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Like A Boss Part 3
by MTL (

Taking her frustrations out on Alexa Bliss and her cute little ass made Sasha Banks feel a lot better about herself, and after that she had spent a week dominating the submissive lesbian sluts of NXT, but it just wasn't enough. She needed a big win to solidify the fact that she was the boss around here. Specifically, she had to top another top. And not just top them, but bend them over and shove her strap-on deep into their ass. Butt fuck them until she broke them completely, Sasha showing them off to the other tops to let them know she was THE true Alpha female around here. For that, she would have to take down Paige.

Becky? Yes, it did occur to her to take down that arguably easier target, but even after what she did to her Sasha wasn't sure she could actually go through with turning out her ex-girlfriend. Paige though, Sasha was sick and tired of that bitch. She thought she was so high and mighty just because she was arguably the current WWE Alpha female, but the diva's division on the main roster was a joke compared to the one in NXT, and it was about time Paige learnt that went double for their Alpha females. She could totally top Paige. She would top Paige. She just had to confront the other Alpha female and be firm with her.

Paige wasn't that hard to find, but Sasha decided against confronting her on her own turf, especially as the other WWE divas might help. Or at least Paige could ordered them to help her. So instead Sasha stalked her pray, following her out of the parking lot before slowly sneaking up on her from behind. The plan had been to just knock her out, take her somewhere private, and then spank her ass into submission. But as if expecting this Paige turned around at the last second. For a moment Sasha was caught off guard, then she smiled wickedly at her target, quietly telling herself she could do this.

"Can I help you Sasha?" Paige asked in that sexy little accent of hers.

Sasha smiled almost sweetly, "You can bend over and take it up the ass like the bitch you are."

"Awww, how sweet, you're trying to top me." Paige laughed, reaching out and pinching Sasha's cheek, "That's adorable."

Slapping Paige's hand away Sasha close the distance between them and smirked, "Really Paige? Was it adorable when AJ gaped your ass hole in front of everybody? Yeah, I heard about that. I heard about how you were a good little anal slut for AJ, right up until she left. Now everybody who ever pinned AJ is claiming they are the Alpha female, but the only place that's not in debate is NXT. Because in NXT, there is a real woman running the show. A true Alpha female. The greatest female champion of all time. The Boss, Sasha Banks."

Paige glared as Sasha held up her title, then pointed out, "Really Sasha? You're a true Alpha female? Because I heard you loved taking it up the ass for Becky last week, and you spent the last year being her little anal slut."

Sasha blushed and inwardly fumed. Had Becky said anything? Or had one of her sluts talked? Either way someone was going to pay for this, Sasha spending a few seconds fantasising about her revenge before Paige started talking again. The first part was just another threat so Sasha didn't really pay much attention, but the second part very much interested her, an evil grin crossing her face and thoughts of revenge were immediately replaced by the thought of gaping Paige. Which would still technically be revenge for the many ass fuckings Paige had given her, but whatever. The point was Sasha was happy again, as Paige walked right into a trap.

"So what you say, you have the guts to come over to mine?" Paige challenged.

"Oh yeah." Sasha grinned, "Then we'll see who ends up on top."

"Yeah, we will." Paige growled menacingly.

* * *

The truth was that things hadn't been going so well for Paige for the last few weeks, or months for that matter. She had been losing constantly, and with almost every loss her arse was fucked. Not just once either, but over and over again, Paige's most private hole used like a cheap whore's cunt, and not even by women she could respect, but by the fucking Bellas. Those worthless models, who unlike her were reality stars first and wrestlers a distant second, were passing her arse back and forth like it was a cheap toy, and now Alicia Fox had joined them they barely bothered making her eat their pussies any more, instead preferring to literally gang bang her butt until her back hole was gaping obscenely wide and she was struggling to remember what it was like to be a top.

So no matter how much Sasha wanted to top her Paige needed to top the uppity NXT women's champion. She needed it more than Sasha could ever imagine. Because if she couldn't top Sasha Banks tonight then Paige might as well give up completely and become a full-time bottom. Or even admit she was the Bellas' bitch, something that she'd only been able to keep secret because Nikki said it amused her that 'Paige was still walking around telling anyone who would listen she was the Alpha female winning reality everybody knows she's just a bottom who loves it up the butt', something Paige had to prove wasn't true tonight.

