said, leaning over and giving him a hug before
following him towards the trainer's office.

"So, what do you have planned, anyways?" he asked.

Smiling, she said, "Sequel to my movie."


"Yes, ah." She said, smiling. Seeing the trainer's office coming into view,
she pointed towards a hallway. "I'm gonna duck down here. Lemme know when
Victoria leaves?"

"Won't be long." Steve said, power walking towards the office as Trish quickly
took her hiding place.

Power walking towards the trainer's room, Steve kicked open the door,
startling the trio inside the room as he stormed in. Pointing at Victoria, he
said, "You got a match. Now!"

"What?" She screamed, grabbing at her hair. "I can't have a match! Steven's
busted up..."

"Which is why his mealy mouth is staying right where he is!" Steve shouted.
"He's banned from ringside!"

" can't do that!" She screamed, strands of hair coming out with her
hands as she threw them down.

"I can do whatever the hell I want!" He said. "You get your little bitch
Bischoff to make matches all the time! Well, it's payback time! Now get your
crazy ass out to that god damn ring or you're not gonna like what happens


"And that's the bottom line!" He yelled, leaning in close and shouting,
"Because Stone Cold said so!"

Letting out a feral scream, Victoria waved her hands around, pointing at
Steven and letting out another scream before storming past him, flinging the
door open and slamming it against the wall as she charged towards the ring,
hell bent on whoever Steve had lined up to face her.

Turning towards Steven, Steve said, "And I think it would be best if you just
sat your stupid little ass right where it is. If you think tonight's match was
bad, you won't want to be around me if you so much as twitch towards that
ring. Got it?" When Steven grimly nodded, letting the trainer go back to work
at sealing his wound, Steven turned and moved towards the door, opening it
much more gently than Victoria did and moving out of the room. Looking around
and making sure Victoria had in fact went to the ring, Steven went over
towards Trish's hiding spot, smiling as he spotted her crouching down behind a
stack of boxes.

"Coast is clear, Trish."

Popping out of her hiding spot, Trish smiled as she moved over to Steve,
giving him a hug. "Thank you so much, Steve." She said. "I'll bring beer next
week...and wings! You like hot wings, don't you?"

"Love em." He said, smiling. "I'll be waiting with my bib on."

Giggling as he moved down the hallway towards his office, Trish turned towards
the doorway, eyeing it warily. She wasn't quite sure what was going to happen
next, but she knew she had to do it. If she didn't, all the hard work and
physical abuse Val had put in would have been for nothing, and she would have
been out a six-pack and some hot wings. Shaking her hands to try and clear out
the nerves, she moved over to the door, putting all of her acting skills to
use as she knocked softly on the door, opening it and peeking her head in.
Seeing Steven sitting on the trainer's table with his head tilted to the side,
she moved into the room, watching as the trainer stitched his head closed,
sealing the wound she had opened.

"Steven?" She said softly, flinching as he looked up at her.

"What do you want?" He grumbled.

"Steven..." She said, getting his glaring attention. "I am so, so sorry." She
said, her eyes going wide and innocent. "I swear, I didn't mean to hit you out
there. I was chasing Victoria, and she ducked, and I couldn't stop the swing.
I promise, I didn't do that on purpose."

"What does it matter?" He grumbled. "I lost. Your boy toy won."

"He didn't want to win like that." She said. "I didn't want him to win like
that. I didn't want you two fighting, but Steve made the match, and I couldn't
talk him out of it."

"Why are you telling me this?" Steven asked.

"Because I'm sorry." She said. "I wish it wouldn't have happened. If I could,
I'd take it back. I don't want you more upset with me than you usually are. I
know me and Victoria aren't the best of friends, but I never had any beef with
you, and I'd like to keep it that way." Looking at him, she reached into her
pocket. "Which is why...I...I'd like to make things right."

"And how would you..." He started, looking up from the floor and seeing her hand
stuck out in front of him, holding something. "Do that?" He finished, looking
down at the key card to a hotel room.

"Please, come over." She said softly. "No tricks, no sneak attacks. If I
wanted to do that, I would have brought Val." Taking a deep breath, she took
his hand, putting the card in it. "I just wanna say I'm sorry and make things
right, ok?" When he nodded slowly, she smiled softly. "Just give me a few
minutes to freshen up and then drop by. Maybe a half hour or so?"

"Half hour." He mumbled, nodding and staring at the card. "I'll..." Looking up
at her, he grinned. "I'll be there."

Pretending to be relieved, she smiled. "Thank you, Steven." She said. "See you

Turning and walking towards the door, Trish let an evil smile creep over her
face, grabbing the handle and opening the door, moving back out into the
hallway and towards the exit, smiling as she hoped Val's tester had good news
for her.

* * *

Moving down the hallway, Steven looked at the key card in his hand, checking
the room number on it as he moved down the hallway, making sure he didn't go
past the room. Looking back down the hallway, he made sure Victoria didn't
follow him, hoping his excuse of needed to go for a walk to clear his head had
been enough to keep her curious nature at bay.

Stopping in front of room six five two, Steven looked down at the card again,
checking it over and making sure it was the right room. Reaching for the door
handle, he stopped, pulling his hand back and taking a step back.

"Why would Trish do this?" He asked, shaking his head. Looking at the door, he
mulled over his options. "It's probably a trap." He thought. Sighing, he shook
his head. "Steven, you got two options." He told himself. "One, go in there,
and find out if it's a trap. Maybe take a beating, or maybe get the fuck of a
life time. Or two, walk away, and never know." Shaking his head, he reached
for the door, sliding the key card in and opening it. "Beatings heal." He told
himself, pushing the door open cautiously and moving into the room.

Walking down the small hallway and into the main room, Steven spotted Trish
sitting on the bed, looking bored. Looking around the room, he tried to see if
anyone was in the room with them, but didn't spot anyone in the corners.

Looking up, Trish smiled. "Hey Steven." She said softly, gaining his
attention. "No one else is here. Just us."

"Forgive me if I don't trust you." He said, moving over to the bathroom and
opening the door, looking all around before moving to the closet, opening it
and peering in, not finding anyone.

"Satisfied?" She asked. When he turned towards her, she said, "Look, Steven, I
really am sorry I hit you tonight. Like I said, we've never had a problem,
other than what your girlfriend makes you do, so I don't want to start
anything with you."

"Yea, yea..." He said, waving his hands as he finished looking around the room.
"You're sorry, got it." Finally looking at the blonde on the bed, he asked,
"What did you mean, you'd make it up to me? Make what up to me?"

"Costing you the match." She said. Standing up, she smiled softly at him.
"Steven, I'm not stupid. I know you let me get away from you during that mixed
tag match." When she saw a grin creep over his face, she said, "You could have
beat the living shit out of me, but you didn't. You let me go. And, for that,
I cold cocked you with a kendo stick and cost you a match." Looking at him,
she grinned. "And I saw you give me a smile when Victoria came after me and
Val about the tape we made." Seeing him shrug, she pressed on. "Did you get to
see our video, Steven?"

"I did." He said with a nod.

Smiling, she licked her lips softly, her heart racing as she saw him look at
it and smile. "You liked it, didn't you?" She said.

Smiling and shrugging, he told her, "You're very photogenic."

Smiling, she moved over to the nightstand, opening the top drawer.
Reaching in, she grinned as she pulled something out, holding it in her arms
as she turned around, sliding her hand through the strap on the side and
flipping open the viewfinder, pointing it at him. "I was thinking..." She said,
smiling at him. "Since you liked my and Val's tape so much, that, if you'll
forgive me for tonight and let it slide, that maybe we could make a gift for
you to remember?"

Seeing the look on his face, Trish smiled, moving over towards him and
taking the camcorder off of her hand, sliding it into his and licking her
lips. "Make sure you get some close ups." She purred, reaching down and
grabbing his belt, undoing his pants and letting them drop to the floor. "I
love close ups..."

Dropping to her knees in front of him, Trish smiled as she pulled his
boxers down, hearing Steven slide the video camera onto his hand and point it
down at her. ~Your little trick better work, Val...~ She thought, reaching out
and grabbing his briefs, pulling them down and letting his cock slide out.
Pulling his shirt up, she motioned for him to lose it as she did the same,
reaching down and pulling her top over her head, tossing it aside as she undid
her bra, letting her large tits bounce free as Steven groaned softly. Looking
up at him, she leaned back, cupping her tits. "You like my titties, Steven?"
She purred.

"Fuck yes..." He moaned softly. "God, Trish, touch them..."

Rolling her nipples around with her fingers, Trish moaned softly as she
teased them, stroking the excited nubs and making him groan as he shifted to
the side, reaching down with his free hand and gripping his cock, stroking it
softly as he zoomed in on her nipple play, the viewfinder filling up with
sights of Trish stroking and pinching her nipples gently, cooing as she did.

"Oooooo, fuck yea, fuck..." Trish cooed softly, looking up at him. "Can I
suck your dick, Stevie? Please?"

"God yea, suck that cock Trish..." He groaned, his moaning picking up as
Trish leaned forward and slid his cock between her pouty lips, sucking softly.

Looking up at him with big, wide eyes, Trish bobbed up and down on his
shaft slowly, her hands continuing to tease her tight nipples as she worked.
~He's not bad.~ She thought, looking down and checking out his length. ~Not
up to Val standards, but very doable.~ Bobbing up and down slowly on his
cock, she made sure to keep her hands away from his cock and on her tits, not
wanting to block his view, knowing whatever he was seeing through the
viewfinder was key to her plan, and wanting to put on a show for him.

Watching as Trish's blonde head bobbed up and down in his lap, her big,
brown eyes looking up at him through the viewfinder, Steven groaned loudly,
her tongue swirling around his cockhead and drawing out salty pre-come. He
knew he shouldn't be doing this. Trish was Victoria's archenemy. She'd had
more wars, inflicted more pain on him and Victoria than almost anyone. But as
her thick lips glided up and down his shaft, he didn't care. He knew Victoria
would murder him if she ever found out about this, but he had that figured
out, smiling down at the buxom blonde as she massaged his hard shaft with her

Pulling off of his cock, Trish smiled up at Steven, reaching up and
gripping him loosely, stroking him. "Wanna take this to the bed?" She asked
with a purr. When he nodded, she stood up, holding onto his shaft and leading
him towards the bed. "I got something for that." She said, moving over to the
closet and opening the door. Reaching in, she grinned at him as she pulled out
a tripod, setting it up a little ways from the bed. "Set it up over here." She
said, motioning for him to give her the camera. "Get a good view of the bed,
and, more importantly..." Looking up at him, she gave him a wicked smile. "Leave
your attention fully focused on me."

Moving over to the camera as Trish slid onto the bed, taking off her
jeans and panties and tossing them aside, Steven peered through the
viewfinder, seeing that Trish had set it up to give a good, general shot of
the bed, nothing fancy but making sure that the camera would record them
wherever there adventures took them. Making sure the record button in the top
corner was still going, and she hadn't shut it off, Steven stood up and kicked
off his shoes and pants, moving towards the bed as Trish squirmed with nervous

"Finally ready?" She teased, smiling as he slid onto the bed.

"Just making sure everything was perfect." He told her, licking his
fingers before grabbing her legs, pulling her closer and rubbing his wet
digits along her slit, finding her pussy had already beaten him to the job.

