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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Bayley or Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks or any other former or current WWE diva. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note, somewhat inspired by a Lonely Island song.

Codes: Anal, FF, Oral, Rim, Toys

Like A Boss
by MTL (

Sasha Banks was on top of the world. She had just retained her NXT women's championship against Becky Lynch in an incredible match, and now she was going to celebrate like a Boss. Like any true female champion in wrestling. Oh yes, like the Alpha female she was, she was going to fuck a submissive little bitch, and she knew just who she was going to fuck, Sasha having made arrangements for her inevitable win, and while it was clear when she entered the locker room they hadn't gone entirely to plan the important part was that her favourite piece of ass Bayley was standing in front of her, ready to be used like the lesbian slut she secretly was.

However Sasha wasn't about to let Bayley completely off the hook, "What are you doing wearing clothes, bitch?"

"I'm, I'm sorry Sasha." Bayley stammered, "Everyone else was hanging around and I-"

"Stop!" Sasha held up her hand, "I don't want to hear your excuses. Just take off that extremely ugly outfit and let me see those big tits and fat ass which are the only reason I bother with you in the first place."

Bayley looked almost hesitant for a moment, and then she quickly and awkwardly removed the incredibly ugly ring gear she insisted on wearing, although she got a little stuck removing her top which gave Sasha the chance to just stare lustfully at those big boobs. She also got the chance to leer at Bayley's big booty as the other girl at least had the presence of mind to turn around so her back was to Sasha when she removed her purple tights, the NXT women's champion continuing to stare for a few long moments after Bayley became completely naked. Then Sasha slowly stripped herself, showing the other wrestler how it's done, loving the fact that Bayley stared lustfully at her the whole time.

After that Sasha quickly moved forwards and took advantage of the fact that Bayley was still standing around like an idiot and buried her face in Bayley's big boobs. For the most part Sasha held herself like a Boss, a champion, an Alpha female, etc however sometimes she just couldn't help herself. Like being faced with Bayley's ridiculously big tits. Although to be fair this time she only motor-boated those huge titties for a few moments, and only licked and sucked Bayley's nipples for a few minutes after that, and Sasha did have the presence of mind to slip her hand between the other girl's legs.

Grinning at the wetness she found there Sasha pointed out, "Ready to get fucked, huh?"

"Ye, yes." Bayley squeaked.

"Well..." Sasha said, pulling away, "You know what you have to do to get that."

There was a pause as Bayley blushed and nodded before lowering her head in submission, and then she dropped to her knees and buried her face in Sasha's cunt, making the women's champ crying out joyfully. Occasionally she liked a little more build-up, but mostly Sasha just loved making other girls drop to their knees and lick her pussy at a moments notice. Besides, wrestling the other hot women of NXT never failed to get her riled up, and after the match she'd just had she wanted to cum fast and hard, so much so that Bayley's eager lapping just really wasn't enough, even though her well-trained slut lingered on her clit with every lick, making it hard for Sasha to think coherently, let alone say anything.

Bayley knew that Sasha would want to cum quickly as she always did, but she wanted to stretch this out for as long as she could because ever since becoming Sasha's favourite bitch Bayley hadn't been getting nearly enough chances to eat pussy. It broke her heart because Bayley loved eating pussy. It was her second favourite thing ever, at least when it came to sex. And Sasha had such a tasty cunt it seemed a shame to be constantly rushed, Bayley being more than willing to spend hours in between Sasha's thighs if only the women's champion would let her. But no, time and again Bayley barely got the chance to establish a steady licking before she was ordered to make the other girl cum, this time being no exception.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeee. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue." Sasha moaned as she tightened the grip she already had in Bayley's hair and pushed her face as deep as it would go into her cunt, "Oh fuck, stick your tongue inside me! Fuck me with it, ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Tongue fuck me you little bitch! Come on, mmmmmmmmmm, don't forget who owns you Bayley. You're my personal rug munching dyke, that means you do what I say, when I say it, mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss ooooooooooh, and that means when I tell you to stick your tongue inside my cunt you do it! Fucking do it! The Boss commands you to AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

While Bayley held out for as long as she dared inevitably she pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Sasha's cunt, rendering the other girl incoherent for a while and thus unable to boss her around. As usual she made sure to insert her tongue slowly, ensuring that while Sasha would cum soon it wouldn't be right away, thus ensuring that Bayley would get to enjoy this stage for at least a little while. And if she was being honest with herself, this was her favourite part of eating pussy. Well, this and the moment the other girl came in her mouth/all over her face, so it wasn't so bad being Sasha's bitch.

Still at times like this she missed her first owner. The woman who had seduced her and introduced her to the joys of lesbian sex. The first NXT women's champion and Alpha female of the NXT women's locker room, Paige. Oh how Bayley missed Paige. Bayley used to spend hours in between Paige's legs licking her sweet pussy, the pale girl showing amazing patience before finally ordering Bayley to tongue fuck her and make her cum. Oh yes, since Paige had left nobody around here seem to have any patience anymore, and while that meant it wasn't long before Bayley had more cunt cream then she could swallow it meant she got less of that wonderful liquid overall.


Obeying her top Bayley rapidly increased the pace of the tongue fucking, making sure to push her tongue as deep as it would go into the champion with every thrust and ensuring that Sasha got exactly what she wanted. And while it wasn't exactly what Bayley wanted she couldn't be too disappointed, at least not during the moment a fresh batch of girl cum squirted pretty much directly down her throat and all over her face. It was more the latter than the former as Sasha quickly began grinding her cunt into Bayley's face, poor Bayley swallowing as much as she could but most of the liquid she craved so much was denied her once again, which again made her wish Sasha would soon be replaced by someone who liked long pussy lickings.

Sasha did like the occasional long pussy licking, but not from the likes of Bayley. No, Bayley was an annoying little fuck hole, nowhere close to her level. It was only the likes of Becky Lynch, and Summer Rae before her, who got the privilege of spending hours in between her legs. Then again Bayley had become pretty great at getting her off quickly, Sasha's orgasm so toe-curlingly wonderful that she could probably leave happy right now. Oh who was she kidding, there was no way she was going anywhere until she'd completely destroyed Bayley's big ol butt.

With that in mind Sasha pulled Bayley's cum covered face from her cunt and ordered, "Bend over bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm, it's time for you and your ridiculously fat ass to get fucked!"

It was embarrassing how quickly Bayley turned round and got onto all fours. Or at least Sasha was embarrassed for her, especially when Bayley wiggled her fat ass to entice Sasha to slam that big butt. For the love of God, those huge cheeks jiggled, just from that, making Sasha almost literally drool. Then even more embarrassingly Sasha nearly fell over herself retrieving her strap-on dildo from her locker because she was so busy staring at that glorious ass. Luckily she had done this hundreds of times, expertly unlocking her locker and pulling her toy from it. She then secured the harness around her waist and covered the dildo in lubricant, all without taking her eyes off Bayley's butt, the submissive slut moving around with Sasha so that enormous bottom was never out of her sight.