Despite this fact as she anticipated Sasha's arrival Paige couldn't help turn around and admire her own arse in the mirror. Growing up Paige had body issues, like most girls, but after having the likes of AJ Lee, Natalya, and even the Bellas drooling over her backside while they fucked it, constantly telling her how hot it was and how it was an amazing fuck hole, she'd grown to be quite proud of her bum. Even if her 'fuck-able' arse had got her into trouble recently. Although it also led to the greatest orgasms of her life, Paige smiling dreamily as she closed her eyes and envisioned a thick, long rubber cock slamming her shit pipe.

She then opened her eyes in horror and desperately tried to think dominant thoughts. Try and get in the mind frame of the butt buster who had first come to the WWE intent on winning the diva's title and turning all the other divas into her anal loving bitches. Like she had succeeded doing in NXT, before AJ had popped her anal cherry on the main roster, and left Paige with this infuriating desire for dick up her arse. A desire she was going to forget all about after she took the ass of The Boss Sasha Banks and showed her who really was boss around here.

"Hey bitch." Sasha said as she burst through the unsurprisingly unlocked door, locked it behind her and then she began advancing on her pray and asked Paige, "You ready to get your ass fucked."

Paige almost said yes, but instead she smirked and said, "You first."

There was a moment the two divas just stared at each other, and then they attacked. But instead of punches or forearms like when they were in the ring they grabbed each other, crashed their bodies together and almost literally shoved their tongues down each other's throats. Those tongues then battled for dominance as Paige and Sasha frantically clawed at each other. This led to clothes tearing, which was unfortunate as Sasha like this outfit. But she wasn't going to look weak by complaining about it. Then again she didn't want anything to happen to her jewellery, especially her signature Boss necklace, so she broke the kiss to take those things off. Which gave Paige a chance to 'pants' her.

Sasha then returned the favour, before both divas literally tore the shirts, bras and panties off of each other. All that was left was for Sasha to kick off her heels and the two WWE divas were naked in a hotel room together. Briefly Sasha worried about how she was going to get back to her own room without any wearable clothes, before concluding Paige probably had an ugly oversized T-shirt or something she could put on in the early hours of the morning and sneak back to her room without anybody seeing her. Then she put it out of her mind as she pushed Paige down onto the bed and tried to sit on her face, only for Paige to flip her over and tried the same thing.

"Eat my pussy." Paige growled, before she was flipped onto her back again.

"You eat mine!" Sasha demanded.

They went back and forth like this for a few minutes, trying to get the other into various different positions before eventually Sasha sighed, turned around and crawled in between Paige's legs, positioning her pussy over the extremely pale white girl's face. Accepting this compromise Paige went limp and finally allowed Sasha to lower herself down onto that pretty face, although typically the stubborn English girl refused to start pleasing her until Sasha took her first lick of Paige's cunt. After that Paige licked her pussy like it was her job, Sasha moaning happily as she got what she wanted. Sort of. After all, this was only the warm up, as dominance in the WWE divas division was all about butt sex. As in who fucked butt and who got their butt fucked, and Sasha was confident which she was going to be tonight.

In the meantime, damn, Paige was a fine pussy licker. In fact, the first Alpha female of NXT had became such an enthusiastic muff muncher that Sasha almost thought she was sitting on Bayley's face for a second. It was very distracting, which gave Sasha an excuse to slack off returning the favour, Paige so distracted she didn't even notice for a few long minutes. Then she did, stopping the pussy licking until Sasha went back to licking hers, which was actually only a few seconds as eating this tasty pussy was hardly punishment for Sasha. It just brought back a few too many memories of eating Paige out before the pale beauty fucked her up the butt, Sasha's butt hole quivering as she remembered what it was like to be Paige's bitch.

