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PAIRING: Trish Stratus/Val Venis, Trish Stratus/The APA, Stacy Keibler/Val

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
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4th, this story is written assuming what happens on TV is "Real", that
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~ Denotes Thought ~

Lights, Cameras, Stratusfaction Part 3 - Leg Work
by Nero Rain (


Opening her eyes, Trish smiled as she leaned back on the couch, her nude
body on full display as she pushed her chest out, licking her lips slightly.
Rolling her head back, she stretched out, her curves being shown to the
fullest as she slid off the couch and onto the floor, coming to a rest on
her knees. Looking across the room with a soft pout, she leaned forward onto
her hands and began to crawl across the floor, her body swaying and twisting
as she did, her butt stuck up in the air and wiggling in a tempting manner.

Stopping halfway across the room, Trish dropped her chest down and pushed
her ass up higher, moaning softly as clear, shiny lube started drizzling
down onto it, her hands reaching around behind her and holding her cheeks
apart, letting the liquid seep down between her thick ass cheeks and coat
her asshole. Sliding one hand between her cheeks, she moaned as the lube
continued to rain down, letting her force more and more into her back door,
her slick fingers lubing up her back door before she stretched her arms out
again, quickly cleaning off the oily slickness from her hand as the drizzle

Pushing herself back up onto her hands and knees, she started crawling again,
moving towards the staircase as her shiny ass wiggled behind her, swaying
from side to side as she kneel walked up the flight of carpeted stairs, her
muscles flexing with exertion as she dragged herself to the top. Turning the
corner and heading down the hallway, Trish licked her lips as she heard the
hissing of the shower, steam pouring out of the room she was heading towards,
her thick ass still high and proud, waving from side to side as she stalked
towards her prey.

Pulling herself into the bathroom, Trish stalked towards the shower, her
smile getting wider as she saw the door was wide open, exposing Val to her
hungry gaze as he held his head under the stream of water coming from the
overhead shower, his eyes closed and oblivious to the blonde bombshell
pulling herself into the shower with him.

Licking her lips, Trish pushed herself up to her knees, water streaming down
onto her as she leaned forward, ducking her head down and pulling the tip of
his semi-hard cock into her mouth, making him moan in surprise as he looked
down at her. Groaning softly, he looked down and locked eyes with her,
shaking his head slowly.

"You again?" He asked with a grin. When she gave him a lopsided nod around
his cock, he asked, "I suppose you want more?"

Pulling off of his shaft with a twirl of her tongue, she smiled. "You know
it. I'm all ready for it, Val."

"Then get me ready for it." He said, pushing his cock back into her mouth.
"Get that cock hard and wet, Trish. Gimme one of your whore blowjobs you do
so fucking good and slobber all over that cock. Lube me up good, because
it's going up your ass." Grinning as she eagerly bobbed up and down on his
shaft, spit and drool pouring out of her mouth as she worked him over, he
said, "Yea, you like that don't you, Trish? Your just a little fat assed
butt slut, aren't you?"

Pulling off of his cock and giving his cock sloppy tongue kisses, she nodded.
"You know it, baby!" Looking up at him with big, wide eyes, she said, "My
mouth is getting dry. You know how to get me wet again, don't you, Val?"

Nodding, he reached down, grabbing her head and thrusting his cock into her
mouth, pushing it down her throat and making her gag happily, her whole body
squirming on the floor of the shower as she moaned around his thrusting cock
and gags. Moaning softly as her tongue slithered and slid around his cock,
her sucking filling the shower along with gags and squeals of joy, Val looked
down and watched as his cock drove deep into her throat, filling her up with
meat and making her squirm on the floor.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth with a smile, he watched as she gasped for
air, looking up at him with big eyes. "Enough of that." He said, smiling.
"Get up here and get that ass stuck out. Time to get what you came for."

Quickly jumping up to her feet and leaning against the wall, Trish stuck her
ass out into his crotch, wiggling it around as he gripped his rod, pushing it
between her ass cheeks and gathering up some of the slick lube as the water
from the shower poured down onto her back. Quickly getting his cock into
position, he pushed hard into her asshole, making her moan at the quick
intrusion, but her body quickly adjusted, shuffling from foot to foot as he
started the process of feeding her back door full of hard shaft.

"Yea Val, yea!" Trish squealed, slapping the wet shower wall as his hips came
to a rest on her ass. "Fuck yea, fill up that ass with the big Valbowski!"
Yelping slightly as Val spanked her fat ass cheek, Trish started moaning
loudly as he pulled out, the feeling of his thick cock leaving her luscious
booty making the sounds of her pleasure echo around the shower stall. As Val
pushed back into her ass, she arched up, her head tilting upwards as she
groaned. "Got baby, it's so fucking big."

"So is your fat ass!" He groaned, his hands rubbing and massaging her plump
bottom with increasing intensity. "Fucking fat assed sex machine."

Leaning down and closing her eyes, Trish moaned loudly as Val's hips slapped
off of her ass, his thick dong invading her plump rump over and over again,
thrusting up to the hilt in increasingly fast pushes, her whole body rocking
as her palms slapped against the white tile wall of his luxurious shower.
Feeling his hands alternate slaps and massages of her ass, Trish shuffled her
feet slightly, widening her stance to better accept his anal assault, her
butt dropping down and changing the angle of attack, going from straight on
to slightly downward, making her sob out loudly as her pussy began to
flutter, voicing it's on opinion on the subject.

Keeping his strokes slow and steady, Val worked at his own pace, his will to
fuck her easily outweighing her asses feeble attempts to override the thick
shaft being forced into it, both of them working for there pleasure to over
come the mild pain she was feeling. Finally relinquishing his hands
worshiping of her butt, Val bent over slightly, one of his hands sliding
around her waist and finding her pussy with a sob from his lover, the other
moving upwards and curling around to capture one of her dangling breasts,
palming the large mound and rubbing her nipple softly.

Looking over her shoulder through her long blonde hair, Trish sobbed with
each thrust of his cock, her ass filled beyond what she would have guessed it
could hold, his magical hands taking her focus away from the action he was
doing and making her focus on the pleasure instead. Seeing him lean over
more, she bent her head back as far as she could, straining her neck to find
his lips and kiss him hard, her tongue sliding out and meeting his. Feeling
her body rock as Val picked up the pace, hammering into her hard and fast,
Trish broke the lip lock to shriek out in passion, her sounds muffled
slightly by Val's continued efforts to kiss her, his lips chasing hers until
she finally rolled her head away, her need to scream outweighing his need to

Standing up fully, Val pulled away from the blonde beauty, yanking his cock
free from her vice ass. Seeing her turn and look at him with wide, needy
eyes, he smiled. "Wanna try something?" He asked. When she quickly nodded,
her lust overriding any doubts she would have normally had for the question.
Motioning for her to come forward, he stepped back, stopping her when she
was directly underneath the showerhead. Moving to her, he leaned down and
kissed her, the lust from before replaced with tenderness as he took her
hands in his, lifting them up and placing them on the showerhead. Seeing her
eyes spring open and look at him with a questioning glance, he grinned. "Hold
on." Seeing the questioning look not fading, he assured her, "It'll hold.
Trust me. Done this before."

Nodding softly, Trish reached up, going to find a hand hold on the showerhead
but finding it almost coming to her, the large edge around the top molding
perfectly into her small hands and letting her hold on tight. Feeling him
reach down and grab her legs, she gripped the showerhead tightly, praying
that Val wasn't lying as he lifted her legs into the air, letting them wrap
around his waist as he lined his cock up with her back door again, pushing it
in slightly before sliding his arms under her knees, holding her up in the
air as he smiled at her.


Nodding quickly, she whined, "Fuck me."

Thrusting up into her ass, Val moaned as the sound of wet flesh slapping
together filled the shower, Trish's hanging changing the angle of the
showerhead and making it spray down on her toned tummy, running down between
her legs and providing all the wetness there bodies needed to slap together.
Quickly adjusting his arms and getting a good grip on her legs, Val pulled
out of her ass quickly, watching her reaction as he pounded back in, watching
her eyes carefully for any signs of slippage from her hands. Seeing her wide
eyes only conveying need and lust, he picked up the pace, rocking her body
and making it swing from the overhead hand hold, sending her bouncing away
with each thrust, pulling him out slightly before he finished the job himself
and used her comeback to thrust deeper into her sphincter.

Throwing her head back and arching her spine as best she could, Trish let out
a primal scream as Val continued to pump away into her exposed ass, her wet
body shuddering and her breasts bouncing with each hard pump. Flexing her
fingers to keep the blood pumping to them and keeping her grip tight, she
hooked her heels around his arms, using the tiny grip to pull her bottom
harder towards his pumping shaft, upping the depth and sound of the violent
contact caused by the fucking, Val's heavy nut sack taunting Trish with each
slap against her underside, the full balls promising her a face full of the
sticky surprise she had crawled into the shower seeking, and teasing her with
every bounce, letting her know how close yet how far away her prize was.

"Oh my fucking God Val! Fuck!" Trish sobbed out, her head still hanging
behind her, her moans and shouts filling the shower with noise as he
continued on his mission. "Give it to me Val, right up to the fucking balls!
I want to feel your sack on my ass over and over again! You know how I want
it, baby! You know how I need it!"

Gripping her legs tight to his body, Val picked up steam, thrusting hard and
fast into her booty, not giving her a chance to bounce away as he kept her
tight to him, keeping her in range for the rapid fire machine gun pumps, his
hips a blur against her bottom as she screamed and sobbed in passion, her
body flailing in the air as she felt her body begin to break down. Bringing
her head back up and looking down into his eyes, Trish opened her mouth to
tell him what was going on, but only succeeded in screaming like she was
being murdered, alerting him to the fact that his tactics were working and
she was in nirvana.

Keeping his pace hard and fast, Val fought off the pain in his back, hours
spent fucking Trish combining with years of hard bumps in the ring to try
and rob him of his anal conquest. Fighting off the aches and pains, Val
slowed down slightly as Trish's sobs began to die out, but kept pumping
until he felt Trish's legs go lip around his arms. Slowing to a stop, he
panted loudly, sucking in deep, greedy breaths as Trish did the same, both
of them staring at each other as there lungs burned for more oxygen.

"Fuck...Val...fuck...that...was...Ohmyfuckinggod!" Trish said, starting off
panting and finishing screaming as Val unexpectedly picked up the pace again,
hammering into her ass again, the fury of before not holding a candle to the
pace he was setting now.

Holding onto Trish for deal life, Val hammered into her ass like a machine,
her body jiggling and flailing about as she sobbed and cried out, her frayed
nerves still hypersensitive from her orgasm and not expecting his sudden
surge in energy, the surprise attack pleasing both of them in ways they
couldn't imagine.

Her hands beginning to rebel against her bodies wishes, Trish quickly let her
legs untangle from around Val's arms, pushing him slightly and stopping his
rapid fire fuck strokes as abruptly as they started. As he let go of her
legs, she lowered herself to the soaking floor of the shower gently, her body
still shivering as he legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor, a sexed
out heap on her hands and knees as she crawled towards the door, attempting
to make a getaway the same way she had made her entrance, quietly and without
him noticing.

Looking down at Trish as she crawled over the ledge of the shower, dragging
her wet, shuddering body out onto the shower floor, Val grinned. "Going

Moaning softly, Trish tried to crawl away, but stopped with a whimper when
she heard him step out of the shower, his legs straddling her and pinning her
in place by holding his legs tight to her wide waist. ""

"Rest?" He asked, laughing slightly. "Who crawled in here looking to get ass


"Yea, exactly." He said, bending down and slapping her butt. "Butt... As in
yours, filled with cock." Seeing her look over her shoulder and whimper, he
smiled. "Oh come on. You got off. Can't I?"

Seeing him straddling her ass, his cock rock hard and waiting for her
response, Trish whined softly, but lowered her upper body down, pushing her
ass up higher. "So tired."

"I'll do all the work." He promised, grabbing his cock and lining it up with
her ass, her mood saying she wasn't sure, but her ass sticking up showing she
was ready, willing and able. Running his cock along the crack of her ass, he
smiled as she shuddered. "Come on, Trish. I'm almost there."

Whining, Trish nodded, stretching her arms out and getting a good grip to
keep her face from planting into the floor. "Fuck me."

Quickly lining his cock up with her hole and plunging down, Val moaned along
with her as he fed his cock back into her ass. Leaning down and hovering his
body over hers, he kept on the balls of his feet, pulling his cock up and
pounding back down into her, her sobs mixing with his moans as her tight hole
flexed tighter around his shaft, her body tired but still knowing how to

Grunting and groaning with exertion, Val pounded down into her upturned ass,
his cock twitching and throbbing as he fought to hold on, Trish's succulent
body taking it's toll and bringing him quickly towards his promised climax.
Reaching one hand back, he slapped the side of her ass cheek sharply, making
her yelp as she bucked back against him.

"Fuck Val.fuck." Trish moaned, her body tired but still able to take
pleasure. Looking over her shoulder, she locked eyes with him, groaning and
telling him, "Paint my ass."

Nodding, Val quickly reached the end of his rope, yanking his cock free of
her tight asshole and falling back onto his calves, Trish's wiggling ass
marking his target as he fisted his cock hard and fast, aiming the throbbing
member at it and spurting off. Groaning in passion, he jerked his cock over
and over, spraying more and more seed onto her butt as she kept his attention
focused, jiggling her fat booty and urging him on to fulfill her request.

Pumping the last strands of his sticky load onto her ass, Val fell back with
a groan, looking down and smiling at the sight of her big butt coated in his
hard earned man goo. Seeing her reach back and rub one of her hands around in
the mess, he smiled as she played with her reward. Looking back at Val, Trish

"Hey Val?"

Whipping sweat from his brow, he nodded. "Trish?"

Biting her bottom lip, she grinned at him. "I know I've been a naughty girl,
but do you think you'd be able to help me clean up in a minute? I could sure
use another shower."

Cracking a smile, Val nodded, reaching down and rubbing her pussy softly
as he pushed himself to his feet. "I'll keep the water warm for you." He
promised, sliding his hand from her wetness and moving back into the shower,
watching as Trish continued to play with her goo splattered rump.


Pushing herself to her feet, Trish sidestepped the cameraperson as she
skipped to the shower, sliding past Val as he made his exit and quickly
washing herself clean. Turning off the water flow and moving out of the
shower, Trish thanked the lighting person as she handed her a housecoat.
Pulling it tight around her body, Trish turned to the crew as they went
about there business, packing up some equipment.

"Thank you guys so, so much!" Trish squealed, reaching out her hand and
shaking the crews. "You guys are so awesome at this. I swear I didn't even
know you were hear half the time." When the crew gave her a quick thanks,
she smiled at them. "Remind me to give you guys a bonus. You totally earned
it." Seeing the smiles and thanks getting a lot more genuine, Trish turned
towards Val, her face beaming. "That was awesome!"

Nodding, he grinned back at her, pulling his housecoat closed. "I really
didn't think you'd get into it this much."

"What, the movies?" She asked, confused.

"No, the butt fucking." He said. "You were very.opposed to it."

"Oh!" She said, nodding. "Yea, well, once I tried it, it wasn't nearly as
bad as I thought." Grinning, she moved over to him, leaning up and stealing
a kiss. "And I don't think it hurts at all that we've been practicing nearly
nightly. That helps break the ice for the cameras." When he smiled and
nodded, she said, "And have I mentioned how much I love this shower? That
hanging thing was so fucking cool! It's like this thing is built for

"Umm, that's because it is." He said with a sheepish grin. When she looked
at him, he pointed to the shower. "Steam proof glass to not block shots, high
ledge to prevent the water from getting out and soaking the crew, and I had
the showerhead built just for that purpose. Rounded edges so it wouldn't cut
into your hands. Not that I got to try it out before now."

"Well, expect to try it out a lot with me." She giggled, making him smile.
"So, you got your butt fucking bedroom scene, pool scene, outdoors, which,
by the way, way cool, and your shower scene. What's next?"

Looking at her, he asked, "Next?"

"Yea, next." She said. Seeing him look confused, she said, "Come on, Val.
It's a butt fucking movie. And having just four scenes seems weird. Five is
a nice round number. Don't you have any ideas?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "Not really, no. That was about it."
Looking at her, he asked, "Why, do you?"

Biting her bottom lip, she smiled shyly, telling him softly, "Well, I did
have this idea for one scene.we could be out somewhere, and you could take
me into the bathroom and fuck me in one of the stalls."

Looking at her and smiling, he asked, "You'd really do something that wild?"

Giggling, she shook her head, reaching out and hitting his shoulder. "No! Not
like really in public. But, I was thinking, we could take one of your mini
soundstages down stairs and make it into a club setting, and a washroom, and
hire some extras." Seeing she had his interest, she smiled, striking while
the iron was hot. "Gimme your little black book, and I'll see what I can do.
My treat."

Nodding, Val smiled as he moved out of the bathroom, Trish in tow as they
moved towards his bedroom, intent on getting a final scene to round out his
movie hammered out and giving her what she wanted at the same time.

* * *

Holding the large metal door open, Val smiled as Trish slowly made her way
into the arena, dragging her suitcase along as she pulled her coat tight
around her body, the howling winds rushing in the door and making her shiver

"Your walking kinda funny there, Trish." Val noted with a grin, letting the
door close as he followed her into the building, shaking his coat clean of
any snow that had built up.

Looking back at him, she smirked as she gingerly walked along. "You try
getting fucked up the ass five times in five days, not to mention the other
various things we did, and you see how straight you walk." She joked.

"You gonna be alright for tonight?" He asked.

"I'll be fine." She assured him. "Steve promised me I didn't have a match."

"That's good." He said with a nod. When she nodded and kept walking, he moved
in behind her, leaning down and kissing her neck softly, whispering, "I
really don't think I can thank you enough for giving me that movie. I'm sorry
that you're sore, but it was so fun to do."

Smiling, she turned to him, kissing him softly. "It really was." She told
him. "And I'm not that sore. Just...worn out." When he smiled, she said,
"And, besides, it's fun for you, fun for me, and, as a bonus, opens up a
whole new avenue of fantasy movies that I wouldn't have been able to do

"Which is?"

"Three ways." She purred.

"You can do three ways without anal." He told her. "Jenna Jameson does them
from time to time."

"Yea, but it's bullshit. And a cop out." Trish said firmly. "No anal, not a
real three way. And I don't do things half way. You should know that."

"I do." He said. When she nodded, he smiled, asking, "Have any ideas for your
newly opened door?"

Giggling, she nodded. "Plenty." She assured him. "Just need to find the right
costars...and speaking of costars." Seeing Steven Richards hobbling past them
towards the locker room areas, clearly in pain from whatever Victoria was
making him do to earn her trust again, Trish put on her brightest smile. "Hey
Stevie!" Seeing him stop in his tracks and turn to scowl at them, she
giggled. "How's my former costar doing? Don't look so good."

Glaring at them, he shook his head. "Just leave me alone, whore."

"Whore?" Trish asked, still smiling. "It takes two to tango, Stevie, and I
seem to remember having a very willing dance partner.twice." Seeing his eyes
narrow, she grinned wider. "Don't get pissy with me just because you had a
change of heart and got caught being a dog. All you had to do was keep your
mouth shut, your mind open, and we could have had a lot more fun together.
But you ruined it, not me. Don't forget that. I gave you a chance to keep
having a little consequence free fun on the side, but your little brain
outvoted your dick, and you got caught." Seeing him shake his head and start
limping again, Trish giggled. Looking at Val, she asked, "I hope all my
costars aren't going to be like that. Poor, poor Stevie."

Laughing with Trish, Val turned and started moving forward, leading Trish
towards their locker room before a sudden collision stopped their momentum.
Hearing a shriek, a splash, and a hiss, Val and Trish looked up to apologize,
but stopped when they saw the source of the sound.

Looking down at his steaming, coffee soaked shirt, Test quickly pulled the
fabric away from his chest, the hot liquid already scalding his skin. "You
stupid bitch!" He spat. Before Trish had a chance to say something back, he
glared down at Stacy, who was still holding the empty cup from which the
coffee had spilled. "Didn't I tell you to hold onto that?" Seeing her go to
say something, he cut her off with a large, menacing finger to her face.
"Just shut up! Speak when I tell you to. Now go get me a new cup of coffee!"

Seeing Stacy's head sink as she scurried off, Trish shook her head before
glaring up at Test. "Geez, aren't you boyfriend of the year?"

Looking down at Trish, Test scoffed. "Screw you, bimbo. You had your chance."

"And yet I let it slip away." Trish said with fake sorrow. "Oh, woe is me."
Seeing him scowl, she smiled. "I had to look after you and Albert for years,
Test. I've seen what your packing. Trust me, I didn't miss a whole lot."
Seeing his scowl quickly turn to anger, she added, "I guess it's true what
they say about steroids and shrinkage." Looking over at Scott, she smiled.
"Present company...well, included, frankly. Your freaks have big mouths."

"What the hell is your problem, Stratus?" Test spat. "Upset I moved on?"

"No." Trish said, looking at him. "Upset that I took so long to drop your
sorry ass, and that Stacy clearly didn't learn from my example. Learn how
utterly worthless you really are. She should have taken my advice and stayed
the hell away from you."

Smiling proudly, he said, "Yea, well, she didn't. And now she has a contract
that says she doesn't have a choice. Neat, huh?" Looking her up and down, he
added, "Makes me wish I would have gotten you to sign one."

"In your dreams, fuck-up." Trish spat back.

