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Like A Boss Part 4
by MTL (

After her latest night with the first ever NXT women's champion Sasha Banks woke up with a sore, gaping ass hole and Paige nowhere to be found. She had been pissed off ever since, especially as she was forced to wait for hours for her ass to heal enough so that she could just stumble around, and in that time she'd have plenty of chances to plot her revenge and reinforce the idea that she was a top. Although even as she lay there utterly humiliated Sasha couldn't help remember how hard she came from being butt fucked, and just how amazing Paige's strap-on had felt pounding her most intimate hole in all those different positions throughout last night until eventually she slipped into unconsciousness.

Despite how angry she was Sasha had masturbated herself to a gentle orgasm or two while lying on her bed and in the shower, if nothing else than to try and get the submissive thoughts out of her system. That hadn't really worked, but luckily she was more angry than horny, and look forward to making up for her mistakes today. If yesterday could be called a mistake. Because sure, Paige had got the better of her, but in doing so the pale bitch had given her the power to destroy her once and for all. All she had to do now was fined her, which wasn't proving as easy as Sasha originally thought it would be. Then she caught a lucky break.

"Emma." Sasha forced a smile, "Great to see you, have you seen your ex-girlfriend?"

Emma frowned, "Ex-girlfriend?"

"Yeah." Sasha grinned, "Everyone knows you're a total bottom, and now Paige is a bottom too I can't imagine you're still together."

"Really?" Emma huffed, "Because the way I heard it, the last time you were in the same room you couldn't wait to bend over for her."

Sasha shrugged it off, "Merely part of a deal, one which Paige didn't live up to her side of, and one I'll soon collect on. In the meantime, your sweet little ass will do."

There was a second of silence and then Emma began, "What makes you think-"

"Your demotion." Sasha interrupted, "You're officially a NXT girl again, which makes you mine. Now, shut up and come with me. I want to send Paige a message by destroying your little ass hole."

"Actually I was on RAW a few weeks ago." Emma argued.

"Yeah, to stand in the background." Sasha frowned, "When was the last time they let you have a match?"

"Doesn't matter, it's still a grey area. Especially as I was told I might get booked any second now." Emma grumbled.

"By who? Paige trying to make you feel better?" Sasha mocked, "Face it Emma, you're a NXT girl. And even if you're not let me ask you something, when was the last time Paige fucked you?"

"Last night." Emma said without hesitation.

Sasha paused to think for a second, then grinned, "And when was the last time she pounded that sweet little ass of yours?"

Emma opened her mouth to protest, then after a couple of seconds of thinking about it, snapped, "None of your business!"

"Oh, I think it is." Sasha grinned, "But either way, which would you prefer? Another night of loving pussy licking with Paige, or a brutal butt ramming from me?"

There was another pause and then Emma softly said, "Lead the way."

* * *

The journey from the arena to Sasha's hotel felt like a blur, the two women not saying another word to each other until Sasha pressed Emma up against the door to her room and then whispered, "I'm going to gape your ass so good baby, just you wait. Yeahhhhhh, I'm going to wreck that ass and send you home to your little girlfriend with a gaping wide open ass hole!"

"Oh really? Then why don't you stop mouthing off and do it bitch?" Emma grumbled.

"Cause you have to earn it." Sasha smiled as she leaned in even closer.

Unable to stop herself from smiling back Emma dryly asked, "Oh, and how do I do that?"

"Well..." Sasha said, sliding a hand into long blonde hair and practically pressing her lips to Emma's, before she tightened her grip and pushed downwards, "You can start eating my pussy you fucking dyke!"

There was a brief moment where it looked like Emma was going to resist, or offer up some kind of allegedly witty retort, but inevitably the little slut allowed herself to be forced to her knees. Then she patiently waited as Sasha briefly moved her hand from Emma's hair to grab onto her shorts and panties and pulled them down just enough before she grabbed onto that long blonde hair again and shoved Emma's pretty little face directly into her cunt, the lesbo slut unsurprisingly instantly sticking out her tongue so she could lick the superior woman's pussy.