For once, Paige wasn't actually thinking about getting her ass fucked. No, she was too busy gobbling up as much as Sasha's tasty cunt cream as she could, and cursing herself for not going down on Sasha more when she had been the Alpha female of NXT. In fact, she couldn't remember if she'd ever actually done this before. To be fair, some things had happened to her lately which made it hard for her to think back to her days as a pure top, but she remembered plenty of times before shoving her cunt in Sasha's face or Sasha's face into her cunt, but none of the other way around which at this moment seemed like a tragedy. Because damn, Sasha had one tasty twat, and Paige couldn't get enough of it.

Reaching up Paige grabbed hold of Sasha's cute little ass and shoved it downwards onto her face so she could drive her tongue nice and deep into the other girl's cunt. She was rewarded for this with even more cunt cream, Paige wrapping her lips gently around Sasha's entrance so at least the majority of the cream flowed directly into her mouth, down her stomach and into her tummy were it belonged. She was also rewarded in the form of a loud moan from Sasha, the vibrations feeling oh so good against her pussy, not to mention the mental pride of making another woman moan like that for her, and more importantly beating Sasha to the punch.

Not that it was long before Sasha was returning the favour, which in itself was a reward as Paige could never complain about a talented girl tongue entering her twat, especially when that talented girl tongue immediately started to fuck her. And this talented tongue knew exactly how to please her pussy, all those nights in NXT together making it very easy for Sasha to push Paige to the edge of orgasm. Sasha also moved her hands to Paige's arse, squeezing it and using it as leveraged to fuck her with, and to her shame even that reminded her being treated like a piece of ass, anally taken over and over again by women who should be strictly submissive bitches.

Thanks to those thoughts she was the first to cum, but the second she did she was distracted from the submissive thoughts and her body kicked into autopilot, quickly fucking an orgasm out of Sasha in retaliation. After that the two female wrestlers went back and forth, constantly cumming in each other's mouths and faces, fighting to swallow the most cum and make the other cum harder. Somewhere in the middle of it Paige pushed her finger into Sasha's arse and made her cum extra hard. Of course Sasha returned the favour, but Paige was proud of herself for thinking of it first, especially as after that thinking became extremely hard for her.

Sasha wasn't sure how long they stayed like that. She did know that part of her was tempted just to stay like that for the rest of the night, but she had come here to fuck some ass, and she was determined to do it no matter what. So, shortly after shoving a second finger up Paige's ass, but before the other girl could return the favour she rolled off of Paige and then the two of them just lay there for what had to be several minutes, both gasping for breath and fighting to regain some energy. Then Paige decided to move, Sasha deciding to wait until the last minute to counter whatever she was doing to save energy.

As a result they nearly bumped heads, the two girls giggling for a moment before all levity was gone and they both attacked. Specifically each other's lips. And tongues, Sasha and Paige practically choking each other as they frantically made out, exchanging a lot of each other's cum and pussy cream in the process. That two went on for several minutes, until Paige broke the kiss, pulled back slightly and then gave Sasha a wicked smile, the kind which would have turned her legs to jelly back when she considered herself a pure bottom. But not now! Now she had to remain strong.

"So, how about you bend over?" Paige grinned.

"You first." Sasha said, returning the grin.

There was a long pause and then Paige offered, "How about a deal?"

Sasha narrowed her eyes suspiciously but eventually grumbled, "I'm listening."

"You bend over and gimme your sweet little arse." Paige said, quickly adding a Sasha tried to interrupt, "Then when I'm done with that fuck hole you call an ass hole, you can do whatever you want with my arse. If you're still conscious after cumming so fucking hard with my dick up your butt."

Automatically Sasha opened her mouth to refuse, but then she paused to think about it. She knew Paige could be a stubborn as she was, and they could spend all night arguing who should take it up the ass, and honestly Sasha was horny and didn't want to stop having sex with Paige just because she refused to compromise. Besides, she was The Boss Sasha Banks, and she could take one little ass fucking and still be raring to pound Paige's pale little booty. Plus Paige could dish out a great butt fucking, and after what had went down with Becky Sasha's butt hole was aching for some attention.