"Bitter much?" He asked, smiling. Looking down at his shirt, he added, "And
as stupid as ever. I'll send you the bill for the new shirt."

"Bill?" She asked. "You expect me to buy you a new shirt?"

Grinning again, he looked her up and down. "Yes. Unless, that is, you have
some other way of repaying me."


Reeling backwards from the violent meeting of his face and Val's fist, Test
stumbled backwards into a catering table, sending cupcakes, sandwiches and
meats raining down on him as he slumped to the floor. Moving quickly, Steiner
grabbed Val, one hand wrapping around the adult film star's throat, the other
rearing back to return fire. Acting quickly, Trish shot out her foot, driving
it towards Scott's crotch with pinpoint accuracy, splitting his uprights and
sending him crumpling to the floor as Val stumbled back. Looking at Trish,
Val watched out of the corner of his eye as Test pulled himself to his feet,
glaring at them.

"Hasty retreat?" Val asked.

"Hasty retreat!" She said quickly, wanting to stay and fight, but her brain
winning out over her pride and leading them down the hallway quickly as Test
gave a half hearted chase, stopping at Scott and helping him to his feet.

"This isn't over, you fucking assholes!" Test bellowed, the veins in his neck
throbbing as he pointed down the hallway at them.

Turning the corner, Trish led Val into there locker room, dragging him in and
slamming the door shut, locking it quickly as they both slumped against the
wall, huffing and puffing as they tried to catch there breath.

Looking over at Trish, Val said, "Care to explain what in the hell just

"Long...story." Trish panted, leaning back. "Test and I didn't really part
on great terms. I thought he was being lazy and not holding up his end of
the deal. And...well, he wanted to fuck me. I terminated his contract, and
he snapped, tore up a hotel room, and we went out separate ways. He's been a
tad bitter ever since."

"A tad?" Val asked.

"And now, I guess, he's taking it out on Stacy." She said. "He's never been
the most emotionally stable of individuals."

"Ya think?"

Looking up at Val, she grinned. "I wasn't joking about the roids thing.
Seen him shoot up a lot. And seen what it did to him." Holding her thumb
and forefinger barely an inch apart, she smiled. "I'm being generous."

Shaking his head, Val pushed off the wall, smiling. "I didn't need to hear

Moving over towards the small couch by the far wall, she said matter of
factly, "You didn't have to punch him, you know. I can handle myself. Now
he'll probably go running to Eric and get you put into some stupid match."

"I know that." Val said following her towards the couch, waiting for her to
take a seat before sitting beside her. "And I know I didn't have to punch
him. But I wasn't going to let him talk about my favorite costar like that,
and...well, it's been building. Never liked the guy."

"You were his teammate for a while."

"Still didn't like him."

"Then why did you team with him?"

Looking over at her, he grinned a wide grin. "To get closer to you."

Smirking, she reached over, swatting him on the shoulder. "Dog."

Smiling, he told her, "Takes one to know one."

Smiling, she leaned back on the couch. "I guess."

Letting out a sigh, Val shook his head. "Well, this day is off to a marvelous
start. The show hasn't even started, and we're already in shit with someone.
Usually the death threats wait until at least the second commercial break."

"Yea." She said, nodding. "Seriously, I'm really sorry about that."

Waving his hand, he told her, "No problem. I've been meaning to punch him for
a while." When Trish giggled at that, he sighed again. "I suppose I should go
talk to Austin. Get a match made before Test has a chance to come down from
his roid rage and get Eric to make something worse."

"Yea." Trish said again. Smiling, she added, "And I gotta show Steve our new
movie. Told him I'd keep him in the loop for all future movies. Seems to make
him happy."

Pushing off of the couch, Val smiled as he helped Trish to her feet, watching
as she moved over to where her suitcase had been dropped in the rush from
Test and Steiner. "Gee, I wonder why."

"Because I'm naked and fucking." She said bluntly, smiling from ear to ear.
"I don't mind Steve watching that, and if it'll help us stay on his good
side, I see no harm in it. I've always gotten along good with Steve."

Nodding, Val moved over to the door, grabbing the keys off the wall and
waiting for Trish to get ready before opening the door and going out first,
looking around for Test or Steiner. Not seeing them, he motioned for Trish
to come out, locking the door behind her and taking the lead as they moved
towards Steve's office.

"I wonder what Steve's opinion on three-ways is." Val said, grinning. "If it
needs anal or not."

"It does." Trish said firmly.

"So what you did in the shower after you filmed that movie with Steven
doesn't count?" Val asked.

"First off, that was all blowjobs." Trish reminded him. "Secondly, no. No
sex, no anal, no three-way. Just a dual blowjob."

"It was a little more than a dual blowjob." He said, grinning. "I think that
will keep us in protection for a long, long time."

Giggling, Trish nodded. "That's a good side effect of it."

"Side effect?"

"Side effect." She said. "If they want to do that, that'll be great. But it
wasn't the purpose of the shoot. I saw an opportunity, and I took it. Saw you
with a video camera, two other costars with willing cocks, and voila, instant

"Good thing we got them tested before the shoot." Val noted.

"Very good thing." She said, tiring of following him and moving alongside
him. "I wasn't expecting that, but wanted to be safe incase something spur of
the moment like that came up."

"Are you gonna show Steve that tape?"

"No." Trish said. Looking at Val, she said, "Don't even bring it up. I didn't
get there permission to show that one off, so I don't want to dangle it in
front of Steve, only to have to take it away." Grinning, she added, "Besides,
I think he'll be plenty happy watching you sodomize me five times over."

"I know I was." He said, smiling.

"I will be, once I stop limping." She teased.

"You're making me not want to do it again." He grinned.

Looking over at him, she smiled as they approached the mountain of beer
hiding a door. "I'm sure I could find willing costars to do it if you don't."

"But would they be as good as me?"

Stopping at the door, Trish stood up on her tiptoes, leaning in and kissing
Val. "Never. And I was joking."

Watching as she knocked on the door, he smiled. "I guessed that. Was just
teasing." When she smiled, he said, "So lets recap. A girl blowing two guys?"

"Dual oral."

"Two guys, a girl, no anal?"

"A half assed three way."

"Two guys, a girl, anal?"

"A proper three way."

"Two girls, one guy?"

Grinning, she pushed open the door as Austin bellowed for them. "Every guys

Moving into Steve's office, Trish and Val smiled as he looked up from his
desk, papers in both hands. "Trish! Val!" He bellowed, never more happy to
see them as he was at that moment, using there presence as the distraction
he needed to put the stacks of papers down. "How the hell are ya?"

"Very well." Trish said with a smile.

"What can I do for you two?" Steve asked, hoping it didn't involve more

"Need a match." Val said. "Me and Test. Preferably without Steiner at


"And we need it made as soon as possible." Trish butted it with a meek smile.
"We kinda got on his bad side earlier, so we were hoping to get it made
before he got a chance to make something worse."

"Done deal." Steve said, reaching over and picking up his phone, punching in
a few numbers and waiting for the other end to pick up. "Yea, it's me you
little bastard." Steve snarled with a smile at the duo. "Match for tonight.
Val versus Test, with Steiner barred from ringside, cuz I know he doesn't
have a managers license." Before Eric had a chance to crack off some witty
reply, Steve hammered the phone down. Looking up at them, he said, "It's
made. I'll put you guys up first." Waving his hands over the paperwork, he
sighed, asking, "Was there anything else? I'm kinda swamped here."

Smiling shyly, Trish held up her present, twirling the DVD case around in her
fingers. "Got a present for you, if your not to busy."

"Definitely not to busy." Steve said quickly, smiling as she giggled. "Just
gives me the excuse I need to push this stuff to the back burner."

Moving over to his desk, Trish put the case down on it, giving him a grin.
"We'll get going and leave you alone." She said, giving him a wink. "Let you
get back to work."

"Right, work." Steve said, reaching out and taking the DVD. "Thanks a
million, Trish."

"No problemo." She said, giving him a quick wave and moving back towards Val
and the door. "Talk to you later, Steve. I expect critiques of that."

"Will do." He said with a nod.

Opening the door and letting Trish move out, Val followed her out and closed
the door behind him with a wave goodbye to Steve. Moving alongside Trish, he
smiled down at her. "You know." He said, gaining her attention. "You keep
giving him those movies, and he's gonna wanna be your costar sometime."

"And?" Trish asked, smiling. "I can think of worse things than doing a movie
with Steve. Might be fun, and it would really put us in his good graces."

Smiling at her, Val faked shock. "You'd fuck Steve to get favors?"

Smiling, she said, "I'd fuck Steve to fuck Steve. Assuming he'd let me tape
it. I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure I could come
up with a script pretty quick if he was interested."

"You do hammer out scripts pretty quick." Val noted, matching her stride for
stride. "And they are good. Not the usual porn crap."

Nodding, she sighed. "Now I just need costars to act them out with." Looking
up at him, she said, "I don't mean this in a bad way, but I don't want to do
every movie with you."

Shrugging, he smiled. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I
don't make every movie with you." Seeing her look at him, he continued, "I'd
be lying if I said that I didn't hope that your movie got more Divas to want
to make tapes. I love working with you."

"But you'd like to work with other people to." Trish finished with a knowing
nod. When he nodded, she smiled. "That's me in a nutshell. Love working with
you, but want to work with others to."

Smiling, he moved towards their locker room, unlocking the door and letting
her move in. "I know of two very willing costars you have."

Nodding, she grinned. "And I have a script all made up for them, as soon as
we can get them out to shoot." Moving over to her suitcase quickly, she
opened it up and reached into the slat on the top, grabbing a large envelope
and pulling it out. Turning back to Val as he took a seat on the couch, she
reached in, grabbing some stapled together papers and holding them out.
Pouting softly, she asked, "Could you give me your opinion.?"

"Of course." He said with a grin, reaching out and taking the papers from her
as she smiled, quickly scurrying down to the couch and taking a seat next to
him. Looking at the clock, he said, "I gotta just skim over it for now, but
I'll give it a good reading tonight at the hotel. Steve said we were up
first, so I gotta get ready." Seeing Trish's eyes light up, he smiled. "And
not like that. Making me come might work for you, but it just tires me out.
And I don't think I want to go into a match with Test groggy. He might be a
Neanderthal, but he punches like a Mac truck."

"I dunno." Trish teased. "A good screw might perk you up."

Looking at her, he smiled, leaning down and stealing a quick kiss. "Not the
way you screw." He told her. "I'd be lucky to make it out to the ring."

"Never know if you don't try."

"Remind me to try it when I'm not facing a steroid jacked monster who's
already pissed at us." He said, turning his focus to the script in his hand.
"But for now, I just wanna read some of this, then get ready, ok?"

"Ok." Trish said, smiling as she leaned closer, letting her head rest on his
shoulder. "But the offer stands."

Leaning down and kissing her head, he grinned as his eyes quickly scanned
over the paper in his hands as they relaxed on the couch, both of them
getting ready for the night to come in there own way. "Thank you."

* * *

"How did I get stuck in this again?" Val asked, hopping from foot to foot as
he waited for Test's music to die down, and his music to come on.

"I think it involved me telling Test he had a small cock." Trish said.
"Which, would be my fault, so, my bad I guess. Remind me to make it up to

Hearing his music come over the speakers, he nodded. "If I have a brain left
after this, will do."

Taking the lead, Trish walked down the long hallway to the entrance ramp, Val
right behind her as they pushed through the curtains and into the roar of the
crowd. Watching as Trish strutted around the ramp, Val looked down into the
ring, spotting Test pacing back and forth, glaring at him as Stacy watched on
nervously. Seeing Trish return to his side, Val motioned towards Test. "Yea,
he looks happy."

Matching Val stride for stride towards the ring, Trish noted the extra pissed
off look on the large, veiny superstar's face. "He looks like he's going to
blow a gasket." She said. "Did I mention I was sorry?"

"I don't think sorry is going to help me here." Val said, moving to the steps
and helping Trish up before following her into the ring, motioning for the
ref to keep Test away as they slid through the ropes. "I think he's going to
kill me and eat me."

Taking Val's hand and moving him to the middle of the ring, Trish reached
around and grabbed the front of his towel, giving him a subtle rub before
pulling it open. "I'm open to suggestions to make it up to you."

Grinning as Trish spun his towel around, Val said, "Let's see if I survive,
then we can talk payment."

Giving him a wink, she said, "You worry about surviving, and I'll look after
the thinking up a payment part, ok?" When he smiled and nodded, she said,

Dropping down, Val felt the wind rush over his head as Test's arm came flying
at it, narrowly missing and sending the big man hurtling towards Trish.
Grabbing him by the shoulders, Val stopped him just before he connected with
his manager/co-star, wrenching back and slamming him to the mat. Seeing Trish
scurry from the ring, Val jumped on Test, raining down hammering fists in an
effort to press the advantage he had.

Feeling Test shove him off, Val spun around to his knees, jumping up and
kicking towards Test's head as he bent over to stand up. Throwing himself
backwards, Test avoided the knockout shot, the kick just grazing his head.
Falling backwards, he bounced off the ropes, regrouping quickly and flying
off, the clothesline he tried from the back connecting from the front and
sending Val to the mat in a heap.

Wincing softly, Trish backed away from the ring slightly, not wanting to get
hit with sweat, blood or stray limbs. Seeing Val roll away and Test follow
him, she moved back to the ring, hammering her hands down on the mat. "Come
on Val!" Looking across the ring, she saw Stacy watching her, a curious look
on her face as she looked down at something in her hands. Shaking her head,
Trish ignored the tall Diva, focusing on Val and Test as Val was flung into
the ropes, bouncing off of them and running into a sidewalk slam. "Fuck!"
Shaking her head, Trish backed away again, running her fingers through her
hair. "Come on, Val, get up!" Pounding her hands on the mat, she tried to
get the crowd into it. Seeing Val get dragged to his feet, only to be slammed
back down with a pump handle slam, Trish winced. "He's gonna want something
big for this." She mumbled. Seeing Test deliver a vicious kick to the side of
Val's head, she shook her head. "And it's going to involve my ass."

Looking across the ring, Trish got confused. "Huh." She mumbled. "I could
have sworn Stacy was here...ooof!"

Feeling Stacy's shoulder connect with her side, Trish tried to roll with the
impact, but fell to the ground. Pulling her hands up to block the punch she
saw Stacy loading up, Trish braced for the impact.

And flinched with the feather light touch of fist on skin.

Looking up at Stacy from between her arms, Trish started to say something,
but was cut off by another salvo of harmless punches coming down on her.
Feeling one of Stacy's hands grip her throat gently, Trish watched in
confusion as Stacy's attack kept coming and coming, and doing absolutely no
damage at all. Reaching up and grabbing her neck, Trish tried to fight Stacy
off, but found her mount position firm. Seeing Stacy's eyes quickly bolt
around, Trish shrieked in surprise as Stacy's hand quickly left her throat
and jammed down the front of her shirt, pushing something into her bra before
coming back out.

Taking the opening, Trish bucked her hips, sending Stacy sprawling over her
and onto the floor. Jumping to her feet, Trish went to chase after Stacy, but
was cut off as the ref jumped out of the ring and blocked her path.

"Cut it out, or you're gone!" The ref shouted, pointing at her.

"Me?" Trish yelled incredulously. "Where the fuck were you a minute ago when
I got jumped?"

Landing a hard shot on Test's jaw, Val looked over towards the ref. "What the
hell is going on?" He yelled. Moving towards the edge of the ring, he looked
at Trish. "Are you ok?"

"Fine." She said. "It's!"

Trying to throw his head down again, Val found he wasn't quick enough the
second time, and dropped quickly to the mat as Test's boot connected with the
back of his skull, driving him face first downward. Wincing slightly from the
violence in front of her, Trish stepped back, running her fingers through her
hair. ~Yea, he's gonna want a lot for this.~ She thought, watching in defeat
as Test quickly rolled Val over onto his back, taking advantage of the
stunned wrestler and pinning him quickly as the ref slid back into the ring,
making the three count.

Holding her head, Trish watched in disbelief as Test pushed himself upright,
smirking at Trish as he moved over to the ropes. "How bout it, Trishy?" He
taunted. "Wanna hook up with a winner?"

Shaking her head, Trish moved towards the ring, avoiding the large superstar
and sliding under the bottom rope towards Val. Seeing the ref thankfully get
between her and Test, she scurried over to Val, taking his face in her hands.
"Hey, buddy." She said, lightly slapping him. "You alive?"

"" Val panted, his eyes slowly coming into focus. "Think...up...

Grinning sheepishly, she rubbed his face. "I'm not really sure what says
thank you for getting your skull kicked in."

Smiling, Val shook his head slightly, trying to clear the cobwebs. "I can
think of a few things."

Smiling, she pushed herself to her knees, then to her feet, reaching down and
offering him a hand up. "Whatever it is, I'll do it. I'm really sorry, Val."

Taking her hand and pulling himself up, Val stumbled backwards until Trish
caught him, slinging his arm over her shoulder. "Trish, I'm sweaty." He
mumbled. "You shouldn't be touching me like this. Ruin your outfit."

Smiling, she rubbed his chest gently. "Like I haven't ruined outfits with you
before." She teased.

Looking her up and down, he smiled. "But this one is especially nice."
Looking down at her, he paused, confused. "Did it have that much cleavage to

Looking down at her chest, Trish quickly realized Stacy's attack had pushed
her shirt slightly out of place, pushing her cleavage more out into the open
than she normally had it. Grabbing her shirt, she went to pull it back into
place when she felt something brush against her fingers. Reaching inside of
her shirt, and ignoring the hoots and hollers from the crowd, she pulled out
the object Stacy had shoved into her bra. ~I'm sure the King is having a
heart attack.~ She thought with a smirk. Giving the piece of paper a quick
glance, she looked up the ramp, watching as Test dragged Stacy away. Seeing
the tall Diva look back at her, Trish held up the paper slightly and
shrugged, asking silently what it was. Seeing Test give her a hard yank and
pull her through the curtains, Trish sighed, taking the paper and stuffing
it into the pocket of her tight jeans before returning her full attention to
assisting Val from the ring.

"You gonna be alright?" She asked, sliding out from the bottom rope and
helping him to the floor, letting him sling his arm over her shoulder and
lean on her slightly.

Taking a few exploratory steps, Val said, "Once the arena stops spinning,
I'll be fine." Looking at her, she asked, "You ok? Stacy seemed to be working
you over pretty good."

"I'm fine." She said. "She didn't even hit me, really. And she pushed
something into my bra." Helping Val up the ramp, she looked at him and,
seeing the smirk, shook her head. "Not that, perv. A piece of paper."

"Well, when I'm sitting down and thus not a risk to topple over, feel free
to read it." He offered. "But I would very much like it if you actually got
me sitting before you left."

"I really am sorry." She said, reaching out and holding the curtains open and
walking them through it. "You get your ass kicked because I stuck my nose
where it didn't belong."

"Don't worry about it." Val said. "I'm sure you had your reasons for doing
it. And he does treat Stacy like shit."

"I know, I know." Trish sighed. "I just wish she would have taken my

"She's a big girl." Val said. "She made up her own mind. Now lets get me
sitting so you can read what that note says."

Nodding, Trish returned her whole focus to guiding him down the long hallway
towards there locker room, matching him stride for stride as he slowly gained
some confidence and strength in his steps. Feeling him begin to walk mostly
on his own, she asked, "Can you handle it?"

Nodding, he smiled, pulling her closer. "I can, but I'd prefer not to."

Smiling, she let her arm slide down from his shoulder to around his waist,
snuggling close as they strode down the hallway and turned the corner,
Trish's mind doing the navigating and leading them back to there room. "So,
on a scale of one to ten, how much crap am I in for getting you in this
mess?" She asked with a meek smile.

Looking down at her as he pushed the door open, he grinned. "Probably...
six...or nine."

"Or both?" She giggled, moving into the locker room When he nodded, she
smiled, moving him over to the couch and sitting him down. "Want something
to drink?"

Shaking his head, he pointed at her. "No. I'd like to know what was so
important that Stacy would fake attack you."

Nodding, Trish moved over to the couch, reaching into her jeans and pulling
out the scrap of paper before plunking down next to Val. Quickly unfolding
it, she looked down at the paper, her face going from confusion to worry as
she read it the note. Looking up at Val, she held out her hand, letting him
take the paper and read it himself.

I know about your tape. I want to get away from Test, and I'll do ANYTHING.

Looking up at Trish, Val shrugged. "What does she expect us to do? And why
is she bringing up the movie?"

Shrugging back, she said, "I don't have any more answers than you do." When
he nodded, she added, "I wish she would have left a few more clues, but,
given the way Test is always hanging over her, watching her every move, I'm
surprised she had enough time to write that. If I could talk to her for a
minute, maybe I could get it out of her, but that big fucking Neanderthal
Test is always hovering over her.a feeling I know all to well."

Nodding, Val thought for a moment, before saying, "He's not hovering over her
in the ring. He doesn't have a managers license, so Steve doesn't let him go
to ringside with her."

"And if I had a match with her, that wouldn't be a problem." She said.

"She did attack you." Val noted. "Ill intent or not, she did attack. I'm sure
that's enough for Steve to give you a match with her."

"I suppose." She admitted. Letting out a deep breath, she shook her head,
trying to gather her thoughts. Feeling something, she turned to Val, and
found he was still looking at her. "What?" When he didn't answer, save for
raising his eyebrows slightly, she caught on, whining softly. "You want me
to get a match with her tonight, don't you?" When he nodded, she whined
louder. "Val, my ass!" Slumping down, she added, "And who cares if it's
this week or next week?"

