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Like A Boss Part 2
by MTL (

Sasha Banks was so furious over what happened with Becky Lynch after their match at the NXT Take Over event. Not only had her ass hole been stretched wide and fucked hard for the first time in months, but Becky had somehow talked Sasha into going back to her place for a night of passionate lesbian sex. As that started with Becky eating her pussy Sasha hadn't minded it at first, but then her ex-girlfriend had sat on her face, smothering her with that yummy cunt the NXT women's champ just couldn't resist shamelessly licking. Then Becky had spent the rest of the night ramming Sasha's ass, the Alpha female of NXT cumming embarrassingly hard and frequently as she was butt fucked in just about every position.

Luckily Sasha had been able to sneak out the next morning before Becky woke up, and had avoided giving into the temptation to answer any of Becky's calls and texts, thus allowing her then gaping ass hole to slowly recover. Sure, her ass still yearned for Becky, and she could still taste her sweet flavour in her mouth, but it was time to move on. Reassert herself as The Boss of NXT by doing what she did best, dominating other women like a boss.

As the Alpha female of NXT she was spoilt for choice, as every diva on the roster was technically her bitch for the taking. However there were number of divas who would probably turn the tables on her, Becky being top of that list, so that somewhat limited her choice. There were a few pure bottoms though, and Sasha had her favourites, like dear sweet Bayley, Sasha very tempted to call her up so she could destroy that fat ass again. However seeing Bayley again would remind her of the hellacious butt pounding she received from Becky, which would put her off her game, which was the exact opposite of what she wanted tonight.

No, she needed a totally submissive little piece of ass who wouldn't remind her of Becky. A shameless lesbian slut who was just as addicted as Bayley to the feeling of Sasha's strap-on in her ass. And again while there were a few options, Sasha ultimately decided to call her second favourite butt slut. Someone who people thought was just a sweet and innocent as Bayley, but in reality was a depraved dyke whore. She wanted, no she needed Alexa Bliss, and luckily for Sasha she was just a quick phone call away.

So after a few minutes of shifting through her call list Sasha settled on Alexa's name and unwilling to wait she immediately dialled up the blonde and greeted her with, "Get your bitch ass over to my place."

"Ye, yes Sasha." Alexa squeaked into the phone just before her top hung up on her.

Alexa would have liked to have hesitated, even for a moment, but she didn't. Not unless you count checking herself in the mirror to make sure she looked her best for Sasha, or wondering whether she should shove a butt-plug up her ass, and she didn't, especially as that didn't take very long, Alexa concluding that she looked fine and the last time she'd plugged her butt without permission Sasha had spanked her ass bright red. She might do anyway, considering it sounded like she was in a bad mood, although that was all the more reason not to upset her, which was partly why Alexa raced over to her apartment. That and Alexa was eager to get fucked by the aggressive NXT women's champion.

It wasn't that long ago Alexa had been as innocent as could be, so much so she actually couldn't believe all the rumours she'd heard about the WWE women's division. After all, it seemed so crazy and unbelievable, surely it had to be a fantasy created by the fans. Then she met Sasha Banks who had quickly proven to her that the women of the WWE were obsessed with lesbian sex, Alexa quickly losing her lesbian cherry shortly followed by her anal cherry as the more confident girl robbed her of both. Alexa had been Sasha's eager lesbian slut ever since, Alexa greeting her Mistress with a smile as soon as Sasha opened the front door.

Instead of returning it with a smile of her own Sasha grabbed her, pulled Alexa inside her apartment, slammed the door closed and then roughly kissed her. Alexa eagerly kissed back, almost feeling giddy when Sasha pressed her up against the door and started sliding her hands over her body. She didn't normally get this much foreplay, Sasha normally just shoving her to her knees and ordering her to eat her pussy or even just bending her over right there for a butt fucking. This time Alexa not only got a kiss but a long making out session before Sasha inevitably pulled back, leaving a dazed but happy Alexa just leaning against the door and sighing dreamily.

Then Sasha turned around, pulled off her top and started to head for her bedroom, eventually calling out behind her, "Well, are you coming?"