"Want this to be perfect, huh?" She moaned softly. ~You might as well
enjoy this.~ She thought to herself. ~If he's good, great. If he's bad,
it'll be over soon. What's the harm in liking it?~

"Of course."

"Been thinking about doing this for a while, Stevie?" She purred,
watching as he grabbed his shaft, lining it up with her pussy.

"God, Trish, so long." He admitted, pushing forward and popping his cock
into her tight pussy.

Looking up at him, she asked, "Not gonna return the oral favor?"

Looking down at her pussy, then at her, he said, "I'm not the one
apologizing here."

"Good point." Moaning softly, she rolled her head down. "Oooooo,
fuck...God, I was looking forward to this to, Stevie..." She whined softly,
pulling her legs up and giving him better access to her pussy, letting him
push deeper into her. "I know we've had our...disagreements..."

"I've kicked your ass." He told her, gripping her hips and pushing into
her. "And you've kicked me in the nuts more times than I can count."

"Then let me make it up to you." She moaned, Steven pushing fully into
her, her body experiencing the pleasurable stretch. "I know we can't be
friends, but that doesn't mean we have to be at each other's throat all the
time, does it?"

Savoring the feel of her tight box around his cock, Steven pulled out,
groaning softly as he emptied her before thrusting back in. "God, Trish,
that's a lot of bad blood to work out..."

"Maybe..." She said, whining softly as he pushed back in before pulling
back out. "If you do good tonight...we can work something out?" Looking up at
him, and seeing his glassed over eyes full of interest, she said, "Maybe a
week to week payment plan? You let me and Victoria...fuck, yea Stevie! You let
us work out our problems and not interfere, and I give you a reward?"

"Oh fuck yea!" He grunted, leaning over and kissing her chest, his hips
rising and falling as he plunged into her tight pussy. Capturing her tight
nipple between his lips, he sucked on it hard, his interest in the large
mounds of flesh, peaked when he first saw her on TV, intensified when he saw
them bouncing up and down in her video with Val, now being fulfilled, his
mouth and tongue lavishing them with attention.

Wrapping her arms loosely around his shoulders, Trish held him close,
moaning softly as he continued to thrust into her pussy, his hips slapping
against her underside as he started picking up steam, whatever fantasy he had
in mind for her obviously not involving the words "Soft" and "Easy". Kicking
her legs up and wrapping them around his waist, she yelped softly with each
plunging thrust, his sack slapping off of her underside and making him moan as
she gripped him tightly. Arching her back softly, she gave him better access
to her bouncing tits, letting him wrap his lips around them crudely and suck
on the tight nips, her hard nubs showing she wasn't completely acting when it
came to her pleasure.

Rearing back and throwing his hips forward, Steven groaned around tit as
he bottomed out in her pussy, the feel of her soft, silky outer lips wrapping
around the base of his shaft thrilling him to no end. He couldn't tell if the
camera had a good view or not, but suspected it was limited at best, Trish's
arms and legs wrapped around his body as he thrust into her wetness and buried
his head in her cleavage, but he didn't care. The tape was secondary. So long
as it showed him and Trish fucking, he knew the memories he was building up
from this encounter would fill in the rest, her tight vagina squeezing his
shaft snug as he pistoned in and out of her. Hearing her moan out in long,
loud moans, he smiled a cruel smile, the knowledge that his girlfriend's
archenemy, the woman who had caused them more pain and suffering than any
human on the planet, was getting off from his fucking, filling him with
sadistic joy and spurning him on to keep going, shutting down the small part
of his mind that told him it was wrong, and all to easy.

"God Stevie, much better than I thought..." Trish moaned, holding
him close. Pulling his head from her spit-slicked tits, she cried, "God,
please, doggy style? Roll me over and hit that pussy from the back?"

Nodding, Steven slowly extracted himself from his cleavage, nipping and
licking as he went, making her yelp softly as her tender tits we abused before
pulling his shaft out of her dripping pussy, her arms and legs falling from
his body as she scurried up into a kneeling position, leaning over and
grabbing the headboard of the bed as he slid in behind her, pushing his cock
up against her pussy. "You like doggy style, Trishy?" He sneered. "Yea, I saw
Val pounding that pussy doggy and you were fucking loving it, weren't you?"

"God yes!" She whined, shaking her ass, urging him to push back in.
"Give it to me Stevie!"

Lunging forward, Steven buried himself up to the hilt in her pussy with
one brutal thrust, making her arch her back and scream. Pulling back and
throwing his hips into her backside, Steven grinned as she screamed out again,
her body shaking with his hammering fuck strokes.

Groaning loudly as Steven fucked her from the back, Trish let her head
hang down, bouncing and bobbing as he pushed into her over and over. Feeling
him begin to pick up speed and power with each thrust, she quickly realized
that if her pleasure was going to be met, she'd have to take care of it
herself, since his pace and excitement wasn't going to lend itself to him
having tremendous staying power. Feeling his hands leave her hips and reach
under her, going for her dangling tits, she let go of the headboard with her
left hand, testing his thrusts and her right arms ability to keep her upright
before sliding her hand down her body, slinking between his groping hands and
finding her pussy quickly, her skilled hand making short work of her clit hood
and working over her sensitive nub, making her groan out louder than before.

Grinning at her apparent joy, and his perceived role in it, Steven
picked up the pace, stroking her tight nipples with glee as she sobbed and
moaned in lust. Feeling her fingers running over his shaft as he pumped into
her, his hands pawed at her tits, his hyper excitement making him want to do
everything he'd ever dreamed of doing to her all at once, and not letting him
focus on one thing at a time, his hands squeezing her large tits one minute,
tweaking the nipples the next, before softly rolling the fleshy mounts around
after that, his hard, pounding strokes the only consistent motion. As her
screams and sobs picked up speed and intensity, Steven almost laughed with
triumph as he saw her hand losing its grip on the headboard, sliding down the
hard wood as it slammed off the wall with each pump. Hearing her moan loudly,
Steven looked down at her in quiet wonder, her face slowly pushing into the
bed as she dropped down, making him consider stopping and letting her enjoy
her bliss.

For about a millisecond.

She was his fuck toy, not the other way around, and he wasn't the one
being pleased, so he slammed down into her ass hard, rising up and pounding
into her pussy with quick, jack hammering blows, her whole body shaking and
rippling as she screamed and sobbed in orgasm, his twisted mind assuring him
that his hard cock pounding her with brutal, fast strokes and his hands
clumsily playing with her tits was the sole reason for it, and had nothing to
do with the hand breaking the light speed barrier over her clit, rubbing her
hard nub into oblivion and taking her with it.

Feeling her body begin to go limp under his thrusts, Steven slowed down,
gritting his teeth as he reached down, grabbing a hand full of blonde hair,
lifting her head up slightly as she groaned, oblivious to his rough treatment
as she swam in her own personal sea of pleasure. "You done coming, you little
blonde slut?" Steven growled, smiling at her slack jawed expression, his body
filling with pride as he tried to fight off his own impending pleasure,
wanting to savor her body for as long as he could.

"God, yes, Stevie..." She moaned, letting him believe whatever he wanted
to believe about how she got to it, knowing angering the larger man right now
might not be the smartest thing to do.

Pulling his cock from her tightness with a growl of disappointment,
Steven stood up on the bed, becoming aware again of the video camera and
positioning himself accordingly. "Yea, well, I didn't." He said, smiling down
at her as she rolled her eyes up to look at him. He desperately wanted to fuck
her all night long, to hold out for as long as Val seemed to, even if he had
already convinced himself it was a camera trick, but he was quickly reaching
the end of his rope. Victoria had taught him to control himself in the sack
better, but all the screaming, hitting and yelling from Victoria couldn't
overpower the excitement he had crawling into bed with Trish, or the joy of
getting to fulfill his fantasy.

Pulling herself to her knees, Trish smiled up at him. "Poor Stevie..." She
cooed, leaning her head out and lapping at his cock. "What do you want me to

Looking down at her, he thought about asking for what he had originally
thought, but, seeing her thick, pouting lips looking up at him, he smiled,
grabbing her by the head and pushing his cock against her lips. "Keep still."
He said flatly, surging forward and ramming his cock into her mouth.

Reacting with speed that could only be taught through plenty of practice
with Val, Trish moved her head into perfect position and opened her throat,
accepting Steven's shorter cock with ease, but sputtering slightly for show,
upping the fake gagging as he continued to slam his balls off of her chin,
knowing that a psychopath like Steven was all about control, and humiliation,
and letting him believe he was doing both. Reaching her hands up, she put the
final touches on her act, pretending to try and stop his thrusts weakly,
before relenting and letting him push in without a fight, her eyes taking on
an innocent, frightened expression as her throat contracted around his head
again and again, milking his shaft with each pump.

His smile a mile wide, Steven pounded into her throat, his mind on
euphoria overload as she fought to break free of his oral assault, before
finally accepting him as her better, her want to put the past behind them and
avoid any more physical confrontations with him making her willing to let him
do anything physical he wanted with her now, her soft, sexy body his
plaything, her mouth his current target as he fought to push aside the growing
swell in his nuts as she swallowed his cock with each pump, her wide eyes
welling up slightly and forcing him over the edge.

"Oh fuck!" He groaned, pulling his cock free from her gasping mouth, one
shot not waiting to make the exit before shooting into her mouth, catching her
off guard and making her gag for real as he grabbed his drool soaked shaft and
pounding it relentlessly, spraying his fuck toy with white, sticky lust,
putting the final touches on his masterpiece of humiliation as he watched her
force her face up, wanting to please him and taking his load reluctantly with
her face, the slight flinches she gave working him up more and forcing another
rope or two of semen out of his shaft and onto her face.

Trying to find something to pass the time, Trish closed her eyes and
thought about her last match, going over what she did right, did wrong as
Steven continued to jerk his load onto her. ~Gotta admit.~ She thought,
feeling the bed shake as his body shuddered, the high velocity spatter of his
last load giving her a good idea that he was finished and was flicking his
come onto her face, like Val had done so many times before. ~Stevie's got a
good load in him. Victoria must not get the poor bastard off much.~

Watching as she scraped the come from her face, Steven grinned as she
looked up at him. "Eat it." He told her.

Trying not to sigh with disappointment at his predictability, Trish
nervously took her fingers into her mouth, cleaning them with a soft suck as
he groaned in happiness. Moving her hand up to get more, she pushed what she
had sucked up out of her mouth and onto her chest, her hands blocking his view
and making him unable to tell if the mess on her chest was what she had just
dropped or what he had put on her in the first place.

Smiling as she cleaned her face of his seed, he stroked his nearly limp
cock, pushing her hands out of the way and pushing it back into her mouth.
"Suck, slut."

Nursing his limp shaft, Trish went for the final part of her plan,
keeping him in her mouth as she started scooting closer to the camera side of
the bed. Seeing him look down at her, and notice she was moving towards the
camera, she bolted, hopping off the bed and moving over to the camera,
stumbling over her cum dumb legs and getting caught, Steven leaping off the
bed and grabbing her from behind, tossing her onto the bed with a sideways
swing and grabbing the camera.