"Stacy." Val pointed out. When she looked at him, he asked, "If the roles
were reversed, would you want her to leave you with Test any longer than you
had to?"

Scowling at him, Trish shrunk down into the couch. "I hate you."

Smiling, he asked, "What?"

"I hate you." She grumped, pushing herself up from the couch gingerly. "I was
all content to just sit around and be lazy tonight, and you had to go and get
all moral on me. Since when are porn stars moral?"

Leaning over and kissing her softly, he said, "Since they have friends who
are in bad situations and need there help. And Steve isn't going to give me
a match with her, so it's up to you."

"Are you sure?" She asked hopefully. "I could do you up in drag. Call you

"Ha, ha." He said, cupping her ass and pushing her towards the door. "Get
going. I'm sure the show is pretty well set, so you better hurry if you're
going to get a spot."

"Meanie." Trish pouted, shuffling towards the door. "I give you a butt fuck
movie, and you make me wrestle."

"I had a first blood match for my movie." He said. "I suppose for this, I'll
owe you something."

Perking up slightly, she smiled. "Owe me?" When he nodded, she grinned. "Well
then, I suppose I can drag my sore ass.and it is sore.out to the ring, can't

"Assuming you quit talking about it and get a match already." Val teased.

"I'm going, I'm going." She said, moving towards the door. Looking down at
the couch, she quickly bent over, scooping up the papers resting on it and
tossing them towards Val. "Read my script. You promised."

Nodding, he picked the papers up from his lap, holding them up as
confirmation he was reading them as she moved gingerly towards the door,
swinging it open and looking around on instinct before moving out into the
hallway. Slowly moving down the hallway towards the office of the Co-General
Manager, Trish kept a keen eye out looking for any signs of trouble, knowing
she'd built up more than a few enemies in her career, and she hadn't helped
matters any over the last few weeks. Strolling past the banks of TVs set up
along the gorilla position, she gave them a casual glance, checking to see
if there was anything on it she should be interested in, before stopping as
one of the screens caught her eye.

Turning her body to face the monitor, she looked down at the images on the
screen with interest, if slightly confused. Pointing at it, she asked,
"What's that?"

Looking behind himself when he realized someone was standing behind him, the
tech manning the table of TV's gave her a quick look over, before saying,
"Smackdown. The main event I think. Why?"

"No reason." Trish said, continuing to watch the TV. Seeing Brock Lesnar grab
someone she didn't quite recognize, she smiled slightly as he hoisted the guy
up onto his shoulders, his muscles rippling and flexing as he got him in the
correct position, latching onto his head and legs before tossing him into the
air, spinning him around and ramming him down into the mat with a brutal F-5.
"Oh my." Trish cooed softly, biting her bottom lip as she kept watching the
match, the ref making short work of the three count and getting it over with
as quickly as possible, knowing the person had no chance of getting up.
Watching Brock roll to his knees before pushing himself to his feet, Trish
licked her lips slightly as the large, cut wrestler posed for the camera,
burning off whatever extra adrenalin the quick match had built up.

Watching the screen fade to black as the Smackdown logo came over it, Trish
smiled, back peddling as she let her thoughts drift. "If wrestling skills
translate to bed skills like Val says." She said, giggling to herself as she
turned and started towards Austin's office again. "Then Brock would be one
hell of a co-star. I wonder what it would take to hook that up."

Shaking her head to try and clear it of the lewd thoughts coursing through
it, Trish giggled as she slowed down, approaching Steve's door and reaching
out with her right hand, giving the heavy wood a few solid knocks. "I wonder
if Brock like's his wood knocked." She mused, giggling more as she reached
down and opened the door, peeking her head in, smiling at him. "I have no
beer." She said. "But I'm hoping my movies keep me in your good graces enough
that I can settle up at the end of the month or something?"

"Trish!" Steve said, fumbling to turn off the small TV on his desk.

Watching his quick movements, Trish hurried into the room, racing across the
small office and dashing behind his desk, catching the image of Val bending
her over against a tree before the screen faded to black. Looking down at him
with wide eyes, Trish giggled. "I at least expected you to wait until you got

Looking up at her, Steve began to stammer, tripping over his words. "Umm...

"Was it any good?" She asked eagerly. Reaching down and turning the TV back
on, she zoned in on the screen, picking up the place on the movie. "That's
the fourth scene, right?"

"Umm.Trish." Steve said, looking up at her. "I really am sorry."

"For what?" She asked, still beaming. "I gave you porno. Watch it whenever
I want, I don't care. I just expected you to wait till you got home so you
could...ummmm...enjoy it more."

"Uhh.Trish?" Steve said, subtly reaching down and pulling his shirt down

Following his hands involuntarily, Trish's head shot up when she saw what he
was trying to cover up. "Holy shit Steve!" She said quickly, scrambling
around to the far side of the desk. "Jesus, I didn't mean to...I'm sorry!"

"Ummm...yea..." Steve said, clearly at a loss for words.


Looking at each other, Trish and Steve both stood/sat in silence, before
they both started to talk at the same time, cutting each other off, before
stopping, starting again, and stopping. Running her fingers through her hair
as he ran his hands over his head, Trish pushed out one hand, holding up a
finger, indicating he not talk.

", this is awkward." She said.

"A little yea." He said.

Running her fingers through her hair again, Trish nodded. Looking up at him,
she waved her hands. "You know what? No biggie. It's porn, right? Everyone...
does that, with porn, right?" When he nodded, she waved her hands. "No
biggie. I should have guessed, since, you know, I was the one who gave it to
you, but...didn't expect it here is all." When he nodded, she nodded in
unison, bringing back the uncomfortable silence.

Looking up at her, he said, "Trish, I really am sorry."

"For what?" She asked. "For doing that with a porno I gave you?"

"More for you walking in on me doing that, but yea, in a pinch."

Waving her hands again, a gesture she was getting tired of, she said, "Don't
be. I'm going to take it as a compliment." Seeing him look at her, she
smiled, trying to ease the mood. "I mean, if you were doing.that, it must
mean I was doing a good job on my end, right?"

"Very good." He said.

"And the acting, or were you...?"

"The acting...what I've seen...was very well done." He said.

Nodding along with him, she sighed. "Now is a bad time to ask for a favor,
isn't it?"

Looking at her, Steve laughed a little as he shook his head. "Turn around,
let me save some modesty, and we'll talk." Quickly turning around, Trish
waited for him to stand up and redress before turning back around, waiting
for him to say he was ready to talk. "Alright, hit me."

Realizing his one of a kind disposable DVD was playing itself out, she
pointed to the TV. "May I?"

Looking confused, he asked, "May you what?"

Moving around the desk again, and double-checking he had everything tucked
in, she reached down and turned on his TV, gaining a look from him. Looking
at him, she said, "Hey, it's a one play DVD. I don't want you missing out
because I barged in on you." Turning to the TV, she smiled as she watched
Val pull away from her, moving her around and laying her down on the grass
before straddling her chest, wrapping his cock in tits. "I love that part."
She cooed.

"Uhh, Trish?" Steve asked, gaining her attention. When she looked at him,
he pointed to the TV. "Isn't this a little weird?"

"What?" She asked, looking at the TV. "Titty fucking? Me and Val do a lot of

"No, not that." He said. Looking at her, he risked a glance at the TV before
pointing at it. "That you're here talking to me while a video of you and Val
having sex is playing on my TV?"

Shaking her head, she said, "Not really, no."

"No?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "How the hell not?"

"I've offered you a position in my movies." She pointed out. "And, I know
you've already seen two of my movies. And I'm not embarrassed by them. Are

"No!" He said quickly.

"Well then?"

Sighing, he nodded. "Alright, what was the favor you wanted?"

Nodding, she said, "Umm.I don't supposed you've been watching Raw, have you?"

"Not really, no." He admitted.

Smiling, she asked, "Busy?"


"Alright, alright." She conceded. "During Val's match, Stacy attacked me. I
want revenge."

"Trish, I'm not sure I can swing that tonight." He said. "The card's pretty

Sighing, Trish shook her head. ~Val, you own me huge.~ She thought. "Make it
a bra and panties match." She offered, gaining a look from him. "And I'll
even strip down at the end of the match, win lose or draw. Deal?"

Looking at her, he asked, "Why would you offer that?"

"Because Eric will agree to any shift in the card to see my tits." She said
bluntly. "So, can we work this out?" Smiling, she said, "And I can swing a
new copy of the video I'm making you miss."

Looking at her, he smirked. "Bribing a GM with porno." He said, shaking his
head. "What would the big wigs at Titan Towers think about that?"

Smiling, she shrugged. "Like I give a shit. I'm not giving them a copy, just you'll hopefully enjoy in a more private setting than your office
at Raw."

Reaching over to his phone, Steve picked it up, dialing a few numbers. "Lemme
see what I can do." Waiting for Eric to pick up, Steve took a deep breath,
getting his nerves in order.

"What do you want?" Eric spat, half of it before he even had the phone to his

"I don't want to talk to you any more than you want to talk to me." Steve
said. "But I want to make a match."

"No can do." Eric said. "The card is full."

"Stacy jumped Trish tonight, and Trish wants a match."

"No can do."

"A bra and panties match."

"What is she doing right now?"

Looking up at Trish and rolling his eyes, Steve said, "She's checking to see
if she has a bra and panties on and heading out to the ring."

"Deal." Eric said, smiling.

"Tell Stacy she's up."

"Tell Trish I hope she loses."

Hanging up his phone without giving Eric an answer, Steve nodded. "He went
for it."

"I knew he would." Trish said. "Perv."

"Was that all, Trish?" Steve asked.

Smiling, Trish nodded, leaning down and giving Steve a quick hug. "Thank you
Steve. Sorry to be such a pain." Standing up and moving towards the end of
the desk, Trish smiled as she looked at the TV. Pointing at it, she giggled.
"Can you tell that was the first scene we shot?" She said. "Val was backed

Turning to the TV, Steve gave Trish a wave goodbye as she moved towards
the door, watching on the screen as Val pulled his cock from between her
cleavage, grunting loudly as he began fisting his cock hard and fast,
pointing it at her grinning, open mouthed face.

"Enjoy, Steve." She said, opening the door. "I'll drop off that copy next
week, and I'll lock the door on the way out, K?" When he gave her a half
interested nod as an answer, his focus on the grunting images on the TV
screen, Trish giggled as she locked the door, letting it close behind her.
"Oh god." She murmured with a smile, shaking her head as she moved back
towards her dressing room. "What the hell did I start?"

Giggling to herself as she strode down the hallway, she kept her head down
slightly, using her hair as a buffer to sneak peeks around, seeing which
people were checking her out, taking mental notes of who was doing it, and
what there interest level in her was. ~Is it just general perv interest?~
She thought, spying someone else, a tech or someone, looking her up and down.
~Or is it "I wanna be her next costar" interest?~ Seeing her door rapidly
approaching, she lifted her head up, smiling at the sight of guys averting
there gaze to not get caught openly staring at her. ~I'll have to ask Val
for some pointers on how to tell the difference.~

Pushing open the door to her locker room, she smiled as she found Val
sprawled out on the couch, her script still clutched in his hands. "Hey
buddy." She purred, looking at him.

Moving the script out of the way, he smiled at her. "How'd it go?"

"I have a match now, which means no pre-match ritual for me." She said. "And,
you're in bigger shit than you thought."

Confused, he asked, "How so?"

"I had to offer a bra and panties match." She said. "And I had to agree to
strip, win or lose."

"Steve made you do that?" Val asked.

"No, but I offered to make it an easy choice for all involved, since he had
to ask Eric for the match." She said. "Which means, you owe me big."

"I owe you nothing." He said.

Glaring at him, she said, "Uh-huh! I'm doing this match, and I'm stripping!
You owe me!"

"And I got my head kicked in my Test, so you owe me big." He said. "That, to
me, sounds like breaking even."

Looking at him, she started to say something, but stopped. Pouting, she began
to whine. "Did I mention I hate you?"

Shrugging, he said, "We could trade favors if you really wanted to, but it's
kinda pointless." Looking at her, he said, "I'm pretty well open to anything
you ask, and vice-versa, so what's the points of favors?"

Scowling, she crossed her arms over her chest. "You could have mentioned that
before I went and got a bra and panties match."

"And have me be the only one with a favor to cash in?" He asked. Seeing her
thinking, he nodded. "Thought so." Seeing her scowl break as she sighed, he
held up the papers in his hand. "If its any consolation, your script is
awesome. I think it'll make a really great movie."

Looking at him, she skeptically said, "You're just saying that."

Shaking his head, he pointed to the pages. "I'm not. I've told you before
when something was crap, didn't I?" When she slowly nodded, he said, "This
one is good. I think you should do it, if you really want to. Or I can get
one of my other girls to do it."

Smiling slightly, she asked, "Other girls?"

"Other porn stars I've done movies with." He said. "I'm sure they'd jump at
the chance to do a movie with a script and more words than "Oh god!" and
"Fuck me harder!"." When Trish giggled, he added, "If you want."

Shaking her head, she smiled. "I wanna do it. Just.I don't know when. But

Nodding, he told her, "Anytime you want." When she smiled, he asked, "When's
your match?"

Her eyes going wide, Trish started moving backwards. "Right now, gotta go,
thanks for reading that, see you in a bit!"

Watching as Val gave her a little wave from the couch, Trish turned and
bolted from the room, letting the door close itself as she ran down the
hallway, dodging people and scurrying towards the gorilla position. Rounding
the corner, she sighed with relief as she heard Stacy's music over the
speakers, letting her know she hadn't missed her mark and wouldn't have to
explain to Steve why she had missed the match she had barged into his office
in the middle of him pleasing himself to get. Giving the music guy the cue,
she started down the hallway, putting on her best "I'm pissed off" face she
could muster, knowing her fans knew that face meant business and thus would
forgive her for not doing her usual posing and let her get her gimmick match
over with as quick as possible.

Hopping up the stairs and onto the stage, she pushed through the curtains
and stalked towards the ring, glaring at Stacy and burning a hole through her
with her eyes. ~I hope you're worth all this, you dumb ass.~ Trish thought
with a scowl, sliding under the bottom rope and moving towards Stacy before
the ref got between them. Trying to push the ref aside, Trish looked at
Stacy, mouthing, "Explain yourself!"

Hearing the bell and seeing the ref move, Trish shot towards Stacy, grabbing
the startled blonde and cinching in a headlock, hip tossing her over her back
and slamming her down onto the mat, Trish leaning on her. "Why the hell did
you attack me?" Trish asked. "What was that note about?"


Easing up on the headlock, Trish glared down at Stacy. "Start talking, or
it's nighty night time."

"I need to get away from Test." Stacy gasped, drawing in shallow, heavy

"No shit." Trish spat, squeezing on Stacy's head harder. "I told you to stay
away from him in the first place, didn't I?"


"Then what the hell do you need my help doing?" Trish asked, finally letting
go of the headlock and pulling Stacy to her feet and flinging her into the

Watching Trish stalk across the ring at her, Stacy thought about running, but
knew better. She'd pieced together that Trish was just trying to make it look
good so Test wouldn't be suspicious, but it still hurt nonetheless, and Stacy
braced herself as Trish licked the palm of her hand, rearing back and
slapping Stacy hard across the chest. "Ow!" She yelped. Looking at Trish, she
panted, "I know about your movie with Val.and the one with Steven."

"And how does me making sex tapes help you?" Trish asked. "Did you want me to
make one with Test?" *SLAP!!!!* "No chance!"

"No!" Stacy yelled, not sure herself if it was in response to Trish's
question, or Trish reaching out and yanking her shirt off. Feeling her body
being pushed back into the corner, she quickly said, "Test said that I could
only sleep with him and people he tells me to fuck, and if I did anything
with anyone else, there would be hell to pay." *SLAP!!!!* "Jesus! Which I
think means he'd fire me!"

"And probably beat you to shit!" Trish said, grabbing Stacy by the hair and
tossing her towards the middle of the ring.

Feeling Trish kneel behind her and lock in another headlock, Stacy said, "If
it meant getting out of my service contract, I'd do it in a heartbeat!"

"And how do I come into this story again?" Trish asked.

"I want to do a movie with Val!" Stacy squealed, Trish's headlock grinding
on her neck.

Looking down at Stacy, Trish said, "You are fucking nuts! You think that'll
help things?"

Fighting off Trish's arm, Stacy sprung up, glaring at Trish. "My life can not
get any worse. If doing that gets me away from Test, I'd fuck anyone!"

Shrugging, Trish nodded. "I'll let him know." Rearing back, Trish shot her
right leg out and up, catching Stacy by surprise, and upside her head,
knocking the leggy blonde down and out. Moving over to Stacy, Trish reached
down, grabbing Stacy's tiny dress and ripping it down her legs, tossing it
down on the knocked out woman's chest and raising her arms in victory.

Looking down at her fallen opponent, Trish shook her head. "That was weird."
She mused. Hearing her music blaring over the speakers, she smiled, realizing
she had won the match, even if Stacy hadn't put up a fight. Looking down at
herself, she smiled. "And I didn't even lose my top." She started, before
trailing off with a whine. Sighing, she said, "Why did I have to promise

Shaking her head, she kicked Stacy out of the way, rolling her away from the
middle of the ring as she reached down, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and
peeling it upwards, the crowd noise picking up as they were treated to a
second Diva stripping in as many minutes. Looking down at her bra, she
scowled. ~If I didn't get lost talking with Val, I would have changed.~ She
thought, her mood dropping more as she realized Val had assisted her in
picking out her underwear for the day, picking out the smallest thong he
could find and begging her to wear it. Un-buckling her belt, she quickly
kicked off her shoes as she pulled down her jeans, the crowd going wild as
she bent down to pull the pants clear of her feet, giving the crowd a full
view of her thong covered ass.

~And probably the hard camera angle, too.~ She thought, standing up. Slinging
her jeans and shirt out of the ring towards the isle way, she held up her
arms, doing a quick spin. Hearing the crowd erupt, she smiled slightly, her
heart rate picking up and pumping adrenalin through her body, making her head
rush. ~Wow.~ She thought, looking around at the crowd. Seeing she had just
about every guy, and some of the women, standing and in the palm of her hand,
Trish's smile grew. Turning towards the side ropes, she pushed her legs
together, bending over at the waist as far as she could, keeping her back
straight as she bowed to the crowd, pushing her ass up and showing off just
how little she was wearing to anyone behind her.

~Stacy's the one who's known for her ass...~ She thought, standing up with a
flip of her hair as the crowd behind her and in front of her went wild.
Turning towards the crowd away from the ramp, she bent over again, knowing
the King was probably having a heart attack from the angle, and lingering a
little longer, wanting to give her biggest fan a show. Standing up and
turning towards the last side of the ring, she smiled, taking another long
bow, her heart racing and her head swimming as the crowd roared and cheered,
whistles and clapping ringing in her ears as she stood up. ~But I'm not to
shabby from the sounds of it.~

Trying to decide which side had cheered loudest for her little show, Trish
smiled as she turned her body to face away from that side, swinging her leg
up and straddling the middle rope, copying Stacy's signature ring entrance
and bending over, giving the loud section of the crowd, the one she felt had
appreciated her gift the most, the back view, and relegating the other side
to the view of her ample cleavage as she slowly crawled through the ropes.

Giggling to herself, she hopped down to the floor with a well thought out
bounce, adding to the drool factor she had already given the people in the
first few rows. Looking down at her jeans and shirt, she smiled as she
reached down and picked them up, forgoing putting them back on in favor of
walking slowly up the ramp, swaying her nearly nude ass from side to side as
she soaked in the cheers of the crowd. Looking over at the King, and seeing
the sweat building on his face, she smiled at him, giving him a wink as she
kissed her hand, holding it out and blowing it towards him. Seeing his eyes
go wide, she burst out laughing as he fell backwards out of his chair.
Stopping at the top of the ramp, Trish turned towards the crowd, getting one
last round of cheers and giving them one last bow before turning and moving
back through the curtains.

Taking a few deep breaths to slow her racing heart, Trish couldn't stop
giggling to herself as she moved down the hallway, the swaying of her hips
continuing as she moved away from the crowd and towards the backstage area.
Moving out into the main hallway, she smiled as she let her arms drop to the
side, removing any obstructions her cloths had caused as she moved towards
her locker room. Looking around at the guys, she smiled as she saw almost
everyone, wrestlers, gophers, tech people, everyone, gawking openly at her.
Seeing a trio of guys looking at her, jaws open, she smiled, changing course
and moving towards them.

"Hey there, Bubba." She said, smiling. Seeing she wasn't going to get an
answer out of him, she giggled, looking towards the others. "Spike, D-Von.
How are you?"

Shaking himself out of the daze quicker than his brothers, D-Von nodded.
"Good, good." He said.

Smiling at them, she bit her bottom lip softly, the racing heart and pumping
adrenalin from the crowd returning. "See something you like?" She asked.

"Umm." Spike said, looking up at her face, clearly not quite sure what to
say. "Umm."

"What?" She asked, smiling. "I've done matches like that before. No biggie,

"I guess not?" Bubba said, finally speaking, but sounding uncertain.

Smiling at them, she gave them a little wave, starting backwards. "Well, I
guess I'll see you guys later." Spinning around, she giggled as she walked
away from them, giving them a show as she moved back towards her locker room.

Pushing open the door, Trish strode into her locker room, smiling at Val as
she locked the door behind her, gliding towards the couch and sliding into
his lap.

Looking her up and down, he said, "You went out there in that?"