Knowing that Sasha would probably become angry if she dawdled longer, and honestly not wanting too, Alexa quickly forced herself out of dreamland and scurried after the exotic beauty that was Sasha Banks. Alexa got to Sasha's bedroom just in time to see the NXT women's champion slip out of her underwear and get on the bed. This gave Alexa a great view of Sasha's body, the sight once again sending her to dreamland, which was a rookie mistake.

"Strip for me." Sasha said firmly, "Now!"

Sasha was a little annoyed that she had to prompt the ditzy blonde, twice now, but it was really hot having other women obeying her like this, and to her credit Alexa finally seemed like she was ready to be a good little slut for her, the other NXT diva quickly stripping off her clothes and then crawling onto the bed and then up her body to give Sasha a gentle kiss. Despite herself Sasha found it adorable how nervous Alexa almost always was at first considering all the perverted things she had seduced the beautiful blonde into, Sasha allowing the kiss to remain gentle for several minutes before adding a little roughness into the mix.

That included biting Alexa's lip almost hard enough to draw blood, then pulling back and practically growling in the other girl's face, "I'm not your girlfriend, I just own you. So start pleasuring me bitch."

There was a brief pause and then Alexa smiled cheekily, "As you wish."

With that Alexa lowered her head down to Sasha's right nipple, took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. Honestly Sasha was still so riled up from what happened with Becky that she didn't need much foreplay, but she certainly wasn't going to complain about receiving a little more. At least not at first. Alexa did have a tendency to keep playing with her tits until she was told to stop, but to be fair she was still pretty new to all this and thus still learning how to please a top, so Sasha cut her some slack.

Especially as it wasn't like she didn't enjoy it, Sasha even tangling her fingers in long blonde locks so she could guide Alexa back and forth between her tits. She also pressed down on the other girl's head whenever she wanted more of that tongue or mouth, and through trial and error she got what she wanted, Alexa eager as ever to lick and suck her nipples as required, proving that Sasha had either completely turned her out or the innocent girl wasn't as straight as she originally claimed. Either way the NXT division had another eager to please lesbian slut, and it was time for her to really please The Boss of NXT.

"Lower." Sasha moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm, lower you little slut! Eat my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, eat me, mmmmmmmm, eat me you bitch, oh fuck!"

Even though Sasha kept talking it was unnecessary. Alexa was already kissing her way down her body, pausing only to cover her flat stomach and then well-toned thighs in a few pecks before she took her rightful place. Then Alexa leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it from the bottom of Sasha's pussy right up to the top, making the champ let out a long moan of pleasure. And for the next few minutes that's pretty much all Sasha did. That and whimper, gasp and cry out, her newest slut once again impressing her with her oral skills.

Alexa let out a little moan of her own when the flavour of Sasha's cunt hit her taste buds, although it was drowned out by the champion's moan of pleasure. Which certainly made Alexa feel very proud of herself as she quickly established a steady rhythm, lapping up Sasha sounds of encouragement the same way she was eagerly lapping the other woman's cunt, the only reason that Alexa wasn't moaning the whole time was that she was fully concentrated on pleasing the dominant Alpha female. Well, that and getting as much of Sasha's honey as she possibly could, Alexa soon wrapping her mouth around the other girl's entrance so she could get at least the majority of Sasha's cream to flow pretty much directly down her throat and into her stomach where it belonged.

For a while that worked like a charm, Alexa's eyelids fluttering as she consumed pussy juice like the total cunt craving dyke she had become, and she was loving every minute of it. She loved it so much she no longer felt embarrassed about acting like such a slut. At least not right now. Later she might curse herself for allowing herself to become another woman's fuck toy, but for now she was far too lost in her desire for pussy to worry about that. In fact all her worries just melted away right now, Alexa having never been more blissfully happy than right now as her tongue was methodically sliding over Sasha's pussy lips.

Then Sasha's moans became less blissful and more frustrated, Alexa knowing it would be only a matter of time before she was ordered to make the champion cum. Surprisingly rather than going straight to the verbal abuse as usual Sasha reached out, grabbed her hair and then gently began stroking it. Alexa was pleasantly surprised by that soft encouragement, showing her gratitude by licking Sasha's pussy faster. Then Sasha rewarded that by tightening her grip and shoving Alexa's face as deep as it could go into her cunt, the brunette even grinding herself on the blonde's face as she finally started the verbal abuse.