So eventually Sasha replied, "Fine, but enjoy my ass while you can Paige, cause you're going to be the one unconscious from a butt fucking, courtesy of The Boss."

"Ah, just shut up and bend over, like a Boss." Paige teased, slapping Sasha's rump.

For a second or two Sasha glared at her rival for that, but then she got on all fours and waited. She wasn't waiting that long, Paige immediately retrieving a big strap-on dildo and then returning. Unfortunately that was when things slow down, Paige taking her time when it came to stepping into the harness, pulling it up her thighs, securing it around her waist and then finally covering it with lube. With the last thing she spent most of her time grinning at Sasha, in turn Sasha trying and failing to stare back without blushing as her traitorous ass hole was already practically aching for that dildo to be pushed into it.

Paige briefly considered using the lube on Sasha's bum hole, but there was just no way she could resist burying her face in between those juicy cheeks and licking her tasty prize. Especially when she could remember just how good Sasha's little arse tasted, Paige bought right back to her time in NXT when Sasha had been a total bottom, and she had been a total top. Oh how Paige missed those days. Now at best she was flip-flopping back-and-forth, butt banging other divas one day while getting her butt banged the next, Paige vividly remembering how the last time she had given a rim job it was to the fucking Bellas before they took turns pounding her poor arse hole until it was sore and gaping open. Just like Sasha's back hole was about to be.

Desperately trying to refocus on being dominant Paige grabbed both of Sasha's ass cheeks, pulled them apart and pulled back a few inches so she could study her prize. The cute little puckered hole which had been virgin only two years ago. Until Paige had popped that anal cherry and made this forbidden hole her personal fuck hole and Sasha Banks her bitch. Oh yes, no matter how tough Sasha might act her ass would always belong to Paige. Just as Paige's ass would always belong to AJ, but AJ was gone from the company and not coming back, so Paige was free to take what was rightfully hers.

With that in mind Paige intentionally salivated and then spat onto Sasha's arse hole before leaning down to rub it in with her tongue. She then repeated the process a couple of times before settling in to give Sasha a long drawn-out rim job to prepare this hole for the fucking of a lifetime. Yes, Paige was going to pound Sasha's arse until she forgot all about her recently submissive tendencies and became the purely dominant butt buster she was always meant to be. Or until Sasha passed out from anal induced orgasms. Whichever came first.

Despite their little deal Paige had no intention of ever giving up her arse hole to Sasha. It was bad enough she was the Bellas' butt slut, no way was she going to let her ass stretched for anyone else. And you know what, the next time Paige saw those talentless bitches she was going to do to them what she was about to do to Sasha, the English girl finally feeling like her old self as she pushed her tongue into the American girl's ass hole. The fact that she got her tongue pretty deep into The Boss's ass was a pretty decent indication that Sasha had been recently sodomised, which made Paige grin with delight into her rival's butt.

Sasha was normally quite mouthy when she was getting her ass licked, especially now it was a sign of respect from bitches or a form of them begging for a butt fucking. Except now it was her butt which was going to be fucked, and Sasha knew if she allowed herself to say anything she would end up insulting the other girl, and Paige could throw it right back in her face by reminding her what she was about to do to her ass hole, and Sasha just couldn't take that kind of verbal abuse right now. Not when Paige's skilled tongue was reminding her how much fun it was to be a bottom, a big part of Sasha tempted to embrace her old life again. Not as much as when she had been topped by Becky, but it was still significant.

Luckily just as those submissive feelings were becoming overwhelming Paige pulled back and, after briefly sucking her fingers, pushed her index finger into Sasha's ass hole. Which thanks to the long drawn-out rim job didn't hurt that much, but the invasion was hard and fast, Paige entering her ass as fast as she'd ever entered it before, which made Sasha cry out in pain. The fact that she then cried out in pleasure as her ass quickly relaxed didn't matter, nor did the fact that she then moaned pretty consistently as Paige began pumping that finger in and out of her butt hole. The pain and the annoyance of being quickly penetrated had woken Sasha up from her submissive thoughts and now she went back to trying to keep herself as quiet as possible. Which wasn't very.