Even the most sadistic of WWE divas tended to lube each other's ass holes before an ass fucking, but sometimes a alternative to bottled lubricant was used. Sasha was a big believer in that alternative, and she almost never used anything except that alternative on Bayley. That alternative of course being saliva, Sasha practically running over to Bayley once her strap-on was securely in place and lubed up and then dropping to her knees and burying her face in between those meaty cheeks, making Bayley gasp and eventually moan as Sasha gave her a long drawn-out rim job.

Ever since becoming top dog around here Sasha had been obsessed with Bayley's big booty. It was just so big and round, the huge cheeks turning her on beyond reason, Sasha's favourite thing in the entire world quickly becoming butt banging Bayley. Rimming her was a close second, Sasha actually prefer to eat Bayley's ass over almost anything else, including licking pussy or getting hers eaten and ass fucking the other sluts wandering around here. Of course before getting on to the rim job itself Sasha just couldn't resist motor-boating those butt cheeks, Sasha smiling blissfully as she rubbed her face in Bayley's giant ass.

Bayley didn't get much physical pleasure out of Sasha doing that, or motor-boating her tits, but it felt good to be pleasing her owner. Although she very much preferred it when inevitably Sasha stuck out her tongue and began sliding it over her puckered hole. Oh it felt so good, Bayley having to bite her lip to prevent herself from begging for more, and eventually from begging for Sasha's strap-on. Bayley was normally punished if she begged without permission, at least outside of a butt fucking were Sasha tended to be so lost in pleasure she didn't really care, and Bayley didn't want to risk things now she was so close to getting her ass stuffed.

It was tremendously embarrassing but shortly after she had made the NXT roster Bayley had become a total butt slut. She just couldn't help it, the women around here seemed practically obsessed with her big ass, and all of them seemed to get a kick out of making her do things which seemed so out of character for her, all of them telling her how much they loved butt fucking innocent little Bayley. Although perhaps Bayley wasn't as innocent as she had been. She couldn't be, not after being anally taken multiple times a day for the past few years. However that was her personal life, Bayley desperately trying to hide that part of herself whenever she was on camera.

Of course she never forgot, the transition from innocent fan favourite to depraved ass whore always hitting Bayley hard, especially when she thought about the small children she hugged and gave her headband to on her way to the ring. What would they or their parents think if they could see her now, naked and on all fours with another girl's face buried deep in between her ass cheeks, Sasha making sure that her back door was nice and wet for the inevitable moment she rammed her big strap-on cock into Bayley's helpless butt hole and turned the innocent acting girl into the anal slut she truly was.

As if to prove exactly how much of an ass slut Bayley was Sasha pressed her tongue against the seemingly innocent girl's ass hole, that wet soft muscle easily pushing past Bayley's anal ring and then deep into her fat butt. To be fair Bayley had been finger fucking her ass hole just in case Sasha was feeling extra sadistic and didn't bother with lube, however both women knew that the main reason Sasha's tongue entered, and then began fucking, Bayley's ass so easily was the constant rectum wreckings Bayley took on a daily basis, turning what was supposed to be a forbidden hole into an easily accessible fuck hole.

After what felt like an hour of tongue fucking that ass Sasha pulled her face from those meaty cheeks and ordered, "Ok bitch, let's move on to the main event. Mmmmmmmmmm, that means spread your cheeks and give me your sweet little bitch hole! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!"

Sasha grinned wickedly as Bayley quickly pulled apart her enormous ass cheeks, revealing the tiny hole which almost looked like it had never been violated before. Sasha knew better. Hell, if Bayley had been butt fucked a thousand times then she had been personally responsible for at least six hundred or possibly seven hundred of them, each and every one of them as hard and brutal as this one was going to be, Sasha laughing evilly as without any further ado she rammed her strap-on into the innocent girl's slutty ass hole, which unsurprisingly eagerly opened to take the first few inches of her rubber cock.

The sudden violation caused Bayley to cry out pathetically, but Sasha had absolutely no mercy for her, taunting her with, "Yeah, take it bitch! Take it, take it take it take it fucking take it!"

Over and over again Sasha repeated those words as she slammed her strap-on cock up Bayley's huge ass, her eyes locked aware the biggest anal whore in NXT was still spreading her incredibly meaty cheeks. Throughout the anal penetration Bayley was clutching so hard at those cheeks Sasha thought she might draw blood, but that just made the NXT women's champion grow more evil as she abused her rival's rear. Besides, although she delighted in seeing how frantically those hands were clutching to those enormous cheeks the real thrill was that Bayley continued to spread them, submissively giving up her most private hole like the submissive slut she was.

Although she hated to admit it out loud Sasha was also fascinated by watching inch after inch of dildo disappearing into Bayley's butt hole. It wasn't even like this was her smallest model. No, at 12 inches long and over 2 inches thick this thing was a real rectum wrecker, and yet from the look on Bayley's face earlier she would have preferred Sasha to use her 14 incher. Which was exactly why Sasha had absolutely no mercy for this ass whore as she continued to push forward until every single inch of her cock was buried inside Bayley's bowels, the NXT women's champion grinning evilly as the anal penetration was complete.

Then Sasha pushed the other wrestler's hands off of her cheeks, smacked Bayley's big butt hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and then taunted, "Oh yeah Bayley, you're really gonna get it now. Mmmmmmmmm, get ready girl, because I'm going to destroy this fat ass of yours, and you're going to love every moment of it. Yeah, you're gonna love it because you're nothing but an anal loving skank, a butt slut, a dyke fuck hole, an enormous piece of meat for me to use for my pleasure. Oh yeah, take it you whore!"

While still mocking the other girl Sasha grabbed hold of Bayley's surprisingly slim waist and started thrusting her hips back and forth, sliding the dildo in and out of her rival's ass hole and officially starting to fuck Bayley in the butt. Oh how Sasha Banks loved butt fucking Bayley. She loved everything about it, but this stage might just be her favourite as she began to enjoy the heavenly feeling of Bayley's big fat cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust. Soon she would feel them jiggle even more, but then Sasha would be focused on destroying this slutty ass. For now she just closed her eyes and just savoured fucking such a huge ass.