"Fuck me! Fuck me you bitch!" Sasha snapped, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue. Mmmmmmmmm, stick your little dyke tongue inside my beautiful pussy and fuck me with it until you make me cum! Do it, tongue fuck me you fucking skank! Ooooooooh fuck, mmmmmmmmm, you better start tongue fucking me soon otherwise I'm not going to fuck your ass."

None of what Sasha said particularly bothered Alexa, especially the last thing as she knew it was an idle threat as there was no way Sasha was leaving here without giving her ass hole a serious pounding. No, it was her actions she had a problem with, not because she didn't love getting closer to that yummy treat until her world was consumed by Sasha's pussy, but because all the grinding meant that Alexa lost some precious pussy cream. Well, she didn't lose it, it ended up on her face. Which Alexa still enjoyed, but not as much as she would have done if she could have swallowed that yummy liquid. So she waited a couple of seconds to punish Sasha for her behaviour, and sulk, then she finally gave Sasha what she wanted, securing more of that precious cunt cream for herself, then later something even more yummy.

"Tongue fuck me bitch! Stick your little lezzie tongue inside me and fuck me you fucking whore! Do it now otherwise AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Sasha screamed, completely losing her train of thought.

Sasha continued screaming as she got exactly what she wanted, first Alexa's tongue deep inside her twat and then that tongue thrusting in and out of her eager cunt, her fellow NXT diva acting like a good little lesbian slut for her and being rewarded accordingly. That reward was first her screams and cries, then it was even more grinding as Sasha began frantically fucking the other girl's pretty face, before finally Sasha found her voice again, or at least enough to offer some verbal encouragement.


Even though she tried Sasha just couldn't keep it up. The pleasure was just too intense, her words dissolving again into mindless words of abuse and groans, gasps, whimpers, cries and screams of joy as she hurtled towards the edge of orgasm. And as she reached that edge Sasha was never more grateful that wrestling had always been her passion in life, the thing she excelled that and felt like she was put on this earth to do. She loved everything about the sport, but having a small army of eager pussy pleasers, even the most amateur of which could make her feel this good, oh it was heaven.

So much so it was tempting just to spend the whole night cumming in Alexa's pretty face, however Sasha was the NXT Alpha female and she came here to remind herself of that by pounding Alexa's tight little ass hole, so after her little slut had tongue fucked her to a climax or two Sasha yanked her head upwards and ordered, "Bend over bitch! Gimme that ass!"

Without hesitation Alexa positioned herself in the centre of the bed, pressed her face to the bed sheets and pushed her cute little ass in the air. Sasha was just as quick to retrieve a strap-on dildo from Alexa's toy collection, naturally the NXT women's champion choosing one of the biggest toys available to her and then quickly strapping it on. She then rubbed edible lubricant into her shaft and considered using the same liquid on Alexa's butt, however just looking at it caused her to practically drool. So instead she put the lube away, knelt behind Alexa and grabbed two handfuls of the other girl's butt.

"God, your ass is so freaking cute." Sasha grinned.

"Tha, thank you." Alexa blushed.

Then Alexa cried out as Sasha spread her cheeks and slid her tongue slowly from the blonde's clit all the way up over her cunt and ass hole. She then repeated that lick, just focusing on Alexa's ass crack, and then after a few licks like that Sasha finally began straight up licking the blonde's butt hole. Sasha's favourite thing to do with another girl's butt was by far fuck it, however a close second was lick it, and Alexa had a tasty little ass hole she just couldn't get enough of, Sasha happily giving her latest victim a nice long, drawn-out rim job, the brunette in no hurry to move on as this did a wonderful job of refuelling her energy so when the time came she would be completely ready to destroy the blonde's butt.

Alexa moaned, groaned, whimpered and cried out in pure pleasure as Sasha's tongue caressed her back door. God, she loved rim jobs. She loved giving them as well as receiving, as both made her feel so naughty, and yet there was just something extra naughty about having somebody lick her ass to prepare it for a fucking. Unfortunately not all tops did this, but out of the ones that did Sasha was by far the best, not just giving a few licks to make the hole wet but really committing, eventually even digging her tongue as deep as it would go into Alexa's ass, although only after what felt like at least an hour of thorough ass licking.