Looking at him, she asked, "Didn't you watch the match?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "I was finishing your script."

Tilting her head to the side, she sighed. "Tell me you taped it."

"I did." He said. "Why?"

"Because." She purred, leaning down and kissing him softly. "I was a bad

Smiling, he said, "You were?" When she nodded, he asked, "How?"

"I was teasing the fans." She cooed. "I think they liked my thong."

"Is it the one I picked out this morning?"

"The very same."

"I think you might have gotten Raw in trouble for flashing." He said,
smiling. "There wasn't a lot to that thong."

"There really wasn't." She purred. "And I don't think me bowing and showing
it off helped matters."

"Probably not." He agreed. "And you walked back here like that?"

"I did." She confirmed.

"I'm betting there was some leering."

"Some, no. A whole fucking lot, yes."

"Probably got a few new costars lined up, if you wanna go that route."

"I do." She said. "Which, remind me later to ask you how I can tell if they
just want to fuck, or want to fuck on camera."

"Why later?"

"Because, I need to talk to you about Stacy." She said. Seeing she had his
attention, she said, "From what I can gather, she wants to make a tape.
Apparently, Test has very strict rules about who she screws, and she figures
doing that will get him pissed off enough to fire her."

Nodding, he said, "It would. I've done stuff like that before."

Sitting up and looking down at him, she asked, "You have?" When he nodded,
she asked, "When?"

"A few videos over the years." He said. "Women wanting to get back at there
man, stuff like that. Send him a memento. That's why I have the disposable
DVD recorder." Smiling, he said, "It's not just for you to give tapes to
Steve, remember."

Giggling, she nodded. "I remember." When he smiled, she said, "Well, like I
said, seems she wants to do a tape. I don't know what she was getting at, but
I sure as shit ain't being in it. Even if I was in to that stuff, the thought
of Test getting off watching me get off makes me ill."

Shrugging, Val told her, "I will." Looking at her, he added, "Assuming you
don't mind."

Shaking her head, she said, "Of course I don't mind. But I'm just not sure
Stacy knows what she's getting into. You explained it to me pretty good, but
I think she has some idea stuck in her head that just isn't realistic."

"Then you should go explain it to her." Val said.

"And how do I go about doing that?" She asked.

"Test sends her out on food and beer runs every so often." He said. "Just
grab her, pull her aside and talk to her."

Gawking at him, she said, "You know this?" When he nodded, she hit him hard
on the shoulder. "And you didn't tell me before I went out on national TV
wearing this and stripped!"

"Hey!" He said, laughing. "I didn't know you were gonna offer up a bra and
panties match. If I had, I would have said something." Trailing off, he
smiled, adding, "Or at least tuned in." Seeing her looking at him, he smiled.
"Oh come on. I can tell from the look you had coming in here, you had a
blast." Seeing her look begin to soften, and morph into a smile, he grinned.
"You got all worked up prancing around in front of that sold out crowd
wearing that barely their outfit, didn't you?"

Smirking, she said, "That's not the point."

Reaching up and pulling her down, he kissed her softly, smiling. "Oh get over
it." He teased, making her giggle. "You got all worked up, and you enjoyed
it. I bet you'd do it every week if you could."


"Yes." He said, smiling. "Pin one of those big burly mannish wrestlers you
have to square off with, then strip off your outfit, which, by the way,
usually sexy enough, and show off those tiny thongs and boob hugging bras
you pour yourself into." Hearing her giggling, he poked her. "You know you

"Not every week." She said. "Maybe for a title win."

"My little exhibitionist." He said, making her giggle more. "Now get your ass
dressed, and go talk to Stacy."

Looking down at him, she smiled. "Why should I get dressed? Might line up
some new costars if I don't."

"Or you might get drug into a closet and fucked." He said with a smile. "I
know I'm considering it now." Seeing her smile, he reached down, slapping her
ass. "Now get dressed and get going. We should get this worked out before the
night is over, agreed?"

Nodding, Trish squirmed a little in his lap, smiling as he moaned softly
before standing up, pulling her jeans back on. "Agreed." Stuffing her feet
into her sneakers, she reached down and grabbed her shirt, pulling it on.
"If I'm not back in half an hour, come looking for me."

Smiling as she moved towards the door, he asked, "Should I look around the
catering department, or just go looking in closets?"

Looking back at him, Trish smirked. "Ha, ha." She said. "Just come looking."

Giving her a wave as she left the room, Val relaxed on the couch, getting a
reading on the time as she let the door close behind her.

* * *

Looking down the hallway, Trish started pacing back and forth again, looking
for anything to kill some time. She was sure that she hadn't been waiting for
more than ten minutes, but it was starting to feel like hours. Looking over
at the catering table, she sighed. Raiding the sweets had long since lost its
appeal as she waited for her former cohort to send out his personal assistant
to get something he was to lazy to get himself.

"I don't care what you say, Val." She grumbled. "You owe me. I'm standing
around bored out of my mind so you can fuck Stacy. You owe me." Pushing off
of the wall, she scowled as she looked down the hallway. "Why does everything
I do today involve me moving? Why can't I just have a lazy chore?" She
grumbled. "Fuck this. She's not coming."

Turning and starting down the hallway towards her locker room, she started to
think up what she could tell Val, knowing "I got bored and gave up." Wouldn't
work, when she heard a door opening, and yelling.

"And don't bring back any of that granola shit!" Test bellowed.

Nodding quickly, Stacy started down the hallway, her head hung down,
flinching as Test slammed the door shut behind her. Turning and looking
down the hallway, Trish shook her head. "Figures." Moving back towards the
catering table, she said, "Stacy!" Seeing the tall Diva look up, she waved
her arm, motioning for her to pick up the pace. "Get over here!"

Quickly scurrying towards Trish, Stacy glared at her. "Did you have to kick

"Yes." Trish said. "I had to strip to, therefore you got kicked. Deal with
it." When Stacy nodded, Trish looked at her. "Alright, time to clear things
up. You want to do a movie?"


"A porno."


"With Val?"

"If you'll let him."

"He's not my property." Trish said. "And he thinks it might work. He's done
this before." When Stacy nodded, Trish asked, "Have you ever made a porno
before? Like, even for your own personal.use?"


Rolling her head back, Trish rubbed her stiff neck. "Stacy." She sighed.
Looking up at her, she said, "You seriously don't know what you're getting

Looking down at Trish, Stacy tried miserably to keep her composer, wetness
forming at the corners of her eyes. "Trish, he makes me do things that I
wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I've been embarrassed, and I mean really
embarrassed, by him doing things to me more times than I can remember. If I
don't get away from him soon, I think I'm going to kill myself. I will do
anything to get away from him, and pissing him off to the point of making
them fire me is the only way. Please, please, please let me do this...

Seeing Stacy duck her head down, soft sobs coming out of her, Trish shook her
head, running her fingers through her hair. "Jesus, what did I start here?"
She murmured. Hearing Stacy crying, she shook her head, moving closer and
pulling the taller girl into a comforting hug. "Hey, hey. It's ok, calm
down." Hearing Stacy's crying downgrade to sniffling, she asked, "Alright, we
can do this." Hearing Stacy go to say something, Trish quickly added, "If!
If, you come watch how it's done. I don't want you walking in blind. Val
helped me, and he'll help you. Do you have any personal time at all?"

Breaking away slowly, Stacy nodded. "Test gives me half of Wednesday to take
care of my personal affairs."

"A half a day?" Trish asked. When Stacy nodded, Trish shrugged. "That'll have
to do I guess. Come out to Val's house on Wednesday, and you can watch how
it's done. If you wanna do it after that, we'll do it. Deal?"

Nodding quickly, Stacy's eyes welled up again. "Oh my god, thank you Trish!"
She said quickly, latching onto the smaller girl and hugging her tightly.

~How many women would thank me for letting them do a porno?~ Trish thought,
holding Stacy as she wept. ~Test must have gotten worse since I ditched him.~
Pulling back, Trish smiled at Stacy, producing a small card from her jeans.
"Hey, come on. Stop crying." She said. "You gotta get whatever asshole sent
you out here for, or he's going to get pissed. So just grit your teeth, do
you're best, and Wednesday, come here." She said, pushing Val's address into
her hand. "And we'll get this done, ok?"

Nodding, Stacy sniffed softly. "I'll be there. I promise." Looking at her,
Stacy's lip started quivering slightly. "Thank you, Trish."

"Stacy?" Trish said, smiling. When Stacy nodded, Trish added, "Shut up.
You're going to make me cry. Now get going, and be there as soon as you can
get there, ok?"

"I'll be there." Stacy repeated, breaking away from Trish and quickly
attacking the catering table, piling food onto plates and balancing them on
her arms with practiced ease before taking a few steps back. Smiling at
Trish, she nodded. "Wednesday."

"Wednesday." Trish confirmed, giving Stacy a quick wave before watching her
turn and scurry back towards her locker room. Shaking her head, Trish ran
her hands through her hair. "I should have kept my movies to myself." She
reasoned, nodding her head as she turned and started down the hallway. "That
way, no one bugging steroid fueled assholes kicking my costars
crying Divas...which was confusing." Rolling her head around to try and work
the kinks out of her neck, she grunted. "And I have to do another movie to
show dummy how it works." Moving down the hall, she scowled. "And I can't use
Val, because he's gotta save his nut for her if she wants to go through with
this stupid idea." Shaking her head, she asked, "Why am I talking to myself?"

Ignoring the leers from the people she had been parading in front of fifteen
minutes earlier, Trish quickly closed the distance between her and the door
to her changing room, pushing it open and moving in. Closing it behind her,
she snapped the lock shut before turning to face Val.

"Why do you always lock the door?" He asked.

"Force of habit." She said. "After years of getting jumped, and now, screwing
you in them, I'd rather not have unexpected people walk in on me."

"Sound plan." He said. "So, what's the news?"

Shrugging, Trish told him, "She wants to do the movie. I told her to come out
Wednesday, and we'd show her how it's done." Moving over and plunking down on
the couch beside him, she said, "And now all we have to do is set up a movie
shoot in two days to show her how it's done, so she doesn't just walk in
there blind and be that crying girl you warned me about."

Nodding, he said, "That's probably for the best. Stupid or not, she is your
friend...kinda..." When Trish nodded, he asked, "So, we need to set up a

Nodding, she leaned back on the couch. "I'm coming up blank for ideas right
now." She said, looking around. Seeing the pieces of paper resting on the
coffee table, she made a vague gesture towards it. "Except for that."

Looking over at it, he nodded. "There is that."

Looking at him, she asked, "Do you think you could hook that up? Or do we
have enough time?"

Smiling, he leaned down, snatching the shooting script off of the table.
"Trish, for this script, I'd work night and day to get it done." Seeing her
smile, he said, "But you gotta do some of the work. You go talk to the
talent, and I'll start making some calls. Deal?"

Nodding eagerly, Trish dove into his lap, kissing him hard. Pulling back,
she smiled at him. "Thank you Val!" She said, grinning.

"You're welcome." He said, before pushing him out of his lap. "No go, get
your costars on board, and we'll get to work, ok?" When she nodded, he
smiled. "See? Even if Stacy backs out, it still works out good for you."

Pushing herself to her feet, Trish smiled down at him. "I guess so. Doubly
good, as it was." When he grinned at her joke, she moved towards the door.
"I'll go talk to them, and we can get this thing rolling."

Nodding, he watched as she opened the door and flew out. Shaking his head
with a smile, he stood up, moving over to his suitcase and grabbing his cell
phone and his black book, quickly finding the numbers he needed to get
Trish's idea off the ground, and hopefully convince Stacy that her idea
wasn't as crazy as it sounded.

* * *


Reaching into her purse, Trish dug around, sighing to herself as she
scrambled to get the money the red numbers on the taxi's fare meter showed.
Gathering it up, plus all the tip she had, she dropped it into the
outstretched hand of the driver as she grabbed the handle of the door.

"You sure you wanna come here?" The cabbie asked.

Looking up at the dingy building, Trish shook her head. "Not really, no."
She said. Opening the door, she gave the driver a meek smile. "Thanks."

Sliding out of the cab, she looked up at the building again, taking in the
sight of it. Seeing the broken windows littering the bottom level, plywood
boarding up several of them and covered in graffiti and gang tags themselves,
she quickly scurried across the road, pulling her coat tight to her body as
she caught the unwanted attention of a pair of rough looking men down the
block. Running into the building, she let out a sigh of relief as the door
clicked behind her. Moving into the hallway, she reached into her pocket,
pulling out a scrap of paper.

Looking down at the note her contact had given her again, Trish read off
the apartment number in the dim light provided by the broken, flickering
florescent lights swinging in the dank hallway, the aroma of urine and
violence almost overpowering her. Quickly getting a read on where she was
going, she picked up the pace, not knowing if the men from outside were
following her, and, being in the neighbourhood she was in, not wanting to
stick around and find out. Counting off numbers as she moved down the
hallway, she quickly approached the number she was looking for. Seeing the
door, and the rough shape it was in, she curled up her nose slightly before
reaching out and knocking on it.

Hearing cans clattering as someone approached the door, she took a step
back, looking down at herself before pulling her coat open, making sure her
shirt was properly adjusted to show off the fullness of her impressive
cleavage to whoever was about to look through the peephole. Hearing the
footsteps stop, and the locks on the door quickly start to open, she smiled
to herself. "So far, so good." She mused, putting on her best innocent look
as the door opened.

"Hello, little lady." The large man who opened the door said. "Lost?"

Shaking her head, she said. "I don't think so.are you the APA?"

Looking down at his shirt, and the large letters reading APA printed on the
front of it, the man nodded. "I believe so, yes."

Holding out her hand, Trish smiled as he took it, and tried not to cringe as
he kissed it. "I'm Trish."

"Bradshaw." He said. Hearing the doorway at the end of the hall click open
again, he ducked his head out, and spotted the two large men who had been
looking at Trish outside. "I think you should come inside." Bradshaw said.

Looking down the hallway, Trish spotted the men, who in turn spotted her,
one of them making a gesture towards her as he whispered something to the
other one. "Maybe I should." She said, slowly moving into the doorway and
into the small hall as Bradshaw closed the door behind them, doing up the
chain lock before turning towards her.

Moving into the small apartment, Trish looked around, doing her best to
avoid stepping on something that would require a tetanus shot to recover
from. Spotting another large man sitting on the couch, Trish gave him a wave
when he looked up at her. Seeing the man wave back, and then look around
her, she moved to the side as Bradshaw moved into the living room.

"Customer?" The man asked softly, making Trish strain to hear.

"Dunno." Bradshaw said back. "Just got here. I think some guys are
following her."

Looking at Trish, the second man took her in, before looking at Bradshaw.
"Probably her pimp."

"Hey!" Bradshaw said, reaching down and swatting the man on the shoulder.
"Have some class."

"Actually." Trish said, deciding to interject before the men she came to
hire got in a fight with themselves. "He may be right." When they looked at
her, she scurried across the living room, holding out her hand to the second
man. "Trish."

Taking her hand, and, much to Trish's relief, shaking it, he said, "Farooq."
When she nodded, he looked at her. "And what do you mean, he may be right?"

Pointing towards the door, she said, "Those guys might be working for.the
person I've come here looking for protection from."

"Your pimp." Farooq said, more of a statement than a question.

Nodding, she confirmed, "My pimp. Ex pimp. I told him I didn't want to do
it anymore, and he snapped. One of his other girls told me about you guys,
how you had experience helping people like me out."

Looking her up and down, Bradshaw smiled. "Girly, I don't think there's
anyone like you!"

Suddenly realizing her cleavage and skimpy outfit was still on full display,
she subtly closed her coat around her body, avoiding eye contact with
Bradshaw and trying to focus on Farooq. "Anyways, I'm terrified." Trish
said. "He's been calling me, stalking me. Everywhere I go, he's there."

Taking in her words, Farooq nodded. "So what you need is just a straight up
protection policy? Put a scare into him, hope he gets the message?"

Nodding, she said, "Exactly. I doubt he'll keep bugging me if he thinks I
have you two looking after me."

"But you don't know for sure?" Bradshaw asked, his lustful sight taken from
him and making him focus more on the job at hand.

Shaking her head, she said, "I don't know for sure. But, at this point, I'm
pretty desperate, so I'm willing to give it a try."

"You realize we don't work cheap." Farooq said. Pointing between himself
and Bradshaw, he added, "We're high end security specialists."

Looking around the apartment, and kicking a can away from her foot, she
nodded. "I can see that."

"Hey!" Bradshaw said. "Don't judge a book by its cover. We may not be neat
freaks, but we get the job done. If we didn't, you wouldn't be here, would

Sighing, Trish nodded, shrugging her shoulders. "I guess." Looking at Farooq,
she asked, "So, what's the terms?"

Clearing his throat, seeing business was at hand, Farooq sat up. "Well, we
require either some form of monetary financial restitution. Or, failing
that, we also accept payment in the form of carbonated alcoholic beverages."

"Or." Bradshaw said, his leering from before returning. "You can use some
of your...more unique feminine charms to settle up."

Looking between them, Trish's mind tried to process all the big words. "So,
either money, beer, or sex?" She said. When they nodded, she asked, "Did
you really have to say all that other stuff?"

"It helps when dealing with more affluent clients." Farooq said.

"Ah." She said, nodding. Seeing they were looking at her, she sighed. "I
don't have any money. I had to give what I had left to the cab driver just
to get here!"

"What about carbonated alcoholic beverages?" Bradshaw asked.

"Beer?" Trish asked. When he nodded, she shook her head. "Well, if I don't
have money, it kinda stands to reason that I wouldn't have beer, now
wouldn't it?"

"So what your saying is you're broke?" Bradshaw asked, a glint of hope
coming into his eyes.

Looking defensive, Trish said, "I wouldn't say "Broke"." Seeing them looking
at her, she began to stammer. "I have's just tied up in... I mentioned how highly
recommended you two were?"

Seeing the blonde hoe smiling, trying to pour on the charm, Bradshaw looked
at Farooq. "She's broke." They both said in unison. Looking back at her,
Bradshaw smiled. "Well, there is one final payment plan we accept."


Turning with a start towards the door, Trish's eyes went wide with horror as
she saw the large man, flanked by two larger men, standing in the broken
doorway. "Godfather?" She squeaked.

Glaring at Trish, The Godfather stalked across the floor. "What the fuck do
you think you're doing, hoe?" He bellowed, quickly closing the gap between
them. "You think you can just up and quit? After all the hard work I put
into you? Huh?"

Shaking her head, Trish tried to back peddle, but stumbled over some of the
litter covering the floor. "Godfather, I swear, it's not what it looks

Quickly marching towards the frightened prostitute, The Godfather leveled
his cane, pointing it at her. "Bitch, I swear, when I get you back to the
crib." He started, before a large hand planted itself firmly on his chest.

"Hey, jackass." Bradshaw said, putting himself between Trish and her angry
pimp. Motioning towards Trish, he said, "She's under our protection now, so
back off."

"What?" Trish asked, looking at him. "I never said."

Glaring at her, The Godfather said, "So you think you can just get your
goons to beat me up and it'll be all over?" Seeing Trish's uncertain face,
Godfather boomed, "You stupid hoe!" Snapping his fingers, The Godfather
motioned towards Bradshaw and Farooq. "Deal with these stupid fuckers. I'll
deal with the bitch."

Rearing back and slugging the pimp hard in the jaw, Bradshaw sprung forward
as Farooq pushed himself off the couch, charging across the apartment
towards the large men forcing there way through the door. Meeting them just
inside the hallway, Bradshaw flailed wildly, pounding his target with
jackhammer shots, rocking him back and forcing him to go on the defensive.
Taking a more tactical approach, Farooq slammed his fist into his targets
stomach, making him double over before taking a boot to the face, sending
him sprawling.

Quickly scurrying to her feet, Trish backed away from the brawling carnage
as best she could, taking up a hiding spot behind the arm of the couch as
she watched the APA make short work of her former pimps thugs, the brutal
assault and the quickness of it proving to much for the spineless thugs to
over come as they turned and stumbled towards the door.

Seeing there fight opponents in full retreat mode, Farooq and Bradshaw
turned there attention to the angry pimp pushing himself from the floor,
empty cans and stray garbage littering his fur pimp coat. Quickly charging
him before he had a chance to regroup, Farooq and Bradshaw slammed there
shoulders into his stomach, lifting him up into the air before slamming him
down hard through there kitchen table/empty beer can sorting desk. Seeing
him crash to the floor with a loud thud, Bradshaw wasted no time in picking
him up, dragging the stumbling, stunned pimp towards the window.

"Time to take out the trash." He announced, motioning for Farooq to open the
window. When he did, Bradshaw grabbed the Godfather by his pants and the neck
of his jacket, getting a firm grip before running forward, lawn darting the
pimp out of the window and down into the trash bin several floors below.
Sticking his head out the window, Bradshaw laughed at the sight of the
unconscious pimp buried in trash, his head barely visible under a pile of
half used Chinese food cartons.

Pulling back from the window, Bradshaw smiled at Farooq. "Not much of a
fight, but it gets the blood pumping, don't it?"

Coming out of her hiding place as Farooq moved towards the front door,
pushing it closed and doing all the locks up this time, she asked, "Holy
fuck, is he dead?"

Looking at Trish, Bradshaw smiled. "Nah. There's a trash bin to land in
down there. He'll feel it for a while, but he'll survive." When she nodded,
clearly still in shock, he pointed out the window. "I take it that was the
pimp you were looking for protection from? Or do you have more than one
pimp, and he was the good one?"