Sasha loved foreplay as much as the next girl, and it seemed a shame to deny her gorgeous tits some attention, but ever since getting butt fucked by Paige she had been constantly horny and aching for some payback. Actually that was only half true. Yes, she wanted payback, or more accurately she wanted Paige to live up to her half of their deal, but. That wasn't the main reason why she was horny all the time. The main reason she was horny all the time because she was surrounded by these gorgeous women, who were all fucking each other pretty much non-stop. So excuse her if she didn't need much foreplay. It wasn't like she couldn't give her girls some attention herself, Sasha quickly pulling off her top and removing her bra so she could cup her own breasts and tweak her nipples while Emma fulfilled her purpose in life.

Emma loved pussy, but eating it wasn't her purpose in life. Her purpose in life was to get ass fucked, wrestle and eat pussy. But eating pussy was still important, at least in her book, and Sasha did have one delicious cunt, so Emma quickly began licking the other WWE diva's pussy with long strokes of her tongue as soon as she was in position. As she did so she moaned softly to herself, as always loving the sweet flavour of girl cream. Unfortunately having gone down on Sasha before Emma knew she wouldn't get much of a chance to savour that sweet flavour. At least not when Sasha was in charge.

Sure enough Sasha soon reached down, grabbed her hair so hard she almost pulled it out and yelled, "Enough of this slow and gentle shit, lick me properly! Mmmmmmm yeah, come on you little dyke. You know how I like it."

That was true, both from stories and her own personal experience. Mostly the former than the latter as Sasha had never beaten her with her ass on the line, most of the time they'd had sex it was with Paige present and bossing both of them around. But there had been one time Charlotte had pinned Emma in a tag team match, and even though there had been no official agreement before the match Charlotte and Sasha had negotiated using her for a night, mostly because Emma had been into the idea of bottoming for her enemies. And so on that night she had given Charlotte and Sasha some quick head before they had teamed up to thoroughly wreck her ass.

The memory of that night caused Emma to smiled dreamily for a few long seconds, then there was an extra hard tug on her hair and Sasha yelled, "Stop daydreaming and do what I say bitch, or I swear to God I'll beat your ass so bad that you won't be able to sit down for a week. Or probably even get it fucked. Oooooooooh yeah, you disgusting slut, that really woke you up, didn't it? Yeahhhhhhhhh, the thought of not getting ass fucked was just too terrible for you so you finally had to lick me like a good little rug munching ho! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, now tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck me you little dyke! Stick that lezzie tongue of yours deep in my twat and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit!"

Quicker than Emma would have liked her tongue slowly pushed into Sasha's hot little cunt and began to fuck it, which finally made the mouthy bitch shut up. Wanting to keep it that way, at least for a while, Emma reached up, grabbed Sasha's butt cheeks with both hands, and then buried her face in Sasha's pussy, tightening her grip on the other diva's ass so she could pull that tasty treat closer to her face while she pushed her face forward to make sure it was as deep as it would go into Sasha's twat. Emma then slowly increased the pace of the tongue fucking until she had Sasha on the edge of orgasm. Which she was pretty sure was some kind of record.

She then kept her there for quite a while. For most a probably would be a record, but Paige used to make Emma eat her pussy for hours, and one time Emma was sure she had tongue fucked her girlfriend for a full hour before finally being given permission to make her cum. Oh that night Emma had made Paige cum so hard, and she swore that the pale Brit's cum and regular pussy juice had tasted extra sweet. Emma didn't get the same chance with Sasha, but every so often she had to pause hammering Sasha's cunt with her tongue so she could swallow some of the other girl's cream, and even when she wasn't swallowing a good amount ended up sliding down her throat, and all over her face, so Emma couldn't really complain.

Sasha tried to complain, but every time she got close to a coherent sentence Emma curled her tongue inside her which caused her words to dissolve, her eyes to roll in the back of her head and yet another loud scream of pleasure escape her lips. Not that she tried very hard right after the tongue fucking began properly, as Sasha mostly just tried to enjoy the pleasure for what it was. Ultimately though she was greedy. She wanted to cum, and perhaps more importantly she wanted to fuck Emma's ass. And eventually she wanted those things bad enough that she was able to force herself to make sense for just long enough.