During that thorough rim job Alexa closed her eyes and completely relaxed, giving her butt hole completely to Sasha who was only too eager to use it for their mutual pleasure. Eventually those slow and gentle licks gave way to frantically fast licking and Sasha literally trying to push her tongue up Alexa's butt. And to the embarrassment of Alexa she succeeded, and not for the first time, relentless ass fuckings meaning that Alexa's ass hole eagerly parted for Sasha's tongue. Alexa even moaned because of it, and pushed her butt back against Sasha as for a while the other girl literally tongue fucked her slutty little ass.

Just when Alexa was going to beg for more Sasha shoved first one, then two fingers into her cunt, almost making her cum on the spot. Then Sasha pulled her head back, spat on the blonde's butt hole, pulled her fingers out of Alexa's cunt and then rammed those fingers up Alexa's ass. That, combined with how horny Alexa had gotten from eating Sasha's pussy and eagerly anticipating what this night would have in store since the moment her Mistress called her, made Alexa cum. It wasn't nearly her hardest ever, but it was noticeable, Sasha inevitably commenting on it.

"Erm, I'm sorry... did you just cum? From getting two fingers shoved up your slutty little ass? Really? God, what a whore!" Sasha mocked as she savoured having her fingers up to the knuckle inside Alexa's ass for a few seconds, then started anally pumping her prey, "What a dirty, disgusting, dyke whore you are for cumming just from another woman shoving her fingers in your lesbo butt. Oh, I'm sorry, cum from another woman's fingers in your dyke ass while girl cum is drying on your pretty little face. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I like my girls just like this, mmmmmmmmmmm, total anal sluts who cum just like that from being butt fucked."

On the words 'just like that', or more specifically the 'that' part of it, Sasha clicked her fingers and increased the pace until she was pounding Alexa's ass with what had to be every ounce of her strength. Sure enough this forced the blonde to cum again, but it was no where near as hard as when her ass was being destroyed by a big dildo. Yeah, fingering was fine when she was lezzing out with other submissive divas like Bayley, but when she was having sex with the likes of The Boss Alexa wanted to get her rectum wrecked. Luckily there was an easy way to get that. All she had to do was beg like the anal slut Sasha had turned her into.

"More! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh more! Fuck me!" Alexa moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your big cock! Ooooooooooooh Sasha, please ram your big girl cock up my dyke ass and make me cum hard like the anal slut I am! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Sasha, this feels soooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddddddd, but I need more. I need to get my dyke ass stretched. I need it stretched out so good that when you're done with it it's loose and useless, mmmmmmmmmmm, please turn my ass hole into just a used up fuck hole. Please tear my butt hole wide open and wreck my fucking rectum. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, please Sasha, I want your dick up my ass! I need your dick up my ass!"

"You want it?" Sasha pushed.

"Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!" Alexa squealed.

"Then spread your cheeks for me Princess." Sasha ordered, pulling her fingers out of Alexa's ass and then slapping that ass as hard as she could.

Sasha grinned widely as Alexa once again proved herself to be a submissive little bitch by quickly reaching back and grabbing her ass cheeks before slowly pulling them apart to reveal the little bitch hole Sasha was going to use for her pleasure. Briefly she was reminded of her own recent submission, Sasha vividly remembering spreading her cheeks for Becky Lynch, which caused her to grit her teeth, quickly press the tip of the strap-on dick against Alexa's cute little butt hole and then ram forwards as hard as she could, not only penetrating but anally invading the blonde with over a quarter of the dildo in that first thrust.

This of course caused Alexa to cry out and briefly let go of her cheeks, but that was quickly followed by a moan of pleasure, the fact that Alexa had been getting her butt brutalised since before her debut meaning that it was very easy for her slutty ass to adjust to this latest invasion. Sasha found it so amusing that she almost forgave Alexa for letting go of her cheeks. Almost. But Sasha was in a bad mood, and she just couldn't resist raising her hand and bringing it down hard several times on those cute little butt cheeks, Alexa squirming so much that the dildo slipped out of her ass hole, which really pissed Sasha off.

"How dare you let go of your cheeks!" Sasha initially snapped, and then when Alexa dared to let the dick slipped from her ass she gave a series of extra hard strikes and practically screeched, "So what, my dick suddenly not good enough for you?"