Turning back to glare at her, Steven grabbed the camera, holding it up
and pointing it towards the sperm splattered pinup. "You fucking set me up!"
He growled. "You thought I'd just fuck you and let you take the tape?"

Breathing in quick, ragged breaths, Trish tried moving towards the edge
of the bed. "Stevie...please, I didn't mean to..."

"Fucking lying bitch!" He yelled, pointing the camera at her, collecting
all the footage he could. "What were you gonna do, huh? Send this tape to
Victoria to?"


"Bullshit." He said, shaking his head. "Well, guess what? The jokes on
you, Trish, because I got the tape now."

"No!" She screamed, her breathing turning hysterical as it turned to
crying. "Please...let's just destroy it! Please, Steven? I swear, I won't say

"No, you won't." He said, smiling as Trish's crying picked up into
sobbing. "Because I'm keeping this." He said, popping the tape out of the
camcorder and into his hand. "And we're...we're gonna do this again. Anytime I
want, anywhere I want. And if I some much as hear you make a fucking peep to
Victoria about what we did, I swear this tape will hit the internet so quick.
And all that goody goody image you built up won't be worth shit. All your fans
get to watch you get fucked stupid by me." Moving over to his clothes and
quickly getting redressed, Steven smiled as Trish curled up on the bed, her
loud sobs filling the room the same way her cries of passion had minutes
earlier. "See you around, Trish. I'd expect that call to come soon."

Watching as Steven moved towards the door with tear soaked eyes, Trish
ran her fingers through her hair, sobbing loudly as he opened the door, giving
her a last, evil grin before moving out of the room. Hearing the door close,
and the lock go with it, Trish sat up, taking a few deep breaths to regain her
composer as she quickly slid off of the bed, shaking her head as she fixed her
hair, moving towards the bathroom, locking the door on the way by.

"Fucking prick." She grumbled. "Now I gotta brush my teeth..."

Quickly starting a shower, Trish reached into her overnight bag and
grabbed her toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, making sure she got the
strong stuff before ducking into the shower, quickly rinsing Steven's come
from her face and body before taking a belt of the mouthwash, sloshing it
around as the door to the room opened again.



"Where..." He started, looking around as he moved into the bathroom,
spotting her in the shower. "How'd it go?" He asked, watching as she jammed
her toothbrush into her mouth, blue paste dripping onto her tits as she
vigorously scrubbed her teeth. Seeing the look she gave him, he smiled. "I'll
be in the room."

Watching Val go, Trish ran her head under the water, not knowing if any
of Steven's hefty load had landed in her hair, but, knowing from previous
experience, that it was a very real possibility. Spitting the paste down the
drain, she cleaned the blue from her chest before opening her mouth into the
stream of water, taking a mouthful and rinsing her mouth clean before shutting
off the shower. Sliding out and grabbing a housecoat, she tossed the
toothbrush away, making a mental note to buy a new one, never wanting to use
that one again as she wrapped herself up and moved into the main room, finding
Val looking over the ruined video camera Steven had dropped.

"You were right." She grumbled. "He wanted me to eat his come."

"Gave you a facial I take it?" He asked, tossing the camcorder onto the

Nodding, she admitted, "Not a bad one. Had some volume to it."

Looking at the camcorder, he asked, "He took the tape?"

Nodding, she moved to her suitcase, grabbing her comb and running it
through her semi-wet hair. "He did." She said.

Nodding, he told her, "Must not have taken long to get him in the mood."

"Christ no." She said. "It was a hell of a lot easier than even I
thought. I figured I'd have to at least give him a strip show or something,
but nuh-uh. Soon as that camera was in his hand, he was all for it. Must have
been planning to take the tape from the get go. Which was good. Saved me using
my plan to get him to take it."

"Yea, I don't think threats would have worked." He told her. "Aside from
you getting a beating and having it taken. I wasn't partial to that idea."

"Me neither." She admitted, taking off her housecoat and tossing it
aside, grabbing a new change of clothes from her suitcase and getting
redressed. "So, did you get all the footage you wanted?"

"That and more." He told her, watching her get dressed. Moving over to
the plastic flowers on the dresser, he smiled as he pulled a small video
camera free from mess of flowers. "I told you these things worked." He said
with a grin.

"Thank you Val." She said, leaning in and kissing him softly. "Wanna
gather up the rest of them, and then we can get going? I don't want Steven
coming back in here and finding us paling around, or he'll figure something's
up before he finds our little surprise."

As he nodded and moved to the other side of the room in search of one of
his hidden cameras, Trish set about packing up, making sure she had everything
she needed from the room, taking the video camera and lifting it up with a
smile. ~Gotta take you.~ She thought, moving over to her suitcase and
setting it in it. ~You did your job.~ Zipping her suitcase closed, she
turned and smiled at Val as he moved around the room. Shaking her head at the
seer amount of hidden cameras he had set up, she moved back towards the
bathroom, going for her overnight bag as Val finished up his task, getting
ready to get moving and start the next phase of there plan, knowing the next
move would be Steven's to make.

* * *

Looking over at his snoring snuggle muffin, Steven slowly slid off of
the bed, extracting Victoria's claws from his chest as he slinked onto the
floor, getting his footing under him before gliding slowly from the room,
taking special care to avoid the squeaky floor boards in there shared house as
he moved out into the hallway.

He had to see the tape. He knew it was risky, but he needed to. It had
been burning a hole in his pocket since he had left Trish's room, and he
needed to sate his curiosity, even if it was just a peek to see how it had
come out, knowing a full viewing of his x rated masterpiece would have to wait
until Victoria was out of the house.

~She's gotta see the shrink tomorrow.~ He reasoned with himself. ~You
can watch it all then.~ Moving towards the end of the hallway, he stopped
outside the bathroom door, looking in. Mulling over his options, he moved into
the room, not bothering with the light as he moved with practiced ease,
reaching for the second drawer in the vanity, opening it up and grabbing his
bottle of lube, which he had painstakingly concealed inside a tub of A5-35,
hiding the forbidden object from Victoria for fear of the repercussions.
~Special times call for special measures.~ He thought, closing the drawer
quietly and moving out of the bathroom, continuing down the hallway towards
the TV room.

Closing the door and locking it behind him, he moved towards the
recliner, dragging it towards the TV to get it within headphone range,
grabbing his set for late night TV watching and plugging them into the TV,
giggling with glee as he made short work of his pants, taking his seat and
sliding the tape into the VCR.

Reclining back in his chair, he grabbed the remote from under his ass
and pointed it at the TV, hitting play as he opened up the A5-35 bottle and
squirted some lube onto his hand, getting ready for the brief viewing and all
that it was sure to hold. Seeing Trish's face come on the TV, the picture of
her sitting on the bed, looking at the camera, he smiled. "Little slut must
have taped me a greeting." He mused to himself, reaching down and stroking his
cock to hardness with his non-lubed hand before reaching down with the lubed

But as the picture of Trish didn't fade from the screen, Steven started
to wonder if it was a greeting. Seeing Val flittering around the room behind
her, his stomach dropped, seeing Val placing something in places all over the

"This can't be good..." He said, hoping for the porn to start any second,
but slowly becoming aware that it wasn't.

"Hey Stevie." Trish said, smiling smugly into the camera. "If I guessed
right, I'm betting your sitting somewhere, huddle up with some jerk off
material, just itching to watch our tape and beat your cock half retarded. Am
I right, Stevie?" Giggling at her silliness, Trish waved her hand. "Doesn't
matter." She said, leaning in and smirking at the camera. "What does matter,
is this the tape you have? Total dud." Feigning innocence, she said, "I
can't ever imagine what you expected to find on it, but, it's not here. See
this..." She said, holding up the video camera Steven immediately recognized as
the one he had used to zoom in on her lips gliding up and down his cock.
" not set to record." She said. "Don't ask me what Val did to it, but
this thing didn't tape anything. This, however..." She said, reaching behind
her, and grabbing a small device off the bed, holding it up for Steven to see.
"And the dozen or so like it that Val is putting all over this room? They did
record just what happened here tonight."

Steven's stomach bottomed out, his greasy hand clutching his cock as he
tried not to vomit.

"And, as you might have guessed, I have the only copy." She said. "Not
Val, not you, me." Smiling, she shrugged. "I haven't quite decided what I want
to do with it. Honestly, that depends on what you do here tonight. I might go
with my original plan, of giving it to Victoria..." Peering into the lens, she
smiled. "Or I might have other plans for you. But I think I'll make you wait
and find out what I do. For now, all you need to know is, that I'm in control.
I have the tape. And you are to find me this week at Raw and then, and only
then, will I have an answer for you."

Looking around, Steven tried to find something to lobotomize himself
with, knowing if Trish made good on her promise to send the tape to Victoria,
she'd do it for him.

"Oh, and Stevie?" Trish said, smiling. "Just so I don't leave you a
complete nervous wreck, don't think about what happened at the end of
our...encounter to much, ok?" Looking into the camera, Trish started breathing
deeper, her breath hitching in her throat as she began to sniffle, her bottom
lip quivering softly as Steven recognized her act from earlier that night, her
crying picking up as she sobbed softly, her face a mask of agony as tears ran
down her face.

And then, in an instant, it stopped.

Wiping her eyes dry, Trish blinked a few times, getting her focus back.
"See?" She said, grinning at the camera. "On and off like nothing. See you
soon, Stevie."

Watching as Trish blew a kiss at the camera, Steven let his head fall
back as the screen went blank, the static on the screen proving Trish's
promise that the tape held nothing but her veiled threat, and his instructions
to try and put the best and worst night of his life behind him.

"What the fuck did I get myself into?" Steven asked, pulling his hand up
and running it over his face, gagging as he realized it was his lube hand and
he had smeared freshly applied cock-lube on his face. Dropping his hand down,
he shook his head, staring at the static as he tried to find another option
out of his current predicament, but knowing there was none.

"Hopefully Steve will tell me where her office is..." Steven grumbled,
slumping down in his chair, defeated.

* * *

"You like doggy style, Trishy?"

Watching as the action passed on the screen to her left, Trish rewound
the footage, looking to her right and watching it again. "I think..." She said,
pointing towards the center screen. "This one. Is that ok?"

"That's the one I would have picked." Val said, smiling at her. When she
smiled back, he said, "Ok, so, going this camera until penetration?" When she
nodded, he took her hands, setting them on the control board. "Ok, hit this
one." He said, showing her which to hit, before moving her hand. "Then, when
you got the clip you want, hit this one. Use this button to skip back a single
frame, and stop it when you want to clip it. Then hit this one, ok?"

"So this one..." She said, starting the footage. "Then...this one." She
added, stopping it. "Back it up..." She said, moving the frames back to the part
just before Steven plunged into her pussy doggy style. "Then clip?" She asked,
hovering over the clip button. When he nodded, she giggled happily, hitting
the clip button and clipping out the footage.

"And, now, drag it down with the mouse." He said. "Move it to the video
stream down here."

Doing as she was told, Trish dragged the video across the screen
directly in front of her, putting it in the place behind the last clip.
Looking to Val for approval, Trish smiled as he nodded.

"Now, you'll notice all the other clips moved up." He said. "I time
indexed them last night while you were resting..."

"Sleeping it off." She said with a smirk.

"Sleeping it off." He said. "So all the other clips moved up in time
with this one, so you won't have any blips in the video. They all move as one,
so whichever you pick, it'll start at the right time."