Shaking her head, she said, "That was him.oh my god, he's not dead?"

"No." Farooq said. When she sighed softly with relief, he added, "So, if
that's the guy, we did our job."

Her eyes going wide, she croaked, "What?"

"You said you wanted to put a scare into him." Farooq reminded her. Motioning
towards the window, he said, "I'm guessing a three story dumpster dive is
putting a scare into him."

Whining softly, she nodded. "I guess."

"So we did our job." Bradshaw noted.

Her shoulders slumping, Trish nodded slowly. "I guess." Looking at them, she
said, "I didn't ask you to do that!"

"You asked us to put a scare into him." Farooq repeated.

"But we didn't work out a price!" She argued. "Doesn't that mean it's not a
legit contract?"

"No." Bradshaw said, moving towards her with Farooq. Crossing his arms over
his chest, he looked at her, all playfulness gone with the mention of her
skipping out on payment for their services being brought up. "It means you're
going for the next ride if you don't pay up."

"What?" She said, her heart rate picking up as her eyes went wider. Seeing
the serious look on their faces, she argued, "I told you guys I didn't have
any money! Or beer!" Seeing the smile creeping onto Bradshaw's face as Farooq
fought to keep his off, she sighed again, her shoulders slumping in defeat.
"There was a third option, wasn't there?"

Nodding, Bradshaw smiled. "Using some of your more unique feminine charms to
settle up." He said. Looking her up and down, he smiled as she blushed. "And
you have some fine feminine charms, pretty lady."

Looking at them, she sighed. "So it's either fuck you, or dumpster dive?" She

"Pretty much, yea." Farooq said. Shrugging, he said, "We're not normally in
the business of hurting ladies, but we can't let you get away without paying
us. What would it do for our reputation if people thought they could walk all
over us like that?" When she looked at him, he asked, "Would you want one of
your clients fucking you, then saying they can't pay?"

"I guess I can understand that." She relented. Looking at him, she asked
softly, "Both of you?"

"Both of us worked today." Bradshaw said.

Looking between Bradshaw and Farooq, Trish sighed as they grinned, shrugging
her shoulders. "Alright, let's do this." She finally said, sighing. "Wouldn't
be the first time I fucked more than one guy." She noted. Looking up at them,
she said, "I got rented out to a frat one time."

"A frat?" Farooq asked. When she nodded, he shook his head. "Damn! You got
one fucked up pimp!"

"But one with great tastes!" Bradshaw chimed in, looking her up and down.
"You are one sexy mamma!"

Looking between them, she said, "And this will settle the debt?"

"Wipe it clean." Bradshaw said, his eyes drinking in the blonde beauties

Taking a deep breath, Trish nodded. "Alright then, lets do this." Looking
around, she asked, "Where?"

Pointing to the beaten up sofa, Farooq said, "There's good."

Looking at the sofa, Trish shook her head softly. "That thing is a train
wreck!" She argued. "Don't you guys have a bed or something?"

"The bed is in worse shape." Bradshaw said, moving over to the couch and
plunking down, undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. Smiling at her,
he beckoned her over with his hand. "Come and get you some, girly!"

Moving over towards the couch, Trish kicked some garbage out of the way
before kneeling down in front of Bradshaw, reaching out with her right hand
and grabbing his limp rod. Stroking him softly and feeling his member coming
to life in her hands, she smiled slightly, licking her lips and looking up
at him.

"Well, I guess this isn't going to be all that bad, huh?" She purred,
reaching out with her left hand and sliding it down the front of his pants,
cupping his balls.

Moaning softly, Bradshaw looked down at her as Farooq moved towards them.
"You enjoy doing this?"

"Hey, I didn't get into this line of work for the money." She said, flashing
him a smile. "I just made the wrong choice on the pimp/brothel debate."

"You mean you're not." Farooq said, trailing off as he looked for the right

"Afraid?" She offered with a smile. When he nodded, she shook her head. "Hell
no. But I can pretend to be, if that's what you want."

"Oh hell no!" Bradshaw said, moaning as his voice returned her attention to
stroking his cock.

Leaning down and sticking out her tongue, Trish drug the rough flesh over
Bradshaw's exposed cockhead, pulling a loud groan from his lips. "Well then."
She purred, flicking her tongue over his rod. "We should get started then,
shouldn't we?" When he nodded, she looked back at Farooq, smiling. "Are you
gonna get in on this, or are you just gonna watch?"

Watching as he moved over towards her, Trish smiled as he reached down and
grabbed his shirt, un-tucking it from his jeans and pulling it up. Taking
advantage of his busy hands, she reached out and grabbed his belt, undoing
it quickly and zipping down his jeans, letting them fall to the floor as she
took his cock in one hand, reaching back over and grabbing Bradshaw's with
the other before he started to complain about neglect. Stroking both rods
to hardness, she grinned as she pulled Farooq closer, taking the tip of his
shaft into his mouth and giving him a soft suck, making him groan.

"No, I don't think this is going to be all that bad." She mused, letting go
of there cocks and shedding her jacket quickly, tossing it onto the couch
before pulling her shirt up and off, leaving her braless tits hanging free
in the air. Reaching out and grabbing Farooq's cock, she pulled him towards
the couch, getting him in better position as she scooted further between
Bradshaw's legs, making sure they were both hard and in easy access. "But
I think a little warming up is in order first, don't you?"

Watching as Trish's blonde head descended towards his shaft, Bradshaw moaned
loudly as she pulled him between her pouty lips, sucking loudly on his cock
as she began to bob up and down. "Yea girl, warm that thing up!" He groaned,
her lips matching her hand and gliding up and down his shaft, her ruby red
lips rubbing tight against his sensitive flesh stick and sending bolts of
pleasure coursing through his body. Reaching down and pulling off his shirt,
Bradshaw tossed it away as Trish pushed her head down further into his lap,
making him groan loudly as his cock pushed past her tonsils and into her
throat. "Jesus Christ...deep throat city!" Bradshaw croaked, his whole body
twitching as Trish's throat wrapped around his cock, squeezing and flexing as
she swallowed hard, pulling his cock in deep enough to wrap her lips around
the root of his rod.

Pulling back with a gasp of breath, Trish crudely spit the drool her gagging
had caused onto Bradshaw's cock, using it as lube before she quickly turned
her attention to her left, looking up at Farooq as she twirled her tongue
out, lapping at his cock as she pumped it slowly. Giving him a wicked smile,
she danced her tongue out and lapped at his cockhead, pulling him between her
pouty lips and wrapping them around it quickly, applying hard and fast
suction, making him groan. Starting her head bobbing up and down, Trish
quickly got his rod wet, using her hand to glide more spit lube down his
shaft before pushing her face down hard. Looking up at him, she groaned
around his meat as she felt him latch onto her head with his hands, forcing
her down hard and gagging her. Tears streaming out of her eyes as she fought
to catch up to Farooq's quick move, she gasped with a quick breath as he
pulled her off of his cock, giving her just long enough to catch a quick
draw of air before slamming back home, pushing in fully this time and resting
his balls on her chin. Trying to adjust to the cock pounding down her throat,
Trish let go of Bradshaw's cock and used both hands on Farooq, one of them
resting on his hip as an emergency escape route if she started to black out,
and the other sliding between his legs, cupping his dangling sack and rubbing

Quickly starting to feel left out, Bradshaw repositioned himself on the floor
behind Trish, reaching down and grabbing her hips. "Just relax, Trishy." He
purred into her ear, her gagging and sputtering making him smile. Pulling up,
he lifted her to her knees, then her feet, her body bent over at a
ninety-degree angle as Farooq continued to fuck her throat, now with Trish's
urgings. Looking at Farooq, Bradshaw nodded slightly, reaching under Trish
and grabbing her legs, quickly flipping her over and upside down, Farooq
reacting quickly and catching her upper half, holding her in place to suck
his cock as they moved her to the couch. Quickly setting her down laying on
her side on the couch, Farooq resumed his throat banging, plunging his cock
deep into her mouth and making her gag, drool pouring out of her lips as she
sucked and slurped as best she could with the uneven seal his hard pumps were

Reaching down and grabbing the belt on her skirt, Bradshaw made short work of
it before pulling down her skirt and panties, tossing them into the pile with
the rest of there clothes as he smiled at the sight. Looking up at Farooq, he
grinned. "She must like keeping the runway clear for traffic." He said,
reaching down and rubbing Trish's nearly bare pussy, threading his fingers
through the patch of blonde hair above it. "You think she needs some warming
up, partner?"

Grinning, Farooq grabbed her head, pulling his long sword out of her throat.
"Let's ask her." Looking down at Trish, watching as she sucked in long,
greedy breaths, taking advantage of the break she had been given, Farooq
asked, "You need some warming up to, little lady?"

Looking up at Bradshaw, Trish shrugged, one of her hands whipping her eyes as
the other reached behind her and found Farooq's cock, stroking the slab of
meat, keeping it hard and happy. "Up to you guys." She said. Looking between
them, she said, "You two are the ones getting paid here, not me."

Reaching down and cupping her chin, Farooq tilted her head back, grabbing his
cock and inserting it back into her mouth, slowly resuming his face fucking.
"Yea, she could use some warming up." He said.

Chuckling as Trish writhed and squirmed on the couch, his fingers dancing
over her pussy lips, Bradshaw reached up with his free hand, grabbing her
knee and pushing her legs apart. "One mustache ride, coming up." He joked,
sliding down onto the floor and leaning between her legs, her squirming
picking up as his hot breath started blowing over her dripping folds.

Feeling the large Texan's head nestling between her legs, Trish groaned
around Farooq's cock as tongue met pussy, Bradshaw's brutish nature a
complete contrast to the skill and care he took with his oral work. Tossing
her upper leg up and over the top of the couch, she hooked it on the fabric
and kept it as far from the other one as much as she could, giving Bradshaw
all the room in the world she could muster to work. Feeling Farooq's hands
leading her head, she darted her eyes up to try and see what he was doing,
brushing her blonde hair out of her face and spotting his hands making there
way to her jiggling tits, cupping the large mounds and squeezing them softly,
adding another level to her gag moans. Fighting to keep her head straight and
avoid choking to death on Farooq's shallower pumps, Trish sobbed softly as
Bradshaw inserted a wet finger into her pussy, quickly pushing in deep as
another one entered her back door, making her hips jump.

Sinking his long fingers up to the knuckles in her dripping holes, Bradshaw
lapped and sucked her soft pussy lips, teasing her sexy slit and drawing the
wetness out of her body. Looking up at Farooq, he smiled as he watched his
partner slap her big boobs softly, teasing her swollen nipples and making her
groan louder. "I don't think she'll need to much prep work." Bradshaw said,
pulling his finger out of her back door and reaching it around to her pussy,
pulling back her folds and attacking her love button with nimble tongue
whips, making her scream.

Palming her large tits with his big hands, Farooq shook her bouncy chest as
she squealed and moaned around his cock, his pumps coming slower and with
less force as he paid more and more attention to her ample rack. Capturing
her swollen nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he shook her tits
again, making her groan as her sensitive nubs were stretched slightly,
Bradshaw's delicate tongue and finger work the perfect contrast to the horny
blonde to his rough and rugged handling of her tits. Grabbing her left tit
with his left hand, he cupped the base and squeezed it softly, sticking out
her nipple and giving it a quick, sharp slap, making her jump and moan, the
look she was giving him with the one eye he could see around his cock telling
him "More" was a good option. Leaning down and grabbing her right tit, he
repeated the process, the stinging slap sending pleasure bolting through her

Pulling up from her pussy with a quick lick, Bradshaw climbed up onto the
couch, Trish's squirming getting worse as she spotted the large Texan moving
between her legs, stroking his hard cock. Grabbing her leg off of the top of
the couch, he slung it over his shoulder as he straddled her other leg,
scooting up and gripping his cock tightly, pushing it against the entrance
of her love hole and rubbing it back and forth, quickly lubing up the tip
before pushing it into her. Sinking half of his shaft into her slick slit
with one push, Bradshaw adjusted his grip on her leg as she started to
squirm, her moaning getting louder as he pulled out and thrust back in,
quickly working up to full depth.

Groaning loudly, Trish squirmed relentlessly on the couch, trying to find
the best angle in which to accept the four levels of pleasure she was
getting, Bradshaw's deep, lunging pumps and his fingers smoothly stroking
her clit working with Farooq's throat fucking and rough titty handling to
have her squealing and sobbing in lust. Bucking her hips involuntarily, she
groaned out a deep, throaty groan as Bradshaw was forced a fraction deeper
into her wet pussy, his balls rapping off of her ass before he pulled back
for another plunge. Arching up her back as best she could, Trish tried to
convey her appreciation for Farooq's skills by offering up her tits on a
silver platter, giving him the best possible angle she could to allow him to
continue his soft slapping and tweaking, capturing her nipples between his
fingers again and tugging on them gently, making her eyes roll back in her
head for a split second as the pleasure momentarily overwhelmed her. Feeling
his hands leaving her tits and his cock leaving her mouth, Trish quickly
reached up and grabbed his hips, trying in vain to hold him in, but his
superior strength winning out and pulling his cock free of her lip lock
before slowly dismounting the couch.

Plowing deep into her pussy with each pump, Bradshaw smiled as Trish's
now unobstructed mouth let loose with a verbal salvo of screams, groans and
moans, each thrust of his hard shaft bouncing her along the couch slightly
and making her sob more and more. "Good god girl, you got one nice pussy!"
He grunted, his hips slapping against her underside as she cried out. "I
don't know what that jackass pimp of yours did to piss you off, but he gave
up a fucking goldmine in you!"

Not bothering to answer his question, Trish went straight for the ego. "Oh
god, Bradshaw...fuck, you big fucker, just like that! So fucking deep...god!"
Looking back at him, she grinned. "I guess they do make everything bigger in
Texas, huh?" Rolling her head back around, and seeing Farooq's cock hanging
just out of her reach, she licked her lips. "Well, maybe not just Texas."

Pumping hard and fast into the sexy prostitute on the end of his cock,
Bradshaw clutched onto her leg for dear life, using it as a pole to pull
himself harder towards her, impaling her over and over again on his shaft.
Feeling his heavy nut sack slapping off of her ass with each thrust, he
reached one of his hands down and cupped her plump rump, giving it a squeeze
and a giggle, gaining her attention. "Do you do backdoor work, honey?" He
asked with a wicked grin.

Snarling at him, she spat, "If one of you big dicked fuckers doesn't fuck my
ass tonight, you're going to be the ones paying me!"

Laughing, Bradshaw gave her a few hard pumps before pulling out completely,
letting her leg drop down as he left her empty. Seeing her look back at him
with a hunger for more, he grinned, looking towards his partner. "You wanna
get in on this?"

Nodding, Farooq moved towards the couch, motioning for Trish to sit up as
Bradshaw stood up, moving away from the couch as Farooq took a seat. Going to
motion for Trish to come over, Farooq smiled as she beat him to it, quickly
scrambling across the couch and sitting in his lap. Letting her do the work
of getting him inside of her, he reached up and cupped her chest, giving the
large mounds a healthy squeeze before capturing her right nipple in his
mouth. Groaning softly as she sat back down in his lap, his cock spearing
deep into her tight pussy, he continued to lavish her tit with attention as
she took it upon herself to start moving up and down, pulling his thick man
root out of her pussy before dropping back down, spearing herself on it.
Grabbing her long hair and brushing it back, Trish went to lean down and pull
his head out of her chest and kiss him when she felt the couch moving
slightly. Looking towards the disturbance, she smiled as she found Bradshaw's
cock hanging in her face.

"I think you have something you need to clean up before I go sit down." He
told her with a grin, shifting his hips and waving his cock in her face.

"Gladly." She purred, leaning over and taking him between her lips quickly,
bouncing up and down in Farooq's lap as he switched to her left tit. Groaning
loudly around Bradshaw's cock, she worked out a steady rhythm, trying to
please all three members of the fucking, going fast enough to keep her pussy
happy, slow enough to let Farooq enjoy her tits hanging in his face, and
sucking Bradshaw hard enough to please him. Slurping loudly and sucking her
essence off of the big mans shaft, Trish bobbed up and down on his hose,
taking him deeper and deeper with each slide, her tongue flashing out between
her bottom lip and his shaft, licking ahead of her lips and gathering up any
wetness she had left when he was spearing her hard. Hearing him hiss and his
hips jerk, she attacked, bobbing up and down as she reached between his leg
and cradled his sack, rubbing the heavy balls as she slurped louder and
louder. Yelping softly as Farooq tweaked her free right nipple, she pulled
back to the head of Bradshaw's cock, pulling the skin back and attacking with
gusto, quickly drawing a dribble of pre-come from his shaft and making him
pull out in retreat.

Looking down at her pouting lips, Bradshaw smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be
back." He promised.

"You better be." She growled, before turning her attention to the cock
underneath her. "Just you and me now, huh?" When Farooq nodded, she hissed
softly, his teeth raking across her nipple slightly. "Is that what you like
doing, huh? Is that what gets you off?" Sliding up and down his thick shaft,
she moaned. "Slapping my big titties and pulling on my tight nipples? Fucking
my sexy mouth?" When he nodded, she smiled, grabbing his head and pulling his
face out of her tits. "Good, cuz that gets me off too."

"Damn!" He groaned, leaning back and letting her bounce in his lap. "You are
one freaky ass hoe!"

Leaning down and kissing him hard on the lips, Trish smiled as she pulled
back, her teeth clenching his upper lip, letting it snap back. "You know it!"

Bouncing up and down quicker and quicker in his lap, she sobbed out in lust,
his hands quickly re-finding her tits and making up for lost time, slapping
and pinching her jiggling jugs as she impaled herself over and over again.
Staying bent over, Trish hovered over Farooq as she fucked him, keeping her
large tits in his grasp and letting him pull her right nipple into his mouth,
rolling the swollen nub around with his tongue and making her moan. Feeling a
hand threading through her hair, she bent her head back as he grabbed a
handful of blonde locks, exposing her neck and letting him pepper it with
rough kisses, raking his teeth along her throat.

"Yea.ride that dick you little slut." Farooq moaned, her tight pussy flexing
and squeezing his shaft tight, adding extra friction as she continued to
glide up and down.

"Big fucking bastard." Trish hissed, yelping slightly as he pulled on her
hair, arching her back and giving him a free and clear shot at her right tit,
slapping the mound lightly and making it bounce on her chest. "Splitting me
open with that big cock...yea, now I'm fucking glad I came here broke."

Letting go of her long hair, he reached under her arms and grabbed her
shoulders, holding on tight as he stopped her mid drop, thrusting up hard
and driving his cock deep into her, making them both grunt. Quickly adjusting
his footing, he re-gripped her shoulders and started slamming up into her,
her body shaking and her tits and ass jiggling as he filled her tight vice
over and over with thick cock. Seeing her head snap back as she let out a
grunt scream, he was about to grab her head and force it back down when she
grabbed his head, forcing it back and shooting her head down, her forehead
resting on his as she continued to scream and shout, his rapid-fire pumps
hitting home over and over.

"Oh my fucking god!" Trish screamed, her neck working overtime to keep her
head steady as her whole body bounced from the jolting power of his pumps.
"Just like that baby! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck!"

Seeing Trish was quickly reaching the apex of her pleasure, Bradshaw pushed
himself up from the lazy boy, stroking his cock to ensure its hardness as he
strode towards the couch. Seeing Farooq had spotted him out of the corner of
his eye, Bradshaw made a crude hand gesture, making sure his partner knew and
agreed with his course of action. Seeing him nod, Trish's screaming and
sobbing picking up speed and power along with Farooq's pumps, Bradshaw moved
over to the couch, stroking his cock with one hand, and rubbing Trish's curvy
backside with the other, quickly gaining her attention.

"Are you gonna fuck my ass.fuck, fuck, fuck!" Trish shouted, sobbing loudly
as Farooq reminded her who was pleasing her with a salvo of pumps.

"I was thinking about it, yea." Bradshaw said with a smirk. "Any objections?"

"Just use lube." She moaned, rolling her head back to kiss Farooq, her tongue
diving into his mouth and demanding his come out to play. Pulling back, she
sobbed loudly, arching her back again. "It's in my purse!"

Looking around and spotting her small purse, Bradshaw moved over and scooped
it up off the floor, opening it and quickly retrieving the lube before moving
a few other items around, checking for cash before dropping it to the floor.
"Guess she wasn't lying." He said, opening up the lube and squirting some on
his shaft. "She's broke."

"I told you!" Trish moaned, looking back at him. Feeling him crudely apply
some lube to her asshole as Farooq slowed down enough to allow them to work,
she smiled. "Aren't you glad, though? Isn't this so much better than a few
bucks or a six pack?"

"Much." Bradshaw said, propping his leg up on the couch and pushing her
forward, her body resting on Farooq's as he quickly lined his cock up with
her ass. Popping the head into her back door, Bradshaw moaned with her before
giving a few exploratory pumps, gauging her ability to take his Texas sized
cock before giving his partner a nod, the signal Farooq was waiting for to
grab her shoulders tight and resume his fast and furious thrusting, Trish's
moaning going from soft whimpers to murder victim ear piercing screams in an
instant as her sex spot was assaulted again.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Trish whined over and over again, her body
being jolted up and down by Farooq's hammering strokes as Bradshaw kept a
firm grip on her ass, keeping it still as he fed it inch after inch of long
cock, his slow and steady pumping a complete contrast to Farooq's hard pumps,
and sending her shaking and quivering towards release. "God, coming! Fuck,
please don't stop!"