Sasha tried her best, doing things like gritting her teeth, digging her nails into the bed, etc. But Paige was just so skilled at stretching asses and effortlessly made Sasha's traitorous ass hole, relax and ache to be fucked by something bigger. And more fingers just wasn't going to cut it, although she did appreciate Paige adding first one and then two fingers so there were three in total stretching her butt hole. She also appreciated that Paige pulled those fingers into her mouth to make extra sure they were nice and wet, and of course to taste Sasha's ass again, as it made this whole situation nice and nasty, just the way Sasha liked it.

What Sasha didn't appreciate was the constant verbal abuse of her since the end of the rim job, Paige moaning happily about how 'her arse hole was so tight and fuck-able' and how 'her arse was made for fucking' and 'she couldn't wait to fuck it' etc. Which Sasha had all heard before, from Paige, Becky and various different NXT divas until she turned the tables on them, but there was only so many times someone could call her an ass whore before she had to respond, regardless of the consequences. She also just couldn't take the teasing anymore.

"Shut up and fuck me!" Sasha snapped, "Fuck me Paige, so I can fuck you."

"Oh, so now you want me to fuck you, huh?" Paige teased, "Well then beg for it properly then. Mmmmmm yeah, come on Sasha, we both know you have plenty of practice begging like a whore to be anally reamed, so let's hear it. Beg me like a good little anal whore and I'll fuck your ass, but if you're a little bitch and insulting I'll spank your hot little butt instead."

Sasha gritted her teeth and after a brief pause begged, "Fuck me. Please fuck me Paige. Fuck my ass! Oh fuck, fuck me up the ass! Ass fuck me like a little bitch! Fuck me like the anal whore I am! Fuck me, oh fuck... fuck me like a boss! Fuck The Boss up the butt like the butt slut I am! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, like a boss! Oh fuck!"

Paige slowly, oh so slowly pulled apart Sasha's left arse cheek with her left hand while using the right to grab the base of her dildo and guided against her target. However instead of shoving it straight in like she normally did she chose to tease the other girl, sliding it up and down her crack for several long minutes, making Sasha whimper in frustration and need. Paige giggled evilly at Sasha's distress and savoured it for a few long seconds before finally giving her little bitch what she so desperately wanted. Not too quickly though. In fact Paige stretched Sasha's bum hole as slowly as possible, although that wasn't much considering how slutty Sasha's butt was after years of pounding.

Sure enough in what felt like no time at all the head slipped inside Sasha's arse, making the NXT women's champion let out a sharp gasp followed by a long moan. Paige then savoured the sight of the head of her cock buried in Sasha's bum, then she began pushing forwards, again as slowly as possible so she could get every bit of enjoyment out of this. After all she hadn't been lying before, it had been way too long since she'd fucked Sasha up the arse, and now she finally had The Boss right where she wanted her there was no way Paige was going to rush sodomising her rival.

Having butt fucked Sasha countless times, and having passed her around like a piece of meat when she first arrived in NXT Paige knew she didn't have to be so gentle. That Sasha could take every single inch of her dick in a few hard thrusts and love it. However in the name of teasing her Paige waited until about half of her dildo was buried in Sasha's butt before she moved her hands to the champion's cheeks and spread them wide open were she began to pump her hips back and forth, officially beginning the ass fucking. Which of course made Sasha whimper and moan in a mixture of frustration and pleasure, something which Paige immediately capitalised on.

"Awww, what's wrong Sasha? Is it that I'm not giving you every inch?" Paige gleefully teased, "Mmmmmmmm, well don't worry, I know what you want, and I'm going to give it to you. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, I know you want every single inch of this big dick up your arse, and I'm going to make sure you take it like a boss."

Even though Paige made sure to use those words which Sasha hated being used against her the NXT Alpha female just kept whimpering and moaning in pleasure and frustration, which delighted the WWE Alpha female. She was pretty sure Sasha was blushing too, Paige briefly considering flipping her over so she could see for herself. Or at least making Sasha look round at her. However Paige was far too preoccupied with staring lustfully at where her strap-on was sliding in and out of Sasha's arse hole in a sign of her total dominance over the other woman, The Boss nothing but her bitch in this wonderful moment.