"Coolness!" Trish said, smiling. "This stuff is getting easier."

"You're learning quick." He told her. When she smiled, he asked her,
"So...I don't normally do this with costars...but...if you don't mind me asking..."

"Was Steven a good fuck?" She asked bluntly.

"You don't beat around the bush, do you?" He asked with a grin.

"No." She said. When she saw him looking at her, she said, "For the
record, I don't mind. If we ever do anything like this again, you can ask how
my other costars were. K?" When he nodded, she shrugged, "Honestly, he was ok.
Nothing great, but not horrible. I got off, even if it was because of a little
finger play." Grinning, she added, "But he was nothing compared to you.
Nothing. And I'm not just saying that to stroke your ego."

Nodding, he said, "I didn't get to see it all, but he seemed to have a
good money shot."

"Musta been backed up." Trish joked. "Victoria doesn't clean his pipes
much I guess."

"You seemed to like it." He told her.

"I did." She admitted. "And I do. Call me crazy, but I like money shots.
I think there kinda fun."

Turning back towards the footage, he said, "You should try a bukkake

Turning to look at Val, she asked, "A what?"

"Bukkake." He told her. Looking over, and seeing her confused
expression, he told her, "It's all facial movie. It's an Asian thing."

"So...I pretty much do someone a bunch of times and get a facial every
time?" She asked. "That doesn't sound so bad..."

"Not quite." He said. "It's like an ALL facial movie. No real sex
involved. Just group of guys, girl kneeling in front of them, guys walk up,
bust their nut, walk off." Scratching his head as he looked back towards the
movie, he said, "I guess it was sort of a humiliation thing at first, but,
well, like anything involving sex, the porn industry found it and made a niche
out of it."

"So I just sit there and get jerked off onto?" She asked. When he
nodded, she asked, "Where's the fun in that?"

"Some people find it fun."

"Have you ever done it?"

"I'm assuming your asking if I've ever been the one shooting the wad,
not catching it."

"Of course." She told him.

"Once or twice." He admitted. "Not really my cup of tea, but hey, I'm
not the one who likes facials either."

"I like them." She said. "But I don't like the idea of that. Sounds"

"Different strokes for different folks." He told her.

Turning back towards the screens, she nodded. "I suppose."

"So..." Val said, before Trish cut him off.

"Ask away."

"Did you do this tape as a fantasy, or a revenge fuck?" He asked.
Looking at her, he asked, "Like, have you ever thought about doing it with
Steven before?"

"I guess." She said with a shrug. "In a passing sort of way, but
normally it involved getting revenge on Victoria in some way. So I guess a
little bit of both. It was fun to do, sex was ok, and getting to rub it in
Victoria's face would be nice."

"Do you have a lot of fantasies you wanna work out like this?" He asked.
Seeing a shy smile come over her blushing face, he smiled, leaning over and
giving her a peck on the lips. "Trish, I've come on your face. I know what a
bukkake film is. You can tell me anything."

"I have some." She said softly, looking at him. "Have had one running
through my head for the last few days...since I decided to do this whole Steven
tape, but I'm not really sure if I wanna do it or not."

"Why not?" He asked curiously. "I mean, if this one turned out ok, I'd
think that would put you at ease to do more."

Looking sheepish, her face bright red, she whispered, "Multiple guys."

"Ah." He said, nodding. Seeing her face was about to explode from
embarrassment, he told her, "I've done that, you know."

Looking at him, she asked, "You have?"

"Uh-huh." He said with a nod. "Done it on both ends, acting and
directing. And I've dealt with the women who've done them too. It can either
be a blast of a nightmare for her, depending on what she's like."

Shaking her head slightly, her blushing slowly fading, she asked, "Val,
why would you tell me it might be a nightmare? I'm still thinking about it..."

Turning to look at her, he said, "Trish, I swore to you when I said I'd
start making movies with you that I'd hold you by the hand and not let you get
hurt, didn't I?" When she nodded, he told her, "And I've seen it happen. I've
seen gangbangs where the girl was more revved up for fucking after they were
done than before." When she nodded in understanding, he told her softly, "And
I've also seen the other side of the coin, where the girl didn't have any idea
what she was getting into and ended up sobbing herself half crazy because she
was disgusted with herself in the end. And I never, ever, ever want to see you
like that. So I'm giving you both sides of it. Ok?"

Smiling softly, she nodded, leaning in and hugging him softly. "Thank
you, Val."

"No problem, Trish." He said, hugging her back before letting her pull
away. "Can I know the fantasy? Or is that to personal?"

Grinning at him, she turned back towards the screens, starting the movie
running and waiting for the next chance to use her newly found editing skills.
"Val, you've poked me in the eye with your balls while throat fucking me.
Personal is not an issue." When he grinned and laughed at her bluntness, she
grinned back, telling him, "A trip to Dudleyville."

"Dudleyville?" He asked with a smile. When she nodded, he asked, "So
which of the Dudley's would be the lucky bastard?"

Smiling, she asked, "Why should I have to choose?"

Nodding, he asked, "That's where the multiple guys come in?"

"There are three of them." She told him. "At last count. At least in the
WWE. I've heard rumors of more, but never met them."

"That's not a bad idea for a movie." He admitted. "Or, you could start
of slower, like with two guys. Do you have any fantasies that would work with
two guys?"

"A few." She admitted with a smile.

"Well..." He said, putting his arm around her and pulling her closer,
kissing her softly. "If you ever wanna try it, let me know, and I'll do what I
can to help. I'll give you a safe word to yell if things get out of your
comfort level, and I'll protect you. Deal?"

Smiling, she nodded. "Deal." Leaning up and kissing him softly, she let
him hold her close for a moment, before moving away and turning her attention
to the video again, eager to get her movie done and watch the finished
product. Seeing him turn towards the screens again, she smiled. "Thank you,

"Anytime." He told her. "Honestly, I'd like to see that to. So give it
some thought, but don't just do it because I said that, ok?" When she nodded,
he grinned. "Now get your butt back to editing, missy. I wanna see how much
trouble I'm in of losing you as my main costar to Steven."

Giggling, she shook her head quickly. "None whatsoever." She assured
him, turning back towards the bank of computer monitors and starting the movie
running again, looking for the next clip to make.

* * *

Leaning back on his couch, Steve popped another nacho into his mouth,
chewing happily as he washed down the crumbled food with a swig of beer.
Relaxing fully in his seat, he let out a long, satisfied groan, letting his
head fall to look to the left.

"I was expecting the beer." Steve said, smiling at Trish. "And the
wings." He said, motioning towards the massive plate of wings sitting on the
coffee table in front of the couch. "But I don't remember you promising

"I didn't." Trish admitted, leaning forward and pulling a nacho from the
cheesy mess on the table. "But, figured I'd throw them in anyways..."

"And I'm super happy you did." Steve told her with a grin. "I love

"I figured as much." She said with a grin. "I saw them on the menu so I
told them to throw an order in. Least I can do."

Looking at her, he asked, "You don't seem to be eating all that much..."

Quickly shaking her head, she explained, "I, hopefully, have big plans
for tonight, so trying to not get bloated." Grinning, she added, "Gotta look
good for the camera."

Reaching down and grabbing a hot wing from the pile, Steve held it out
in front of her with a grin. "I'm sure you'll look great. Now eat up. I can't
handle all this on my own."

Watching as Trish took the wing and bit into it, knowing better than to
refuse Steve's request, Val grinned. "You angling to be her next costar
Steve?" He asked, leaning down and hovering his hand over the hot wings,
silently asking if the offer he had made to the busty blonde applied to
everyone in the room.

Nodding, he motioned for him to dig in. "Nah." Steve said with a grin.
"I like watching her movies...well, the one I've seen, anyways, but I don't
think I'm costar material." Looking at her, and watching as she picked the
wing clean, he told her, "I'd prefer to keep our relationship
professional...aside from the times when you bring wings and beer. Then we're

"And nachos." She offered with a grin, moving back towards the wing
platter. When he nodded, she grabbed a wing, leaning back as she took a drink
of her beer. "I'm glad that we can be friends, Steve." She told him. "Been a
while since we had a GM that wasn't completely bias. Foley was the last one I
know of."

"I'm bias." Steve said, smiling. "I tend to side with people who bring
me beer and snacks."

"Then I'll keep bringing the beer and snacks." She said, giggling as Val
went for another wing. "Because, at some point, I may need more favors. Best
to keep you happy for when I ask. Just glad you didn't bite my head off for
not having beer last week..."

Going to wave his hand in a dismissive fashion, Steve realized it was
holding a dripping chicken wing, and quickly took it into his mouth, cleaning
the hot sauce off before telling her, "I told you, don't fucking worry about
that. You know you can ask me for shit. If I can help, I'll help."

Going to answer him, Trish stopped as she heard a knock coming from the
door. Turning towards Steve, she asked, "Expecting someone?"

Shaking his head, Steve bellowed, "Bring beer or fuck off!"

Watching the door creek open, Trish's grin covered her face as her
newest costar crept into the room.

"I didn't bring beer..." Steven started, before Steve cut him off.

"Then get your stupid little ass..." Steve started, before it was Trish's
turn to cut him off.

"Umm, Steve?" She asked softly, drawing his gaze. "I kinda told Steven
to find me tonight. So, can he stay for a minute? I'll cover his tab..."

Nodding, Steve told her, "He can stay." Before glaring at Steven,
telling him, "But any funny shit out of you, and BAM!"

Ignoring Steve's threats, Steven glared at Trish. "Alright, I'm here."
He said. "Where's my tape?"

Smiling at him, Trish told Steven, "Well, Stevie, MY tape is in a safe
place." Pushing herself up slightly and reaching into her pocket, Trish pulled
out a keycard, tossing it at the angry superstar. "It's not here, and I'm not
telling you where it is right now. Come over to my hotel after Raw, and we can
discuss my terms for destroying the tape." When he glared at her, she told
him, "Oh, and don't get any stupid ideas about setting up a trap. I already
have my security waiting there. Come alone, or Victoria gets a private
viewing. Got it?"

Nodding, Steven growled as he backed out of the room, slamming the door
shut as Trish leaned back on the couch, smiling at Steve, who was looking at
her in bewilderment.

"Tape?" Steve asked. When she nodded, he asked, "What tape? Did you
sneak into his room and tape him and Victoria or something?"

Shaking her head, Trish giggled. "Nuh-uh."

"Then what..." He started, before trailing off, a sly smile creeping over
his face. "Trish, did you make a, one of your and Val's tapes, with
Steven Richards?"

Her giggling picking up, Trish nodded. "Yes...kinda. Had to do some hidden
camera stuff to get it done, but I got it." Seeing him shake his head, she
laughed out loud. "Didn't I tell you I had something sneaky planned?"

Reaching over and poking her giggling shoulder, he told her, "Trish, I
will never trust you again!"

Giggling more, she told him, "I would never trick you Steve. You were a
super big help last week, and I couldn't have gotten it done without you."
When he smiled, she waggled her eyebrows. "I might even repay that help with a
tape if you wanna..."

"I don't think so." He said, smiling. "Don't want some sex tape dangling
over my head like that moron." When she laughed, he added, "And besides, I'm
the boss, so I gotta stay impartial...even if I am accepting hot wings and beer
for a bribe."