"Make me cum!" Sasha demanded, "Ah fuck! Fuck me, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum! Ooooooooh yesssssss, do it! Do it or, mmmmmm, I won't fuck your ass!"

Typically that caused Emma to give Sasha exactly what she wanted. All she had to do was to threaten not to fuck this slut's ass hole and Emma gave her exactly what she wanted, proving this girl was a total anal whore. It also was proof of Paige's skill as a top, but Sasha chose to ignore that in favour of focusing on what a submissive little bitch Emma truly was. Something Sasha would have teased her lover about mercilessly, if she wasn't so busy screaming her head off in pleasure. Or grinding her cunt into Emma's face, which admittedly made it harder for Emma to fuck her, but it was an added kick to the dominance she was feeling, so in her eyes the trade-off was worth it.

Especially as she came shortly afterwards, nice and hard directly into Emma's mouth. To her credit Emma gulped down the majority of Sasha's cum, which was impressive even if Sasha was intent on not making it easy for her just because she was receiving the kind of wonderful orgasm she had only received from another woman's tongue, Sasha savouring every moment of that first climax, along with the beautiful sight of Emma on her knees before her and drinking pretty much everything she had to offer with the eagerness of a well-trained pussy pleaser who was addicted to girl cum. Or in other words, like a WWE diva.

What was even more impressive was that Emma continued swallowing at least the majority of her cum during her second orgasm and the ones that followed as Sasha grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and started grinding more roughly and passionately against Emma's face than ever before. And Sasha didn't hold back at all, treating Emma like the fuck pad she had obviously been trained to be, Sasha grinning maniacally at both the dominance, and the thought of Emma telling her precious girlfriend Paige about this. Or better yet Sasha telling Paige. Oh yes, Sasha loved that idea, and could just picture the look on Paige's face as she described in detail exactly what she did to her beloved Emma, the thought just making Sasha cum harder.

Then without warning Sasha pulled Emma back by her hair and kissed her deeply, delighting in tasting her own cum. Then just as suddenly she broke the kiss and yelled in Emma's face, "Bend over bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm, I want you to get in doggy so I can have some fun with that little ass hole of yours, that Paige used to call her favourite fuck hole, before she became a walking fuck hole."

Emma ignored the dig at her girlfriend in favour of quickly jumping onto the bed, getting into the centre of it on her hands and knees and then wiggling her ass at The Boss. This had the desired effect of shutting Sasha up, at least momentarily, and more importantly inspiring the other women to get a nice big strap-on dildo, strap it around her waist and then rub lubricant into it like it was real, which practically made Emma's ass hole quiver with anticipation. Granted Sasha's dildo wouldn't be the biggest thing she'd ever taken up her butt, but it looked like it could stretch her out quite nicely, and she couldn't wait to feel it inside her.

Getting on the bed behind the blonde Sasha pulled apart Emma's ass cheeks and admired her prize before murmuring, "Fuck, you got the cutest little ass hole."

"Thanks." Emma said, before letting out a long moan.

Sadly that wasn't triggered by Sasha's strap-on entering her ass, but it was caused by something almost just as good, namely a nice soft girl tongue against her forbidden hole, Sasha sliding her tongue over Emma's back hole in a long slow lick before repeating the process. Emma was happy to learn that becoming a top hadn't dulled Sasha's love for eating ass, and if anything she was even better than when they had been regularly eating out each other's butt holes to prepare them for Paige, Emma becoming lost in thoughts of the 'good old days', where her girlfriend was a little more dominant and Sasha was a lot more submissive.

This actually depressed her a little, but thankfully Sasha distracted her and made up for those thoughts by pushing her tongue into Emma's ass, years of nearly non-stop anal sex ensuring that Sasha was able to pretty much get the entire length of her tongue up Emma's butt. She then tongue fucking it for a couple of long minutes, only stopping to spit into Emma's already slightly open butt hole and smack her ass a little. It was the perfect end to what had been a marvellous rim job, perhaps even one of the best she got from a top, but it wasn't long before Emma was craving something bigger in her butt.