Bayley definitely preferred the hard butt pounding phase of anal sex, although when she was with someone she hated it didn't really matter as it was all humiliating and shameful. However as much as it was crippling to her pride/self-worth to bend over for this bully Bayley just couldn't help herself. No one fucked her bottom like Sasha Banks. Absolutely no one. Not even the likes of Summer Rae, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, all of which could be cruel bitches in their own right, could make her feel this fat, worthless and slutty like Sasha could, the NXT women's champion literally proving that as she pulled on Bayley's ponytail and continued to taunt her.

"Yeah, take it you fat piece of shit!" Sasha spat, "Take it up your fat ass! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, take every inch of my cock up your big fat ass! Fuck Bayley, do you stuff your face all day long and then instead of digesting properly it turns to fat which all goes to your ass? Is that it? Is that why you can stay reasonably skinny and yet still have an ass this big? Huh? That's it isn't it, you stuff your face for being a loser all day long, but instead of getting fat all over your body your butt just inflates like a balloon, mmmmmmmmmm, giving you these gigantic ass cheeks which feel so amazing against my thighs. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I just love feeling these huge butt cheeks of yours jiggling against my thighs as I fuck you right up your big fat loser ass!"

Closing her eyes Bayley adopted her best coping mechanism for this, namely imagining she was being butt fucked by the woman who had taken her anal cherry in the first place. Paige. Just the mention of her name caused Bayley to quiver with delight. Paige was just so cool. So confident. So... effortlessly skilful when it came to all aspects of wrestling and lesbian sex, the pale girl taking great delight in perverting Bayley in ways the once completely innocent girl would have never have considered allowing anyone to do to her. But for Paige, Bayley would have done anything. And honestly, she still would.

Alas Emma had been the one to steal Paige's heart and end up on the main roster with her, so it was Emma who ended up being Paige's favourite bitch while Bayley was left in NXT to become the prey of the other women left behind and the new ones who debuted. She tried to resist at first, but Paige had turned her into a ravenous anal slut, and try as she might Bayley found she just couldn't live without getting her big ass regularly fucked. Now she was Sasha's favourite butt slut Bayley wasn't so sure she could go an entire day without being butt fucked, whatever initial pain she felt once again fading into pure bliss which caused her to moan in pleasure.

"Oooooooooh fuck yeah, moan for me bitch! Moan for me as I fuck you in your enormous ass!" Sasha laughed wickedly, smacking Bayley's butt a few more times, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, you love this, don't you? You love getting your big fat loser ass fucked? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I know you do, but I want you to prove it. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, I want you to prove just how much you love this big cock in your fat ass by bouncing back against me. Come on Bayley, I'm tired of doing all the work, and I just love it when you bounce that big booty of yours back against me. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, that's it, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Eagerly obeying Bayley let go of her butt cheeks and began to slam herself back against Sasha's thighs, causing her meaty cheeks to jiggle gelatinously with every thrust. Bayley had now been ass fucked by every single woman in NXT and the WWE, and each and every one of them had loved the way her big ass jiggled for them, Sasha taking great delight in reminding her of that in between cruel laughter. This time Bayley allowed the words to wash over her, completely humiliated by the fact they only made her love the abuse her ass was taking even more.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhh, bounce that big booty, bounce that big booty, bounce that big booty Mmmmmmmmmmm, bounce your big fat loser ass back at me you anal whore!" Sasha cackled, "We all know what kind of whore you are Bayley! We all know how desperate you are to get this big fat loser ass of yours fucked not just weekly, or daily, but hourly you pathetic slut! Mmmmmmmm yeah, everybody knows how desperate your butt hole is for girl cock 24/7, that your whole sweet and innocent act is just for show because deep down you're just an anal fuck hole who could spend the rest of her life getting anally gang banged and that still wouldn't be enough abuse for your big fat slutty butt. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, and we all know this because we've all had this ass, seemingly innocent little Bayley happy to bend over for literally anyone who is willing to stick a cock up her big fat loser ass!"

Becky Lynch was devastated. She had come so close to winning the NXT women's championship, easily the most sought after and respected title for women in all of the WWE, and yet she had been forced to tap out by Sasha Banks. The fact that it had been the match of her life and she'd got a round of applause from the crowd afterwards was of little comfort, now she was looking for a distraction from her pain or a way to completely take it away. Drowning her sorrows in a bottle was her first thought, but that was sad and she had a much more satisfying idea. But she had no idea yet just how well that would turn out for her.

Hearing familiar cries from the locker room Becky smirked and opened the door a crack, completely unsurprised to see Sasha pounding away at Bayley's fat ass. Although technically all she could see was Sasha's ass thrusting back and forth, which meant two sets of pleasant memories played in her mind as she spent several minutes watching Sasha sodomise that seemingly innocent little twerp Bayley. Then as silently as possible she slipped inside the room, closed the door behind her and walked around until she was in Sasha's eye line, doing the first part quickly and then slowing down to get a good look at Sasha's well-toned little body completely dominating Bayley's curvy body, the ridiculously innocent girl moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out with pure pleasure as she took it up the ass.

"Sasha." Becky said, finally causing Sasha to pull her gaze away from Bayley's jiggling butt cheeks.

"Becky." Sasha smirked, before frowning, "Do you mind? I'm kind of in the middle of something here. And by something, I mean Bayley's enormous ass cheeks."

"I can see that, but I came here for some arse, soooooooo..." Becky trailed off, allowing Sasha to look a little concerned for a second before continuing, "Fancy sharing that big butt? Ya know, like old times?"

Sasha just stared at her former partner for a few long seconds, and obviously continued the butt fucking, then she smiled, "Sure, I was just feeling like feeding Bayley her butt, so why don't you get a nice big strap-on. Make sure it's a real monster though, a 12 incher at least, or else I'm not sure this slut will even feel it, given how loose her ass now is, thanks to me."

Not needing to be told twice Becky quickly went to her locker, stripped off her clothes and exchanged it for her biggest strap-on. After she had strapped the dildo around her waist Becky returned to her fellow NXT wrestlers and without another word Sasha pulled out and spread Bayley's big meaty butt cheeks, proudly showing off what a great job she had already done at stretching the girl out with a grin on her face. For a few seconds Becky just stared into Bayley's bowels via that gaping crater in between her cheeks, then she dashed to get in position behind the innocent brunette and rammed the entire length of her 12 inch strap-on dildo up Bayley's butt in one brutal thrust, making her victim squeal and the woman who had just defeated her laugh cruelly.

"Yeah bitch, take it!" Becky taunted, "Mmmmmmmmm, ya just took every inch of that cock up your arse, and ya loved it. Mmmmmmmm, but not as much as ya about to love this."