Reaching out and grabbing a nacho from the table, Trish smiled as she
leaned back on the couch. "And nachos." She added. When he nodded, she smiled,
letting herself relax as she started to get mentally ready for the next phase
of her plan.

* * *

Looking up at the door, Steven scowled. The last time he was in this
situation, the only question he could think of was if fucking Trish would be a
good idea, or a great one.

"Oh how wrong I was." He grumbled, sliding the card into the lock and
pushing the door open, moving into the room amid the hustle and bustle of
nearly a dozen people moving around in a frantic pace. Moving in deeper, he
tried to judge if Trish had given him the wrong room card, almost praying she
had, before he spotted her looking over some notes with Val, trying to get
something sorted out as they had a small argument between them. Growling with
anger, Steven started power walking towards the duo, intent on getting his
tape back and getting out of there as quick as possible, reaching into his
pocket and grabbing his wallet.

But as he moved forward, he found his progress stopped by a pair of
massive hands resting on his chest. Looking up the arms, one black, one white,
Steven groaned as he spotted Trish's security staring down at him.

"How'd you get in here?" Farooq asked, looking at the smaller wrestler.

Holding up his keycard quickly, Steven told him, "Trish told me to

"That I did." She said, her attention finally drawn to the fidgety
superstar. "Hey Stevie..."

"Where's my tape?" He asked, pulling his wallet out. "This is all I

"First, MY tape." Trish said emphatically. "Not yours. Your tape was the
one I sent home with you." When he scowled, she grinned. "And, secondly,
you're not getting that tape for money. Your doing what I want, or that little
masterpiece is making its way down to Victoria's room, tonight. Got it?"

Sighing, he nodded, pushing his wallet back into his pocket. "Don't you
think you've put me through enough?" He asked. "I've been a nervous wreck all

Laughing, Trish asked, "Put you through enough? Stevie, I let you fuck
me! That's worth any little jitters you may have had." When he sighed again,
she smiled. "And besides, if you do what I want tonight, I promise you, that
tape will never find it's way to Victoria. Not from me, from Val, anyone. I

Running his hands over his face, Steven tried not to explode from the
tension, a weeks worth of nervousness boiling over and almost coming out in
one big breakdown. "What do you want, Trish?"

Grinning, she told him, "Just a costar."

Looking down at her, his eyes wide, he asked, "You're fucking serious?"
When she nodded, a smile plastered on her face, he told her, "No fucking way..."

Reaching around to her back pocket, Trish pulled out a small envelope,
holding it up for his gaze. Looking up at the APA, Trish said, "Give us a
minute?" When they nodded, moving over towards the door to block any escape
route Stevie might have been planning, she looked at Steven, smug and
confidant. "Look, Stevie, here's the deal." She said. "You have two options.
One, you can do what I want. Make a tape with me, for my private collection,
and this tape never finds it's way to Victoria." Smiling, she licked her lips,
adding, "Or, option number two. You refuse, storm out of here, and this tape
makes it's way down to Victoria tonight. And I'm betting she won't be the
least bit forgiving. So, your choice." Seeing the agony on his face, Trish
grinned. "Come on, Stevie..." She purred softly. "Can you honestly stand there
and tell me you won't enjoy fucking me again? I'm not gonna hit you, or make
you do stupid things. I wanna put on a good show, so I want you to work with
me, not for me."

Sighing, he shook his head. "No, I can't." He admitted. Looking at her,
he said, "But that still doesn't mean I'm doing this."

"Well, I'm getting tired of standing here." She said, waving the DVD
again. "You have till I get to five to make up your mind. One...two...three..."

"Alright, alright, I'll do it." He said quickly, running his hands
through his hair as she shrieked happily.

"That's the spirit!" She said, smiling. "Now, ready for your close up?"

Looking around the room, and quickly realizing the other people in it
were a camera crew, he asked, "Do they have to be here? I mean, can't we..."

"No." She said flatly. "I'm doing this professionally. I do all my
personal tapes professionally."

Looking around the room, Steven tried to find anything he could to use
as an out. Pointing at Val, and motioning towards the APA, he said, "I can't
do it with them in the room." He told her. "I'll be freaking out that if you
shriek the tiniest bit they'll jump on me and kick my ass."

Nodding, Trish motioned for the guys to come over. When they stood next
to her, the APA muscling Steven out of his spot, she told them, "Guys, I need
you to camp out in the other room while we're shooting."

"Trish, that's not a great idea..." Bradshaw told her.

Shaking his head, Farooq pointed at Steven. "I don't trust this little

"It's ok." Trish told him.

Reaching out, Val took Trish by the hand, leading her away from the
group. "Trish, are you sure about this?" He asked softly.

"Val, I'm sure." She told him.

Waiting for Val to try and talk her out of it, she gathered up the
reasons she was sure, but was surprised by his reply.

"Alright, we can do this." He told her with a nod. "But I'll give you a
safe word, ok? Scream it out if your in trouble, and me and the APA will come
rushing in and make him regret it, ok?"

Looking up at Val, Trish nodded, smiling. "Deal. What's the word?"


Looking confused, she asked, "Popcorn?" When he nodded, she asked, "Why

Smiling, he led her back towards Steven and the APA. "Have you ever
heard someone yell out popcorn in a porno before?"

Catching on, Trish smiled. "Nope."

Looking at Farooq and Bradshaw, Val motioned for them to follow him.
"Alright, guys, we're in the other room."

Nodding, Bradshaw held up a finger, pulling Steven away from the group.
"In a second." He said. "Just wanna check this for weapons." As Trish and Val
nodded, busying themselves with preparations for the shoot, Bradshaw started
patting Steven down as Farooq stood in front of Steven, a big, easy going
smile on his face.

"Now, Stevie..." He said, smiling, as if to put him at ease, but doing
more to unnerve him than anything. "I don't know if you're just shy, or
stupid, or what." He told him. "But I will tell you this, and keep it in mind.
We both care about Trish very much. She's been great to us over the years."
When Steven nodded, and tried to move away from them, Farooq stopped him with
a big hand on his chest. "I wasn't finished, boy." When Steven looked at him,
Farooq told him, "Just so you know, we're twenty stories up. It's a long way
down. If Trish calls for help, you're taking the plunge. Got it?"

Now thoroughly terrified, Steven nodded, waiting for Farooq's large hand
to move away from his chest before scurrying over to Trish. "I can't..."

Tired of his stalling, Trish told him, "They're leaving the room. One
more stall out of you, and this tape is heading downstairs. Got it?" When he
sighed and nodded, she smiled, motioning for the guys to leave the room. As
they shuffled into the other room, Trish looked around at the camera crew,
smiling. "Ready, ladies?" She asked. When they nodded, she smiled at Steven.
"Ready, Stevie?"

"I'm terrified." He said. "Farooq threatened to toss me off of the

"I guess you better not upset me then." She told him with a grin.

"What would upset you?" He asked. When she tiled her head in a pissed
off manner, he said, "Trish, I'm all for fucking you. I just want to get this
done and get out of here, but I don't want to get tossed to my death because I
zigged when I should have zagged! Help me out here."

Nodding, she conceded he had a good point. "Alright, first? You're not
coming on my face." She said. "Tit shot only. Second, no anal. Anything near
my ass, and you're taking the plunge. And third, no rough stuff. Hard pounding
is ok, but if you hit me, your dead meat. Got it?" When he nodded, she asked,
"Ready, finally, or is Victoria getting the tape?"

Taking a deep breath, he nodded. "Ready."

"Let's get to it then." She said, smiling. "I want this tape to last
longer than the last one, so when you're getting ready to nut, pull out and
give me some pussy play to cool down a bit."

"Pussy play?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "Why should I?"

Grinning, she poked him in the chest. "I'm not the one apologizing here,
am I?"

Realizing he was stuck, he nodded. ~You might as well enjoy it.~ He figured.
"Alright, lets go."

Moving over to the bed and taking a seat, Trish motioned for him to
stand away from it. "When I give you the sign, move over here and stand, ok?"
She said, pointing to the foot of the bed. When he nodded, she took a deep
breath, collecting herself before telling the crew, "Ok...and, action!" Looking
up at Steven, watching as he stood nervously a few feet from the bed, Trish
smiled at him hoping to put him at ease somewhat. "Hey Stevie." She cooed
softly. "Where's that psycho bitch Victoria?"

Completely unprepared for the dialog, Steven stood stunned, trying to
collect himself. "She's...down in our room." He told her, hoping he didn't look
as confused as he felt.

"Snuck out, did ya?" She asked, her smile getting wider.


"Came up here all by yourself?" She asked, looking around him as if
looking for someone.

"I...did?" He said uncertainly, looking behind him and trying to see if
there was someone behind him.

"Wanted to upgrade your company?" She asked with a purr. "Move up from
the psycho to the top Diva in the WWE?"

Quickly getting into character, realizing it wasn't going to be as quick
as he thought, he nodded. "Something like that."

"Something like that?" She asked, rolling over onto all fours and
crawling towards the foot of the bed. "Or exactly like that?" When he looked
at her, she smiled. "Come on, Stevie. You've thought about fucking me before,
haven't you? About kicking that skank Victoria to the curb and making me your
number one bitch."

Nodding, he admitted, "God Trish, so many times."

Crooking her finger, she gave him the sign to come over to the bed,
smiling as he complied, his legs working better than his verbal skills and
carrying him over with confidence and speed. "How about I show you just what I
can do better that her?"

Smiling, he reached down, cupping her face and smiling as she cooed at
the soft touch. "Oh Trish, I already know what you can do better than that nut
job." His eyes going wide for a moment, he thought, ~Did I just call snuggle
bunny a nut job?~

Reaching out and grabbing his jeans, she smiled as he quickly shed his
shirt, knowing what was expected from him as she undid his buttons, reaching
out with her mouth and grabbing the zipper and pulling it down, letting his
jeans fall from his body as she lurched forward, capturing his already half
hard rod gently with her teeth through his briefs. Giggling as he jumped back
slightly, Trish pushed forward, wrapping her lips around his cloth-covered rod
and sucking on it, making his jumping stop and moaning begin.

Watching as the cameras zoomed in on Trish pulling down his briefs and
pull his half hard cock into her mouth, Steven moaned softly. He knew this was
the last thing he should be doing. He should have charged in here, chair
swinging, belting anyone with a pulse and taken back what was his. Fucking
Trish, which started this whole mess, probably wasn't the best option he could
have picked. But as he watched her slide her ruby red lips up and down his
shaft, the slab of meat growing quickly in her mouth, he stopped caring about
why he was doing it, and more about just doing it.

Sliding her lips up and down his shaft, Trish played for the cameras,
keeping her long blonde locks tucked back as a camera came in for a close up,
the crew quickly learning what she liked and zooming in on the sight of her
pouty lips gliding up and down his shaft, slobbering spit on it and making it
shine in the bank of lights lighting up the shooting area. Letting it fall
from her mouth, she nuzzled it softly, flicking her tongue out as she fought
to pull it back into her mouth with no hands, making Steven groan as she
succeeded, wrapping her tongue around the fleshy love stick and pulling it
back between her lips, pushing her whole body into impaling her mouth on it.