Sasha spent the anal penetration gritting her teeth or biting her lip to try and stop herself from giving Paige the satisfaction of hearing her cry out in pain, or worse pleasure. Then when Paige started sodomising her with most of the dildo Sasha had to press her face to the bed sheets to hide her whimpers and groans of frustration, both at herself for giving up her ass again when she had been so determined to take Paige's ass and at Paige for teasing her like this. Because if she was going to get butt fucked by another women's wrestler the very least the other girl could do was give her every inch of her big dildo up her butt.

It wasn't like Sasha's ass was virgin. Far from it. Sasha's ass crave long, thick dildo pounding it day and night, in cases like this leading to her downfall, Sasha once again cursing her cock craving ass hole for putting her in this position. And she hated herself for giving in and allowing herself to be bent over for Paige. But most of all she hated Paige for not giving her what she wanted now she was face down. After all, Sasha was a proud mean girl who loved being cruel to her bitches, but when it came time for an ass fucking she didn't tease her anal sluts like this. Not unless they had done something to piss her off, and what she had done wasn't that bad because as Alpha female she had a target on her back.

Paige should understand that better than anyone. Although truth be told while a power grab wasn't necessarily personal this was. Because even as the top dog in NXT Sasha was still at Paige's mercy, both in the secret rules of the divas and in the fact that she apparently just couldn't resist the other dominant girl. Then again, who could blame her? Paige was so sexy, and easily one of the best butt fuckers who had ever had the privilege of fucking Sasha's butt, the NXT women's champion already craving her orgasm, and a harder ass pounding, after only half a dozen shallow thrusts without the dildo pushing as deep as it could go into her rectum.

Then it finally did, when Paige finally took pity on her and pushed the last few inches of that big dildo into her slutty little butt and completed the anal penetration, Sasha lifted her head from the bed sheets and let out a long, loud moan. Partly to reward Paige for finally giving her what she wanted without forcing her to beg for it, but mostly because she couldn't help it. It just felt so good. It felt so good to have all that rubber dick stuffing her rectum full to bursting, Paige gleefully following that up with ever so harder thrusts which made sure Sasha moaned in pure pleasure. Then Paige pushed things even further.

Namely by smacking her ass and taunting her, "That's it bitch, moan for me! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're so cute when you're face down and moaning like a whore for me. Mmmmmmmm, I'd love to fuck you all day like this, but we both have places to be, so why don't you go ahead and beg me to make you cum. Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, beg me to make you come with a dick up ya arse like the little anal whore ya are! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, beg for me Sasha! Mmmmmmmmmm, fucking beg for me."

Sasha grinded her teeth to prevent herself from giving in right away, which was embarrassing enough. To know she was inevitably going to beg like a little bitch to get her ass fucked was almost unbearable, but she just couldn't help it. Part of her would always be the wide-eyed girl who first showed up at NXT. An inexperienced wrestler who was willing to do just about anything to get her foot in the door. And she didn't need to look that far back for explosive anal induced orgasms, Sasha barely having to think back to a week ago when her precious Becky slammed her ass like she was a pure bottom instead of the Alpha female of NXT.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard you bitch!" Sasha screamed, "Fuck my ass! Pound it hard and deep and make me cum! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, destroy my little ass hole. Fucking wreck it! Wreck my fucking dyke ass! Gape it, gape my fucking lezzie butt! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me! Ass fuck me and make me cum like a bitch with a dick up my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh, make me your bitch Paige! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, make me your fucking anal loving bitch again, mmmmmmmmm, then I'll make you mine. Yessssssssssss, enjoy my ass while you can, because, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, just fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddddd!"

Fortunately Sasha was soon rewarded for giving in, Paige letting out a whoop of triumph and almost immediately beginning to increase the pace, causing Sasha's words to become increasingly incoherent. At first Sasha tried to keep fighting it and beg for more, partly out of instinct and partly because she just wanted to make sure she was fucked good and hard. Then she fully realised what she was doing and stopped the begging, although it almost didn't matter as she was reduced to a screaming mess, the noises of pleasure just as humiliating as having to beg for what she secretly wanted.