Just as she was about to beg for it Sasha pulled her tongue out and replaced it with a finger, ramming it as deep as it would go into Emma's ass non to gently and then pretty much immediately being to hammer Emma's slutty little butt hole. Greedy anal slut that she was Emma moaned in pleasure and then pushed herself back against those thrusts, which caused Sasha to grin evilly and fuck her ass even harder. Then she added a second finger, and then even a third, making Emma hopeful that Sasha would shove her whole hand up her butt. Oh yes, it had been too long since Emma's slutty ass had been fisted. That didn't happen, but Emma got something she wanted even more.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, you like that, huh?" Sasha taunted, "Mmmmmm, but I bet you want more, don't you?"

"Oh yes Sasha, please give me more." Emma moaned.

"Then spread your cheeks for me bitch!" Sasha ordered as she pulled her fingers out of Emma's ass, "And beg for it."

"Please Sasha give me more, give me your cock!" Emma quickly began begging, "Give me your big hard cock. I want it soooooooo bad. Mmmmmm, I want it up my ass. Please Sasha, fuck my ass. Ass fuck me, like Paige used to do to you. Oh yes, ass fuck me like Paige does. Ass fuck me like a whore!"

"Shut up and take it bitch!" Sasha snarled angrily as she granted Emma's wish.

Sasha loved slowly stretching the ass holes of other women, especially other wrestling women, but she was angry at Emma for reminding her how she used to be Paige's bitch. Of course she knew Emma was manipulating her, that she was only doing it because she wanted to be roughly penetrated, but if that was what Emma wanted then Sasha would make her regret it. Or at least she would try. Although after she shoved the dildo roughly forwards, burying the first few inches of her cock in the other woman's ass, Sasha was forced to concede that it was hard to make an anal whore like Emma regret anything without seriously hurting her.

Luckily for Sasha there was plenty of ways to remind Emma who was in charge here, starting with slowly but firmly sliding every inch of her fake dick into the other girl's butt. Because sure, it was exactly what Emma wanted, but it also clearly showed who was the dominant top and who was the submissive bottom. Because one of them had her face pressed to the bed sheets as she held her butt cheeks open, and the other was sliding a big strap-on dildo into that stretched open back hole, and Sasha definitely wasn't the bitch getting her ass stuffed. No, that was Emma, Paige's little bitch, who right now was her little bitch. Oh yes, Emma was her bitch who was taking every inch of her big dick.

In what felt like only seconds after she penetrated Emma's ass hole Sasha's hips came to rest against the other wrestler's butt cheeks, announcing the fact that the NXT women's champion had just buried every single inch of her big dick inside Emma's back passage. And while that may not have been a huge accomplishment given just how slutty Emma's ass was knowing just how much it would annoy Paige was more than enough to increase the enjoyment of completing the anal penetration of another women's wrestler. Then Sasha got a wicked thought, one she couldn't help share with Emma, both to taunt her and more importantly to increase her own enjoyment.

"Fuck, your ass looks good with my dick in it." Sasha taunted, "Mmmmmm, so good. I bet Paige would be totally jealous if she saw you like this. Not because someone is using her bitch. No, because she's not the one with my dick up her ass."

For a few long seconds Sasha waited for Emma to defend her girlfriend. Tell Sasha that Paige was the same butt busting top who had popped both of their anal cherries and ruled NXT with an iron fist. But she didn't, and that spoke volumes. More so than anything Sasha could have said, so she just chose to giggle in delight and officially start the sodomy, pulling back slowly and then pushing back in just as slowly, repeating the process over and over again and thus giving Emma the type of butt fucking which would loosen her rectum for the hard pounding to come. And perhaps more importantly drive her crazy, as all too soon the gentle anal pumping wouldn't be able to satisfy this ass slut.

Emma whimpered softly as that happened almost immediately, her incredibly slutty ass loosening quickly and easily until any initial discomfort was a distant memory and all she felt was amazing pleasure, which just wasn't amazing enough. No matter how much she got off on this kind of pleasure it wouldn't make her cum, not without the thrusting pace increasing, and Emma knew Sasha wasn't going to give her that any time soon regardless of what she did. Well, there was a chance that if she started begging now, and told Sasha everything she wanted to hear The Boss would be so amused and/or pleased that she would give Emma what she truly wanted, but she couldn't do that. She wouldn't do that to Paige.