Letting him slide out of her mouth with a wet suck and a twirl of her
tongue, Trish smiled up at him. "Oooooo, Stevie..." She purred softly, her smile
getting wider as she saw him shudder, his actions proving he was putty in her
hands as she played the sex goddess role to the hilt. Peeling off her shirt
and bra and rolling over onto her back, she looked up at him from around his
shaft, licking her lips. "Could you do something for me, Stevie?"

Nodding quickly, his want to get his cock back into her overwhelming
anything else, making the half a dozen cameras scurrying to capture Trish's
next request on camera invisible to him. "Anything, Trish."

Letting her head fall back, resting on the side edge of the bed, she
purred, "Play with my big titties and fuck my mouth?"

Steven almost came. The two things he loved most about the last shoot,
and she was asking him to do it again. He'd figured he could have gotten away
with playing with her breasts, but he was sure face fucking her was off
limits. Moving quickly to seize the moment before she came around to her
senses, Steven lined his cock up with her open mouth, letting her shield her
teeth before plunging forward, his balls bouncing off of her upper lip and
nose as he palmed her large tits with glee, her moaning vibrating through his
shaft and spurning him on.

Trying to adjust to his wildly erratic pumping, Trish finally relented
and focused on overcoming her gag reflex, knowing the angle he was hammering
into her at wasn't the best for her to try and just take him deep, forcing her
to use her ever improving skills to keep from choking to death on his cock.
Seeing a pair of camerawomen moving into place to capture the face fucking in
the best way possible, she moaned softly, moving her hands up to her chest
along with Steven's, rubbing his hands into her tits as he jackhammered into
her mouth with increasing ferocity. Trish knew when she planned out the start
of her movie that Steven would give her a face pounding like no other, his
wild, crazy nature not lending itself to the more soft, sensual approach that
Val employed. And while she loved Val's methods, she craved Steven's right
now, her soaked panties teasing her and showing her just how worked up his
balls slapping off of her face were making her.

Feeling Steven surge forward and bury himself up to the hilt, she
wrapped her lips around the base as he held it steady for a moment, his large
hands pawing her bouncy chest as his pubic hair tickled her lips. Pulling
back, Steven pulled out completely, making Trish gasp for air as drool
streamed down her face, some of it from his coated cock, some from her mouth,
before he slammed it back home, burying himself ball deep again and cutting
off her airways momentarily. For a split second, Trish had a thought cross her
mind. ~He could seriously choke you to death.~ She thought. But as he pulled
out again, letting her catch her breath somewhat before jamming his shaft back
in, she knew he wouldn't. He wanted to get off just as bad as she wanted to
make this movie, if not more, and her playing him with his lusts was paying
off more than she planned.

Pushing him softly with her hands on his thighs, she extracted his cock
from her mouth, the blood rushing to her upside down head making her dizzy as
she rolled away from him and onto the bed, quickly shedding her pants and
pulling her panties down. Smiling a wicked smile, she tossed them at him,
grinning as he caught them and put the tiny, pussy-soaked garment in his mouth
as he crawled onto the bed.

"Fuck me, you crazed bastard." She growled, spreading her legs wide as
she leaned back on the pillows at the top of the bed, elevating her head and
chest slightly but giving him perfect access to her pussy.

Scooting up between her legs, Steven grabbed his shaft, lining it up
with her dripping pussy and pushing it home, sliding it into her with one
slick thrust, her wetness and the drool soaking his cock mixing perfectly to
allow him to glide into the tight opening. Leaning down to kiss her, he smiled
as she surged up, grabbing her panties with her teeth and wrestling with him
over them, both of them pulling back with some measure of force as he
continued to slam into her with quick, hard strokes. Stretching the tiny white
thong, the aroma of her pleasure driving him to hold fast, Steven reached up
with his hands, cupping her bouncing chest again and stroking her hard
nipples, tweaking the flesh bullets in an effort to make her moan and
relinquish her hold on his property.

Pulling back vigorously on her panties, Trish growled as he pulled
again, his hands and cock doing there job and forcing moans out of her
bouncing pinup, but failing to make her release her lock jawed hold on the
ever stretching panties. Seeing a camera come in for a close up of the action
going on between there mouths, Trish had to stop herself from grinning with
glee as she spotted another one joining in the action, taking a wide shot of
there struggle. ~This is gonna look so fucking hot!~ She thought, shaking
her head like a dog fighting over a bone. ~Thank you so much for thinking of
this, you stupid bastard. Almost makes me feel sorry for what I'm gonna do.

Tiring of the game, Steven yanked back with force, pulling the tiny
garment from her teeth and whipping his head around, tossing them aside before
diving down on her, kissing Trish hard on the lips as he fucked her hard and
fast. Feeling her legs wrap around his waist and her arms moving up to wrap
around his shoulders, he pulled back and moved down before she could lock him
to her lips, enjoying her searing kiss, but wanting her tits more, hoping it
would be accepted. Feeling her arms wrapping tight around his neck, holding
him close to her bouncing tits, he groaned in lust, latching onto the first
nipple that got within lip range and sucking it roughly, making her moan.

Pulling her legs up higher and higher, Trish exposed herself more and
more to his hammering thrusts, letting him sink his cock deep into her sopping
pussy as she bounced under his assault. Rolling her head back, she sobbed
loudly, drawing on her vocal skills and giving the cameras a good soundtrack
for her to use later in the editing process. Feeling Steven's hips rise and
fall at a fast, even clip in her crotch, Trish had to give him his props. ~At
least he's picking one speed and sticking with it.~ She thought, moaning as
he sucked on her right nipple, rolling the hard nub around with his tongue.
~And he doesn't seem so nervous. Hopefully that helps a bit.~

Letting her tit fall from his lips, Steven fought off her arms, sitting
up and shuffling into position, picking up the pace as he slammed into her
hard and fast, her hands reaching up behind her and grabbing the headboard and
making it slam off the wall with each pump, her screaming echoing around the
bedroom. "Fuck yea, Trish, fuck yea!" He shouted, pounding into her. "You like
that, huh?"

"Yea, Stevie, yea!" She sobbed, honestly enjoying herself. ~He's not bad.~
She thought. ~For a nut job.~

Giving her a series of brutal, slamming thrusts, each one harder than
the last, Steven gave her a hard, final pump before ripping his cock out of
her tightness with a groan. Pushing her legs off of him, he moved up the bed,
coming to a stop beside her head, reaching down and grabbing a fistful of
blonde hair and lifting her head up. "Suck." He ordered, pushing his cock
towards her lips.

Grinning up at him, Trish leaned down quickly, taking his girl cream
coated shaft between her lips and sucking lewdly, loud slurps pouring out of
her mouth and into the microphones on the cameras, which quickly moved into
position as Steven did, anticipating his next move and getting in place for
the best possible shot of Trish's continued cock sucking efforts.

Groaning softly as she sucked and nursed his red shaft, Steven let go of
her hair, pushing her away from his cock and sitting against the headboard,
his legs extending out in front of him as he patted his lap. "Get up here and
ride me." He growled. "I don't see why I should do all the work..."

"Gladly." Trish purred, crawling up and straddling his legs, reaching
down and lining his cock up with her pussy and sinking down, moaning softly as
he took advantage of her hands resting on the headboard to capture her breasts
in his hands again. "God yea, Stevie..." She moaned softly, whining as he rolled
her tight nipples around. "You like fucking me, huh?"

"God, you know it Trish..."

"Do I fuck better than Victoria, huh?" She purred.

"So much better." He admitted, even if he didn't want to. He didn't want
this ride to end anytime soon, knowing it was going to be his last time
between her thick, succulent thighs, and wanting to take advantage of it.

Smiling, her mind worked over her own private script. "Is that why you
let me get away from you in that tag match?" She asked. Looking down at him,
and grinning wickedly, she asked, "Let me get away, give me a little ass grab
and hope I would bring you back to my room for a good fuck?"

"God...I just wanted to touch you." He moaned, letting his head rest on
her ample chest and kissing them softly. "This is so much better than I had
hoped...fuck, Trish..."

Smiling, she asked, "Admit it. You like fucking me more than Victoria,
don't you?"

Groaning as she squeezed her pussy around his shaft, he blurted out, "So
much, Trish...god, I think about you when I fuck her..."

Trish almost laughed. His replies were more than she could have hoped
for, and she urged him for more. "Who's the better wrestler?"

"God, Trish..."

"Tell me or I stop..."

"You, god, you!" He groaned, arching his back as she kept impaling
herself on his rock hard member.

"I always knew I was hotter than her...fuck, fuck, fuck!" Trish said, her
screaming picking up as Steven caught her mid drop, arching his hips and
delivering a series of rapid fire pumps, slamming into her with short, quick
strokes, making her whole body jiggle as she screamed out in lust. As his
unexpected spurt came to an end, Trish dropped into his lap, sobbing softly as
she let her head rest on his shoulder, drawing in deep, greedy breaths.
"Jesus, Stevie...god, she doesn't deserve a fuck as good as you." She panted,
moving back and kissing him on the lips, catching him off guard with the
softness of her touch, but he quickly welcomed it. Pulling back slightly, she
let her head rest against his, eyes locked with the psycho superstar as she
rode him up and down slowly. "You deserve to be with a bigger
me. Right, Stevie?"

Completely entranced by her body rubbing up against him, her smoldering
brown eyes peering into his, he would have agreed with anything she said at
that point. "God, yes Trish..." He moaned, his cock twitching inside of her
tight sex. Quickly remembering her instructions from earlier, he moaned in
disappointment as he pulled her off of his cock, extracting himself from her
pussy and setting her down on the bed before pushing her down, crawling
between her legs and lining his mouth up with her softness.

Rolling her head back, Trish groaned as his lips connected with her
pussy, her fingers running through his hair as she brought her legs up, giving
him perfect access to her perfect pussy, cameras swarming the fucking duo,
panning in on her pussy, tits, face, everything, making sure they didn't miss
a single breath. Moaning loudly, she squirmed on the bed, his tongue whipping
out and slapping and lapping her pussy, his oral skills as crude as his
handling of her breasts, but effective nonetheless. Groaning, she decided he
could use a little guidance, and slid her hands off of his head and forcing
there way under his face, moving beside her pussy as he continued to lap and
suck wildly. Finding her pussy in the madness, she pulled her clit hood back
and exposed her sensitive nub to his sight. "Suck."

Looking up and seeing what she was talking about, Steven moved his mouth
up and wrapped his lips around her love button, sucking and lapping just as
wildly, making her sob instantly as pleasure pulsed through her body. Watching
as she squirmed and writhed on the bed, Steven made the best out of the
situation, plunging a pair of fingers into her pussy and fucking her with
them, trying to find anything here could to pass the time as his cock began to
cool down, itching to get back in her pussy and finish this night off with a

Sufficiently sure he had found her clit alright and could handle it
himself, Trish's hands drifted up her body and cupped her heaving breasts, her
sobs quickly turning real as her pussy was worked into a froth, Steven's
talent less tactics working as she squirmed her legs around, trying to relieve
some of the built up passion from her body in a way other than a screaming
orgasm, but she knew that was quickly coming. "Fuck, Stevie, don't stop!"
Looking down at him and sobbing softly, she arched her back as he plunged his
fingers in over and over, now knowing if he was heeding her call or just
passing the time. "Coming! Coming!"