"NO, please Sasha, stick your dick back in my ass, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmmm!" Alexa whimpered, desperate for the anal penetration to continue and then crying out and moaning when it did, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, please Sasha, get your dick up my ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, I'm so sorry for making it fallout, ooooooooooooh, and letting go of my cheeks, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck, here, I can spread them for you again if you like? Is that better Sasha? Do you like it when your bitches spread their ass cheeks so you can watch your dick disappearing up their slutty little asses?"

"You know I do." Sasha grinned, "Mmmmmmmmm, keep spreading those cheeks until I tell you otherwise bitch, I want to get the best look possible of my dick owning your ass hole!"

Even though Sasha was somewhat tempted to push Alexa's hands off her cheeks again and resume the spanking, perhaps giving it to her harder and rougher than ever before, there was nothing she loved more than a submissive bitch spreading her cheeks while getting her ass stuffed, which was why Becky had known it would be so effective on her. Once again Sasha let out a animalistic-like growl as she pushed thoughts of Becky out of her mind and concentrated on the cute little hole she had stretching in front of her. Luckily that wasn't difficult, because as cute as Alexa Bliss looked normally she was at least 10 times cuter face down and taking it up the ass.

She took it really easily too, it feeling like only seconds in between re-entering that cute little forbidden hole and the moment that Sasha's thighs connected with Alexa's ass cheeks, announcing Sasha had inserted every single inch of her strap-on cock deep within the rectum of her little Pixie Princess. Sure, Sasha recalled practically drooling as inch after inch of dildo disappeared into the other girl's butt hole, but really it had gone by way too fast. To try and make up for that Sasha made sure that her first few thrusts were extremely slow so she could enjoy every second of watching her dick pumping in and out of Alexa Bliss's back door.

Alexa moan shamelessly as she officially began to be sodomised by another woman. It wasn't that long ago she was embarrassed when she talked about just kissing another girl, and when she first got to NXT she was extremely embarrassed about the fact that nearly every other woman on the roster passed her around like a cheap toy, all of them violating her ass so hard, rough and frequently that Alexa thought that she would never truly recover. And in the way she never did, all those ass fuckings changing her from the definition of innocence to a total lesbian anal whore who just couldn't get enough of other women fucking her in the butt.

She hadn't even been in NXT very long and already her ass had become so loose that she had barely felt any pain from the initial anal penetration, none from the ass stretching, and now her cute little butt was being pumped Alexa was in total bliss, pun intended. Oh yes, the pain she had felt when she initially lost her anal cherry was like a distant memory, so distant it almost felt like something that happened to somebody else. All Alexa could really remember about being butt fucked was the countless climaxes she'd had while being anally rammed, each one more powerful than anything she'd ever experienced before with anything else.

Alexa smiled blissfully as she remembered the greatest night of her life, where after Wrestlemania 30 she had been seduced and mercilessly fucked by Charlotte and Sasha, the woman who was now sodomising her so skilfully popping her anal cherry and turning her forbidden hole into a dick craving orifice. She just hadn't been able to get enough that night, begging for more as Sasha and Charlotte took turns pounding her ass hole as the other either pounded her pussy or made Alexa clean their cocks, normally the former after the latter, Alexa being spit roasted and DP'ed all night long until there was nothing left of her but a quivering mess.

Shortly after that she had of course tried anal with a man, and it was an incredible thrill to feel him blow his load deep into her butt, his spunk still oozing out of Alexa's back hole days later and making her feel like a total slut. But for the type of quivering multiple orgasms she'd received that first night it had to be a woman pounding her ass. Ideally the woman who introduced her to the joys of anal sex, and so much more, Alexa happily allowing Sasha to have her way with her for a long time. It helped that Alexa loved it just as much as Sasha did. However ultimately the pleasure turn to an aching need to cum, and while Alexa held out for as long as she could ultimately she just had to beg for more.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder!" Alexa whimpered, becoming increasingly desperate, "Please, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, pound my butt! Fuck my slutty little dyke ass hole as hard as you can and make me cum! Pleaseeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck it, fuck my little ass hole! Mmmmmmmmmm, leave it gaping wide open! Leave my slutty little dyke ass hole gaping wide open because you fucked it soooooooooooo goooooooooooodddddddddddd oooooooooooooh Goooooooooooodddddddddddddd! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me and make me cum!"