Smiling down at Farooq, Bradshaw winced slightly as her ass squeezed his
cock. "I'm not sure who should be paying who here."

Looking back at Bradshaw, Trish whirled one arm around, grabbing him by the
throat. "I'm paying you, and don't you forget it! Now fuck me, you stupid

Smiling at her rage, Bradshaw nodded, thrusting forward and burying his cock
to the hilt in her ass, his hips resting on her plump rump as he adjusted his
grip and footing, grabbing the couch in front of Trish and using it as a hand
hold as he pulled back, emptying her ass with one long pull. "You want to get
fucked, Trishy?" He asked, smiling. When she nodded, her eyes still full of
fire as she screamed and cried out in orgasm, he thrust forward, burying his
cock into her ass with one push, making them both groan.

Screaming loudly, Trish rolled her head back as she sobbed out in lust,
giving up trying to hold her body in place in favor of riding out the
pleasure wave crashing over her pussy. Feeling Farooq's hands leave her
shoulders, she moaned as she felt them reattach to her tits, cupping the
bouncing mounds and adding to her pleasure, the force of the two cocks
pounding her bottom holes making his shoulder holding unnecessary as she
merely allowed herself to be bounced around by the two thick dongs. Feeling
Bradshaw begin to pick up speed, slamming into her backdoor harder and
faster, she let her arms go slack, collapsing on top of Farooq as pleasure
shut down her brain. Groaning loudly, she was content to let her body ride
out it's pleasure in that position until she felt one of Bradshaw's hands
thread through her hair, pulling back slowly but firmly and forcing her to
at least make an effort to sit upright, giving Farooq the space he needed to
suck and lick her big tits.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod." Trish panted, her breaths coming in ragged, drooling
gasps, the pleasure overload of the dual penetration from the high end
security agents shutting down all but the most basic bodily functions,
breathing on the top of the list, followed closely by keeping her pussy and
ass sending pleasure through her body. Feeling her eyes begin to flicker,
she shook her head, yelping softly as Bradshaw's hand tugged accidentally on
her hair. Reaching behind her and swatting his hand away, she grunted as he
didn't let go, requiring a demonstration of her ability to hold herself up
before he let go. Reaching out and grabbing the couch, she pushed herself
back, wincing slightly as the angle allowed him to bottom out deeper in her
ass, but reassuring him enough that she wasn't going to smother his partner
in tits to let go of her hair.

"Fuck, Farooq, she's got one tight ass on her!" Bradshaw grunted, throwing
his hips forward again and again, pounding her back end full of meat. "You're
gonna have to get a crack at this ass before we're done!"

"Let's switch up then." He grunted, panting as he let his strokes die down.
"I don't know how much I got left. This hoe's got some skills."

Smiling, Trish leaned down, kissing him on the lips. "I got a lot of skills."

Shifting slightly as Farooq extracted himself from her tight pussy, Trish
moaned as he moved from under her, giving her a quick kiss and her right
nipple a playful slap before moving off the couch. Grunting softly, she bent
over more as Bradshaw put more weight on her, her hands sinking in to the top
of the couch as her knees fought to find a good position on the couch, his
pumps still coming hard and fast as her sweat soaked body shook and rocked
with each hammering blow.

Gripping her wide hips, Bradshaw pulled her back onto each thrust, determined
to bury his cock as deep into her pleasurable back hole as possible, her sobs
and moans driving him forward. Reaching one hand around her body, he smiled
as she moaned, her tender tits getting a new visitor as he cupped her
swinging chest, playfully rolling her swollen nub around as he squeezed the
large orb, making her groan loudly. "Christ girl, you shouldn't have lowered
yourself to being that assholes hoe!" He grunted.

Sobbing loudly, she pushed back against his cock, sliding him deeper than
even she thought she could take. "God.I just love sex so much!"

"Then be a porn star!" He said, smiling. "I'm sure you could make one hell of
a porno!"

Chuckling, she nodded, sweat dripping off of her face as she did. "I'm sure
I could."

Giving her swinging boobs a final squeeze, Bradshaw slowly withdrew his cock
from her asshole, making both of them moan as her tight ass was left empty.
Looking over at Farooq, he asked, "Got much left?" When Farooq shook his
head, Bradshaw mirrored him. "Me neither." Looking down at Trish, who had
flopped over onto her side, and was drawing in deep, greedy breaths, he
smiled. "Wanna go for the big finish?"

Whipping a layer of sweat from her face, she nodded, making Bradshaw smile
as he reached for his shirt, cleaning his cock of lube. "I didn't start this
ride to bail halfway." She purred, licking her lips. "What did you have in

Looking over at Farooq, Bradshaw asked, "You want ass?" When he nodded,
Bradshaw moved over to the couch, grabbing Trish and spinning her over onto
her back. "I got tits." He said with a smile, straddling her chest and
flopping his large cock down between them. "Mind lubing me up darling?"

Smiling up at him, Trish craned her neck up, closing her mouth and gathering
up as much spit as she could and depositing it on her chest, smiling as he
shook his head.

"You are one dirty little slut, aren't you?" He said, smiling as Farooq
crawled onto the couch, lifting up her legs and gripping his lubed cock.

"You know.IT!" She said, squealing the finish as Farooq's big black cock was
speared into her back door. "Oh my god, Farooq! God, fuck my ass!"

Feeling Farooq's ass fucking go from zero to sixty in a split second,
Bradshaw reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing the red mounds and
wrapping them around his cock, beginning his thrusting as her spit slowly
worked its way down, quickly turning rough rubbing into smooth gliding.
Looking down and seeing her mouth hanging open, screaming pouring out of it,
he reached down and grabbed her hands, putting them on her tits and giving
them a push, quickly instructing her what to do as she took over the
squeezing of tits around cock, freeing up his hands to reach down and grab
her head, pulling it up and getting it at the perfect angle for his cock to
slide into with each pump. Feeling her lips hook around his cock with each
pump, trying to hold him in as she sucked with gusto, Bradshaw moaned,
looking down in to her big brown eyes. "Yea, Trishy, suck that cock."

Watching as Bradshaw pumped away at Trish's large chest, Farooq concentrated
on slam fucking her ass, thrusting his cock up to the balls and making the
large nuts slap off of her underside before yanking out, knowing his release
was rapidly approaching and wanting to get all he could out of the busty
blondes body before that happened. Hearing her groan loudly and her hips flex
up, he reached down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy furiously,
finding her clit in the mass of pink, puffy folds and rubbing it with speed
and tenderness, knowing her sensitive nub wasn't a nipple and couldn't be
treated as such. Feeling her hips buck, he held on hard with his other hand,
making sure he had a good grip as he worked over her sopping pussy, wetness
seeping out in abundance as she cried out, squirming on the couch.

"Come, you sexy blonde hoe!" Farooq barked, rubbing her pussy. "Come on my
big fucking cock one more time, Trish! Come on, sexy!"

Sobbing out loudly whenever Bradshaw's cock wasn't jammed in her mouth, Trish
screamed out in passion as one of the Texan's hands left her head, reaching
down and tugging on her nipples gently, the brutal move sending her over the
edge again, her nerves not fully recovered from the first orgasm and making
it easier for the protection agents to bring her off again. Sobbing loudly,
she fought to keep her hands still, knowing Bradshaw was enjoying the feeling
of her tits squeezing his cock immensely, and striving to keep him in
pleasure. Thrashing about on the couch, she fought to get away from Farooq's
cock and fingers, but he was having none of it, clutching her legs tight to
his chest and holding her firmly as he continued to bottom out in her ass,
his fingers a lustful blaze over her pussy lips and sending her into blackout
territory again.

Struggling to hold her torso underneath his ass as her struggling and
squirming slowed down, Bradshaw grunted, her lust filled sucks and her sexy
body taking it's toll. "Fuck Trish, I don't think I can hold on."

"I'm close too!" Farooq added. "Damn!"

"Pull out...get off..." Trish muttered, letting go of her tits to try and
shoo Bradshaw away. Seeing him slowly catch on and dismount her chest, she
struggled to free her legs from Farooq, who was still entranced by her tight
ass. Gaining eye contact, she said, "Lemme finish my payment."

Nodding, he gave her a few final strokes, making her groan loudly before
pulling out, joining Bradshaw in standing in front of the couch, grabbing his
discarded shirt and cleaning himself up as she slid down onto the floor,
panting heavily, covered in sweat from head to toe. Seeing her motion for
them to come forward, she scooted towards her, standing to in front of her,
cocks waving in her face.

Reaching up, Trish licked her lips as she grabbed a cock in each hand,
beginning to stroke them as she leaned forward, taking Bradshaw into her
mouth and sucking him, lewd slurping noises filling the air as she lapped up
his pre-come. Knowing he was close, she pulled back and moved over to Farooq,
repeating the process and tasting his lust. Smiling, she pulled off with a
pop, sitting up fuller and pushing her tits out, aiming there throbbing cocks
at them. "You two must double up chicks all the time." She purred, looking at
them. "You got this down to an art form."

Nodding in answer, Farooq shuffled from foot to foot, fighting with himself
to not grab her and relieve the mounting tension any number of ways. "God
Trish.damn.damn.damn!" He shouted, his hips jerking forward as his cock
erupted a split second ahead of Bradshaw's, cum boiling up from his balls
and spitting out of the tip, firing through the air and landing on the tits
he had lovingly abused for the better part of there time together.

Flexing his toes to try and keep somewhat still, Bradshaw bucked as his cock
spurted off again, heavy nut cream splattering onto Trish's chest as her hand
flew up and down his shaft, her hands a blur as they worked over her
protectors, each of them grunting over and over again as she abused them in
return, pounding there cocks into submission and emptying there heavy loads
on her chest.

Leaning forward, Trish held Bradshaw's foreskin back and attacked his
spurting cock with her tongue, lapping at the head and getting a coating of
come on her lips for her trouble. Putting it between her lips, she shook her
head, making his legs buckle slightly as her groaned out, pouring more lust
onto her pouty lips and dripping down onto her tits. Pulling back, she
quickly dove onto Farooq's cock, taking him into her mouth and sucking hard,
making him groan loudly as he shot, making her purr as salty semen dribbled
down onto her tongue. Pulling back, she pushed her tongue out, forcing his
seed out and onto her tits as she sat back, smiling at the bodyguards.

Kneeling between the two panting protection peddlers, Trish smiled as she
stroked there wilting cocks, drops of sticky white semen still oozing from
there shafts and onto her goo slicked chest. Leaning towards Bradshaw, she
pulled him back between her lips, overcoming his initial jump of lustful
pain as his sensitive rod was assaulted by her tongue again, the fleshy
muscle working with her hand to drain him of the last drops of his load.

Swallowing down the last drops of his lust with a gulp, Trish smiled as she
pulled off of his shaft, looking up at him as she continued to roll her
tongue around the twitching head. "So, my debt is paid?" She purred.

Nodding, Bradshaw told her, "As much as I'd love to say no, that was amazing.
Debt paid."

Leaning over towards Farooq, she pulled his long, thick black meat between
her lips, nursing the head gently as she stroked the shaft, pulling the last
of his lust into her mouth as well before pulling back, looking up at him
with a smack of her lips as she drained her mouth with one gulp. "And if I
ever happened to need protection again?" She asked, smiling sweetly at him
as she continued to pump his shaft.

Grinning at her, Farooq told her, "Just call the APA. I'm sure we can come
to some arrangements as to settling up your bill at the end of the night."

Purring, Trish nodded, looking up at him. "I was hoping you'd say that." She
said. Leaning forward, she lapped at his shaft, making him moan. "If that's
the case, I might look into getting around the clock protection services, if
you guys are willing." Looking between them, and seeing them smiling, she
giggled. "I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, right?"

Reaching down and taking his cock in his hand, Bradshaw pushed some hair
from Trish's face, pushing his cock forward and pressing it against her lips,
moaning as she quickly took it in. "I'm sure we could come to some kind of
agreement." He confirmed, watching as she bobbed up and down on his shaft.


Pulling off of Bradshaw's cock with a suck, Trish smiled up at him, her hand
still gliding up and down his shaft. "Oh my god!" She giggled. "Have you come
at all since the shower?"

"No." He said, shaking his head. "I...Uhh...have been busy with work...god,
Trish, keep that up...and...umm...well, to be honest...oh god, just like
that...I've been hoping you'd call again and want to do this shoot."

Smiling, she turned to Farooq, giving him a slight twist to her pumping
strokes. "Now, didn't I tell you that night that I had something better lined
up than just watching me shower?"

"You did." He admitted, moaning softly. "I just thought you meant the head
you gave us that night."

"Nuh-uh." She said, leaning forward and kissing his shaft. "I knew I wanted
to do this movie. I just had to get comfortable enough to do it."

"Uhhh, Trish?" Bradshaw said, gaining her attention. "Not that I'm
complaining, but.the shoots over." He said, motioning to her hand still
stroking his now slowly re-energizing member.

"And?" She said, smiling. When he looked confused, she giggled. "You two are
the first costars I've had, other than Val, that I haven't had to blackmail,
or backstab. I'd like to keep on your good side." Pulling her hands away from
their cocks, she smiled sweetly, licking her left hand clean of Bradshaw
semen. "Because I do have other ideas in the works." Cleaning her right hand
free of Farooq spunk, she added softly, "And I was hoping, if I had another
movie that had a security theme to it."

Knowing where she was going, Farooq cut her off, smiling. "Then call the
APA." He finished.

Giggling, she stood up quickly, leaning in carefully and giving them each a
hug without rubbing her come slicked tits against them. "Thank you guys!" She
said. "You two have no idea how much I've wanted to do this!"

"Can't be anymore than me." Bradshaw said, smiling as he took the housecoat
from one of the helpers moving around the set. When Trish looked at him, he
grinned. "I've been dreaming about having my way with your sexy little ass
since that strip poker game dumb and dumber lost."

Smiling at the memory, she nodded. "But back then, you only got to look. How
was it being able to touch?"

Grinning, he told her, "Give me a minute and I'll be ready to go again."

"I don't have another script ready." She said.

Waggling his eyebrows, he said, "Who said we'd need a script?"

Laughing, Trish shook her head, taking the towel that was handed to her and
whipping her tits clean before pulling a rope around her body. "Sorry John,
but I have other things to do today." Seeing him begin to pout, she smiled.
"But I'll get to work on a script as soon as possible, and we can do another
shoot soon, ok?" Seeing him nod, Trish turned towards the window of the set,
watching as the crew quickly took down the wall and revealed the Godfather
laying on the crash mat. Moving over to him, she reached down and nudged him
with her hand, giggling as he looked at her. "Thank you so much for that,
Godfather." She said, helping him to his feet before leaning in for a hug,
giving him a peck on the cheek. "I really wish I could have given you more
of a heads up."

"It's no problem, Trish." He assured her. "You know I'm always willing to
help my man Val anyway I can."

Smiling, she bit her bottom lip, trying her best to look innocent. "Does
that offer extend to me?"

Looking at her, a small grin crept onto his lips as he nodded. "Of course.

"Well." She said, her cheeks getting red as she smiled wider. "I kinda had
this movie in mind...sort of in real early planning stages right now...but
maybe we could hook up and do it sometime?"

Nodding, he told her, "Absolutely. Whenever you get the APA's script done."

"Actually." She said, cutting him off. Looking at him, she smiled. "I was
thinking more of you and me." Seeing his interest peek, she said, "I was
thinking, maybe, your character trying to get back into my characters good

Nodding quickly, he laughed. "Trish, anytime you want to do that, just let
me know, and I'll be on the first plane here!"

Giggling at his enthusiasm, she moved forward, hugging him again. "Thank
you!" Breaking apart from the Godfather and moving out of the way as some
more crewmembers took down another wall, Trish sighed. Looking behind her,
she smiled. "Val, can we keep this set? I like it."

"I was going to put it in storage." He said, smiling at her. Looking around,
he added, "The only thing this set is missing is a bed."

"It doesn't need a bed." Trish said, moving towards the exit. Seeing him
follow, she said, "The couch does fine, especially for the atmosphere I was
trying to create. Nice and small, and cramped, with the guys just hanging
over me the whole time, not giving me an inch to move without scrambling into
another cock." Shivering at the repeat of the movie airing in her mind, she
smiled. "No. The couch stays. The only thing I didn't like was the script.
The whole "Sex for protection" storyline was corny, but I think the guys came
through with flying colors." Looking towards the exit, she smiled. "So, what
did you think, Stacy?"

"Honestly?" She said, still slightly stunned. "I thought the whole process
would have been a lot worse than it was. I just had this image in my head of
jacked up meat heads shooting up drugs before semi-raping some half retarded
silicone factory."

"It can be like that." Val admitted. "Not my movies, but others. But Trish is
really good about putting people at ease with this. Her movies, and the sets,
are light-years better than the normal porn set. So don't expect to walk into
this situation if you went to a real porn set."

"Don't expect me to go to a real porn set." Stacy said.

Nodding, Val looked around Stacy, smiling at Trish. "Now, all you need for
this flick is a title. Think anything up?"

Shrugging, she said, "I'm still thinking T & APA. I know it's old, but it
fits." Looking at Val, she asked, "Sound good?"

"Sounds great."

Looking at Stacy, she asked, "Think it's a good title?"

Looking like a deer in the headlights, Stacy said, "Huh?"

Smiling, Trish shook her head, waving her hand in a dismissive fashion.
"Never mind." Looking Stacy dead in the eyes, she asked, "So, you've see how
it's done...albeit with two guys instead of one. Is this something you'd be
interested in doing? Remember, no pressure."

"Can we do it right now?" Stacy asked quickly, looking between Val and Trish.

Seeing Val go to say something, and the smile creeping across his lips, Trish
quickly said, "Stacy, could you give me and Val a second? We need to talk
about something." When she nodded, Trish pointed down the hallway. "You can
wait in Val's room. I'll come get you when we're done."

Watching as Stacy turned and moved down the hallway, Val turned to Trish.
"What's up?"

Looking at Val, she smiled. "Stupid question. Do you want to do this?" Seeing
him go to answer, she quickly added, "And don't forget - I don't think Test
will be to pleased with you for doing it."

"Like I care about Test." Val said. "Yes, I want to do this...if you want me
to do it."

Shrugging, Trish said, "I don't care. It's up to you."

Shaking his head, Val said, "That's not good enough." Seeing the look on her
face, he said, "I don't want just a "It's ok" or "I don't care", I want you
to tell me what you think. Do you think I should do this? Test will probably
be pissed at both of us."

"I'm in the same boat as you." Trish said. "I don't give a shit about Test."
Seeing him looking at her, she nodded. "I want you to do this. Stacy seems to
think it'll help, and anything I can do to piss off Test, I'll do. If you
don't mind dealing with the fallout, I'd like for you to do it. I'm One
hundred and fifty percent, absolutely, positively, ok with this. Ok?"

"Ok. I'll get the set ready." He said, smiling. "Now go talk to Stacy.
Remember what we talked about, ok?"

Nodding back, Trish turned and started down the hallway, moving into Val's
bedroom with a knock on the door. "Hey."

Standing up from the bed, Stacy fidgeted with her hands, looking nervous.
"Is he ready? Can we do this."

"Whoa, whoa, slow down." Trish said, moving into the room. Seeing Stacy
looking at her, she said, "Val's setting up the new set. And we need to talk
a little, ok?"

Nodding softly, Stacy said. "Ok." Looking around, she asked, "This is Val's

"It's his bedroom." She said. "He redid a few of his other rooms to be like
mini-soundstages." Seeing Stacy give her a questioning look, Trish smiled. "I
guess he figured it would be cheaper in the long run to have a movie set in
his house than renting out a place every time I get another idea in my head."
When Stacy nodded, Trish moved over to her, taking a seat on the bed, patting
the spot beside her and making Stacy sit. "I just wanted to go over this with
you, ok?"


Taking a deep breath, Trish asked, "Stacy, are you really sure you want to do
this? This is a huge jump here. It's not just telling him off, or slapping
him. You're fucking someone else on tape." Seeing Stacy go to say something,
Trish quickly added, "And he might snap and hurt you. He's mental. I'm not
worried about me or Val. We can handle ourselves. But you're his property,
pretty much. If this doesn't piss him off enough that he fires you on the
spot, he could take you home and kill you. Do you understand?"

Looking at Trish, Stacy tried to keep her composer, but slowly lost it, tears
rolling out of the corners of her eyes. "Trish, he made me suck off a limo
driver to cover the fare from the airport to the arena last week. Nothing can
be worse than what he's doing to me now. Nothing."

Nodding, Trish took another breath, thinking things over. "Ok. If you're
sure, ok. We'll do it.well, you and Val. Not us."

"I know." Stacy said softly, smiling as she whipped her eyes. When Trish
nodded, Stacy asked, "How do you do it?" Seeing her look at her, she added,
"My stomach feels like a million knots."

Shrugging, Trish told her, "You just have to grit your teeth and go for it,
and Val will do the rest." Seeing Stacy nod, but the message not getting
through, Trish smiled, standing up. "Hang on a second." She said, moving over
to the door and closing it before going to her suitcase. Quickly opening it
and finding the secret compartment in the top, she reached in and pulled out
a small case, moving towards Val's TV. Turning it on and opening up the DVD
player, she grabbed the remote as the door closed, firing up the player.
Sitting down next to Stacy, she pointed to the TV. "This is my first movie.
Not the one I gave Victoria, but the one I did before that." Seeing the image
of her and Val sitting on the couch in the living room come up on the screen,
she smiled, pointing. "See how nervous I look there? I look like I'm going to
puke. I felt like it to." When Stacy smiled, Trish grinned. "And don't ask me
how I got the nerve to wear that hooker outfit in front of a camera." When
Stacy nodded, Trish motioned to the screen again. "See how nervous I look?
And see how Val talks me down, makes me laugh, keeps my mind off of it?"