With that Becky began thrusting her hips back and forth, driving the dildo through Bayley's back passage and officially starting the sodomy. Restarting it, or whatever, Becky really didn't care. All she knew was that her adrenaline was still pumping through her veins and she felt like she could fuck this amazing ass all night long, and yet at the same time Becky wanted to literally tear Bayley's butt hole so she could get back at Sasha by ruining her favourite fuck toy. Of course Bayley's ass was so slutty no matter how hard Becky fucked it Bayley just squealed in pleasure, which somewhat increased Becky's frustration even though she grinned wickedly with each bowel wrecking thrust she gave the bitch.

Sasha kept spreading Bayley's butt cheeks for a while, partly because she loved watching her bitch's butt hole getting brutalised, but mostly because Becky had always looked so hot when she was fucking another woman like this. Sasha had always thought that, especially when Becky was fucking her. See, during their time as a tag team they had been fucking constantly, which was normal for women in wrestling, but what almost nobody knew was when it came time for the toys it was Sasha's ass getting penetrated, and seeing Becky like this again made Sasha's ass hole quiver and ache to feel Becky's attention again.

For a moment Sasha fantasised about pulling off her strap-on, bending over next to Bayley and wiggling her ass just to see how long it would take for Becky to trade Bayley's slutty butt hole for the tight little ass hole of The Boss. It would probably be only a matter of seconds, seeing as Bayley was the most frequently butt fucked woman on the roster while it had been months since Sasha had taken it in the ass. Not since the fatal for way where Sasha had won the title, which felt like a lifetime ago.

Winning that title had been a lifelong dream. Ok, it wasn't the title she grew up watching, however with all the great matches in its short history the NXT women's championship was arguably more prestigious than any other women's belt had ever been, and wearing it around her waist or over her shoulder or just knowing it was hers gave Sasha confidence that she had never had before. She used that confidence to solidify herself as a top, ass fucking her rivals in the women's locker room just like this and truly becoming the Alpha female of NXT. She had even ass fucked a few main roster girls like Natalya and her former mentor Summer Rae.

Through it all the one NXT women's wrestler she hadn't anally taken was Becky, not because of their once blossoming friendship or some twisted loyalty to a woman who had so effortlessly topped her, but because Sasha just couldn't bear the thought of Becky as a bottom. She was just too skilled a top, and even as things got worse than ever between them Sasha hoped they could patch things up. Reunite and be more dominant than ever. And most of all, although she rarely admitted it to herself, Sasha wanted Becky to take her ass the same way the Irish girl was now taking Bayley's butt, Sasha's back hole quivering as she imagined Becky's dick pumping in and out of it.

Pushing aside those thoughts, or trying to at least, Sasha let go of Bayley's ass cheeks, walked around, grabbed hold of Bayley's ponytail and pulled the innocent girl's head up until it was lined up with her crotch, then she shoved her dildo into her mouth while screaming, "Taste your ass bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it, ooooooooooh, wrap your lips around that dick and suck it! Suck my cock! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, suck your ass juices off my cock you dirty little slut, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you love it don't you. Mmmmmmmm, innocent little Bayley loves the taste of her own ass, especially when she's cleaning that fat butt off my big dick!"

Bayley wrapped her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled her big butt the second Sasha shoved it into her mouth. She then let out a long moan as she began joyfully sucking the cock, the taste of her own ass and the hard rectum ramming she was getting from Becky more than enough to drown out whatever Sasha was saying. Of course it didn't matter, Bayley was sure there was no way she could feel more humiliated and degraded them right now, spit roasted between the current NXT mean girls, one ass fucking her while the other was feeding her not just her ass but the deepest part of it.

It was a position Bayley was very familiar with as various different combinations of mean girls delighted in turning her into their personal whore, Sasha pretty much always involved in the equation, except when she was being double teamed by a couple of nice girls. Bayley liked that better because the nice girls gave her a chance to savour the flavour of the deepest part of her bowels before taking the dildo deep into her throat. Sasha and her cronies on the other hand would throat fuck her if she didn't get their girl cocks down her throat fast enough, this time being no exception.

"Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh, take it bitch! Take it down your throat like a whore!" Sasha snapped, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, fucking choke on that ass flavoured cock you fucking slut! Choke on my dick while you're cleaning it of your big fat loser ass, and getting that gigantic butt of yours fucked you nasty little bitch! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, be our spit roast bitch and take those cocks deep inside your throat and ass at the same time, your body nothing but a receptacle for our dicks, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd, just fucking take it you fucking whore!"

As Sasha continued to taunt her she pushed the strap-on even deeper into her mouth and then finally into her throat, automatically making Bayley gag. Of course she had been deep throating ass flavoured girl cock since right after Paige had taken her anal cherry. Back then Bayley had been so grateful for the amazing orgasms that she almost didn't hesitate to do something she was sure would be vile, but to her embarrassment she had loved it almost as much as the things Paige did to her which made her cum. And if Bayley was honest, she also loved being throat fucked, the humiliation of being used in such a way really getting her off.

The fact that Becky was slamming her butt so hard that it made her meaty cheeks jiggle as if she was being spanked helped a great deal, even when Sasha managed to get the full length of her 12 incher down her throat and beginning literally fucking her mouth. Sasha then built up her thrusts until eventually she was fucking Bayley's mouth just as hard as Becky was fucking her fat ass, then, just as Bayley thought she was going to throw up she got a moment of reprieve.

"Hey Becky, mind if we swap places?" Sasha asked, "I feel like some more of that fat ass!"

Becky thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged, "Sure, but just for a little bit. I'm not done with this arse."

"No problem." Sasha grinned evilly, pulling her cock out of Bayley's throat and quickly moving around the other NXT diva again.

Sasha was a little annoyed that Becky didn't immediately pull out, although when she did she was greeted by a truly beautiful sight, namely Bailey's gaping back hole. That poor abused hole was even wider than when Sasha had left it, Sasha's inner top impressed with her former friends handiwork while her inner bottom was aching for some of the same treatment. Ignoring the submissive part of herself Sasha grinned wickedly and then placed the tip of her cock against Bailey's gaping ass hole, and then slid it around the stretched ring as a way to tease her bitch, a technique which worked perfectly.

"Please... fuck me...." Bayley whimpered, before obediently lifting her head up and opening her mouth as Becky came to stand in front of her.

Exchanging a look the two tops smiled at each other and mouthed '1, 2, 3' before ramming their dildos into Bayley's mouth and ass hole respectively. Bailey's rectum was actually looser at this point then her throat, so it only took about a second for Sasha to bury the full length of her dick in Bailey's butt and restart the sodomy. Becky took a little longer to get her dildo down Bayley's throat, but the former tag team were soon double teaming Bailey with a full-length of their cocks. After that they swapped places over and over again, taking it in turns to use Bailey's big mouth and fat ass for their pleasure, taunting her the entire time.

After what felt like an hour of this Becky pulled her cock out of Bayley's mouth and asked, "Fancy finishing this anal slut off in style with a nice double bumming?"