Lapping at her wetness, Steven felt a twinge of pride. Trish was
thrashing about on the bed, her hair flailing as she sobbed and cried out, her
nectar flowing out and greasing his chin, and he knew it was because of him.
Not some finger play she had given herself, him. He had made Trish Stratus
come. Grinning from ear to ear, he kept pumping away in her pussy, giving her
pleasure on top of pleasure as she thrashed about, her thighs squeezing
tightly around his head as he fought to keep going, her spasming winding down
and him wanting it to continue, her lack of self control music to his ears.

Sinking down onto the bed slowly, Trish panted softly, her brain vaguely
aware of Steven's continued efforts on her clit and slit, her brain having
long since stopped sending pleasure from the areas for fear of shutting down
her whole body. Grabbing his head with both hands and lifting him up from her
pussy, she grinned. "Wanna fuck some more?" She purred sweetly, almost
sounding innocent in the lewd request.

Watching her chest rise and fall, Steven wasn't sure if he wanted to or
not. His dick was still throbbing from her previous activities, and he knew it
could use some more cool down time. But as he watched her smile up at him, her
nude, sweat soaked body calling to him, he made his choice, knowing his time
would be short either way, and taking the direct approach.

"On your knees, Trish." He growled, hoping he still had enough command
over the situation to dictate positions.

Quickly sliding away from him and rolling over onto her knees, Trish
pushed herself up and wiggled her ass at him, beckoning him over. "Come and
get it, Stevie."

Moving faster than he had all night, Steven threw his sweaty body behind
her and lined up his shaft with her red pussy, plunging in quickly and
slamming it home, making both of them moan as she grabbed at the bed sheets,
getting a death grip on them as he pulled out, preparing for another brutal
thrust. Arching her back and sobbing, Trish let Steven set the pace, pushing
into her over and over again as he regained control of his favorite toys,
squeezing her breasts as the animal from before returned, the playful panty
fighting long forgotten as lust took over, his need to get off and get gone
winning out over wanting to enjoy the moment.

Her body rippling with each brutal thrust, Trish sucked in deep, greedy
breaths as she fought to get control of herself, her post orgasmic bliss still
not worn off as Steven assaulted her with new pleasure, his cock ripping past
her G spot by accident as he captured her nipples between his thumb and
forefinger, tugging on the hard nubs and making her shriek. She could slowly
feel his strokes getting more and more erratic, and she knew, even with his
crazed fucking style, that it was a sign he was getting close to coming.
Looking over her shoulder and sobbing at him, she considered scolding him for
not taking enough time to cool off, her instructions that she wanted a longer
movie on the forefront of her mind. But as she thought back over the nights
events, and how well he had preformed so far, she pushed those thoughts aside,
her emotions debating with her brain as to whether to lift one of the rules
she had laid down for him in a last ditch effort to bring him around to her
way of thinking. Making her choice, she pulled away from his erratic strokes,
turning around and looking up at him.

"Stand up, Stevie." She urged him quickly.

Slowly realizing his cock wasn't in her pussy anymore, Steven stood up
on the bed, watching as Trish scooted in towards him and took his cock back
into her mouth, sucking like a woman possessed as her left hand slid between
his legs, playing with his balls as he groaned.

Lifting up his shaft, Trish scooted under him, smiling as she took his
sack into her mouth, sucking his nuts softly, making him jump. "Does Victoria
ever do this for you, Stevie?" She asked, letting his balls roll out of her
mouth as she played with them with her tongue. "Does she ever suck your big

"God, she doesn't give head!" He cried out, his hands reaching up and
bracing himself on the low ceiling.

"Poor Stevie!" She cooed, sucking his nuts as she jerked off his shaft.
Feeling him begin to pulse, she smiled up at him, pulling back and aiming his
throbbing shaft at her face. "Then I bet she doesn't do this!"

Jerking him hard and face, Trish moaned as he erupted, white goo
shooting out of his cock and landing on her upturned face, streaking from her
left cheek to the bangs above her right eye, the next shot just as off target
as his thrusting hips, the shaking of the bed and her quickly pumping hands
all contributed to making him shoot off course and just be happy with landing
any on her beautiful face. Looking down at her and moaning, Steven fought the
urge to remind her that she had said no loads on her face, her own rule
obviously lifted by her own jerking hands as she worked more and more sprays
of jizz from his boiling balls to her face.

Feeling his load begin to dribble out, Trish quickly took him back into
her mouth, sucking hard and fast as he groaned louder, a final shot of
defiance pulsing out and into her mouth, his tired cock spurting it off as an
effort to get her to relinquish her lip lock, but not working as she bobbed
her goo soaked face up and down in his lap, the feeling of his seed, her
throbbing pussy and the six cameras piling on for shots urging her on.

As his cock quickly wilted to nothing in her mouth, Trish pulled off
with a slurp, smiling at him as she leaned her head back and spit his load
into the air, giggling madly as it returned to earth and splattered on her
lips and chin. Wiping his semen away from her left eye, Trish opened it
cautiously, the slight stinging alerting her to the fact that she hadn't quite
gotten it all, but it was to late to change that as she looked up at him with
both of her eyes.

"So, Stevie..." She purred, reaching between his legs and rubbing his worn
out balls and limp shaft. "Would it be fair to say you've just been

Panting hard, Steven nodded. "God, Trish, I'm totally satis..."

"Nuh-uh." She said, shaking her head with a grin. "Not satisfied.

"I am totally Stratusfied." He told her, moaning softly as she continued
to rub his sack gently.

Leaning forward and kissing his crotch, she smiled as he jumped
slightly. "Anytime, Stevie." She purred. "I'm always willing to dish out some
Stratusfaction." Holding her pose slightly, she continued to rub his ball sack
for a few seconds, waiting for the cameras to have time to record the fade out
shot before calling out, "Alright, and that's a wrap!"

Pulling back from Steven, Trish motioned for one of the crew to give her
a towel, thanking her as she cleaned off her face. Feeling the bed move, she
hurried her cleaning efforts, tossing the towel towards the trash as she
watched Steven get off the bed. Crawling over to the side of the bed, Trish
swung her legs over the edge, letting them stretch out as she relaxed

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Trish watched as Steven pulled his underwear
and socks on, looking around to try and find his pants. "Hey Stevie." She
said, gaining his attention. Smiling at him, she told him, "You did really
good tonight. And I'm not just saying that as bullshit. You did good."

Looking at her, confused, he didn't know what else to do, but smile slightly.
"Thanks...I think?" He said.

"You're welcome." She told him. Running over some options in her mind, she
tried to figure out the best course of action. ~Give him one last chance to
redeem himself.~ She said. ~He earned it tonight.~ Watching as he grabbed
his pants from the foot of the bed and pulled them on, she asked, "Stevie?"
When he again looked at her, she said, "I know you have Victoria and all, and
I did pull a dirty trick on you, but...I meant what I said." Smiling at him, she
shrugged. "You did a good job tonight, so maybe, I was thinking, we could do
this again some time?" She offered.

Shaking his head, he asked, "Are you serious?"

Nodding, she told him, "Dead serious. I'm always coming up with ideas for
movies, and I'm sure I could come up with a few that could take advantage of
your unique talents, if you'd be interested in doing more work with me."
Grinning, she asked, "What do you say, Stevie? You said it yourself, I'm a
better fuck than Victoria. Why not enjoy that?"

Getting visibly angry, he asked, "After all you've put me through, after all
you've done to me over the years, you expect me to just let bygones be bygones
and walk into your little trap again? Fuck you, Trish. This was a one-time
deal. And I did my part, and I expect you to do yours. We had a deal. I do a
little tape with you, and you make sure our tape never gets to Victoria. Got

Sighing with disappointment, Trish nodded. "Got it. And it's a deal. You held
up your end, I'll hold up mine. But the offer stands."

Pulling on his shirt, he grabbed his shoes off the floor. "It better not, or
there's going to be hell to pay." He threatened, turning away from her and
storming towards the door, grabbing the handle and throwing it open before
storming out of the room.

Shaking her head, Trish muttered, "Idiot." Looking to one of the camera
people, she asked, "Could you go let Val and the APA out of their cage?" As
the camerawoman scurried towards the other room, Trish got up and grabbed a
housecoat off the chair by the bed, pulling it on and tying it up before the
guys returned to the room.

"Everything go ok, Trish?" Farooq asked.

Nodding, she moved over to him, giving him a hug. "It went great." She said.
"Gonna be a wicked movie." Moving over to Bradshaw and giving him a hug, she
told them, "I'd kiss you, but, well, I was sucking his dick, so..."

"So keep your lips to yourself." Bradshaw said with a smile.

Smiling and nodding, Trish turned towards Val. "He was good." She said
honestly. Getting sheepish, she said, "I even kinda tried to talk him into
doing more movies, but he wouldn't bite."

Nodding, he asked, "So does that mean our plan is off?"

Shaking her head, Trish told him, "Not off. Just changed a bit. Gather up the
masters, seal them up, and you and the APA can take them back to your house
for editing. I gave Steven an open offer, but I'm not waiting past Raw. If he
doesn't take it, then the games on, ok?" When Val nodded, she smiled, leaning
over and giving him a hug. "We'll get to work on the tape tomorrow. There's
some cool stuff we did I want you to see."

"What about us?" Bradshaw asked. "We threatened his life!"

Looking at them and smiling, she said, "I paid you guys in beer!"


Sighing, Trish rolled her eyes with a grin. "You can watch one of our movies."
She offered. "Either this one, or the one me and Val made. You got till you
guys get the masters landed to make your choice."

"How longs it gonna take to get this one done up?" Farooq asked, watching as
Val moved around to the camerawomen, opening his wallet and handing out checks
as they set their cameras down in a row.

Grinning, Trish told them, "Probably about four two-fours and several large
pizzas. At least."

Smiling, Bradshaw told her, "Ah, I think we'll wait."

Giggling, she nodded. "Wise choice. Thank you so much guys for doing this. I
know I called on short notice..."

"Don't worry about it, Trish." Farooq said. "You always pay, and there's
always something good as a bonus, so we enjoy the work."

Nodding, she turned towards Val, watching as he loaded up the video cameras
into a crate and sealed it with a heavy-duty pad lock. "Alright, could you
guys take down the lights and stuff while I clean up?" She asked sweetly.
"Gotta shower. Sweaty."

Grinning from ear to ear, Bradshaw asked, "If we finish early, can we watch?"

Moving towards the bathroom, Trish started to say "No!", but stopped.
Giggling, she threw her hands up, smiling. "Sure. I'll make sure I take a long
shower, so hurry up, boys."

Watching as the buxom blonde sauntered towards the bathroom, Bradshaw, Farooq
and Val looked at each other, before Bradshaw got an idea, bolting towards the
camera crew as Trish closed the bathroom door. "Do you ladies know how to take
down these lights and stuff?" He asked, quickly reaching into his pocked. When
one of them nodded, he pulled out his wallet, opening it up and reaching in,
grabbing whatever money he could. "Help, please?" He said with a pitiful look
on his face, knowing that unless Trish took a nap in the shower, he, Farooq
and Val would never get it all down in time.

Looking at the other camerawomen, the one who nodded judged their reactions
before turning towards him, taking the money. "Deal."