Smiling softly, Stacy nodded. "Seems to be helping."

Smiling, Trish adjusted the remote, skipping chapters. "Well, multiply that
by ten when he's fucking you." Stopping at the right chapter, Trish's grin
grew as the TV screen showed her moaning in lust, Val kneeling behind her
and driving into her doggy style, her moaning and groaning picking up.
"See what I mean?"

Looking at the screen with wide eyes, Stacy nodded. "Oh my god." Looking at
Trish, she said, "You fake it so good!"

Confused, Trish smiled. "Fake it?"

Nodding, Stacy turned back towards the TV, the groaning and screaming drawing
her attention. "You know.fake!"

"It?" Trish asked, smiling. "You mean coming?" When Stacy nodded, still
watching the screen, Trish's pride swelled. "Stacy?" Gaining the leggy
blondes attention, Trish grinned. "Not faking." Seeing Stacy's jaw drop,
she nodded. "Uh-huh. All real." Seeing the information beginning to
overload Stacy's addled brain, Trish said, "Stacy, I'm not trying to talk
you into doing this. I'm just showing you this to show it's not all bad."

"So I can see."

"And remember how nervous I was at the beginning of the tape?" Trish asked.
When Stacy nodded, she said, "I was just as nervous today, doing the scene
with the APA. Actually, more so. I think "Terrified" would be the correct

Looking at Trish, she asked, "Really?" Getting a nod, she asked, "Why?"

Shrugging, Trish told her, "It was my first movie with more than one guy,
and my first interracial scene, and had way more acting that I've ever had
to do, as little as it was. But I knew it was something I wanted to try, so
I went with the flow. And it worked out great, if I do say so myself."

Nodding, Stacy went to say something, before stopping. Looking towards the
screen, she asked, "Can I ask you something, Trish?"


"Why do you do them?" She asked, pointing to the TV. Looking at Trish, she
asked, "Are you.a nympho or something?"

Smiling, Trish shook her head. "I like sex, but I wouldn't say I'm a nympho."
Seeing Stacy nod, she shrugged. "Don't you have fantasies?" When Stacy nodded
again, Trish said, "Well, I just put mine on camera. I don't take it
seriously, or think I'm changing the world. I just had the chance to try it,
with someone who made me feel comfortable, and I took it." Looking at Stacy,
she said firmly, "And I don't think I'm any lower life form for doing it,
either. Everyone has fantasies. I'm just comfortable enough in myself to act
them out, and capture them on video for future viewing."

Nodding, Stacy smiled softly, her first real smile in months. "I want to do
it." She said softly. "'ll let me?"

Smiling, Trish nodded. "Val's not my property, and we already gave it the
ok." Seeing Stacy smile, Trish said, "You can do it, on two conditions."

Looking hesitant, Stacy asked, "What are they?"

"First, I want a copy of the tape." Trish said firmly. "I'll keep it safe and
secure, but I want a copy. I'm the one paying for this thing, after all."

Sighing, Stacy thought about fighting, but nodded. "Deal. What's the second

Smiling, Trish stood up, holding out her hands and helping Stacy to her feet.
"Second, at some point, I may, may need your help with a movie. Not in the
acting department.but in wardrobe. Will you help me?"

Looking confused, Stacy nodded, letting Trish lead her towards the door. "I
can do that." Looking herself over, she asked, "Do I look ok for this movie?"

Smiling, Trish looked her up and down. "Clothes aren't really important,
since they'll be coming off in a hurry, but you look smoking. Just." Reaching
down, Trish undid the buttons on Stacy's shirt, grabbing the ends and tying
it up across her chest. "There. Smoking hot."

"Thanks!" She said, smiling. Moving towards the door, she waited for Trish to
open it, before a thought crossed her mind. "Why would you need me to help
you with wardrobe?"

Letting Stacy walk through the door first, Trish reached behind her, a smile
crossing her face as she pulled on the doorknob. "Lets just say I need to
borrow your style, Duchess."

* * *

"Why do I have to carry all the heavy stuff?"

Holding the door open and letting a struggling Stacy move through it as she
clutched a large box and a case of beer to her chest, Trish grinned. "Because
you're the one who needed our help."

"I already promised to help you!" Stacy argued, wobbling slightly before
gaining her footing, feeling Val's arm on her shoulder guiding her towards
there locker room.

"That was for the movie." Trish told her. "What your carrying is to get us
the ring time needed to show off the tape."


"Can we get a move on?" Val asked, looking around nervously. "I'd rather not
get caught out in the open if Test decides to go looking for you."

"He's pissed." Stacy said, staggering forward, picking up speed as her
momentum carried her forward, letting Val do the steering. "He's been calling
me and leaving messages all week, and they're getting worse."

"If you think he's pissed now." Trish said, scurrying ahead and opening the
door to there locker room, letting Val guide Stacy through, wincing slightly
as she clipped a knuckle on the door frame. "Just wait until you show off
that tape." Seeing Stacy move towards the small coffee table and set her load
down carefully with a puff of exertion, Trish smiled. "See? Didn't kill you."

"I'm not eating it, therefore it won't." Stacy said.

"Don't worry about it." Trish said, smiling. "It's bribe material."

Looking at the boxes, Stacy whined softly. "Did you have to buy so much? Test
doesn't pay me a whole lot."

"Don't worry about it." Trish said again. "Once he fires you, you can work
out a new deal with Steve, and get paid well. Or, Test will kill you,
therefore you won't need money. Either way, it's win/win."

"Yea, sounds like it." Stacy grumbled. Looking around, she spotted the couch.
"Can I sit down."

"Stacy?" Val said, gaining her attention. "You're not our slave."

Looking at Trish, Stacy smirked. "He tells me this after I do the heavy

Laughing as Stacy moved over to the couch and took a seat, Trish smiled.
"Well, Val and I gotta to talk to Steve and see what we can hook up to get
this show going. You gonna be ok alone for a bit?"

Nodding, Stacy told her, "I could use some alone time, honestly."

Reaching out and grabbing the case of beer, Trish motioned for Val to get the
other boxes, picking them up and moving towards the door. "Well, don't get
comfortable. We shouldn't be long." Watching as Stacy nodded, Trish reached
out and grabbed the door handle, pulling it open and letting Val move out,
closing the door quickly behind her as she scurried out and into the main
hallway. "You good, Val?"

"I'm good." He said. "Just let me know if anything small is in my way. I
can't see down."

"Will do." She told him, taking the lead and moving forward, walking down the
hallway and looking around, trying to find Steve's office. Seeing the door
lined by beer, she smiled. "I think Steve is moving us closer and closer to
his office every week."

"We give him beer and porn." Val said, skillfully dodging a chair as Trish
pointed it out. "Can you blame him?"

"I know I'd want us close if I was him." Trish giggled, dodging around the
cases of beer and moving towards his door, giving it a few hard knocks.

"Bring beer or fuck off!"

Reaching down and opening the door, Trish stuck her head in, smiling at
Steve. "I have beer. Can I come in?"

Looking up from behind his desk, Steve waved his hand for her to come in.
"Jesus fucking Christ Trish, how many times do I have to tell you, you don't
have to do that?"

Smiling at him, she held the door open, letting Val stagger through before
moving in herself, closing and locking the door behind her. "I normally
don't." She said, before smiling. "Unless I'm looking for a favor." Seeing
him go to say something, she held up her hand, stopping him. "Before you
answer, or before I ask, please allow me to show the bribes."


Moving towards his desk, Trish ushered Val along, setting her beer down on
the desk. "First, beer. A twelve pack." Holding up her hand to stop Steve
from talking, she reached up and grabbed the top box from Val, pulling it
down and setting it down on Steve's desk, opening it. "Nachos." She said,
waving her hand over the box like a Barker Beauty showing off a new Buick.
Silencing Steve again, she grabbed the next box, setting it down on the
desk, opening it. "Wings. Several kinds, I might add."


Grabbing the next box, she set it down on the table, smiling as she opened
it. "Potato skins, one of my favorites." Before Steve could argue, she
grabbed the last box, setting it down and opening it. "And, for good
measures, a pizza. Works." Seeing him go to speak, she held up her hand.
"Not done!" Seeing him sigh and slump back in his chair, she quickly reached
into her purse, pulling out a pair of DVD cases. "First, the copy of the
movie I.interrupted last week." Setting it down on the desk, she smiled,
holding up the last item. "And.a new movie." Holding up the case for his
inspection, she smiled as he looked at it before reaching out, taking it
from her for a closer look.

"T & APA?" He asked, looking at the cover for clues, before flipping it over,
and seeing the picture of Trish standing between the APA, looking slightly
apprehensive as the APA leered at her, taking in the sights her skimpy hoe
outfit had to offer. Looking at her, he asked, "You and the APA?" When she
nodded, smiling brightly, he asked with a groan, "Did you take turns, or..."

"My first three-way movie!" She squeaked proudly.

Looking at the mass amount of bribes laying before him, Steve shook his head.
"Trish, this is assassination level bribes. Who pissed you off enough you
need them dead?"

"Don't need anyone dead." She said, shaking her head. "I just need some ring

Looking at the spread, he asked, "All this for ring time?"

"I need Test in the ring." She said, rocking back and forth nervously.

"He's been calling me, you know." Steve said. "Said Stacy was missing, and
he's pissed about it. Said she took off somewhere Wednesday, and didn't come
back." Looking at Trish, and seeing her smiling, he asked, "You wouldn't know
anything about that, would you?"

"I plead the fifth." Trish said, still smiling. "But I do have a video that
might possible show what she was up to during her unexcused absence."

"Wait, wait, hold on." Steve said, pushing his mind away from the mounds of
tasty food in front of him. Looking at Trish, he asked, "Would this video
have anything to do with the ring time you need?"


Looking at her, he sighed. "Trish, it's not a porno, is it?"

Biting her bottom lip, Trish looked down at his desk. "Did I mention we
cooled the beer?"

Rolling his head back, Steve let out a frustrated grunt. "Trish, I can't let
you air a porno on live TV!"

"Why not?" She argued. "TV has lots of porno on it!"

"On pay per view!" He said. "Not on free TV! I could get fired for that...or
go to jail!"

"Did I mention the extra dipping sauce with the wings?"

"Trish, under no circumstances are you getting TV time to air a porno." He
said, pushing her gifts back towards her. "I love you, you know that, but I
have a slight aversion to going to jail."

Sighing, Trish threw up her hands. "Then what can we do?" Looking at him, she
said, "Steve, Stacy went to a lot of trouble, and put herself in a great deal
of danger I might add, to do this movie. If it doesn't get shown somehow,
she'll have done it for nothing. Do you want to see her get killed for

"You know I don't." He said. "But I can't give you live TV time to show that
tape. It's just not possible." Seeing her go to argue, he said, "Trish, use
some common sense. There's kids in the audience."

Smirking, she said, "It could be like sex ed class." Seeing him scowl, she
sighed. "Alright, alright, not live TV. But where does that leave us? Do you
know if they opened the doors yet?"

"About ten minutes ago, yes."

"Fuck!" She growled, stomping her foot. Sighing, she mulled over her options.
"Well, can we use the arena after the show? After everyone clears out?"

Thinking it over, Steve nodded. "You can.but I can't promise everyone will be
gone. I know that little bastard Eric hovers around to annoy people, so he
might get a look at it."

"Well, that's Stacy's problem." Trish said firmly. "She'll have to deal with
that. So, we can use the arena after the show?"

"After everyone, and by that I mean all the fans, are gone, yes." Steve said.

Nodding, Trish smiled softly. "Thank you Steve. I know my favors are getting
weirder and weirder."

"They are." He admitted. Looking down at the desk, he added, "But the bribes
are getting better and better.if I can still have them?"

Smiling, she reached down, pushing the food back towards him, but stealing a
potato skin. "You can, but I'm docking you one potato skin for not giving me
exactly what I want." Seeing him grin, she pointed towards the DVD on his
desk. "Please, please wait until you get home to watch that. I did a lot of
acting in that one, so I'd like your undivided attention."

"Can do." He promised. "And I'll make sure that Test sticks around after the
show so that he can see whatever the hell it is Stacy made for him."

Quickly moving around the desk, Trish leaned down and hugged Steve, giving
him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you so much, Steve." Standing up and moving
back around the desk, she followed Val towards the door, before turning and
giving Steve a grin. "I might have a private screening of Stacy's movie for
you, if you'd like." Seeing him grin sheepishly, she giggled. "I won't tell
her. Promise." Pulling a zipper over her lips, she turned towards the door
and strolled out, closing it behind her as Val started them back towards
their locker room.

"That went as well as could be expected." Val said.

"It would have went better if we would have gotten the live TV spot." She
argued. "At least we'd get paid for it then."

Looking at her, he asked, "You didn't honestly expect Steve to let you air
porn on live TV, did you?"

"I was hoping the potato skins and the three way video would have put it over
the top." She said, before sighing. "But no, I didn't expect it."

Nodding, he slowed them down slightly, looking down at her. "So, do you
always ask Steve to critique you're movies?"

"The acting parts, yea." She said. Looking at him, she smiled. "The sex, I
got down pat. I want the acting to come around."

"That you do." He teased, making her laugh. "So, how do you think the tape
with me and Stacy turned out?"

"For a all fuck tape, very, very good." She said. "You did a great job, as
usual, Val."

"Thank you." He said proudly. "But, got a question."


"Why did you let Stacy do the movie herself, instead of doing something with
Test, like you did with Victoria and Steven?"

Scowling, Trish shook her head. "That never crossed my mind, for a variety of

"Why not?" He asked. "Use it as blackmail to get Stacy out of her contract."

"Because." She said, looking at him. "One, he wouldn't listen to what I say.
And I like having some control. Two, he's a cro-mag. And three, he wouldn't
be ashamed like Steven was. He'd be proud. And you can't blackmail proud."

"And rightly so." Val said with a smile.

"I suppose." She said, smiling. "And besides, Stacy got herself into this
mess, and she has to get herself out of it. She already drug us into it by
actually doing the tape, so she's gotta do the rest."

Reaching out and grabbing the door handle, Val twisted the knob, opening it
and letting Trish move in. "I suppose so."

Moving into the room, Trish looked around, finding Stacy's eyes glued to the
TV, smiling as some sitcom Trish wasn't familiar with was showing. "Watching

Still not looking up, Stacy nodded. "I haven't been able to watch my shows
since asshole took over my life."

Nodding, Trish smiled, moving into the room. "We got the ring...after the

"Not during?"


"Steve didn't want to go to jail for showing kids porn, did he?"

"Like kids don't see porn." Trish said waving her hands as she moved over to
the couch, taking a seat. "The internet is littered with it."

"I know." Stacy said, scowling. "Test knows this site that has sex stories
about the WWE up, and makes me act them out."

"Sex stories?" Trish asked, crinkling up her nose. When Stacy nodded, Trish
gagged. "Sick!"

"I know." Shaking her head, she added, "Some people have no lives, I guess."

"I guess." Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Trish told her, "Anyways,
got the spot, now, up to you to deliver the tape to the truck for them to air

Looking over at Trish, Stacy asked, "Do I have to do it right now?"

Looking to the TV, and seeing the show was still playing, Trish shook her
head, smiling as she leaned back on the couch. "Not right now.actually, maybe
we can keep an eye on the show, and see when Test is out at the ring, and you
can run it up then, ok? Less chance of running into him."

Smiling, Stacy quickly nodded, turning back towards the TV. "Ok!"

Stretching out, Trish relaxed as Val took the seat next to her, letting her
head rest on his shoulder as she got ready to pass the time until the end of
the show, knowing no matter how long it felt for her, it would be ten times
worse for Stacy.

* * *

"Where! The! Fuck! Is! Stacy?!"

Snarling at the angry superstar, Austin spat back, "I! Said! Take! The! Bass!
Out! Of! Your! Voice! You! Stupid! S! O! B!!" Seeing the anger seething out
of Test, Austin told him, "I told you she'd be here, and she will! When she
wants you to know, she'll tell you! That's all I know!"

Pointing a large finger at Steve, Test started, "Austin, I swear, if you're
bullshitting me."

"You'll do what?" Steve snapped, swatting the hand out of his face. "Keep
your god damn fingers out of my face! I may just be the GM now, but I still
got a few good stunners left in me!"

Gathering up all the venom he could muster, Test was about to shout something
else, when the PA system cracked to life.

"Umm...what was I supposed to say?" Stacy asked. "Oh yea! Umm, ahem...would
Test please come to the main stage, please. Stacy Keibler has something to
show him."

Glaring at Austin, Test asked, "What does she have to show me?"

"How the hell should I know?" Steve lied. "Do I look like Stacy?" Before
Test could answer, Steve pointed behind him. "You heard her, get your stupid
little ass up to the stage and see what she wants!"

Steam nearly shooting out of his ears, Test turned and power walked towards
the stage, Steiner quickly following behind him. "I got better shit to do
tonight than chase after that stupid whore!" Test shouted, pushing through
the curtains in the gorilla position and moving towards the steps.

"Then why don't you go do them?" Steiner asked.

Wheeling around, Test glared at Steiner, the veins on his neck beginning to
bulge. "If I wanted your fucking opinion, I'd give it to you! Now shut the
fuck up and speak when I tell you to!" Resuming his storming back to the
ring, Test flew up the stairs, pushing a tech out of his way as he stomped
onto the stage, whipping his head around. Spotting Stacy standing in the
middle of the ring, he started towards it until she held her hand up.

"Just.stay where you are." She said, trying to look confidant, but coming off
nervous. "I said I had something to show you, and me standing in the ring
wasn't it."

Flexing his arms and grunting, Test fought to control his rage. "Where the
fuck have you been?!"

"I've been...busy." She said, gaining more confidence with each word. "I
have half of Wednesday's to do whatever I want, remember, and I took full
advantage of it." Smiling, she added, "The rest of the time, I was just
trying to recover." Seeing him looking for a fuller explanation, she grinned.
"You see, being you're personal servant leaves needs...lots of needs...
unfulfilled. Needs you can't handle, Test!" Seeing him begin to pace, she
added, "Maybe if you and Steiner were to work together, you might have been
able to help me, but, quite frankly, I'm pretty sure if I got you two
together in the same room with me, with what I was doing on Wednesday, you
two would just stand around and compliment each other on your pecks and...
well, lets just say it might be a three way where I'd get left out in the

Starting towards the ring, Test growled, "I'm going to break your neck you
stupid cunt!"

Holding up her hand, Stacy sighed with relief as Test stopped for a moment,
Steiner lagging behind him. "Aren't you curious what I have to show you?" She
asked. Realizing she wasn't going to have his attention for much longer, she
pointed to the Titantron, smiling. "If the production crew would be so
kind...roll my tape!"

Spinning around and looking up at the Titantron, Test snarled. "What tape?"
Looking at Steiner, he bellowed, "What fucking tape?"

"How the hell should I know?" Steiner said. "You're the one who watches her
like a hawk."

Staring up at the screen, Test's face got redder and redder as the picture
crackled to life, big, bold letter flashing up on it.

This Is Not A Test!

A Stacy Keibler Movie

A Val Venis Production

Shaking his head, Test snarled. "What did you do, you stupid, dumb bitch."

* * *

"I still say "A Val Venis Joint" would have been better." Trish said,
watching the screen in the gorilla position.

"I think Spike Lee would have something to say about that." Val said.

"Is this the tape you told us about, Trish?" Bradshaw asked, looking at the
screen with hungry eyes.

"Yes, now shut up." She said, waving her hand. "It's about to start."

Leaning in close, Val smiled. "Scouting the competition?"

Making a scoffing noise, Trish shook her head. "She's no competition to me
in the ring, and she's no competition to me in the sack. You made the movie,
not her."

"Didn't you just say something about shutting up?" Bradshaw asked.

Shaking her head, Trish watched the screen, seeing the few credits come to
an end and the pictures start to roll. "Men."

* * *

Fading into focus, the picture on the Titantron showed the doorway to Val's


Moving from the room, the camera moved down the hallway, taking the sharp
turn and whisked down the stairs, turning again as it moved into the hallway
and headed towards the front door, the knocking repeating itself as the
camera got closer and closer. As the door opened, the camera panned down,
revealing a pair of high heels as the door swung open. Panning back up, it
slowly took in the sight of the forty-one and a half inch legs, the tops of
them barely covered in a micro skirt, moving up past her bare stomach and to
the small white shirt tied up around her chest, to Stacy's smiling face.

Pushing off of the doorframe she was leaning on, Stacy walked into the house,
the camera back pedaling down the hallway. Moving back, it turned with her as
she started up the stairs, moving in behind her and ducking down, angling up
and getting a full view of her legs and ass as she strode up the stairs, her
hips swaying as she moved. Reaching the top of the stairs and turning, she
moved down the hallway towards the bedroom, the camera racing to keep up with
her, it's lens locked on her swaying ass.

Moving into the bedroom, Stacy walked over to the bed, sitting down on the
edge and pulling herself towards Val, who was staring blankly at the large
screen TV in front of him. Seeing Stacy crawling backwards towards him, Val
gave her a questioning glance before she spun around, pushing her legs into
the air and dropping them down gently, her feet landing on Val's shoulders
as she leaned back on her elbows, smiling at him.

"Hey Val." She purred.