"Oh yes." Bayley squeaked, "Double fuck my slutty ass!"

"Shut up bitch, you don't get a vote." Sasha said cruelly, smacking Bayley's ass again and then staring at Becky thoughtfully for a few moments before nodding, "Ok, but how about we really wreck this whore's butt?"

Becky grinned, "What did ya have in mind?"

Pulling her cock out of Bayley's butt Sasha explained, "We enter her together, instead of one and then the other. That way we really stretched this bitch to her limits."

"Fuck yeah, I'm in." Becky agreed gleefully, quickly joining her former friend behind Bayley, both of them taking aim and then pushing forward.

Becky and Sasha watched transfixed as their dildos entered Bayley's butt hole at the same time, that poor anal ring stretching obscenely wide and then allowing those toys to slip inside the innocent girl's big booty. Somehow instead of crying out in agony and begging for mercy Bayley cried out in pure pleasure, the incoherent noises she then let out sounding no less pleasure filled. More amazingly still the tops continue to get the same reaction from the biggest bottom in the history of NXT as they started pushing those two enormous dildos up Bayley's butt, the seemingly innocent girl more than living up to her reputation as she took every inch Sasha and Becky had to give her.

Of course this wasn't the first time Becky and Sasha had double stuffed Bayley's big bottom. When they were a tag team they shared Bayley's slutty little bitch hole at least once or twice a week, and before that Sasha had been double teaming Bayley's butt with the likes of Paige, Emma and Natalya and pretty much every other woman who appeared on their show. However each of those double butt fuckings had included one penetration after another, not two at once, the fact that this obscene stretching caused Bayley only pleasure proving she just might be the biggest anal whore in all of wrestling, if not the world. A fact that the two tops love drawing attention too.

"Oh fuck yeah, listen to her moan for us." Becky grinned, "Mmmmmmmm, she loves it."

"Of course she does, she's a fucking anal whore." Sasha pointed out, "In fact, in a company which has been crawling with lesbian anal whores for about 15 years now, innocent little Bayley here just may be the biggest lezzie anal loving ho of them all. Mmmmmmmm yeah, this is the biggest, fattest, most slutty-est ass I've ever fucked, mmmmmmmm, and I'll bet you anything Becky that it's the biggest, fattest, most slutty-est ass of all time. Not just in this wrestling company, but in any other. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, in fact, I bet Bayley is the biggest anal whore in the entire world! Maybe ever!"

Bayley was certainly in no position to argue, and she wouldn't have even tried if there weren't too dicks tearing her ass apart. She loved it up the butt. She craved it up the butt. She needed to take it up the butt as often as possible, her back passage brutalised beyond anything it was intended too, and Bayley wanted to have her rectum abused so much it felt like a physical need, like breathing. Oh yes, taking it up the ass was like breathing for Bayley, something she just had to do. Something she just couldn't live without, and it was so much better when it was like this, two cocks stretching out her most private orifice while two mean girls laughed and taunted her.

Well, Sasha did most of the talking. It had always been that way, even when Sasha was just playing second fiddle to Summer Rae The Boss liked to talk, the difference being that her bark used to be worse than her bite, but now Sasha's strap-on did the same amount of damage to Bayley as that wicked tongue of hers. Or perhaps Bayley had just become more accustomed to the constant verbal humiliation she received during butt sex. No, the latter may have been a part of it, but Sasha had definitely got better at butt fucking, the NXT women's champion proving that by absolutely destroying Bayley's fat ass.

Thankfully Becky did her part, mostly staying silent as she slammed Bayley's butt hole with what had to be every ounce of her strength, providing Bayley with a truly awesome rectum wrecking which made her ass hole feel like it would never close again and even tears of pain to fill her eyes. It was just too much, her shit pipe was just being stretched so wide, those two dildos relentlessly pounding the deepest depths of her bowels, pummelling her deep and hard until Bayley thought she was going to pass out with the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain, and yet Bayley honestly feeling like she was in heaven.

It was also kind of hell. Not because her ass was being so thoroughly abused. No, that might have been a problem for normal girls, but after the countless number of butt fuckings Bayley had taken even the painful stretching caused her pleasure. The problem was that Sasha and Bayley slowed down just enough so that even the mixture of the pain and pleasure was enough to push her to the edge of climax but not over it, the other girls then keeping her on that edge for what felt like an eternity. In reality it was probably only a few minutes, but eventually even Bayley couldn't resist saying whatever she had to so she could cum.


Turning to her former friend Becky grinned, "What do ya think Bosco? Shall we give this anal whore what she wants?"

"Sure." Sasha smiled, "If Bayley admits she is my bitch!"


With that Becky and Sasha laughed and started thrusting their hips back and forth as one, slowly and steadily building up a rhythm until they were both brutalising Bayley's butt as hard as they could. The only difference was that Sasha was completely lost to her lust for pounding another woman's ass while Becky was sodomising one woman while thinking about another. After all, she hadn't come looking for Bayley. Oh no, originally she had wanted to get revenge on Sasha not by using her favourite fuck toy but by once again turning The Boss's butt hole into her fuck hole, and with Sasha crouching over Bayley that meant each of her thrusts made her glorious ass pretty much push directly into Becky's face.

That made it extremely hard for Becky to concentrate, but Sasha's focused thrusts were more than enough for Bayley who began squirting her cum so forcefully out of her cunt Becky wondered if the girl would take off. The thought caused her to smile, then she refocused, wanting to finish off Bayley while she still had some energy left over for Sasha. Luckily now the flood gates had been opened it was really easy for Sasha and Becky to butt fuck Bayley through powerful orgasm after powerful orgasm until their poor victim fell face down on the hard floor of the locker room, the merciless tops pounding her until her whimpers ceased and it was obvious she was unconscious.

Then Becky and Sasha simultaneously pulled their strap-on cocks from Bayley's big bottom so they could admire their handiwork. The giant cheeks of Bayley's butt were red and slightly bruised from being constantly hammered into and the innocent girl's most private hole remained widely stretched, Sasha and Becky being able to see deep into Bayley's bowels via the gaping crater which used to be tiny and closed. It truly was a beautiful sight to the tops, especially captivating to Becky who had moved further back than Sasha and she found her eyes wandering from Bayley's freshly fucked butt to Sasha's begging to be fucked butt.

"Yeah bitch, that's what you get!" Sasha began taunting, "That's what you get for getting ideas above your station. I'm the champ, and you're just my bitch! Every girl in this division is nothing but my bitch!"