Regardless of how far the anti-diva had fallen Emma still loved Paige. Or at least she was pretty sure she did, although part of her wondered if it was just out of habit. That was the part of her that resented Paige for not giving her a proper rectum wrecking in almost a year now. Sure, Paige tried, but compared to the ass wrecker she had been the gentle butt pumpings that she irregularly gave Emma now were deeply unsatisfying. After all it was hard to feel dominated while your top fucked her own ass with a handheld dildo. At least when she had first done it Paige had been discreet, and cried in her arms afterwards. Now Paige slammed her own ass hole shamelessly, and way harder then she fucked Emma's neglected tushy.

Mostly though Emma loved Paige, and it wasn't like her pussy wasn't incredibly tasty, and Paige had slowly got better about returning the favour. Possibly because of all that time she spent eating the pussies of Team Bella, and seemingly every other woman on the main roster, but Emma wasn't complaining. No, because there were plenty of loving couples in the secret history of the WWE who were both bottoms. She couldn't think of any right now, but that was because Sasha was very skilfully pumping her ass, which was slowly distracting her from thoughts of Paige. More or less. Emma was still very aware that Sasha wanted some dirt on Paige, something she made clear as the NXT women's champion taunted her again.

"Yeahhhhhhh Emma, if Paige could see you right now you know that she'd be jealous of you and not me. That her little ass hole would ache with jealousy and need to be filled, and all she'd want to do is push you out of the way, spread her cheeks and offer me her butt hole instead." Sasha taunted, smacking Emma's ass as she ordered, "Admit it! Admit it and I'll give you what you want."

Emma gritted her teeth to stop herself from blurting out anything incriminating. Of course if she really loved Paige she shouldn't have too, a dark voice in her head told her. This would be easy. Not because she wouldn't consider giving up Paige under any circumstances, but because there would be nothing to give. Paige would be the same woman she fell love with, not the butt slut of the main roster, that underlying frustration at Paige wearing Emma down until that frustration and the sheer need to cum caused the Australian diva to break and do something she thought she'd never do, rat out her precious English lover.

"I admit it." Emma whimpered.

"Admit what?" Sasha grinned, then when she didn't get a reply she pushed, "Cause I'm not making you cum until you get specific."

Emma whimpered again, then admitted, "If, if Paige saw us she would be jealous of me. She'd wish it was her ass getting filled and fucked, and she'd want to take my place, but she never would because she's convinced she's a top, even after..."

"After what?" Sasha pushed, and then when there was again no reply she added, "Come on Emma. I bet you were about to say something juicy. Something that might be worthy of a hard ass fucking, if youre a good girl and give me what I want."

Burying her face in the bed sheets Emma let out a cry like a fatally wounded animal. She didn't want to betray Paige, especially not like this, but she just needed to cum so bad. And hadn't Paige betrayed her because the need to cum was too great? And by not being tough enough? After all if Paige had been able to keep her anal cherry, or at least not become a total anal slut, Emma would have nothing to tell. Hell, if Paige had just been able to hold onto a shred of her dignity and be discreet about her new addiction to getting her ass fucked they wouldn't be in this position, which was the last thought which went through Emma's head before she broke.

"I... I saw her..." Emma blushed just to think of it as she cautiously lifted her head from the bed sheets.

"What?" Sasha pushed, slapping Emma's ass, "Tell me."

Gulping softly Emma said a silent sorry to Paige and then admitted, "I saw her getting ass fucked by Nikki."

"Nikki! Nikki Bella? That worthless model? Fuck, what a slut." Sasha exclaimed in disbelief.

"And Brie." Emma admitted, the floodgates now opening as Sasha stopped fucking her ass so she could concentrate on her story, "I walked into our hotel room one night and there she was, bouncing up and down on Nikki's dick. She didn't even stop. She just looked at me, whimpered and continued bouncing up and down. I, I could see her ass hole stretch wide open for that model's strap-on. My poor Paige..."

"Then what happened." Sasha pushed eagerly.

"They made me watch." Emma admitted softly, "The Bellas made me watch as they past Paige back and forth like a piece of meat, taking her ass in every position before finally Nikki and Brie double stuffed her ass. Oh God, Paige came so hard. And they made me take pictures. They made me take pictures of her humiliated face and obscenely stretched ass hole while they were fucking her, and then a few of her gaped butt when they were done with it."