Looking down the barrels of her legs, Val smiled, the TV instantly forgotten.
"Hello, Stacy."

"I have a problem, Val." She pouted. Licking her lips softly, she added, "A
man problem."

"Really?" He asked, his hands reaching up and stroking her long legs.

"Really." She said. "It just seems no matter how hard that Neanderthal Test
tries, he just doesn't have the equipment necessary to satisfy me."

"That is a problem." He said, his focus still fully on her legs.

"And that's where you come in." She said, finally getting him to look her in
the face. "Trish tells me that you are more than able to handle a woman's

"I suppose I am." He admitted with a grin.

Moving her legs back in forth, rubbing his shoulders with her calves, she
purred, "Will you help me Val? I need some.Stratusfaction so, so bad."

Nodding, Val slowly moved down her legs, his hands gliding around her
firmness and moving for her crotch. "Only Trish delivers Stratusfaction."

"Oh." Stacy said, biting her bottom lip and looking into the camera. "Test
doesn't deserve to see that."

"But I'm sure I can help you out." He said, reaching down and under her
skirt, hooking his hands in her panties and pulling them back up her legs.
Ducking his head down, he pulled them off, tossing them aside. "If that's

"That's more than alright." She purred, undoing the belt on her skirt.
Planting her legs on his shoulders, she lifted her hips up, sliding the skirt
down and letting him pull it completely off. Feeling Val's head slide down
her legs towards her pussy, Stacy reached behind her back and undid the
flimsy excuse for a shirt she was wearing, taking it off and tossing it aside
with a groan as Val's hot breath lead his tongue to her pussy. "Don't be long
down there." She moaned, making him look up at her. Smiling, she said, "I've
seen the Big Valbowski, and I want it. Just prep me up."

Nodding, Val pushed his head down, flicking out his tongue and lapping at
her folds, going for style over substance and batting his tongue around her
pussy, dragging his tongue over the top of the hole and making her moan as
he slid across her hooded clit. Hearing her groan out again, he rubbed his
hands over her firm thighs, her long legs closing in around his head as she
squirmed and writhed on the bed, his magic touch sparking her lust. Grabbing
her and forcing her hips down as she tried to arch up, Val moved one of his
hands down between his legs, grabbing his shaft through the towel and giving
it a few strokes, making sure his tool was fully prepared for his sexy

Reaching down and cupping Val's head, Stacy moaned loudly as he pushed a
finger into her tight pussy, sliding it around and pumping it up to the
knuckle. Feeling her begin to squirm more, he softly held her in place with
a forearm over her stomach, his fingers gliding in and out of her pussy as
he added another one in, making her back arch as she groaned out. Squirming
on the bed under his relentless licking and fingering, she writhed and
squirmed as he quickly got her pussy into fucking shape, wetness building up
quicker than she ever would have thought possible.

"God, Val, you are a fucking pro!" She groaned, her hips again trying to
leave the bed, but being held down by his strong arm. "Fuck! After Test and
Steiner's roid ravaged cocks, those fingers feel like a baseball bat inside
of me!"

Nursing her clit for a few more seconds, giving it a few soft, sucking pulses
and adding to her groans, Val lifted his head up, smiling as he started to
sit up. "You think that's big, huh?"

Moaning loudly as he continued to saw his fingers gently into her dripping
pussy, she nodded, hair flailing around as she whipped her head up and down.

Pulling his fingers out of her pussy with a whine of disappointment from his
costar, Val smiled as he sat up, leaning back on his calves. "Then wait till
you get a look at the Big Valbowski!"

Propping herself up on her elbows and looking down at him, Stacy panted
softly as she looked down at him, her eyes drawn to his towel clad crotch.
Seeing the tent pitched in the front of it, she slowly crawled to her hands
and knees, turning around to face his cock. Crawling over and getting in
front of him, she looked up at him. "Can I see it?"

Nodding, he smiled. "Go ahead, sexy."

Reaching her hands out, she grabbed the tucked in part of his towel, tugging
on it and pulling it free. Moving slowly, she pulled the towel back, gasping
softly as she cleared his cock. Dropping the towel on the other side of his
body once she had exposed her target, Stacy reached her hand out, stopping
just short of grabbing his meat as she looked up at him, her eyes begging for
permission. When he nodded enthusiastically, she wrapped her long fingers
around his shaft, moaning along with him as she began to pump him softly,
gliding her hand up and down in slow, steady pumps.

Leaning forward, she slid the tip of his cock between her lips while still
gazing up at him, flashing her tongue out and moaning softly with him as the
taste of his pre-come assaulted her mouth. Making sure she had a good grip on
his cock, she closed her eyes softly as she began to bob up and down, her
lips gliding over his shaft in unison with her hand as she spread her legs,
showing off her bare, wet pussy as the camera swung around to get a downward
shot from behind her, panning up her body and towards the head bouncing up
and down in Val's crotch.

"Oh fuck, yea, Stacy!" Val groaned, rolling his head back. Letting it drop
forward, he reached his right hand out, grabbing her upturned ass and giving
it a squeeze, before spanking her lightly, making her moan. "That's one
wicked ass you got there, Stacy." Seeing her look up at him, her lips still
gliding up and down his shaft, slurps and sucks pouring from his crotch, he
asked, "I don't suppose you'd mind if me and that fine ass of yours got
better acquainted, would you?"

Pulling off of his rod with a hard suck, she twirled her tongue around his
cockhead, lapping up his essence. "I'm known for my ass, Val." She purred.
"If you didn't get to know it, I'd be insulted."

Nodding and moaning as she took his shaft back into her mouth, he reached
down with his other hand, groping her ass as she wiggled it slightly, most of
her focus spent on keeping his cock hard and happy. "Don't worry, Stacy. I
wouldn't dream of leaving this ass out in the cold."

Pulling off of his cock with a moan as he spanked her, she looked up at him.
"Can we get to it then? I need a butt fucking Val. It's been so long since I
got a good pounding. Test tries to do it, but, frankly, his cock isn't long
enough to get past my ass cheeks."

Giving her ass a final hard slap, Val nodded as he sat up fully, reaching
back towards his nightstand as she spun around, pushing her ass back towards
his throbbing shaft. Watching as he grabbed the small tube off the nightstand
and cracked the top, Stacy started waving her ass in his crotch, whining in
anticipation as he grinned down at her, giving her ass another sharp slap.

"Wait a second, you impatient little thing." He said with a grin, dropping
down and grabbing her ass, spreading the cheeks apart as he lined the tube up
with her back door.

"I need it Val!" She whined, trying to keep her wiggling to a minimum as he
applied a layer of cold gel to her asshole, slowly working a pair of digits
in and lubing up her o-ring. "Please, hurry up! God, I want that fat cock up
my ass now!"

Deciding her ass was sufficiently lubed up, he sat back up and grabbed his
cock, kneel walking closer to her as he quickly applied a layer of slickness
to his shaft. Getting into perfect position behind her perfect backside, he
tossed the tube away and grabbed her hips, holding her still as he lined his
cock up with the ass of a million dreams. Looking down at her, he smiled as
she whined more and more, her feet slapping off of the bed as she groaned
with his fist thrust, popping the head of his cock into her tight back door
and forcing the long shaft in. Her head snapping back, Stacy's eyes went wide
as she let loose a long, low groan, her fingers curling up in the blanket as
Val began to plunge his cock deep into her seasoned ass, quickly working out
a rhythm to push more and more into her while keeping her happy with what he
was already giving her.

"God my god my god!" Stacy screamed, one of her hands untangling itself from
the blanket and working its way down her body, quickly finding her pussy as
Val continued to rock her over and over again with lunging thrusts, his hips
finding her ass as her hand found her pussy. Quickly getting into a rhythm
with his pounding thrusts, she rolled her fingers around the top of her
pussy, quickly de-hooding her clit and stroking the tender love button.
Arching her back with a groan, Stacy sobbed softly as her hair fell down over
her face, blocking the view of her lust twisted face as Val pumped over and
over into her ass.

"Fuck Stacy! God, I know I'm not the first guy to go up the back door with
you, but I'm real glad I at least got to do it!" Val groaned, one hand
reaching around and bracing his lower back as the other hand clutched her
hip, holding her ass still as he fed it a steady dose of dick. "God, this
fucking ass is so fucking perfect.fuck."

"Val, I needed this so bad!" She squealed, her back bending to send her ass
shooting back to meet each of his thrusts. "God, I love ass fucking so much."

"I love fucking your ass so much."

"I just needed a big fat cock to give me the pounding I need!" She cried out,
her fingers working faster as she let her head hang down. "Holy shit fucking big!"

Reaching down and grabbing her hips tightly, Val hammered down into her ass
hard and fast, rocking her with rapid fire pumps and knocking her plant hand
out from under her and sending her sprawling onto the bed before yanking his
cock free from her tight ass. Seeing her head whip around and her eyes
glaring death at him, he grinned as he fell back onto his butt, sitting down
against the head board and beckoning her upwards. "Come get your ride on,

Quickly flipping off and scurrying up into his lap, Stacy scrambled to
straddle his legs. Pressing her chest up against his, she reached back behind
her body and grabbed his slick cock, quickly lining it up with her asshole
and dropping down, groaning loudly as his cock sliding back into her ass
combined with his now free lips and hands finding her perky little tits, his
lips wrapping around her right nipple and sucking on the rock hard nub.
Resuming the pace and intensity that they had built up, Stacy jumped up and
down in his lap, spearing herself over and over on his shank as he lapped
and sucked on her tits, switching from tit to tit.

"God yea, Val, tease those titties!" She groaned, her hands reaching behind
him and grabbing the headboard, using it for leverage to jump up and down.
"Fuck, I know I'm not hung like Trish, but I hope it's good enough to keep
that big cock in my ass."

"Shit Stacy, you are fucking smoking hot." He groaned, pulling off of her tit
with a nipple stretching suck, making her grunt. "These perky fucking tits
and that hot ass...Christ girl, you are so fucking amazing!"

Letting her head bounce around freely as she leapt in his lap, Stacy rolled
it back and groaned loudly, one of Val's hands creeping down from her tits to
her pussy and picking up the rubbing where she had left off. Slowly lifting
herself up and off his cock, she whined softly as she reached down and
grabbed his cock, lining it up with her pussy before dropping down, spearing
her wet hole on his shaft before bouncing up and off of it, holding onto the
base and lining it up with her asshole again, dropping down and bouncing back
up and off, repeating the process.

Looking down at him, she whined as she locked eyes with him, nodding
slightly. "Come on Val, stretch me out! Open up that pussy and asshole!"

"So friggin tight!" He groaned, gritting his teeth as her tight pussy wrapped
around his cock and hugged him tightly, quickly shifting his attention back
to her tits and trying to keep his mind off of the pleasurable sensations
pulsing from his cock as she fed his long, thick rod into both of her holes,
giving him a taste of everything her body had to offer. "That fucked up idiot
Test must be retarded to share you! If I had you under contract, I'd keep you
all to myself!"

"I wanna be under contract to you!" She moaned, her body shuddering softly as
she started to climax. "I want you to be my boss and just fuck me night and
day! Make me come so much.make me come...god, make me come!"

Catching her as she dropped onto his cock with her pussy, Val wrapped his
arms around her and quickly sat up, bending down forward and laying her down
on the bed. Grabbing her legs and pushing them together, he held them tight
to his body as he began to fire rapid pumps into her fluttering pussy,
feeding her pent up sexual release. Lunging forward and burying his cock
balls deep into her pussy, Val tried to aim for her g spot with each pump,
but was thwarted in each attempt as she squirmed and bucked in bliss, her
fingers rubbing her throbbing clit taking care of any need for additional
pleasure the blonde bombshell might need.

Arching her back hard, Stacy used her legs against his body to pull her ass
off the bed slightly as she screamed and cried out in pleasure, her whole
body shuddering as she was pumped past the brink by Val's hard shaft, each
ball slapping pump sending bolts of pleasure through her hypersensitive body
and making her shudder and shake. Her back arching to the breaking point,
Stacy balanced her whole body on the top of her head as she tweaked her
nipples and rubbed her wet pussy with blinding speed, trying to nurse the
last drops of pleasure from her fading orgasm.

"Oh god, I needed that so bad." Stacy croaked, her shudders slowing and her
body beginning to come to a rest on the bed. Looking up and seeing the sweat
pouring off of Val's face, the strained look on his features, she smiled,
rubbing her legs against his chest, gaining his attention. "You gonna bust a
nut, Val?" She purred.

"Christ yes, Stacy." He moaned. "Fuck, I don't think anyone could handle this
body for to long."

"You will." She promised, moaning softly as her tender pussy continued to be
abused by his plunging pumps. Seeing him look at her, she grinned. "With lots
and lots of practice. Wanna sign me up?"

Nodding, he told her, "God yes. To a life time contract."

"You want my signature, you gotta seal the deal." She groaned. Seeing him
look at her, she grinned wickedly, rubbing her legs against him again. "Mark

Nodding quickly, Val gave her a few hard pumps before starting to pull out.
Feeling the throbs of his cock, he quickly picked up the pace again, giving
her a few unexpected pumps before yanking out of her pussy, his left hand
holding her legs up as he scooted back. Letting her legs drop to the bed, he
crawled beside them, stroking his cock as he aimed it at her legs. Giggling,
she squirmed on the bed, rubbing her legs together as he grunted and groaned,
his cock pulsing as he began to spurt off onto her thighs, shots firing out
hard and fast and coating her thighs before pooling up between her legs.

Giving his cock a few last pumps, Val groaned loudly as he grabbed his cock
by the base and slapped it against Stacy's come slicked thighs, rubbing his
shaft through the massive mess of white and sliding it up and down her legs.
"Holy fuck Stacy." He panted softly, blinking his eyes a few times to get his
vision back in order before looking up at her. Smiling, he asked, "When is
your contract up again?"

Giggling, she licked her lips as she rubbed her swollen nipples. "Not soon
enough, that's for sure."

"Well, I'm sure I can help you with your needs until it's up." He said,
grinning. "I mean, if Test isn't taking care of you."

"And he's not." She stated firmly. "In any way, shape or form. He's pretty
fucking useless."

"Then I'm sure I can help." He finished. "If you don't mind?"

Looking up at him, Stacy panted softly as she shook her head. "Val, I think
you passed the test with flying colors."

* * *

"Yea, Test is gonna take that well." Val said.

"You should have left more of the sex in." Trish stated. "You cut it to

"I cut it to match Test's fuse." Val said.

"You could have at least left the other orgasm in."

Nodding, he watched the monitors as it faded to the view of the ring, and
Stacy standing in it. "I could. We'll talk directors cut later. But I'm
betting me and the APA have work to do in a minute." Looking back at Trish,
he asked, "Can we go out now?"

Shaking her head, Trish watched the monitor with rabid interest. "If he
doesn't fire her, then everything we've done will have been for nothing. We
gotta let it play out. She got herself into this, now she's going to have to
get herself out."

* * *

Turning away from the Titantron, Test's face was a mask of rage and pulsing
veins, his whole body shaking as he turned towards the ring, and Stacy's smug

"Like my movie, Test?" She taunted. Grinning from ear to ear, she said, "It
was SO much fun to make. More fun than I've ever had with you, I can assure
you of that."

Racing down the ramp towards the ring, Test dove into the ring and jumped up,
running across and pinning Stacy in the corner.

"You stupid fucking whore!" He yelled, his face right in hers. "You fucked
that stupid male bimbo? Are you retarded!"

"I did it on my fucking time!" She shouted back, fear pumping adrenalin
through her body and giving her a shot of courage. "And I'm glad I made it!
I had to get off sometime, and you sure as shit weren't cutting it!" Seeing
him snarl, she spat, "The closest I ever got off with you was fucking the
idiots you made me fuck to get out of paying for shit!" Reaching up and
pushing him back, she pointed her finger in his face. "I got off more from
just looking at Val than I ever have with you or Scott! More than doing all
the fucked up shit you two roid raging assholes made me do to make yourselves
feel like men!" Pushing him again, she cleared her throat, gathering up all
the mucus she could muster and firing it in one big glob into Test's face,
hitting him right over the left eye. "Go to hell you god damn asshole."

Snapping his hand out and grabbing her by the neck, Test pulled Stacy into
the middle of the ring, punching her hard in the gut and bending her over.
Grabbing her arm and threading it through her legs, he grabbed it and pulled
her other arm up over his neck, quickly flipping her over and onto his
shoulder before slamming her down hard to the mat, the pump handle slam
leaving her limp on the mat.

"You stupid come guzzling cunt!" He shouted, his muscles rippling as he got
swept up in the rage. "I'm fucking done with you, you stupid whore! You're
fucking fired!"

* * *

"That's the magic words!" Bradshaw said, quickly turning and racing towards
the stage area, Val and Farooq quickly behind him as Trish jogged along.

Racing up the stairs and onto the stage, Val and the APA flew down the ramp
and into the ring, Bradshaw catching Test off guard with a hammering blow to
the back of his neck as Val and Farooq tackled Steiner, who had made his way
into the ring. Quickly jumping on top of Test, Bradshaw grabbed him by his
short hair and started raining down punches, getting a few solid shots off
to the face of the large man before he knew what was happening, quickly
dazing him and rendering his guard useless as he succumbed to the punishing
punches. Seeing that his opponent was out cold, Bradshaw fired off a few more
shots for good measure as Val and Farooq chased Steiner out of the ring,
giving up the chase quickly as the large man vaulted over the guard rail and
took off for one of the exits to the empty arena.

Sliding into the ring, Trish quickly crawled over to Stacy's side, reaching
up and cradling the leggy divas face in her hands. "Stacy? Hey, come on, snap
out of it." Slapping her softly on the cheek, Trish smiled as the blonde
groaned, her eyes fluttering slightly as she started to come to, before
groaning loudly as all the pain of the pump handle slam raced into her body.
"Just relax, take it easy. You're ok now, ok?"

"Is it over?" Stacy asked softly. "Did we do it?"

"You did it." Trish corrected with a grin. "I didn't do shit."

Pushing Trish away softly, and fighting off her attempts to stop her, Stacy
sat up slowly, wincing from the pain in her back. "Trish, you did a lot." She
said. Looking at her, she added softly, "I don't know how I can repay you."

Smiling, Trish reached over, poking her gently. "You already know how. And
I'm holding you to it. Got it?"

Nodding, Stacy tried to smile. "I got it. Anything is better than dealing
with that asshole."

"Well, you don't have to worry about that now." Trish said, moving away and
motioning for Bradshaw to stop punching Test and help Stacy to her feet. "He
fired you, so you're a free agent again." Grinning, she added, "I don't
suppose you were serious about signing on with Val were you? He was quite
receptive to that idea."

Smiling, Stacy took Bradshaw's hand, starting to lift herself up as Farooq
moved back into the ring and took her other arm, lifting her up and letting
her slide an arm over his shoulder for stability. "Sorry, but no." She said.
"I hope he's not mad."

"How can I be mad?" Val said, smiling as he moved over to the ropes and held
them open, letting Bradshaw and Farooq move her over to them and help her
through. "I got to do something once that millions of guys would kill to do.
That's a nice bonus if I've ever seen one."

Smiling, she nodded. "That you did. Very well, I might add." Moving over to
the steps and slowly walking down them, she said, "You cut to much footage
out though. I wanted to at least show Test both of my orgasms."

"I'll give you the directors cut and you can do what you want with it." Val
promised with a roll of his eyes.

Sliding out of the ring and moving beside Stacy, Trish smiled as she let the
taller girl sling an arm over her shoulder. "So, all in all, how do you

"Like a relieved train wreck." Stacy said, smiling. Leaning over and hugging
Trish, she added, "Thank you again, Trish. I couldn't have done this without
you. You guys held up your end of the deal."

"And hopefully didn't go past that." Val asked.

Looking back at him, Stacy shook her head, grimacing slightly as her brain
didn't stop when her head did. "Not at all. I knew what I was doing, and how
it would end."

Grinning as they started moving again, Trish asked, "And did you like making
your movie?"

Grinning back, Stacy went to nod, but stopped. "Very, very much. And never,
ever again."

Motioning for Bradshaw to take her place, Trish slipped out of Stacy's arm as
they moved up the ramp. "Never say never." Trish told her. "You did really
good. And if you liked it, why not, right?"

Shrugging, her shoulders, Stacy nodded very slowly. "I suppose. But for right
now, never again." Smiling, she added, "But that could be the pump handle
slam talking."

"Maybe." Trish said, leaning in and hugging her. "Take care of yourself. And
please, don't sign any stupid contracts without getting someone to read them
next time. I'm not bailing your skinny ass out twice. Got it?"

"Got it."

Watching as Stacy and the APA moved up the ramp, Trish took a few steps back,
moving along side Val. Looking up at him, she smiled, giving him a hip bump
as the trio disappeared behind the curtain. "She looks happy." Trish stated,
getting the moving up the ramp.

"She does." Val said. Looking down at her, he told her, "Weird or not, you
did a good thing for her, Trish."

Looking up at him, she smirked. "You're just saying that because you got to
plug Stacy Keibler."

Smiling, he told her proudly, "That didn't suck."

Moving up onto the stage, Trish turned to face him, reaching down and
grabbing his hands, giving them a tug. "Come on, you." She teased. "I gotta
get you back to your place and whip up another new video before you forget
who your number one co-star is."

Letting Trish pull him along towards the curtains, Val smiled as she tugged
him along, a grin a mile wide etched on her face. "I'll never forget that,
Trish." He promised her, moving through the curtains. "Never."

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