As Sasha continued talking smack Becky carefully unstrapped her harness, placing it down on a nearby bench with the dildo pointing upwards so hopefully non of Bayley's anal juices would be wasted, then she crept up behind her former tag team partner. When she was directly behind her Becky grabbed her firmly from behind, causing Sasha to gasp as her hard nipples pressed into the other girl's back and her wet cunt pressed into Sasha's butt.

"So, I'm ya bitch, am I?" Becky growled into Sasha's ear.

"Yes." Sasha grinned, before moaning as Becky nibbled on her ear.

"Really? Because I remember stretchin' ya shit hole while you begged me to stuff every inch inside ya arse and fuckin' destroy it." Becky growled while grinding her hips into Sasha's arse, "Mmmmmmmmm yeah, I remember it, and I fuckin' miss it. Oh Sasha, I've missed fuckin' ya up the arse."

"Hey, not so loud! Bayley may still be a wake, or-" Sasha began protesting.

"Please, Bailey's out like a light, and I fancy some more arse." Becky interrupted, effortlessly unstrapping the harness from around Sasha's waist and then bringing it up to the other girl's lips, "But first, since Bayley is in no condition to clean up her mess, why don't you clean it up for her?"

Sasha considered complaining. After all, she had been the one to make Becky tap out, not the other way around, so if they are going to continue the sex without Bayley it should be with Sasha on top. However throughout butt fucking Bayley she had been thinking about being on the receiving end of Becky's impressive anal pounding skills, and if she was honest with herself she wanted Becky to take control now and fuck her like only she could. Besides, she was addicted to the taste of Bayley's fat ass, so try as she might Sasha just couldn't resist wrapping her lips around the head of that shaft and essentially beginning to suck her own cock.

Despite herself she immediately moaned at one of her favourite flavours in the world, Sasha allowing her eyes to flutter shut as she began eagerly sucking on that strap-on. Sasha had always liked the taste of ass, ever since Paige popped her anal cherry and then stuffed the strap-on she'd used into Sasha's mouth for cleaning afterwards. Since then she'd tasted a lot of asses, and while her favourite was probably her own a close second was Bayley's butt, Sasha quickly getting the dildo down her throat and gobbling up all that yummy ass cream before Becky could change her mind and deny her even a drop of Bayley's anal juices.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck it slut! Suck every single drop of Bayley's arse juices off that dick you filthy little ass to mouth whore!" Becky ordered, her Irish accent becoming heavy as she got caught up in her lust, then when she was sure Sasha had in fact got every drop she pulled the clean dildo out of her mouth, slapped her on the arse and told her, "Now go get me strap-on. If you're a good girl I'll let you suck Bayley's anal juices off of it, but only when it's around my waist."

Part of Sasha wanted to turn around and slap the taste out of Becky's mouth for believing she could boss The Boss around. A much bigger part of her wanted to obey, so that's exactly what she did, Sasha quickly retrieving Becky's harness and strapping it back around her waist, loving the fact that to do the last thing she had to get down on her knees in front of Becky. It was wonderfully subservient, and put her in the perfect position to start performing the blow job the second the dildo was in place, in turn Becky reaching down to stroke Sasha's hair shortly after she wrapped her lips around the head of the ass flavoured dildo.

"Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck my cock." Becky grinned, "Oh Sasha, I just love having you on your knees in front of me, sucking on my cock after I've used it to destroy Bayley's butt. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmmm, it's just like old times, huh?"

Blushing slightly Sasha did her best to ignore her former friend's words and concentrate on just thoroughly cleaning the cock. Well, that and sliding her lips down inch after inch of strap-on cock until that butt flavoured dildo was stuffing her windpipe. Not that she stopped when every inch was down her throat. Oh no, she was really getting into this act after a while of not performing it, Becky allowing Sasha to just suck on her strap-on as if it was a real cock before pulling her hair gently but firmly, forcing the dick out of her mouth so she could have her full attention.

"You wanna get arse fucked?" Becky grinned knowingly.

"Maybe." Sasha blushed.

"Maybe?" Becky teased, "Well, if you're not sure, maybe I'll see if I can wake Bailey up."

"No, wait. Please... fuck me. Fuck my ass God damn you!" Sasha protested in frustration, before thinking of away she could get back on top, at least momentarily.

Becky almost literally drooled as Sasha slowly turned around, got on all fours and wiggled that amazing arse of hers directly in her face. For an instant Becky was taken a back to all those times she'd had Sasha in this exact same position, on all fours with her arse just waiting to be fucked, Becky licking her lips as those meaty cheeks jiggled with every little movement Sasha made. Then Sasha started to beg for it, and Becky thought she was literally going to stain her strap-on with her cum. Or more accurately further stain it, given she'd already cum a few times while fucking Bailey's big butt, that butt in question still quivering and gaping, just like Sasha's would be in a few minutes.

"You want this ass Becky?" Sasha asked in a soft teasing tone, implying there was a catch, "You want to shove your big cock up The Boss's butt? Well first you've got to kiss it. Oh yeah, first you need to pucker up and be my good little ass kisser, pressing your lips all over my booty and then shoving your tongue so far up my butt you can taste what I had for breakfast."

Becky continued staring for a few long seconds, then grinned, "Sure Sasha. Mmmmmmmm, ya know how much I love eatin' ya arse before I fuck it."

With that Becky dropped to her knees and pressed her lips against Sasha's right ass cheek, giving it a long smooch before moving to the other cheek. Back and forth Becky went, covering those globes with kisses as Sasha droned on and on. Becky didn't hear much of it, a few months of hanging out with The Boss had made it easy for her to block out Sasha if she wanted to, but most of it was calling Becky her ass kisser, which wasn't that insulting so much as it was a simple fact, so it didn't bother Becky much. Besides, she knew the perfect way to shut Sasha up, namely pulling apart her cheeks and sliding her tongue over that pretty little hole.

Actually Becky couldn't resist lowering her head silently and taking a couple of licks of Sasha's yummy pussy before allowing her tongue to travel upwards to her main target. The target she planned on absolutely destroying tonight, Becky frantically lapping at Sasha's back hole for several minutes while her victorious opponent just moaned like a whore. Then just as Sasha found her voice again Becky raised her game by wrapping her lips around that hole, adding sucking to the equation, and then again by trying to literally tongue fuck Sasha's arse.

When they were teaming regularly Becky could get her tongue pretty far up Sasha's backside, but clearly months of neglect had tightened that back passage up. However while it was disappointing not being able to shove her tongue very far into that arse Becky still got it in, and the Irish girl was giddy with the thought about how fun it would be to fuck Sasha's tight butt. So much so that she just couldn't resist slipping a finger into that wonderful little hole and moaning at the incredible tightness she felt. She then pumped that finger in and out of Sasha's arse hole for a couple of moments, Becky delighting in making her former partner moan in pleasure from the anal fingering.