"Got any of those pictures?" Sasha grinned.

"What?" Emma asked, clearly daydreaming about her story.

"The pictures. Did the Bellas leave you any?" Sasha pushed.

"Yes." Emma admitted after a long pause.

"Great, promise you'll give them to me, and I'll make you cum." Sasha offered, then when there wasn't an immediate reply she added, "It'll be for her own good, you know it will. She is clearly a total anal addicted bottom, but is just too stubborn, or stupid, to admit it. Gimmie those pictures and all do what the Belllas and AJ Lee couldn't and break her once and for all. Then she will truly be happy, as she won't have to pretend to be something she is not anymore. And you want Paige to be happy, don't you Emma?"

That was true, so after a long pause Emma whimpered, "Promise you'll break her?"

"I guarantee it." Sasha grinned.

"Then I promise." Emma said softly, "I promise I'll give you those pictures if you make me cum right now."

There was a brief pause in which Emma thought she had just betrayed Paige for nothing. Then Sasha began fucking her ass again, slowly at first but gradually she picked up the pace while at the same time not doing it too slowly. It was just right for a total ass whore like Emma, as it allowed her to enjoy the build up and not hurt her, but it didn't feel like forever until she was getting her butt roughly pounded. And when it came it was exactly what she wanted, Sasha clearly using every ounce of her strength as her thighs relentlessly smashed into Emma's butt cheeks, making them jiggle as the dildo hammered her forbidden hole to climax.

Unsurprisingly her last coherent thoughts before she came revolved around Paige, Emma unsure whether she was trying to justify her actions out of guilt, or whether she was finally admitting the truth. Either way it seemed that the days of Paige being a dominant top was 100% done. Emma had been holding onto hopes that she was a switch, but admitting what she had recently gone through with the Bellas out loud made her feel like more than ever Paige was just a pure bottom at this stage. Especially because what she hadn't said was that after that night the Bellas had come back and butt fucked both of them side by side, and Paige had got even more into it than she had, her once total stud of a girlfriend acting like a total butt slut for models more than once now right in front of her, and she knew Paige had been anally taken by them more than just twice.

It was that memory of Paige, combined with the fact the Bellas had been pounding Paige's butt behind her back, helped push Emma over the edge of the kind of incredible orgasm which she could only receive when a real top was pounding her ass. Thankfully that real top continued anally pounding her as Emma came over and over again, thoughts of Paige being erased and replaced with nothing but pure bliss as Emma became a wild animal, slamming herself back against the woman taking her ass and cumming like the completely mindless bitch she now was.

Sasha had known the best way to get to Paige would be to go after Emma, but she couldn't have imagine she would get such wonderful dirt on her. But just because she had a newway to take down Paige didn't mean she was going to totally abandon her old plan, especially when it involved butt fucking another women's wrestler. Of course to do that she had tried her very best to push Paige out of her head so she could concentrate on the sweet little piece of ass in front of her. Which was harder than she thought, because without her permission another diva from the UK popped into her head, that being of her beloved Becky Lynch, and all the time she had been Becky's butt slut.

Those thoughts were so vivid they almost knocked her off her game. Almost. Luckily she was The Boss, so her body automatically went into autopilot and without even trying she pushed Emma over the edge of orgasm, triggering an extra-loud scream which awoke Sasha from thoughts of Becky and submission to the present where she was totally dominating a beautiful blonde ass slut. Returning to her usual awesome self Sasha grinned wickedly, tightened her grip so hard on Emma's waist that she was digging her fingernails into it and put all her focus and energy into completely wrecking Emma's ass.

Even though in the back of her mind she knew she was doing this so she could show Paige her girlfriend's freshly gaped behind in that moment this wasn't about Paige, or anybody else. It wasn't even about Emma. No, Emma was just a piece of ass Sasha was using for her pleasure. And she was using it because she could. Because she was The Boss Sasha Banks, the Alpha female of the WWE. Not just NXT, but the entire WWE, and she was going to prove it by gaping every single diva on the roster, starting with Paige. That was the message she was sending with this hellacious rectum wrecking. That, and don't mess with The Boss.