"You want it? Earn it bitch!" Sasha challenged, "Get in doggy and thrust that cute little ass of yours back at me. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, show me how badly you wanna get butt fucked like the slut you are!"

Eagerly obeying Alexa let go of her butt cheeks, lifted herself up onto all fours and then started impaling herself on Sasha's strap-on. The first few thrusts were gentle, Alexa finding her groove, but once she had established a steady rhythm she quickly picked up the pace until she was hammering her own ass hole and squealing in pleasure while Sasha laughed at her, smacked her ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and probably turn pink, or maybe even red. Finally, inevitably, Sasha began talking trash, to Alexa's shame every word driving her closer to climax.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhh bitch, bounce that booty!" Sasha laughed in between slaps to Alexa's ass, "Bounce that booty like the nasty little ho you are! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeah, everybody thinks you're this perfect Pixie Princess, but you're not, are you? Na, you're my slut. You're my little cunt loving dyke slut who can't get enough of this girl cock up her slutty little ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love it, I know you do, oooooooooooooh, so tell me. Tell me just how much you love being my little lezzie bitch, and maybe, just maybe I'll give you the privilege of cumming with my cock up your tight little ass."

"I love it! I love being your bitch." Alexa quickly replied, willing to say anything to achieve her orgasm, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd, I love being Sasha Banks's little lezzie bitch! Yessssssssssss, I'm your bitch Sasha, all of us NXT divas are your bitches, and I love it! I love the fact that I'm just one of many pieces of ass you have at your disposal, mmmmmmmmmmm, yours to use whenever you want. Oooooooooooh and I love your cock in my ass! I love your big cock in my tight little ass, mmmmmmmmmm, and I love eating your pussy and ass, burying my face inside you and pleasing you like the submissive slut I am, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I just love everything about being your little lezzie bitch. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, please Sasha, please make your bitch cum! Mmmmmmmmmm, make your Pixie Princess cum. Please-"

"Ok, that's enough bitch." Sasha interrupted, growing impatient and wanting to really pound some ass, "Just shut up and take it like a bitch, while I butt fuck you like a boss! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm the boss around here and you're just my bitch! Yeahhhhhhhhh, you're nothing but my fucking ass whore! My butt slut! My little anal loving Pixie Princess!"

With that Sasha grabbed hold of Alexa's hips and immediately started to Jack-Hammer her own hips back and forth, driving the dildo even deeper and harder into Alexa's ass than before. The impact of those meeting her cheeks made Alexa feel like she was being spanked, the sound of it almost as loud as her squeals of pleasure, and yet she was barely aware of it because she was lost in the most blissful pleasure she had ever known, the joy of completely submitting to another woman by letting them fuck her in the ass, Alexa finally going over the edge it felt like she had been on for a lifetime.

Her first orgasm sent her into overdrive, Sasha following suit so it was like both women were literally trying to destroy Alexa's ass hole. At the very least Alexa had no doubt that her butt hole would be gaping open for hours after this powerful butt fucking, maybe even days, and sitting down or even using the bathroom would be agony, the seemingly innocent girl having to use every trick in the book to avoid putting any weight on her brutalised behind. Of course it would be all worth it for the incredible pleasure she was feeling now, Alexa's eyes rolling in the back of her head and her face scrunching up as she experienced yet another powerful orgasm.

After that her climaxes came quick and hard, her cum literally beginning to squirt out of her cunt almost painfully as she became a wild animal frantically slamming back against its mate in an attempt to maximise her own pleasure. For a while she succeeded, especially as she thought no matter what happened in the future in this moment she was truly The Boss's bitch. The NXT women's champion's bitch. Oh yes, she was the submissive little bitch of Sasha Banks, nothing but an ass on legs to the superior woman, her most private hole a fuck hole to this little stud, who thankfully kept pounding her butt even as Alexa completely ran out of steam.

Sasha didn't particularly like Alexa. Mostly she found her annoying, which was why destroying her ass hole was such a pleasure. That and no matter how many times she fucked it that wonderful little hole remained nice and tight, and her body was great and most importantly of all she had a lot of stamina. Partly thanks to her years as a cheerleader, partly because Sasha had personally made sure she got plenty of practice being an ass whore for the dominant women of NXT. As a result Sasha could sodomise this little twerp for hours, even without taking a break.