Becky then slapped Sasha's juicy ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and demanded, "Spread ya cheeks for me bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm, gimme that sweet little arse hole of yours!"

Sasha let out a little cry, appalled by Becky continuing to treat her this way, and even more appalled by the fact that it was turning her on so much. Again she wanted to turn around as fast as she could and deliver a bitch slap so rough it would knock the smug smirk off of Becky's face, but the redhead's words and actions had really gotten to Sasha and she just couldn't help herself. She desperately wanted to be butt fucked again, and in a way the humiliation she craved was just heightened by having to press her face to the dirty floor, reach back and spread her butt cheeks for Becky, giving up her butt hole for the first time in months. Giving it to Becky. Offering it to her as a sacrifice for their mutual pleasure.

She was rewarded for this by Becky cruelly teasing her, first by sliding the head of the dildo up and down her crack, and then while continuing to do that she began to taunt her, "Mmmmmmmm, yeah, give me that sweet little arse! Fuck Sasha, I've missed this little hole. I've missed it so fucking much."

Before Becky could really get going with the smack talk Sasha rolled her eyes and grumbled, "If you've missed it so much, why don't you fuck it?"

There was a pause, and then Becky smiled, "When ya right, ya right... open up Sasha, it's time for you to take it like a boss."

Sasha glared, and considered giving Becky a piece of her mind. The other girl knew fully well she didn't like that phrase being used against her, and she would totally make her pay for it later. But about a second after using her nickname against her Becky pushed forwards, again causing Sasha to let out a little cry, this one of pain, pleasure and surprise. Not that she was surprised she was getting anally penetrated, but surprised it was so slow. After their gruelling match Sasha figured that Becky would want to slam every inch of that big dildo up her butt so she could cause the maximum amount of pain possible.

Instead Becky went almost infuriatingly slowly, not just with the initial penetration but with pushing the entire length of the shaft into her bottom and as a result causing Sasha barely any pain. The worst by far was when her ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to slip past it and into her back passage, which was the only time Sasha cried out loudly in pain. Still, it couldn't compare to anything she taken out there in the ring, or during most of many, many ass fuckings she'd taken over the years, and by the time Becky completed the butt stuffing, her thighs connecting with Sasha's hands/cheeks meaning she'd officially stuffed The Boss's bowels with her cock and then given her time to adjust, Sasha was really confused.

"Why are you being so gentle?" Sasha asked, "Don't you hate me?"

"No, I just want ya title." Becky said, before grinning, "And ya amazing arse."

Before Sasha had the chance to say another word Becky pulled a couple of inches of dildo out of her butt and reinserted it, officially starting the butt fucking. Again it was gently as possible, but Sasha was too overwhelmed with the feelings of a strap-on cock moving within her rectum for the first time in months to worry about why she was getting such gentle treatment. Then as her body relaxed and her ass remembered what it was like to be a receptacle for cock she almost forgot Becky was there, Sasha concentrating only on the unique sensation of pain turning to discomfort and then fading away to be replaced by the most unique pleasure she had ever felt, and had missed so much.

Becky hadn't been lying, she had missed this too. She had just underplayed how much she'd missed it, and if there was any doubt in Becky's mind that sodomising Sasha wasn't as good as she remembered it those thoughts were immediately gone the second Sasha's back hole opened for her and her cock slipped inside the other NXT diva's backside. Actually, just watching Sasha spreading her cheeks for her and offering Becky that tight little butt hole might have been enough, or even just playing with that gorgeous rump earlier. Definitely by the time she was officially arse fucking her former tag team partner Becky knew she had been missing out the past few months, which felt like years.

That settled it, Becky had to make Sasha hers. Ideally she would take the girl's title and turn her bitchy rival into her bitch. Then Becky would truly have everything she wanted. Oh yes, she would have the most coveted title in all of women's wrestling, and she would have Sasha Banks as her little lesbian bitch, eager and willing to fall to her knees and eat her pussy and spread her cheeks just like this and allow her to stuff that perfect arse of hers full of cock. Yes, Becky would be the champion and the Alpha female of NXT, and no one would mess with her because she actually turned the last champion/Alpha into her eager to please little lezzie slut.

Perhaps what really sealed Sasha's fate was the fact that she continued spreading her cheeks like a good little bitch, allowing Becky the perfect view of her dick pumping in and out of that cute little butt hole. Before that Sasha had given her the perfect view of every moment of the anal penetration, Becky not sure what she loved more, the sight of her cock slowly disappearing up the arse of the NXT women's champion, or her dildo sliding in and out of Sasha's back hole. Either way she just couldn't get enough.

Becky was so lost in that magnificent sight that she didn't even notice when Sasha started moaning loudly in pleasure. When she did a big grin crossed her face and she began butt fucking Sasha a little harder, but not enough to make the bitch cum. As planned this just seemed to annoy Sasha, the other girl trying to glare back from her current position, which Becky just found really cute. Then Sasha let go of her cheeks, grabbed firmly to the hard floor beneath them and lifted herself up onto all fours while still glaring at the Irish girl, something which again Becky found cute.

"Well? Aren't you going to fuck me harder?" Sasha accused.

Becky grinned, "Fuck ya where?"

"In my ass!" Sasha snapped, taking a calming breath before adding, "Please, fuck me in the ass. Please fuck me in the ass nice and hard and make me cum AAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Enjoying the cry Sasha let out after getting her arse slapped Becky challenged, "Oh Bosco, ya gonna have too do better than that. Come on, beg me to butt fuck The Boss. Beg me to butt fuck ya, like a boss. Beg me to pound ya butt and make ya cum, like a boss. Mmmmmmmmm, tell me you want to take it in the arse, like a boss, to get arse fucked like a boss, to cum with a dick up your arse like a fucking boss! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Bosco, ya wanna cum, then tell me The Boss wants to be my little bitch who loves taking it in the arse, like a boss!"

There it was, Becky's revenge, and Sasha was too horny to do anything except give her what she wanted and completely humiliate herself, "Oh God Becky, I hate you for making me do this, but please, make me cum. I... I want you to butt fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, I want you to butt fuck The Boss. I want you to butt fuck me like... like a boss. Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, I'm begging you Becky, I want you to butt fuck me, pound my butt hard and deep and make me cum! Mmmmmmmmmm, make me cum like a boss. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I want to take it in the ass, like a boss, to get ass fucked, like a boss, to cum with a dick up my ass like a fucking boss! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddd Becky, I wanna cum, please make me cum, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, The Boss wants to be your little bitch who loves taking it in the ass, like a boss aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee!"