She knew she wouldn't have to worry about it when she came, that the orgasms would be so overwhelming she wouldn't be able to think anymore, and she almost reached somewhere close to that level of mind numbing pleasure through the hard butt pounding. Almost, but not quite, Paige somehow finding a way to fuck her harder but not hard enough to give her what she truly wanted, the WWE Alpha female keeping her on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity until she was literally crying with need.

Then and only then did Paige increased the force of her thrusts ever so slightly, instantly sending Sasha over the edge of a screaming orgasm. It was quickly followed by another and another and another, Sasha becoming lost in the pure bliss she had only known before from butt sex. Specifically being on the receiving end of it, in that moment, and in that moment only, Sasha was actually glad that she had failed. That Paige had put her in her place and was gleefully using Sasha's ass hole as her personal fuck hole, The Boss becoming nothing but a hole to the woman who had originally conquered her and was very much re-establishing her dominance.

That was certainly the way Paige saw it. After all the WWE was her house now, and every woman in it belonged to her, their entire bodies her playthings but especially those cute little butt holes she adored fucking. Sasha's ass hole was nice and tight, at least considering how much it had been pounded over the last few years, and her cheeks were nice and juicy, Paige absolutely loving the way they jiggled against her thighs with every hard thrust, the sound of her thighs meeting those cheeks almost as loud as Sasha's squeals of pleasure, which was really saying something.

It helped that Sasha continued ramming her ass back against her with every thrust, both women working together to make sure that the ass fucking was as hard as possible and Sasha's ass hole would be gaping for days afterwards, if not weeks. Well, Sasha probably wasn't thinking about that right now. Paige certainly hadn't when she had been in Sasha's position during her war with AJ, Paige momentarily knocked off her game as she remembered her acting, and cumming, like a little bitch with a dick up her ass, slamming herself back against AJ just for more of that incredible pleasure.

Paige knocked herself out of it by thinking about Sasha walking awkwardly for the next couple of days. How sitting down or going to the bathroom was going to be hell for her, but every twinge of pain from her aching ass hole would remind her how she had been Paige's little bitch. That she was nothing but Paige's anal loving bitch. That she would always be Paige's butt slut, Paige's ass whore, Paige's anal slave and most importantly Paige's bitch. She owned Sasha Banks and every other single WWE slut, and she was only too happy to remind the other girl with the hardest butt fucking she could possibly give her.


During that speech Paige finally went over the edge and came herself, the clit stimulator within the harness and the sheer ecstasy of sodomising and reaffirming her dominance over the Alpha female of NXT leading to the most satisfying series of orgasms she had in a good long while. She knew that meant it was the beginning of the end, and while she tried to keep this up for as long as possible ultimately she had to stop before she passed out, as she couldn't trust Sasha not to tie her up and then tried to spank her into submission or something. Besides, she wasn't actually done with this sweet little arse, as she proved by burying her cock in Sasha's bum, rolling them both into the spooning position, and then after a brief rest started pumping Sasha's pooper again.

"Paige..." Sasha moaned deliriously, struggling to speak through exhaustion and how sore her throat was after screaming in pleasure, "It's my turn."

"That wasn't the agreement." Paige grinned.

"Yes it was." Sasha whined.

"No it wasn't." Paige corrected, before explaining, "Technically I didn't say you could have my arse tonight, just when I'm done with yours. And I'm not done with this sweet little fuck hole you call an ass hole. In fact, I'm going to fuck it all night long. Then tomorrow, if there is an ounce of top left in you, maybe I'll give up my butt. But I'm betting I could break you tonight, especially after how hard you just came. Then again, you always cum so fucking hard whenever I fuck you up the ass, don't you Sasha? Huh? Yeah you do, mmmmmmmm fuck, admitted it Sasha, you're just a complete bottom who lives for getting butt fucked by superior women like me."

"Fuck you bitch." Sasha whimpered, but didn't stop Paige from taunting her and giving her her second of many ass fuckings that night.

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