Pumping his fist in the air, Bradshaw moved with them towards the equipment.
"You ladies tell me if you need anything heavy lifted, and you deal with the
fine work, and we'll be watching that sexy Diva shower in no time!" Seeing
them look at him, he shrugged. "I know that doesn't hold any appeal to you,
but hell, you're getting paid, so lets see some hustle!"

Rolling their eyes at the horny redneck, the camerawomen turned back towards
the equipment, quickly planning out a method of attack and getting to work as
Bradshaw, Farooq and Val watched on with great interest.

* * *

Power walking out of his office, Steve moved around the stacks of beer, Trish
and Val in tow behind him. "First off, you promised me a full viewing of that,
correct?" He asked them. When Trish nodded, he said, "And what was it you
wanted again?"

"Steven in a match with someone other than Val..." Trish said.

"And Victoria barred from ringside." Val finished.

"If that's not asking to much." Trish added sheepishly.

"It's alright, darling." Steve assured her. "But can I ask why?"

"We have our reasons, and it's best you don't know." Trish said. "Just
sufficed to say, Steven won't be a happy man by the end of the night, and I
doubt Victoria will be all that happy either."

"Alright then." Steve said with a smile and a nod. "Sounds like a plan I can
live with."

"Thank you Steve." Trish said with a smile, leaning in and hugging him. "Could
you tell us when Steven's match is coming up? We need to Victoria."

Laughing, Steve nodded, smiling at them. "I'll put it right away so they don't
have a chance to scramble."

"And we'll follow you then." She said, walking with him as they moved towards
the run down changing room Steven and Victoria shared.

Moving down the hallway, Steve looked behind him, smiling at Trish. "What was
the name of that movie again?"

Smiling, she told him, "All the things he said. Sort of a play off of
Victoria's theme music."

"That's some funny shit Trish." He told her with a laugh. "I don't know what
you got planned for that tape, but I know it's something..."

"Sneaky?" Val offered with a grin. When Steve nodded, Val smiled. "She is that
alright. But creative. I think she's my best student to date."

"Awww, Val..." Trish cooed, looking at him. "You're just saying that because I
fuck you."

Smiling at the duo's interaction, Steve moved towards the locker room area,
quickly picking out Steven and Victoria's. "You guys might wanna make yourself
scarce for a minute." Steve said. "I'll go do this and you can do what you
have to do, alright?"

"Thank you again." Trish said, taking Val by the arm and leading him away from
the main path, taking up a hiding place.

Waiting for them to be hidden from view, Steve moved towards the door,
hammering on it with the bottom of his fist. "Open up!" Not getting an answer
within five milliseconds, Steve reared back and kicked the door, sending the
lock flying and wood splintering as it went. Moving into the room, he glared
at Steven. "I'm not in a good mood, so I'm gonna keep this short. You got a
match, up next. Now get going!"


"Now!" Steve shouted. Pointing at Victoria, he said, "And unless your half
rattled ass came up with a managers license in the last week, then you get to
sit back here and watch it on the TV."


"And that's the bottom line!" Steve shouted, looking up at the roof before
turning his focus to the scowling couple. "Because Stone Cold said so! Now get
your ass to the ring!"

Waiting for Steven to push himself up angrily and storm out of the room, Steve
moved back to the main hallway, watching as Steven moved towards the gorilla
area, pulling out a few strands of his hair as he went. Seeing him round the
corner, Steve went towards where Trish and Val were hiding, smiling down at
the pair. "He's gone. Have fun with Victoria. I took care of the locks."

"So we heard." Trish said with a smile. "Wings, beer and nachos next week.

"And a movie to go with them?" He asked hopefully.

"Maybe two." She said with a grin. "Thanks a million Steve. We'll leave you
alone and let you get back to running the show."

"And finding Steven an opponent." He said. "Do you know if The Big Show is
still around?"

Nodding, Trish smiled. "I think so. And I think I heard that catering didn't
have anything when he got down there, so he's probably pretty pissed right

"Sounds like a perfect opponent for Steven." Steve said, giving them a wave as
he jogged off in search of the behemoth's locker room.

Moving out of the hiding spot and into the main hallway, Trish and Val slowly
approached Victoria's locker room. Looking at Trish, Val smiled. "Ready?"

Holding up the disposable DVD and DVD player, she grinned. "Ready?"

Holding up a role of duct tape, he nodded. "Let's do this."

Kicking open the door, Trish charged into the room, spearing Victoria into the
wall as she turned to see what was happening. Pinning the taller girl to the
floor with a knee across her windpipe, Trish smiled at her as Val came in to
help her in their plans. "Hello, bitch." Trish said with a smile. "Got another
tape for you." She said, smiling as Val ripped the duct tape open. "And Val
here's got your motivation to watch it..."

* * *

Leaning heavily on the two refs, Steven limped through the gorilla position,
his legs wobbly but slowly gaining strength after taking the choke slam from
the Big Show to the floor, his body wracked with pain but his battered pride
making him push the refs away. "I can walk." He grumbled, limping slowly away
from them and towards his locker room. Holding the back of his head, he
grunted with each step. He'd had two weeks of pure hell, and all he wanted to
do was get back to his locker room, get curled up with his snuggle bunny, and
get some rest. Limping down the hallway, he scowled at the broken lock on his
door. "Someone's gotta do something about that redneck." He grumbled, moving
closer and closer to the door.

Tilting his head to the side, he tried to pick up the faint sounds coming from
somewhere. Hearing moaning, he shook his head, realizing that someone was
watching a porno movie to loudly. "Fucking perverts." He grumbled. "Don't they
have any shame?"

Pushing open the door to his changing room with his shoulder, he grumbled at
the pain coursing through his body. "Hey bunny, I'm..." He started, before
looking up, and seeing the mess he had walked into.

Looking towards the small chair in there room, he spotted Victoria duct taped
to it, her entire body from head to toe wrapped up as she was placed in front
of the tiny TV in there room. Listening carefully, he quickly realized that
the moaning he had heard wasn't coming from some other persons room, but his
own. Slowly turning his gaze to the TV, he tried to will away the sinking
feeling he was getting in his stomach, hoping it wasn't the tape he thought it

"God, Trish, I'm totally satis..."

"Nuh-uh. Not satisfied. Stratusfied."

"I am totally Stratusfied."

Turning towards Victoria, and seeing she was glaring hate filled daggers
at him, he moved towards her. "Snuggle bunny, I can explain..." He said reaching
up and pulling the tape from her mouth. Going to work on the tape holding her
head steady, he yelped in pain as her mouth shot out, snapping onto his arm
and biting down, her teeth sinking into his tender flesh.

Reaching down and prying her lock jawed mouth open, he pulled his bloody
arm back as he glared at her, her eyes wide and feral as she lapped up the
blood from her lips.

"I'm going to fucking neuter you Steven!" She spat. "She's better than
me? Hotter than me? I'm going to rip off your fucking sack and...oof!"

Slapping the tape back over her mouth, Steven ran his hands through his
hair, trying to figure out a way out of his current situation that would
involve him being allowed to live and reproduce later on in life. As Victoria
struggled against her bonds, her chair hopping as she did, he quickly realized
that both of those would be difficult to do, and took the next best option.


Turning and storming out of his changing room and slamming the door
shut, he power walked down the row of locker rooms, each one getting nicer and
nicer as he moved from the lower level talent to the upper level talent,
finding Trish and Val's stuck firmly in the middle. Rearing back and kicking
open the door, he raced into the room, fists balled up as blood continued to
seep out of his arm wound. Seeing the room abandoned, he turned and sprinted
out of it and towards the exit, knowing that the pair took limos most
everywhere, and if it was there, then they were still in the building.

Barging out the exit and pushing a parking attendant out of his way,
Steven growled as he saw Trish and Val standing outside of there limo,
giggling to themselves as the driver slammed the trunk shut and move around to
get behind the wheel again. Racing towards them, he growled as they turned to
look at him, negating his advantage of surprise. Stopping a few feet from
them, he spat at Trish, snarling as she dodged out of the way.

"You...fucking lying whore!" Steven yelled. "You promised me if I did that
fucking tape that you wouldn't tell Victoria what happened!"

"Uh, no." Trish said, smiling smugly. "I promised you that if you did
the second tape, the first one wouldn't find it's way to Victoria. I said
nothing about the second tape, which, by the way, was much worse, because you
badmouthed her." Seeing his blood begin to boil over, she told him, "Stevie,
you had one chance to get out of this without anyone but me seeing that tape,
and that was to agree to do more movies with me. I honestly meant what I said.
I enjoyed making our movies, and I wanted to do more. But you didn't want to.
No harm, no foul." Shrugging, she smiled. "So I got spiteful. You've cost me a
lot over the years, so this was just a little payback." Licking her lips, she
added, "Besides, it wasn't all bad. You did get Stratusfied, didn't you?"

Hearing enough, his rage winning out over his brain, Steven charged
them, aiming for Trish as Val side stepped his attack and fired a right cross
across his face, jolting his jaw out and knocking him out instantly as he
slumped to the ground at Trish's feet.

Checking to make sure that the limo driver wouldn't run him over, Val
turned back to Trish, smiling. "Ready to leave?"

"Very." She said, waiting for him to open her door and slide into the
limo, waiting for him to get in and close the door before giving the driver
the sign to go. "I do kinda feel bad for doing that to Stevie." She said,
looking at Val. "He did do a good job with the movies. And I was tempted to
not do it..."

"But like you said, after all he's done to you over the years..."

"Exactly." Trish said. "He got his in the end."

Nodding, Val turned towards her, smiling. "So, how was your first movie
without me?"

"Fun." She admitted. "Very fun."

"And you'd do more?"

"Yes." She said with a grin.

Smiling, he asked, "Have any in mind?"

"Off the top of my head?" She asked, smiling at him. When he nodded, she
purred, "Only about a million. I think I'm going to keep your camera crews
busy, Val."

"Keep them busy all you want." He told her, reaching out and wrapping
his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer as she smiled. "You keep
thinking them up, and I'll keep helping you out, in any way I can."

Moving up, she kissed him softly, letting her head rest on his chest.
"Thank you Val." She said with a smile, looking out the side window and
watching the scenery pass the car, ideas for movies filling her head. "I think
my next movie is one I promised my main costar." Looking at him, she smiled.
"A butt fucking movie, if memory serves me."

Looking at her, he said, "Still wanna do that? You don't have to..."

Giggling, she asked, "Are you serious? After all you've done for me the
last few weeks, after all the practicing we've done, we're doing that movie. I
expect you to have a camera crew ready and waiting for me on Wednesday to
shoot. Gonna rest tomorrow, then, butt fucking. Got it?"

Nodding, he held her close, smiling at her insistence. "Got it." Seeing
her snuggle up against him, he smiled. "Wanna celebrate?" When she nodded, he
grinned, hitting the intercom button. "Driver? Detour."

"Yes, sir?"

"Find me a liquor store and a Taco Bell." He said, making Trish giggle.
"I want some beer and nachos."

As Val let go of the intercom button, Trish shook her head. "Living the
high life, Val." She muttered. "Living the high life." Looking up at him, she
smiled, leaning in and kissing him softly. "And I wouldn't have it any other

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