With that Becky finally increased the pace and with it the amazing pleasure Sasha was feeling. Sure, it was slow at first, but just the slight increase encouraged Sasha to continue begging, especially as it promised so much more. To make sure she got more Sasha continued begging for as long as she could, but when Becky started to give her the rectum wrecking she had missed so much Sasha found she could barely think, let alone speak, the only things coming out of her mouth being deafening screams and squeals of pleasure which almost but not quite drowned out the sound of Becky's thighs smacking against her butt cheeks.

Oh how Sasha had missed this. Everything about it. Being bent over for another woman, another wrestler's thighs smacking into her cheeks and making them jiggle, and most importantly of all that big dildo hammering its way through her back passage, letting her know no matter what in that moment she was her rival's bitch. She was Becky's little butt slut, giving up her most private hole to a woman she had just fought for her title and yet she was the one subjected to the ultimate act of submission and absolutely loving every humiliating moment of it, Sasha almost wishing they could go back to the way things were and she could be Becky's personal anal whore again.

There were a lot of women in NXT who would just love the chance to destroy her ass hole and make The Boss their bitch, however Becky was easily the best butt fucker in the division. Even better than Sasha, not that she would ever admit it out loud. The redhead had just so effortlessly stretched her out and now Sasha felt nothing but pure ecstasy as Becky sodomised her to climax, not going to fast, not going too slow, but giving it to Sasha exactly how she wanted it, and when she came it was the kind of amazingly powerful climax Sasha could only get when being anally taken by Becky Lynch.

That climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until the amazingly powerful sensations melted together into a wonderful ecstasy Sasha prayed would never end. It was so overwhelmingly heavenly that for that moment the woman who proudly called herself The Boss, who had worked so hard to turn herself from a nerd into a Queen, from bottom to top, from the very bottom of the food chain right up to the champion and the Alpha female of NXT want to be nothing but Becky Lynch's bitch. And Sasha might even have begged for it, if she was in any condition to try. As she wasn't all she could do was literally crying at the force of her orgasms.

Even though she was unaware of it Sasha also started slamming herself back like a mad woman, Becky began finding this almost painfully cute. It happened every time she ass fucked Sasha, and oh how she had missed it, Becky timing her thrusts perfectly with the wild ones of her former friend's so together they could ensure that big dildo rammed as deep and as hard into Sasha's shit pipe as possible, perhaps literally wrecking the women's champion's rectum in the process, but definitely making Sasha cum hard, Becky taking great pride in making the other girl's cum squirt out of her cunt, just like old times.

Part of Becky, albeit a very sadistic part, hoped she would literally ruin Sasha's rectum. Perhaps if The Boss had to walk around with a forever gaping butt hole Sasha would finally realise her true place in life. That she was a bottom playing at being a top, and what she needed to do was stop pretending to be something that she wasn't and allow a real top like Becky to take over the responsibilities of Alpha female and champion, and more importantly completely become her bitch. Because as much as Becky wanted success in her chosen profession and that moment what she wanted more than anything else was Sasha Banks as her personal lesbian bitch.

When they had been a tag team Becky had been so close to achieving that goal, but outside of their apartment/hotel rooms Sasha had gone back to acting like she was Queen bee. Becky wanted the sweet submissive Sasha she had intimately gotten to know. Wanted to completely break The Boss Sasha Banks and turn her into an eager to please sub who was open about her addiction to taking it in the arse, Becky only too happy to remind Sasha how much she loved it up the butt with a brutal bowel wrecking perhaps harder than any that she'd ever given before, Becky becoming a mad woman as she relentlessly fucked her favourite piece of ass in all of the WWE.

Along the way Becky came several times herself, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising the women's champion and so-called Alpha female of NXT combining to make her have the most satisfying orgasms of her life. She fought through them at first, but inevitably they caught up with her. Fortunately by then Sasha was lying face down and whimpering in a clear sign that she couldn't take much more. Still, Becky forced herself to make Sasha cum a few more times with a sudden burst of adrenaline before she collapsed on top of her sweaty rival/lover, and even then she lazily pumped Sasha's pooper while biting into her neck as a way to mark her territory.

"Mmmmmmmm, guess ya just took it like a boss, huh Sasha?" Becky purred into the other girl's ear.

"Shut up." Sasha blushed, "Aren't you tired of that joke by now?"

"Na, because I know it still bothers ya." Becky taunted, before pulling her dildo out of Sasha's arse in one swift movement before whistling at her handiwork, "Wow Sasha, ya gaping almost as wide as Bayley's ruined hole!"

"Oh please." Sasha scoffed, "No way I could be gaping that wide."

Suddenly feeling a little paranoid Sasha slowly got to her feet, grabbed her bag from nearby, pulled out her tiny flip mirror she used to touch up her make-up and put it behind her so she could check for herself. Sure enough her ass hole remained stretched open, but no more than when a skilled ass pounder like Becky Lynch was usually finished with it. For a moment Sasha allowed relief to flood her body, then she glared at Becky who just grinned at her and shrugged.

"So I might have exaggerated a little." Becky said dismissively, "It's still pretty good though."

"Hardly." Sasha said, putting away her mirror and going to stand in front of her defeated opponent, "You just don't measure up to me Becky, and you never will."

Then without any prompting Sasha fell to her knees and wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on and frantically began cleaning Becky's cock. She just couldn't help herself, not that she tried. Like pretty much every other girl to pass through the WWE Sasha was addicted to the taste of ass, her own holding a special place in her heart, so of course she couldn't resist the chance to clean that dildo, Sasha even moaning like a shameless ass to mouth whore the second that wonderful flavour hit her taste buds, which naturally prompted her to suck greedily on the head of the strap-on.

Soon there wasn't a drop of butt cream left on the head and Sasha was sliding her lips down the shaft. Then up again, then down again, the process repeating itself as Sasha began bobbing her head up and down that dildo, going lower and lower until it literally entered her throat. Then she just kept going, refusing to stop until her lips were wrapped around the base and she was cleaning the very last drops of ass juice off of Becky's dick. After all, for most of her NXT career The Boss had been a bottom or at best a switch, and if she was going to be in the submissive role she should take pride in being able to give a decent blow job.

Normally in this situation Becky would stay silent, but that wasn't the case this time, "That's it Bosco, suck my dick, like a boss! Mmmmmmmmmm, clean my cock, like a boss! Clean it of your own ass cream, like a boss!"

No matter how much Sasha looked up at Becky and glared the Irish girl just continued like that, Sasha torn on begging for more of the wonderful butt fucking she had just received, or to beg for the chance to lick Becky's pussy or ass, or whether to finally turn the tables on her former tag team partner. After all, she had beaten Becky fair and square in the middle of the ring, so shouldn't she follow that up by really putting Becky in her place? Wasn't it time that she showed Becky what being a boss was all about by butt fucking her, like a boss?

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