It looked like Alexa needed a break now, the blonde finally collapsing face down in exhaustion but as she remained conscious Sasha continued to ruthlessly brutalise her butt hole, wanting to squeeze one final orgasm or two out of this passionate butt fuck. And by that, she of course meant make herself cum at least one more time, Sasha making Alexa cum again in seconds while holding back on her own satisfaction to savour this dominance, what happened with Becky long forgotten as she wrecked Alexa's rectum with the sadistic smile on her face.

Unfortunately the second she thought of Becky brought Sasha right back to the NXT women's locker room where she had bent over and taken it up the ass for the first time in months. It was extra unfortunate as it pushed her over the edge, the stimulator on her clit and the intoxicating combination of completely dominating one woman while remembering how she had completely submitted to another only a short time ago making Sasha cum embarrassingly hard. So much so that she actually stopped for a few long seconds, Sasha's adrenaline instantly leaving her and her body feeling like it was suddenly unbearably heavy.

However Sasha refused to end this ass fucking with thoughts of how her ex had fucked her ass, so she gritted her teeth, tightened her grip on Alexa's hips and forced herself to continue fucking the other girl's butt. Alexa whimpered in pain at first, but quickly she was moaning in pleasure again, even pushing her ass back and up into the thrusts. For her part Sasha had trouble re-establishing a rhythm, but when she did it didn't take long for her to start slamming Alexa's ass again, although in her mind it was Becky's butt, that fantasy helping her achieve the final orgasm she wanted while butt fucking Alexa to a powerful climax of her own.

With that final climax Sasha spread the other NXT diva's butt cheeks and slowly pulled her dildo out of Alexa's butt. Sasha grinned widely as she did this as she got to watch inch after inch of strap-on slowly sliding out of Alexa's back hole until finally the whole thing was out, leaving her bitch's ass hole gaping wide open. That wonderful sight returned a lot of strength to Sasha, or at least some adrenaline, the NXT women's champion becoming lost in staring into the bowels of one of her competitors via the gaping crater which used to be innocent little Alexa Bliss's butt hole.

Then she slapped that ass, pulled back and ordered, "Clean my dick bitch!"

Like the well-trained bitch she was Alexa quickly turned around and wrapped her lips around Sasha's strap-on. Well, there might have been a moment of hesitation before actually taking the cock into her mouth, the little pixie princess obviously still disgusted with herself for doing this given the way she scrunched up that cute little nose of hers and pulled a face, but when she actually began to suck she moaned. She fucking moaned from tasting the deepest part of her ass on that strap-on cock, something Sasha just had to taunt her about.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love the taste of your own ass, don't ya?" Sasha laughed, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love the taste of your slutty little ass on my big dick, so go ahead and suck it slut! Suck my dick! Oh yeah, you look so good with a cock in your mouth, my little cock sucker. Mmmmmmmm, come on, take it deep into your mouth and down your throat. Come on, lower... lower... lower... yes, that's it bitch! Mmmmmmmm, stuff that cock into your fucking throat! Fuck, that's so hot. Take it! Take every inch down your throat and give my cock a thorough cleaning you little ATM whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, don't stop until you get every drop. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, don't stop until you get every drop of your slutty little ass off my cock!"

At first Alexa seem to savour the taste of the deepest part of her ass like that to ATM slut that Sasha had turned her into. Then when Sasha told her to go lower Alexa began bobbing her head up and down the dildo, eventually pushing it inch by inch into her throat, just the way she had been taught. Eventually, after some choking and gagging, Alexa's kind of big nose was pressing against Sasha's hipbone and held it for pretty much around the base of the strap-on, most of the dildo down the submissive blonde's throat and most if not all the ass juice consumed yet still Alexa was greedily sucking.

Sasha laughed wickedly, patted the pretty blonde hair in front of her, and of course continue to taunt her little bitch as Alexa held that position for an impressive amount of time before going right back to bobbing her head up and down the cock, this time sliding her lips up and down the full length of Sasha's dildo. As this happens Sasha debated on what position she would fuck Alexa in next, what exactly she would do to her, and perhaps most importantly who was the next lucky NXT, or possibly WWE, diva to get reminded that she was The Boss around here.

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