It was also proving exactly what she could do, as Sasha couldn't afford to do a sloppy of wrecking Emma's ass if she was going to take over the WWE. Luckily she was awesome, so it was easy for her to relentlessly pound Emma's butt for what felt like hours, making Emma scream hysterically as her cum squirted constantly out of her cunt. Sasha also came a lot, but it was no big deal. It was just naturally what happened when she butt pounded a bitch. Unfortunately she didn't have unlimited stamina, so she did eventually have to pull out, but then she got to admire her handiwork. With a little help from the anal slut.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Sasha ordered, slapping Emma's ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle after she pulled out, "Show me that pretty gape!"

Like the well-trained bitch that she was Emma slowly reached back and pulled apart her cheeks, emphasising her gape proudly. Sasha admired the sight for a few long seconds, and then she retrieved her phone to snap a couple of shots. Not only did Emma wait patiently in that exact same position, but without needing to be asked she looked back so one of the pics Sasha took could get her face and make it crystal clear who's ass had been so thoroughly wrecked. Emma even looked kind of embarrassed, Sasha briefly wondering whether it was faked to please her or whether Emma was still a little hesitant to so thoroughly betray Paige and give Sasha all the ammunition she needed to take down the so-called Alpha female. Ultimately Sasha didn't care, just as long as Emma continued to do what she said.

Putting that to the test Sasha ordered, "Good, now clean my dick. Ooooooh, that's right, get on your knees and suck your ass cream off my big dick. Fuck yeah, suck it bitch!"

For a while Sasha continued to speak, but she wasn't really focused on what she was saying. No, she was far too preoccupied with watching Emma gently nurse on the tip of the dildo for a few long minutes, obviously savouring the deepest part of her ass. Which actually made Sasha a little jealous. Like all the other women in the WWE she had been trained to love ass to mouth, and despite her best efforts she couldn't stop her own mouth watering a little and regretting not saving that butt cream for herself. Especially as she remembered Emma having a very tasty little bottom from all those times Paige had ass fucked Emma in front of her and then made her clean the dildo with her mouth.

Shaking off those submissive thoughts Sasha focused on what she was taunting Emma with, once again choosing to focus on Paige, "Mmmmmm, that's it Emma, suck it! Suck your own ass off my big dick, just like Paige is going to do once I'm done with her pale little ass. Ohhhhhhh, I'm going to pound that lily white ass of hers over, and over, and over again until she finally breaks completely and finally accept she is nothing but an anal loving bitch. Oh yeah, it's going to be so fucking hot. I'm going to wreck that little ass of hers. Gape it even wider than your whore ass is now gaping. Maybe even send you a picture before I send her back to you. Yeah, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Seeing your beloved Paige moments after she accepts her place and becomes my permanent bitch. Fuck yeah, then maybe I'll fuck you together. Switching back and forth between your slutty little ass holes and then take a picture of you both spreading your cheeks for me at the same time and showing off your gapes. Won't that be romantic?"

Of course these words only made Emma suck Sasha's cock more enthusiastically, the brunette especially laughing when the blonde looked up at her with incredible eagerness in her eyes. Shortly after that Emma started stuffing the dildo down her throat, taking inch after inch without a hint of choking or gagging until her lips wrapped around the base, announcing every inch of that cock was either buried in her mouth or her throat. Emma then paused to suck, and to savour, the last bit of her anal cream before she resumed bobbing her head up and down Sasha's shaft, continuing to give her the kind of BJ that any professional whore, or WWE diva, would be proud of.

Just for good measure Sasha made sure to take a couple more pictures of the kneeling slut, just so that she could show Paige the entire story and taunt her even more. Then she was briefly disappointed with herself for not taking pictures in the middle of the butt fucking. Oh well, she would just have to fuck Emma's ass again. Perhaps in multiple positions, just to make sure she got plenty of nice shots. Then she would find Paige, ideally as early as tomorrow, and blackmail the bitch into becoming her bitch for the night and then completely break her, removing the competition for Alpha female and exercising one of her personal Demons in the process. This would be so much fun, and cathartic.

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